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Notes: A Stepwise Guidebook on Signing Form 515 2017 2018 Online

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The Definite Guide to Form 515 2017 2018

youtube video

Check How to Enter the Form 515 2017 2018

close Robyn I'm an attorney with TRP I.handled the financial analysis and.reviewing offer and compromises for the.cases here and I'm gonna walk through.four three three a oh I see with you and.show you how to fill it out.first I'm gonna recommend using Adobe.Reader you can also use Adobe Acrobat if.you already have that but Adobe Reader.is the recommended one to use make sure.you download the form and fill it out do.not fill out on the web use this form.pretty much if you're an individual.that's what this form is for and by that.they mean it could be joint as well this.is just not for businesses and my.business Simon corporation things like.that for self-employed businesses you.would still be using this form and this.is what we're getting get into section.one is just gonna list all your basic.information they want to know married.unmarried owned your place right your.place some other living situation I do.recommend on this if you have one of.these other living situations get some.type of agreement together it just looks.better for your case makes it easier.County if you're receiving mail.somewhere else then your regular dress.you're gonna put that there your.spouse's information so if you're.married even if they're not part of the.dad and then separate they still want.their information because they're trying.to figure out you know the total.household income and also sometimes just.computing community property issues and.things like that these are all the.people that are living in your household.or claimed as a dependent they want to.know are they their claim yes or no are.they contributing to the income yes or.no yeah sometimes you how people live.there they're not contributing that.doesn't really help you most people are.just gonna have their kids in here.that's the typical people you're gonna.put in there so employment information.for wage earners this is section two so.if you have a w-2 job this is where.you're gonna fill it out they're gonna.ask you you know where you work you have.an ownership interest most people is.gonna be no they're gonna have the.address.what type of job how long you been there.then the same thing for your spouse.if you are self-employed technically you.can just skip this section but we do.just to make it easy as I just write.self-employed in caps right there and.then they end up knowing where to go and.lo they look at the next section that's.way down there that covers that section.three is personal asset information so.they're trying to see what do you got.you know most people are gonna have a.checking account that's the most common.type of account some people may have.savings if you have a huge savings you.might not be a great on for compromise.candidate account numbers all that and.what they're trying to do here and this.solve and then here just to see how it.works so say have a thousand dollars in.one account ok you got a thousand.dollars in the next account you have no.attachments so what happens here is this.total is two thousand but right here.we're gonna be - saying a thousand so.our total here is still going to be one.thousand dollars.and here's stocks bonds things like that.this is the tricky thing on stocks I'm.gonna fill this little section out just.to show you guys so the name of the.financial institution you know a mare.trade whatever it is your account number.and this is where it gets a little.trickier she doing a thousand dollars of.the value of it they're gonna take.eighty percent of that value which would.be eight hundred dollars plus any loans.against it a lot of people have no loans.against it and two that is zero and then.what's really left over after that is.eight hundred to them so 2a through to C.so that's these things are adding up.going to the bold at total you know.might would this one - the thousand this.one 800.what else would has or what else would.be here if there was something and then.it goes to 800 this is retirement.accounts 401k IRA so you could do the.same exact analysis applies as if it's.stocks you know if it's worth a thousand.then it's really worth 800 to them -.make loans and you're at 800 800.insurance policy so these are cash.values whole life is gonna have a cash.value term life almost never has a cash.value unless it's some special kind of.policy I don't know about but.not looking for what you get if you die.they're looking at what can you get if.you cash it out today.and most insurances life insurers you.can't cash them out.so for most people this section is just.going to be a big fat zero so I put a 0.when it is 0 it just makes it easier for.the agents going through and looking at.this next personal information personal.asset information this is where do you.live and do you if you own the place and.any other properties you may have any.land anything else that might be out.there they want to know is it a primary.residence yes or no so it was your house.you people or your condo you live in you.would but yes all this information needs.to be in their joint tenancy they want.to know is it you know held joint.tenancy tenants in common.tenants in entirety tenant in entirety.and same thing this is also an.evaluative 80% so see you had a hundred.thousand dollar house and it was about.80% eww thousand always the thing is.most people do have loan balances as.opposed to the other ones earlier so.what's the equity according the IRS is.ten thousand dollars from the house.because you have a hundred thousand.dollar value eighty percent of that.value - alone which is the mortgage.seventy thousand dollars and there's ten.thousand and equity hold on one second.year okay so most people just can have.one house if you had two houses at a.bunch properties and land rent paid off.you're probably not a great offer.candidate so 5/8 or 5c same thing adding.up the five members going to the bold ok.vehicles these get a little trickier.here so they want to know you bought it.when your final payment is if it's a.lease or a loan if it's lease there's.gonna be no current market value the.loan balance is nothing because you're.just essentially renting the car if it's.loan you're gonna have name a creditor.do you final payment same same.information but you can do that same 80%.in value so say the car is worth $10,000.and this thing most cars are upside down.so 8,000 and then they still owe 15,000.so this is the most common thing as.you're gonna see it's gonna be a zero.it's going to be a zero and this is.subtract 30 or 450 I'll go that in the.next one.okay so let's do this one say this car.is worth $4,000 do okay so you got 3200.and he has nothing is that on it so now.I've 3200 here so you're supposed to.tract.3450 for each car if you're married if.you're single you got thirty four fifty.ones so when I take thirty four fifty.off the 3200 you don't put a negative.it's actually zero and then you're gonna.go to zero and you know most people in.this section are gonna end up with a.zero and we'll talk a little bit about.this later when I'm gonna do a recap on.this to talk about the actual settlement.valuations so personal lab information.this is like jewelry stuff like this.most people you know whatever they have.is very negligible and we just put it on.that's usually what we do is put it on.in one split seal you know furniture and.stuff isn't usually not worth that much.that you just put that and that almost.always works and they don't really care.you know you can also if you want to you.can put five hundred dollars or.something like that and you can just ask.them not to include that in the offer.but really furniture use furniture has.almost no value it's even hard to sell.you know so that just keeps it easy so.here we go now we're looking at this box.it's Fox a is gonna be adding up all the.bold spots 1 through 7 so there we go so.we got a thousand we got 800 that's.1,800 that's to keep it easy so I have.1800 1800 plus 800 plus 0 plus 10,000.plus zero zero zero zero so the equity.here is twelve thousand six enter okay.that's the equity and assets so if you.owed $5000 probably not gonna get a.settlement there's some exceptions that.will go over here a little bit so.self-employment they want to know.yourself a sole proprietorship if not.you know either way you're gonna fill.out all this information i'm tax.deposits this is really for payroll and.this is a purely pelo what you're paying.to payroll if you're not doing payroll a.lot of people are not this is not gonna.be done in fact a lot of people gonna be.corp or something like that it'll be.difficult differently and you know maybe.getting a wage including that in wage.and then we'll just be explaining that.with the offer.you know you'd want to explain the cover.letter oh I have a corporation I get.paid this way that would not be.necessarily this section it just it just.depends on the case actually some will.explain a little bit here and then we'll.send your pay stub and do that kind of.explanation and you just want to be as.thorough as possible on this type of.stuff description number employees okay.business asset information this is for.self-employed they're gonna try to see.what do you have you know you have money.in the account is there no money and you.guys if you're not self of what you can.skip forward a little bit in this video.I'm just skip the section they don't.want to know assets you know most people.are gonna have almost no assets you know.things that would be assets will be like.if you had a body shop or there's.expensive tools it's gonna be the same.thing gonna be the same thing times 0.8.the thing is here you're gonna get a.four thousand six hundred ninety guard.credit so that 4690 credit zero is out a.lot of stuff and you know realistically.a lot of time you can get around this.and we'll go over that towards the end.as well.I know it's receivable most people gonna.say no accounts receivable most bring us.a no and usually this is going to be a.zero for most people what you're gonna.do here is you can go ahead and fill out.a profit and loss or you can use your.most recent Schedule C and if you do the.schedule see there's a simplified.version I've been doing it you know if.you want to do that you can just add.them up together when you're using the.Schedule C that makes it easier to base.this whole section off the Schedule C if.you're not then you have to fill it out.based on more recent information if more.recent information shows your income as.last sometimes it is worth doing that we.usually do Schedule C because it's just.simpler and most the time first one.qualifies a qualify anyway okay monthly.also income and expense information is.where most people I mean everyone's.gonna be filling this out.however most people are gonna be putting.in wages some people are gonna be.putting in self-employment this box sees.where self-employment income will go so.let's just do a sample so this person.makes let's say five thousand dollars a.month and their spouse is not working so.let's put five thousand no other income.and this is your before-tax now come the.food clothing miscellaneous housing.utilities all this kind of stuff so.these are going to be based on this.webpage you're gonna want to go to this.webpage and then literally fill out the.information based on it the exceptions.house utility they want you to use the.higher amount if it is for housing you.know if you can prove higher sometimes.you can get that accepted sometimes you.can't the other thing is for if it's.lower they want you to show exactly what.it is when it is lower they're gonna.look at your bank statements I'm gonna.see it so there's no really hiding that.most of these are gonna be standard.figures that they're going to give you.on this website the other thing with.vehicles they want your actual vehicle.payment if your vehicle payment is over.sometimes we won't accept that.technically they only have to accept.what the standards are you know if you.have a special vehicle for work or.something like that sometimes that's a.good explanation to get that vehicle.accepted now here's a tricky one vehicle.operating costs this is based in your.County but you can add two hundred.dollars when your vehicle is 75 thousand.miles or more on it per vehicle and.that's what jumps people up so let's.just do a sample here of this look okay.I should click new page that's fine okay.that's another reason why you do it in.reader so I'm just gonna go ahead and.put that back so who's coming with five.thousand a household income and then.we're going to the standard so food.clothing miscellaneous let's pretend.it's one person living there just to.make it simple so we're gonna go one.person 647.housing utilities let's just do Clark.County 14:58 so if you're spending.fifteen hundred you probably just put.1458 if you know you have some reason.for spending more that scared that's you.know you need to explain that but if.it's less also put what it's last so I'm.just put 1458 to make it easy vehicle.leaner look vehicle payment is pretty.much set as well and this changes every.once in a while their transportation.standards say a four ninety seven the.ownership cost so that's the only amount.of credit they have to give you fifty.cars last they want you for less no i.operating cost this is where you can add.some expenses so this goes by county and.i'm pretty sure we're actually not in.any county so see we go to west region.and look for see Nevada's in West Region.well you'll see is there's no special.county so these special counties have.higher amounts Las Vegas is not in here.we're in Clark County and Nevada doesn't.even have any special priced County so.if you leave me some of these other.counties they give you more money so we.just get the straight to 18 per month to.operate the car.the catch is this if your car has over.75,000 miles you can add to it and.ollars to that and then we can put 418.this ends up being the number that puts.a lot of people over the edge sometimes.to get a public transportation you know.usually I can accept that if you have a.car health insurance premiums you know.whatever they actually aren't was put.500 out-of-pocket health care costs so.if you can prove you have much higher.ones you can put that but otherwise.you'll be putting this other figure.right here and it is $52 if you're over.65 or 114 if / so we'll just put 52 and.hold on here in one second okay so.court-ordered payments that would be.like child support.you got sued and you have to pay the.judgment stuff like that you'd put in.there most people gonna be zero but some.people got their child care payments.this for child care daycare stuff like.that life insurance premiums anything.paid for life insurance current monthly.taxes you know what are you paying per.month you know I'm actually going to.turn this into 3,000 just to make this a.case where someone gets a settlement for.sure I guess five thousand is kind of on.the higher end of getting one for a.single person unless you owe a lot of.money you know if we were a small.balance 5,000 might be a little too much.if you did if you didn't know enough.life insurance premiums you know was.pretend they don't do life insurance her.monthly taxes and you know I also just.put zeroes here when they don't do it.let's just put currently taxes just to.make it simple 500 secured debts so.collateral stuff would be in here the.only other thing you add in here that.doesn't really have collateral it's.government guaranteed yeah like student.loans exactly so you students so say.they have a student loan payment of 250.okay.state and local tax pants this person.reporting is Las Vegas they don't have.state to payments but we do have a lot.of New York and California clients and.if you are on a payment plan with either.of those we would include that in here.and sometimes your strategy if you owe.to both is to set up a payment plan with.the state and then submit your IRS.offering compromise because that makes.it so your numbers are look better to.get accepted.but for this fury for this purposes.we'll put a zero.now we're gonna totally not 647 okay.4322 the remaining monthly income 3,000.miles for three 2200 he's totally in the.red so that's what we tried to do in.most cases get it to a zero point and so.say he made you know just say 4500 let's.redo this number four to five hundred.minus 43221 B 178 and so if you're at.178 you know try to think of other.things you could put in there that that.would close this gap to zero goes.closing s kappa zero means zero times.zero is here times 12 equals zero and.your settlements are being really low.but we'll do with the ones that need.just for practice so there's two types.of settlements there's one of the 12.times 12 and the times 24 okay.this is if you're gonna pay the.settlement within five months okay this.is if you're gonna pay it over 24.payments we always try to do this kind.of offer always the times well if we can.and then once the settlement you know.four on the verge of acceptance with the.examiner and it turns out if the offers.are gonna be the same here you know when.this equals zero on both it doesn't make.your offer more expensive to extend the.payments but we're really going for.mostly really low offers most of times.but here we go so 178 if that was.available there.and that was available there you're only.gonna do one of these depending the.offer you're doing I was gonna put them.both there just to show you what did you.saving it to so if you did the longer.offer you'd pay four thousand plus your.assets let me do one seventy-eight okay.so from box a let's just what we had.like twelve thousand dollars I believe.so we'll just put see you at twelve.thousand dollars.I'm vailable assets and we're gonna go.with box G for the better offer so.that's how much you're trying to try to.settle for and if you owe less than that.you're not gonna get a settlement you.know I feel close to that it's probably.easier just to pay it off so you know if.this guy who is 50 grand or a hundred.grand it's worth setting a settlement.what we would do is we would actually.try to make this zero if we can legally.and then that way the settlement is much.smaller and then the other part is on.these assets I would go back and try to.explain some of them away okay if you.have property and you have a little bit.equity you can say you know this is.wrong with the property that would make.it be worth worse worth less if you have.cars that are paid off you see this cars.have this many problems and then always.use the lowest trade-in value you know.you don't want to do anything illegal.or miss state anything but you want to.make everything seem as grant as.possible and as worth as little as.possible to get the best results.and it can go both ways you know we have.had some agents that have accepted.offers where the client even had a paid.off house and we have had ones where.there was some equity and they denied it.and in some of these things kind of come.up to the discretion in the agent the.client is older sometimes they'll give.him a break on the equity you know very.often you have a car that has value in.it you'd say I can't sell the car.because they need it for this most of.the time they're not gonna make you sell.your car to try to get a settlement so.they go pretty easy on that they also if.you have a small form when k balance we.always ask and then not be considered.and it's an emergency fund sometimes.that works and they allow it because.people need a little bit of money and.some agents are sticklers and they'll.stick to the 80% value so you know we.always want to offer the lowest and then.see what they come back with that we.always think that's the best strategy.now we'll fill out a number section nine.which is probably the easiest section do.so trust the state you get any free.money pretty much that's the way on now.I mean a bankruptcy now they want to.know if you filed one if you did they.want to know where are you a law suit.I'm saying no put those details they.want to know if you've been in the.United States related lawsuits with the.government okay and they want to see.these questions are about to be.transferred stuff so anything for less.than their full value you know to get.rid of cars or jewelry for cheap stuff.like that you know if you gave your kid.your car they probably don't really care.you know it's more you know did you hide.a Ferrari or something like that you.know or do you have you know here this.is real property they want to know you.know they want to look for that same.type of issue your to if they want to.know if you've transferred a real.property for less than the value but.they want to just look at all real.property because they're gonna think oh.maybe people's doing a scheme something.like that have you lived outside the US.for six months long or longer in the.past ten years they want to know what.you owe and outside of the US anything.any funds held by a third party and then.use your signatures.you know you're gonna put these two and.then this is only if you're married into.the second one and then here's all the.information they're asking for that's.supposed to accompany the form and honor.website we have a another guy that goes.to the rest of offerin calm eyes the.other forum and also lists all this kind.of stuff so you can also check that out.as well and that is our presentation.here on four three three a oh I see.good luck if you don't want to do it.yourself you can always call us at.eighteen eight five one five four eight.two nine that's eighty two eight five.one five four tax we can help you with.it if you cannot afford representation.we do recommend check out our tax help.guide also at TRP tax go to TRP dot tax.look at the top go to tax help guide.just fill everything out get it in if.you cannot afford help most of time if.you just submit it you'll probably get a.settlement chances are very good as long.as the amount of time Beckley anyway.this is Robert and thanks for watching.this video have a great week.

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What is considered unrelated business taxable income?

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