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Notes: A Stepwise Guidebook on Signing Nj Casino Employee License Renewals Form Online

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The Definite Guide to Nj Casino Employee License Renewals Form

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Check How to Enter the Nj Casino Employee License Renewals Form

right now and to just confirm that we.have.all of my fellow commissioners.oh there we are i see everyone now so.what we'll do is just um confirm.our attendance commissioner cameron.uh good afternoon i am present.commissioner o'brien.i am here thank you commissioner zunica.here good afternoon everybody.commissioner stebbins.i'm here good afternoon great thank you.so.and um for the record this uh.hearing will be recorded it will be.conducted as you can see.virtually we are subject to the open.meeting law.and governor baker issued an executive.order that gave us some relief during.the pandemic.to conduct our public meetings and.hearings.through virtual technology like this.technology that we've actually been.using since march 14th.so we appreciate that relief that was.given.as i mentioned it will be recorded.i want to.point out that it is today is september.16th and we're starting around 303.we plan on this public hearing going to.at least six o'clock and we look forward.to the discussion ahead.but first on behalf of my fellow.commissioners i want to.thank you all for joining us in as i.said this virtual.public hearing this session.is intended to provide.the gaming commission with the.opportunity to obtain public input.regarding the renewal.of a category 2 gaming license.currently held by plainville gaming and.redevelopment.llc currently doing business as plain.ridge park casino.ppc's license is subject to renewal.after five years of operations this.session will be.mostly a listening session for me and my.fellow commissioners.no votes no decisions will be made at.this.hearing it's simply a chance for my.fellow commissioners and i.to gather information engaged public.sentiment.relative to the renewal application.commission will be permitted to ask.questions of the applicant.before we hear presentations and.comments from state.and local elected and appointed.officials.other stakeholders and members of the.general public.uh i should add that if we had been.able to convene as a group we would have.likely conducted this hearing in.plainville state of the art.public safety and town hall complex.funded in part through casino generate.gaming revenues generated by ppc.and while the accommodations are very.different in light of our adherence.to the important code 19 guidelines.we are and i'm speaking for all my.fellow commissioners and i know they.would not object.very grateful to have such extensive.virtual.participation today we thank each and.every one of you.who are attending and contributing to.this public session.and to get started now i'll turn to.joe delaney who has served as our.construction project manager and is now.currently overseeing community affairs.on behalf of the mgc.and of course his assistant.and project manager right hand.mary thurlow.thank you madam chair commissioners um.glad to be here today.um just before we get into the meet of.the meeting i'd i'd like to just spend a.couple of minutes.to give you a little bit of a chronology.of how we got to where we are today.um so back in february on february 5th.uh plain ridge park casino requested a.renewal.of its category 2 gaming license for an.additional five years.um and then on february 13th the gaming.commission adopted.some renewal procedures for a category 2.gaming license.we issued a letter uh to plainridge park.casino on february 28th.where we outlined what those renewal.procedures were.and also established a timeline for that.process.now of course on march 15 2020.the casinos in massachusetts were closed.due to covert 19.and due to staff furloughs at plain.ridge park and.uh just due to the sort of uncertain.nature of everything that was going on.it was determined that keeping to that.original.license renewal schedule wouldn't be.possible uh.so plain ridge park casino in.conjunction with gaming commission staff.we established a.revised schedule for submission of the.application materials.so by early june uh plainridge park had.submitted all of the required.information for us to start moving.forward in the review process.now at that point the commission was.deep in discussions on.the proper protocols for reopening the.casinos.and wanted to defer the discussions.regarding.the plain ridge park re-licensing until.after the casinos had opened.so under mass general law.chapter 30a section 13 it stipulates.that a license will not expire if the.applicant.has made timely and sufficient.application for renewal.but the awarding authority has not acted.on that application.so on june 18th the commission voted.to determine that the application was.timely and sufficient.which would then allow an orderly.process to reopen the casinos.and then consider plainbridge parks.re-licensing.so at a subsequent agenda setting.meeting the commission agreed on a.schedule.whereby the suitability portion of the.application would be considered in july.and the public hearing and then.subsequent public meeting to vote on the.license renewal.would take place after labor day.um and on july 8th 2020 the plaintiffs.park casino.reopened to the public on june 3rd uh.excuse me july 30th 2020 the gaming.commission held a.public meeting to consider the.suitability of individual qualifiers and.entities.which were approved by the commission.on september 2nd we issued the public.notice for this meeting.which brings us to today and as the.chair mentioned the primary.purpose of this meeting is to receive a.presentation by plane ridge park casino.and to hear from the public uh the.commission will not deliberate.on the matter or make any decisions.today uh the commission will.reconvene on september 30th 2020 to.deliberate on the application.and render a decision on the renewal of.the license.so at this point unless there are any.questions of me.i'll turn it over to lance george vice.president and general manager.of plane ridge park casino to introduce.his team.and to make a presentation.thanks joe i think.in order of logistics i think we're.trying to figure out or if we can share.our screen.for the presentation.please this is dana i just shared a.presentation can you let me know if.you're able to see it.yes we're seeing it do do you want to.make it full screen.yeah there we go excellent thank you.are we lance we are able to see the.screen.are you able to hear us okay.i can't i can't okay just get myself.over okay.okay thank you perfect thank you joe.good afternoon everyone it's certainly.great to be here on uh on what is an.exciting day for us as we get started i.did want to take a moment to talk.through our approach today.you will hear from several property.representatives who will be introduced.throughout the presentation.also joining us today from our corporate.office is aaron chamberlain.senior vice president of regional.operations for penn national.each individual will talk briefly.initially providing some highlights.related to their specific.areas of responsibility over the first.five years of operation.and then we'll transition into a broader.comments comment period regarding the.next five years.what is potentially on the horizon for.the industry and our property.and so with those opening comments out.of the way let's jump right into the.slides.there it is uh opening day just over.five years ago i guess five years and.three months.at this point amazing how time flies uh.several familiar faces.uh that you'll recognize in this photo.commissioners cameron.zuniga and stevens to the far right this.would have been at approximately 10.30 i believe we opened our doors just a.few hours later sometime between noon.and 1. reading by a lengthy line on what.was a very warm day if i remember.correctly.significant change over the course of.our first five years of operation.the timeline combines some of the more.meaningful capital improvements.we've made to the property as well as an.indication of when the three additional.casinos opened in the area.of course we've got the two in.massachusetts and then the third just.over the border in timberton rhode.island.i won't go through the entire timeline.in detail however at a high level.some of the more notable changes somehow.shame on us the property failed to open.with a dunkin donuts.that issue was remedied in december of.2016..also when the property opened the high.limit area was sort of an afterthought.this was corrected with a much improved.gaming area and lounge.in july of 2018. in february of 19 we.opened the smashburger.which has turned out to be an.operational fit and certainly well.received by our customers.and then there are several dates.highlighted related to racing.a couple of the more significant capital.improvements in the form of a video.display board.paddock renovation a fencing project as.well as a remodel of the outdoor racing.apron area.and so on the heels of those comments.regarding racing i think it's an.appropriate time to turn it over to.steve o'toole.our director of racing who will provide.his thoughts on a few racing highlights.over the first summer of our license.and then a quick peek into the next term.thanks lance um i'm actually uh.joining the meeting under jason gittle.i know we look alike and you can't tell.the difference between the two of us but.my.my video wasn't working so uh just wanna.make sure you can see me and hear me.under jason's uh.uh screen uh thanks lance for.uh turning it over to me i'm actually as.lance stated.we're looking back five years but i'm.actually going to look back.uh six years or so um the racing.industry in.massachusetts was in jeopardy of uh.survival.and my slides are going to show the.benefit of uh.the of the gaming license.acquired by national to the racing.industry.uh however at the same time we had over.100 uh employees and also the plainville.community would have.uh suffered greatly the consequences of.an intimate closure.without uh gaining that award of the.license so uh what happened back then.and plain ridge was actually the largest.taxpayer in the town of plainville for.over a dozen years.and uh what happened back then was that.penn national.stepped in and they were awarded the uh.applied for or awarded the racing.license.for 2014 which contained 80 days.that gave our employees and our horsemen.some stability.for the 2014.year as we were going into the license.award that was the license award year.um penn national actually guaranteed a.purse account in 2014 of 2.5 million.dollars to the horsemen.um and in the application for that 80.80 days the purse account in 2013 was.1.85 million dollars so that was a.guarantee that.that penn national had made in that.initial year of operation of operating.the racetrack.after the award of the class 2 gaming.license and the casino opening.many of our employees transitioned.nicely into.the casino atmosphere.our housekeeping people went to evs we.had people go to facilities.security and food and beverage um.the other things too a lot of a lot of.the folks.got some new roles in finance slots and.even ballet my racing team which i was.very happy stayed intact we had a few.members uh.some managers and uh some new officials.uh and of course uh some mutual clerks.along the way but the core.racing folks are uh still with us.um i'd like to um look look at.the slide that's on the screen now and.just explain a few things about that.um penn national one of the 11 original.applicants.did not have a racing license under mass.general.128a and city.however the statutory requirements under.the gaming act were carried out.as you can see in uh years 2016 2017.2015 16 and 17 where the gradual.ramping up of racing days occurred that.was that story required.and then through the commission and the.horsemen we.realized that that was a little bit too.many days.to race and we settled on right around.110 days.you can see the growth of the purses in.uh going from the guaranteed 2.5 million.in 2014 all the way to almost 10 million.dollars last year.uh which is which is great for the.people that participate here.and work hard in racing industry.most importantly i think that's happened.in the past six years has been the.impacts seen by the breeding.program in massachusetts if uh if racing.had gone down in 213 214.these people that have have long-term.investments in the industry.where they set up their breeding and.don't realize anything for a few years.would have absolutely nowhere to go in.14 and 15 and 16 with their yearlings.their two-year-olds their.three-year-olds.but as you can see in the breeding.purses that ramped up well.and one of the nice things that's.happened is we've had a couple of farms.spring up in the area the existing farms.are staying in business.and there and the existing farms are.actually expanding to some extent.our handle has also grown and has.stabilized nicely.we introduced the spirit of.massachusetts trot in the clara.barton pace over the course of the first.five years.our track has been in great shape and.this year which is.actually looking ahead i guess but this.year we set a world record.uh in in the spirit of massachusetts.tribe.in the next slide um next month i will.be.applying on the annual on the annual.basis for.our racing license application for 2021.it will include 110 days.of racing um that is part of the.seven-year agreement that we have with.our horsemen.uh to race 110 days each year.that that will also guarantee the spirit.of massachusetts trot for those seven.years as well as the claro barton.pace uh one of the things that uh that.we have done.in the past few years and now going.forward we'll be able to do even more.with the.uh the the breeding program tripling in.size we will be able to.showcase more sire stake races and.restricted events for those.massachusetts owned in massachusetts.bred horses which is really a great.thing.the um the uh.the handle is to continue to grow the.handle we have.we have leaned on the usda strategic.wagering initiatives where they match.certain uh incentives that we uh put out.there to the.to our racing customers here in.massachusetts as well as across the.country.with guaranteed pools of certain sizes.on certain races and certain.uh exotic wagers as well as.jackpot wages which have really caught.on we have the wicked high five that.we've been doing we can.we will continue to do that we have had.jackpots of forty eight thousand dollars.and thirty seven thousand dollars.the thirty seven thousand dollar jackpot.was hit right here.in the building at plane ridge and.that's for a 20 cent wager.so it's a pretty good jackpot when you.compare it to a 20 cent wager.this year we've instituted a pick six.for your picks.in the previous uh wager that i.mentioned.that's all within one race the pick six.is six races and uh that's for ten cents.that's been hit several times.times this year that we uh was the first.year that we've offered that.uh for two and three thousand dollars.right now it currently.stands at just a little bit more than.five thousand dollars so the next time.that gets hit that'll be the highest.that we've uh that we've paid out on.that um.as far as the customers and our customer.relations.uh we we have uh rewards cards to earn.racing.rewards through my choice similar to.what slot players get here at the.property.and we also have done some handicapping.contests and we.want to continue those contests i think.as the commission knows we had a.pretty aggressive schedule of about a.dozen handicapping contests that.was approved by the commission but we.weren't able to.bring those to fruition this year due to.the interruption but we plan on.on doing that in the future i'd like to.turn it over now to our head of finance.uh she helps keep our racing on course.financially.and also handles the track in the purse.account.uh her department tracks it pays out.thousands of purse checks to our racing.participants every year we're really.grateful for all their help.our cfo dana ford.i can't hear you dana if you could just.start.again we couldn't quite hear you that'd.be great my apologies.is everything clear now much better.thank you perfect so thank you steve for.the introduction.a quick look at the past five years of.financial performance.since 2015 we've generated over 303.million.in tax revenue for the state and over 68.million in tax revenue for the racehorse.development fund.another great success story for.plainridge is our partnership with the.lottery.we've sold over 15 million in laboratory.tickets since opening in 2015..in terms of reinvestment in our facility.we've spent over 7 million in capital.expenditures this includes the purchase.of new slot machines.i.t hardware and software improvements.to the barns and paddocks and racing.as well as updates to our various smb.outlets.we've met the goals for 2015 through.2019 as set out in our capital.expenditure plan.on the bottom half of the slide you'll.see a chart that shows our diverse spend.penn has made a commitment to diverse.spend with a part of our diversity.committee being dedicated toward.procurement from.babies and babies the commitment has.given us the opportunity to build great.partnerships with vendors in the.commonwealth.and are reflected in these figures from.opening through the first quarter of.2020 we had a total of 29.of qualified spend go to diverse vendors.on a goal of 21.in each individual category we also met.or exceeded these goals.and with that i'll turn it over to our.vp of hr kathy lucas to take a look at.employment.thank you dana can you hear me.are you able to hear me yeah okay thank.you.during the past five years we focused on.diversity.veterans women and local talent.recruitment we.have achieved this through hosting and.attending numerous job fairs.offering recruitment bonuses incentive.programs and leveraging partnerships.with colleges.veteran and diversity organizations as.you can see in the chart.we have exceeded all employment goals.with the exception of local hires.of our team members hired 66 percent of.our team members hired are from.massachusetts.despite our proximity to rhode island to.retain our talent.we have two development programs that.help our team members exceed.the first is leap the leadership.excellence at penn program.it's designed for team members.interested in building a career.in the gaming industry they gain an.understanding of the whole casino.operation.manage projects attain management skills.and they can make a real contribution to.our business.we had five team members participate and.get promoted in this program since 2018..our second development program is wlp.women leading in penn offers visible.female executive.and leadership role models they champion.growth and development for women at the.property.they create organic mentorships to.increase the number of women in.leadership.specifically at the manager level on an.annual basis.we have partnered with the women's expo.the chamber of commerce.and the women's link to bring together.to provide opportunities for women to.connect.support and learn from each other's.professional growth.since 2018 we had 30 team members.participating.and of those 11 team members got.promoted from the program.next slide please.as we look forward the areas of.opportunity with ppc are ideal.we want our team members to work happy.we'll continue to focus on recruitment.through diversity veterans women and.local talent.opportunities along with enhancing the.leap program.and the wlp program that currently.exists we have two exciting initiatives.to share.first penn national gaming announced a.commitment of at least one million.dollars.annually to support diversity.initiatives.at ppc we'll focus on financing a.scholarship.fund that helps our underrepresented.team members and their children pursue.higher education.as well as sponsoring students who need.assistance to attend.hbcu campus stores increasing our.recruitment.efforts and supporting historically.black colleges and universities.family care for our key members is the.second initiative.supporting employee care needs increases.productivity.decreases absenteeism and helps working.parents.we sought to find the right way to.assist our team members.and care.compro care.com offers programs.most desired including child care at.home.or in daycare centers the care.com.membership.grants unlimited access to a network of.caregivers.to find ongoing care for children adults.seniors pets and more care at work eases.employee stress.and reduces missed work days by.providing high quality backup care for.children and adults.during emergencies providing the.care.com membership.and subsidizing the cost of emergency.backup care with care at work.allows our team members access to.reliable solutions for their family care.thank you and i'm going to turn it over.to mike mueller.our vice president of operations.thanks kathy can everybody hear me okay.great uh moving ahead to the gaming look.back slide.in the five years since we've been open.we've had a gross win per unit.of 418 per day this is very strong as it.compares to the national average of 217.dollars per day.as a part of our property capital spend.we purchased 180 new slot machines to.keep our floor fresh for our patrons.in addition as lance mentioned in the.introduction.in 2018 we listened to our high limited.players and built a brand new high limit.room and lounge.to cater to our top tier guests next.slide.as we look towards the future of gaming.there's some interesting things.happening in the industry.first is the emergence of numerous.gaming apps like the my choice casino.app.that offers the consumers alternative.ways to place their casino.and sports betting wagers next is some.promising technology that's currently in.its developmental stages.that will allow casino patrons to place.sports betting wagers directly from.their slot machines.while they're playing and finally.the hard rock casino in atlantic city.has recently debuted live.real money casino slots that can be.remotely accessed viewed.and played in real time right from the.player's home.this is introducing technology it's.brand new you can see a picture of this.gaming space at the hard rock on the.right hand side of this slide.up next our director of information.technology.jason gill.hi everybody and thanks uh for giving me.this brief opportunity to speak.on behalf of the technology.accomplishments at ppc.everybody tends to think of it.accomplishments in terms of.bytes and bits and security uh i'm happy.to report.to the commission that the past five.years been looking back.have been a pretty good collaborative.effort.uh between the ppc technology teams and.the mass gaming.commission uh teams katrina and her.folks.we've been through several larger.projects and.some of our successes include deploying.the mass gaming commission.system of record or a cms system.back in february of 2016 why is this of.note.uh it should be told that we did this.while we were open which is not the.normal course of events.uh between the commission's technology.team and the property technology team we.were able to do it with very little.interruption or disruption to our.patrons and.we considered that a very big victory uh.back then.in june of 2016 uh plain ridge park.launched scientific games software suite.called pre-commitment.eventually this program was branded play.my way.and it's a responsible gaming initiative.the application allows the guest.to set daily weekly and monthly.gaming budgets and i think looking back.on the.years three years we've been running it.uh ppc as a licensee.and the commission can really be happy.with the interest and the partition.participation level in that program from.a compliance perspective.ppc it has been through 12 audits.uh both internal and external four.four of which were sponsored by the.gaming commission we have come through.i'm happy to report without finding.uh through those audits and from a.performance perspective we've enjoyed a.99.59.uh uptime of all of our financially.significant and patron of facing systems.we're proud of that statistic as it.ranks among the highest in the penn.national property family.next slide please looking forward.uh you know the first three bullets are.all.tied together uh the industry trends and.we're going this way anyway but.certainly recent pandemic events.would point us toward increased.uh contactless anti-increased cashless.and increased mobile technology.essentially the the contactless product.being.the elimination of the need for a.traditional players club card.the cash list being the creation of a.digital wallet for use across.all of plain ridge parks uh product.families.and then uh the mobile products you know.penn national gaming.wants to be able to offer its customers.access to all its products outside the.traditional brick and mortar.casino locations we are.involved in opening a property in.morgantown pennsylvania.estimated to open back half of 2021.that will be the first of its kind in.the pen national family to deploy all.three of those initiatives.uh looking forward to that um.you've all heard the term geofencing a.lot of folks.tend to think of that as a limiting term.and a limiting technology.something that would keep uh a.restraints.on use of technology and the pen.national team is.is pressing that in a different.direction our.our approach is it's all about knowing.where your customer is.what they like what they like to do the.most.and being able to offer personalized uh.offers and engage the customer in a.better way.so technology trends looking for the.next five years include those are some.of the highlights.um i think michelle will talk a little.bit of that michelle collins is our next.speaker she's our vice president of.marketing michelle.thank you jason uh as we move on to the.next slide.we want to talk about all of our.community contributions.from day one plain ridge park has been.committed to supporting local charities.and the community upon commencement of.the casino.plane ridge donated revenues from our.opening events.to several local charities some of these.include plain ridge emergency relief.fund.personal best charity the turkey brigade.lenore's pantry.and the veterans fund in mansfield this.was the only beginning this was just the.beginning of the many great.relationships we would build over the.next five years.resulting in supporting over 100.charities within our local community.to date we have donated over 700 000 in.cash donations.in addition plainridge has sponsored.various events.banquets comedy shows fundraisers and.charity drives.at the property allowing both team.members and our guests to participate.in these great causes.just a few of the highlights that we've.done include the comedy.supporting the new hope foundation which.creates communities.free of violence and exploitation the.dine around supporting.lenoir's pantry and of course steve.o'toole's favorite.the polar plunge where team members and.their families.literally plunge into the cold bitter.water of lake pearl in early spring.as we move into 2020 we are excited.about the new ways to give back.our most recent initiative will allow.guests to choose to round up their tito.ticket.and select from four different charities.during the transaction at the ticket.redemption unit.in addition in honor of today being.national backpack day.plainridge is currently hosting a.backpack drive that will support the.north.attleborough school systems on this next.slide.the highlights and it highlights the.important partnerships and relationships.established through the last five years.our continued focus.has been to partner with key players.that allow us to leverage our proximity.to some of the largest attractions in.massachusetts and new england.because plainridge has limited amenities.it was very important to us to create an.experience for our guests.we were able to accomplish this through.various cross-marketing efforts.with fenway nessen patriot place rentham.outlets.and tpc boston whether it was a gift.card giveaway.a concert package or a vip experience to.a new england sporting event.we were able to create an unforgettable.experience for all of our guests.these relationships have allowed us to.expand the value of my choice loyalty.card.creating new england experiences not.only for our local guests.but also for the my choice database.bringing customers from the midwest.to the west coast other highlights that.are important to mention in our.continued support.is with game sense and their effort to.ensure.to continue to play responsibly.game sentence staff and knowledge was.crucial during the launch of play my way.in 2016. their assistance in educating.staff and guests on how to use this.innovative budgeting tool.made the transition seamless.particularly because we were the first.and only casino to offer to guests.we continue to work closely with.gamesense on efforts around responsible.game.gambling week and other initiatives.showing our support and in fact this.week happens to be.responsible gambling education week so.we are working together and.all of the staff is walking around with.the t-shirts supporting this effort.another great partner has been the.massachusetts lottery over the last.several years.we ran a promotion called winning.wednesdays through this cross-marketing.opportunity we were able to offer.something to our guests we knew they.would love.and also to promote the latest and.greatest scratch tickets available for.the mass lottery.a few other highlights include us.acquiring pinnacle.margaritaville field and greek town.these acquisitions expanded our.portfolio to over 40 properties across.the united states.following the acquisition pen properties.adopted the my choice loyalty card.which brought new benefits to our guests.and we could.that we couldn't previously offer.including converting my cash.into free slot play directly at the slot.machine.as we approach the next five years.planetage will continue to work with all.the various sponsorships as well as.identify more cross marketing.opportunities.the continued support and relationships.from local chambers and tourism.will be important to continue to.identify synergies and develop programs.to promote tourism in massachusetts we.want to create.robust programs that encourage.visitation from border to border.within the state as well as gaining back.any lost revenue.from out of state in january of this.year.penn announced an agreement with bosch.stool sports.a leading digital sports media company.barstool is a well-known brand with deep.roots in sports betting.which will enable us to attract a new.younger demographic.over the next few months properties will.also be launching a my choice app.for our card holders this is what jason.giddle was speaking of earlier this will.allow us.to target our my choice guests so that.they are receiving the offers that they.prefer.we can communicate quickly and we can.they can keep track of everything.directly from their mobile device in.addition we will be introducing a flip.book this month that will eventually.replace the need to send direct mail.pieces for those.guests who prefer digital or contact.free offers.over the next few months we look forward.to working with the town of foxborough.on the economic development fund that.was.recently passed and to support the local.towns.as we head into the next five years our.focus will continue.to support the great partnerships we.have built.as well as identify new ones.this concludes the presentation so now.we would like to open up to any.questions.we could take down the um.powerpoint that's great thank you.okay so at this point uh.chair we'll open up for questions from.the commission first.and then after that is done we will open.up uh.to um to the public.okay excellent commissioner.can i have a if you if you have a.question good commissioners and guys see.your hand let me get started thank you.madam chair and thank you uh to the team.at band for.uh for this great overview um if i could.go back.uh briefly to the one of the first.slides.we don't have to get there but uh.where's stevo tool.uh talked about the handle that.um you know the the the years the.numbers and the years.um the handles stabilized a little bit.uh even though the um.the the the purses grew a little bit.more.um if you could speak a little.bit more about what you see going.forward for the next five years.um we've talked about you've talked.about how competition.uh from the other two casinos in.massachusetts.um might have an effect on on those.persons by way of the revenues.what do you expect to see um.for the next five years for the racing.uh thank you commissioner for the.question um.the as you can see on the slide if you.have a copy of the slide in front of you.in 2014 where we raised 80 days our.handle.our total handle was 7.6 million dollars.and and that grew.as the days grew and now we've as you.note as you actually noted we've.stabilized at 110 days and around 20.million dollars and handle each year.that's actually uh.pretty good for uh for right now and for.the caliber of horses that we're racing.right now.i always would love to see that handle a.little bit higher.i know lance would appreciate that as.well on the bottom line but.as these purses grow and we have.more and more competitive horses coming.and better quality.horses coming i think we have the.opportunity to.uh to really uh showcase that um.as well as those uh those those gimmick.awards that we've.been doing with the jackpots and.everything those have seemed to have.paid off we started that in.in late 2017 uh carried it through 18.and 19..um those seem to have uh really captured.not just here at plainbridge but across.the country that seems to have.captured the imagination of a lot of the.bettors and i know it doesn't sound like.it's a big wager it's 10.and 20 cent wagers but.no one bets five horses just once in one.scenario.um they tend to spend about you know.four or five.six dollars per wager using all.different combinations and all the.different ways that they.that they go so we're hoping to work.as i as i mentioned before the usda.has a lot of programs out there that.that really help.with guaranteed pools and things like.that and we've been a little bit.creative with the jackpots and we.continue to do that.and our pick six is starting to grow now.great thank you um thank you steve just.one one quick.one more quick question for uh miss.lucas.um the in your presentation uh.cathy you are mentioned um some trade.university initiatives were.for those at the property level or at.the company level.great question they're they're both so.um.for the company level the one million.dollar commitment.or the at least 100 one million dollar.commitment will cover uh.scholarships also.participation in local organizations.that are looking at.equity and and freedom and then finally.diversity.amongst minority businesses at the.property level here at ppc i spoke to.the scholarship.support for our team members and their.families and then.also a commitment to getting locals.to experience the hvcu.universities we don't have to be here in.the market so getting them there on the.campus tours will allow us.to support that thank you.commissioner cameron uh yes i just.really had a comment.um not a question and that is um.you know listening to the presentation.it it really does remind me.that penn national really has been a.good partner.they have been charitable um it's nice.to.they've been responsive to the.to their patrons talking about some of.the changes they made whether that be.food.uh pref references.or um parliament.slots play um really um.think the women leadership program has.been effective.and the other mentoring program so i.just.they have been responsive to the needs.of the commission.frankly and i just wanted to comment.that the presentation.just reminds us of all of those things.and they have been good for the.commonwealth frankly so.thank you for that presentation and the.good work over the years.thank you commissioner stebbins or.commissioner o'brien.uh thank you madam charles jump in just.a a.a couple of quick questions.um first to uh michelle and i think she.answered this.but if she can just clarify it for me as.she was going through the timeline.uh you talked.about a number of sponsorships.relationships that.you started i'm thinking of you know the.fenway concert series and a few others.and i think you might have stated that.some of those partnerships and.sponsorships are.ongoing can you give me an idea of.whether that's the case and when you.talk about some of those are still.ongoing kind of a percentage-wise even.of those relationships that you continue.to maintain.the majority are ongoing um and if.they're not currently ongoing it's.really just because we're waiting to.find out what happens.with the sporting events so.we're going to be doing the fenway.concert series again.we have a partnership with tpc boston.which is a fairly new partnership.where we can bring our players over to.do golf outings.uh we're still with rentham outlets.still with patriot place so.we have continued those relationships.again it's just that we've had to kind.of tweak them a little bit given.the time that we're in sure uh the other.question michelle.just real quick um as you know the.commission through the community.mitigation fund paid for a.kind of a tourism plan uh it was applied.for and used some.reserve money by foxborough but.obviously includes plainville and.wrentham.just curious as to whether you've seen.the plan.whether you've had some thoughts on it.or any comments you want to share as you.should guys look ahead to the next five.years if the license is renewed.yeah sure i've been in um contact with.christina pappas i think that's how you.say her name.who is working on the plan right now and.creating the different.avenues of it so we've been meeting.periodically over the last.few months since since i we came back to.work.and she's been sharing the ideas she has.she kind of bounced them.off of me and and we're making sure that.we're including.all the different areas so that they.have input.okay great thank you very much sure.commissioner o'brien do you have a.question.i don't have a question more a comment.that um obviously this was.the powerpoint was probably put together.at a time that we thought we were going.to be dealing with this before.we went into shutdown and modified.conditions on reopening but i did want.to also comment on.the responsiveness that the licensee has.shown in terms of reopening.the creativity and.the relationship with us as regulators.in terms of.the give and take and doing getting them.open but also acknowledging our.responsibility under that i think derby.day was a good example.of um finding creative ways to keep.going but keep going in a manner that's.safe.so it's not something that's covered in.this presentation but i did also want to.give a nod to the efforts that they've.been doing in that regard.just a comment more than a question.i'll just add this really the same.comment is that i wanted to extend.in this venue.my appreciation for the collaborative uh.relationship.that ppc demonstrated throughout the.difficult.um moments of both closing down in in.sort of a fast responsible.fashion and then really working with us.as.partners to ensure a safe and.sustainable reopening and.to commissioner o'brien's point you.exhibited really a sense of.understanding of our responsibility as.regulator.and you put in place.the um the.tools that allowed you to comply with.our standards and yet really.operate open and operate successfully.and for that we congratulate you um.i also just want to note that really.when i when i look back at your.employment numbers in terms of.the goals that were established you know.they.you exceeded them all and they were.rigorous goals.you there wasn't one exception and and.just to be.to note um you know it's a 30 we had a.35.goal for a local hire um 31.was achieved in a time when unemployment.was.very very low so it was a tough it was.tough to reach out.i think you you know as operations.continue to ramp up in the public health.metrics shift.you'll have new opportunities for hiring.so i don't need for you to answer this.now but we look forward to.um to when we do reconvene.in the future for our further licensing.overview hearing you know what your.hopes are.for um achieving again.high standards on diversity and um.as well as massachusetts and local hire.we um.you know i must say when you look at.your numbers 303 million.revenues have been generated for.tax purposes for the benefit of the.commonwealth.i think that actually.is just short of 50 of the tax revenues.that have been generated altogether.so as um if we reflect on the expanded.gaming act as an.economic development bill and we see.those revenues you have.you have accomplished that piece as well.as.let me see these employment numbers we.know that you were very mindful about.the underlying goal of the expanded.gaming act so i look forward to hearing.what you know what you will how you will.address the challenges going ahead.as numbers of employees ramp up.and you continue to work toward those.goals but again.i would just echo commissioner cameron's.and commissioner o'brien's.comments that you have been um very.collaborative partners and uh.congratulate.you on the past successes and i also.fully appreciate.the technological goals that you are.hopeful.can be implemented in the future so.with that joe do we how do you what's.our next step unless.um commissioners do you have anything.else that you want to add.okay and again we will have the.ability to ask more nuanced questions in.our.full commission meeting on the licensure.steps going forward.this is a chance for us to hear from.others.thank you okay uh thank you chair um.so going forward now we're going to open.this up uh to public.input um and what we're planning on.doing is going in the following order uh.legislators.first host community representative.second surrounding community.representatives third and impacted live.entertainment venues.other organizations and finally uh the.general public.we do have a list of about i think 24.people 23 or 24 people who have.registered to speak.so we'd ask folks to please keep uh.their comments to five minutes or less.if at all possible.i'm just in interest of time and i do.have.one request if if it pleases the chair.um.bill keegan from the town manager from.foxborough.uh has another commitment and he is.asked to be taken out of order so.since we're actually running a couple of.minutes ahead i thought i see him on the.screen here.i thought we could get him right in uh.so he can get to his other appointment.so thank you thank you very much if it.pleases the committee i'll be happy to.uh.proceed now uh just want to say thank.you to the commission for allowing the.opportunity to speak this afternoon.in support of plane ridge park casino.they.we've we feel that they have been a.terrific partner for the community of.foxborough.um and said they they've actually served.as an anchor for route one.um on both ends of the spectrum so we.have uh we have.foxborough uh we have gillette stadium.at one end we also have.you know the flames casino at the other.end we all and we have random village in.between.so we've worked very collaboratively.with with fox with uh with plainville.wrentham and the casino to actually work.on a.plan that will actually help market this.region as a tourism destination.for obvious reasons because of the.things that go on here in this region.so we appreciate the fact that the.commission actually funded.a study uh which was finalized i think.the first phase of the study was.completed by june 30th we're now working.on the second phase of that right now.which is to help my back at the region.and to put information on websites etc.to give the uh the area more exposure.we think it's a key piece of the.regional economy and we're grateful for.the fact that we have a collaborative.relationship with plymouth.and without communities that surround us.in helping to make this region a very.successful.um economic area and an economic engine.for this.portion of the state so you say thank.you and i'll i'll conclude put my.comments with that.we just want to say thank you for the.opportunity to speak and for the.appreciation of the uh plain ridge park.casino.partnership thank you.great thank you mr keegan um so.next up we have uh the uh state.legislators um.senator roush also does have an early.conflict so we decided to take our our.senators first.so um i guess we'll lead off with.senator roush and then.followed by uh senator feeney who i.think i've seen both on the screen at.this point.so senator roush thank you so much um i.also just saw senator feeny's face pop.up my friend and colleague in the senate.and and office mate at least when we.were in.offices um thank you again for inviting.me to testify today.i am here to support the re-licensure of.plain ridge park casino.um as you know and as you've heard.during today's hearing.ridge is a really critical part of our.community's economic infrastructure.especially for the host community of.plainville plainville.excuse me plane range also supports the.surrounding communities with jobs and.economic development including.several of the towns in my district pla.not only plainville but also.north attleborough and rentham franklin.and.the city of atlanta the economic impact.also stretches to additional parts of my.district due to the support that plain.ridge provides for the standard bred.horsing industry so many of the horse.farms in my district are supported by.the park's operation.and the presence of plane ridge.strengthens these additional local.economies as well.further public revenue generated from.plain ridge park is very.important plane will was able to build a.completely new town hall and public.safety.building because of plane ridge and i.have to tell you on a personal note.it's beautiful absolutely beautiful.stunning.the whole complex is is just phenomenal.the library is right there it's really.it's really fantastic and that was all.made possible.because of plain ridge um and.further the revenue that might otherwise.go out of state stays right here in the.commonwealth of massachusetts.because of plain wrench so i just want.to offer my again my support for.re-licensure i want to thank the.commission and all of our commissioners.for your thorough review of the.relicensing process i very much.appreciate your time today thank you so.much for having me and thank you for.taking me out of turn.thank you senator um.i guess next we will go on to uh senator.feeney.just thank you senator we appreciate.your remarks very much.thank you my pleasure thank you again.for having me.awesome and i want to thank you madam.chair and to your staff and to.through you to the rest of the.commissioners i know it has been a.challenging few months for everybody and.i can't.imagine the amount of work that you've.had to do um.you know to ensure safe reopening and to.make sure that we had a thriving um.you know gaming environment over these.last few months so thank you thank you.thank you for all the work that you've.been doing.um we just heard from senator rausch who.actually represents uh plane ridge park.in her district and as.uh plain ridge park is not within the.borders of my.high district i will tell you that i.really want to take this opportunity to.perhaps give a little bit of a regional.perspective.um just like we heard from town manager.bill keegan a good friend and colleague.and offered my testimony in full support.of re-licensing for plain ridge park.as a legislator who focuses intently on.job creation and economic development in.and around my district.it must be noted that over the last five.years plain ridge pocket has been one of.the largest sources of new job.opportunities.in the greater attleboro region and i.see jack lang from our chamber of.commerce is on here as well and i think.he can testify.to that fact that there has been an.enormous amount of job growth.because of blaine ridge park in fact i'm.joining you today.at my house here in foxborough in the.heart of the nine cities and towns that.i represent and where many of the plain.ridge employees call home.in addition to jobs though madam chair.members of the commission other.meaningful economic.benefits of plane range have.materialized over the years.while a lot of those negative impacts.that were predicted by.some never did materialize.as a local legislative delegation we.have been discussing master plans for.the entire area and i think we heard a.little bit about this earlier including.transportation.cohesive branding and marketing.strategies tourism revenue and a host of.other issues.all of these potential plans though.include playing in ridgepop casino which.is vital.to generating direct trips to the casino.as well as surrounding restaurants.hotels businesses.and other venues and beyond the positive.economic.activity that we enjoy with the success.of plain ridge i can tell you firsthand.how important the facility is.uh to its local charities and the staff.how supportive the staff has been to.local charities.there are countless amount of times i've.been to charitable functions and.banquets and fundraisers.at the facility and many more times i've.been out in the district and heard from.local organizations that have been.supported by plane ridge in other ways.as you may know madam chair and i know.uh we've been promising kind of a racing.modernization bill for a while and i.promise you.we will get to that point but the racing.industry is one that is close to my.heart for many reasons.chief among them is the sustainability.of our agricultural industry senator.roush.testified to the fact that many of the.farms lie within her.district job opportunities on both sides.of the track and the preservation of.open space in our communities.prior to plane ridge horse racing in all.its forums was on life support.now we have a thriving standard bread.industry and related mass spread.breathing program.that is a direct result of plane ridge's.support for racing we cannot.let that die and it's vital that the.good work and positive impact to our.local businesses.neighboring communities the racing.industry and its workers.that has been realized as a result of.plane ridgepot casino continues but also.thrives.there is no doubt that this pandemic.will have profound and lasting impacts.on millions of massachusetts citizens.and the way business has been done.plainridge is likely to be extremely.effective.which is a source of great concern to me.in the area delegation.however i can tell you and i think you.all testified to this a moment ago.that they have been forthright honest.and transparent with the legislative.delegation.as they have with the regulatory body as.they try and forge a path through the.most recent challenge.from local staff to penn national.executives.they have kept me informed and engaged.and should be an example for businesses.in every sector.ma'am chair i know that the commission.and the legislature cannot control the.public health environment that has.become an enormous.challenge for plainridge and all the.other gaming establishments.what we can do however is to ensure that.we are putting plane ridge.a known entrusted entity in the best.position to succeed in the months and.years ahead.and though this probably is a little bit.out of scope for today's hearing.mountain chair.i think it's important to note that.plane ridge already competes with one.hand tied behind its back.as the gaming landscape in our region.has changed in recent years.as we compete for players in revenue.that crosses our border each day to.visit twin river.or newport grant it is not lost to me.that any long-term strategy for.continued success at ppc must include.expanded opportunities in the fallen.table games and while i'm optimistic.that sports betting will be helpful to.plane ridge.if we can get that done in the.legislature sometime soon.we see the need to expand its.competitive resources in order to.protect massachusetts jobs and revenues.so with that madam chair members of the.commission presuming that plane ridge is.re-licensed which again i.fully support i look forward to working.with all of you in the weeks and months.ahead.to maximize the benefits that can be.realized by the legislature's vision.years ago.and by your expert stewardship since day.one so thank you again for the.opportunity to testify and support plain.ridge today.and thank you again for all the work.that you're doing on behalf of the.commonwealth in extremely difficult and.challenging times.thanks so much thank you senator.and and thank you we look forward to.seeing you in person hopefully the next.time.um sooner than later thank you thank you.thank you senator um okay so we're two.for two that's good this.we knew this was going to be the most.challenging part of our hearing.um so we're going to move on to um.house members um i am not.seeing names of most of these folks so.i'm going to have to.see if you know if they're calling in.representative roy is here okay.um all right so first on my let's say.it's uh representative.poirier uh she on the line.okay um did you have a phone number or.were you expecting her to appear.i do know that representative roy also.has a little bit of a time.issue so representative rory i just want.to make sure you're okay.um in terms of our timing are we all.right joe's still on that.yeah okay good okay madam chair it might.be helpful to remind folks on the.on on the phone if they hit if they need.to speak to hit star six to unmute.because they may not remember they have.to unmute but so we can hear them.right because it's helpful for everyone.else to mute.and so if you wanna i'm gonna try star.six.that usually works okay i think we.should go on to the next.okay well well since we have uh.representative roy here why don't we.start uh.there uh that makes it a little easier.excellent choice i i i solidly affirmed.that decision.uh madam chair and uh members of the.commission i want to.thank you for the uh opportunity to be.here today.in sup support of the re-licensing of.the plane ridge park casino.and i really like to echo the sincere.thoughts of my colleagues and.local officials uh indeed every.community around the casino has.benefited.beyond uh direct new employment as a.result of.economic activity that plane ridge.drives to local hotels.restaurants and retail venues.in my district franklin we have over 30.residents who.are employed at plain ridge and we have.seen many businesses including.a brand new hotel that is being.constructed in the middle of this.pandemic.and these types of businesses have.opened their doors in order to serve.patrons from plainridge park and.plainridge.as senator feeney pointed out has been a.great neighbor.supporting many charitable entities and.stepping up to the.stepping up to the plate to help out the.facility.has also contributed to some great.infrastructure improvements in the area.and i know that.senator roush pointed out the.public safety facility but the roadways.around.that that facility have been greatly.improved.and finally i want to state that the.impact.on the racing industry itself cannot be.overstated.uh prior to plain ridge it was on life.support and now.five years later we have a thriving.standard bred breeding program.that is directly because of this.facility's support for racing.and the breeding program is a lifeline.to many farm owners in my district i.didn't even know we had as many.horse breeders in my district until.plainridge.came into being and these folks would.otherwise.be unable to continue to support.themselves and their families.in the agricultural industry the success.is also preserving some.vast stretches of precious open space.in our area and uh seeing this.racing industry stabilize and now thrive.again is a benefit to everyone in the.commonwealth and it's very much.attributable to the foresight.of the legislature speaker deleo.and of course your work on the.commission.the negative impact that was predicted.by opponents.so many years ago is simply not.materialized we haven't seen any.increases in crime or traffic accidents.or other no negative social problems.it's vital that the good work and the.good things that have happened as a.result of the plain ridge.opening continue and so i'm here today.to offer my support for the re-licensing.of this asset to our community.i also want to somewhat.highlight something that senator feeney.touched upon and.and we know that the pandemic has.and will continue to have profound.and lasting impacts on millions of.massachusetts citizens.and plane ridge is also likely to be.extremely affected.uh by this pandemic which is a great.concern to all of us in the delegation.i know the commission has little control.of how.effectively plainridge will be able to.compete in this new environment but.it would be remiss of me to not mention.it.this is a regional gaming market that's.ever-changing and extremely competitive.and we have intense competition from two.casinos.right over the southern border border in.rhode island.and as senator feeney pointed out plane.ridge is already competing with one hand.tied behind its back.and it's the only casino in the.commonwealth of massachusetts.that's uh actively fighting against.businesses on its border.we certainly anticipate that rhode.island is going to try to.recover jobs and revenue by aggressively.competing.against plane ridge so we'll need to.address that issue at some point.we're optimistic that sports betting.will be helpful to plane ridge.and we but we're looking to expand uh.all competitive resources to protect.massachusetts jobs.in massachusetts revenues so presuming.that.plain ridge is re-licensed we look.forward to working with you.on this issue and again thank you for.the opportunity to be here i'm happy to.provide.any additional information in support of.the re-licensing of playbridge thank you.so much.thank you representative thank you so.much for appearing.thank you hello hello everyone this is.representative correa.oh thank you excellent.you're up oh.thank you very much i didn't want to.presume thank you thank you.representative.thank you so much for um.the legislators who have spoken before.me all very profound.and uh we certainly share um.the best uh wishes about pine ridge.park and everything that it has to offer.uh i represent all of the town of north.attleboro.one precinct in attleboro and two in.mansfield.and we have been a tremendous.beneficiary.as having uh the largest number of.employees.at plain ridge park from north.attleborough which is.um just an amazing thing and i'm very.very grateful for it.um every community around the casino has.definitely benefited.and the negative impact that was.predicted by opponents.uh has really never been realized.there are no increases of crime traffic.accidents.there's nothing negative that we can say.about plain wrench.you've heard most of this before but i.can't tell you the.impact that the uh racing has had.on all of the hay farms and the horse.breeders.which are very prevalent in our.area and if plainridge hadn't.materialized.all of those places would have gone out.of business.or moved away and it is such a benefit.to our area to have.all of this open space and this.wonderful.activity going on you know.uh prior to plane ridge um.as you've heard the town of plainville.um probably uh.had so many difficulties at the time.and you have provided so much benefit to.the town.and i can't tell you the impact that.charitable.giving has had i did.hear michelle mentioned some of them.they are presently doing a backpack.drive which is benefiting foster.children.as many of them have been wiped out of.homes during this.pandemic and um this.charitable endeavor to supply them.with some new clothes and new uh school.supplies and backpacks uh.it's just an amazing thing.and i am so grateful to have been able.to.have this partnership with plain ridge.uh who have been so willing.to take some of these programs on.uh i certainly look forward to them.being re-licensed.and as as you have already heard.expanding.some of the things that they do.certainly the sports betting.and i am eagerly as well as.uh my colleagues looking forward perhaps.to the table games.and um being able to be a real.competitor.with the uh the gambling casinos and so.forth.which are south of us in another state.so um i commend them for everything.they've done.over the past five years and i thank the.commissioners for their wisdom.in giving them the ability to do that.and certainly hope you will continue.their great service and presence.in our communities it has been nothing.but good and they have my high praise.for how they've conducted themselves.and how they've contributed to the area.and i.appreciate the opportunity to be able to.tell you.um just what an impact they've had on.our area.thank you.thank you representative corriere thank.you so much.yes thank you um so why don't i give you.the next sort of three in a row just so.people know where they are.if they're on deck or or whatever so the.next.up i have is uh representative barrows.and then after that representative and.then after that.representative dooley so if uh.representative barrows is on the line.and against star six to unmute if you're.on the phone.okay well one week we'll circle.back i guess um us representative howitt.um representative dooley.yes i'm here thank you very much can you.hear me thank you.thank god howard and barrows aren't here.because though there wouldn't be.anything left to say.after following the other legislators um.i said thank you very much for having me.on and obviously i'm speaking strongly.in support of the.license renewal i actually represent.plainville along with the surrounding.communities.uh rentham norfolk millis medfield and.walpole um.i i don't want to reiterate what.everyone else has already said.about you know as far as sports book and.table games and and what you know.you know the the advantages you know.financially to our community but what i.wanted to kind of.touch on is what a great partner uh.plain ridge has been.to the town of plainville um throughout.you know their five years being here um.they have done a ton of.uh community service projects whether.it's sponsoring.um the the king philip uh graduate.graduation night uh ceremonies and the.sleepover to keep kids safe.and you know off of you know off the.streets and things along those lines.to um providing a food drive every year.uh doing contributions around.thanksgiving and.around christmas to local charities and.they've done all of this without being.asked they've.they reached out to me they reached out.to the town and said what can we do to.help we've heard about this issue we.know we have this.opportunity what can we do please let us.know and.and that has really been a great partner.and even during this pandemic.you know obviously they were in a really.tough bind.and uh you know like most people were.um and they went you know even though.they didn't need.to make the payments as quickly as they.did and they and to get caught up.they came to the town and said here what.can we do we know.you guys are struggling you know we're.able to do this right now.you know i know we have this as our plan.we want to pay uh get caught up earlier.to make sure that the town is better off.going into the fall to make sure that.they're able to bring some teachers back.make sure that.we're able to continue to pay for our.public safety building um.during the middle of the pandemic while.they were completely shut down.they you know i i held a you know i.partnered with dairy farmers of america.and did milk giveaways throughout.across the state and uh plain ridge uh.opened up their their parking lots and.their their staff came out and helped.man this for me they put you know they.actually catered.uh breakfast for for all the volunteers.and the national guard.troops who were who were giving milk.away and were able to give away 2 500.gallons of milk.to uh people within the community so.those are the sort of things that.they're able to do.and they've done um consistently they've.whenever.whenever there's a need they step up and.they're there and so they're.really a good neighbor and a good.partner and a good friend and i think.that is.is crucial and i think that is that is.what we want out of our businesses that.they're not just.businesses you know plopped down within.our in our community.and using our resources they're also a.um.you know they're they're truly a member.of the community you know as.as everyone has stated we have a.tremendous amount of uh.employees that actually live in my.communities that work.at plain ridge and you know it it it is.a.very very positive environment um and i.guess the other area i'd like to speak.on is i'm also serving.on the plainville fire department um and.so from a public safety standpoint.i can say besides the fact that they've.provided a tremendous amount of money.and uh other supplies and things along.those lines for our new public safety.building.um there hasn't been any of the negative.uh.impacts we have um you know we're not.having the.all the the doom and gloom projections.that were where some of the naysayers.you know talked about.uh beforehand so it has been very very.positive we have we have members of.uh plain ridge fire there you know.basically 24 hours a day.uh when they're open uh you know doing.uh emt support.um and obviously whenever the track is.going we have we have members there.um uh providing uh medical support for.uh for race day as well and.they've just been really really good i.mean they you know whatever we need.whatever they can do to help um they're.very proactive we meet with their.with their leadership constantly and.they.they say all right you know what are we.doing good what are we doing bad what.can we improve.upon what are your thoughts and they.really really they truly take it to.heart as opposed to.you know a lot of other you know.companies that just kind of give lip.service so i would.say my takeaway from it all and what i'd.like you to really um.understand is how what a valuable member.of our community they have become.and so i would you know i'm.for no other reason you know there's a.there's a million other reasons which.all the other legislators.will talk about but i think that from a.personal nature.from the the willingness to be you know.a good steward and a good partner and a.good friend and a good.actual true member of our community.that's so.important on and and it crosses so many.different levels and.and and i know many people who were.originally.opposed to it that were that have been.pleasantly surprised.and are like you know what i didn't.think it would be good it has been great.and.they go above and beyond so thank you.very much.and thank you we appreciate your.comments thank you very much.yes thank you um so we had two other.uh representatives on a list that we're.not expecting to be here again i just.want to.make sure that you know because we don't.have everybody.on video that that they are indeed are.not here so we had representative.hawkins.and representative soder um.are either one on the line.and joe should we also go back to.representative barrows.and yes representative howlett.and again um star six should unmute you.um.we don't have and if there are any any.other representatives or senators who.may have patched in.we'd be happy to hear from you at this.point.okay i guess not appearing.so the next segment is hearing from.host community representatives from the.town of plainville.we have with us.is somebody trying to be heard.no i think we're else okay so we we have.with us the chair of the board of.selectmen brian kelly.uh the town administrator jennifer.thompson.chief of police james alfred and the.chief.of the fire department justin alexander.and i guess.we'll start with um the chair of the.board of selectmen uh brian.kelly and i will turn it over to you.brian and you can.just uh lead into your your other folks.uh thank you very much uh thank you uh.madam chair.and members of the commission for your.time today and for the opportunity to.testify in support of the re-licensing.of our friends.and partners at plain ridge park you.know five years ago this commission made.a very wise decision when you awarded.penn national gaming.the commonwealth's first casino license.it's hard to believe.that it's been five years already and a.big reason it's hard to believe it's.been five years is because of how much.positive uh activity and what a positive.addition.they've been to our community time flies.when you're having fun here in.plainville.there hasn't been any negative impact to.our town.our county or our community since the.grand opening in 2015.and as you will hear uh shortly from our.public safety.leaders here in plainville uh there has.been virtually zero negative impact to.plainville during this time.prior to the casino being approved there.are many.opponents touting a massive social.disruption fears of traffic crime and.decreased home values.uh seemed to cloud the judgment of many.at that time.traffic at this busy intersection on.route 1 and route 495 is better today.as a result of the improvements made by.the casino to mitigate impacts.than it was before the casino opened.public safety has seen virtually no.impact and.property values are at all time highs as.was mentioned at the beginning of the.meeting.the revenue generated from our host.community agreement has allowed us to.build and bond.a new state-of-the-art municipal complex.being able to complete a project of this.magnitude.without requiring an increase in the.residential commercial tax rates is.almost unheard of.and i believe it to be the first in the.commonwealth.what has happened during the last five.years in plainville as a result of your.decision.has been nothing but positive for our.town and truly a gift.hundreds of new jobs have been created a.legacy industry in the commonwealth.horse and harness racing has been.revitalized.bringing not just economic growth to.farms suppliers and vendors but.preserving a vast amount of open space.that benefits every resident of.massachusetts.millions in tax dollars and economic.activity have been injected into the.region and just as importantly millions.have been.repatriated from rhode island plane.ridge especially.prior to the pandemic's impact has.evolved.evolved into a major entertain.entertainment destination source in the.region.that has sought to bring thousands of.patrons to our hotels restaurants and.retail venues.plainville and our surrounding.communities all directly benefit from.the additional local tax receipts as a.result.of this increased economic activity.it is no understatement to say that your.decision five years ago.truly was game changing we want to.acknowledge that.not only was your decision wise but that.your stewardship of this industry.and the partnership that exists between.the town of plainville.the massachusetts gaming commission and.penn national plain ridge is what truly.made this work.there is no ambiguity here your.standards are rigorous.our expectations are high and this.operator.meets this operator and this property.meet and exceed them both.this is why it is with great enthusiasm.that we all collectively urge you to.once again validate that decision and.hope that you will re-license.this facility before i close i'd like to.make you aware of our concern for the.future.i fully understand that much of our.future concern is beyond the direct.control of the commission at this time.however.it's not often as a talent we get this.opportunity i'd like to clearly.communicate the potential future issues.that are keeping us up at night we know.that this pandemic has ravaged so many.lives and that so much of our.economy has been impacted it is bound to.alter the future in ways that we cannot.anticipate but also.in some ways that we can't anticipate.for example we know that.the race will be on to restore jobs and.recover revenue once the local economy.is able to fully reopen.and current safety protocols become.unnecessary the commonwealth will seek.to do uh.that and so will our neighboring states.of rhode island and connecticut.from where we sit on the rhode island.border our eyes are just as much on what.twin river is doing.and is allowed to do as they are and.what plane ridge is doing and more to.the point what it's not allowed to do.it is to the credit of any everyone.involved that plane rich has been as.successful.as it has been while being limited by.law in its competitive resources that.are at its disposal.it's the only casino in the commonwealth.that is fighting a two-front war.on the border we understand that.the laws that set this industry here in.massachusetts were.written this way and everyone knew the.rules before we all got started.but the world has changed a lot since.then and we'll be changing even more in.the months and years ahead.as if everyone struggles to recover from.the pandemic when things are finally in.place to fully reopen it would be ideal.if we were in a position to create even.more jobs.repatriate even more revenue from rhode.island and be.at a level competitive footing with our.direct competition to the south.plainville's beautiful new municipal.complex that was built without an.additional taxpayer dollar.uh it was it was paid for through a bond.that was entered into.which was predicated on some very.conservative financial forecasts of.language's performance.given the increased competition from the.south margins.being compressed and the impact from the.pandemic.loss of revenue um.you know it's been more severe that we.kind of even could have predicted.um if the full reopening is met with a.whimper rather than a roar.our community might may find itself in a.very perilous financial predicament.given the bond that we've entered into.we know that much of this is beyond your.control today but we did want to take.the opportunity during the.during this public forum to communicate.our fears and concerns about being able.to compete in the future.with respect to current laws regulations.and guidelines are in place.we have world-class partners in penn.national gaming.who have had such a positive impact on.our community we humbly.ask for your support and approval of the.current slight current license renewal.and we hope that when the time is right.to expand we have your support there as.well.thank you all very much for your support.to this point in your time today.and your continued support for the.future growth of our local economy here.in norfolk county.thank you mr kelly.thank you uh so jennifer thompson uh.town administrator.is next thank you thank you joe and.thank you madam chair members of the.commission.it's great to see all of you although i.do look forward to seeing you in person.once again at our um beautiful town hall.so.i look forward to the day that we can.have you back there and um and hold our.meetings there.i'd like to echo some of selectman.kelly's comments and that he made during.his testimony today.and reiterate what an important role.that plane ridge has played.in terms of not only the town of plain.plainville's economic development.but also its impact on the region as a.whole in terms of growth in businesses.and employment.you'll hear later this evening from.members of our surrounding communities.on how plainridge has helped to.stimulate tourism.employment and the economy in our region.and how the gaming commission's decision.to issue the first gaming license in the.state to penn national.has had a tremendous impact a positive.impact on plainville.on the region the state and and the com.on our region of the state and the.commonwealth as a whole.as was mentioned by mr kelly our host.community agreement has provided funding.to make debt and interest payments.on our brand new state-of-the-art.municipal complex.which many of you have visited five.years ago.our police officers our firefighters our.town hall employees were performing.their duties.in incredibly challenging working.conditions the former town hall and.public safety buildings.had been used long beyond their useful.life.and employees worked in facilities.without adequate heat.air conditioning proper ventilation we.had issues with plumbing and significant.constraints.in terms of proper office space adequate.storage for the town's vital records.and available space for public meetings.both buildings were not handicapped.accessible.which caused significant challenges for.both our disabled and our senior.residents.thanks to the gaming commission in penn.national our new facilities have.completely.transformed the town center district and.have provided our employees with.appropriate workspaces.and the resources that they need to.perform their jobs.these building things have become even.more critical during the pandemic.often over the last several months we.have all paused and thought to.ourselves how could we have even.functioned in the old buildings.especially during this time um and how.could we have provided our employees in.the old buildings with safe.social distancing and and protection.during this challenging time.so we we've thought a lot over the last.few months about how fortunate we are to.be in the buildings that we're at.especially during the pandemic.members of our community have been able.to meet in beautiful and spacious.meeting rooms.which have provided a chance for.residents to become more active and.involved in local government.and none of this would have been.possible without a major tax increase in.plainville.if it had not been for plane ridge and.commission issuing penn national.license to operate in the town of.greenville i would also be remiss if i.didn't acknowledge the efforts and.generosity of the gaming commission and.providing us with public safety.equipment.and fun funding for regional tourism and.marketing efforts through the gaming.mitigation fund.and i would also like to acknowledge.that plaima japan national.has been an incredible partner in terms.of reopening.and how safely and responsible they have.been and have worked collaboratively.with our board of health and public.safety.folks to reopen safely during the.pandemic.you will hear shortly from our public.safety chiefs about how positive our.relationship has been with plain wrench.but before i end my comments i really.want to provide some.real world context in terms of our.relationship with plane ridge and penn.national.hear our country and world experience.experience something that we could.have hardly ever imagined.a pandemic that would impact all of our.lives and result in a temporary closure.of plain ridge until july.as we've mentioned several times.throughout the discussion today.the payments on our newly constructed.municipal complex come directly from the.host community payments.from plainridge under this agreement.given this tremendous impact on penn.nationals revenue since they.completely closed company could have.easily made the argument.that they would not be able to honor.their required monthly payments to the.town.in fact did the complete opposite penn.national reached out to us very early.during the shutdown.assured us that they would still provide.the town with the much needed revenue.especially given the dire financial.situation that the town was in.we met collaboratively with penn.national and they assured us that they.understood how devastating it would be.if the town could not make the payments.on the municipal complex.and they would work with us to make up.the payments.not only did penn national keep their.word and honor these promises but they.also went the extra mile.although we had agreed to allow them to.delay certain payments for several.months.they stepped up in june and made the.town hall.well before the schedule that we had.anticipated and agreed upon.to say this was appreciated by the town.during one of its most difficult.financial times would be an.understatement.we often hear and i think commissioner k.cameron alluded to this earlier the need.for public and private partnerships to.make government.work better in my 24 years of municipal.service.i have no greater example of this type.of positive partnership than the one.between penn national.the town of plainville and the gaming.commission we.respectfully ask that you grant penn.national their license renewal.and help us keep them competitive so.that we can continue with this.incredibly positive relationship thank.you very much for your time.and your consideration today and i think.next up will be chief alfred our police.chief.yes up next uh chief of police james.alford.and thank you jennifer we appreciate.your input.and thank you for the opportunity to.also testify today.in support of the licensing of language.park casino as mentioned.uh we've reached the five over the.five-year mark.of the opening language and as the chief.i'm happy to report that plain ridge.continues to have little impact.on our community as it relates to.criminal activity or.additional traffic issues five years ago.commissioner cameron myself and the area.chiefs began a dialogue on how to.measure any potential impacts.to both plane bow and the surrounding.communities.the contract of an independent analyst.was.discussed with commissioner cameron who.saw the benefit of such a project in.order to be able to measure increases or.decreases of activity and plane bill on.the surrounding communities.the analytical work by christopher bruce.in the area of crime trends and traffic.analysis has been a tremendous ongoing.transparent resource to be able to.study any potential impacts that have.been a result of the opening of plain.ridge park.i believe the executive summary that.chris last year.stated that there was really uh he was.unable to make any clear relationship.of increases in crimes as related to.plaintiff's casino either in plainville.i think christopher bruce has done an.excellent job on that project.through the last five years we continue.to have an effective presence of.that plane with both state and local.police on the gaming task force.we also have a uniform playbook officer.at the facility on a daily basis.uh i would also like to recognize that.captain brian connors.and lieutenant mike scalin and.especially brian conas who i've worked.with since the very beginning you know.we were the first to open.uh and this was on the ground for us and.they're both great great supervisors but.also.we believe in teamwork and uh i think we.work really well together.you know as a chief of police uh.something i keep my ear open for is the.fear of crime.i'm in a community uh and um i can tell.you that not.from one resident or even patrons that.anyone's ever.approached me saying that uh they felt.that anything had changed in plainville.when the.uh casino opened a lot that anyone was.afraid of any.the increase in crime or perceived.increase in pride.we also have a great working.relationship with all levels of penn.national management at plain ridge.they do a great job at pre-planning.events and we're always included in.those uh.planning uh meetings for any type of.events that plain ridge.and while the police as mentioned by our.town officials the host.community agreement with pine national.which enabled the town to be able to.build a beautiful municipal complex.which includes a public safety facility.in town hall that will serve the town.for generations in the future i can't.ever.imagine that we would ever outgrow this.facility.the billing has made the job much safer.for our offices and we are able to.provide a community space when needed.for any type of uh small community event.we can now host training classes we have.proper holding facilities.proper ventilation and and that's key um.let me say that if we were in our old.building we had two officers that.contracted covert 19..had we've been in that old police.station we would not have had the.ventilation.and i believe we probably would have.lost half the police department.um as a result of them contracting over.19..so um we're blessed to have this.building.when they did contract that because.again only two offices.were affected by that we now have.weather protection for our fleet.modern eminence room evidence processing.area in short we're able to improve.every function we need to perform on a.daily basis in our new facility.and i would like to also like to thank.the commission for the grant funding.program offered each year uh this is a.tremendous benefit not only to.plainville but to the surrounding.communities as a way to obtain.additional equipment and support for.their particular projects.and once again thank you for your time.today and your continued support.thank you chief thank you very much good.to see.thank you okay uh thank you and next up.is uh justin alexander chief of the fire.department.thank you very much thank you madam.chair commissioners great to see you.again.in this virtual setting uh the last time.i saw you we were down in our public.safety building that everybody's talking.about um you know a lot when you go last.i guess a lot's already been said.so um i thought maybe i would take us.back five years i remember sitting.uh in the big hall when the vote was had.and.we got the license and i say we.plainville and penn.uh and i remember driving home going.down the expressway thinking boy.five years that's a long time from now i.can't imagine where we'll be.and here i am in my office um you know.and that's thanks to the commission.that's thanks to the work that penn has.done uh.you know we have a fire truck that can.get in the garage that was an issue we.came up with and the commission helped.us out with that.and penn was a huge supporter to get us.that radio as a cardiac monitor.we wouldn't be where we are today.without everything that's happened and.it's been all positive.we haven't had any issues with that.and we were the first you know penn came.to massachusetts and.had to deal with the town of plainville.and the way the state is and.i'll tell you true professionals uh i.you know lance and i we had many a.meeting and.we were able to sort out any issues we.had prior to the opening.and it's been smooth sailing since we.still have great collaboration.and go forward and any issues we have.come up with over the last five years.have never had to be escalated even.beyond my level.usually handle even below my level.lance's level because the the staff we.have.both at plan at plain ridge and the.plano fire department in the town.are outstanding so with with.the fact that we're here and there's.been so much positive and so.little negative no negative i give my.full support to.penn national gaming and plane ridge.park casino to.their renewal and i hope you feel the.same way when you vote.thank you.okay um so that concludes uh the host.community.representative so now we'll move on to.the surrounding communities we've.already heard from.uh bill keegan the foxboro town manager.uh so next up we have uh jamie helen.uh franklin town manager and then after.that rachel benson the rent from.director of planning and economic.development.so uh mr helen.hi good afternoon everyone um thank you.came out of chair members of the.commission of your time today an.opportunity to speak about this very.important.economic development issue for our area.uh we support the renewal of this.license to help maintain the region's.economic impact in our area.as many of you know franklin greatly.benefits from this facility to maintain.what we kind of call the spillover.economic activity that franklin has.enjoyed.from the plain ridge park pino we're.just in the air a couple exits down.4.95 i'd like to bring to the.attention of the commission the.perspective of communities along this.area.the uh the plane ridge park facilities.been a true source of economic.development for all of us flame ridge.has become one of our region's largest.employers including well over 30.employees here just in.my community that i represent uh also.important or vendor contracts.and many relationships uh in each one of.those communities.as many of you know plain of all the.surrounding communities including.franklin.share a regional dispatch center for.public safety and we also share many.other services all the town managers.have an excellent working relationship.together and we try to support one.another.as much as possible there's also a major.entertainment destination source in the.region that's brought thousands of.patrons to our hotels restaurants and.retail venues.which has brought frank to an additional.local tax receipts.from all that economic activity in fact.prior to covet 19.all our local hotels were seeing in.excess of 85.occupancy we certainly hope to get back.there someday.large part of that occupancy is due to.the plane ridge casino.as we kind of frequently say here in.franklin uh we are the largest community.in the region but we do see a lot of.spillover activity.for great woods amphitheater gillette.stadium hockey tournaments in.marlborough and plainbridge casino has.really been the latest.uh amenity in the area uh to be able to.showcase.um uh that economic activity here in.franklin.uh franklin just recently permitted in.fact the fourth hotel.about a year ago uh in town partly due.to that demand sleeps by hilton.which is about half built the current.time and hopefully once we make it.recover.they will be able to finish that project.the town of franklin these hotels bring.in a significant source of revenue and.hotel motel taxes.which the town appropriates each year.toward its roads and infrastructure.just off the interstates on many many of.our major roads in the community.so finally it's critical to maintain our.competitive advantage for communities.that boarded the state of rhode island.maintain good jobs positive economic.activity for our hotels restaurants the.consumer economy and franklin.overall with two major exits here in.franklin off 495 and the thriving.commercial sector around those exits.more people come to franklin each day.than leave uh franklin.um and my major part of that is.certainly fragmented playing.plane ridge resort casino by supporting.this license renewal.it's just a small thing the commonwealth.can do to assist us in ensuring.our business activity thrives here in.town especially as we hope to climb out.of this covered era.so thank you very much for your time.today and we are due to the new displays.thank you madam chair and thank you.members thank you thank you mr allen.thank you uh so next up we have uh.rachel benson.uh wrentham director of planning and.economic development.i think i saw her online earlier i am.and the sun is coming right through my.window beautiful day.thank you all for having us here um this.is my first time so.um i'll go i'm.not gonna repeat what everybody else has.already said all good things so.um what i'm gonna go so is just go into.a little bit more about the.tourism and marketing strategy that we.used um some of the.grant money for which actually came from.frank.from uh foxboro which is you know says a.lot as well that they used.that grant to to help also plain ridge.but the surrounding communities as well.and so.that to me says a lot about how.you know this is really a part of our.all of our.towns and we all sort of welcome each.other um.so of 18 000 residents um.we our three towns manage over 20.million visitors each year um and we.each have our own.destination rent premium outlets of.course.plain ridge casino and at foxborough's.gillette stadium and patriot place.along with supercharged electric.go-karts who knew.um with plain ridge all these other.developments have.come up um including the expansion of.patriot place.and the shopping there but also dining.um.open space recreation arts and culture.um.and as jamie was talking about um.lodging.we've just opened up one that's in.both plainville and rentham.um for right down the street from to.make this a.multi-day type of uh destination as.opposed to just.one day coming in on a bus and leaving.the same day we want people to make this.a multi-stay.um trip.and we also saw.with those two new um in.casinos opening in rhode island we did.see the need.for this marketing and tourism study.because.you know plain ridge has a lot to a lot.to.do in this area jobs housing development.the spillover that you wouldn't even.think of.you know is is immense um.and i think that's all i'm going to say.now because.thank thank you and we understand that.probably many of your sentiments have.been stated so we appreciate.your the extra value that you just added.and it was distinctly different so thank.you so much.joe okay so um next up are the.uh is the impacted live entertainment.venues um and we have troy.uh cybeles for president and ceo of.hanover theater.to speak uh next.sharing the worcester performing excuse.me the massachusetts performing arts.center coalition we are a group of.theaters that.did some interfacing with all the.casinos prior to their licensing back a.number of years ago um including with.with penn national.and um our concerns at the time were.really based around the the history of.uh live excuse me of.resort casinos bringing in performances.that really heavily impact nonprofit and.municipally owned performing arts.centers.we signed a very friendly letter of.agreement at that time.with penn national and are happy to say.that we haven't.haven't seen any negative impact at all.from from the casino and from us i think.maybe no negative impact is a very.positive thing.we are happy for the relationship.and in fact um the the penn national has.been really great about.being open to the idea of discussing.potential uh.co-marketing opportunities we've we've.sort of uh committed in good faith to.discuss some of those things recently.but our venues right now.are in a are in turmoil uh needless to.say due to the pandemic so it's not a.great time for us to have detailed.conversations about that but we're.anxious to do so.um and are confident that the the.facility will open and have those.conversations with us.um as we uh as we are able to but um.we are um grateful for the relationship.we have had.um i will be frank and say um.frustrating conflict with the other two.casinos and so we are grateful not to.have that in plain ridge and.and uh anxious to see them continue and.and grow and succeed.thank you thank you.okay so um sort of a lack of a better.category we've we're calling the next.group other organizations um.and the first uh person we have up is.jack.lank president of the united regional uh.chamber of commerce and when i give you.just the next couple so that they know.that they're on deck.we have raymond campbell after that.president of the standard bread.owners owners of massachusetts george.pinedo.lancaster packaging regional sales.manager and then marianne.campisano mac graphics.so without a jack i will turn it over to.you.all right good afternoon everybody uh.thank you uh commissioners thank you for.letting me speak today.um on behalf of myself.and the board of directors of the united.regional chamber of commerce uh.we are in full support of renewing this.license.we are the largest business organization.in the region we cover the 16.communities that surround plainville.we started working with plymouth park.casino.uh long before five years ago uh when.they opened up their doors.uh they sent their team up uh and we.were able to.work together to introduce them to.a lot of the facilities in the area and.these are some of the same partnerships.that they share today.um you know we've had significant growth.because.of plane bridge park casino and all the.folks that they have.brought together as employees and as.well as patrons.they are one of the larger employers in.our area uh which we significantly.appreciate especially during these crazy.times.there is millions of revenue that is.generated uh for the state and all.so for the local communities that we all.depend on.um this staff supports and volunteers.at most of the charities in the area.they lend their expertise.on the different board of directors uh.to help us all.keep on the right track um the.racing side uh has been very significant.in.keeping over 150 families.in our area employed.and with all the hay farms the the.grain attack everything the horse farms.in our area.they would have all gone away if it.wasn't for penn national and plain ridge.park casino.as far as diversity they have.been very very important to us they.support.our wind network our women's impact.network.as a matter of fact we had uh the very.first.uh women's expo and uh commissioner.cameron was very kind enough to come and.be our.uh guest speaker that day um in plain.ridge park casino and their team.uh put on a tremendous day for we have.well over 100 attendees.of local business owners here in the.area.with some of that growth as you've heard.from some of the town managers in the.area.we actually have four hotels ready to be.completed.because of the number of folks that are.visiting our area.i also am lucky enough to sit on the.convention visitors bureau for southeast.massachusetts and they're a big part of.tourism.and uh bringing many many thousands of.people.uh to our area every month um.all i can ask is that you uh give them.consideration.uh we would be lost if plane ridge park.casino was not.uh able to renew their license and on.behalf of.my board of directors myself and the.entire membership uh we truly appreciate.everything.that plain ridge park has done for us.the support that they have given.not only to my organization but to all.of the other non-profits.in the area the employees that they uh.employ.every single day so we just ask that you.consider.renewing your license and thank you for.your time today.thank you mr lane.okay so next up we have uh raymond.campbell president.of the standard bred owners of.massachusetts.good afternoon every year the commission.is provided with an update of the.standard.breeding program and earlier today in.steve o'toole's presentation.he pointed out many of the highlights in.growth and opportunities for.massachusetts standard red horse.breeders.and farm owners.it's very difficult to see that any of.this growth would have been positive.or possible without plane ridge park.with the stability for breeders of.having a place to race.their horses the growth in the mass.breeding program has been.moving in a positive direction with more.mass spread horses now of racing age.planers park has been offering more.restricted races which.even allows more opportunities for mass.spread horses.to race another area that plane ridge.park has been a good partner.is in the cooperation of staff members.to help with whatever they can.paul brett the race secretary has been.more than willing to help.in pretty much any way he can from.scheduling race days.being flexible on race days and the.scheduling of them and creating more.opportunities for mass spread horses to.race in these restricted races.in the paddock on race days greg.the paddock judge is a valuable asset.and in making sure everything runs.smoothly.steve o'toole the director of racing.works very closely with the breeders.program.and is always willing to help people.i'd also like to point to highlight the.the working relationship between dr alex.lightbaum.and the staff at plain ridge park they.work very closely.with us the the breeders to keep things.moving forward.in closing the partnership with plain.ridge park is a very positive element.in the growth of standard breeding in.massachusetts.thank you thank you.yes thanks uh so up next we have.george pinedo uh lancaster packaging.regional sales manager.good afternoon how's everybody.well thank you good um.our company lancaster packaging is a.a minority and womanhood small business.and.we have been doing business with plane.ridge park.since the opening they gave us.a shot at bidding on their janitorial.supply.uh and we went in gave it our best shot.and to our surprise we actually won.25 of the items which is kind of.something that is not seen because.normally they want everything wrapped up.into one bundle.but plain ridge park was able to give us.a shot at.just giving x amount of product.and that was huge for us because what it.did was.it allowed us to go out and.do other rfqs and bids uh.throughout the state and new england.with the items that we had bid on.from plainridge only because.what that did was it gave us better.pricing.and that's kind of unheard of for a.small business to be able to.say wow they they actually gave us a.shot.at being able to bid x amount of product.instead of the whole.[Music].bit which was very big and.our relationship just went forward from.there.we also have a side of the house it does.purchasing services.and when they became aware of that.they gave us the opportunity to bid on.some items from.local businesses that didn't have their.mass gaming licenses.so we went out and we would buy the.product and.sell it to plain ridge and it was a.two-fold thing not only did we.not only were we able to sell it to them.but the local business.was able to sell it to us so.that also was a great thing to see.out only because they could have gone.elsewhere some other part of the country.and gotten that from people that have a.license so on so forth but they.wanted to keep it within the region.and that was one thing that i was very.impressed with when we would sit down.with the purchasing people.and talk to them they always wanted to.keep.the buying within the region as much as.possible.and again that is just something we.don't see.too much from other corporates around.and.when we started doing business with them.on the purchasing.services side we started to learn more.about the casino business.and that gave us a hands up on the other.two casinos.in massachusetts which we've also done.business with and.if we lose plain which it would be a sad.day.[Music].i think for all of us only because to be.honest with you.i just i see them as.a type of small casino that you can go.in and talk to.and they're ready to receive you in and.they're very friendly and.i'll tell you what if i had a vote.somehow some way.i would vote yes with no.problem whatsoever so basically that's.that.that's all i have to say and because.it's been a great relationship.for the last five years of them and it's.just.i i don't see how we cannot allow a.business like that.to flourish within the massachusetts.area.thank you thank you.thank you very much yes thank you.and uh next up we have marianne.camp isano from mac.graphics thank you very much.it's and you did a very good job.pronouncing my name.it's campesano but it's a long one.i want to thank you all for the.opportunity to speak in favor of plain.ridge park casino today.um math graphics is a certified.woman-owned business with a global.approach.drawing on my experience at the boston.globe and arnold worldwide we opened.into.2012. working.only with agency trained creative teams.we were able to deliver professional.branding projects.and the entire process is managed by a.team that works to exceed expectations.on time.and within budget this thinking.and performance allows us to reach many.markets at one time.with the unique ability to respond.quickly and efficiently to.unexpected and immediate situations that.might arise in some businesses and we're.happy to say that we've been able to.pull off a few miracles when necessary.we greet the customer at the entrance to.plain ridge park.casino on the boulevard banner with our.outdoor banners.in the signage at the racetrack once.they're inside the building.the messaging is reinforced from window.clings.elevator and floor graphics wall murals.backdrops canvas prints cafe barriers.t-shirts and pens oh and also.in the restrooms my personal pride is.the flyover.mural at fluties restaurant.that was fun anyway this is brand.consistency at its best.on so many platforms.forms and plane ridge working with plane.ridge to achieve that has been.a great experience the back of the house.is another area where we have.worked with plain ridge to reinforce.both positive and safety related.messages to their valued staff.in a nutshell we offer the creative.power.and industry connections the full.service agents.see with the personal service and.attention to detail you can only get.from a small business.plane bridge park casino has opened so.many avenues for us.they've given us the opportunity to.stretch ourselves.in both method and materials.even before they opened we were able to.work closely.very closely with michelle collins to.create an environment of diversity.and support to the staff we appreciated.the opportunity and the confidence shown.by michelle.to our company by having us create.print and install these inspirational.messages.excuse me.but it isn't just the products and.services that we've provided to them.that has helped grow our business.we have been afforded the wonderful.opportunity to collaborate with their.diverse.and professional staff on a number of.challenging projects.we don't feel that we have ever had to.work in a vacuum.our input is received and heard and the.result is that we have solved the.challenge together.plainridge has had the confidence in our.abilities to allow these solutions to be.reached.and we're very grateful for that this in.turn has allowed us to gain experience.and confidence that we bring to our.other clients.so it isn't just mac graphics that.benefits from this company.their presence is far-reaching.from our little company in massachusetts.to our other valued clients.and to our vendors plainridge has made a.very big difference in a very good way.um i'd like to thank you for the.opportunity to speak.on the value that plain ridge park.casino brings to the community.and um i just want to say that they're a.great addition.i've loved working with them for uh.probably about six years now.thank you thank you.okay so the that uh finishes up the.uh other organizations category and now.it's on to the.general public where we have uh three.plainville residents have registered.with us to speak.um and the first one is luke travis.uh good afternoon thank you uh.commissioners for inviting me to speak.my name is luke travis i live at 101.pleasant street in plainville.uh probably about a mile and a half from.the casino.i've been a resident of plainville since.1994..uh i'm a local conveyancing attorney.practicing uh primarily in bristol.county um.and i also hold a couple of roles here.in town.i've been the town moderator uh for.about six or seven years.uh but my most important role i think to.myself is.i've been on the permanent building.committee in town.since about 2016..so when the casino was first approved.one of the first town meeting votes that.was taken.relative to that after it's approved.uh was to designate that our community.hosts.agreement funds uh would be dedicated.uh to a capital account not to be used.for operating expenses but.only for capital expenditures uh and.that has turned out to be.the best vote that the town has probably.taken in its history uh we've leveraged.that account.um to be able to purchase a very large.open.uh space piece of land on the western.side of town.there was going to be a large.residential development but fortunately.for the town it was in chapter.uh and the developer had to offer it to.the town first.and typically when a town is offered.that situation they have to politely.decline.in our case we were able to uh execute.on that.and purchase that property and we use.that capital account to do so.um that was minor however compared to.the new town hall public safety complex.that we now have in town.uh that was a 36 million dollar project.uh.i've been on that committee like i said.since 2016.and uh if it wasn't for the casino and.the capital account.uh none of that would have happened uh.we were operating out of uh.basically uh facilities that were built.at the turn of the last century.a century before and really.our fire and police in the town hall was.not operating.up to anything that was modern in.standard we are now.and we service our community very well.with those facilities.i'm sure some of the commissioners were.there at the uh ribbon cutting.and it's it's turned out to be really a.gem of the town.it's really coming to a lot of use in.this pandemic.in terms of the public safety and what.they've been able to use with that.facility.so i can't speak strongly enough about.the casino.um i i don't go there a lot a lot but.i've probably been there half a dozen.times i enjoy myself when i'm there.um and i think it's a terrific facility.uh there was a lot of concern in our.town about traffic and.i get off that exit twice a day.every day and i have never had a problem.getting to my home it's just been a.seamless.transition in terms of that and it's.added nothing but benefit to our town.uh so that's my contribution uh i'm glad.you asked me to speak today.and there were any questions i'd be.happy thank you.thank you mr travis thank you very much.yes thank you um so next up we have.tim mullen also a plainville resident.mr mullen you're on mute now.let me see if i can thank you good.afternoon.yes thank you man and commissioners.thank you and uh thank you for giving us.the opportunity to speak.um my name is tim gambling control board.i am a plainville resident for the past.30 years.um i'm also the current chairman of the.finance committee.um i am a vice president at citizens.bank.um working out of rhode island um.plain ridge park is really been a great.place socially.i don't want to repeat a lot that has.been said but it's.really a great place for our community.it's an excellent entertainment venue.hosting events and options whether it be.restaurants or music or.racing events uh all positive feedback.that i have heard from residents.the presentation on the what they give.to local charities is absolutely great.uh economically uh it's been stated but.we're certainly blessed to have the.benefits like our new town hall.and public safety buildings uh.many uh of my friends and fellow.residents have jobs there.and i think the important thing is that.they really seem to like their jobs.there.they're good jobs and a good company to.work for.so um i would just say i would echo what.uh representative dooley said that um.plainridge is now a big part of what.really defines plainville now and.residents are proud to have plain ridge.as part of that.town thank you.thank you mr mullen yes thank you and.um last on our list of folks who has.registered.is uh kathy parker also a plainville.resident.i should say last but not least um hello.and thank you so much for allowing me.to speak to you today my name is.kathleen parker.i'm a 45-year resident in the town of.plainville.i retired in 2018 after.38 years career as plainville's.treasurer collector.i'm a supporter of the pr of the casino.from the very beginning.i want to say very proudly in fact i.wrote a letter to this.commission back in 2013 to endorse the.transfer of the host community fee.from our way to penn national.i consistently spoke to the community.about the benefits that i believe the.host community.agreement would guarantee to the.taxpayers.and i truly believe that those benefits.have been realized.previous speakers have spoken to those.the main points of that agreement.but i just want to reiterate one point.and i think jennifer made it um when.covid hit.and we all know the casino and the track.were left without.a revenue stream suffering along with.everyone else.but they held true to their commitment.to the town.they made a us whole so that when we.closed the books or.they closed the books on june 30th.a terrible year was a very a little less.terrible so today i want to state.emphatically that i continue.to support the casino and i hope for a.positive vote.um when the the commission uh looks at.their renewal so that they can continue.to operate plain which part casino.so today what i want to do is talk about.some benefits.our community has realized that go.beyond that host community agreement.and i'll highlight just a few things to.illustrate.how residents of plainville are.positively impacted on a daily basis.the night before the casino opened to.the public i attended the soft opening.the proceeds from that evening's bedding.evening spending were distributed to.local nonprofits that operated.in at least four communities the town.administrator at the time.joe fernandez and i had the honor of.suggesting the plainville non-profit.that would receive those funds.we chose the plainville emergency relief.fund.the fund was established some 30 years.ago with a grant from the now defunct.plainville united way and is dedicated.to helping plainville residents who find.themselves.in an emergency and have nowhere else to.turn.the fund is governed by a board of.directors who have the authority to make.grants.we've helped countless people over the.years.and because of the money we received.from plain ridge park.we will continue that work for many.years to come.i also work with plainville's living.grid food pantry another recipient.of the casino generosity the plainville.has received.cash grants and has been benefited from.food drives sponsored by plain ridge.park.as the pressures of covid grew you can.imagine the experience.received enough to uptick in need.currently we serve 45.families weekly and are planning to.distribute between.80 and 90 turkeys at thanksgiving.plain ridge park has always been and i.suspect will continue to be.a loyal friend also you've heard from.various people about how.important the the track is and.into the haas community the farm.community in.plainville i don't think that can be.overstated and more importantly i wanted.to reiterate something.again from a personal standpoint of a of.a resident of plainville.luke mentioned the large track of land.that was purchased.um by with the post community fees fees.we call it.hawkins woods in order to get to hawkins.woods you drive.through the west part of town through.the open fields the paddocks.the calming and restorative power that.we see with those grazing horses.sunlight dancing on that beautiful grass.as we go into those woods.it simply can't be overstated.plainville residents understand every.time we're able to.do take that trip through that west side.of town.not have it congested with with.subdivisions just how lucky we are.to partner with plainville park casino.so these are just a few examples of how.this.the casino has supported our community.in very quiet ways.they do not look for publicity although.they deserve.to be acknowledged for their generosity.let these comments be that.acknowledgement thank you for your time.thank you.thank you miss parker joe.okay um i guess what i wanted to do was.give.folks uh that that wraps up our list of.of speakers but first i want to give.anyone if there's anyone that registered.for this that we.missed um if you wanted to speak at this.point.i see mr corey raising his hand joe do.you see mr corey.martin hi madam chair yes.good afternoon go right ahead mr corey.how are you i'm fine thank you and i.i had uh put in a request back in june.uh with regards to license renewals so.thank you very much for recognizing me.and i i can't think of a better person.to follow than kathy parker.uh and the lyrical way that she uh.expressed.an open field with horses dancing in in.open space.and and the wonderful contribution that.playing.ridge park racetrack has made with the.horse farms and.ancillary businesses that have thrived.since uh harness horse racing has.exploded.at the track in plainville and i'm happy.to say today that uh we are withdrawing.our request for the.delay of the renewal of the license.license.and i i will will not uh repeat the.things that other commentators.have so eloquently said today senator.feeney.ticking off the various statistics our.partner steve o'toole.going through the expansion of the.breeding programs ray campbell.ditto um we're so happy.with the intercession of the gaming.commission uh back in june where.there did not seem to be any excuse me.any hope.or likelihood of live racing um starting.up again.at plainville with your help and and.guide guidance uh getting.live racing without spectators back up.and running and.uh one one point that i think is.important to know.that folks involved in this industry.spend anywhere from 15 to 25.000 a year on uh keeping a horse.so there's added financial pressure.on the the people who.uh love uh harness racing and and who.have chosen.to make their uh living livelihood not.working behind a desk.and and this is certainly an attraction.that goes along.hand in hand with the casino as uh a.place that people want to come to that.no other.uh casino in connecticut or in the.surrounding area.can have as a draw for patrons so we're.very happy to have the seven.year contract agreement in place with.png.um i'm happy to to be here today to say.that.we're withdrawing our request for the.delay in in the renewal of the license.and uh we're very happy to have the.collaborative working relationship.as partners with the gaming commission.and with.uh uh png moving forward.and uh hope that uh we can continue to.race.with covet protocols safely at the track.and um i'm happy to take any questions.that you may have.mr corey thank you and thank you for.clarifying your position today that's.very helpful.thank you so much.any questions for mr corey in light of.the fact that he had had.that request.made that request to us earlier.commissioners any question for him.i think everybody looks all set.excellent thank you mr.appreciate it very much thank you joe.um okay again i just i guess we just.want to find out.if there's anyone out here that um has.not commented.or didn't register and who might like to.speak at this point.just remember to unmute if you're on a.phone um.star six.oh chris desperate raised his.hand is what i'm seeing is is that.accurate.yes thank you madam chair i appreciate.it oh thank you.and and again my apologies to anyone if.we are somehow missing you.hello uh good afternoon joe yeah good.afternoon.i appreciate the opportunity to uh weigh.in um i had recently run.for a position in town although.unsuccessful i was able to.speak to over 300 residents uh.in town and one of my questions that i.would ask.in conversations was uh what they.thought about plain ridge.and not one negative response.was given to me out of 300 residents.and although that might not seem like a.big sample.to me it spoke volumes of the positivity.of.the residents here in plainville about.the casino and how much.uh we appreciate them as uh neighbors.and partners.and uh that's all i really wanted to uh.give.is the opportunity to maybe speak on.behalf of the 300 people that i did.meet while i was running and thank you.very much for the time.commissioners did you want to comment on.mr perez.uh i think that's a unique candidate.you you've come back after.taking such care to get solicit.information from.your constituents and even though you.may not have won the race you brought.back.your feedback to us and so we thank you.for that.thank you.okay if anyone else wants to raise their.hand or.give a shout joe and.i appreciate any of my fellow.commissioners looking to see.if they see anyone trying to.get our attention we do have.at one point we had i think 100.individuals we have 73.now and we may have had more.i'm not seeing any activity.joe no i don't see anything i keep.scrolling back and forth at this point.um.so i'm not saying anything but i think.what we can do is.um you know we need to leave this.hearing open.until six o'clock i'm sorry i'll just.stay.planted right here in my chair looking.at the screen seeing if anyone wants to.opine.um and i think we did want to give uh.lance george uh just a sort of last bite.at the apple uh.for any wrap-up that he might have or.anything.at the very end yeah let's just see if.we have one more person.i oh okay never mind that was from.nintendo so sorry.okay lance i'm sorry.my apologies joe yeah no no problem.um yeah i thought we we had put on the.schedule.an opportunity for lance if there was.any rebuttal necessary.or any wrap up necessary so i think we.can probably turn it over to him at this.point and then.i'll just stay on the.line and everybody can kind of stand by.and if we can maybe reconvene it.i don't know 10 minutes of six or.thereabouts.right if my fellow commissioners if you.could just uh um.you know maybe block yourselves out and.mute yourselves but stay in the vicinity.so we could give a shout.i see karen has joined us who will help.and i guess i would i would really ask.uh gaming commissions staff who don't.need to be on the call if everybody sort.of jumps off of it.um we'll see every pretty much everybody.who's.sort of waiting if that makes sense.but not before we hear from no no.lance sure um not a lot after.today's testimony i do worry but i can.only take it backwards certainly.encouraging to hear.the good work that's been done um i.would tell you that this property and.this company was and.is keenly aware of what the expectations.were from the legislature with the.passage of the enabling legislation.um it's not lost on us and i do hope.that after today's testimony you guys.can see just how hard we work.to hold up our end of the bargain um it.doesn't just happen.and so i guess that's my second point i.want to touch on i do want to thank.this team at this property for the.tremendous work i think as we went.through this deck.we were short on just one goal um.tremendous work tremendous work all.around by by this group.and then shifting gears a little bit i.do think.certainly as i listen to the testimony.um.the magnitude of of what it is that.this has been able to accomplish i guess.this property has been able to.accomplish.certainly we recognize the financial.benefits to the town to the state.but you know after hearing from so many.folks today.it goes well beyond that um.and it's great to hear i think day in.and day out that gets lost.um because you're doing your job we're.interacting with the commission with our.customers with the employees.but to hear so many folks talk who are.well outside of that group.and the positive impact that this.property has had whether.individually as a non-profit as a town.um it feels good it certainly does it.um we have worked very hard um.couldn't be happier with how things.unfolded today.and the good words that we heard from so.many folks.thank you lance thank you so much.okay so we will not formally conclude.today's meeting or hearing we will.have joe stand guard.guard and i think karen two you intend.to maybe.text any commissioner if they we hear.from someone else we invite the public.if anyone is.is still listening to to to and they.want to get their comments together to.come and and bring those comments.forward.we will stay um our meeting will stay.open until six and uh at this point i.think.on behalf of my commissioners we just.wish to thank.everyone who did make an appearance and.and.take the time to be so thoughtful.and to contribute insights to really.help.us in our in our process so thank you.and and to the entire pbc team.excellent presentation very clear very.helpful.and we congratulate you on today's.commentary.you should be talking about.okay um so if you'll excuse us i guess.this is somewhat different but we'll.block ourselves out.and um and we'll stay tuned for about we.can be.being at 10 06 please unless we're.invited to come back earlier for.comments.and i will stand by okay joe i'll stand.by with you so if.anyone pops up we can text or call each.other and then we can circle back to.grab the commissioners back on to the.meeting.yep okay sounds good thank you thanks.thank you i we have not heard from any.other.members of the interested public.uh none have appeared uh since you folks.uh left i guess we'll put out one more.call and ask if there's.anybody else who's on the phone or on.uh the video today if they wanted to.comment on the ppc licensing.we have 35 people still on.um which i.am pleased with and then we'll just.remind folks.that they would have to.press star 6 which seemed to work today.for some people.nicely yeah we only have a looks like a.couple of folks on the phone at this.point.almost everybody else is.on video yeah so that's good.so i guess we'll just hang around for.five more minutes and take a motion to.close yeah.yeah 58 joe and we've got all the.commissioners i'm not seeing.commissioner o'brien.yet oh i did something weird here.we'll double check joe on any interested.party.yeah any last chance i guess here for.comments.well done to you and mary thank you.thank you.here we are.my watch is telling me to please that i.should stand up and breathe.gail we were talking about the sunset.are you able to see it out your window.i do have a window right here um i think.i missed the one you were talking about.last night though i did not.uh yeah i just i wondered in terms of.your positioning in plymouth and.yes um no i i can catch it from certain.windows but i.i didn't see it last night so out of.the back of the house is where i can see.it and yeah.no go i must have missed a good one.right.yeah although you know what i'm hearing.is that was maybe an.influence of air pollution yeah yeah.awful okay so we're at.six and i think that that's the window.we need to close by.but i want to confirm with joe that.we're all set i want to.um and just before we close that you.know.appreciation to all who have stayed on.including so many members of ppc.so joe i think we're all set uh we put.out a last call just a couple minutes.ago i've heard nothing back so.i think we're good to go.lance thank you so much to you and your.team.and i i suspect that we'll be.reconvening with um.members of this the same team and and.we expect we're anticipating a couple.weeks correct joe.that is correct all right well thank you.with that i do need to have a motion to.adjourn.officially uh madame jerry move that we.close the meeting and adjourn this.session.second thank you commissioners.roll call vote commissioner cameron hi.commissioner o'brien aye christian.zunica.all right and commissioner stevens hi.and i vote yes 5-0 on the record.thank you so much everyone and thank you.to all who participated today if you're.still here we greatly.appreciate it thank you thank you thanks.thank you.bye-bye.

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After following the above guide, you can either save the document or share it to as many recipients as you need.

You will find that CocoSign has made efforts to make your Chrome signing experience as pleasant and unworried as possible, by adding a wide range of handy features, like merging PDF files, adding multiple signers, and so on.

How to create an electronic signature for the Nj Casino Employee License Renewals Form in Gmail?

Email is the major way to send documents recently, and going paperless has a lot of advantages, speed being the main one. You can sign a document and have your partner receive it immediately.

Your email recipient is one click away. This simple process can be applied to any documents that needs a signature: contracts, tax forms, and all kinds of agreements or declarations.

The great thing about CocoSign is that it helps you sign electronically the Nj Casino Employee License Renewals Form in your Gmail, without having any other devices involved. You can do that using the CocoSign Chrome extension. There are only five simple tips you need to follow to sign your form right in your Gmail account:

  1. Find the CocoSign extension in the Chrome Web Store, and download it to your browser.
  2. Log into your Gmail account.
  3. Direct to the Inbox and find the email containing the paper you need to sign.
  4. On the sidebar, you will find the button 'Sign'; click it and generate your personalize e-signature.
  5. Once you select 'Done,' the signature will be completed, and the signed document will be automatically saved in a draft email generated by the CocoSign software.

Saving time was the primary concern behind the efforts made by CocoSign to develop a secure and safe software that can allow you to waive signing docs with pen.

Once you try the software, you will immediately become one of the many satisfied clients who are enjoying the advantages of e-signing their documents right from their Gmail account.

How to create an e-signature for the Nj Casino Employee License Renewals Form straight from your smartphone?

Smartphones and tablets are so evolved recently, that you can utilize them for anything what you can do on your laptop and PC. That's why more and more people are finishing work task from these mobile devices, saving even more time.

It's also a huge benefit work from home. As long as your internet connection is stable, you can conduct your business from anywhere.

When you need to sign a Nj Casino Employee License Renewals Form , and you're not in the office, the CocoSign web application is the answer. Signing and sending a legally binding document will take seconds. Here is what you need to do to sign a document on your phone online:

  1. Use your browser to go to CocoSign and log in. If you don't already have an account, you need to register.
  2. Discover the document that needs to be signed on the device and open it.
  3. Open the document and go to the page to insert your esignature.
  4. Select on 'My Signature'.
  5. Create your designed signature, then download it on the page.
  6. Once you have done, go over it again, select 'Done'.

All these tips won't take long, and once the document is signed, you decide the next step. You can either download it to the device or share it in an email or using a link.

A significant benefit of CocoSign is that you can use it with with any mobile device, regardless of the operating system. It's the ideal method, and it saves cost, it's safe.

How to create an e-signature for the Nj Casino Employee License Renewals Form on iOS?

Creating an electronic signature on a iPhone is not at all hard. You can sign the Nj Casino Employee License Renewals Form on your iPhone or iPad, using a PDF file. You will find the application CocoSign has created especially for iOS users. Just go to search CocoSign.

These are the tips you need to sign the form right from your iPhone or iPad:

  1. Download the CocoSign app on your iOS device.
  2. With your email to generate an account, or sign in with Google or Facebook.
  3. Discover the PDF that needs to be signed on the iPhone or pull it from the cloud.
  4. Discover the place where you want to add the signature; select 'Insert initials' and 'Insert signature'.
  5. Put down your initials or signature, place them correctly, and save changes to the document.

Once finished, the document is ready for the next step. You can download it to your iPhone and send it by email. As long as you have a efficient internet connection, you can sign and send documents instantly.

How to create an electronic signature for the Nj Casino Employee License Renewals Form on Android?

iOS has lots of of users, there's no doubt of that, but most phone users have an Android operating system. To fulfill their needs, CocoSign has developed the software, especially for Android users.

You can get the app on Play Market, install it, and you can start signing documents. These are the tips to sign a form on your Android device:

  1. If you already have a CocoSign account, sign in. If you don't have one yet, you can sign in using Google or Facebook.
  2. Select on '+' to open the document you want to sign, from cloud storage or using your camera.
  3. Discover the place where the signature must be placed and then use the popup window to write your signature.
  4. Insert it on the page, confirm, and save the changes.
  5. The final step is to save the signed document.

To send the signed form, just attach it to an email, and it will reach your clients instantly. CocoSign is the best way to sign many forms every day, all at a low price. It's time to forget all about physical signatures and keep it all electronic.

Nj Casino Employee License Renewals Form FAQs

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Write an application to your Head of Department seeking permission to renew his or her passport no …….! This current passport expires on dd-mm-yyyy. Kindly grant permission to renew! This letter must be received by office with seal & sign of receivers! thanking you

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