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How to Fill in the Ghana Application by Following Guidlines on the Website?

CocoSign lends a hand to each user to simplify the workflow and improve work productivity by having a better management of the files. Follow the below steps to have a better understanding of how to edit Ghana Application more professional.

Open the form

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  1. Open the unfilled form and click to check the whole document.
  2. Read over the whole document and note which part you need to page.
  3. Write your personal background in the blank form.
  4. Select a form field and put a check mark if you see a demanded blue box.
  5. View the whole form once again to see if there's anything you miss.
  6. Select the sign tools to put your signature or initial at the end of the form.
  7. Save the document by clicking "Done" button.
  8. After edit the document, you are free to print, download, and send the form.
  9. If you have any inquires, please send an email to the support team to get more data.

By making use of CocoSign, you can fill in Ghana Application and put your digital signature right away. It will definetely improve your productivity and make your life much easier.

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youtube video

Get Your Ghana Application Signed Right Away

hello viewers you are most welcome back.to the channel and if it's not.subscribed to the channel please do all.to subscribe so you don't miss out on.any of my upcoming videos which I'll.provide you with all the information.needed when applying to any University.of your choice in Ghana in this video we.are going to apply at the University of.Ghana online application portal which is.going to be done step by step so what.I'm going to do is to put myself into.the shoes of a prospective applicant.ask some more Mensa who is applying this.year to the University of Ghana and has.to past YC results one from the major.exams he would back in 2019 and the.other from the knotek exams he wrote.back in 2018 so add up the two results.by taking this best which is final I.will get sums up to I will be 16 when.you use social studies and 17 when you.use integrated science and if you've.been watching my previous videos I have.already taught you how to calculate the.final I believe either using social.studies or integrated science and.putting myself in the shoes of some more.Mensa I have to be extremely careful.with the kinds of programs that I am.going to select when applying to the.University of Ghana so I'm going to use.the latest version of Google Chrome to.start my application you can easily use.Mozilla Firefox or Safari browser.also for your application online.using the Google search engine we are.going to simply type the University of.Ghana we click on enter click on the.University of Ghana homepage it takes.you straight to the website so on this.interface what you are interested is.admissions you go to admissions.drop-down we click on undergraduate.admissions and this is the overview of.the undergraduate admissions for the.2020 2021 economic year so make sure to.read all the necessary information.required before applying such as the.current YC and SSC interpretation what.qualifications are needed to apply to.the University of Ghana so upon the.satisfaction of the overview you also.look at the entry requirements for some.of these programs to click on the entry.requirement for Wasi and they are all.the group into colleges College of.Health Science College of basic and.Applied Science College of Humanities.and College of Education and every.program in the University of Ghana has.its entry requirements so as a.prospective applicant you should make.sure to read these requirements.carefully and you know what it entails.before applying for a program.so moving on let's quickly look at the.cutoff points for the various programs.and as you can see these cutoff points.are grouped into black colleges for.their last academic year that is 2019.2020 and the College of basic and.Applied Sciences you can see its various.cutoff point the College of Health.Science too has its cutoff points.College of Education has its cutoff.points and finally the College of.Humanities also has its cutoff points so.for instance the cutoff point for battle.of law as of last academic year was.advocate six total business.administration was illegal seven for.meals and ield.for females Bachelor of Arts in general.at background was a GUI 15 for meals and.16 for females Bachelor of Arts the pain.was I believe 22 all this admit reduced.so if you've not watched any of my.previous videos please do well to visit.so you can have all the necessary.information needed and also some of the.additional requirements for these.various programs moving on I'm going to.quickly brush through some of the.programs that are available in the.University of Ghana by colleges and.under the College of Health Sciences the.School of Medicine and Dentistry School.of Pharmacy school of biomedical and.Allied Health Sciences School of Nursing.and Midwifery so these are programs and.the schools and colleges.moving on to the College of Business and.Applied Sciences we have a Bachelor of.Science physical sciences and when you.selected the Battle of science physical.sciences you can specialize in physics.chemistry geophysics the same with.mathematical sciences when you select.the mathematical science program you can.specialize in mathematics statistics a.trio science computer science bio.mathematics or physics when you are in.your second or your third year in the.university the same applies to the earth.sciences Biological Sciences in case you.want to specialize in biochemistry cell.and molecular biology you have to select.biological science.[Music].so the same applies with Agricultural.Sciences family and consumer sciences.engineering sciences and under the.engineering sciences there is material.science engineering Computer Engineering.biomedical engineering food processing.engineering and agriculture engineering.there is also the Doctor of Veterinary.Medicine program and these are all.another College of basic and Applied.Sciences so moving on to the College of.Humanities we have the Bachelor of.Science in Business Administration which.is under the University of Ghana.Business School so the Bachelor of.Science in Business Administration has.programs like banking and finance.marketing public administration.insurance health service management and.some others.there's also Bachelor of law under the.School of Law Bachelor of Arts is.grouped into bouquets which we are going.to see later and the School of.Performing Arts also has a program like.Bachelor of Fine Arts where you are.going to major in dance studies theater.arts or music another College of.Education there is the school of.information and communication studies.where a program like Bachelor of Arts.and Information studies there's also the.School of Education and leadership there.is also the school of continuing and.distance education where we have.programs like economics political.science sociology psychology and.information studies as well as adult.education.with human resource management and they.also diploma programs that has been.offered at the University of Ghana so in.case you do not meet the minimum entry.requirements and have a d7 in your core.subjects you can apply for a diploma.program all these requirements I have.previously stated in my videos so please.do well to visit them.[Music].so moving or we are going to briefly.look at some of the bachelor of at.bouquet combinations which is a blend of.subjects from the School of Business.Administration social science arts and.languages and Bachelor of Arts is also.available at the link on campus the City.campus and distance learning which are.all displayed here in subjects of three.so when you select the Bachelor of Arts.program for either your first or your.second choice you are only allowed to.select four of the bouquet subjects and.you should always make sure you select.it in order of preference it is also.very important to take note of bouquet.subjects like economics mathematics.statistics and requires that you have a.background in elective mathematics with.a minimum of a b3 bouquet which other.subjects like do graphi also requires.that you have background in Joo Rafi.from the SHS bouquets also like French.and English requires that you have a.background in French and English.literature all at the SHS level so.please be mindful when selecting any of.these bouquet subjects also the Bachelor.of Arts admission bouquet has subjects.like accounting insurance health service.management marketing finance and public.administration and these rookies have a.different cut off point which was idly.twelve so if you know your general.accident and you are selecting any of.this bachelor of arts administration.duties.you should be mindful that the cutoff.point is no longer fifteen system but.will be changed to agree twelve as of.last academic.so we are going to move straight forward.to the application portal and on this.interface by clicking on the apply now.you must have declared in the.information that you are going to.provide during application to record of.yourself and otherwise relate to your.prosecution so let's all be mindful of.providing the needed information as.accurate as possible so the first apply.now slot is for ganyan applicants with.worship background and diploma from the.University of Ghana HIV from a.polytechnic or a health professional.diploma from an accredited training.college so if you know you hold a.diploma from another University the.University of Ghana is not going to.accept that qualification University of.Ghana only accepts its own University.diploma as well as an HND from a.polytechnic the University of Ghana have.also assert health professional diploma.from an accredited institution in Ghana.the second slot is for ghanians with.foreign backgrounds in Ghana who are.qualifications like their coverage all.levels and in levels International.Baccalaureate or American high school.great work and other recognised.qualifications that slot is for.Guardians who do not live in Ghana and.also studied outside the country who are.also interested in applying to the.University of Ghana.so our interest here is the applying now.from the first slot because we are.applying with our Yahtzee qualification.so we move on by clicking on the apply.now and here you must have your log in.details ready by entering your serial.number and your PIN to begin the.application process so please do also.enter your serial number and your PIN.and log in successfully.so I'm going to enter my serial number.and my pin number to start the.application process and investor of.Ghana serial number always starts with.Aug and ends with a seven digit number.so let me input my serial number.and also the pin number then I go ahead.to log in so this interface there's the.welcoming message from the University of.Ghana and before you begin your.application please check the entry.requirements a cut-off point and the.available programs that is being.affected and there is also an important.notice that's the University of Ghana.does not entertain the change of your.bio-data such as your name or your D.talk but after you have gained admission.so please do o to enter your name.correctly as well as your date of birth.so you don't have challenges in the.future so on the left hand side of the.screen is the application summary shows.a bio-data the entry information the.educational background the program.information the passport photo.the summary the proof of application the.application status and the log out so.moving on this form is for applicants.applying to bachelors or diploma.programs holders of Wasi SS c GC diploma.h mb etc of whose first degree.bachelor's program so getting started it.says have you ever attended University.of Ghana or any other tertiary.institution before what I am going to.select is Anu.and by clicking on the button below to.begin your application you accept that.if you provide any false information.University of Ghana reserves the right.to refuse your admission if you have.already been admitted to the investor.Ghana you shall be asked to redraw so.you click on the terms and conditions.and click on begin application process.[Music].so as indicated I'm going to place.myself into the shoes of a prospective.applicant by the name Sam or Mensa so.I'm going to fill in the bio-data.details on behalf of some of Benza and.we'll start with the title which is a.Mista the surname is Mensa.[Music].and his first name is sommore the agenda.is a mill and his date of birth is the.first of July 2004.so indicates the year the month which is.July and the day which is fest his.hometown is a crop on in the eastern.region.and his nationality is a ganyan so you.make sure you select the granion.nationality and the region of hometown.you select distinct region religious.denomination is a seventh-day adventists.so you look out for the religious.denominations and you select that his.marital status is single number of.children are so you make sure you don't.put any details for that so moving on to.the address information I'm going to use.the care of in assess that mr. Dennis.mess up.[Music].and the box number is P or box a k42 and.the city is a proper in the eastern.region.you can decide to live address line and.move straight forward to the street.address for carryout.service and the street address for.Career Services is going to be house.number for Polish route and the mobile.number for SMS notification.[Music].and the email address which is some.Mormons 0 4 @ gmail.com.[Music].so the permanent home address if.different from the postal address and.this addresses the same as the postal.address so I move on to de-spawn zap.details so moving on to the details of.sponza or study the name of a sponsor is.Dennis Mensa and you enter the address.of the sponsor.[Music].and the telephone number of the sponsor.[Music].you can decide to leave the email of the.sponsor moving on to the name of.parent/guardian.and the next-of-kin information the name.of parent is Dennis Meza the care of.name is also Dennis Mensa the box number.P o box make a 42 April Paul.[Music].and the occupation of the parent or the.Guardian is self-employed so you look.out for self-employed and the telephone.number.[Music].so for the sports information do you.participate in sports up from a success.to personal level or above here I'm.going to select no do you have any.physical disability going to select no.are you currently employed I am also.going to select no so I quickly glanced.through the bio-data details and make.sure all the sections are correctly.filled before I save and continue to the.next section so I click on save and.continue.it's a success information is saved.successfully so I click continue and it.takes me to entry information and here.with the entry year and offering type my.entry year is going to be the 2020 2021.academic year and the entry type that.I'm going to select as I have SSC slash.was it results for those who have passed.was a results and all the writing was it.this year this select I have passed.results and we were writing was it this.year.I have no past SSC was a resource.expecting to write.was it this year so if you knew you've.never written was it before and waiting.student you select this entry type we.also have diploma to degree with quasi.SSC so if you know you want to top up to.the investor of Ghana with your diploma.from the University of Ghana or hnd you.select this entry inside so I am going.to select I have received /s s see.results and my application type is.buttless was a mock trial for a.four-year bachelor's degree.program and I click on save and continue.and my information has been saved.successfully so I click on continue so.moving on to the educational information.have you ever been to secondary school.or high school before I'm going to.select yes the region of the high school.attended is in the eastern region and.the name of the senior high school is a.group home senior high technical and.started schooling from 2017 to 2019 and.the qualification he obtained was bossy.and a mood of application is using to.apply to the University of Ghana is also.Wasi pastor sherry institutions attended.Xavier attended University of Ghana or.any other tertiary institution I am.going to select no so moving on to.examination little some moments at.facility Swasey exams in the year 2018.and it was an off deck so the year is.going to be 2018 and the exam type is.Wasi and the candidate index number you.always make sure you input the correct.candidates index number.and you repeat the same index number and.the second examination setting was.imagine results and the year of.examination was in 2019 and the exam.type is a Wasi and the index number.you always make sure to pin put the.correct index number.[Music].[Music].so when you are done in putting his.examination details you cross check to.see if without the month the year the.exam type and the candidate number.matches up with works you have in your.records.and you save and continue to the next.stage of the application so it's a.success so we click on continue moving.on to the program information and the.selection of program choices as I.indicated earlier some of aces final I.get is I get 16 so with an aggregate of.16 I have to be extremely careful with a.kind of programs I select on his behalf.so I'm going to my first choice program.option and I've decided to select.Bachelor of Arts in education as his.first choice and it's been run on their.leg on campus because a cutoff point for.Battle of Arts in education as of last.academic year was aggregated 22 and with.some moments are obtained in an area of.16 his chances of a bachelor party.educational need on campus is Britta so.I've selected the Nevada campus and the.program is going to be Bachelor of Arts.in education and it has four options so.my first option is going to be education.psychology information studies my second.option is going to be.and the case in sociology Sushil wake my.third option is going to be information.studies adult education and my final.option is need to be information studies.sociology all can buy The Bachelor of.Arts in education leg on campus so for.some of mensis second choice I am going.to change the campus to across the.campus and I'm going to select Bachelor.of Arts for him because the cutoff point.for battle of acts for Agri City campus.as of last academic year was abrogated.24 and with an aggregate of 16 if.Bachelor of Arts in education he is not.successful he is likely to attain battle.of ads at across city campus for his.second choice so under the program.options for battle of Arc City campus I.am going to take psychology archeology.philosophy and classics as his first.option political science information.studies theater arts as his second.option sociology Social Work philosophy.and classics as a state option and study.of religions theater art and psychology.access for option.so for the third choice programmed.solution I'm going to select a less.competitive program under the distance.education and it's going to be either a.crap Learning Center and it's a Bachelor.of Arts and the first program option.will be psychology sociology information.studies the second option is going to be.adult education psychology information.studies the third option is going to be.political science sociology information.studies and the fourth option is going.to be education sociology and.information studies so summarizing all.the program choices and its selection I.choose Lagaan campus as his first choice.and I choose a program like Bachelor of.Arts in education the second option was.at a crass City campus and I choose.Bachelor of Arts and the third option.was distance and I also choose Bachelor.of Arts so this is an example of how to.apply an order of preference from the.very competitive program to the less.competitive program so you also stand a.chance of gaining admission so with some.immense have been a pure generalist.student with an aggregate of 16 he's.likely to gain admission for his first.choice program selection because that of.Bachelor of Arts in education as of last.academic year the cutoff point was I.will get 22 moving on in case you don't.meet the regular cutoff point would you.like to be considered for fee-paying.I'm going to select I do not agree.if the University of Ghana does not.offer you admission do you agree that.your application details are passed on.to one of the private investors.affiliated to University of Ghana and.also going to click I do not agree and I.save and continue my application and.it's a success my information has been.saved successfully and I click continue.to the next stage of the application.process.and with this stage is uploading of your.passport picture and the requirement is.that you have a maximum dimension of 600.by 800 pixels and a minimum dimension of.100 by 100 pixels and the background.which just should be a white background.so before I upload a passport picture of.some or Mensa I'm going to use the photo.2 software on the right-hand side to.help me crop the passport photo so that.I don't encounter any challenges when up.uploading the final image so I click on.use photo - and I click to browse the.image so I'm going to look for the image.of some Mesa.I upload his image and it's able to crop.to the correct dimension so after.changing the correct dimension of the.passport picture I click on enter and it.saves his picture and I also save the.new cropped dimension.[Music].so I locates to where the new picture.has been saved and I upload his new.photo.[Music].so I go back to locate where his new.cropped photo is and I upload.successfully so upon uploading.successfully Simoes passport picture I.click on save and continue so it.processes the image and it tells me my.information has been successfully saved.so I click on continue and it gives me.the overview of all my application.started from the bio-data the entry.information the educational background a.program information and also accepting.and printing my final proof of.application so if you go through the.application details you realize that.everything has been keyed in.successfully so I am going to accept my.proof and print out my proof of.application so what the system is.telling me now is that your application.is completed and have been successfully.submitted to the University of Ghana you.may still make changes to your.application until the deadline thank you.for applying to the University of Ghana.so here I am going to print out my proof.of application.[Music].so after printing out your proof of.application you go back to the.application portal and log out your.application so you can always make.changes to your application if you are.an awaiting student and your results are.finally in and you know you don't.qualify for a program you applied for.earlier you have to always go back and.make changes to a program that you.qualify for and finally you have to make.sure to check your application status.and make sure all the sections are.completed so with the application.progress you see the bio-data is.submitted the entry information is.submitted the educational background is.submitted.the program information is submitted and.my passport photo is also submitted.making my application process completed.[Music].so after this I log out my application.and make reference to the print out for.future purposes.so if you're able to follow this video.of the online application process.step-by-step whilst applying to the.University of Ghana I'm 100% sure you'll.be able to gain the confidence to apply.on your own.and no net attempt at individual mess up.your application to the University.please subscribe to the channel and.share to friends family and relatives.who you think will be applying this year.so you don't miss out on my upcoming.videos such as applying to the kwame.nkrumah investor of science and.technologies online application portal.which is also going to be a step-by-step.procedure like this video as shown and.also I'm going to begin the application.process to the University of Cape Coast.and many more.please also do all to ask questions and.leave your comments as our response to.all your questions and take note of all.your comments thank you for watching and.see you in my next video.[Music].

How to generate an electronic signature for the Ghana Application online

You must be drawn to a multifaceted solution to electronic signatures for Ghana Application. CocoSign will provide you with what you have been Searching for, a single online application that does not need any more installation.

You just need to have a satisfactory internet connection and your preferred appliance to utilize. Follow this steps to e-sign Ghana Application easily:

  1. Select the document you want to sign. You can also simply click the required document into this section.
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  3. Select the types of signatures you need to put. It can be drawn, typed, or uploaded signatures.
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How to create an electronic signature for the Ghana Application in Chrome

Chrome has got support as a adaptable browser due to its comprehensive features, useful tools, and extensions. In this way, you can keep all your tools on your home screen in front of you. You just need to press what you require without searching for it complicatedly.

Using this useful extension feature offered by Chrome, you can add CocoSign extension to your browser and use it whenever you need to design eSignatures in your documents. With CocoSign extension, you will also get more features like merge PDFs, add multiple eSignatures, share your document, etc.

Here are the basic instructions you need to follow:

  1. Notice the CocoSign extension on Chrome Webstore and press the option 'Add'.
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Ghana Application FAQs

Here are some questions along with their answers to clear up the doubts that you might have.

Need help? Contact support

How do I fill out an application form to open a bank account?

It is very simple and easy to fill up this form. If you are in a difficult situation ,get the help of related Bank officials and they will help you to submit the application form.

How do I fill out the IIFT 2018 application form?

The IIFT application form process is in online mode only while to make the payment, candidates can opt for the online as well as offline mode. The end date to submit the IIFT application form has also been extended till September 15, 2017. Check the steps to register for IIFT Application Form 2018 .

How do I fill the JEE (Main) application form?

Hi Folks. Since NTA is about to release the application forms for JEE Main exam to be conducted in the month of January 2019, many of you must be wondering how can you fill the application form for the exam. As the application process is going to be online, it is advisable to all the aspirants to fill in your details and make the payment carefully. Keep your documents and required details beforehand so as to avoid any kind of delay later. Also, keep your scanned images of photograph and signature ready. All the best!!

How do I fill out the CAT 2018 application form?

There is a detailed instruction on how to fill up the form on the CAT website. Both written and a video format. The instructions are easy to follow. If you still find it difficult talk to a faculty if you are taking coaching in any institute or anyone known to you who has already filled the form.

What is the procedure for filling out the CPT registration form online?

You are asking for cpt examination or cpt registration If for registration then sorry but now you can only register for CA foundation If you have registered yourself for cpt before then for filling exam form go to icaiexam.icai.org and you will find all details there. Best of luck

Do I need a visa for Ghana?

Apparently the laws in Ecuador have been changed. Now Ghanaians need a visa. I think its partly because when you get to Ecuador, to get a staying visa or working permit you need an apostled police report. Now there is no embassy of Ghana in Ecuador so its difficult for people to get this document. So i guess getting a visa before coming to Ecuador will help.

How can you tell if a passport is real?

This is an area that I have had some training. First as a port of entry official at Canada’s largest car and air entry points. (Why are Canadian border agents mean and disrespectful?). Secondly, I was retained by a Caribbean government to inspect several passport manufacturing companies with a view of bidding on replacing that country’s passport. The winning company Canadian Bank Note Company later won the contract for supplying all CARICOM passports . Most recently, I was retained by a company which is designing a new passport cover which uses special technology to deal with theft and recovery. A Continue Reading

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