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The Definite Guide to North Carolina Bwl 008 2006 Form

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[Music].rosenblatt stadium Omaha Nebraska one of.baseball's gems one of the great keepers.of championship moments and this year's.NCAA College World Series has added to.those moments and those memories two.teams both going further than ever.before in team history.both experiencing that Omaha magic.they've heard about their whole lives.now on this Monday evening in June North.Carolina and Oregon State play their.ultimate game not of their season but of.their lives.we came out here everybody was just kind.of bright-eyed we're really excited to.be here we feel like we had the type of.team that can bring home a national.champion every college baseball player.except for two teams is gonna be sitting.at home watching this player they're.gonna be in the stands watching so being.here is really something special and it.needs to be cherished for the rest of.your life all the while the Rosenblatt.faithful watch hanging on every pitch.knowing that in Omaha it's never over.you're never down and out it's Game.three the deciding game of the 2006.championship series it's all decided.here and it's all decided.[Music].[Applause].the stage is set for the final act of a.drama that has played out over the.course of an entire season the curtain.will fall tonight in Omaha Nebraska and.usher in a new national champion the.calots World Series is available in high.definition tonight's championship game.available on ESPN HD it's Game three of.the championship series matching the Tar.Heels of North Carolina against the.Oregon State Beavers these two teams are.the survivors of a college world series.grind that began 11 days ago leaving six.other qualifiers in their wake good.evening everybody Mike Patrick along.with Harold Reynolds it's great to have.you with us Oregon State is trying to.become only the second team in the last.25 years to lose its opening game here.in Omaha and then fight back and win a.national championship but that trip.through the losers bracket has pretty.much fried their pitching even their.closer Kevin Gunderson had to go more.than five last night Harold well you're.absolutely right so what do they got to.do they got to go back to another one of.the starters John and Nickerson and.asked more from him like he's already.thrown over 200 pitches here in the.College World Series and the key is.going to be this time he's throwing on.three days rest.they're hoping they're hoping might that.he can get him 5 or 6 cents from North.Carolina they've made some changes.defensively you saw the that missed use.yesterday well they moved.Chad plaque from first base to third.base and they move Tim federal roads.from.on the plate to play first base they're.hoping they can catch the ball and keep.this a close ballgame what are the.critical things we should watch for.tonight well I think the main thing one.for Oregon State how far can Nickerson.actually go.Dallas Bucks said it can come back and.believe it or not the closer Gunderson.says he can throw if he needs to for.North Carolina I think the key is going.to be defense and they've made some.adjustments can those guys that haven't.played very often in those positions.come through tonight well one thing is.for sure an outstanding pitching matchup.Nickerson we'll go tonight three days.rest after two days rest Daniel bard.gets his second start after winning his.first the first pitch the national.championship game is coming up from.[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].welcome back to Omaha Nebraska for the.championship game to the College World.Series let's go down to the field and.Erin Andrews all right thanks so much a.couple of numbers for you so far this.season here in Omaha Oregon State v and.Oh with in elimination games now for UNC.last night their first loss this will be.the very first time they've faced.elimination but I was speaking with.UNC's Chad flack and he told me that is.something that is far from their mind he.said you can throw out the numbers we.don't care it's the national.championship and my that attitude goes.right along with UNC saying that they.adopted from last year nothing will.break our spirit they felt a lot of.times last season once an inning or once.a game their spirit was broken but I was.assured this season that hasn't been the.case and tonight it won't be a problem.well Erin they've had a magical season.to this point and let's take a look at.our Sonics starting lineup for the Tar.Heels of North Carolina calves assini.will lead it off and play center field.read front normally the third baseman.will be the D H tonight and hit second.Josh Horton is the shortstop.Chad flack has just been crushing the.ball he'll move from first to third.Jake Cox the left fielder Tim fedorov.itch hit six that will play first base.normally splits time behind the plate.Seth Williams is the right fielder Benji.Johnson will get the catching assignment.tonight and hit eight and Garrett Gore.is a second baseman will bat ninth for.the starting pitcher let's go to kyle.peters thank you Mike Jonah Nickerson on.the mound tonight for Oregon State the.third start that he's making in this.College World Series and his stuff has.been unbelievable has not given up a run.up to this point the key to Nickerson is.his cut fastball it's that fastball.that's going to move just a little bit.away from the right-handed hitters it's.really what he lives off of you just see.a slider to go along with that but.tonight I think the one thing to watch.with dickerson is the fact.has pitched on short rest now twice.could be a problem when we enter the.fifth and sixth inning watch it that.ball starts coming up the zone because.if he keeps it down Nickerson's gonna.have a ton of success Kyle last time we.saw Nickerson he had a little bit of a.blister on his hand when I explained.that real quick how that might affect.him you know is it it was a situation.where he had a fingernail on his middle.finger that was coming through and kind.of cutting his thumb he said it's not a.problem today but it's something to.watch because if that opens back up the.key is whether or not he changes his.mechanics the other night it didn't.really look like it affected him late.talked to him earlier today and he said.that he was going to super glue that.down to make sure that didn't come out.guess the Supergirl must work it must.know is used for that purpose Kyle you.pitchers guys are tough aren't they.they're all tough nickerson through two.games we'll 1.23.er a two wins CAV assini will lead it.off he's only hitting 182 here at the.College World Series and they really.have yet to be able to take advantage.that great speed that he has he's a big.part of their offense every time he has.gotten on he's created things just like.you said he hasn't got on very often at.a great second half of the season after.he struggled early actually found.himself on the bench.they didn't want to destroy his.confidence by just leaving him in there.and have everything go right down the.tubes so they sat him down brought him.back slowly and he has found himself in.a mini slump out here in Omaha Oh 4:13.this one's chopped foul and the wind.again is blowing from left to right and.in yeah that's insulin you got to keep.your eye on that wind because it changes.pit in here that one.[Applause].excuse me that's condom and boys he.showed us some leather the entire.tournament he's unbelievable he was a.pac-10 Defensive Player of the Year.tremendous rains and you got a guy that.can fly going down the baseline the.throw that's from his knees he's showing.us everything you can do from second.base turns a great double play and and.Mike this is just beautiful from the.knees nice flip right on target normally.this is a term reserved for football but.he's got tremendous closing speed on the.baseball yes he does it's about the.third one that looked for all the world.like it was through but he wouldn't give.up on it.[Applause].Franck hit hard down to first rau will.come up and talk to the pitcher covering.two out.Mike Fox in his first College World.Series appearance as a coach been here.but as a player for North Carolina done.a great job building this program and.bringing it around you would think that.school like North Carolina would have a.rich tradition in baseball too certainly.having everything else with 31 NCAA.Championships to their credit but none.baseball in fact the ACC hasn't won one.since 1955 when Wake Forest did it and.that was the only national championship.in baseball long stretch but the obvious.signs that the ACC has become a.powerhouse they had for the eight teams.out here.and North Carolina really the least.known of those programs it's just a.tremendous league they're loaded a lot.of clubs getting a chance to come out.this way out of that league Josh Horton.takes that one hi - and - horton hitting.318 in Omaha but he is oh-fer eight here.through two games the championship.series grounded to short Barney.one two three highlighted by a.spectacular play at second by the.Briscoe.will go to the bottom of the furnace.nothing nothing.we'll go to the bottom of the first at.the College World Series in Omaha there.is no score let's take a look at our.Sonics starting lineups for the Beavers.of Oregon's Davi were going to their.50th victory this year Darwin Barney.will lead it off at shortstop.Mitch cannon was really gotten hot as.the catcher he bats second Kol Gillespie.the pac-10 Player of the Year plays left.in hits third bill riles been on fire.he's the first baseman in the cleanup.hitter Tyler Graham won't hit fifth you.play center field the defensive star of.this team John Wallace will bat sixth.Chris Cundy already saw what a.tremendous defensive player he is at.second base.Shane McFeely at third hitting eight and.Mike lisman will be the da's tonight.and to see who.we'll face that line up let's go to Kyle.Peterson the face Daniel bard tonight.the big right-hander who has big-time.stuff a fastball that can reach into the.mid-90s in a slider that he really uses.it as out pitching the two things to.watch tonight with Bart as one can he.get ahead with the fastball it was.something they did that he did do in.Game one but one thing he didn't do was.finish guys off there was a lot of Plus.counts that he gave up hits he give up.12 hits in six innings his first time.here at Omaha so watch when he gets.ahead if he's finishing these Oregon.State hitters off when he does Bart is.real tough to hit first round draft.choice 20th overall picked by the Boston.Red Sox one of two first-round draft.choice out of the starting pack for.North Carolina Andrew Miller the other.guy it was a six pick that went to.Detroit Tigers with that pick Bart is.from Massachusetts he's very excited to.get an opportunity to be drafted by the.Red Sox and it was a younger brother.will be going to North Carolina next.year as a freshman and he's also pitches.a little bit but plays on the field it's.a two-way player for them so the family.getting it done now when you start.getting families recruited you hope.they've got about nine kids he said I.all want to play baseball.exactly.preferably spaced a couple of years from.parkford keep it going for a while.well it's interesting as Barney steps in.and bard gets himself ready the shadows.have kind of creeped in they were they.were in there in North Carolina's at bad.also and we touched on this before when.you facing the guy out of the shadows he.starts in the light the ball comes into.the dark and when you have a devastating.slider like bard throws that becomes a.very difficult pitch to pick up so we'll.keep an eye on that as we continue.through the shadows Barney all packed em.for the second straight year that's a.fastball that misses 98 first pitch Joe.Burleson is the home plate umpire of.this outstanding crew tonight we have.six for the championship series there's.one downstairs - no he's got a free and.easy motion then they paste your tux Wow.fastball in a corner at the knees darlin.barney hitting 308 in the College World.Series he has eight hits in 26 at-bats.[Applause].even with the pitching situation Harold.you've got to think psychologically.Goren's Oregon State's got the edge just.the way that have come back every time.they've been on a hole and they feed off.it too I mean that's what all the kids.are talking about is momentum is on our.side and you know I've never seen it.more so than in a college baseball game.because every play to these guys is.emotional they're all yelling and.screaming regardless.[Applause].count rides at 3 & 2 Oregon State the.only team back in the field from a year.ago Pat Casey with back-to-back pac-10.coach of the Year awards this one in the.cello right centerfield dropping for a.base hit and Darwin Barney leads off the.Oregon State first with a single I was a.nice piece of hit and they got a.fastball inside he just kind of fought.it off and you'll see that with an.aluminum bat this ball just fights it.off and lands it right out there.couldn't place it any better and you see.it just in front of the centerfielder.that's one thing you will notice says.they've become familiar with plan.against each other the ball you have to.really find the hole in this third game.because most guys are already positioned.well Mitch Khanum the catcher pulls it.back he has been hot out here 348 for.runs driven in I kind of chuckled Mike.because he squared around he pulled back.the butcher boy and saw the ball coming.inside it through the elbow pad he did.it all they did at all.pretty active first pitch yeah.especially when the ball is coming in at.9:00 to 6:00 maybe I'll bump maybe I'll.hit maybe I'll get hit outside Benjy.Johnson pops out of his crouch alongs.down toward first but doesn't throw our.tourney track tells us no outs and a.runner at first under 50% you score goes.up exponentially from there.[Applause].1 and 1/2 Khanum foul back.[Applause].Oregon State trying to join a group of.pac-10 teams led by USC with 13 national.championships in baseball they have.never won one Harold what was the one.team title that they won they wanted.cross country 1961 they wanted to cook.the following year Terry Baker won the.Heisman Trophy terria I heard he was out.here it's been a sighting of him being.out here visiting and watching all the.games and like to see him I'll get to.Terry later he's running around 1 & 2.now 2 & 2 to can I'm on a high fastball.another perfect night for baseball well.and you saw the tourney track a lot of.times with college baseball they don't.like to steal this guy so you saw it was.under 50% when the leadoff guy gets on.and scores they don't run much and.sometimes they let the second hit her.head a lot and they don't bunt so it's.tough to get him in the runner scoring.position there he goes.throw down not in time.stolen base for Darwin Barney.and a full count on Khanum well the one.thing that happens when you run a lot of.times the catcher is going to pop up now.that was a pretty good pitch you look at.this pitch right here it ends up being.high the catcher comes up and makes a.strong throw Barney got a good jump and.a high throw I remember they changed.catchers tonight.Federer Ovitz has been back there and.now you got Johnson so they've made some.defensive changes to try to help their.defense out they had all sorts of.defensive problems last night that.contributed to their loss they just.couldn't make routine plays here's the.3-2 skyed to centerfield calves assini.comes on and coming in no chance for the.runner to advance one out.[Applause].there are some rules Harold that are.different from major leagues in college.yeah the really are but you can see a.whole list of them but things that stand.out I think on the double play we've.seen it quite a bit you have to slide.directly into the base defensive coach.must make three trips to Mound during.the course of the game you know in Major.League Baseball you may see a guy going.out all the time so there's a lot of.different rules here and it makes the.game because of the style of play it.changes it well after the stolen base.Canon was trying to pull that ball to at.least get the runner to third with less.than two out but he hit a lazy flyball.to shallow center so now Gillespie.stands in with one out and a runner at.second yeah you like when a hitter has.two strikes on him just go ahead hit the.ball wherever it's pitched that after.after that you try to do too much and.you end up doing what he did popping up.on the pitch he should be taken that.would hit him they love to come inside.the cold Azmi that time they came in too.far well they've been busting cold.Gillespie inside for the last three game.well this is the third game for last two.games he's trying to get out of the way.I don't think you like to get hit on the.elbow he wants to hit you don't want him.to get hit that pitch.[Applause].bard has now plunked 24 guys this year.well they'd like to pitch inside and.that's one of the things that I know as.a pro Scout that really enjoys scouting.North Carolina because your pictures are.learning how to pitch in better be.careful here bill rau is the hottest.hitter out here takes a called strike.there.he leads the College World Series with.11 hits and with 8 RBIs and is hitting.458 Wow a young man who was not drafted.and after singing play out here.everybody is saying what and he sent.some of the best pitching in the country.you would think that he'd have an.opportunity rau has really raised that.average and hasn't shown all that much.power throughout the season six home.runs but his ability better than those.numbers well he should get an.opportunity to play particularly a.senior year here somebody should sign.this guy and give him a chance.when I'm watching bard right now to last.pitch 98 the pitch before that 97 and.he's heating that gun up no balls and.two strikes two out two on one out yes.that's just nasty just burying it in on.his hands right there and you got to.remember when you look at guys that are.drafted in the first round and they get.beat up while they're out here Scouts.are drafted on potential and if you see.this young man you say oh no no doubt.about it the results aren't always great.because aluminum bat they fight balls up.but right there he's going back getting.another piece of wood that one too.that's how bad you're right.[Applause].but with that aluminum hey stay and then.get another swing count rides Owen -.they get bat for both ball clubs here in.the first inning went after a pitch way.out of the strike zone fouled it back.I'm amazed that he caught up to that.well he backed off the plate a little.bit and he opened up on that swing he's.knows a 98 it's coming that he hasn't.shown a breaking ball yet so as a hitter.you almost just have to eliminate it you.can't look for anything else when you.got a guy throwing that hard anyway last.seven pitches have been between 96 and.98 that one missed outside clocked at 98.and that's just easy gasp I mean that's.the type of stuff this jumps on this.nice and easy.effortless.you wouldn't think he'd have much.problem touching a hundred she reached.back a little bit there's another.fastball pops straight up this time bard.is calling forward himself and then a.late call off by his third baseman who.makes the catch and bard wanted to make.that play McFeely finally got over there.made it for well this is an infield fly.rule one out first a second this infield.fly so if they even dropped this the.batter is automatically out that's the.rule he wanted to take that himself but.normally you're gonna clear out of there.there was no effort at all for the first.baseman who was playing back that ball.could have dropped in and the runners.advance on their own risk Tyler Graham.with two out inside corner another.blazing fastball from Daniel barred.[Applause].Kyle was saying he likes to throw that.slider is his out-pitch but he's just.reaching back bringing that gas tonight.fortunately that was a breaking pitch.which gave him a little extra time to.get out of the way this ball just he.just did not get there and he just got.out of the way that barely didn't get.his arm up enough to get that snap back.now if that's a fastball you're in a lot.of trouble he's hit one on one to Graham.[Applause].back up the middle Gore's there he'll.take it himself.the inning is over.[Applause].or in-state threatens book does not.score.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].Omaha Nebraska on a beautiful summer.evening.nothing nothing as we go to the second.inning at the College World Series and.here were the results of the previous.two games in this championship set North.Carolina wins the first game chat flack.the big blow was his triple of his four.hits scored on the pass ball that was.the winning run Gunderson five and a.third he's the closer for this ballclub.came in last night for Oregon State.actually picked up the victory as they.came from behind to even the series at.one-on-one the other thing about that.game last night the deception of it was.no airs in North Carolina had about.three or four mental errors that really.cost them that just don't show up in the.box score they were blunders no doubt.about it.flack Cox and federal robic to hit here.in this second Black has been as hot as.anybody here and he's very aggressive he.swings early in the count the all-time.single-season leader and hits he has 111.and Counting for North Carolina Josh.Horton is also in this club he's number.two at 106.1 & 2 2 flak that's Fedorov achee and. are on deck swung at a bad pitch.they're really fooled him mister back to.the studio SportsCenter xxx xxx update.bill pedo.[Music].[Applause].all right thanks Bill lotta flopson.soccer aren't they well the big.controversy the refs are ruining the.World Cup they flop like bunny ears do.they just go down no point and they get.the calls yeah get the free kick and.that's it Jack Cox had it he has been.the guy of two Hummer game a couple.games ago and he is what I swooned about.nice also one of the hotter hitters in.the lineup driven in six runs here in.Omaha 20 second round draft choice in.the recent Major League Draft by.Colorado.he's gone.well we're seeing two different types of.pictures you know barbed with just.overpowering stuff and then nickerson.really hitting the corners right here a.breaking ball on the outside half and.when you can throw that backdoor.breaking pitch it becomes very difficult.to hit now remember the shadows come.into play and that's the ball to a.left-hander that didn't seem to break.back the way you wanted to and it.continues to go the other way it tough.to reach that a roving stands in he.played first earlier in the season just.three times well here's a look at the.shadows and here's what I mean with the.breaking ball see that ball disappear a.fastball you can come kind of anticipate.where it's going to end up with the.breaking pitch and Pitts doesn't break.properly you're in trouble.Fedorov it's the leader on this club at.the College World Series in RBIs he has.seven to go with his two home runs and a.364 batting average in Omaha Nickerson.nibbling at the corners and hitting.every.three up three down great ending for.Nickerson we'll go to the bottom of the.second scoreless.[Music].back in Omaha Nebraska beautiful.Rosenblatt steady of nothing nothing.second in it it's Game three and the.deciding game of the College World.Series Oregon State has the only hit so.far.here's how Oregon State got here as we.take a look at our road to Omaha for the.Beavers they won the regional at their.home ballpark in Corvallis then beat.Stanford in the super regional pounded.them out in two games 5 and 2 here at.the College World Series for 5 and 2.overall in the College World Series it's.a lot of games isn't it yes it is it's.their eighth game and it's funny how all.these guys understand the numbers first.pitch the Wallace's what I mean by that.is the understanding numbers I was.talking with Gunnarsson he said hey.there's been 16 games played here after.tonight we'll have played eight that.means we'll have played half the games.played here cause well seriously okay.well - wow that's pretty cool ain't no.at all well baseball is all about.numbers Wallace to lead it off all by.Kunda and McFeely.Wallace has had a good series contact.hitter is hitting over 300 out here oh.look out that's gonna clean somebody out.right that way they can't seem to lay.off the high stuff right now I hope that.young man's all right yeah hit him.pretty hard.[Applause].gets there in a real hurry you see the.fans looking over the players looking.over now that was in the crowd Gary.[Applause].I thought the paramedics got there.pretty quick then check on him it's.awful scary when those balls are hit so.hard.oh sure hope he's alright.took something off that time and got the.strikeout well you could tell Wallace's.head wasn't into it.you know I I've done that before you hit.a ball the stands it hit somebody.forget about dread back yeah start.thinking about the person North Carolina.won the regional in Chapel Hill now this.is after they lost two straight in the.ACC tournament one out they beat Alabama.and the super regional in two they have.lost a single game out here in Omaha and.that was last night to force Game three.this one hit down the right side and.foul well the young man that got hit has.finally got his breath back I think it.just knocked the wind out of him and.that was a scary moment for everybody.sitting the stands there is he's.starting to come back now getting some.color back but man he got hit by he got.hit pretty hard he's hanging in there.pretty good isn't he he's not leaving.championship game breaking pitch for.called strike.you know the paramedics do a wonderful.job out here the police was talking to.officer Cunningham last night and he was.one of the officers with the great dogs.that come around and sniff for all sorts.of things that could get us all in.trouble and they do such good work out.here trying to protect everybody and our.hats are off to them because it's not an.easy job and they're giving them a.standing ovation now that we got.protection everywhere here.in the meantime Daniel Bart is just.sitting there just locating every pitch.he wants.[Applause].it's gonna be interesting because he.hasn't got the feel for the breaking.ball yeah we saw the one breaking pitch.he threw behind the batter the other one.hasn't been for strike and that's.another one Kondo lofts it to deep left.centerfield but remember that's into the.wind and it gives calves assini.a chance to get back and make the catch.look into an ESPN 2 tomorrow morning.coverage of the 120th Wimbledon Tennis.Championships begin the day starts at.7:00 a.m. Eastern with the latest news.on wakeup the Wimbledon presented by.Dell than an 8 a.m. Eastern catch nine.hours of early run coverage including an.under a agassi's first match of his last.Wimbledon final 1 a.m. Eastern.highlights from all the day 2 matches on.today at Wimbledon blue and in the right.field.not maybe Garrett Gore was gonna be able.to make another spectacular play but.even he couldn't gets up to that one and.it's a base hit for McFeely perfect.placement now this is this game.progresses you got to start looking down.the road is Daniel barred doesn't have a.lot of confidence in his breaking ball.through one behind the batter the ball.that Kunta just hit the center and so.it'll be interesting to see if Oregon.State just says eliminates the breaking.pitch that starts to look for that.fastball Lisbon the 9 hitter the.designated hitter today takes a fastball.you can eliminate whatever you want but.when I throw in 98 here it comes I dare.you to hit it yeah knowing that's coming.and doing something whether it's two.entirely different things.[Applause].oh and to to listen.[Applause].runner at first two outs in the second.chopped over the mound.Fortin nice playing got up we have.played to full of the College World.Series North Carolina and Oregon State.and we are scoreless.[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].we have had so much fun out here again.let's catch up on some of the storylines.for the College World Series both North.Carolina and Oregon State their first.appearance in the finals for ACC teams.made the field that ties her record runs.per game now still low not as low as.last year but low enough and rice the.record they did not want 23 consecutive.innings without a run they really got.sent down and a lot of people thought.they they were gonna win this thing.the number one ranked team the cons are.coming in yeah number one seed that has.to be an umpire's family yeah you know.yeah and that's alright boy.I think Morgan stead has found something.you know North Carolina didn't hit.hardly any balls to right field at all.and flak hit the triple but they haven't.made the adjustment to take that ball.the other way guys pulling off that.outside pitch this is Seth Williams to.lead it off there's that cutter that we.talked about in the open it's a pitch.that starts on the outside half and by.the time you identify it and start your.swing.it's breaking away they've got to have.an approach think and go to right field.or else they're not gonna hit a ball all.night for Nickerson is just painting.corners he's living on that.struck out the side in the last inning.he's facing the bottom third of the.order here in inning number three and.that's on the corner he's fanned four in.a row well if you're looking at one of.the things that Nickerson is doing a.great job of this exploit in there.even as soon as they get a batter stance.look at Williams there's an open stance.he's just gonna stay outside if you get.that generous of a corner forget about.it nobody's gonna hit that anyway.that ball is in the other batter's box.but you know that's tough to to hit.Benji Johnson.[Applause].so now if you're doing that well on the.outside if you come inside is it just to.show it to him yeah I would think so if.you come in and throw it over the plate.it's a mistake I think you just got to.live out there the whole time make them.have to make an adjustment nickerson has.now gone 12 scoreless innings in a row.and Johnson stands in to 273 with a 1-1.count nobody on one out here in the.third.breaking pitch at the shortstop darling.Barney frozen out to God know why the.next hitter is walking up there Kyle as.a picture do you see where a guy's.stance is that like Nickerson and say.all right I'm gonna stay outside with.this cutter I think you have to I mean.especially with right-handers you were.talking about it just a min ago but in.his two starts it's the one thing that.right-handers haven't done they haven't.crawled on the plate if I'm on that side.or even left he's steppin off the plate.gonna force him to stay on the opposite.side because if he's throwing that.cutter for a strike and guys aren't.making an adjustment there's not gonna.hit it that was a little bit low.Garrett Gore the number 9 man in the.order of the second baseman really.struggled out here.2 for 1701 a team batting average after.2:30 during a regular season there's.another one outside and fouled back you.know believe it or not Gore's the one.guy who's got the right approach he's on.top of the plate and he's a guy who hits.the ball to right field a lot in anyway.so he has a better chance than anybody.right now just gonna say that's his.style so they come up and in.and that just shows a the ability of.Jonah Nickerson to do whatever he wants.to do on the mound right now the.question is how long can he go rolled to.second base Kunda throws him out another.easy inning for Jonah Nickerson.tired the first 90s faced.[Music].welcome back to Omaha Nebraska great.ballgame for the national championship.nothing nothing we go to the bottom of.the third.Daniel bard so far Kyle good old country.hardball yeah you know what's coming I.mean he's thrilled 39 pitches so far in.this ballgame 34 have been fast balls.and we've seen five sliders the sliders.been inconsistent really in Bart's first.start was exactly the same thing the.first couple innings you saw a ton of.fastball the slider wasn't quite there.but when he got to have third or fourth.inning seemed like he found it a little.bit and that's when he really started.pitching but guys if he's throwing 97 98.99.nobody needs to find a slider to food he.really doesn't and that's just here it.is I dare you to hit it but the shadows.are creeping out of the way it's going.to become a little easier to pick up the.ball I family Lou this happen to see you.what Oregon State does but I love.watching this guy pitch Mikey here it is.I dare you here it is I'm coming after.you the victory against Cal State.Fullerton he was touched up for 12 hits.and 6 runs 6 innings allowed 5 earned.runs and struck out only two with that.tremendous fastball well there's a tall.saying you can't sneak the cheese by the.rat and you know in this day and age you.almost can't throw a fastball hard.enough you have to have a breaking pitch.to keep guys honest and that's an area.slider right there changes the whole.at-bat 15 16 17 mile an hour.differential.well that looked good.and unless you're guessing slider.you can't hitting it but now sudden you.know you're gonna get a fastball right.here so Barney's to be geared up for a.fastball he missed with and he's back to.2-1.Barney started the game off with a base.hit had a stolen base he's at second.with nobody out in the first but Oregon.State couldn't convert strike two full.count to Darwin Barney leading off the.third remember how important that first.run is it's an overwhelming advantage to.score first at the College World Series.that was an unusual pitch he threw it.3-2 slider right there surprised at that.yeah last night is probably the first.time we've been given that stat but it.didn't hold true I mean last night first.first team of score didn't win.[Applause].hit wide of third and the play by.McFeely coverage of the IMG par 3.shootout returns to ESPN 2 tonight live.from the treetops Resort in Michigan.2005 champion Andy North returns to.defend his title against Masters.champion Phil Mickelson Fred Couples and.Craig Stadler is divorced and swing for.a $500,000 purse the ing par 3 shootout.on espn2 tonight at 10:00 Eastern.tomorrow at 8:00 Eastern also available.also Vettel on high definition said.McFeely obviously that was flack making.the play at third base this one dumped.into left field for a base hit.Khanum is on.[Applause].I'm going to be interesting here to see.what happens with coal Gillespie if I.think Barb's got to make an adjustment.go to the outside half of the plate on.this guy because they've continued to.pitch him inside the whole time.you don't put numbers up like that and.continue throw a guy in the same place.and think you I'm not going to hurt you.well they Jam them for 10 days that was.on the outside part of the plate that's.enough to keep them honest right there.you just have to keep changing you know.the baseball is a game of adjustments.and the more you see somebody else you.have to continue to adjust your game.nickerson who has been perfect so far.for Oregon State hoping his teammates.can put something on the board for him.[Applause].one ball and a strike to Gillespie the.pac-10 Player of the Year first-team.all-american by Baseball America.[Applause].fastball down the first steps on the bag.throws the second they have to make the.tagging there.no play.and this is one of the discipline plate.umpires ball.in front of the base home plate umpires.call behind the base the first base on.fire is call he got this right I.remember the ball it's not one of the.position of the defender is it's where.the baseball is at you see this ball.right here that ball is going foul.before it got to the base and he got the.call right it's right.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].ball and two strikes to gillaspie see.that turns out to be a break for Oregon.State.[Applause].when the natives are getting a little.restless but that balls off the plate I.mean no pirate blue not home plate I'm.selling a pretty good good game as far.as being consistent he's had a couple.tough plays right there and he got him.right the pitch and the play down the.line.[Applause].- and to - Gillespie stead the throw to.first.[Applause].fouled out of play.[Applause].kanima runner first is a good runner.doesn't have a lot of speed but very.smart on the base pass with good.instincts.well you may see a delayed steal.[Applause].Mike let's go back to that play now here.here it is from a different angle for.you at home what's the first baseman.where he set up at now this ball he's.going to shift his body to go get it.that ball is in foul territory and it's.before the base and that's the key once.the ball gets to the base it's got to go.over the base then go in a foul.territory is okay there'd be a fair ball.but once it's outside the base before it.gets the first base that's a foul ball.and that's why I was saying he got that.call right Gillespie at 3 - do they send.Khanum they do struck him out.[Applause].there's the center fielder cavesson e.the throw not in time.great hustle by Khanum.we got a little injury at second base on.on Gore on the covers know what's that.throw what's go to second baseman he's.gonna get taken out because he's trying.to go back to get the ball and just very.good running the whole way but here's.the throw heads back into the runner he.gets up he gets cleated and that hurts.and he's trying to go get the ball.but when that ball tails back it's a.difficult play for the second baseman.because you got all your momentum going.yeah hover and then you have to shift.your body to go back and get it.cannon came in hard then had to get up.and hustle to make third base so.Gillespie's the second out of the inning.on the strikeout kantam ends up at the.third North Carolina's seventh error of.the College World Series Oregon State.has committed only three and they've.played seven games well you know that.chains the catcher tonight - and that's.- two throws that have been difficult.for Johnson to make boats have sailed.right yes bill Rallo for one tried to.check his swing foul tipped into the.catcher Bengie Johnson's blog.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].didn't want a swing but did Owen - any.time you get a ball up in your eyes it.looks very hittable but the difference.with Bart on the mound is 98 is.unhittable when it sets your eyes yeah.because by you and that's what happened.right there Oregon State has had two.base hit in every inning.not yet scored high fastball lofted to.right.and Williams settles under for the third.out runner stranded to third we have.played three full four national.championship there is no score.[Applause].beautifully pitched games so far back.the College World Series in Omaha will.go to the fourth inning with no score in.a national championship game let's check.in with Harold Reynolds he's in the home.depot coaching Clinton well Mike one of.the things that that John has been able.to do is throw that cutter and he'll.that's the ball that comes here and cuts.away from the right-hander so two things.you can do one you can get on top of the.plate and take away that ball breaking.on you or you got to definitely make.your attempt to take the ball the right.side here's what we're talking about his.we've been able to he's been able to do.against all the North Carolina hitters.to protect me the right-handers there's.a slider away then another breaking ball.but the cutter has been the Prince.that's been the problem that's the cut.fastball right there that's just talking.about and as it breaks off the plate you.have to have an approach where I'm gonna.take everything the right field so I'm.gonna start here and look for a ball to.go away from me and I want to drive that.ball to right if they don't make that.adjustment they're gonna be mowed down.all night like he's been doing right now.he has been exceptional so far hasn't he.he really has no hits no walks four.strikeouts nickerson bidding for his.third win in the College World Series he.went on two days rest turns around comes.back goes on three days rest and the.first starting pitcher in the last 61.games in Omaha to be perfect his first.three innings.and he has been just at retiring all.nine batters he faced without a hit walk.no hit by pitch no errors there hasn't.been a ball out of the infield against.him this was chopped back up the middle.against a guy who could fly that condom.made a heck of a play but cavesson he.can burn down the line and beats it out.for the first hit of the game well this.is one of those plays that you want the.shortstop to take this ball believe it.or not Barney's coming all the way.across.he's got the angle it's in and couldn't.attend in front of him and took that.throw now he's got to take that throw.back the other direction and try to put.something on it you have to have the.shortstop who's coming he set out the.insider out in the second baseman the.outside route great speed made the.difference in that play right there so.finally for North Carolina a runner.aboard here to start the fourth and read.front the D H is up fakes to bunt and.they go with a hit-and-run as CAV assini.was off of first base well you don't see.that very often where you're gonna fake.a button bring back and hit and run you.might yeah that is such a great jump you.might have just swung through that at a.stolen base but that's what's fun about.the college games that do so many things.to create cavesson he tried to steal the.other night and was thrown out during.the regular season he was 16 of 24 which.means he was only successful two-thirds.of the time guy with that speed you'd.expect better well he's still learning.this craft to it you know we've talked.about that the other night he had a.short lead today he's got a bigger lead.because chances are a lot better of.making.but this his little at-bat getting on.base has totally changed how Jonah.Nickerson's gotten out of his groove.real quick I mean it still throwing.strikes but now you put him in a stretch.he hasn't been in the stretch the whole.game you make him have to do different.things we saw him throw over he's taking.off signs they're doing a lot of.different things is shaking him up.already that's what you have to do.[Applause].nearly thrown away on the pickoff and.that's why I cavesson he's so valuable.to club he's followed by two left-handed.hitters the right side of the diamond.opens up you make the pitcher have to.throw over it just changes the whole.pace of the game.this is Franck with Horton on deck.[Applause].looking into the dugout is kanima was.throwing out better than 50% the guys.who have tried to steal against him this.year cavesson he goes ball lofted to.right-field.Wallace and calves assini will retreat.to first.breaking ball up right there.[Applause].obviously with the hit and run play they.don't have you know the faith yet in CAV.assini on the straight steel you're.right.that's usually why you put that.hit-and-run on and of course you get a.gap shot with him he walks home one out.one on four Horton see if the college.game is called by the coaches from the.bench and that's the only thing that I.don't like about a lot of the college.baseball because the coaches call every.pitch they call the pick offs they call.they control the game and it and it.slows down the pace of the game.and also it doesn't allow the players to.really get into the flow themselves and.I think sometimes that takes a little.while for catchers to learn and adjust.when they get to the next level that's.not every coaching situation that's here.today there are a few colleges that like.Rice for example the prices of notable.exception sure players run the whole.program I mean on the ground toward.second base they get the force onto.first not in time fielder's choice and.two gone.[Applause].well what's the baserunner go right into.the base and this is the difference in.that college rule that allows the.shortstop step across and get on top of.it and throw it as hard as you can and.that's why this play is closed you don't.see that necessarily in the pro game.because he's got to worry about dropping.down and maybe not putting as much on it.but protected himself Oregon State has.been very very sharp defensively no.errors in the last 51 innings of the.College World Series.and that's such a key to winning out.here and one of the keys to North.Carolina coming apart last night they.didn't play good fundamental baseball.[Applause].phenomenal statistic on if you look at.your favorite team the Cardinals that's.why they always end up playing sheer to.the postseason because they catch the.baseball when you limit teams to the 27.outs that are required you got a chance.to win some games did somebody mention I.was a Cardinals fan yeah somebody tell.me okay.I can't even tell you frontrunner you've.been a Cardinal fan for so long only.since I was four Chadd flak want to know.and that's what I was talking about up.in the Home Depot see that slide that.cutter that cut away from it he's got to.hit that ball arrived builders not gonna.catch up to it.here it has watch his approach he's.gonna pull this ball it just continues.to run away from him he drives it too.right he's got enough power we've seen.him do it before that one's off the.plate the other thing that does Mike is.it allows the catcher kanima clear angle.to throw now sudden he's he's getting.that cutter in the left-hander's.batter's box he's stepping up and.throwing so it shuts down the running.game to two balls in the strike throw.over to keep Fortin close at first.[Applause].no score here in the fourth took.something off there and had them way out.in front they're just gonna live in that.out of the batter's box til somebody you.all you have to do is had a bleeder over.there and it's like okay now we got to.come back inside.to to to flak struck him out.fifth strikeout for Jonah Nickerson he's.on top of his game he's given up only.one hit through four.[Applause].[Music].well we've all put on the weight here in.Omaha tonight's our last night here and.after this it's home back to the diet.back to the treadmill take a look at our.Coke Zero game track and it's all about.pitching Bart is only allowed three hits.struck out four neurone the second and.the third Nickerson's even been better.four innings only one hit five.strikeouts barney is 1 for 2 with a.single and a stolen base but as it.resulted in anybody's getting run keep.up of all the n-c-double-a College World.Series information just log on to NC.double-a sport comm the official online.home for 88 NC double-a championships.Mike I gotta say thanks to my Gators.Kettering to who's cater to us here in.the tent the whole week the food has.been fantastic what they've been.bringing to the crew steaks tonight.shrimp on the barbie yesterday.this one's bunted down the first base.side you know I have never seen anybody.light up at the mere sight of a plate of.food like you do it's amazing somebody.walks in with food and it doesn't matter.what it is.it's just food I get and you're still.130 ya know it's still you know I don't.know I'm fortunate I got that high.metabolism you see I can't sit still up.here I'm always moving around.it's a good place to come and know you.can call ball game of people bringing.food it's you know it's great.I feel like Joe Morgan you've got Joe.Theismann's metabolism telling you Tyler.Graham leads it off in the fourth he.rolled into a fielder's choice his first.time up.back to the box base hit.every inning Oregon State has had a hit.but it's not the fastball you know we.talked about that that was a slider he.left out over the plate and it's gonna.be interesting to see if he continues to.not have the sharpness on that slider.because this is a ball that's 80 miles.an hour as opposed to something that's.97 and and you're really speeding up.guys bats because if not braking that.much and you throwing it that much.slower you're doing the hitters a favor.[Applause].Wallace a strikeout victim his first.time up the throw over and Graham is.back maybe the fourth inning will be.lucky for the Beavers that's when they.exploded last night after being down 5.nothing to North Carolina and it looked.like they were done somebody forgot to.tell them though and they got 7 well.they really did that came back strong.last night you know and North Carolina.had some blunders with communication.they've actually caught the ball pretty.good in this College World Series a.house that one inning last night that.really killed him it's got a big lead at.first.Pat Casey likes to run last night graham.stole third base and really kind of.ignited things when they were down four.he was going hand leaning the other way.he's extended his lead and you know as a.base runner you young baserunners out to.try to get the identical lead every time.then you're not tipping anybody off as.to if you're gonna be running or not he.extended his lead no sudden that's.telling me oh it's a red flag he's.getting ready to run there he goes.type three is fine they can't get the.tag down so a stolen base for Tyler.Graham.now a lot of times you'll see a pitchout.in that situation if they are able to.see him get that bigger lead but you can.see he'll take another half a step right.there he's running he's often going and.because of the lead and their jump that.he had this is a good throw but because.of the lead he was able to get in there.so for the second time for Oregon State.they have a runner at second with nobody.out Wallace would love to pull something.and get him over and I wouldn't be.surprised if he's not bunting right here.to just go ahead and try to move this.guy to third base and look at what they.have done this one bunted toward third.they try to barehand.[Applause].Garret door was backing up the first.baseman.mr. OH came right to him.I'll play at the plate but couldn't make.it this is one of those great defensive.plays and yes the pitcher boughs it.makes it throw but you've got to be.impressed with Gore being there and he.throws a strike and then Graham makes a.tremendous to get around to catch him.and score he's got to go around the bat.the catcher's mask and everything else.is still tap home plate.[Music].now kunda and he squares to bunt well.one of Fox's trust races has to be Mike.that's three bunt plays in a row that.they have messed up.you know they've given you an out and if.you bobble it right there if you're.barred you hang on to it Oh exactly and.they almost got away with it anyhow.because Garrett Gore did a great job.backing up dick good but North.Carolina will make this play the.sacrifice works this time.Wallace goes to second.[Music].[Applause].well there it is just continuing.execution you know put the bunt down.execute make them after handle it but.they give you now you take the out and.then you deal with it from there.[Music].Shane McFeely is up he singled his last.time into shallow right but you heard.Kunta talking to Pat case I better get.me a hit and run.[Applause].Kunduz been really good about moving.runners over he's driven in for even.though he hasn't hit well he's put the.ball in play and sometimes that's more.important.yeah and he's been your traditional.second baseman I mean he's caught that.he's made great plays outside first and.foul.[Applause].then a bar just has to regroup get back.to to doing what he was doing all game.long.you threw a bun away and that's really.it other than that he's been spectacular.[Applause].now you just had a ball hit to the right.side and you got a guy throwing 98 miles.an hour your second baseman needs to.just forget about that runner but.there's a huge gap between the second.baseman and the first baseman a little.roller it's gonna go to right field yeah.and anything through there is going to.be a run so in that situation as a.second baseman what you do is you start.right on the base let the runner see you.and then once the pitcher gets into the.stretch then you can back off because.guys are not gonna look again to see.where you're at and you can cover that.ground you can't be in two places at one.time but with the pitcher throwing this.hard I would think that you know you you.should be protecting more to your left.and necessary and instead of maybe up.the middle mcfeely batting 292 this one.smoked back up the middle cavesson he.gets it on one huh here's the throw to.the pole.they cut it off at its to nothing.McFeely.be nice single dissenter again Mike this.is the breaking ball you know he ends up.hanging another breaking pitch and Ike.you said earlier all that does speed up.the hitters bat when you got a guy.throwing that hard.[Applause].have a scene he did all he could charge.the point or charge the base hit and.threw towards the plate but cut off and.it's - nothing and listen we'll come up.two godless belong a sacrifice and it.sends McFeely down to second base well.they just feel like they're just going.to keep putting that runner in scoring.position and just keep the pressure on.the defense.[Applause].on that wallace bunk'd are gonna credit.bard with two errors one for bobbling.the bunt and then the throwing error Wow.[Applause].[Music].yeah I can see that I think about it for.a second I think it's I think it's a.good role yeah that's good ruling I mean.thinking it phases first error you know.allows the runner to go to first the.second error is the one that allows the.run to score.yeah you're right and Hovis is already.up for North Carolina there obviously is.no tomorrow for either pitching staff.hobus normally in short relief short.becomes a relative term in the.championship game.well it doesn't you got to do exactly.what Oregon State did yesterday they.went to the pen to their big gun this.Havas is the guy they love to come in.and stop rallies you have to go to him.early.chopped towards second and thrown out.Jared Gore is there to make the play the.inning is over but two runs are home.when we come back to Omaha Pat Casey.we've just seen his club take the lead.will join us at North Carolina has still.been limited to only one base hit in.this game let's check in with Erin.Andrews Erin.all right mine thanks so much join right.now by Oregon State head coach Pat Casey.yesterday North Carolina a lot of digs.defensively what is your team doing.tonight to continue that for them well.we turned up a little pressure on them.you know they're awful good the guy in.the mound is outstanding and so you know.we're having a little trouble getting.the bats going a little bit he's running.the ball in on us sinking the ball so we.just thought if we could get around.around and try to press a little bit and.he's kind of a hard guy to handle we we.knew that they felt like we were gonna.sacrifice bunt there so we just turned.graham loose and go for the straight.steal and then moved him over to ollie.and fortunately we got a good break for.us now let's talk about your guy on the.mound Jonah Nickerson how much longer.can you expect him to be out there well.that's up to Jonah you know he'll tell.us when he's tired right now he looks.pretty good to me.alright thanks coach for joining us Mike.all right thanks hiren Pat just.disappear and there and sitting down.they're going where the heck is Pat at.well he was certainly right about Jonah.and Nickerson he looks pretty good out.there four innings one hit he has been.lights out and he'll face Cox Federer.which and Williams in the North Carolina.5th inning fastball for a strike.[Applause].well he's been able to throw if he.misses on first pitch he's been able to.get it back to one and one and that's.the key for him as he able to throw.those strikes early in the count.struck out five hasn't walked anybody.and that one got Khanum the catcher.don't pyres are real good about that.kind of stuff they'll go out throw a.ball somewhere dust off the plate walk.around just wait for the guy to get his.breath back one ball two strikes.hammer did foul outside first well he.got away with one there right there.because that was a mistake the balls.he's been getting everybody out on with.the off-speed pitch it's been away he.left that one out over the plate when.Cox just missed getting it fair guys.been a clutch hitter all year for North.Carolina this one toward the hole at.Short good play by Darwin Barney go down.the right-field line a little bit and no.advance by Cox as he went in hard to.first that's the first air Oregon state.has made in quite a long time Darla's.Barney he did everything right watch him.get down on this ball but he just gets.on top of it didn't put quiet he knew it.was off target as soon as he let that.thing go he knew it was going to be.trouble he's hoping the first baseman.that save him but wasn't able to error.on the throw.[Music].and now federal boots representing the.tying run as Oregon State has a runner.aboard the same thing as last night when.Oregon State was down five nothing you.got the same feel from North Carolina.they just have to execute hit a ball.through the hole on the right side move.the first and third do something.Fedorov achat 364 hit her at the College.World Series he had a bomb last night he.touched one pretty good didn't he ever.into a 20 mile an hour wind a high fly.ball that just still cut through that.win you know I thought it was.interesting the first pitch of this.inning for Nickerson was a breaking.pitch you know it came out and threw a.curveball and he hasn't located like he.did the last four innings before this.half inning to a no to federal Victor.freshman all-american talked about.Federer Ovitz last night looking like a.catcher he just looks like a catcher.he's got the wrist taped up big strong.guy well he sure looks like a hitter if.nothing else based on the last night.you know Pat Casey was saying that Jonah.would let it know if he wasn't I think.you got to watch a picture and what I'm.seeing right now he's not locating like.he was and here it is a fifth inning you.run into that wall a little bit he's not.throwing that cutter on the outside half.to the right-handers and he's missed on.a couple pitches got lucky gets Cox that.ball right there that one missed three.balls in the strike.[Applause].Fedorov o'clock down for a sign.[Applause].first time he has gone to a three ball.count and this one is hammered toward.right but right at John Wallace now a.four a xxx xxx Sports Center update.here's Bill Pete up.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].bill thank you very much this is Seth.Williams with a runner at first well.Mikey go back to that swing that that he.that Federer was just tuck finally made.an adjustment hit a ball to right field.looks like they're getting on to play a.little bit more taking that ball the.other way if he's gonna throw that.cutter and hit it hard too yes he did.Williams a strikeout victim his first.time up nice breaking ball in there for.a called strike you can see Williams is.back on top of the plate to Kyle as a.pitcher you got to be able to see guys.moving in the box do you not see that no.you can definitely see it especially.with you catch your two I mean that's.when it's really important to be able to.go back and forth with your catcher and.even if it's in between innings talk.about what guys are doing at the plate.but then it's making the adjustment this.one toward the gap in right-center and.this will get down and dirty again.here comes Cox around third he'll score.and it's a stand-up double for South.William.there's driving the ball the opposite.way Harold absolutely I mean those two.things talked about it one and get on.the plate and you've got it.see his immediate approach is looking.for nothing but outside take that ball.the other way.tremendous stop making an adjustment now.it's back on.Jonah Nickerson and Oregon State to make.an adjustment against the right-handed.hitters of North Carolina they've taken.away the outside now catcher Bengie.Johnson the tying run at second here in.the fifth.breaking ball hit the line Gillespie.comes up throwing and that'll hold him.to a single it's runners at first and.third Seth Williams got the third base.held up immediately.[Applause].[Music].getting started with an error on the.shortstop Darwin Barney on a bad throat.well that's what I love about the game.of baseball you you have to make.adjustments and clearly they're making.adjustments right now against Oregon.State.wise decision by coach Fox to hold the.runner up right there now you got a.first and third situation this is an.instant conversation coming up from Dan.Spencer the pitching coach nobody yet in.the Oregon State bullpen and Nickerson.has had a really efficient ball game so.far until this inning he is thrown 13.pitches and still only has one out in.the inning well and it's the fashion in.which he's throwing the pitches a little.timid but also every ball then swung.balls a foul back were better on and the.line out to right field then the gapper.then the single so they're starting to.get to it asking a lot of him Mike he's.already throwing what 220 some pitches.conscious again.he pitched his first game on two days.rest came back on three.[Music].or pitched a second game on two days.rest came back for this one on three.they got a pinch hit Spencer right here.which is a good move I mean sometimes.you got it go for the juggler.Spencer will hit for Garrett Gore the.tremendous second baseman there's gonna.be some some changes defensively if I.see Steve go to second base who delay.there a lot this year yeah but I like.the move I mean you got to go ahead and.this might be the one inning you go.ahead and try to get ahead and and.you've got a chance to run Nickerson out.of the ballgame you're able to catch one.right here and you get three runs on it.Spencer as the d.h yesterday went two.for two.[Applause].the infield is back at DoublePlay depth.at second and short.[Applause].outside long ball no strikes dispenser.this all started on the air by the.shortstop mistakes just come back to.kill you yeah.[Applause].we're gonna miss one-on-one I mean if.you give a guy a team more than three.outs an inning you just ask informed.will lay it on you yeah and nobody feels.worse than he does he knows he could.have should have made that play just.didn't put enough on it one on one.dispenser coming off the bench to.pinch-hit swings over the top of another.well if your Nickerson you're looking.for a strikeout in this situation that's.what you want to do if you put the ball.in play you may not turn 2 and their.games tied you want to get a punch-out.and go to the next hitter and see what.happens on the corner strike two.well that's that was that four-seam.fastball just stayed on the top straight.no cut or anything but that's probably.why I pulled the hitter.this ball doesn't cut at all he just.painted it right on the corner what did.he ever some nice pitching there by.Nickerson - breaking balls got him in.unto the hands and a fastball on the.outside corner record that strikeout and.Harold you're right he needed that one.now two outs and he's a pitch away from.getting out of trouble calves assini had.the first hit of the game an infield.bouncer back over second base.[Applause].the Tar Heels have broken through.finally against Nickerson Hill in the.fifth.[Applause].tough crowd man bump comes off the.screen the ball girl missed it that's.all the booing in the background it run.by the way because it the runner reached.on an error is unearned the first.unearned run against Burton state the.entire NC double-a tournament here in.Omaha well Mike you talked about.adjustments and John Dickerson has gone.away from that cutter and and he's.throwing straight fastballs now and when.you're looking for the cutter and it.doesn't show up you get a lot of looks.Olin COO basic game is tied at 2.putting that bat by the little guy.oh and two and he comes through it with.a base hit to drive in the tying run and.Laura Williams is loving it.boy here's the fastball again he did a.nice job of just and with this pitch up.and going the opposite direction let it.get back on him and just drove it to.left field and this is what they want.him to do it'd be a slap better put the.ball in play and use that speed and you.should have seen his best pumps and.excitement when he got the first base.and understandably so first in second.for Reed Franck still no action in the.Oregon State bullpen.[Applause].--kavitha Seanie drives in his first run.in the College World Series it only had.four hits in 22 at-bats coming into this.game has two tonight and North Carolina.has done a superb job with two outs 11.of their 13 runs have scored in this.situation and I'm really surprised.there's nobody up for Oregon State yeah.I'm a little surprised too and I can.understand North Carolina come back with.bard I don't think they're gonna take.him out anyway but considering nickerson.situation and obviously the change in.his pitching in the center I think.that's what that conversation was with.the pitching coach when they went out to.the Malvin he's fighting to get through.this inning right now.straightaway center Graham is there and.he will get out of the inning but we're.tied at 2 Mike Fox has just seen his.Club tied up he'll join us when we come.back.[Music].[Applause].you.Linna tying it up here to a piece I'm.joined right now by Tar Heels head coach.Mike Fox and coach to tie it up what.adjustments did your team make with.Jonah Nickerson well you know he's just.pounding the outer half of the plate.best against our riot ease we're finally.hit some balls the other way and try to.see his breaking ball up we've been.swinging at it and I think it's probably.gonna be a you know probably gonna be a.ball if we don't swing at it so it's big.swinging the bad guy can be right there.you told me earlier tonight we have to.limit the big inning so what does your.team have to do the rest of the way we.need to be able to defend the but that's.always okay let's just defend the but.from here on out if they beat us hitting.balls in the gap I can live with it all.right coach thanks so much Mike well.that's why you saw that reaction from.him when he's sitting on the bench with.his arms up in the air because it was a.butt plate if they threw away that's.right.here's Brian steed who will come in play.second base Steve hasn't played much out.here but did so much earlier in the.season and he replaces Garrett Gore an.outstanding defender himself who was.pinch-hit forward so bard will remain in.and pitch here in the fifth.finally some action in the Caribbean.carolina bullpen.yeah it looks like Hovis is back up.again I think the key the bard as as you.see Jonathan Hove is starting to warm up.a little bit as he's got to find an.off-speed pitch he you know he's not.going to have the same velocity as he.did earlier in the game 98 99 then 196.yeah he's all the way down to 96 yeah.what a shame.but if you know he doesn't have a.breaking pitch believe it or not that 96.you can slow it down cannon the catcher.1 for 2.[Applause].towards short. throws about 63 go you can kind.of feel that momentum has swung to North.Carolina Mike Fox a longtime coach at.North Carolina Wesleyan after playing.for his alma mater the Tar Heels and.comes back to coach them Gillespie.short hop to third by flat to out.well the biggest things happened for.bard right now he's gonna get his team.back in the dugout quick if he's able to.get this batter out.that's three pitches and the pressures.right back on Jonah Nickerson and Oregon.State Beavers rau who is old for two in.this game.[Applause].bard still pitching very effectively.scattered five hits in this game allowed.two runs and he's a head of the.dangerous rau and two.[Applause].it's a straightaway centerfield.canvassing he comin coming and catches.up with it three up three down in the.fifth when we come back to listen to.what some of our 81 microphones have.heard during this College World Series.[Music].to relax.[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].we've got more microphones out here than.the CIA I mean they are everywhere our.audio guys just work themselves to the.bone with 81 mics on the field for the.college world series including those.that the umpires have been kind enough.to wear yeah I really thank those guys.because that takes some boldness to put.that thing on so does yours massive worn.a hat camera for us and helmet cam and.everything else to take us inside the.game.I think you get more out of the.microphone than we do it out of anything.else you get to hear a lot of times what.their reasoning was how quickly they.make the call out definitively that they.make calls yep you're right.Gorton fouls this one back tell you what.if I'm Pat Casey and I'm sitting over.there watching Jonah Nickerson I'm.watching the first pitch breaking ball.and then right there a fastball fouled.straight back his stuff is not the same.he's against the three four five hitters.in this inning there's the line drive.that will drop.front of coal Gillespie on the left so.the inning starts with a base hit and.there is some stirring in the Oregon.State bullpen at last well they'd better.hurry because this is gonna be a dicey.half inning if he's able to get through.it.well it really looks like he's running.on fumes right now which is.understandable considering his pitching.load here at the College World Series.but also keep in mind Gunderson they're.closer went five plus last night and.even though he says he's ready to come.in and pitch tonight you gotta wonder.how much he would have left in the tank.here's flak struck out twice tonight one.of their red-hot hitters Kyle who would.they go to they got enough guys down.there to go to right yeah I think they.go to Eddie Kunz first and that's who's.up and throwing right now an out.Gunderson's starting to make his way.down to the bullpen coots a guy that can.come in and throw 95 but as it just I.mean Nickerson has been so good for him.but the stuff just isn't the same as it.has been relaxed too deep left but it.won't carry Gillespie about four steps.short of the track will make the catch.we just missed that I thought Turpin's.available to tonight right.[Applause].here's Nickerson 114 pitches against.Georgia 109 against Rice tonight he's.thrown 76 this will be his 300th pitch.at the College World Series and it's not.necessarily the pitches it's the fact.that he pitched came back on three two.days rest now he's come back on three.days rest yeah that's tough because most.college pitchers are gonna pitch on the.weekend and that's a week's rest you.know you're not used to throwing two or.three days after a rest you know and and.it's not like you're throwing a bullpen.I hear people say that all the time even.with professionals while it's his throw.day it's not the same when you got.adrenaline flowing and everything else.you're facing hitters they should be.happy with what they've got out of here.[Applause].cox reached on an error to start all the.trouble in the fifth one if you're North.Carolina hitters you got to be drooling.right now because you're standing for.the third time.they've made great adjustments and black.just missed that ball that he hit the.left bill.the wind swirling a little bit now still.predominantly in but not much of a.factor that's on the corner first right.well I think I think coach Fox realizes.that his hitters are dialed in right now.to that's why you haven't watched.anybody run you know you got Josh Horton.on first base pretty good base runner.there just let them dig in and swing him.to give him that hole over there and let.my hitters hit Federer which would be.next Nickerson's control has been.outstanding hasn't walked anybody struck.out six missed their two-run to count to.three and one.[Applause].ouch after picture through the hole in.right field.that'll be waters at first and third and.Nickerson had it ricochet off of him.hard and going to shallow right but.again a great piece of adjusting that.ball hits so hard and running on the.play and then actually they might have.got a break that ball hitting him.because the second base was right there.to back up they might have got a double.play out of that no I think you got to.get him right here if you're Oregon.State I gotta come get him.you can just fill it Mike you know you.did you get a sense that they're going a.little bit too long with him Feder.ovitch has a lot of power hit a line.drive out to right field his last time.up after striking out.well me they may be coming to get him.right now.Nickerson with a courageous performance.it's already gone five in the third last.night Feder ovitch this thing is into a.twenty mile an hour wind he hit about a.mile of a half high and it still got out.of there.I'll never forget the previous at-bat a.routine fly ball was it eventually.caught just behind shortstop the wind.was that strong and federal which put it.up in the jet stream against him and.still got it out of here as he had done.amazing when Nickerson will stay to face.the heart swinging fedorov ik we watched.a lot of baseball and I said a lot.myself to Mike you never leave it up to.the pitcher to make a decision if you.ask him right now how you feeling he's.gonna say I feel fine I want a pitch.[Applause].first and third one out bottom of the.sixth inside to Federer which leads the.club in RBIs in the College World Series.he has driven in seven men a nice.adjustment to standing right on top of.the plate he's taken away every pitch.that he might possibly throw the.breaking pitch for a called strike five.of those seven RBIs have come here in.the championship series so he's exactly.what you want hot at the right time yes.indeed.[Music].Seth Williams would be next tied him up.with a fastball inside look like he just.lost it he didn't see it real well 6:25.slugging.[Applause].one ball two strikes to fetter ovitch he.is a candidate for a double place.grounded into eight of them most on the.ball club.there's the speedy Horton at third and.Cox at first who lined one off the.pitcher into right miss surprised that.did any running first and third anything.you want Federer to have a chance to.just swing the bat.checking throw to first.[Applause].- on only one out.all three.he's nickerson really digging himself a.hole here he's done it you can see he.doesn't have anything left he's just.pitching hoping that he can locate and.maybe get a ground ball he's given a.gutty performance he just doesn't have.the stuff.[Applause].the payoff pitch temp 2/3 that come home.it's a tag play and they got it now.they've got a run and hung up between.second and third and then get out of the.inning holy cow what a break for Oregon.State North Carolina ran itself right.out of the inning well this is one of.those plays where you're going to go on.ground ball contact he starts to come up.the line good read by Shea feeling the.feeling to throw home but the runner.going.to second thinking about going to third.it's with chains this whole plays.already in scoring position we've got a.crazy one make sure you come back to -.here's the series.[Music].it's a beauty of a College World Series.championship game.Jonah Nickerson getting some relief on.the bench as he got some relief from his.defense got out of the inning six.innings six hits two runs six strikeouts.he has thrown 87 pitches and in the.College World Series he's well over 300.they're robbing him down like a.prizefighter they may as well just cut.him cut me Mick.holy smokes he had that innovative.sports sleeve on and helps your muscles.and everything else and I don't know if.that's even going to help him right now.we all do North Carolina continues it to.help everybody out you know you can't.run into that double play right there.you got the pitcher on the ropes a huge.base running mistake not to runner.trying to score from third he's going on.contact yeah what he's supposed to do.right we're under going from first.second needs to stop at second Tyler.Graham lofts it down the right-field.line and deep.Wow.and had a chance how's the Shocker.first-pitch everybody just shortened not.even settled in yet well the wind is.pushing it just a little bit not like.the nights before this ball clearly foul.see now you didn't see it did you know.Tyler Graham has one home run this year.he's not gonna get another one bounces.to third baseman Chad flack tough to get.one off your knuckles right this it is.[Applause].[Music].ESPN 2 tomorrow morning coverage starts.for the 100.Wimbledon tennis championships the day.begins at 7:00 a.m. Eastern.the latest dues on wakeup the Wimbledon.presented by Dell then at 8 o'clock.Eastern nine hours of early first-round.coverage including Andre Agassi's first.match of his last Wimbledon about that.Agassi retirement.it is a young man sport and he isn't.anymore but he has had one heck of a.career hasn't he yes and I said he was.done 10 years ago yeah good for him.chopped back up the middle the shortstop.thought he nice played to God tell you.what he's been overlooked man Horton is.some kind of player handles everything.out there he's got nice reigns up the.middle he made a nice play the other day.he didn't throw the runner out but I.love his actions how he gets rid of the.ball on the run no problem just nice and.easy and you can tell he's got a cannon.for an arm just how he just flips this.thing but great reins and he can throw.the ball from every place on the diamond.Bard is retired the last seven he is.faced.or needs that quick innings Mike last.inning very quick I think you only.through about seven pitches right now.he's right here for five pitches Kunda.off the fists steed the second baseman.makes the catch very quick very good.inning for Daniel bard six pitches three.outs will go to the seventh.[Music].Harold Reynolds the Corvallis connection.and Harold is bringing you a 2-2 tie in.the top of the seventh take a look at a.couple of the key plays as nickerson.surprising everybody outside of the Nora.GaN State dugout by coming back in.here's a bunt play that North Carolina.does not handle well at all two errors.on the same play on the.that allowed them to score a run and.then North Carolina ran its way in.DoublePlay the first one was routine but.the base running mistake results in a.rundown.DoublePlay when North care.definitely had Nickerson on the ropes.and he is back out there to work the.seventh he'll be facing the bottom third.of the order when the bottom third has.really swung the bat well whale isn't.with nice double last at-bat and it made.a great adjustment from the first and.second at-bats of the game to the third.to now fourth baby's facing him getting.on top of the plate and taking that ball.the other way and the centerfielder.Graham playing well toward right-center.expecting Williams to go the other way.and the ball parks playing a little more.fair tonight because the flag is not the.winds not blowing like it was last.couple nights you got a chance to hit a.ball out to left field too long behind.3o.fast Paul was in there it's 84 miles an.hour I just can't see how he's in this.game but we said all time the coaches.know the players better than we do now.it's to the point where they could.conceivably bring Gundersen into the.ball game and that is the first walk by.Nickerson which may be the best sign.that he's tired his inability to locate.those pictures.[Music].well they're probably wondering okay are.they gonna bought that probably leave.him in thinking they might bunt the man.over but this is an instant situation if.you're North Carolina do you do you do.you but here because you got the pitcher.on the ropes and Benji Johnson had a.ringing single left pill his last at-bat.yes he did no sign of a bunt fastball at.the knees on the inside corner I like.the way my Fox has directed the game him.and he's he's been paying attention to.what's going on in the mound he's.letting his hitters hit they're making.great adjustments and they're putting.the pressure on the organ state.think about that base running blunder.last half-inning and you're going to you.got Williams coming up and Johnson after.him with your second base.it's a very young North Carolina team.this ball is bunted in the air but it.falls harmlessly behind cannon but can't.get it I mean you can go with the talent.of freshmen and sophomores but with them.no matter how talented they are our.mistakes because they don't have that.much experience yeah that's gonna happen.especially in a game like this you try.to do more than you're actually capable.of doing o-22 Johnson dribble gets.flowing and you just haven't experienced.that before.[Music].[Applause].that one ripped back on the screen.[Applause].Koontz appears to be ready in the Oregon.State bullpen scans everything that was.built up to be this is tremendous.they've given us a great game Benjy.Johnson the sophomore catcher swung at a.pitch a foot outside you struck out.a lot of times you'll see when a guy.tries to hit then he tries to bunt then.he tries to hit he's got so many things.going on in his mind if they're at the.plate he's he's forgot to focus in on.getting a pitch to hit that's a strike.and that's look what bench bins you look.like right there it looked like somebody.just wasn't ready to to hit.[Applause].this is steed who will come in.[Applause].as a hitter for the first time he was a.defensive replacement earlier in the.ballgame you may see a hit and run with.Steve he's a guy who can handle the bat.real well or a bunt for a base hit even.[Applause].one out here in the seventh inning of a.tie ballgame inside.[Applause].now no matter whatever happens from here.you got to hand it to Jonah knickers no.he's giving you and he's got it's been.phenomenal and then some.[Applause].only three pitches away from a hundred.his other two starters other two starts.well over a hundred number 98 so good.fastball at the knees.[Applause].Patterson the sidewinding left-hander as.Kunz is already ready we'll get one well.this is the action count that's why you.see them throwing over the first base a.lot you're anticipating a hit-and-run or.something in this 1-1 count everybody's.playing cat and mouse right now which.one's the cat well I don't know I see.you.beaver editar hill yes that's a great.count right here two in one you can do a.lot of things as an offensive team with.a 2-1 count you look at the third.baseman McFeely's back you got second.baseman over towards first you can hit.run you can drop a bunt for a base hit.you can do a lot of things because the.pitch is probably gonna throw your.fastball and he has to throw a strike in.this camp.runner goes steed chops it on the ground.towards second base Kunta has only one.play that's the first to beat the diving.steep they execute the hit and Roddy did.what he's supposed to do with it the.thing you're trying to do in the.hit-and-run situation is get that runner.to second if you can get it through and.find a hole that's just a bonus so.really it should be a sacrifice but they.don't give you that in the stats No.century marker better in three straight.games and here comes another trip to the.mound and they're looking to see if.everybody is ready in the bullpen they.want to bring in somebody to face the.left-hand hitting calves assini.a standing ovation for Jonah Nickerson.and he deserves every.none of it a courageous job of starting.his third game in Omaha.[Music].[Applause].[Music].Omaha Nebraska the championship game for.2006 of the n-c-double-a Baseball.College World Series top of the seventh.two out in a tie game and Kyle Peterson.we have a new pitcher the left-hander.Joe Patterson coming on in and I think.the reason they left Nickerson in this.long is because of what Carolina is in.the lineup now Cavis see me the.left-hander starts with three lefties in.a row and that's Patterson strongpoint.he's coming in to face the left-handers.a pretty good fastball but he really.uses a slider if he gets ahead he'll try.to expand the zone away from these guys.and this will be his fourth appearance.in this year's College World Series that.fastball misses Patterson oh and one.with a 2.0 ADRA I can see I'd be tougher.on left-handers he steps at you and.throws the ball across his body that was.way outside calves assini has singled.his last two times up and Nickerson goes.six and two-thirds seven strikeouts one.base on balls and six hits allows the.two runs both were unarmed.strike is in there and in his three.starts out here in Omaha 323 pitches.he's gonna need a nap here that kid way.outside to Cavis in well I think this is.the guy Patterson's got to think about.getting I mean the next two hitters are.really the heart you start getting to.the heart of lineup at this there to.probably two of the hottest hitters and.best hitters from the left side.not guns no not giving the batter saying.look at this he peaced grin on his face.hey turn around saw it look pretty all.was a ball home plate umpires not gonna.like that what no you know when the.hitter can't believe it's the ball you.know I did that one time I I thought it.was ball four and I threw my bat down.ran down to the ran down the first base.and I'm fired called a strike and I came.back and and I said I better be swinging.huh yep Kyle Shelton will pinch-hit 331.home run hitter on the season and let's.see if they'll stay with the left-hander.Patterson and no they won't here comes.Kunz they stay with Shelton he's headed.back to the dugout we'll check it all.out when we come back to Omaha it's 2-2.in the seventh.[Applause].critical point in this ball game is.we're in the seventh inning with two to.tie two out and two on Kyle another.pitching change.daddy Koontz now on for Oregon State.really a guy that has closer stuff a.fastball that you'll see get into the.mid-90s and a really good slider and.guys talking to Dan Spencer before the.ballgame one thing he said was coots is.probably good for about two innings at.that point they'll have to make a.decision that would get him to the night.that's the point we might see Gunderson.again Gunderson of course for those of.you who weren't there last night went.five and a third he's the closer and.speculation that he might really be.burned out but he said he'd be ready to.go a little bit tonight if they had to.have him read Franck takes it low from.Kunz.Gundersen got the win last night he's.tied for the national lead and saves.excuse me Shelton is the pinch-hitter.that's the big guy bat right here he.hits a ball in the gap that's gonna.score two runs with Cavallini at first.base you got infield back it may be just.one run that makes the difference in.this ball game.chopped down to first.Rowlett and play him came up with it.anyhow and gets the out.will go to the bottom of the inning.still tied at two.[Applause].[Applause].[Music].the NCAA College World Series on ESPN.the championship series is brought to.you by Omaha proud to support our troops.visit America support um il and Wagner.Power painters paint fast.paint smart.back at the College World Series Omaha.Nebraska great ballgame for you two.teams locked up in a battle for the.national championship 2 to 11 hits.between the two ball clubs and Daniel.bard the starter remains on the hill he.has only thrown 88 pitches 75 of them.have been fast balls.well you look at Mike they had him on.the ropes and then the 5th inning.they started hacking the 5th and the 6th.inning and that's why his totals only.had 88 pitches.I shouldn't say only this if they work.him he might get out of this but I've.been very impressed with Daniel Bart.he's got a tremendous fastball he's kept.the velocity the whole game he repeats.his delivery well and you know it just.has missed on a few sliders but that.fastball has been almost unhittable.today and a strike call to McFeely.leading off the inning.you start 7th with the fastball on the.black at 96 you got to be fum pretty.good about yourself.[Applause].miss just inside a lot of times you see.Miller up there and Hovis Miller the ace.of the staff the left-hander who would.be available in short relief tonight.along with Hovis who you would expect to.come out of the bullpen you're wondering.you know a lot of times you got pitch.counts on these guys that's his 92nd.pitch I'm sure they probably won't let.him throw more than 100 and 110 pitches.one gaunt cutter row which is right.there.[Applause].Miller the sixth man taken in the entire.draft to Detroit Tigers picked him is he.yeah it's just a brilliant future.obviously well you got to think if you.get into a bullpen ward at North.Carolina's got the advantage.unless you throw Miller in the mix.you've already got Hovis down there and.Kerrigan you put Miller out there that.gives you three pretty strong pitchers.that are well-rested this is Lisbon.[Applause].on the point that was this nice and easy.gas just wow 98.[Applause].fastball is high so you've got a.first-round draft choice number six.overall as a starter now you've got.another first-round draft choice also a.starter out there warming up and you.have a sensational bullpen yeah how.about that.two gone let's go back to the studio.SportsCenter xxx xxx update with Bill.pedo.[Music].[Applause].all right bill thanks very much two out.nobody on in the seventh dollar when.Barney stands in the red sock game was a.day game wasn't it yes it was ouch.almost hit him in the hands flack comes.up to throw him out the seventh is over.one-two-three-four Daniel bard a very.strong 7th inning.[Music].[Applause].let's take a look at our Coke Zero game.track here in Omaha Nebraska and it's.tied at two in the eight bar an.impressive 7 in extent five hits one.earned run cavesson he's gone 2 for 3.tonight.Nickerson the courageous performance of.short breath six and two thirds McFeely.the hitting star so far to 4 3 to get.all the College World Series box with.brackets floats log on to NCAA boys.courts calm it's the official online.home for all 88 NC double-a.championships.Dallas buck is up and throwing another.starter who may be pressed into bullpen.action for Oregon State one Dallas buck.said hey look at that they're talking.about me having surgery then I may as.well just throw it's not hurting that I.feel like I can pitch.[Applause].Josh Horton.it'll lead it off here on the 8th well.this guy's a player and he's a.tremendous hitter hit some all fields.and he shows patience right there take.the strike he's not afraid to hit with.two strikes three four five in the order.here in the eighth inning for North.Carolina maybe their best shot to break.a 2-2 tie still playing with some.sunlight around 8:30 local here in Omaha.Nebraska I'm sure the people of.Northeast would like to see any sunlight.the way it's been raining off and.terrible out that that one's inside.[Applause].two balls in the strike two Horton who.is one for three tonight.that's way outside what buck did against.North Carolina on Saturday gave up three.and six in the third.folks right back I thought you might see.Horton take a strike right there but.let's go ahead and make him work because.he has not really.located real well so far he looked like.I guess he felt he had a good pitch to.hit let it go.[Applause].the three two outside.ESPN 2 tomorrow morning for your.coverage of the 120th Wimbledon Tennis.Championships today starts at 7:00.Eastern the latest news to wake up to.Wimbledon presented by Dell then at 8:00.a.m. Eastern you can catch nine hours of.early round coverage Andre Agassi has.his fourth match of the Wimbledon where.he will retire and finally 1 a.m..Eastern highlights from all of the day.two matches on today at Wimbledon as.they say over there right well on the.great events on the world stage for.sports well this would be instant you.have flack your your forehead or trying.to bunt and you know he probably hasn't.done it much you look at those numbers.right there so it's gonna be interesting.to see if he can get the ball down had.one sacrifice this year here's a guy who.was third on the team with home runs 13.and has driven in 68 that's the best on.the ballclub now sometimes you just come.to the part of the order where you just.say we're just gonna have to hit our way.through it.[Applause].but chop toured first and foul in other.words I was saying I don't like having.him fun you know being kind about it but.I think you've got to let when you get.to the middle of the order you're.fortunate that Horton is on base and.he's a guy that can run I think you got.to let you four guys swing why he's your.single-season all-time hit leader with.111 nobody's ever had that many in a.single season at North Carolina.he's hitting 370 in a College World.Series.and the game is on the line he still may.get a hit but you've at least started.them off in a note to hold that's.outside third and foul yeah I think you.got to give him a chance to go up there.and look for a ball to drive in this.ballpark and he hits a double play it's.until a double play but I think you got.to look at him saying I got a chance to.juice one in the gap or hit one out of.this place and put us ahead when you.download to now you're hitting with the.pitcher if he makes his pits and doesn't.make a mistake now you got to hit what.he's throwing and Eddie Kunz is not.exactly surprised anybody out here went.to in the third innings and has an ER a.of over 15.and of that'll bring the rain in.Corvallis well what won't just waking up.over to the flack throw over the first.important is back Cox will be next I.think if you get a ball right here to go.to a one-two count then you might see.horton run and you still as a baserunner.you still got in the back of your mind.even as a coach they might pitch out Oh.to like a bullet back through the box.base hit line drive to center runners at.first and second with nobody out that's.just flat-out overthinking you can't let.a guy get a hit on the O - that's a.great piece of hitting by him he gets a.pitch in the middle and just takes it.back up the box and this is what I was.saying I would like to see what he'd.have been able to do if he started that.at-bat Owen Owen and been able to get a.pitch to really try to drive right there.he's just protecting and trying to get a.hit nice piece of hitting mr. Chad flag.yes it was he has just been on fire out.here their most reliable hitter and you.want to talk about run producers how.about Cox and fedorov it's the next two.guys in the order well I think again I.you know you're probably gonna see Cox.bunt him over to third base I don't have.move the two routers up I really don't.have a problem with that because the.other guys are so hot behind him right.now in federal robots and Williams.starting to swing the bat tonight.[Applause].well if he bunts them over I never give.Frederick a chance to hit no and I like.the fact that Coach Fox is letting him.swing I think you got to let him swing.if he hits into a double play still got.a runner at third base but you also you.got a chance to break this game wide.open in the dirt.Cox has been clutch for this club this.year 15 home runs 63 driven in here's a.kid who will hit it to all fields and.hit it a long way and they're gonna make.a pitching change another one on two and.oh and this books a guy in a major.husband yeah it does it's gonna put some.pressure on doubt the Dallas buck to.come in and have to throw strikes.immediately we'll check on buck when we.come back to Omaha.[Applause].back in Omaha smiles all around for.North Carolina's they're threatening.here in the 8th looking for their first.national championship in baseball let's.go to Kyle Peterson Kyle thanks Mike.Dallas buck now on for Oregon State we.saw him start just a couple days ago.that was a day where he really had great.stuff the sinker was working we saw a.ton of ground balls but a couple things.to look at one.it's his first relief appearance of the.year 18 starts so far this year for buck.and I think the second thing too and the.reason why he's in there or good state.needs a double play.this is a guy that rolls a ton of ground.balls I think that's why they went to.him even with a tool count tough.situation to start in Kyle when you.committed it's 200.[Applause].grounded to first.bobbled they only get the out of first.had an easy force at second route.couldn't handle it sometimes you start.thinking about what you should do before.you catch it and you would have had a.force at second base instead of getting.2 you might get that lead runner at.second and keep the first third.situation.[Applause].fortunate to get the one to see who's.dropped.[Applause].Fedorov ik and this is a situation where.we were talking about with first base.open he's not gonna get a chance to here.and look where he's standing on top of.the plate he's looking he's thinking.about miguel cabrera right now and if he.throws anything close he's swinging it.yeah this will load them up for williams.but doubts buck got the ground ball at.Kyle was talking about.and that's all he can do he comes in to.get the ground ball his defense we got a.play wall behind him play well enough at.least to get the lead runner baseball.such a funny game I mean you pick round.messes up by not turning to it getting.that's runner second base but it might.have been the best they have better Oaks.is the hottest hitter on the team yeah.you know it's just crazy how the game.works.[Applause].when a mistake might benefit you.now Williams walked his last time up has.a double and two trips the game is.definitely on the line right here well.the interesting thing is how do you play.your defense and do you go ahead and try.to make sure you cut off that run at.home or do you try to turn to and that's.what that discussion that at the mound.was right there and I think you play.your middle infielders they're good.enough to turn to I think you got to.turn to and be able to also knock a ball.down and not give up two runs especially.as Kyle said when you have somebody who.was a ground ball pitcher and they've.played excellent defense to this point.all season long and in the College World.Series for the most part now if you're.Williams at the plate you got to still.keep that same swing he's had all game.take that ball the opposite way because.they're not gonna give him much inside.the hit tried to check this one didn't.Schneider on the outside.no balls two strikes to Williams Dallas.buck who has won 12 of 15 decisions this.year as a starter coming in and relief.trying to close the door and struck him.out.big strikeout for buck yeah that was a.muddy pitch right there that's why I was.saying if you're Williams he just go.ahead and think about going to the right.side they're not going to give you a.pitch to pool in this situation that's a.ball that's totally away.[Applause].two out now.the lead run still at third and a foul.Benjy Johnson the hole on one he has a.base hit tonight well the one thing that.Dallas buck didn't have the other night.he has it tonight that breaking pitch he.really got it tonight like a wiffle ball.North Carolina has scored 11 of its 13.runs in this championship series after.two men were out that one misses hi.that's amazing that is an amazing stat.that means you've got great.concentration as a hitter and that also.tells you that probably played a lot of.games that blew people out because you.have to concentrate when you get to out.not giving away at bat outside third and.foul two strikes.and the ball to Benjy Johnson.bases are loaded.Fortin the third down at second that's.flack.federal robots will the intentional walk.at first thought home is still at home.duskie back canal grown with data been.something.well dad have been something.you know Mike I was thinking about that.because he winds up and he takes so long.this has been a great idea but he's out.on strike three I think he's actually.going to be safe I do too but you get.the swing and miss that's why I love.Josh Horton not afraid to gamble there's.a strike out he caught it and that's the.key if he drops that that is a a run.what a play and we're still tied at 2.ere is Johnathan Casey the son of head.coach Pat Casey and when Oregon State.players dragged during practice coach.Pat Casey reminds them what fortunate.individuals they are the coach and his.wife Susan extend appreciation for life.which is inspired by their oldest son.Jonathan.Jonathas born with some brain damage two.or three years old he was not speaking.so we just started taking him to doctors.and neurologists and you know he's just.some type of birth defect.when he came down with diabetes we we.just said gasps this is too much for the.guy and he just looks at me and tells.God dad I hate this diabetes and I said.I do too but we're gonna get through it.it's hard.there's nights I go to bed there's some.tears on my pillow that's the one thing.I change is it he'd be healthy not.necessarily normal but healthy John's.attitude for life it's unbelievable to.me because it's just him it's what he is.everybody knows John he walks down the.streets and they know him more than they.know Pat and I and everybody else we.work our whole life to try to get people.to like us and here's a guy that just.walks up and all sudden creates a.special spot in everybody's heart for.him to go through life every single day.with a smile on your face.puts life into perspective he able to be.up there leading cheers on and you know.after the game he's jumping up and down.most excited person in the stands we're.gonna win it mister I think no answer.hopefully we can get that win for him.John's got a unique ability to really.not only create an attitude with himself.and influence such people but change.their attitude the good Lord gives you.things that maybe help everybody else.kind of understand what the perspective.on life really is.[Music].what a great attitude they all have.Aaron Andrews we do and when you see how.excited this beavers dugout is when.Oregon State beat rice to get to the.championship series the first one to hug.Pat Casey was Jonathan it was an.exciting moment he ran down to the.dugout and coach Casey said his son has.a thing where he doesn't really like to.be touched but he ran up to his dad and.said dad I just want to hug you and you.know if they pull it out he'll be the.first one down here that's really neat.Thank You Aaron sometimes we forget how.human all this is it's not just numbers.and teams and bats and balls beings and.tremendous emotion everybody's got a.story you know it's it's amazing how the.impact of a young man like Jonathan can.have on at this Oregon State but anybody.who he meets Mitch Khanum here in the.8th it's this outside 597 mile an hour.fastball from Daniel bard who slumped a.little bit earlier in this game but.apparently has found his rhythm again.maybe a second win whatever but he's.still getting it up there around 97.miles an hour yeah he's great location.no doubt.bard has retired the last 11 men he is.faced an Oregon state like North.Carolina and the top beginning that was.chopped off his foot same all started on.your dirty yes we have some of which.haven't been identified as set that's.true too.[Applause].had a couple of guys called out standing.in the Box tending to themselves while.the Empire ruled it didn't hit.[Applause].I went to try to get him to chase a high.fastball tell you what Mike Fox has done.everything to try to get his team to.score a run I love the style that he.plays he's aggressive man he has fun.he'd be fun to play for that attempted.steal of home was unbelievable hit down.to first a federal bench is there but.the pitcher cover anyone God well Mike.you always want to try that as an.element of surprise let's go back to the.play he needs to get to about right here.if he's going to make it the key is the.pictures in the windup as soon as he.sees the wine if you see him walk and he.disguised it perfectly and he's often.going I tell you what if it's not strike.three he's safe and that was a.tremendous call because it shocked.everybody and the offense wasn't.clicking he saw that Dallas buck had his.best stuff working he was gonna be tough.to score a run.I love the gamble I love the gamble mr..Fox actually had a steal of home in 2000.Stephen fee an of louisiana-lafayette.but it is such a rare play and probably.one of the most exciting plays in any.sport anywhere it's just so unusual well.you don't see it very often the big.leagues and I would love to sit because.you catch guys that get lazy.particularly in the plant over 162 games.ripped Steve.was there -.big play and you probably wonder what in.the world is he doing over there against.Gatsby well Bart is throwing so hard.that you're not expecting anybody to.pull this he was that's that ball nice.rains to go get it on the button and now.Ralph with two men out and nobody on in.the eighth you know they got to be.thinking about you know you got Andrew.Miller down there and barges you know.what he can do he did it yesterday with.the big home run that's what this.conversation is about and they're.actually trying to stall to see if.Miller's ready I've got to go with.partes left on the baseball I'm not.taking him out.[Applause].and they're gonna come get him and we're.gonna see Andrew Miller he's retired 13.in a row both runs he's given up.unearned there's another thing I like.about Mike Fox always seems to have a.smile on his face he's enjoying the.moment and you know you got a group of.kids that that believe it and look at.they're all smiling whatever he's.talking about they're enjoying it.now look here I got a number one draft.pick down in the bullpen he's.left-handed.six six it was 97 I know you've been.throwing the ball great you got a.hundred six pitches what should I do now.why would they be delaying at this point.they've obviously made up their mind.he's ready he's making sure for himself.to I leave you in and barb is able to.talk him into leaving him in there.well that answered my question yeah well.he's had an easy hundred and six pitches.you know sometimes you see 106 pitches I.know a lot of people send you go get.Andrew Miller but it's a different thing.when you're coming in out of the bullpen.he's in it he's in a great groove right.now now I don't get it 98.he knows this his last hitter rau is old.4-3 but he's been on fire in postseason.what is this pitch I guess that's up.what was up around the belt buckle I.thought good looking pitch that one's.too low you know that the one thing that.happens a lot of times when you walk out.there now you got it thinking he was.just give me the ball I'm throwing I.mean you look at Oregon State's at-bats.they've had they've had he stole maybe.seven pitches an inning since the sixth.just a fifth.Coates comes out tossed turn a cat.though astray but we talk about hitters.stepping out trying to break his rhythm.actually North Carolina did at that time.with the visit to the mail.Mike Fox sent us two strikes to this guy.what are you looking at he's all over.the oh that's one.drink balls in the strike to the cleanup.man bill rau and I think that's that's a.perfect pitch 97 on the outside half you.got to live out there if he's going to.beat you make him beat you with an.opposite field home run came inside.walked up.I'm gonna come get it now.[Applause].Tyler Graham will come to the plate that.is the first walk that barred issue.watch Bart here he's wondering where are.those pitches that what else do I have.to do couch you can't say much this is.not like the major leagues where you can.wolf a little bit and get away with it.you start wolfing at these guys and even.with under these circumstances you're.gonna find yourself watching yeah you do.and it's tough I mean sometimes you play.games with with the umpires and it.depends on who the OP is if you got guys.coming from different conferences.sometimes you don't know them either.Tyler Graham fists this one and it drops.that will put runners at first and.second.and the frustration factor for bard has.probably gone through the roof right now.a walk that he didn't like the calls and.then a little Pfister for a 95 foot base.in this ball is this right on the.knuckles and if that's a wood bat it's a.turd in half but it's not a wood bat.that's a good piece of hitting and you.run the pitcher out of the game and.they're good to go to Miller bard will.be done here in the bottom of the eighth.after giving up a walk and a single one.first round draft choice will be.replaced by another as North Carolina.tries to preserve a 2-2 tie with Oregon.State and bard will get a tremendous.hand from the North Carolina faithful.and his teammates and he deserved it too.that's what they're playing for the.n-c-double-a championship trophy on the.bottom the ADEs with two out let's go to.Kyle Peterson guys Andrew Miller on the.big left-hander who started most of the.year for this North Carolina ballclub.but Wednesday came in too close.got one out and hit a hundred on the.radar gun but how about the day for.Daniel Barden as the last off-speed.pitch he threw was the fourth inning his.last 42 pitches for bard were all.fastballs.[Applause].and they were good ones too.[Music].Ryan Gibson is the pinch-hitter hitting.for Wallace.[Applause].Central Point Oregon his home want to.know to out to on fastball right there.95 so first round.right-hander replaced by a first round.with left-hander you got to be impressed.with both these guys watching them pitch.I'm real fortunate to be able to see.them Daniel Bardot was outstanding 98 97.and then Andrew Miller seen a couple.times already.as is impressive this started as most.rallies half out here with two outs.round with a walk Graham a little.humpback liner for a base hit a little.blue over third.now Gipson the right-hander.pinch-hitting towards second Steve.routine ground ball to second base and.Steve.[Applause].holy cow.just rips my heart out to see it play.like that come down such a great game.you know he's got he's trying to hit the.first baseman a little bit on the move.he just pulled this ball and just made a.bad throw up that's you hate to see a.game like this come down to a bad throw.but that's that's what happens to.baseball sometimes and you know one of.the reasons he wasn't playing as they.wanted to to have the defense that was.gora playing the defense for him and.he'd just pilfered for young Steve right.now it's just the tough tough play.runners at second and third and the.shock on the face of the North Carolina.players and you can understand it that.is the most routine of ground balls and.there's Gunderson five and a third last.night probably the best player in the.country and he says they didn't burn him.out.he's ready to go again and Jonathan.Casey Pat's son woven every second of.this point if you're the Tar Heels your.heart stuck into your throat right now.but and you got to regroup real quick.too because you know what now you got a.situation with the guy who can drop a.bunt for a base hit now they're gonna.make a pitching change Miller came in.and did what he needed to do he got the.ground ball at pinch-hit he got the.ground ball guy but oh you feel for.Brian Steve right don't you.johnathan Hovis who has the best earned.run average in the n-c-double-a he has.been lights out every time he has come.in a ballgame he had just been brilliant.from starting to finish in the season.and Harold you're right it just it just.crushes you to think what that young.man's got to be going through man it.hurts you know I and you hate to see.such a great ballgame come down to that.because you know he's gonna think about.this for forever you know that's one of.these plays that stays with you your.whole lifetime but he'll get over it.he'll get through it and and you know.they still got another at-bat but that's.been the book North Carolina with all.that youth a chance to make mistakes on.defense they did it last night and it.cost him a five nothing lead they do it.tonight.well Pat Casey said one of the things he.wants to do is put pressure on them now.you think also you got the catcher.playing first base you know a little bit.of a wide throw you have somebody else.who Simpson feet the catch the throw is.used to that that's the other thing I.was gonna bring up he's standing right.on top of the bag waiting on the throw.instead of maybe being a little more.ready to move around yeah and I'm sure.they'll dissect that forever Steve will.have a chance to redeem himself he'll.lead off the ninth.baseball tonight coming up when we're.done.[Applause].and now North Carolina is still trying.to get out of this inning tell you what.this is not a bad time to drop a bunt.just shock everybody.bovis with the best ER a in college.baseball 1.17 making his 38th appearance.he has been lights out.here's Conda breaking pitch is in there.from Hovis.runners at second and third two out one.run home on the error an Oregon State.with a 3-2 lead.to their three runs have been honored.tonight.[Applause].it's got to be so hard for coaches to.concentrate on the inning and not look.ahead to the next one and think about.what if.popped to shallow center and Horton goes.back to makes the make the catch.Brian Steve will lead it off.chance to atone.[Applause].[Music].three to Oregon State over North.Carolina as we go to the ninth let's.take a look at our Pontiac high.performance molding and a downer for.North Carolina steed routine ground ball.comes up throws it away.doors and.Oregon State on a play that is not made.by North Carolina gets the lead and.steed will lead it off here in the ninth.inning that's a lonely place I mean I'm.throwing balls away before too and that.you know it stays with you maybe not in.again of this magnitude but it's gonna.be around it for for a long time you.know you never know how things turn out.for you one of the things I like about.my Fox first thing he does before he.goes up hit right there give him a.high-five yeah come on buddy let's go.Khoa Kahala hoy is the new right fielder.[Applause].[Music].hereafter known as koa yes that's that's.what I'm gonna call it got it right the.first time I'm done.[Applause].fastball for a strike.Dallas bucks stays on Henderson will be.ready now you got the lefty Gunderson.looking at all the other lefties in the.lineup.that's low to steed.this maybe Dallas bucks best role in his.future is coming out of the bullpen.because he can get so many ground balls.does a lot of strikes.baseball tonight coming up when we're.done we're in the ninth North Carolina.needs a run to stay alive on the corner.2 & 2 after this we'll go back to the.top of the order and Harold you're right.three lefties and you can't imagine.Gunderson wouldn't come in to face them.breaking pitches low 3 & 2.[Applause].see I've never really been a big fan of.a tutu breaking ball because when you a.tutu fastball you know what's coming.three two now if you mess with a.breaking ball on to two struck him out.that's a tough call for Pat Casey but I.gotta leave Gundersen I mean I gotta.leave Dallas buck in the game have the.scene he stands in a couple of base hits.in a walk that is the third strikeout in.a row for buck fastball at the knees two.calves acini.I think the way you're looking at this.is remember they had a pitch hitter so.you got a right handed hitter on deck.and then you go to the lefties bunts.together so you're gonna maybe see.Gunderson to come after Horton if he.gets this next out right Kyle Shelton is.the man on deck and if they can keep it.alive for Horton the last guy they want.to see come up his flak fastball back up.the middle base step from Cavis inning.he's been special tonight at knee.sure hashers we got kind of the future.he has that's his third base hit but he.has no quit in him you know beginning of.the year he started off he struggled as.a leadoff spot that took him out of it.and they put him back in he struggled.here a little bit the College World.Series in the last two nights.he has come on Shelton stands in on for.one now the question is do you run.canvas eenie cannon behind the plate a.terrific guy throwing out runners and.calves assini not a very mature base.stealer as yet nothing's way outside to.Shelton I don't know I think you don't.run him here I think they probably won't.run him maybe a hit and run okay he.could score from first on a double with.that speed too low.you've got both sides of the field.chirping on some pitches tonight.one out one on in the ninth Shelton.outside first.now again they hitting around to one.last time so they're back for that 2-1.count again and but the question here is.do you think shells can put the bat on.the ball if he happens to run as a.baserunner I never like to run on hit.run because what you want to do is want.to wait to make sure the pitcher throws.one to Shelton soft toss over the first.both cavesson Ian Shelton checking the.signs this is for the national.championship neither one of these.schools of ever won one in baseball.Oregon State has only won one team.championship in its athletic history.Pat Casey knows two is two outs away.[Applause].crowd got excited about it there for a.second can Boyington Kunda turn a double.play got something that's worth a replay.just to watch him turn it here's the.foul ball you get a great angle out at.this ball once again great call great.call foul ball but watch him turn this.to so quick I mean Bill Mazeroski was.the best defensive second baseman I ever.saw best turning a double play and Kuhn.does got hands like even he just.redirects the ball yeah.North Carolina has the tying run at.second base and the heart of the order.when Pat Casey not happy that's outside.given his Dallas but he wanted that too.here comes Gunderson.he's running before the coach gave him.the signal 19 saves ties for the.national lead.in fact Casey's making a little double.switch I thought he was coming out easy.once we really talked to him about the.pitches he's not really talking about a.lineup that's not a lineup change face.right there he's talking to about where.those pitches at sometimes you try to.disguise it like I'm either kind of out.there and tell him I'm making a pitching.change.that's a good excuse here's what.Gunderson has done four games in the.College World Series he's won one saved.two and this guy's just all heart and.that's that's about all he's throwing.with tonight he said earlier that may.only be 84 but you know I put it where I.want it they're not gonna they're not.gonna hurt me that bad anyway he's the.one who stood up after being here last.year and says I guarantee you we are.coming back to Omaha and he helped this.team live up to his prediction well I.really think he's gonna have to get to.two guys because unless Horton hits a.bullet right at somebody you're not.gonna turn two on him no he can run.it was an interesting play though on the.3-2 count right there they did it they.elected not to run calves assini.and if he's able to locate you might get.a ground ball right there to get a.double play now you got runs of first.and second and here's more on number six.from Erin Andrews all right Mike well.you guys talked about Kevin Gunderson in.his heart and you guys I think even.called him the horse last now you got to.ride him to victory he told me today in.the lobby of the hotel and even standing.here in the dugout it wasn't his arm.that was sore it was his legs from all.the work that he did last night so that.should be interesting to see here as.well.[Applause].usually if you're a power guy you use.your legs and that's what he was talking.about good North Carolina you got to be.feeling pretty good I know Roy Williams.is he said there was no way he was gonna.miss this huge baseball fan loves this.you're at the heart of the order Fortin.is up FLAC would be next.Gundersen.a chance for his 20th save of the season.which would be the best mark in college.baseball and more important than that a.national championship for Oregon State.fastball hit down to first his second.full run back to first not in time.when Gunderson losses Shu getting over.there.he's running out of there trying to get.over there now I was surprised that.Barney even tried to turn this because.of who was running watch Gunderson.coming over you don't even have a shoe.on.[Applause].Shoeless Kevin Gunderson.doesn't quite have the ring of Joe.Jackson no it doesn't.[Applause].first and third North Carolina down to.its last out in the presence of the.red-hot Chad flack.we've been held in check tonight 1 for 4.well that's enough Santeria Mike I.thought they're gonna have to throw the.two hitters because you're not going to.turn it over on more it just runs too.good.they made it closer than I anticipated.it but it's they did.FLAC who holds the single-season record.for hits in north carolina baseball.history has a hundred and twelve base.hits this year teams only played 68.games.[Applause].no we did not swing starting off the.slider now 1st and 3rd here with with.calves assini 1/3 and Horton at first.you know they try to steal home last.time we'll have to watch this that bad a.lot of things can happen but this is out.of the stretch.[Applause].is under it statements of national.championship.there's Jonathan Casey on the way down.to see his father to help him celebrate.one of the.moments in their lives.that's great.and that's tough to take.Harrod you've got to hand it to Oregon.State from game-worn out here.they lost the Miami they have had their.backs to the wall they've had to play.from behind they have had to survive.elimination game after the other they.have done it you just can't take your.hat off to them they've been outstanding.six and oh and elimination games and is.absolutely incredible what they've been.able to pull off they went through this.game here's the last out well that's one.you catch with two hands isn't it no.matter what.and there is Gunderson say well you.start talking about MVPs in this series.you got to throw his name right at the.top of that list one win three six I.would think and there's Jonathan he's.loving it and the heartbreak on the.other side because North Carolina in its.best year ever.in college baseball comes up a run short.in the best of three championship game.against Oregon State well I know there's.a lot of people in Boston I thought in.their lifetime they'd never see the Red.Sox win a championship and there's a lot.of folks in the northwest that probably.think they would never see a team out of.the Northwest win a national.championship either absolutely amazing.we talked about Oregon State's pitching.and I think everybody was convinced hey.these guys are fried there can't be.anything left in the tank because they.had pitched so many innings pitched on.short rest Gunderson the closer pitched.five in the third last night and he.comes in and looked just as good as he.did last night getting the last two guys.out in the night well we talked so much.about coaches know their players better.than the than we do and Pat Casey.obviously knew I mean you can.second-guess him and put one of Pat's.favorite sayings was if I'm not being.second-guessed then I'm not doing.something right and tonight you can.second-guess what are you doing going.that.with the starter watts Gundersen doing.up what's buck doing in the game you.know and you can go back to both sides.and second-guess these coaches should be.commended for the way they've managed.these teams.[Applause].Jonathon Casey and his dad the head.coach Pat Casey with the really a great.cause to celebrate here in Omaha back.after this.Oregon State to winter and not only is.it their first baseball championship in.school history it is only the second.national championship of any kind for.the Oregon State Beavers they won the.1961 cross country championship in the.n-c-double-a congratulations to them one.of the great moments in Oregon State.history let's get out of the field and.Erin Andrews well we're in the no splash.zone section here as they already dumped.the Gatorade on myself and I'm going to.introduce right now Larry Templeton NC.Double A baseball committee chairman.with the trophy go ahead coach on behalf.of the NC Double A baseball committee.congratulations on becoming the national.checkers State University and this has.been a long time and thank you very very.much.[Applause].get them out of that crowd.that's it out of it first baseball.national championship the first one for.Oregon State and the first national.championship since 1961 as you get a hug.from your beautiful wife how do you put.it into words right now I'm just so.happy for the guys we've worked so hard.as well as North Carolina what a great.ballclub and we've played so many great.clubs along the way and I'm just.thankful I'm thankful to Lord that he.gave me this opportunity to coach and to.have a family and then have a big family.with these guys so we're very fortunate.but we're very proud and I just like I.said this series had some great clubs I.want to I want to give him all credit -.thanks so we saw the wonderful feature.that you and your wife speaking about.your older son Jonathan What did he say.to you and he walked up to you he told.me he said dad I love you so I guess man.I've been saying that for so many years.and he finally returned one for me.coach 6a no an elimination and with.everything this team has been through.with lineup changes injuries what is it.about these guys I don't know you know I.talked to Coach Murphy on the phone.after we lost the first one he said if.anybody can do it you guys can do it and.your club comes back all the time.I felt pretty good about that we work.hard as well as all the other clubs but.there's something special about our guys.and their character and what they do and.boy what a what unbelievable you've made.me this boy can State University and.this group of guys will you go enjoy it.congratulation it's been fun so you've.been outstanding Mike you have to and.I'm gonna toss it up to you and Harold.great Thank You Aaron the feeling is.mutual and whenever you have a team.celebrating a national championship you.have to feel for the other side.especially the way they lost it North.Carolina had the best record they've.ever had in college baseball and an.error lighten the ballgame on a routine.play is the deciding point but really is.you know you look back the opportunities.they had they threw a lot of a base.running mistake to throw on the on the.play from second base but that was kind.of a Achilles heel this club from North.Carolina was the possibility of making.mistakes but hats off to my Fox the.gamble to steal home a lot of excitement.out of that ballclub to number one.pitchers that perform like they're.capable of it.Oregon State they did everything that a.clubs supposed to do to win it they.capitalized on the mistakes and they.play with the tremendous heart for.Harold Reynolds Kyle Peterson Erin.Andrews Marco meadow Dave deer Aaron.Owens Scott Johnson and our entire ESPN.crew thanks for watching this has been a.presentation of ESPN the worldwide.leader in sports it's taken 11 day 16.games and great moments to crown a.champion we're counting the days - we're.back in Omaha.[Applause].we welcome you to the 60th child World.Series.[Music].[Music].don't.[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].you.

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