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Notes: A Stepwise Guidebook on Signing Vermont Form Report Online

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The Definite Guide to Vermont Form Report

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Check How to Enter the Vermont Form Report

here we go.the Vermont 100 rates report it was a.big one and there's a ton to unpack here.so hang tight.[Music].leading into the race.I had a two-week taper block where I.just relaxed a bit down my mileage did a.couple mountain runs and some camping.then then some low mileage and and it.really wasn't until like a day or two.before the race that my legs actually.started feeling good and that's normal.before you know when you just start.tapering because all these little aches.and pains that get masks by your.everyday mileage start to show up and so.my confidence was you know all over the.place but you know come Friday it felt.pretty good and started to figure out my.game plan like this race as fairly.predictable time wise provided that you.have a dry course and some decent.weather which we did temps weren't temps.were in the low 80s at the probably late.morning but we had some good breezes and.the course was dry and fast just a few.wet spots I set this goal of maybe.somewhere in between the 16 and 18 hour.range for my first 20 mile 21 mile.checkpoint and what that would let me do.is you know take my pace of of 9 minute.miles and then back off as I needed to.and I thought that was a fair approach.but the one thing I didn't have in this.race is the experience of the scale you.know what is 18 hours of racing or what.is 16 hours of racing up to this point.I'd raced up to eight hours which is.half that and it's it's really one of.those things that you just have to do as.much as someone could have told me in.the beginning like walk every hill do.this do that.I don't think I would have listened.regardless so I'm excited to have this.experience and build off of it but it.was really challenging to learn it the.hard way or just to get go through it.and have your expectations be flexible.and adapt along the way so that night.got a couple hours of sleep you know I.had friends staying nearby so I had my.own place to stay own room.but still Restless you know a lot of.anxiety going to this race with all the.uncertainties so so the Thursday night.didn't sleep very well.Friday night didn't sleep very well I.got up around 2:45 and you know did all.the one through all the motions got to.the start of the race got ready and next.he know we're on the starting like I.just slept a couple of hours ready to go.oh Claire here oh yeah I got what about.Claire last-minute anti tape everywhere.and looking good here sorry otoko's.where do you wearing on your feet.we're going challengers okay too thick.ready to go it's like 3:30 in the.morning.half an hour to start dialed in yeah I'm.good feeling okay don't put words in my.mouth it's got your pile of stuff all.right I need water that's like.[Applause].I'm ready.my coffee.my journey.[Music].[Applause].and we're off.and I found myself in this first stretch.which is 21 and a half miles before we.see our crew and I was kind of in the.lead and then as soon as it started.going uphill because it starts with the.downhill but as soon as it starts going.uphill all these guys took off and I.said wow they're going kind of fast like.I was really jogging and looking at my.watch and the guy I'm going ten minute.pace but man these guys gapped me pretty.pretty quickly so I was trying not to be.concerned about that because these first.20 miles 40 miles 60 miles don't really.matter the whole point is to save your.legs for the end and so I just kind of.let them go I found myself at one point.hanging out with Mike Ames I think.that's his name.he ended up placing fourth but um I ran.with him a little bit but he was.charging on the downhills and I was like.I can't hang but I'd catch him a little.bit on the uphills and so we yo-yoed a.little bit but it was also evident at.this point that having people behind me.it still felt like a race and it.shouldn't have like those those first 20.40 50 miles shouldn't feel like a race.you should be cruising should feel like.a training run and that's just something.you need to learn with experience but.overall you know that first 21 and a.half miles I did have some warning flags.like some things started to get tight.and sore and you know 21 miles in you.shouldn't shouldn't be experiencing that.now the question was where was I gonna.get to the in the course before my legs.gave out I just knew at some point it.was gonna happen and my biggest training.run was 35 miles into this race and so I.or like six hours so I thought for sure.I can make it that far and be like.completely fine because this is a really.pretty house.[Applause].[Music].[Music].alright so from mile 21 and a half to.the next its crew date station which was.30.3 at stage road this is where the.quad started to really feel it some big.climbs and more technical terrain we're.getting off the dirt roads onto trails.grassy fields.with some steep climbs and steep.descents and at this point I started to.really notice my my right quad and I was.starting to go a little bit and that's.you know you don't want that happening.anytime that early in the race at that.point I should have backed it off and I.didn't this is where I'm learning.strategy on the fly about how to.mitigate all the pounding and all the.climbing so running down in this stage.rode my legs were taking a beating you.know it's starting to get hot out you.know surprisingly hot for I don't know.eight o'clock in the morning something.like that so I got into that next crew.station and you know threw on a nice.bandana which was earlier than I thought.I'd need it and at this point I was.putting ice into my arm sleeves just.trying to deal with the heat management.and I was for my nutrition just for like.the whole race I was drinking like 100.calories per water bottle with.electrolytes and I was eating goos and.shop blocks and the only thing at the.aid stations that like even appealed to.me were really just fruit like.watermelon or cantaloupe and that's.pretty much all I think the entire day.more on that later so anyway so like I.guess until mile thirty a mile thirty.like I was chasing splits and I was like.ah right I can still do this we'll keep.going but from this next section from.mile 30 to 47 and mile 47 feels like the.halfway point can't ten bear it's an aid.station you go through twice it's one.where I had was planning on taking some.extra time this was like the rough patch.and I think this is probably the crew.life for me was the crux of the day.because this is where I went from just.competing to okay let's let's reef.let's shift our focus here and figure.out what we need to do to finish and not.only finish but when I pick up my Pacers.make sure that they'd have a good time.and I'm still running really what.happened was like my quads started to.blow out and then they started to cramp.up with these cramps and and really.freaked me out because I'm only.30-something miles in man I was at Mile.33 at this aid station and I pass this.guy and I was like how you doing and.he's like great and then I just heard.him vomit I turn around he's in the.middle of the road just throwing up and.I was like whoa.I mean we're 33 miles into this race and.this guy's probably I don't know if he's.gonna rally or not but you know the.damage was done.and I was feeling a little bit the same.way because my legs are really tired for.this early in the race and that just.goes back to the vertical you know for.this race is 15 to 17,000 vertical of.just rolling up and down you know.there's a few flat sections but not many.so I've always had quad cramps and they.showed up right on cue like mile 35 and.this always happens to me in the Vermont.50 race although last year I didn't get.them and I'll get to that later but it's.like deja vu and the only thing I could.think of to just calm him down was to.stop massage him sit just reel it in and.a pack of guys passed me and what they.were doing was walking every Hill and.then shuffling on the on the flats and.kind of just letting gravity take him on.the on the down hills so the gravity.miles on the downhills and that's the.strategy that I adopted but it was.almost a little too late because clearly.you know for my fitness I was going a.little faster and harder effort then I.probably should have again something you.don't know until you get out there and.try it so I followed these guys and I.just I just tried to like keep them in.sight and you know a guy every time I.got to a hill was nice like I could walk.but I was also a little disappointed.because I really I wanted to put in this.this hard effort and I didn't feel like.I was putting in a hard effort by.walking little like little did I know.that pretty much every 100-mile race.like you walk a ton of it.and well that's one of the take-home.messages is you know whether you're.walking at the beginning or the end.you're gonna be walking unless you're.one of those top top elite guys so that.was like the momentum killer I think.some point between mile forty and forty.three actually sat on the side of the.trail I watched the woman leaders fly by.me and a bunch of other guys and at this.point the hundred cares are in the mix.so now it's all just it's you know I was.at a point where I was alone but now.I've got people but I don't really want.to talk to anyone because I'm dealing.with my own demons trying to figure out.how to fix my legs and really unsure I'm.like well I've got 60 miles left at.least you know so how am I gonna figure.this out and I popped down at two yeah.forty six so I'm at camp ten bare mile.forty seven see John Spinney.and he hooks me up with some.calcium-magnesium like tums tablet and I.take that but I also take like ibuprofen.I take tylenol I take like a salt stick.shotgun method anything that might get.my quads under control and I took at.least 11 or 12 minutes at the aid.station just switching shoes relaxing.you know at this point I'm not worried.about my time I'm not worried about my.place I just want to hang with my crew.and enjoy the rest of the time here and.make sure that I can still move and.finish this race.[Music].you.[Music].yeah he's good.so they got me they got me going again.and I shuffled out of there got a.bathroom break and eventually like the.the cramps stopped but the damage was.done like my quads were already shot and.so I just like kept up with this shuffle.like walk the ups or I'd do 30 seconds.on 30 seconds off if it was just like a.little up and and running was just.really difficult at that point like I.enjoyed the walking because it just felt.so much easier getting to the next aid.station was mile 58 Margaritaville and.that's I think like my legs came around.and you know at that point I was in a.much better place mentally and I just.tried to just keep moving but I wasn't.racing like I wasn't I still wanted to.really enjoy every aid station and the.people I saw along the way we've got.some other fans hey go ahead.Silver Lake New Hampshire.[Music].[Applause].from Margaritaville back to camp ten.bear-like I don't know the only thing I.really remember is that there was like a.felt like three mile stretch of downhill.and I ran the whole thing and I was.really psyched.you know I'm back under running like sub.10-minute miles there for the first time.in a long time but it was still I was.just like if you can ignore the burning.in your legs then you know you can keep.moving back at camp ten bear for the.second time feeling much better pick up.Hillary to pace me the first leg which.was just under seven miles to the next.aides the next crude aid station and it.was great you know having her someone to.talk to and she shot some footage it was.very beautiful it was really cool that.was probably like my favorite stretch of.that afternoon I was in a pretty good.place mentally to the barn.where your games are like I spy okay.pretty well like I mean please.[Music].[Music].hi Richard.[Music].I just saved some guys I'm going the.wrong way but I thought you see the cool.it's stonehedge it's so cool anyway so.beautiful gotta go find Andrew it was.also a point where I went off course we.saw someone going the wrong direction.she went off one way a guy myself went.on the course and as we're coming over.this hill I saw the signs and they.looked like they're pulling to the right.and so I went to the right and of course.I didn't see any markers and when I got.to like another Junction about a quarter.mile down and I asked the guy if he saw.any markers said no so we turned around.and they weren't these plates weren't.pointing to the right they were pointing.more like forward to the right to the.like I was supposed to go straight so.it's kind of a weird junction of.something I just looked at from far away.and in my head you know being that late.in the race it's like that's the way you.go and obviously that wasn't the way you.go so I gave up like seven minutes their.repast you know I had to fight back to.get where I was in the race Hillary.meanwhile is at the next aid station.being like where's my runner and so I.feel felt bad for her but you know.that's part of it you know I think like.if she was with me and I was in front of.her she probably still would have.followed me and yeah you live and learn.so at Mile 76 switched off with Jeremy.my other pacer this next stretch was 12.miles the tough one it was around sunset.so there were periods where I definitely.felt a little tired I was able to go to.bathroom again which is a good sign I.just kept drinking and eating and but at.this point like my feet.the Botha heels my feet were getting.bruised like the dirt roads really firm.starting to feel the wear and tear of.the day for sure I also didn't have a.headlamp forgot to grab a headlamp at.the other aid station and so it's sort.of a little bit of motivation to get to.get to the next crude aid station which.was my lady 8 how's it going.got a nice sunset backdrop double sheep.back there crank it up to bills and we.got 88 before sunset this point felt.like a convergence of a ton of hundred.cares horses and other other racers and.Bill's was a really cool aid station has.beautiful view of Scotney in the valley.below.so from Bill's to Polly's and Polly's is.the 603 aid station that was another.short stint with Hilary it was pretty.fun as well that was our first night.section and they pretty much remarked.the course with glow sticks which is.great for navigation but running at.night is slow despite the nature of it.and we cruised you know we got in a good.rhythm lots of walking again on any.Hills but I thought that ultimately we.were making good progress and once we.got within you know three quarters of a.mile of of Poly's you know we were able.to run pretty much that whole stretch in.and when I got into Polly's sat down.chilled reevaluated my time you know.goals and initially it went from like 16.to 18 hours and 18 then maybe like sub.20 and then I think at Mile 80 I thought.oh trying to do some math I was like.well maybe sub 21 at this point just.salvage the finish when I got to Polly's.all I had to do was 15-minute miles so.at that point I was like alright listen.I made a pact with Jeremy I'm like.earlier on it's like let's not kill my.legs just for the sake of a time you.know I'd much rather have my legs come.back quicker than say I ran like an hour.quicker easier said than done we start.running and I'm like we banked an 11.minute mile then like another 11 minute.mile next thing you know we're like.we're three miles from the finish.still walking a little bit but pushing.and passing some people along the way.and you know next thing you know.Jeremy's at Jeremy's chirping oh we.should do you can get 19:30 and so from.there we push for 19:30 and like got it.by it closed - got it.barely but it was really cool that last.section last mile last mile and a half I.came across a guy that is doing the.grand slam and I hadn't seen him since.like mile 33 somewhere on there and.that's just you know your whole day you.see someone at you know near the start.and then you catch him on the finish.it's pretty wild quarter mile to the.finish you start seeing glow sticks and.jugs if it's that late in the day.Jeremiah Jeremy and I hammered made it.to the finish it was pretty surreal like.there's Hillary standing there any sec.he's greeting everyone and I'm done like.really all I wanted though I just kind.of like where's the COTS where can I.just lay down and recover because it was.such a long day and such a big effort.that all I want to do is lay down and.chill.[Applause].okay back to the dead.super pacer look at it look at my feet.hey Lane I was you know I was happy it.left a lot to be desired though I left a.lot out there sort of unfinished.business and I think I just loved to.nail this race in a way that really.reflects my ability and the same can be.said with the Vermont 50 I still still.have yet to figure that out but I think.that doing this race and dealing with.cramps which hopefully I can get under.control next time but keep working on.the fitness if I graded my my training.probably be if I graded this race it's.probably a B you know what you what you.put into it is sort of what you what you.get out but then there was also that.uncertainty of of race execution and.while I didn't really execute perfectly.I don't you know I lost my competitive.edge but I only have so much fitness in.me to give on the given day so I think.you know that race I could have I could.have been around 18 maybe eighteen.thirty you know if I had really been in.it mentally but there's a ton of things.I did right you know like I feel like my.attitude was awesome.I wasn't that mean to my my crew my.Pacers they might tell you otherwise but.no I was pretty pretty nice and very.appreciative to have help out there.because if doing it solo.it's just that makes for a super long.day and to have their help was was.really awesome so the heat management I.dealt with that really well I got these.$10 arm sleeves a link below those are.well worth it putting ice in those and.they're really comfortable and made my.own ice bandanna with a chamois cloth.link below that was really nice you know.for not being a tear.hot day that helped me out a lot just.cuz like I can't deal with the heat that.well really stresses me out and with the.heat and the effort makes nutrition very.difficult too so I drank a lot of my cal.I drink probably half my calories and.then I did a bunch of shot blocks and.goos and the gels it took the gels were.you know vanilla very basic and try not.to upset my stomach and then anything at.the aid table nothing looked good like.watermelon was in and I was just really.stressed out never felt sick toward.until the end when I just had some.definitely burped a little bit and could.tell that was little upset stomach but.ultimately really happy with how the.nutrition went I should do a whole.nother video on this nutrition thing.maybe down the road my feet were solid I.was boring the Hoka challenger a TR.fours really good shoe perfect for this.course has right amount of traction.they're pretty lightweight very.comfortable like my toes are good I put.on on petroleum jelly link below use.that stuff all the time so to prevent.any sort of chafing all over the body.anywhere you've got contact put on it I.used that the entire race and used it at.all the crude aid stations so that was.really good and then I brought the.Garmin tracker there was a lot of fun.just to send messages out whenever I got.to eight stations a little redundant.with their tracking service but I.thought it I think it worked out pretty.well because it showed my actual course.then there's the okay stuff from the.race and I would say my fitness be.b-plus went in a little under trained.and I knew I knew that but I also.learned that bike training while it's.good for cardio is not running and.mountain running is not specific to this.race so if I could do it again I would.try to get more just these back-to-back.longer days of six hours or six hours or.more on the weekends super slow running.ten minute plus miles just get the body.really adjusted to the time on feet.because I went biking yesterday and.there's zero overlap in the way the.muscles are used like my legs are tired.but.weren't sore when I bite so for pacing.probably went out a little hot and but.now I know this pacing strategy of.walking a lot of these hills and how.you're gonna feel later in the race and.what you can maybe do to preserve your.quads maybe a little more shuffling on.the downhills and like I said more.walking on the up hills doing it again I.would have probably somehow tacked on.ten minutes on the front I've just take.it easy take it easy on some of the.descents and climbs because those 10.minutes could have been helped prolong.my legs just a little further into the.race the other okay things let's be very.specific with your crew what you want.don't want like I didn't tell them hey.like maybe give me non-caffeinated gel.options or make sure I have this this.and this or put ice in my water bottles.or empty the trash here there's this you.know when you're running there's things.that you're thinking in your head and.that your crew has no way of knowing so.I thought I was gonna be socializing a.lot more during this race but what.happened was I found myself alone for a.little bit but then when I caught up.with people I was in The Hurt Locker and.the last thing I wanted to do is really.talk that much so I just wanted to.conserve energy and I met a lot of great.people this weekend but ultimately I'd.love to just you know distract myself.from those first first half of the race.just by chatting with people and and.then really focus on working with my.Pacers for that home stretch then I.guess the negative the bad the things.I'm definitely gonna prove on for my.next ultra would be the time at the aid.stations just be more efficient granted.I wanted to hang out with my crew but I.want to be more competitive next race.you know my race strategy wasn't that.great I think picking a pace and be like.okay I'm gonna run this was was kind of.stupid I should have just gone more my.effort and really just walked some of.those first hills like put on an extra.four minutes that would have helped a.lot yeah sleep sleeps another one I.really want to improve on it's hard too.hard to get good sleep when you put a.lot of pressure on yourself you're.anxious there's so many unknowns.but there was several points during the.race where I just wanted to curl up and.take a nap and hopefully you can.minimize that by getting a little better.rest going into it going off course not.good not good at all and that was this I.think that was kind of a freak accident.thing because for the most of the race I.was very with it and really paying.attention it just happened that Hillary.wasn't there to to help either and I.didn't have someone in front of me to.kind of guide me as well although they.can guide you off course - you should.never go off course and the last thing.cramps something that's ongoing I'm I'm.continually trying to figure out the.solution is it salt based fitness based.potassium magnesium calcium there's so.many things so many variables and you.got to figure it out and last year at.the Vermont 50 I took muscle milk which.I think was loaded more with the calcium.and magnesium before the race and in the.morning of and and maybe that helped and.my legs skipped the cramp phase and went.straight to blown out phase so it's it's.not like a fix-all but it will the.cramps just killed my momentum and if I.can somehow eliminate that then at least.I can stay in it competitively and I.know what I'm capable of.even on blown-out legs so that's like a.big thing for me and it's something I'm.gonna play with so I'm gonna get these.they're like you can get tums or these.calcium magnesium supplements linked.below as well so that's it right now I'm.just gonna take it easy for a couple.weeks and recover the biggest thing my.legs are all the muscle stuff not a big.deal that's all within a few days has.already come back pretty well I feel.good.but the tendons this is the ankle.tendonitis that I've been dealing with.that's not happy and my left leg has a.little bit of achilles tendonitis I can.feel that creaking so that's just.something I'm gonna take care of in the.next couple weeks and and throughout the.rest of the summer the last thing I want.is this to become chronic.and I definitely want to get back out.there and do more races you know there's.a lot of lot of fun events I haven't.done yet and I would honestly love to.come back to the Vermont 100 and and.give another shot you know with.everything that I've learned come in a.little more fit and then really just.have another great experience but.hopefully shave off a significant amount.of time or places you know just.ultimately have a good race so that's it.thanks for following along it's been.really cool documenting it not easy.takes a lot of time and some thought and.hopefully you've learned a little bit.along the process.

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Once finished, the document is ready for the next step. You can download it to your iPhone and send it by email. As long as you have a efficient internet connection, you can sign and send documents instantly.

How to create an electronic signature for the Vermont Form Report on Android?

iOS has lots of of users, there's no doubt of that, but most phone users have an Android operating system. To fulfill their needs, CocoSign has developed the software, especially for Android users.

You can get the app on Play Market, install it, and you can start signing documents. These are the tips to sign a form on your Android device:

  1. If you already have a CocoSign account, sign in. If you don't have one yet, you can sign in using Google or Facebook.
  2. Select on '+' to open the document you want to sign, from cloud storage or using your camera.
  3. Discover the place where the signature must be placed and then use the popup window to write your signature.
  4. Insert it on the page, confirm, and save the changes.
  5. The final step is to save the signed document.

To send the signed form, just attach it to an email, and it will reach your clients instantly. CocoSign is the best way to sign many forms every day, all at a low price. It's time to forget all about physical signatures and keep it all electronic.

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