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Tips: A Detailed Guidebook on Filling in Junior Permit Form Online

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The Stepwise Tutorial to Junior Permit Form

youtube video

Understand How to Fill in the Junior Permit Form

other everyone is such it here I was an.international student in Canada so here.I will share my experience how I applied.for how I applied for my student visa.and what is step by step process we are.not immigration lawyer or consultant we.are just setting or experience with you.so here we'll go to the official website.for the Canada visa application CIC dot.G CRC a go to the English version and.there are different applications here.you need to go to the study for the.study in Canada you know there are two.different options study get a study.permit which is regular paper based.application and get a study permit.faster which is through student.Direction HTS which is online process.and CSE guys is that they tried to.complete this process in 20 days so this.is much faster than what it was in the.regular paper based application and the.applicants who are applying from China.India Vietnam and Philippines they are.eligible to be applied through the SDS.which is a faster process online process.so here I will go to the HTS here it.says who can apply so it says China.India and field pants and Vietnam.applicants should be eligible to.residence would be eligible to apply for.the HTS and here is the list of the.documents you were going to need to.apply for the cap for the visa.it says GI is the medical exam polish.certificate as well as payment of the.fees proof of the fees of the payment to.the college or university so heroes do.the process here so I am applying from.India I'll go India continue so and.create an account or sign in there are.two options to sign in once you can you.can sign in using.partners which are some Canadian on.Canadian banks so if you go here there.are different options to choose and if.you have like online login credentials.for any of these organized and you can.just use them to sign into your CIC.account but I would directly go to the G.C key I don't have any of them saw the.centre my.see else here I hope I entered correct.yes I did continue here these terms and.conditions and accept them software.based teacher is a really good guy okay.here so once you log into your account.and I accept terms and condition it will.show you what are the here is the least.of the equipment applications which you.have already submitted but I don't have.any of them so and here is the leash of.the application which you have already.started but you haven't submitted them.yet so here is that but for now I will.just delete this application and I will.start it again so I don't have any of.application which which which I have.started and haven't submitted yet yet so.I'll go to the apply to come to Canada.it is asking for a personal reference.code if you have started this.application before you should push to.your personal reference code if you have.it just enter it here and if you don't.just go to these options and check which.you need to go for so here is the.visitor visa study and but permit so I.want to go for a study so I'll go to the.study so here there are eligibility.questions which you need to give answer.so here I want to go for a study what.would you like to do in Canada I want to.go for a study how long you'll be.staying so it would be more than six.months because if your course is for if.your program is for one year it would be.eight months of program and if your.program is for two years it can be 16 20.or 24 months depends on if you have a.cousin in between your semesters or not.and next question is code near passport.so mine is Indian passports all sent.India country of westerns if you are in.Canada usually you should enter Canada.here but I mean India Central India.there can be possibility that some.because they go to the visitor visa in.Canada and from Canada they apply for.student visa so they're supposed to.enter Canada here but I am in India and.I am applying from India so Center India.we have family member who is the Kansas.City's now from an accident I don't any.of them so I will just say no.okay 1093 because they are asking for my.date of birth I know they wanna.celebrate on behalf of me.I do love lawful / - yeah okay so if you.are a PR in can in United States or if.you have a green card from the interest.rates just say yes but if you don't have.just say no have you been accepted to a.designated lunch learning institution so.if you are curious what is designated.learning issues and I have a link in the.description of this video that will show.you what are the live each other.colleges or universities who are under.the designated learning issues and even.- - that is DLI cell just go to the yes.next we visited or living in any of the.designated countries for six consecutive.consecutive months in the last year I am.NOT - but if you wanna check their which.are the countries which are designated.countries I will link for this list of.the designated countries in the.description of this video so just go and.check it now have you had a medical exam.performed by an IR CC authorized Spano.physician yes I had do we have a GIC of.at least other 10,000 yes I do.if you do did you pay RQ son fee for.first year yesterday so I haven't taken.a latias or any other language test in.last two years yes I have taken I.already has next where all your results.for listening reading writing and.speaking are more than six bands yes so.what was your marital status - I am.never married and single and single if.you are married just select married what.is the promise of - destination I'm from.one tier I am going to Ontario so here.you are almost there but will one ask if.we offer a few more question and after.that it will give your checklist of all.the documents you need to submit in your.application.okay and it says do not submit more than.one application in this may and.delaying or delay delay notices antibody.replication so do not just submit one.application.do not try to submit multiple.application so okay.just continue here do we have a valid.work permit or study permit on these.need a visa to attend to Canada I don't.have any of them so I'll just go.directly now next are you an exchange.student no I am NOT is work and SEO.component of your studies know if you.have a co-op in your program then you.suppose to select yes here but I don't.have it so I'll just say no obvious.pouce common-law partner or child of.certain skilled worker or full-time.types of student that has will have.status in Canada and no I'm not so this.should be end of a common wall.scholarship just finish no I'm not just.select next.I'd be accompanying a family member that.has status in Canada now just coming.myself so have you ever committed been.arrested or being charged with or.convicted of any criminal offense senior.in any country now I'm not so I should.do you want to submit an application for.a family member no I'm just applying for.myself next so here it is asking if you.want to give someone access to your.application if you have a representative.who is applying on behalf of you or if.you have a lot if you have hired a.lawyer or anybody then you should push.to select yes but I am doing it by my.subs I'll just say no and in the past.ten year have you given your fingerprint.or photographs in for a plane to Canada.no this is my first applications are.there are fees associated with the with.this application will you pay in your.face yes I will be paying my face okay.so do we have a scanner or camera to.make a digital copy of a document yes I.do will you be paying your application.fees online do you have a visa my ship.American Express you said you so here it.will show you all the all your question.and answers so if you think that you.given incorrect information for any of.this question so just go on this button.click it and you can update it and.update the information and after that go.to continue it will show you the what.you step-by-step process so first of all.we'll use your account to sign in to.your CIC account check say see your.applications or premier document shell.documents supposed to be in PDF jpg PNG.or adopt file only and pay our fields.continue so now I will show you cherish.for the documents here is this is the.form for the study permit which is.applying or who are applying from.outside of Canada so it says F because.of our study but we taps out of Canada I.will not suggest you to open this.directly in the new tab but I would say.I will suggest you to just download the.download this in any of the folder so.this okay so see if you try to open this.rectly in the parent in the browser it.won't open it and so I think you have to.go to the folder where you have saved it.and from there you can find it out so I.have it here I'll open it in my PDF so.it's taking some time to open until that.time we'll see what else we wanna need.so decent education transcript so if you.if you are studying bachelors or diploma.you need to upload that transcript here.you can always see the instructions that.what you need to submit for this.particular document is a certificate you.should use and payment proof.yes language test research passport.first and last page but if you have any.other countries visa I would suggest you.to scan that page as well and upload it.here later of acceptance from the.college a medical exam proof digital.photo and family information there is at.the form you need to fill it up and.upload it here and this is the other.form - for the temporary a student visa.so okay so you have to fill up this form.as well and approaches for it here and.information is.you wanna submit later effects play nice.and also applicant stills as a statement.of purpose which is called SOP so you.can upload them upload it here but do.not include too much information do not.try to make him make your visa officer.confused just give the information which.can make is job job really easy and this.for client information for all of these.file maximum allow space to produce 4 MB.do not upload file which is more than 4.MB because it will make a problem and.you will have to compress the file and.upload it so do not try to include too.much information in your documents and.after you upload all these files so if.you wanna upload such as recent.transcript just go to upload file choose.file and upload file but I can choose.any file so it is saying it is giving so.upload all these files from your.computer and after you upload all this.file you will need to have you will have.to pay your study permit fees which is.higher than $50 and biometrics fees.which is $85 and once you see so before.we go ahead we have this one form to.fill up IMM 1 2 9 4 so we'll see it here.so I already have it open here so here.I'll go I want service in English what.is my full name so family name should.company name and your name should be and.the first point first page of your.passport so enter those details here and.it is asking have you ever used any.other name I haven't used any other name.so I'll just say no your enter your.gender ok what is the date of birth.again okay and the city where your place.of birth is so okay.and I was born in India so I'll just say.India citizenship is Indian so India.okay so current country or territory of.residence I am currently in India.India and citizen here okay so it will.not ask you more for these questions and.previous countries are there days of.residence I haven't lived in any other.country so I'll just say no country or.territory we're applying so same as.country or trader your presidency yes.your current marital status is I'm.single so it will not ask me for the.marriage date and spouse them but if you.say married here you will have to enter.me your marriage date and spouse to.spouse for a family name and given name.here having previously been married or.in a common-law partner no I've never.been married.native language is mine is Gujarati slit.Gujarati here are you able to.communicate in English yes I am okay so.have you taken a taste for a designated.tasting agency agency to associate.proficiency in English or French yes I.did.enter your passport number here okay.come country or territory of issue who.issued the passport India what is the.issue date so I'll the center okay first.off okay okay so and remember this.expired date shouldn't be the date.should be the date shouldn't be the date.before the date of you are applying so.such as if it is like June 15 today so I.will June 15 2009 teen so I was out too.and this date should be after this after.today so for my case it would be 2026 of.December 31st because most of the times.it is 10 years of Xfire validity of the.passports for these three balloons okay.so these are already disabled so I don't.have to finish my time on them so do you.have a national identity document yes I.do what do you have a document number so.I'll enter my passport number which is -.an identity document okay.yes celerity is the same as the one.which is which I just tell some before.2002 630 first oh sorry.are you lawful permanent of United.States or you have a green card no I.don't.okay current mailing addresses enter.your mailing address.okay so residential address is the same.as mailing address yes it is.okay so telephone number so it is.Cellular enter your country code in turn.okay I'll try it phone number if you.wanna use it fax or email address please.enter email address which you usually.use because if they need to contact with.you they will contact you on these.similar address so the test of intended.study in Canada so which in which.college you will be studying so I will.be going to my level of study so I will.be studying certificate College my field.of study will be engineering so pro.means is Ontario city is Kitchener so.yeah and address is 299 stone so you can.find all this information as well as.your DLI number and everything from the.student from the.College expectance later and yes.shouldn't I de ok so what is what would.be the duration of the study so I will.be starting from 2019 of September 5 to.2 years for me so I'll be completing my.education in but I have like I don't.have any Becca sign in between so I'll.be finishing it under and December of.2020 I think it's supposed to be 18 on I.I don't have exact date but I will just.say 23 it should be before Christmas.because please much time so okay the.cost of my two cents enter here what.would be the cost of my dues and so just.for in my case this fifteen thousand.room and board would be okay I'll just.enter five thousand for now funds.available for my study in Canada so.where you can check these funds.available for a shrink and I always I.have already put a link in the.description of this video just go and.check it out that like if you are coming.by yourself which supposed to be $10,000.but if you are coming with somebody else.with your family member it should be.four thousand and four thousand on each.beverage family members plus two.thousand for yourself so it should be.fourteen thousand if we are coming with.her super wife or husband okay my.expense in Canada will be paid by.parents if you are paying by yourself.Center myself but in my case parents.should be paying for it.have you had any post-secondary.education yes I had so enter from when.to why I started from 2015 of June and I.finished in 2019 of a pillow and my.study was in engineering so I'll just.say.filled and develop study so.[Music].computer engineering because if you.enter engineering it won't allow you to.so just entered like this school and or.facility sighs I was study from God okay.LD college of engineering Illustrated.from Haddad country or territories India.okay.employment so like I wasn't working so.I'll just say not applicable here.yeah well just like not this so I'll.just select anything yes so just.selecting yeah and I've started from.2019 up to just for a date because it is.the required field so and okay after.that is asking so we have you or your.family um but had tuberculosis in.in the past year in past two years now.so read all these questions and answer.them but in my case most of the.questions answers and no so I'll just.say no to all of them but carefully read.all these questions and give answers do.not directly give yes or no answer yeah.so here it should be yes because I want.them to contact me if they need any.other information here is my signature.such a center ok today state is two.thousand 1906.ok so 1500 validate so when I go to the.validate is trying to validate it we.will validate it will check all the.necessary fuels are filled up or not and.it will create this barcode here so this.is really important you need to have.this barcode if you if you miss any.field it's supposed to like such as if I.don't emulator it's not the necessary.but if I forget to enter my document.number here then if I go validate then I.think it should be you can see here it.says that document number is the.required field you must enter document.number so I will just enter my document.number here and if I go back to validate.then if you change any of the.information in this form just validate.it again and let it make this new.barcode for you so after you make it the.save it and close the file and upload it.upload this file to and this application.for for a form for study permit made.outside of Canada of field and I already.said what to include what to submit in.these forms ok and once you submit all.these all these documents it will ask.you for your electronic electronic.signature and accept that you have.provided all the information.and then you can submit your file and.you will get confirmation email in in in.a day I think in on the same day or.under another day on your email address.that you have your application has been.submitted and you will get an.application number in that confirmation.email and you can check your status.online as well as after few days you.will get email for the biometrics qu so.and after you get biometrics email after.a few days they will ask you to ask you.to send your passport so send your.passport it will be back in a week or.two with just with the visa stamp of the.student visa okay so this was the shape.by step process I have more videos on.what documents to you is going to need.for the college application what.documents you gonna need for the chicken.peas application so just subscribe my.channel like this video and share this.video thank you for watching guys.

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Junior Permit Form FAQs

Follow the below common doubts about Junior Permit Form. Reach out to directly if you still have other queries.

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