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How to Customize the 1041 I Form 2018 in Detailed Guide on Mobile?

CocoSign gives assistance to each user to simplify the workflow and raise work productivity by having a better management of the files. Read the below steps to have a better understanding of how to fill out 1041 I Form 2018 more rapidly.

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Steps of Customizing the 1041 I Form 2018

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but it's.not I oh I only paid for the upgrade to.the better quality lens oh okay.the rest of it seems to be covered by.the sisters whatever I know however.covered oh good I'm glad it went okay I.was you know I was thinking about yeah.on uh I was thinking about you on Friday.like I don't want to ask anything so.I'll just hopefully he's alive on Sunday.and then we'll just get the whole story.so I was this is like an assembly line.thing this is this particular operation.and I guess people the millions have.remote done every year and so yes well.mechanic mechanical stuff forever t what.I was gonna say the mechanical stuff I.think modern medicine is very good.broken bones heart stuff this kind of.procedure I think we're really good at.it so we get they've got a lot of it.down yeah yeah it's like as it is like a.mechanic shop just go in at fix them all.now did the doctor at any point hover.over you look at the other guy other eye.and go.tisk tisk tisk.no I don't know right now I know you did.doctors too busy to even talk much your.what your thing it's like you go to the.dentist.yeah that's I don't care what crown.you've got it needs replacing yeah mmm a.little worried about this one over here.let's put a new one in now any timeline.and when this should be working when it.should be less blurry a month oh wow.that's a long time hmm okay yeah I got.all these drops I got putting my four.times a day.it's a you can't operate an automobile.then for a month sure I can I see there.and they did before the operation.anything my daughter put your dark.glasses on put a patch she loves you.very sad news this evening go into the.wine cellar dad is dusty down there mr..dvorak was found in his wine cellar by.his daughter the dog walker very sad.news tonight.all right well glad you're glad you're.here glad you good it's good news and I.do want to advise everyone that.listening to the no agenda show.generally causes healthy thoughts.happiness and a toolkit of life-saving.tips in the information apocalypse some.listeners however will experience anger.dismay an outrage which has been proved.to be detrimental to your health if you.experience any of these symptoms please.stop listening immediately and return to.read it myself this morning.yeah nice and early all right good.let's just get straight into the.conspiracy theory of the week Anthony.Bourdain oh yeah I had clips all right.what you got well I got two clips I have.the suicides up this is just the kind of.overview clip by those fingers on ABC.this is called the Bourdain suicides up.I just thought was kind of interesting.background ER window and saying yeah.life is good.and you don't today Bourdain is being.remembered for nourishing souls all.around the world by pulling up a chair.trying something new and breaking bread.together and Lindsay Davis joins us now.live Lindsay this is the second.high-profile suicide this week of course.first designer Kate Spade now Anthony.Bourdain and the CDC is out with.alarming new numbers that suicides are.dramatically up over the last two.decades but you have some encouraging.news tonight yeah that's right want to.give you one more statistic Cecilia the.National Suicide Prevention lifeline.tells us that calls it up 25% in just.the last few days that they believe more.people are reaching out for help because.of increased awareness so I want to pass.along that number to 1-877-487-2778 part.of that is the loss of connection we're.not talking anybody about how you feel.on the inside anymore.if if at all and also we.NEADS in reporting this kind of stuff we.need to stop another cop out.yes he had demons oh yes we all know.[ __ ] he's deep what were the demons tell.me was it was alcohol was it drugs what.kind of drugs was he depressed what kind.of dip was the uh oppression medication.stop with this demons nice demons yeah.that's another it really makes me mad.you know it was a bit of a shock to me i.watch Bourdain show I like to show you.know I watch his Vietnam show like good.we should go to Vietnam it looks like.it's fun over there you know the guy had.he actually had a lot of good stuff.going on he had a smoking-hot girlfriend.who we by coincidence didn't even know.that she was his girlfriend the Asia.Argento.who's the one who will you played a clip.yes yeah in calm that you said Harvey.Weinstein's and raped me and there's.more here and we know who you are.which of course kicked off the massive.conspiracy theories but what you're a.20-17 clip hood were dating before I go.any further this is okay this is okay.I'm gonna be on the side and I am I.doing this I don't know if I'm.completely doing it because I think it's.true.you've done this yourself I'm not sure.that it's true or I'd like to believe.it's true or I think it's funny if it's.true or I think it's pathetic if it's.true or it's just interesting that it.might be true I'm not sure where I.really stand as you can tell but I on.the side that somebody in the Hilary.assassination group took him out because.you know that acronym is hag just so you.know.Goodwin took him out for whatever reason.and I first hears the hairs of my.Genesis I'll give you the Genesis first.of all I read the couple of these things.retweeting his tweet about how these.their reviews being hassled by the.Hillary crowd right and I first I looked.at the dates that they didn't match it.in to goes true I sent a negative trace.this [ __ ] it's a hoax and then I.then I saw something else with a.different date I looked it up I went to.buy half more day I downloaded.Bourdain's history on Twitter.back about a year and there was and he's.bitching about Hillary right I guess.even further in the 2017 he's bitching.about her even more and then he's.hanging out with this woman who was.bitching about Harvey Weinstein right.when he was specifically bitching about.Hillary how really she didn't know.Harvey Weinstein was a rapist and then.someone from the Hillary inside that.said why does my clip sorry and that my.wife of course doesn't believe any of.this she says that he was a heroin.addict that was a known fact and a lot.of heroin addicts if they get back on.heroin he's spending a lot of time and.you know he goes to Southeast Asia I.wasn't doing that difficult to do they.get very depressed and it's possible.that this is what it was but she does.not buy any of this and I said the guy's.making millions of dollars she knows.there's no reason that he would just.nothing and what's Woods does or no to.me it's ridiculous he left a.thirteen-year-old behind which is.irresponsible so I this is weak I mean I.don't really have anything except that.just a generalized you know thought.about the Clinton hit list and so I.found this could be a genesis of.something I'm pissed with Fox for one.one Anthony Bourdain is slamming Hillary.Clinton for her comments about the.Harvey Weinstein sexual assault scandal.the celebrity chef and TV personality.condemned a CNN interview with Clinton.where she claimed to have no prior.knowledge of the allegations against.Weinstein in a series of tweets Bourdain.expressed his disappointment and anger.towards the former Secretary of State.saying Hillary's interview with Fareed.Zakaria was shameful in the deflection.and it's disingenuous Ness.she continued adding know what Hillary.Clinton is not she's not stupid or.unsophisticated about the world the.Weinstein story has been out there for.years and her interview Clinton said she.was just sick adding I was shocked I was.appalled there was a different side of a.person who I and many others had known.in the past Bourdain's girlfriend.actress Asia Argento is one of the many.women who have come out against.Weinstein alleging the movie mogul.forced himself on her in a hotel room in.1997.so I thought that would be a good way to.get the attention of the assassination.group mm-hmm and that's why I'm sticking.with this I think it's a possibility and.I know it's it's a little crack party.yeah which I'm not supposed to do but I.did it and as to the list has been.boring we haven't really been able to.put too many people on that list yeah.and and I was when I saw these tweets I.too thought hmm well you know of course.he he was I don't know how long he'd be.going out with with Asia Argento well.this this clip was from about I believe.it was in our tour whenever he did as.the current thing which is I think was.in maybe September so probably probably.seeing her.he's probably seeing her then and so you.know he was all all lit about it that.makes total sense and but I'm thinking.now of course we don't well the French.press actually reported that he was.found hanging not no further detail than.that but that's and by the way I hate to.do this but I believe the rule is if.it's curtains they're hung if it's a.person they're hanged.just to be safe I believe it's true but.nobody follows that music chickens.chickens laying people lie it's not.really little things you it's kind of.inappropriate.anyway I just so we're aware of the.grammar and I was like you know the only.thing is if the hag the Hilary.assassination group if they're going to.kill him I mean the easiest way would be.particularly you know on these types of.trips that he's doing you know small.aviation I'm sure there was some maybe.some small aircraft involved in some of.this travel at least but how about food.for a food poisoning that would be funny.and just have them die of food poisoning.that is actually if there's humor in.that business yes of course it's really.kind of funny but I but that's not true.if you're kind of want to get someone on.the list.as a warning to others right.Ryan's SS and and hanging is seems to be.and ends the suicides and you so you.suicide them because that is the most.question what happened really in again.it brings up these conspiracy theories.they guys actually form unlikely under.it with food poisoning or the small for.some reason except for us to nobody buys.into the the plane crash as a murder.yeah right but we do from Alaska to.great weights a great way to do it so.what I'm interested in by the way just.stop you again that would specific way.was mentioned very prominently in the in.the confessions of an economic hitman.true in the first one in the first one.don't go for the second book just stay.with the first so when I'm hearing this.and like okay the guy yeah it was.immediately conflated by the media with.Kate Spade who we know was depressed who.we know was on antidepressants.and by the way I we I finally figured.out the doorknob hanging thing it's kind.of Bruce ambass several times so you.know what Robin Williams also hung.himself on the doorknob how do you do.that and the answer is much simpler.because you have two sides of the door.you wrap your rope or scarf or belts or.whatever it is around the doorknob hang.it over the other side of the door and.then you have a perfect mechanism yeah I.know but it's handy as a plan-b just to.know but it's it's kind of gruesome but.I wonder if the guy and looking through.his history the addiction was actually.quite a while ago I think he says it was.twenty years ago he's light he does like.to drink and he says I don't do it on I.don't get completely blotto on screen.but I do like to sometimes just release.the pressure valve and drink like well.that could be something but still you.know drunk and then killing yourself I.don't know but yeah so then I'm thinking.if he was truly.oppressed was he on antidepressants.we're never gonna find out in any way.but it was bothersome to me that the.m5m immediately put it together put it.together with Spade yet it just didn't.get that impression from Bourdain but.yeah you know the depression is is a.real thing but it seemed like his demons.because they couldn't actually say what.was going on with him but his demons.were more drug addiction I don't didn't.know you know the depression not so much.written about that with him and then.producer Daniel from Coos Bay Oregon.found it he found it we have the best.producers in the universe in 2011.Bourdain was interviewed by Marc Maron.on his WTF podcast so to honor Bourdain.he released the that episode right after.a day I think after Bourdain died but.then and this is what my producer.noticed or hard producer the the episode.was re-released so it was put back on.the feed this 2011 interview then it was.published again and he noticed the show.ended several minutes earlier than the.original.now why is that.he went looking he did the work and he.found the piece that was removed from.that original 2011 interview I think it.explains exactly what happened and we'll.never hear you will never hear this on.the m5m for very obvious reasons now in.in terms of your past and how you you.live now like you still you know while.you're not smoking now but you did for a.long time yeah thirty-eight years yeah.I'm taking these nicotine lozenges.well I chantix you know I was taking.that do you know that makes upbeat.that's like the happy a and or suicidal.uh you know works for me if I start.cheating I gotta go don't go back on.here's what happened in my scenario he's.in France everybody smoking up a storm.because it's France he starts smoking.like ah crap I really don't want to.smoke goes back on the chantix and.anything can happen from there as we.have proven multiple times on this show.and why else was this taken out purely.for the sensitivity of the word suicide.is in there maybe I think first of all.let me start by saying.I think it's abhorrent that it was taken.out and then a jimmied app edited.version of the show was then put out.there for people so they could lament.his death yep so so much for the honesty.and the media even at the podcasting.level yep.second of course is great work by our.producer that's fantastic and clip of.the day for you and him for digging that.up cuz that's that's a I was trying to.time you in the intro just to just.remind everybody here are some of the.side effects as per the chantix.commercial if you notice agitation.depressed mood or changes in behavior.that are not typical for you or if you.develop suicidal thoughts or actions and.stop taking chantix and call your doctor.right away some patients have had these.symptoms while taking or after stopping.chantix talk to your doctor about any.history of depression or other mental.health problems which may worsen while.taking chantix tell your doctor which.medicines you're taking as they may work.differently when you quit smoking.chantix dosing may be different if you.have kidney problems the most common.side effect is nausea patients also.reported trouble sleeping and vivid.unusual or strange dreams until you know.how chantix may affect you use caution.when driving all operating machinery.I feel really bad but I think that's.what happened and and I'm sure since.this was a this 2008 FDA issued a Public.Safety Advisory about the drug causing.psychiatric symptoms including suicidal.thoughts suicidal tendencies since.chantix approval in May 22 2006 until.the end of 2007 the FDA had received 227.domestic reports of suicide suicidal.acts thoughts or behaviors 397 cases of.possible psychosis and 525 reports of.hostility or aggression with many of the.patients reporting hallucinations and.thoughts of killing people this also.included 28 suicides and we have story.after story of I woke up three days.later naked in my neighbor's backyard.I'd shot at his door I mean this is a.bad drug and going off it is also.dangerous you can't just quit chantix.safely they also say that don't don't.just stop taking it you got to talk to.your doctor because it is some form of I.believe it's a pure SSRI.that is telling your brain hey you don't.want cigarettes you want to kill people.that's the side effect of what is.telling your brain but that's what is.doing and and it fits perfectly it's not.this great conspiracy theory of hag.going after him but it fits perfectly.with what we have of evidence on hand.and it's very very very sad and.regardless of how dangerous smoking is.this drug I don't think is much better.so let's go who is our producer again.who dug this up and we went to do Daniel.from Coos Bay Oregon now Daniel did so.he saw the dirt that this is good Slough.things this is Nancy bazoo stuff he took.yeah well this is something of an.insular your big Nancy Drew so he looked.at the thing and he says okay well.there's this he listened to it I'm sure.and then for some reason he had the.sense to note that to check some well.which in this case was I'm thinking more.than the time of the of the episode well.he saw that the episode was reloaded and.I don't know the details of it maybe he.goes he'll he'll follow up with us I.think what he did and this has happened.to us many times when you mess with the.RSS feed a lot of stuff happens a lot of.unintended consequences if you have to.change something or refresh it or.republish it and so whatever you know.got his attention he's like oh this is a.new the new it may be the two episodes.came out back-to-back I'm not quite sure.because he had already downloaded one.that's probably what happened you saw.the two he has the other one the old one.in an archive they republish the 2011 so.that would come on as a new episode on.the feed and then he'd had that.downloaded and then a new one showed up.probably the other one was omitted but.it was still in his list he's looking at.the list he sees two of the same.episodes with the same naming convention.but he sees the times different that's.what I think happened well weird.question did yeah but that this kind of.had enough to understanding my point.know which is where did he get the.original the original was republished.first and then oh so I'm sorry so the.original was republished and tsombe is.said can you take this out please what.Marc Maron's advertiser's yes I just use.advertising but he doesn't advertise.chantix or anything how do you know how.should I know of how do you know oh I.wouldn't say that.well someone can someone can figure that.out you might have a look he's done this.he's done the super babies the job and.he guy it's a better theory than the hag.theory I agree yeah it's a sad it does.reassess and it also fits into both the.head curiously both the hag theory and.this theory fit nicely into the no.agenda worldview yeah of course.of course because we've been we can't.lose it's a win-win there you go.we've been tracking chantix from from.early early early days with the crazy.reports of people going nuts.they yeah well that's even more tragic.then yes it is now yeah I would thank.you Daniel we have the best producers in.the universe for sure I was supposed to.talk about Tina about that the other day.yeah I said look at the staff they got I.said yeah it's true but we have more.producers than anybody any budget yeah.because people this is good I was.thinking about this the other day as a.matter of fact coincidentally about the.number of people that really contribute.to this show mm-hmm and I think the.reason is is because we're the only show.that allow people to contribute and we.encourage it I take it seriously and.sift through it and pay attention it.very seriously well it says somewhat.self sifting mm-hmm I mean most people.don't send us anything I mean with.somebody like Daniel de finds this.little anomaly.he knows it's gonna go on right so the.producers themselves are invested.if psychologically so they kind of know.what we need and what we can go for we.have a good note from luminarias on a.fast track I put it in the rapid DNA and.I put it in the show notes also what.might as well just I won't read the.whole thing but I would like to read the.opening of this note so we were talking.about the rapid DNA and you know how.accurate is it it's now going it's now.in law police that law enforcement can.now use this which gives you a DNA match.in mere minutes and this is from an.anonymous producer and he says I'd like.to say anonymous I'm a longtime listener.I've been a forensic DNA analyst for.over 18 years I've qualified as a.forensic DNA expert in court over 100.times and validated a rapid DNA.instrument to test crime scene evidence.samples and cheek swabs and and he has.the whole rundown on this thing but he.does at one point say it's basically you.put DNA in swab in answer out I think is.what they say in the business so you.throw the swab in the answer comes out.and he says if you have enough DNA and.it's pure DNA such as what does he call.it pure.it has to be blood it has to be semen.unmixed semen swab so saliva saliva.works cigarettes gum also works but they.do have to have a large enough sample to.be able to match it to to a DNA well.good we got some questions then we.noticed a large enough sample.what about sweat the sweat count I don't.believe so but that's a good question I.wouldn't know about sweat I want to know.about sample size sample size in.particular yeah and I also like to know.the methodology having been an.analytical chemist the methodology for.getting the DNA out of a doubt of a good.wad of chewing gum he says we do not.intimate it and how old can the gum be.can it be dry to old gum good question.and the cigarette does it work on all.like filters as well now we do not test.samples where we can't take multiple.samples so the crime lab tests the main.crime scene sample in the traditional.way for upload into CODIS the national.and state DNA database the rapid DNA.profile any remaining evidence is only.used for a quick investigative lead we.don't accept samples that could be.mixtures more than one person mixed.together if we do obtain a mixture we do.not interpret the mixture but call the.results inconclusive the mixture study.did not perform as well as traditional.testing so therefore we don't accept.results from mixed DNA samples we don't.accept DNA samples from low quantity.sources like door handles or worn.clothing the instrument is designed for.high concentrations of DNA hold on hmm.the door handle thing brings us to.nested now the thing that and the only.reason I'm mentioning this because.there's a thing called a national.database of of parts with us the.national database of digital images it's.I captured the name of this thing.National integrated ballistic.information system that the reason I'm.saying is asking these questions is.because I because of what we see because.you're under investigation no cuz I want.to write a play ah cuz there's a because.what we see on television which the door.handle comes to mind also they the guy.here have a glass of water ah we've got.you now right yeah I want to know about.the validity of that particular.methodology because it is somebody.pointed out and we've pointed on the.show it's poisoning the jury pool of the.country s it is misinformation yes and.and it brings me to a clip I have which.is the short part of a clip on the the.National integrated ballistic.information database which apparently.has been in business for a number of.years and none of the it's like the cops.are too lazy to use it because they have.to collect cartridge they've spent.cartridges because this thing can figure.out what gun came from yeah what gun it.came from and and they don't nobody but.this is a little.report because they they [ __ ] adult.local agencies and the reason again I'm.talking about this because of the the.jury pool being poisoned by television.drama when in fact a reality of police.work is a lot different on the street.than you'd expect it to be and and we.don't you know this this one of our.produc producer who does the expert.witnessing on the subject probably knows.more about the slipshod manner in which.things are done more than anything else.but let's play this entered right now.into that database leaving data holes.that make the system in a it was.commonly taking several months to up to.a year to test firearms in our firearms.unit Marisa McCown is supervising deputy.district attorney in Santa Clara County.where guns used to sit on the Shelf of.their crime lab untested for up to a.year officials worried that meant some.crimes here may have gone unsolved we.discovered it's not just in Santa Clara.County either currently not every.jurisdiction in California puts.information in tune Ivan we sent out a.survey to 20 different California crime.labs of the 12 labs that replied an.average of three months went by before.any ballistic testing was done and the.results entered into neither one lab had.a backlog of up to four years at least.three of the crime labs don't enter.evidence in tuned Ivan at all we also.found another problem many local law.enforcement agencies send just a.fraction of the guns and casings they.recover in for Niveen testing we aren't.sending all guns to the lab that our.murder weapon in San Jose might be.sitting on your shelf in Modesto and.vice versa this information allows us to.tactically target the shooters ATF.special agent John Duras 90 says not.only works if every casing is entered.every time and if we can do it quickly.can we link otherwise unassociated.events together.that's why Santa Clara County's DEA.office has put renewed emphasis to now.clear their backlog and enter every.casing every bullet and every gun in.their evidence room.Chavez made tremendous progress we have.no backlog on our casings and for our.firearms.dramatically decreased the backlog now.there is some federal grant money.available to help smaller local police.agencies join the Knighton program.mm-hmm.in there you see measures he said they.send out these requests to 27 labs 12.responded which brought the numbers down.even more it in other words with the.exception apparently of Santa Clara.County nobody's following up on any of.this stuff they're you know you have the.same you know let's take guns off the.street let's do this let's do that but.what you can do and what's available and.so far as resources are concerned are.not being utilized.nobody cares a court that when one part.of the report they talked about you if.there's a shooting that you have to the.police have to identify and they do this.with little paint they painted circles.around the east casing and then they.have to collect all the casings and it.turns out that most of the guy I don't.want to collect all these casings just.like honor does what does that gonna do.nah you H no good no nothing it's kind.of pathetic hey just just I don't want.to get off topic here but of course the.producers are not working overtime.finding tweets in Bourdain's Twitter.feed about chantix.chantix and mälaren do not mix well.what is mälaren or mala rule they spell.it.yeah ma la Rona.and the second tweet is have you ever.tried chantix it makes some people.stabby but worked for me that was a.Bourdain tweet yeah.so what is this Amala rune tablets what.is this.I know what does it do I can't tell her.can I drink alcohol what taking Malarone.let's see tablets and what is this I get.one drugs calm that's so it's anti.malarial.India yes a malarial right oh so he was.jeez he probably took that a few times.he went to the yes he went in Southeast.Asia Bush my goodness all right sorry.didn't didn't want to get us off track.there.all right well that's good now I'm done.with the other thing oh okay I think.we've at least given people something.that the they're never gonna get.anyplace else that's for sure and I wish.they'd appreciate it more yes I'd like.to lead you into the g7 and I know you.have clips and stuff so I'm just gonna.play two quickies just to get us kind of.prepped and into it the first one was.without a doubt because really we saw.him with a impromptu press conference on.the White House lawn getting ready to.get into marine one which was love 15-20.minutes was quite long.my favorite part from that was this line.what do you like it or not and it may.not be politically correct but we have a.world to run the g7 which used to be the.g8 they through Russia out they should.let Russia come back in I just like that.we have a world to run here people step.back from my flying machine I need to.put my cape on I'm going but then the.way the media obsessed over this now.there's this long walk the Trump had to.do you know through it you see the.beautiful water and the green grass and.it's just so fantastic where they are.and he's walking up to meet Trudeau and.John King from CNN is doing it like it's.a golf game with Tiger Woods getting.ready to tee up I said she's not to fly.for a month so the friends the United.States walking in solo here this is just.outside of Quebec it's a beautiful site.as you can see the link in the backdrop.there the Canadian Prime Minister Justin.Trudeau about to shake the president's.hand these two have sparred fiercely in.the last 70 to 200 hours mostly over.trade also over the broader question.watch the handshake watch the handshakes.frankly a gas that they have been called.a national security risk to the United.States I love that too I don't think at.any point has anyone said Canada is a.national security risk button guy thanks.John King.well Trump said that is the national.security issue about the steel which was.never explained by the media it was very.misleading he did he did explain it at.the press conference at one of his.little he had a press conference at g7.which I recorded many clips from and.when he claims that because it affects.our budget balance and the balance is.what the national security threat was.but now I know that's not the way.Trudeau saw it.and he said he thought that did it was.terrorists I heard I heard it even.differently my understanding was it's a.national security threat because we need.to have our own steel and aluminium in.case we are at war and I'm Canadian so.that that is the old that's the reason.when I first heard that that's the first.thing and I thought yeah I thought that.was the I don't see how you could.misinterpret that but every but the.media never said you know the media is.going along with it cause it's a good.slam on Trump so let's just go with that.yeah but when Trump's discusses it he.says the national security threat is not.that we can have our own illuminate he.never said that he said it's because our.the amount of money that we're blowing.on these on the trade deficit is is the.threat to national security well that.brings me to an interim clip because I.don't exactly understand that what you.said about how the trade deficit is okay.let me I can I explain it real quick can.I play a quick clip of millennial trying.to explain why it's [ __ ] first yes.he and the MSNBC millennial economics.101 peppered throughout his comments.this morning was this through line of.Trade and tariffs what he'd like to see.the focus on the trade deficit yeah.squared that with what he's saying about.inverting changing the international.order in the way that he is yeah well I.mean so the president has this idea that.the trade deficit is some sort of.zero-sum game that if you have a trade.deficit that's like you losing money.which is not what it is I mean a trade.deficit fundamentally means we send.little pieces of paper with writing on.them around the world people send us.products in exchange for those so.actually in a sense we're coming out.ahead.okay I knew this couldn't be right and.I'm glad I'm here if we could explain to.me why not well that's got nothing to do.with what I was gonna discuss but what.he's what this kid whoever it is he's.he's one of the let's mock species you.know the paper money is bullcrap what he.just said to me was paper money is just.book of something you print on and you.send his paper money this stupid paper.money doesn't really mean anything over.to somebody else they take it in and.then they give us stuff because we're.just printing stupid little money okay.got it got it makes nothing but since.isn't that what he said that's exactly.what he said yes I guess that's not what.a strange version of the trade deficit.is always do is print more stupid little.money yeah.all right idea is the idea is that the.country becomes unstable monetarily we.had go into another something to say.something worse than 2008 when is you.remember we discussed as it was.happening where you couldn't get credit.you couldn't buy anything you couldn't.do anything at this factory shut down.you get you shut down factories in.production goes to zero everything craps.out that's a national security threat.got it.I mean you can't really you got nothing.you're just dead in the water and this.is like a you know ship at sea with no.power in irons yes so the trade balance.ain't an imbalance rumps this is by the.way what you said earlier about it's.important that we can make your own.steel yes I agree with that that's what.it is but Trump's the thing I'm just.telling what he said he never mentioned.what you said right he says that if we.go broke.there's that's a national security.threat or trying to fix well he would.know he would know about going broke go.broke check mark so Trudeau comes out.and trying I'm trying to say which way.to go should we talk to the Trump let's.do it in chronological order do you have.anything from the press tolerances Trump.first jump came up first in Trump but I.do have a kind of a not going to trade.let's go at Trump g7 not going to trade.okay Eva bleak ash flow oriented had no.debt of any consequence and they'd build.the highway system we built the in turn.the interstate system out of virtually.out of cash flow it was it was a lot.different no we have a very good.relationship and I don't blame these.people but I will blame them if they.don't act smart and do what they have to.do because they have no choice I'll be.honest with they have no choice.we're either gonna make the trades fair.because our farmers have been hurt you.look at our farmers for 15 years if the.graph is going just like this down our.farmers have been hurt our workers have.been hurt our companies have moved out.and moved to Mexico and other countries.including Canada now we are going to fix.that situation.if it's not fixed we're not going to.deal with these countries but the.relationship that I've had is great so.you can tell that to your fake friends.of CNN the relationship that I've had.with the people by the way he said.something very interesting there he kind.of confused fake news with Jerr nose and.he said you can tell your fake friends.over there yeah I know fake friends that.was funny I'd noticed that - well this.was a guy from CNN who asked him because.there was a report on ABC in every place.else that he's cooked rumps coming in.late leaving early right and he's just.there to piss everybody off I have an.ABC report guy says meanwhile Trump.still there this is the end of the thing.so he was there for the whole thing.Liat left but the CNN guy so Trump stops.him is yes to the question I started in.clip it and he says who are you front.news organizations yeah all right let's.continue with it I just I wanted to just.note the fake friends things like wow.that's kind of kind of off-the-wall it's.not fixed we're not gonna deal with.these countries but the relationship.that I've had is great so you can tell.that to your fake friends of CNN the.relationship with the people the leaders.of these countries has been I would.really rate it on a scale of 0 to 10 I.would rate it at 10 that doesn't mean I.agree with what they're doing they know.very well that I don't.so we're negotiating very hard tariffs.and barriers as an example the European.Union is brutal to the United they don't.take and they understand that they know.it they when I'm telling them they're.smiling at me you know it's like the the.gig is up trying to nothing they can say.isn't the jig is up.yeah the jig is up has now changed it.the gig is up wait the phrase from the.shays for today the gig is up but what.is the etymology of the jig is up.jiggly dance.then it's over the dance is over maybe.you may have just stumbled onto it that.sounds logical let's see the jig yeah is.an old is an old term for a lively dance.I guess the jig is up is like musical.chairs ah an expression used to mean we.have been caught out and have no defense.so the jig is up so you're standing.there and you're oh the music's not.playing ah something like that I can't.believe it got away with it Mexico we.have a hundred billion dollar trade.deficit with Mexico and that doesn't.include all the drugs that are pouring.in and because we have no wall but we.are if we started building the wall as.you know one time six billion dollars.and I'm going to keep that going a lot.of these countries actually smile at me.when I'm talking and the smile is we.couldn't believe we got away with it.that's the smile so it's gonna change.you have no choice if it's not gonna.change we're not gonna trade with them.okay how about a couple of more nah but.just I did look into this two hundred.and seventy percent three hundred.percent that the president kept talking.about and it is true that for a long.time there's been a very high trade.tariffs on import milk imports this is.why says our farmers and that is two.hundred and seventy percent it would be.helpful if he didn't do of the ninety.seven percent of all scientists [ __ ].and you know throw in three hundred.percent because it's not it's two.hundred and seventy percent but he did.it right but the notable exception is.ultra filtered milk and other.ingredients used to make cheese and.yogurt I don't know what that is that.way what is it.culture or something ultra-filtered milk.is a new product mm-hmm that is I think.they're using millet or some device.where they strip out the lactose and a.lot of the water and you and I believe.this is and I believe this particular.product is the reason we've had a sudden.up surgeon everybody in there brother.making Greek yogurt well I love you for.the fact that you know this stuff and I.had a suspicion you would however NAFTA.does not cover this specific ingredient.so they were entering Canada Navy a.duty-free and this actually became a.pretty big.business for us dairy farmers but that.changed a year ago when the Canadian.dairy farmers and producers came up with.some way to close this loophole with.what they call the ingredient strategy.and they persuaded the regulators to.create new lower price class of.industrial milk as an incentive to get.dairies to produce protein substances in.Canada using Canadian milk so of course.our imports fell sharply no heat exports.our export the import of our products.our exports fell sharply so there is.truth to what he's saying.and I haven't heard anyone even talk.about that this is what's really galling.in fact he had to tweet this out because.Trudeau I've got the clips of Trudeau.going on and on about one thing or.another seems to be more preoccupied.with educating women in sub-saharan.Africa to be honest right our priorities.these guys priorities and.Trump had to just happen last night.after Trudeau's press conference which.followed Trump's press conference at the.g7 Trudeau got all bent out of shape.about one thing or another and in.bizarre your hottie and so try well.that's okay let's let's finish these.clips an out sure I'll give you the.moment when this happened where the.trying anyway the point is Trump had to.treat this 270 percent tariff which does.it was your right is exactly what it is.the Canadians charge American dairy.farmers two hundred and seventy percent.tariff on any products they shipped to.Canada so we don't ship anything to.Canada is this any product any dairy.product okay yes all dairy products no.just dairy products that's what he's.talking about that's what Trump is.saying are dairy this one is talking.about the farmers farmers farmers but.meanwhile nobody in the media explains.this was really a galling situation now.I have not heard it anyway but you don't.place you can find a good rundown of.this is in The Globe and Mail in Canada.how sad is that so there's obviously you.know something going on about that but.let's play that you played that clip I.want to play this ii clomp clomp trip.which is I think the most poignant clip.of the press conference where Trump.complains about the why and now factor.and I kind of like I subscribe to this.this particularly this Trump complains.this is something I can't stress this.strong enough you know I talked about.tariffs that previous people and I'm not.looking to criticize people that were.preceding me but on tariffs it should.have never happened well the same thing.on North Korea we shouldn't be in this.position.we shouldn't be in this position on.tariffs there were hundreds of billions.of dollars down to other countries that.frankly would never even negotiated with.they've never even gotten spoken to I.asked the top person in China how did it.get so bad.he looked at me said nobody ever talked.to us missing in action.our leaders well a very similar thing if.you think about it place with North.Korea this should not be now should have.been done five years ago and ten years.ago and 25 years ago you shouldn't be.done now I can't comment on that sir.you've got a plan to guess okay one more.question I want a guy just behind me at.all times ready to say sir you've got a.plane to catch.yeah how beautiful is that sir you've.really got a plane to hitch yeah this.Kirk this really irked the the m5.Emmer's this but you know slagging off.previous presidents yeah I thought it.was very poignant I thought it was.exactly right what what are we doing.[ __ ] around and in fact it really.brings up white Trump's president Trump.shouldn't be President he would say the.same thing yeah if none of you because.he claims that this is a reason he ran.cuz of all these issues and I think he's.making a good point.I mean you this has got completely out.of control our debt is outrageous I mean.it bailed off it's just a bunch of phony.baloney paper there's free stuff.yeah well I don't think I don't think.anybody would agree that that's true.let's listen to now we go to Trudeau.Trudeau comes on afterwards and now he.goes on honest thing let's start with.Trudeau's sunset clause oh yeah got it.Prime Minister on NAFTA the president.spoke this morning at his press.conference he said he thinks you're.close to a deal but that a sunset clause.is inevitable there are two.possibilities he said for a sunset.clause but there will be one do you.agree that there will be a sunset clause.will you consent to that and do you.think you're close there will not be a.sunset clause Canada has been.unequivocal.that we will not cannot assign a trade.deal that expires automatically every.five years.that is not a trade deal so that's not.on the tables I think there are various.discussions about alternatives that.would not be that and that would not be.entirely destabilizing for a trade deal.and I think we're open to creativity but.there will be no sunset cause I've read.about this and I didn't understand what.the big problem was then we have sunset.clauses on all kinds of agreements like.the Iran nuclear deal.yeah they run nuclear deal well.according to Trudeau it's not a trade.deal if there's a sunset clause which I.don't know what he's what what was that.in the definition of trade deal III.really don't understand and I don't know.what he's so bent out of shape about it.for he was really bent out of shape.about this question hmm no no whatever.he signs good forever for the life of.men all mankind first legacy may be what.legacy so he goes here he is what yeah.let's go Trudeau going his own way okay.and today I'm thrilled to announce that.Canada along with the European Union.Germany Japan the United Kingdom France.and the World Bank will invest nearly.four billion dollars to support.do you notice what country was left out.hold on don't say anything.one let's do it again and today I'm.thrilled to announce that Canada along.with the European Union.Germany Japan the United Kingdom France.and the World Bank will invest nearly 4.billion dollars to support quality.education for women and girls we were.left out yeah what's going along with.this save money here but you listen to.what is for it's not for anything that's.got to do with trade it's got nothing to.do with no it's for chicks man's for.chicks.yeah but not even Canadian chicks so no.this makes zero sense billion dollars to.support quality education for women and.girls living in crisis conflict-affected.and fragile states this funding.represents the single is that does he.talk about the state of California with.the movie industry their investment of.its kind in the fight for greater.equality education is key it gives girls.the tools they need to make their own.decisions about their future and live.the life they want for themselves so.when women and girls have an equal.chance to learn grow and succeed entire.communities I believe this historic.investment in girls education further.speaks to our common resolve to make.gender equality a top priority not just.this year but every year.we also welcome the announcement made by.the developed development finance.institutions of all g7 nations that they.will be investing considerable funds.focused on women in developing how long.does this go on is there and is it a.kicker and virtuous this is whole.speeches as various plotting you have to.listen to it is worthless in trees but.it's blip is plotting plotting virtue.signaling hey I'm a liberal I've really.done I'm doing a lot for girls you know.besides the fact that this money is.gonna go to corrupt organizations come.countries that are that the money's not.gonna go to girls just do things that.this is bullcrap this is we're they're.little little coin purse open.oh come on Justin and drop some coins in.my purse is this this guy is and I hate.to say it because we got a lot of.Canadians at listen to the show this guy.is the worst.tense economic participation and.empowerment this is proof of what we can.accomplish by working together.oh come on five of us also agreed to a.plastics charter which speaks to our.common resolve to eradicate plastic.pollution this is an important step.towards achieving a life cycle economy.in which plastics would be recycled and.repurposed this is good news not only.for the environment but also for.businesses who could stand to benefit.from reducing the costs associated to.plastic use isn't the whole reason for.plastic because it's a cheap product.that you could make into almost anything.and it's great yeah yeah yeah stick son.plastics said Dustin Hoffman no yeah.said crazy right but so he twists it.again you know using some sort of.convoluted thesis that well plastics.would cost more than there were it just.makes no sense there would be no plastic.there wasn't a cheap yes and there'd be.no crocks.I'm sure he walks on for businesses who.could stand to benefit from reducing the.cost associated to plastic use.Canada will also invest a hundred.million dollars to rid our oceans of the.global plastic pollution protect our.oceans we agreed to the g7 blueprint for.healthy healthy oceans and resilient.coastal communities oftentimes.developing nations including small.island states are particularly.vulnerable to the impacts of a change in.climate g7 nations have a role to play.in helping these countries mitigate the.consequences of and join the fight.against climate change which goes hand.in hand with the health of our coasts.and oceans as part of this initiative.Canada will invest a hundred and sixty.two million dollars to help build strong.and resilient coasts and communities.this will include effort light to build.back after extreme weather events helped.expand renewable energy infrastructure.finally we spoke about the future of the.economy at length innovation is changing.how we live and how we work which brings.new challenges and opportunities for.working people one thing that came out.of this year's summit was the need to.encourage a culture of lifelong learning.so that the next job is also a better.job oh man what a snoozefest.the next jobs are better this is.nonsense.so what's a taser gun this is patent.nonsense really is some people don't.want they want to deal with lifelong.learning I'm used by for example by the.guy who won the Belmont Stakes.the jockey they won the Triple Crown.this year by the way I have a very short.I solve the Belmont Stakes in a nutshell.please play.[Music].thank you so the guy who is the jockey.dropped out of high school when he was a.freshman in high school never wanted to.go back and said he didn't care school.wasn't what he was interested in he.wanted to ride horses horses horses ride.horses.he wanted his dream came true it's.America baby is how it works.where's the lifelong education here like.mine so he got the lifelong education at.the stables and he knew you know there.was by being an apprentice which is.something you don't want to talk about.apprenticeship can control the way you.think in the stables I have some I got a.great second second is like a block on.education well let's go back to Trudeau.now here's where Trudeau by the way I.can jumped I got very few clips left but.I can jump too Trudeau ABC this is the.ABC report on the g7 where they twist it.pretty much taking the side of Trudeau.and used and used Trudeau as a kicker.this is before the g7 I want to play a G.a B C on the g7 ticker kicker we want to.turn next to Canada now President Trump.at the g7 coming face to face with the.very Allies he spent recent days.publicly bashing now he's angering them.over again by calling for Russia to be.invited back into the mix it was all.smiles for the rituals group photo but.President Trump arrived late and he.plans to leave early leaving tension in.his wake ABC's David Wright is there.writing novels leaving tension in his.wake today as the g7 leaders posed for.the traditional family photo.president Trump was all smiles but make.no mistake this is a dysfunctional.family.in unions recess very unfairly Canada.very unfairly Mexico very unfairly the.US president attacked some of America's.closest allies as he set out this.morning he even called for the g7 to.become the g8 again without Russia be in.the meeting Russia was expelled from the.group back in 2014 after it illegally.annexed Crimea Trump's suggestion that.Russia should be allowed a seat at the.table did not sure that is.internationally recognized and true as.illegally annexed Crimea because there.was a legal vote but that's just ABC go.over well here in Canada the other g7.leaders are also fuming over Trump's new.tariffs on steel and aluminium after.Trump justified them on national.security grounds Canadian Prime Minister.Justin Trudeau bristled the idea that we.are somehow a national security threat.to the United States is quite frankly.insulting and unacceptable yeah so here.let's go back to the press conference.and this is Trudeau and he's asked a.question about this because he's been.making it very clear that he he wants to.say he we Canadians are not terrorists.which is in the news media by the way.were ABC or any of him don't try to.soften the blow of that nonsense they.don't try to explain it at all so but.let's listen to Trudeau at the press.conference what's the name of the club.judo on national security sort of.specific threats from the president.today saying that he would cut off trade.with countries that don't do what the.Americans want them to do and that if.you retaliate on steel and tariffs as.you plan to do on July 1st that you're.making a mistake so how seriously do you.take that thread and does that change.your plans to go ahead with the.retaliatory tariffs I highlighted.directly to the president.that Canadians did not take it lightly.that the United States has moved forward.with significant tariffs on our steel.and aluminum industry particularly did.not take lightly the fact that it's.based on a national security and a.reason that for Canadians who either.themselves or whose parents or community.members who stood shoulder-to-shoulder.with American soldiers and far-off lands.and conflicts from the first world war.and I highlighted that it was not.helping in our renegotiation of NAFTA.and that it would be with regret but it.would be with absolute certainty and.firmness that we move forward with.retaliatory measures on July 1st.applying equivalent to the ones that the.Americans have unjustly applied to us I.have made it very clear to the president.that it is not something we relish doing.but it is something that we absolutely.will do because Canadians polite were.reasonable but we also will not be.pushed around in French and so.immediately does it yes you're more fool.so this whole thing by the way I don't.believe for a minute that this would.this would have even come up if they had.not put the clamps on the filtered milk.product that they were getting in for.free you're probably right yeah because.that's the drill the trigger because it.was just too much we're finally getting.sanam and by the way where did Trump.campaign the hardest at the end of the.campaign in Wisconsin yeah and and he.told this story he said hey you we're.getting screwed by the candidates so.this two hundred two hundred seventy.percent of tariffs which is a dead.accurate people stimulus a high number I.these maybes he's making it up he lies.all the time he never tells the truth.this guy the media has done nothing.nothing ABC NBC CBS have done nothing to.support this argument they won't even.mention the 270 percent as you say the.news me the papers won't talk about it.it's unfair it's totally unfair and so.that's why he's doing the tax on the.steel and then they won't then they also.won't bring up the fact that it's.bullcrap when nobody's calling the.Canadians terrorists and the national.security things got nothing to do with.Canada specifically no it's our only.thing we'll bring that up this is no.good is this the Russians let me jump.ahead.and allow me to play a clip that I've.been waiting for the end of your little.spiel unless you have another important.clip to play I can go I can pass it up.okay this is the joy Reid show on MSNBC.joy Reid as you know is a homophobic.truther which is just as to what she is.it's a weird it's a weird combo which is.a homophobic truther and she had a strim.and she had three gets she very very.very a lot of hate for the president and.she had three guests on and it was.almost as if they were trying to outdo.each other in I mean you you need to get.the Trump rotation list because some of.what they call them in this clip is on.there there are also some new ones it's.not but I gotta say joy I don't think.the the upshot of this press conference.was about tariffs I'll be honest as a.citizen I'm concerned about the.president's state of mind he did not.look well to me in that press conference.he was not speaking logically or.rationally it sounded as if he was.making stuff up saying you know all.China told it told me nobody's ever.talked to us or saying oh you know I.talked to Justin Trudeau and he can't.believe he was getting away with so much.trade stuff I don't I don't think those.things are true and the he there was.something about his effect which was.oddly kind of language from him I I.don't I just know what does it mean it.was like with me he did not what does.language mean music calm calm it was.calm you saw I'm choked up man.he was doped up look well playing with.you I mean what does he want him to do.be screaming and spitting yeah we're.Oh Trump and you know Malcolm you have.Donald Trump saying North Korea will be.a tremendous place in a very short.period of time that's an odd thing to.say about you know the North Korea which.is a completely closed dictatorship he.seems very eager to go and talk to Kim.jong-un to John Harwood's point not very.little of what he was saying made a lot.of sense.John has hit the nail on the head and.you know I think Steve Schmidt said this.the other day that Donald Trump it comes.off like a [ __ ] well you know I don't.think that does justice to the skin.Irvan a test I think he came off like an.idiot today I was almost shocked at the.way that he spoke with utter contempt of.every president that preceded him he.does not fundamentally appear to believe.in the processes and systems that put.him in the office he doesn't appear to.believe in the alliances that bind us.together that make us stronger as a.nation it is all about his narcissism.and to be from a national security.perspective this man wouldn't qualify.for the nuclear weapons control system.to allow him to be anywhere near the.nuclear control the nuclear control keys.or even guarding them I mean I'm really.shocked at the way that he speaks.because it is Donald Trump centric he.came off like Mad King Donald not.president of the United States yeah I.think you should write down Mad King.Donald I think that he's net belongs on.our list he might and before I play.those I mean we just played the clips of.him.and their interpretation was so alien.it's not play clips to prove by the way.they make these assertions but they.don't play any examples that's why I'm.happy I'm putting this after your clips.and there's a little bit left but I do.want to also mention that one of the.main themes certainly in the --use was.what my junker the drunker said he said.Trump is undermining the eighth notes.challenging the rules-based.international order and I had not heard.this term before the rules-based.international order but there is such a.thing and it basically means every but.all the leaders of the world through the.UN and the 50 60 70 other UN type.organizations they all just kind of.agree on subtle changes and we just kind.of yeah just kind of go along with the.program if I can paraphrase so you know.it's what Juncker said is he's not going.along with the program this is no good.yeah Sarah you know there used to be a.thing where Republicans sharply.criticized even the Dixie Chicks for.being on foreign soil and criticizing.the American president yeah actually.that was the Hollywood that criticized.the Dixie Chicks and almost you know and.drove them out of town when they did.that on the Oscars now I have an.American president trashing all of his.predecessors congratulating world.leaders on tricking us leaders American.presidents seeming to have more respect.in many ways for the leader of North.Korea than for his own predecessors.blaming President Obama for Russia.invading Crimea and indexing it I mean.it is pretty stunning to hear at.America's president.I don't have the clip but I was thinking.about getting it but he never blamed.Obama he blamed Obama for allowing it to.happen he didn't blame them for them.doing it right and did he name Obama by.name only fry on the Crimea thing yes.you named Obama by name.speak that way about his own country his.own president his own country's former.leaders oh this girl now she's great.absolutely I mean whatever way you look.at it Donald Trump is not working for.the United States he's not working for.the interests of the United States he's.not working for the interests of US.workers you can see the effects of these.tariff policies and states like mine.Missouri that voted for him in terms of.what's happened to soybean farmers.what's happened to the Harley Davidson.plant in Kansas City but to look at it.more broadly Trump's relationships are.basically set on what can a leader of a.country do for Trump.so he's favorable to China he's.favorable now to Kim because he thinks.he's getting this kind of ego boost its.enormous Lee destructive and it's.shameful that the GOP has not done.anything they know that these policies.are going to hurt their states whatever.short term view they have whatever.career ISM they have in the long run.this is going to devastate America they.may think they're fine their kids won't.be their grandkids might not be there.might not be a country for them to.inherit so they need to take this.seriously and they need to act now.we're all going to die.that's jeez this is crazy that's your.MSNBC it is crazy I hate to tell you.this but you can get a border line for.that one oh thank you.why do you hate to tell me about this.good news I wanna play more of the Trump.but now that they brought this up I can.play a couple of clips on the Jill can.we do at ease because we're running late.now yeah yeah we're run we're running.deep and let me do it as a tease you.won't believe this clip I'd like to.thank you for your courage and say in.the morning to you John.can't make Greek yogurt Dvorak good.morning you mr. Adam Korean tomorrow.subsea boots on the ground feet in the.air yogurt in the air add subs in the.water the names in the nights out there.in the morning to all the trolls in the.troll room where there were they belong.but always helpful these trolls of ours.because we don't feed them they feed us.it is no agenda stream calm also I would.like to thank not only all of our.artists who are diligently compute aful.pieces of art very creative for the.album art which we put into our mp3s and.I'd like to know by the way is the.overcast problem fixed is the artwork.now better because I'm putting it at a.huge dpi and people complained I change.it and no one said anything so yes we.need more input on that overcast problem.yes but the artwork was I believe this.was a but this may have been a best-of.that we pulled from the evergreens it.was a professor Ted with a orange old.clip yeah oh yeah his t-shirt says OTG.baby and for some reason it just fit.with the show it was funny and it was.put directly into the evergreens which.is an interesting trick I don't think it.ever made it this is news to you but.this has been going on since day one.well I'm not in charge of the art it's.more your your beats no but you look at.the art you look at the everybody's yeah.only when you say did [ __ ] was look at.the evergreens.if not the only one who says that I know.anyway no agenda our generator calm.thank you it's a tremendous amount of.value it really makes a big difference.in my opinion and I can know because I.was did you see this.I was the trivia question on this HQ.thing.yeah HQ trivia shoot show is an online.it is actually they think you can walk.away it's quite a bit of money playing.this particulars like they were giving.away $400,000 I've never heard of this.and all of a sudden my my phone starts.blowing up yeah you were you really but.they did I don't know they never.mentioned your name yes yes I forgot to.clip it or clip it for Thursday because.it was even more interesting it's like.who is it generally recognized as the.father of podcasting and the answers are.I take the pot as the pot father yes as.the yeah as the know I think was the.father of podcasting I think was the pod.father no in in the - you've clipped I.don't know what something went wrong.with that because I don't care about.myself but I just want to bring it up.yeah you and Trump yeah.so but it was multiple choice answer and.was the profession of the person who is.generally recognized as the creator of.podcasting was he a and MTV Veejay be.and NASA scientist and C was like.someone an X Apple employee and what was.cool about it is the most people voted.for NASA scientist I really liked even.morons and then they went straight into.a Steph Curry question which was even.crazier there's my brother from another.mother so yeah I said be Pete yeah.anyway let's thank some people are.executive and associate executive.producers just like Hollywood we like to.thank them up front in their own 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night list.yes yes previously Ashton is always.written this note but seeing as I am.being knighted today I found it fitting.that I finally write in I am yet another.one of the dudes named Ben we have.that's it that's the other movie a guy.who had me go Scouts hams and dudes.nutrients yep.and the first hand and spooks oh here we.go spooks and discover this and a lot of.military discovered this show through.twit John was my favorite guest on the.show and after hearing Norwich and the.plug repeatedly I finally gave it a shot.geez at the time I was naive an obedient.drone of the MS m5m during my first.listen I recall being mostly appalled.appalled by the crackpot in but skilled.nature of the discussions despite this I.was still intrigued enough to continue.by my third episode an old classic.Auriemma sowed I'm sorry I don't know.why that happened sorry but my third.episode I was hooked and quickly.devoured the entire back law you know.this is a very common phenomena it is.itse that goes like this I like the fur.I liked it when I first heard you this.because there already there weren't.obviously corrupted by m5m so they like.to show that you start listening but.then there's the ones like this guy this.dude named Ben who was corrupted and.they didn't like how these guys are full.of crap these guys are terrible at that.kind of funny I would listen one more.time this is three times this is wait a.minute and then he goes back and listens.to everything.yep yeah yeah that's what happens is.what happens outstanding problem what we.recommend no it's fine if he's okay you.do it.but jeez those early shows are terrible.I truly appreciate the hard work you.both have put into this the best podcast.in the universe I shudder to think where.my mental hygiene might be today if I.had continued to unquestionably get my.news from the likes of growth and the.other Stooges in the m5n him the.analysis and entertainment value of the.show uh surpassed by no other we agree I.only wish that it 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I am afraid will just encourage.these people to even more oh yeah I.think you're correct their name Susan.and speaking of Portland there's a.saying here keep Portland weird yeah I.know it's let's just show that they.stole that from us was a kid they saw.from Austin first yeah keep Austin weird.we had it first season surprised me have.thieves up there bad thieves.one of the supervisors made a comment at.Austin is the Portland of Texas this is.lame oh no here we say it because we.don't want to be mean about you stealing.our slogan we say yes Portland's our.sister city that's the PC way to say.it's our sister city I think you should.change it yeah - what - Spartans are.gays sister city we're pretty gay here.too you know yeah I think we have a loss.on that as well we're more gay than.Portland and we're weirder now it's a.pissing match huh.I work at the major shoe company you.mentioned on the show a few weeks ago.crocks I guess I don't know what do you.I don't know being one of the first to.have their work done in China in.February Adam mentioned authenticity.being a new buzzword and about that time.new artwork went up on campus and sure.enough authenticity has a focus ah what.was a focus as well as be true anyway.you to be true to what you do best on to.be true be true anyway you to be true to.what you do best which is the best.podcast in the universe Susan okay thank.you I'm gonna use that I'm gonna use.that from time to time just say hey you.know what true just be true may be true.may be true okay it's good sure it works.works for me boots are a group of.executive associate executive producers.10:41 and I can conclude that the new.lens.working perfectly there's absolutely no.issue whatsoever you sailed through that.yeah I was prepared I was prepared to.jump in but you know actually you were.doing the new the the spreadsheet I'm.like rolling up joins I'm doing all.kinds of stuff was great for hands today.we have another program coming up for.you on Thursday who knows I might have a.clip or two from the CHEO nice and I.made the Qi Oni Awards oh that's right.tonight's the chonies yeah which is it's.at Shoney's it's it's still kind of a.Hollywood thing the other chonies is all.kind of people in plays and actors all.kinds of settled in New York though yeah.oh there yeah but it's still a Hollywood.type of event you know yeah we haven't.seen all the plays I still haven't seen.Hamilton yeah there'll be lots of jokes.about it that I won't get but anyway no.there will be no jokes about Hamilton it.I actually we could put a pool down I.believe man maybe you're right anyway.the chonies denies it maybe we'll talk.about that on Thursday we'll definitely.have something to deconstruct for you.after all these are show days and weird.things happen remember us a full rack.org slash and while you're watching the.chonies you can point some things out.it's called propagating the formula our.formula is this we go out we hit people.in the mouth.[Applause].now everybody just before the break you.heard John talking about some great.clips that concluded the Trump's visit.to the g7 we're back now John what you.got yeah yeah he dropped a penny.oh it was more yes he dropped it again.yeah bumbles hard to pay so he deserved.the press conference with Trump up there.apparently looking sick or something.according to his MSM B's I didn't notice.anything you quickly turned to kim.jeong-hoon and the meeting that he had.to catch the plane to go to so let's.play a couple clips of that mr..president you got a plane to catch.Trump g7 on Naoko and Kim won but a.couple of more go ahead in the back Kim.Jong we're objective what you want to.get out of.I have a clear objective but I have to.say Eliana that it's going to be.something that will always be spur the.moment you don't know you know this has.not been done before at this level this.is a leader who really is an unknown.personality people don't know much about.him I think that he's going to surprise.on the upside very much on the upside.we'll see but never been done never been.tested many people the world leaders I'm.talking about world leaders that have.been right next to them have never met.him so we're going in with a very.positive spirit I think very well.prepared I think and and by the way we.have worked very well with their people.they have many people right now in.Shanghai our people have been in.Singapore our people have been working.very very well with the representatives.of North King high first and then said.Singapore yeah the hell was that all.about.well he's don't you mention it he says.Shanghai now I'm wondering whether.there's just a meaningless slip of the.tongue or is he thinking Shanghai for.some reason he or does he have Shanghai.on his mind for some other reason.Shanghai on the mind I believe that's.true.yeah no Singapore our people have been.working very very well with the.representatives of North Korea so we're.going in with a very positive attitude.and I think we're going to come out fine.but I've said it many times who knows.what may not work out it's a good chance.it won't work out there's probably an.even better chance that we'll take a.period of time it'll be a process okay.where did he say that we'll be there.real that's gonna be great real soon.which of course is tourism we know that.we know tourism is on deck.I never by the way I never heard that I.watched this whole thing I don't.remember for him it must have said it.someplace else someone's got a great.real soon hey that's bulgur I think they.made that up could be.or something I don't know I've but the.tourism thing is what we've been talking.about since the day yes yes okay so.let's go into part two which I thought.which this is a little inside it's like.I can see the calling the people on.MSNBC that somebody would even be.thinking like the way Trump does the way.he operates it's a little annoying but.let's listen to this well I think the.minimum would be relationship you'd.start at least a dialogue cuz you know.what's the deal person I've done very.well with deals what you want to do is.start that now I'd like to accomplish.more than that minimum I do believe at.least we'll have met each other we will.have seen each other hopefully we will.have liked each other and we'll start.that process I would say that would be.the minimal the maximum I think you know.the answer to that but I think that will.take a little bit of time okay yep.question how long were take I think.within the first minute oh no I just my.touch my feel that's what that's what I.do.my total would take to figure out.whether or not they're serious I said.maybe in the first minute you know the.way they say that you know if you're.gonna like somebody in the first five.seconds you ever hear that one well I.think that very quickly I'll know.whether or not something good is going.to happen I also would think I'll know.whether or not it will happen fast may.not that's what they were talking about.they completely misinterpreted that yeah.totally huh but they didn't play a clip.for anybody so they we can't judge for.ourselves.I've noticed bitched and moaned yeah.they suck over there just a little.Antrim all NBC used to be really.different about the president I take you.back to the Year 1957 the year of our.Lord NBC radio ladies and gentlemen have.you ever read the want ads I'll say one.morning you pick up your hometown paper.and spawn an ad which reads want it for.important position with fast growing.concerns native-born American citizen.male or female at least 35 years of age.must be able to give proof of 14-year.residents in the United States position.of four-year duration with possible.renewal room and board furnished yearly.salary $100,000 with an additional.$40,000 for travel and official.entertainment plus $50,000 for operating.expenses summer residents furnished with.paid vacation qualifications of.applicant carefully checked before.position aside our dad sounds mighty.attractive doesn't it but the job it.describes isn't a soft one by any means.as a matter of fact it's probably the.toughest job in America matter of being.president of the United States and the.first job of each president is to take.an oath that he will faithfully execute.the office.she's been named and will to the best of.his ability preserve protect and defend.the Constitution of the United States.yes the job of being president is a.mighty important one but preserving and.protecting the Constitution is even more.important because the Constitution is.the supreme law of the land the.President may veto a bill but if.Congress by a two-thirds majority passes.the bill over his veto it becomes a law.under the Constitution unless set aside.by judicial judgment plus the best.interests of the people are protected.that's how your American Constitution.works.ah good times yeah one-world government.that's what we're talking about that's.right I would I would say something.interesting.Norrish I would say there's something.interesting in that clip they were.paying back in the 50s and $100,000 a.year.yeah and that's 250 now it should be.over a million based on inflation yeah.it should be like something like 12 a.1.2 million or something along those.lines that's the guys getting gypped.yeah hey sure is all of them all dem.guys getting gypped that something.should be done about that I don't have.anything else on this whole thing I do.have the rundown ABC rundown on the note.of the North Korea meeting yeah I.wouldn't mind.I would mind hearing that yes run that.with the North Korea summit now just.days away President Trump was asked just.how prepared he really is what he says.it's not about pictures this will not be.just a photo of this will be at a.minimum.we'll start with perhaps a good.relationship and that's something that's.very important toward the ultimate.making of the deal today in the Rose.Garden with japan's Prime Minister by.his side the president tried to temper.expectations for the outcome I believe.we're gonna have a terrific success or a.modified success and while he maintains.he would not hesitate to call off the.meeting once again so I am totally.prepared to walk it could happen maybe.it won't be necessary I hope it won't be.necessary to welcome he says he would.eventually like to normalize relations.with the Hermit Kingdom and perhaps even.invite Kim one of the world's most.brutal dictators to the United States be.here at the White House we're at.mar-a-lago maybe we'll start with the.White House what is actually I stand.corrected since 2001 and the president.has earned $400,000 annual salary of.$50,000 annual expense account a.$100,000 non-taxable travel account and.$19,000 for entertainment the most in.the Air Force one he spends more money.than that mm-hmm.that was a Bill Clinton move.a nice still low the way I see it that's.a [ __ ] job for the money for sure well.she met you somehow you get to make.money on some other ways publishing.companies that give you like yeah yeah.that's right Hylian bucks for a book at.all it all works out in the end I have.two more clips and I'm pretty close to.done to short all these clips art this.is radish I did going back date I think.there's ABC go to ABC and listen to her.you know we heard these a brutal the.brutal dictator I get the biggest kick.out of the media saying we don't know.anything about North Korea it's the.Hermit Kingdom we have no idea what's.going on he's a how do you know he's a.brutal dictator if that's true because.he's asking about you know oh because.they know someone who went there and.said that so here we have Martha ranch.on Kim going and I did they she's.blowing making this alright a little.more dramatic than it needs to be.Singapore will be the farthest he's.traveled as leader he'll likely be.surrounded by his squad of highly.trained bodyguards hand-picked not only.for loyalty but physical appearance no.blemishes allowed men reportedly.separated from their families at an.early age to dedicate themselves to the.supreme leader.is drive to build a nuclear weapon.capable of hitting the United States has.been Swift and shocking but the biggest.surprise his skill on the world stage.hand-in-hand with South Korea's.president at the DMZ I think he wants to.see something incredible happened of.course the biggest test is yet to come.when kim jeong-hoon goes face to face.with Donald Trump so a couple of things.she did they of course they they buffer.this by saying as lead or a surfer.fathers ever traveled as this was some.sort of a ride in the Hermit Kingdom II.some sort of ID he went to school in.Switzerland he went to school in.Switzerland and spent all of his other.years in Paris playing basketball.yeah there's basketball ball and going.to Disneyland Paris yeah yeah so this is.both this is like just paint this.[ __ ] picture and then they have this.thing he's got oh there's these crazy.you know kids taken from there when that.two years old and there was bodyguards.and they show is via during the showing.of this clip they have this he's got a.cars like a ton of bends or something.can't even tell or a Russian car maybe.and there's and surrounded by guys.running alongside the car does about 40.of them right as if wherever he goes.he's got these 40 guys yet when we saw.him meet up with the South Korean.president Prime Minister wit or.president he there was nobody around it.means there's shaking hands he steps.over the line and they go have dinner.there's all these guys these reporters.were terrible.and they try not to explain anything to.anybody this is what my just my theme.for today which really galls me because.they won't talk about the 270 percent.tariff they won't talk about the thing.about they won't explain what it might.mean when you talk about national.security it's just outrageous.by your turn oh I thought you were that.was leading into another thing that you.hated okay what clip will it be next my.way yeah another ISO for you okay try.this one because I'm looking for.I got jack sadness do the two ISOs I.have desert for consideration for the.end of the show okay oh well then I have.one as well for consideration for the.end of the show I'll start quite quite.an impressive day it'll be quite an.impressive day I like it it's quite good.it's quite quite impressive as an ISO.now the one that I like the best is the.net is the last one which is something.that was I was watching Good Morning.America getting clips and there was a.thing it just was just some blather at.the very end of the show before they cut.to commercial and this was it nice nice.but I I think I have an ISO but it needs.to be played in context first see if you.can figure out which part of it is the.ISO now this was a very interesting.occurrence on MSNBC he knows my beat I.watch it and I've been talking about.Stephanie ruhle a lot lately because.she's Aksum and then it she's she's.filled with so much hate and venom then.she had mica on her show.Brzezinski and what is the she's the PBS.reporter.mmm I hate tea no no the young one kind.of a squarish head what's her name the.black girl no not black girl the.lesbians I hate to say it that way but.that might help you oh that one yeah I.know who you're talking about.but I can come up with her yeah so I.hate to just characterize there was the.lesbian but that's the one and Tameka.lays on this bombshell and just.everyone's piled jumping it's a complete.hatred of men hatred of the president.and I think maybe it was a joke which.would make sense cuz I would have made.this joke but to present it in this way.is a tad unglued.I wonder where Ivanka's voices are none.number of issues but back to the Rudy's.story I'll tell you a couple of things.first of all the hypocrisy is astounding.because I know someone who spoke to.Donald Trump recently about life in the.White House and Donald Trump's biggest.complaint was that he's not allowed to.watch porn in the White House he's upset.that he can't watch porn in the White.House they have those you know one 900.numbers block to which must be a.disappointment I'm not really sure but.that's it just were flies in the face of.all of this but you know I obviously.with my know your value platform feel.really strongly about these comments and.they made my blood boil I was shaking.when I heard them ELISA Jordan Walter.Isaacson next to me they both were.shaken here he is.undermining a woman's credibility.because he says look at her yeah and.laughs derisively what a pig and then.talks about looking at Donald Trump's.wives what a pig and this is a guy who.ran pageants Donald Trump for his living.okay so we're not going in that room.during teen pageants so he could watch.those girls this room I'm not a fan of.cages but I'm not gonna judge someone.doing pageants for a living and you know.that's the Miss America pageant is.making great progress so there's a lot.to talk about there but my point is.beyond the hypocrisy this is a really.bad day for women if this is.exactly the person the president wants.speaking for him telling people to look.at someone and then laughing derisively.and it's a woman talking about she's not.credible cuz look at her and then and.then then comparing her to the.president's wives this is not the.America that you and I have been trying.to pave the way for women for we have a.long way to go for women knowing their.value the president and his attorney.have taken us back like decades it's a.bad day for Humanity no come on come on.it's a bad day for Humanity.you don't think that's the best I.thought my GMA one was more interesting.because it was I liked it a lot.it was just babies that's right that's.right.it's pretty good it's a good look I'll.give you that well just throw it into.the end of show I so bin it's fine yes.yeah use a ball oh oh no I'm not gonna.blow my wad like that and talk about.wait just one thing about this.particular crib just explain to me.explain.can you mansplain something to me yeah.how is it stormy Daniels powerful woman.hear me roar selling my body for money.yet Miss America oh oh let's not use.your body to move ahead in the world.stop with the stop with the swimsuit.asking the wrong guy I can't mansplain I.will say a couple things about what they.said for one thing Donald Trump was not.running these patches for a living and.he wasn't going backstage to watch.teenagers undress I don't think but.maybe he was blanket statement a little.a little.he seems a lady but he owned the thing.so what difference does it make Walter.Isaacson is sitting there why these.people are going oh this is so gross and.he's also upset and shaking is that what.they're telling us Walter Isaacson the.CIA guy that runs the Aspen foundation.is rested up Steve Jobs books and a.million other things yeah shaking like a.leaf I believe is oh we we kind of.believe is a soup is sitting there.shaking aw I'm so upset by this and then.the one woman mentions she she doesn't.call back the one 900 that was that was.a PBS lady that's why I brought her up.what did what is what what this pot is.called jumping it's called pile jumping.and it's lame and but just I mean is he.watching the gorillas channel or the.porn channel let make up your minds the.gorillas channel the porn channel I'm.sure that some II said what do you like.about this job what bothers me is I.can't watch porn we're supposed to.believe this yeah sure maybe he said it.in jest to somebody yeah that's what I.was thinking maybe in jest I mean it's.possible he seems to be joke he's used.to joke around a lot but in fact that.they make this an issue we got problems.here we got we're trying to solve the.North Korean - even Bill Clinton when he.was on The Colbert show said hey let's.calm down the hope this guy's succeeds.at this well he's blasted him a few.times yeah yeah well there's also other.stuff going on from the pipeline bin.there's a little update on the North.stream - now this is this little ditty.in this clip which is interesting from a.couple of perspectives one you know.there's there's some stuff that Trump is.not doing that he promised to do but - I.well it kind of brings this North stream.to.pipeline into perspective and this is.the one that is routed around the north.of everybody straight into Deutschland.from Russia and you know Dortch land is.of course the they they run the show.because they've got a lot of gas already.coming into their country and then what.they don't use for their industry and.for heating their homes they pass on to.the rest of Europe and this is David.from talking about it yeah here we go.David I want to ask you about Nordstrom.too which is this pipeline project.proposed to run from from Russia to.Germany under the Baltic Sea this I feel.like complicates some of the policy.narratives we've seen here where the US.has been trying to block the.construction of that pipeline in part to.prevent the Russians from getting too.much power from their supplying of.fossil fuels to Europe what do you make.of the Trump administration taking this.sort of fairly strong anti Russia.position at this time one of the things.dividing us from Europe actually us.being wanting to be tougher on Russia on.this issue than they are.yeah the North stream to pipeline is.it's actually it's a Eastern European.issue the reason the Russians want to.build this pipeline that allows them to.supply gas directly to Germany bypassing.Poland is that they never want to cut.off Germany that's to scale way they've.tangled with the Germans a few times.they'd rather not do it again yeah yeah.because they'll come in Nick in World.War two no it's because of the the Euro.boomerang the the Russian ruble or they.call that so the Russians sell the gas.they get the euros they bite German cars.and other fine German products well.engineered products and that's how that.system works it's not just because.they're afraid of the Germans dick but.they this pipeline allows them to turn.off gas to Poland and to you clean into.other places.without turning off gas to Germany so.the reason that the United States has.stood strong or is not as strong as it.should against this pipeline is to.protect our eat NATO's eastern flank now.it happens this is a rare case where.Donald Trump has another priority along.with that of his pro-russia policy and.that is he is very sympathetic to these.increasingly authoritarian small states.in Eastern Europe which are.he's probably the only friends on the.continent especially the poles who gave.him such a such a good time what we're.going to see is these Germans have fun.of cloud and a lot more closer than the.poles what traditionally happens at.these kinds of summits is that there is.a vigorous debate inside the leaders.realm which is then cushioned by.cooperation outside I don't know how.much leverage Donald Trump has over.Germany right now and zero and it is.going to be hard for him to win this.without being able to mobilize any.sympathetic opinion in Germany there's a.lot in this first of all it's clearly.not in Russia's interest to be against.this pipeline so that kind of blows away.you know uh just sucking up to Putin.second of all the polls he's Trump is.dying justice to them I just want to.bring it up again he promised they they.would be part of the visa waiver program.there's no reason not to reinstate that.it's mean and I don't understand it and.yep and the third part is this idea that.the Germany you saw the picture I'm sure.that Angela Merkel's office tweeted out.of her with her hands on her desk.leaning over looking at Trump and it was.great to see to follow this on the.social Nets because it was literally no.I wasn't it was like Laurel and Yanni.you know blue dress yellow dress or.silver white do all of this stuff but uh.there she is the leader of the free.world this is the meme Angela Merkel is.the leader of the free world no she's.not nor is Donald Trump we have no.leader of the free world and of course.you know dementia a people are looking.at this going ah there he is just let.them all yep away and he said shake and.chilling out haha so it was and you.could see it both ways you know you can.see it both ways it was it was fun to.see that but also this this pipeline is.not just the Russians it's the Dutch.it's the Brits.it's the French they're all in on this.so I don't even know what the problem is.well that's a very poor report in this.from guys obviously slanted is reporting.for his analysis it's an analysis more.anything but I think that one thing.about well then that you don't to go.through Poland and Ukraine.they can just go straight to Germany as.though this is something bad or what it.has a lot to do with the fact that if.they ran it through Ukraine into Germany.the Ukrainians take gas and never pay.for it.well that's I'd look that up and that's.not entirely the way it went down these.like Russia has had to repay a couple.billion for okay well then tell me what.what I'm wrong about that was that was.at one point they didn't pay but that.was after there was a deficit on.Russia's side if you really look into it.it was a it was just a a game of.cocksman ship basically no and and you.know and the fact that we had the Maidan.and everything going on and Ukraine I.mean it's one country screw in their.neighborhood they didn't like the regime.that's what Russia was doing no but it.wasn't really the money but Ukraine was.at that point completely co-opted by.ours our oil people.yeah we're gonna send all those tankers.would happen to that liquid natural yes.Mord knows what happened to that yeah.lord knows all right well I've got a.little separate kind of a thing to.report on okay this is you know you're.familiar with trooping the colour.trooping the colour that's something to.do with the flag no trooping the colour.you lived in England trooping the colour.apparently is a day that the Queen.celebrates her birthday even though it's.not her birthday she gets to celebrate.twice today is the day that Queen.Elizabeth officially celebrates her.birthday which is actually in April but.it is known as the trooping the colour.and while she's a big deal some.newlyweds might be stealing the.spotlight and ABC's julia mcfarland.joins us from Buckingham Palace with.more Julia good morning to you good.morning pulling with ya as you can see a.huge crowd here this morning people been.queuing for hours not just to celebrate.the Queen but also to try and catch a.glimpse of our new American Duchess.royal watches no III know I already have.one in the borderline but I'm giving you.a full on for that and I'm taking bets.how long before Megan cracks she's got a.crash it's gonna be public she's gonna.crack in public something's gonna.happens is yeah I agree I don't think.she's flowed they're gonna drug her to.keep her going a tough load I don't.think she knows what she signed up for.no I don't think so either but it's I.can just see it unless she is a lizard.like the rest of them then she just.can't work this boss mammals just can't.handle it it's very possible you know.yes but I just found that going fawning.is 'abc fawning all over this event that.I never heard of you lived in England.you never heard and I don't a Guy Fawkes.Day I know but I know about trooping the.colour while you know they wanted to.explain what two hundred seventy percent.tariff is all about I mean they did just.just ridiculous these guys that really.stuck in your craw isn't it yeah did hmm.just for a second.I just like to talk about the Politico.BuzzFeed New York Times reporter who was.having a relationship it turns out.extramarital affair for him with the ex.with the Senate aide who was in charge.of the Senate Intelligence Committee.yeah to make sure the stuff doesn't leak.out and so this brings up an interesting.question and I don't know the answer is.it we're missing some information but on.one hand wow this is fantastic what what.a this is I mean it's like a house of.cards we have this being leaked to a.journalist the guy sleeping with holy.moley before no it happens all the time.and that's that's the problem because.the press the m5m I should say is barely.reporting on this and if they do it's.not from any collusion or anything like.that.they look at it from a perspective of.all crap they are wiretapping.journalists to find out who their.sources are and I understand that too.but that to me is also a problem now yes.if they were wiretapping this guy.because and that's how they found out.okay.then I think that's fair game the guys.working for the government he has to.follow the rules that's his job and then.we guys with any job you can he's.dropping your employees yeah within the.professional sphere.but you see it within the law yes but.you see the m5m freaking out because.they're probably all thinking oh [ __ ].I'm boning that guy whatever whatever.they're thinking because the news has.become sources people familiar with the.matter people familiar with his thinking.it's become you know sources who.wouldn't speak it would only speak on.the basis of anonymity because they.weren't authorized to speak on the topic.that's what News has become that used to.be you had to have wasn't to two people.on record for a source to print news.sources on record for a story to go to.print well so that's like a decimal I.believe he's a myth about one job but.one source well no he spoke on.background should but you should have a.really Hitler if you have a source.that's impeccable you can use that if.you could they usually who is this guy.nice guy he's always the place up.regardless I would like to know and I.guess you don't know either I'd like to.know were they wiretapping this guy and.that's how they found out that he was.talking to the journalists and yeah were.they sleeping with her or not is.irrelevant bore words are they just.wiretapping journalists because that I.have a real problem with that's it.wiretapping any American for any reason.other than probable cause I would.suspect I don't know it's a good.question whether there would be a.generally speaking I think if you have.two suspects you wiretap them both.okay so yes and if you haven't if you.have probable cause or a reason to get a.warrant to wiretap sure yeah yes oh they.must have had Brad if they didn't and I.have a real problem with that well.everything's gotten loosey-goosey since.bush.but yeah yeah I don't know what to say.well Obama was throwing journalists in.jail yeah he was the worst for this I.don't know if he was the worst but I've.had bad ones in the past so no I.wouldn't say he's the worst but tiny.preferred for whistleblowers and.journalists I think he's the worst okay.big rally in the UK's the free Tommy.Robinson March oh yeah pretty big crowd.cheered builders was the star attraction.our Dutch Donald Trump as he's called.how they let him in yeah well he tweeted.about that and he said I was at the.border and they said why are you here he.says I'm here to give a speech I said.what is the speech about to free Tommy.Robinson and he said five minutes later.we were led into the country this makes.no sense they took that would that mean.woman I know and wouldn't let her in I.know.it's what that's all about.fishy very fishy.I have.yes the this was kind of an interesting.podcast it's much more it's once the.hostess speaks of episode three here so.it's it's on YouTube but I think it it's.podcast worthy in a way it's just her.talking very young girl and this relates.to the lire foundation the Hollywood.indoctrination crew oh yeah known as.hick and the Hollywood indoctrination.crew writes hundreds of scripts and.story lines to get certain things into.television plot lines for movies etc and.now this millennial and I'm just gonna.call her millennial because she is but I.use that in a disdainful way in this.case she is an expert in many many.things and she's going to tell us.without her knowing it she's going to.tell us exactly how cool it is what the.leer foundation is doing global warming.is changing horror movies and it's not.likely to stop anytime soon.hello I'm Jenna I have a master's degree.in media and culture and I've spent.years studying horror media and.videogame cultures and living on this.planet three things I love to do which.is why I like many are concerned about.the increasingly irreversible damage.we're doing to the planet what does that.have to do with horror well we're seeing.the growth of an entirely new sub-genre.of horror which isn't necessarily.unusual genres are created and abandoned.all the time in connection with societal.changes like in the mid 20th century.when every TV show and movie was a.Western or last year when every movie.was a superhero film right now we're.seeing the emergence of eco horror.stories in which the planet itself is.the monster I love that she has a.master's in media and culture.from what from what fine institution she.didn't say but she has one and there you.go John it's Eko horror it's a whole new.genre now what are they gonna do about.these mud flats there you go.give you one more until we hit the break.well I did make a phone call I'm sorry I.made a phone call for the first time.ever no I got a phone call if you have.to let this play out there is a pause in.here uh-huh.that is in there I just thought I'd.leave it in there for timing purposes.okay no I can't wait to hear what this.is well it's not one of my best I have.some other stuff lined up cuz apparently.J and the other kids have been getting.the cell phones have been breached and.so they're getting phone calls.constantly yeah so let's go with hearing.aid call oh good.hi this is Melissa from the national.Hearing Center and I'm excited to speak.with people in your area who may suffer.from hearing loss about a revolutionary.offer our partners can now offer a pair.of hearing aids at lower prices than.ever before and this is close it's a.full 45 days risk-free for you to try.them out 0% financing may be available.as well.do you have trouble street in certain.situations and want to avoid paying.retail for hearing aids no.hello I thought you were gonna say I'm.sorry I didn't hear what you said that.was the joke that came to mind well it.is everyone has that joke I'm ready for.that joke I would have done that but I.just wanted to play this thing straight.and then it was a stealth hang-up it was.a shitty bot that was Jerry's shitty.[ __ ] bot you know it is apropos because.I am in the market for hearing aids you.can believe it really yeah isn't that.bad yes and and man let me tell you.hearing aid technology is is.unbelievable yeah I understand this.they've all got D onboard DSP so you can.completely filter how and they're almost.invisible some of them or you can get.ones that are made to look cool and.they're big and they have cool shape and.the Bluetooth you can hook into.bluetooth with these things but whoa.expensive and don't for a second believe.that in my insurance covers anything but.you know a big brown shiny plastic gear.but it's well I've considered that two.of you know what is the what is what.before he hit the brake what is the.price on one of these little superstars.dollars you're talkin $5,000.holy mackerel five grand at least.and they would insurance company already.been kick in a few hundred Oh a few.hundred sure well I have a twenty.thousand dollar deductible oh nothing oh.but I really need it because here you.and me or at home say something to me.hey Anna what are you doing I'm sorry.what what are you doing oh I'm sorry I.didn't hear what you said I'm just doing.the show I mean that's me I'm always.replying I'm sorry I beg your pardon I'm.trying to be nice if I said which I'm.sure eventually I'll do I'm older Hey.yes lux this may be it yeah I think you.can buy those big horns with a with a.leather thong so I can hang them around.my neck dynamite that's a lesson for.everybody kids don't go into radio.that's right.we do have a few people to thank for.1041 and I'll begin by thanking a few of.them yeah you can read along in the.notes and this is anything we should.stop me stop eating but all right start.with William Rowland and veradale.Washington's won 33 34 Ron Lincoln.Holbrook New York won 1612 von glitch.gaah the 11111 the show gets three.thumbs up he says and he has a douchebag.call-out for Daniel G in Portlandia.who's never donated he says Daniel G.Josh Mandel and Greenville is South.Carolina.100 101 James zukul $100 even then this.is belated it's in favor of the show sir.right or that's to rob this Sir Robert.says that sir Rob Knight of the.philanthropic till entropic bill with an.F shareholders Federation 83 38.hmm Timothy Crowe 808.sir milkman a bus 77 77 Andrew shirring.in Chesterfield Missouri 75 Oscar Brian.Greene at Pam's with his monthly 7373.from Schaumburg Illinois 73's kc9 yjm 73.kilo 5 alpha Charlie Charlie looking at.that new Kenwood th 74 a the APRs and D.star YUM.sir Kevin McLaughlin in locust North.Carolina is 6969 today was so yesterday.was 69 day six nine to nine oh another.miss ER another miss thank you bite me.Baron mark Tanner in Whittier California.6666.twice a month John of Jupiter 6418 do we.have a birthday cutting on him we should.do Emily he's coming up the dame what's.this is a blank line uh-oh was.interesting I also have a blank line.there wha-what is this ladies in Taiwan.so it probably came in as Chinese.characters and Tynan's it was written.this invisible ink.wait let me spray some lemon juice on my.screen yeah I know I'm a little late for.the vote but better late than never your.clip show was a good reminder of all the.timeless gem okay sorry we don't know.your name whoever you are.yes tends to know we'll just mention.your name out of the blue Shawn Wu Dame.serenity $55 Tricia a liqueur in Bangor.Pennsylvania 51 30s she did send a note.that I thought might be worth reading.let me grab it okay actually I think.believe she sent a card.we love our cards yeah they've got a lot.of cars I was getting nothing for months.and then I pitched the cards the car to.start flowing in yes apparently Costco.is now selling hearing aids when you're.there on Thursday can't take a look for.me.I will yes they'll get you some prices.yeah price meow after you explain about.checks I'm in I love the old-fashioned.way of pinning a note my husband got me.into the show this is nice and it helped.me understand the world for what it is.thank you I'm an occupational therapist.doctoral student at Missouri Missouri I.don't know what I miss you know mister.Cordia something Cordia I don't know the.last cuss I'm taking is on policy the.awareness I have gained from listening.to your deconstructions have led me to.have the courage to deconstruct a bill.not supported by my professional.organization ooh she apparently she gets.into fights now it's clear that the.organization is in dimension B Oh yikes.careful.turning now to do advocacy for what.anyway she goes on it's very interesting.that she's been affected possibly and.the stars as you may want she might wind.up changing the course of that company.that's very excited I hope she does yes.I like that.she'll be in Hawaii for his daughter's.make-a-wish trip so she needs some.travel Karma we'll put that at the end.for sure.onward where was I.Trisha liqueur and she dropped 5138.Michael whoa whoa.she dropped seriously said that I know.I'm sorry I said it I said it I felt.very bad I was hoping to blow past it.went away bro quickly said hello.hearing Michael Connor holes name in.Athens Georgia also fifty or he I see 50.38 of buckless he got this first St.Duchenne for first-time donor I want to.read from this note says why I don't.always agree with y'all's stance on.certain issues I appreciate the.transparency and blend so your.construction commentary what he means is.he's all in on global warming.probably alveolar that's right that's.what it always means okay Villarreal.Villarreal and Mercedes Texas 50-38 Cuba.Delta five alpha tango x-ray 73 's and.he had a kind of an interesting note.this is short but it's K yeah he's got.his a call letters there this is the.card yeah you did another card so cards.get read so people send cards except.well you get read this will go to my.wife's name hood it which is nice sorry.for the messiness of my writing it's.written on my chest in the car in front.of the post office Thanks thanks for the.effort you got his rock what was it what.what was written on the what was written.on its card I'm reading uh-huh it's just.all scribbly you got cuz he could.writing it on his chest he says that oh.okay and he's running the card on his.chest got it.guys Rock I totally have enjoyed your.show and it does my beautiful as does my.beautiful wife I hope you guys never go.away.no eventually will die that's something.we do reading cards cards are great and.now I'm gonna read people's names and.locations if they gave 50 dollars or.more starting with Drew MO check in El.Cerrito California right down the 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self-published just.start your own company don't give it to.anybody it's very hard to make any money.when royalties are that even 30% now if.50% you all are split so we're gonna.split split split you can't do it you.unless you do it unless you're both.doing half the work night and if you're.gonna just write a book for somebody and.give it to them you yeah you've written.the book but really most of the work is.selling the book so there's no way you.can't do it that's why book publishers.don't do 50 if you get 15% you're lucky.30% it would be a very high royalty for.somebody who was you know getting who.had other things to offer like if you.were Barack Obama you can get like.really high royalty because it's more.than just a book cuz you are royalty.yeah there you go.whoa whoa whoa I saw what you did huh.so so it can I can us in the seventy.five percent thing is did that right.away is no it's not gonna fall you know.my stance it doesn't work you can't.monetize the network forget you had 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eventually be reflected on.our piers map that I TM dot I am /.peerage and thank you very much name.Susan Johnson and thank everybody for.supporting us here at the no agenda show.you know you had a column which I do.read I like reading your columns yeah.thank you.yes it was about laptops in school and.the famous whine about that for a child.that was good and I'd like that you.brought it back was he getting that.although you being away you could have.brought in the Raspberry Pi I thought.that would have been interesting seeing.is there's a full blown computer for $35.and but yeah the big fuss about one.laptop per child but your your basic.takeaway was you know having a place.where kids can use a computer to learn.how to program or other you know how to.assess information online is good but.you are very strong and I think you have.evidence to back it up that having the.kids use computers to learn on is not a.good idea and Mike ami I've maintained.ever since the days of the control data.teaching machines which they had a bank.of that the U at California State.College Hayward which has now become.California State College Bay Area in one.of the basements and you could go and if.you wanted to take a course in something.or other you could go to this this data.center of these crazy teaching machines.they were called and they didn't work I.mean they work to a point for it was a.slow process there's nothing like having.a real person there that you can say hey.wait a minute this doesn't make sense to.me can you explain it and have them show.you having people show people how to do.things is so much faster and it's so.much more effective in fact the other.day I was looking at some some there was.some new term that came along and I.didn't it was trying to explain.something I could look it up by grid ten.pages and maybe figure it out I called.one of my four.who is an expert in the field and just.had him explained it to me to five.minutes that is the way you learn yeah.and also having computers with course.material which is click through you know.select multiple choice etcetera etc is.not helpful in the learning process.that's that would be a claim might make.yeah I mean it's helpful it's um you.know I mean it's nice that you for.example we all use Bing or Google to you.know you get some situation like how do.I unscrew this thing from my how do you.screw such and such and such and you.find there's always a YouTube video.sometimes ten of them yeah some guys.showing you that's a different column.yeah I read that one too yeah right.well this serendipitously led me to an.interview that I caught on David Knight.show David Knight is here in Austin and.he had a schoolteacher on who was.talking about Google's school projects.what they are putting into schools with.Chromebooks and it led me to something.else which is perhaps a more important.topic well just start with that one.little bit of the interview the Google.education suite is pretty.all-encompassing to the point where.there was one day where I attempted to.open a different search browser and it.blocked my access to a search that was.not Google the students are funneled.through Google Chromebooks to use Google.Google Docs that's how they do the.majority of their assignments is via.Google we have an entire education.program called Google classroom where we.are able to communicate and post.assignments to students and communicate.with teachers as soon as parents start.hearing that striving readers it's the.name of the program but for some reason.they associate giving schools hundreds.of tons of Chromebooks with an.improvement in reading because they say.that students can access reading.materials via these Chromebooks but of.course we know they're accessing YouTube.and as soon as you hear the name.striving readers and Chromebooks less.when you know that the school is going.textbooks free and we know that the.Google books project would fold into.that nicely.yeah Apple did a lot of this back in the.day they had their k12 program do they.still have that I still around I don't.know they can you know they came out off.of it they were dominating education for.a long time I thought they bailed yeah.yeah they did but now I mean and if a.Chromebook is so cheap to manufacture.this is you can practically give them.away but these stupid school systems.they're just making little Google slaves.and this yes there's a lot of dummies.running a lot of these operations.education yeah well this led me to the.PBIS which this woman spoke about this.teacher have you ever heard of PBIS not.yet positive behavioral intervention and.supports positive behavioral.intervention and supports this is.rampant at school this comes out of the.US Department of Education which doesn't.surprise sure does in fact we also have.SW PBS which is school-wide positive.behavior supports and she spoke about it.we participate in a program that is.nationwide called PBIS which is positive.behavioral interventions and supports.I've already researched and Stoneman.Douglas is a PBIS school this is in a.lot of schools in the nation and it.should be the scariest thing a parent.hears when they're researching their.child's school PBIS is a rewards based.system and it individualized is.consequences based on culture race and.background for example if I were to come.from a family that has a lot of personal.issues inside the family but I punch.another student in the face they could.take into account my race my family.history and apply consequences approach.based on where I come from free pass in.other words right yes I've actually sat.in meetings where they described poverty.as a trauma and explained that these.children are not able to control.themselves because while they were in.utero their amygdala was too stressed.and now they have damaged and we can't.apply consequences to them because.essentially their brain damaged how mind.blowing is that.damnit you get a third clip of the day.oh it was so distressing when I heard.this like this is the kind another.common core scam what is they you know.positive reinforcing this bad about.everything about the educational system.brainwashing the kids rolled into one.new program yes PBIS from their own.website from their facts about behavior.many believe the behavior is innate the.behavior is a skill it must be learned.and it's acquired through practice.typically when a child does not know how.to do something we tend to teach them at.home if a child does not know how to tie.their shoes or ride a bike we teach them.they don't just state tie your shoes or.get on the bike.we provide specific instructions we.model the behavior we let them practice.and we provide support until the skill.that's learned in school if a student.can't read or do math we teach them we.don't assume that a child should know.how to read or do math it is clear that.this is a skill that must be taught and.learned similarly if a student can't.behave we must teach them the.appropriate skill in order to help them.be successful behaviorally a student.will behave appropriately if the student.has the skill to behave appropriately we.will show you how to develop a system.that will teach all students the skills.needed to behave appropriately in school.oh that music where's my chantix so.that's how they're thinking your child.must learn how to behave yeah but if you.start off with the prayer you okay find.what the schools do actually you've.always done that it's not the needing it.needing a special program right but when.you start to assume immediately that if.you're from a lower class or your your.poverty.mm-hm kid from poverty and you and you.automatically assume this is a social.geological thing that it seems to me.that sociologists out there should be.freaked out by you calling somebody.brain-damaged yes so now all of a sudden.they're the [ __ ] is a new version of.the [ __ ] kids from the 50s yeah so.all the black kids are all gonna be saw.it thought this is just racism racism.well now all the black kids are gonna be.thought of no matter even if they're not.from poverty-stricken you know they've.one mom home or something it's all brain.damage all the black kids will be seen.as inferior this is unbelievable.inferior brain damage kids at all he has.to punch that's what he does he punches.people cuz he's he's brain dead he's.doing nothing to stop bad behavior or.the artists joining be creating.discipline it's always been a known fact.that certain kids from that category of.you know that are not fully enriched an.onion wrench to home environment they do.much better under black teachers who are.disciplinarians.well this you don't assume they're.idiots well what you what you just said.there I think ties into what is.happening right now.in New York as there's a number of I.think that in this report there's 12.high schools which are specialized for.smart kids you know it's like the.Stuyvesant High School is we had Lowell.High in San Francisco and then you Chris.yes we did New York had a slew of kazaf.guest School for the Arts a school for.this young scientists and they're all.these specialty schools for the super.smart kids well this is not specifically.PBIS related it is the same thinking.what you just said.sure the very best high school this is.Mayor DeBlasio of New York City pools.are open to every New Yorker the mayor.and new school Chancellor Richard.Carranza announcing new plans to make.admissions into the city's eight.specialized high schools more open more.diversified and fairer to all students.how could it be that we have a system.that denies the full array of the.beautiful students in our system an.opportunity to avail themselves of these.kinds of educational experiences the.mayor even pointed to one glaring.example Stuyvesant High School admitted.almost a thousand students last time ten.were African American one percent shave.under 30 were Latino beginning with.admissions for September 2019 the plan.calls for expanding the discovery.program to help more disadvantaged.students it also calls for eliminating.the use of the single admissions test.over the next three years that will take.special state legislation even past.students believe the specialized high.school experience should be open to more.students I did have a great experience.at Bronx Science it put me on the path.to where I am today definitely but it's.no joke how few black and Latino.students there were the new plan also.builds on a previous report by public.officials making recommendations to.address historical inequities in.specialized high schools do you join me.in saying it's the system not the.student so we must change that today yes.is the system not the student the.student which is what that professor.Peterson talks about when he gives his.lectures on this I do have a long piece.that's kind of fits into this if you.want to be plain sure sure but it's from.the last show so you have to dig it up.oh I can do that probably and it is.about kind of a discusses some of this.and but he does it in a very harsh way.that no one's ever gonna buy into and he.talks about about difference.differential and IQ and then how you can.sort people out and he believes that the.the Republicans approach to smart versus.dumb is that just make him work harder.and the Democrats is that's bullcrap.there is no smart vs. dumb everyone's.the same.messenger factory production worker.assembler food service worker nurse's.aide where host Minh custodian janitor.material has varying IQs now what you're.seeing what you're starting to see is.that as you move down the hierarchy the.jobs get simpler they're more likely to.be assigned by other people or they're.repetitive because what IQ predicts to.some degree is how rapidly you can learn.something but once you've learned it it.doesn't predict how necessarily how well.you do at it and so the more repetitive.jobs ten people with lower IQs are more.suited to more repetitive jobs under.eighty-seven is there something well no.right that's a big problem and it's.something our society has not addressed.at all jobs for people with IQs of less.than eighty-five are very very rare so.what the hell are those people supposed.to do it's like one it's 15% of the.population what are they supposed to do.well we better figure it out because one.of the things that's happening too is.that as the the high IQ tech geeks get a.hold of the world the demand for.cognitive power is increasing not.decreasing right you want to be a teller.well you know those checkout machines.they're not so simple you want to work.at McDonald's you think that's a simple.job you don't see robots working at.McDonald's and the reason for that is.that what McDonald's workers do is too.complex for for robots to do so well so.this is a discussion that no one wants.to have but that's ok it's still a.problem and it has to be dealt with so.the US government I think I told you.this at one point already it's illegal.to induct anyone into the US Army if.they have an IQ of less than 83 right.it's about 10% of the population because.the US army that and they've been doing.IQ testing since IQ testing began.because they want everybody they can.possibly get into the army because in.peacetime they use it as a way of moving.people up the socio-economic ladder and.in wartime well.obviously you need as many soldiers as.you can get your hands on and so you're.not gonna be any pickier then you have.to be so when the US Army says it's.illegal to induct anybody into the Armed.Forces if they have an IQ of less than.83 then you know that they've done it.for absolute necessity right and when.people have made a finding that.contradicts what they want to hear and.they're doing it out of absolute.necessity you can be reasonably true.that it's one of those facts that just.won't bloody well go away and so you.might think well if there's nothing for.someone with an IQ of less than 83 to do.in the army what makes you think that.there's something that they can do in.the general population and then the.issue is you know because the.Conservatives will say well they should.just work harder it's like sorry that.ain't gonna fly and the Liberals will.say well there's no difference between.people anyhow and you can just train.people to do everything and that's wrong.so they're both wrong and they're.seriously wrong and the fact that.neither side of the political.perspective will take a good cold hard.look at this problem means that we're.going to increasingly have a structural.problem in our societies because we're.complexify everything so rapidly that.you can't find employment unless.increasingly unless you're intelligent.you guys are really going to face this.you know lawyers are disappearing like.mad and the reason for that is you can.look it up online increasingly you can.do things yourself if you're smart and.so like the working class people have.been wiped out pretty nicely over the.last 30 years by by automation and.various other things it's the low end of.the white collar class that's coming up.next so I'm not saying that lower.lawyers are in the low end but low end.lawyers are in the low end of the white.collar class so there's still going to.be plenty of positions for people who.are creative and fast on their feet and.super smart.in fact those people are going to have.all the money and that's already.happening to a great degree you know cuz.if you're smart and you can use a.computer you're so smart it's just.absolutely unbelievable right and if you.can't use a computer and lots of people.and I don't mean you know you can open.word that isn't what I mean I mean maybe.I mean you can program and if you can't.program while you're right at the next.end so if you haven't got that with you.you're you're gonna be left behind.nice uplifting little ditty I'll tell.you yeah but he says it's true uh he's.coming to us from the future it sounds.like well there's an issue and de Blasio.is is going right in the face of it and.denying it to such an extreme that he's.he's taken these specialized schools.which were beneficial to certain kids.for obvious reasons and he's just opened.him up to the 82 IQ folk yeah and the.problem is that there's nobody wants to.deal with them they don't know what to.do they know how to get him work they.don't know they can't find anything for.him to do there a lot of parts not.everybody but a good portion of the.homeless population there are these.people yeah and we just ignore it and I.think he's dead right he says that we.can service a make it work harder and.then the Liberals say oh no they can be.trained because everybody's the same as.a blank slate a common argument during.in your college years it's not true.well this is a mess and this P is thing.is bullcrap yeah it seems pretty rampant.though seems like it's pretty rollin.business it it's a dairy a hairy so this.is good I got it write that one down.it's a hairy hairy Mary it's a Hail Mary.Mary that really fits in today's world.yeah my hairy Mary I'm gonna use that.from now on well Newark has an idea.Newark New Jersey close to my old.stomping grounds they're putting.residents to work listen to this there.are currently 60 cameras in place.throughout the city keeping a close eye.on criminal activity.now residents can get access to these.cameras and watch what is taking place.in their neighborhood the hope is that.residents will actively help police keep.the streets safe it gives us a chance to.get real-time data about stuff that is.going on in a neighborhood and get.residents of that community to feel.empowered by engaging and helping us.reduce crime and violence in a.neighborhood at the same time the number.of cameras are expected to double by the.1st of October.then another 200 will be added to the.system these are new high-definition.cameras that can show fine details.police will be monitoring the cameras.and focus on those hotspots when.residents call we definitely can't do it.alone we need the residents of the city.Newark residents can now log on to the.website at NPD a Newark Public Safety.dot org.and go to the link mark citizens Patrol.to gain access to the city's cameras for.now the system is available for those.with desktop computers and iPads please.need help this is genius get the.citizens all jacked up to spy on each.other tested by the way they have done.test I saw the results of this where.they put somebody into one of these.rooms as they they could be a security.officer and they're supposed to look out.for burglaries and so they set him up so.one of the screens had some girl that we.know through an open window stripping.and then four screens over was a burglar.going into a house and.no one's watching that booty man come on.I'll tell you all right yeah it's just.gone downhill that's how you end the.show that's the high note yeah but we.returned on Thursday for another edition.of you're buying or twice-weekly media.deconstruction please remember us at.Dvorak dot org slash na.and we'll see how John's bionic eye is.doing it might has some chonies.information and oh I have something else.that I'm just remember write that down.it's gonna be good Thursday until then.coming to you from downtown Austin Texas.top row the drone star state FEMA region.six on all governmental maps in the five.by nine clue do in the morning everybody.I'm Adam curry and from northern Silicon.Valley where it's bright out course my.eyes are dilated I'm John C Devorah we.return on Thursday right here on no.agenda until then.[Music].I need a.[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].you know if you're gonna like somebody.in the first five seconds within the.first minute.hell no just my touch my feel and that's.what that's what I do.tell that to your fake friends at CNN we.win that war a thousand times out of a.thousand.sir it's gonna be the best ever in its.history in the country's history it's.gotta change it's gonna change I mean.it's not a question of I hope it changes.it's gonna change 100% it's a one-time.shot threesome deal with Canada with the.United States and Mexico and I think.we're going to come out fine I guess.they're gonna go back to the drawing.board and check it out right Ally a they.make a mistake when I'm telling them.they're smiling at me you know it's like.then we're like the piggy bank that.everybody's robbing my heart we're gonna.be carrying the hearts of millions of.people.[Music].[Music].this people's car created by geeks and.you can see double for half an all week.that's why I'll never be mine no no.never be mine you don't gonna be me you.can count the days of the crash everyone.by smoking free the government laws I.wanna be that's why I'll never beat me.you can can't this is tragic horn blew.[Music].no pose for rack org slash and a baby.that's right that's right.you.

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1041 I Form 2018 FAQs

Here are some questions along with their answers to clear up the doubts that you might have.

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How do I fill out the IIFT 2018 application form?

The IIFT application form process is in online mode only while to make the payment, candidates can opt for the online as well as offline mode. The end date to submit the IIFT application form has also been extended till September 15, 2017. Check the steps to register for IIFT Application Form 2018 .

How do I fill out the CAT 2018 application form?

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How do I fill out the NEET application form for 2018?

To fill up NEET application form visit the website www.cbseneet..http://nic.in here u r going to fill up the form online. But l hope the date of filling up the form has passed, as it started from 3rd week of December to 3rd week of January. Plz go through this site for complete details , I have given you my updated time line but then also once again check it carefully .

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I don’t understand the question. That’s like asking: would you pay $20,000 for a car? Kinda depends on the car, doesn’t it? If I’m getting this then yes, $20,000 is a good deal. If it’s this then, no, not so much. From the way you’ve asked the question, it sounds like you’re implying I won’t be getting any more services for my tax payment, I’m just being offered the opportunity to pay more. But that’s not really the case, is it? Last I heard, Bernie is proposing to cover your healthcare and university tuition out of that. Currently on average Americans pay about $10,000 per year per person for he Continue Reading

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