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The Instruction of Finishing Form Visa Instructions on the Internet

Get and personalize the perfect Form Visa Instructions in the CocoSign template library to fulfill your needs and save your cost. If you are still wondering how to fill out Form Visa Instructions, you can check out the below tips to start.

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  4. Fill up the check box if you are eligible to the condition.
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CocoSign's Guide About Finishing Form Visa Instructions

youtube video

How Do You Get Form Visa Instructions and Sign It Online?

good morning guy welcome to fat anger.falender in today's video I'm going to.show you how to file the online.immigrant visa but first of all the.first step you need to fill the online.agent you need to fill out the you need.to pay you know the immigrant did the.affidavit of support fee and you need to.pay you know the immigrant visa after.that you can file at the online.non-immigrant so there is two feet that.you have to pay the affidavit of support.fee and then the online immigrant fee.okay so so the other way it's working to.paid all those fee first generally after.each payment you need to wait for a.couple of weeks two weeks or at least.until you can go up to 12 weeks okay.after that you process so in this case.we will be pay the affidavit of support.fee when we repaid the immigrant visa.fee and we really apply for the on my.agent so that's the last that only.activity that's gonna be the last step.so let's up let apply fill out fire.online the online immigrant visa okay we.just click this remember the address.that you need to go.HTTP rush trash see II a see that.state.gov slash sea-tac okay you got it.at the top here so see assitant stand.for controller electronic Application.Center okay that's what you do and then.you click on ds2 sixty BS to sixty.that's a message you just click on.continue there you go you need the case.number on the invoice number okay you.need a case number invoice number so I'm.gonna enter the case number right here.so I will be enter my case number I'm.just going to click on continue so once.you click on your case number continue.you have to enter your invoice number.you need the invoice number either the.invoice number for the for the affidavit.of support fee or the.in verse number four the immigrant visa.so unit issues so I assume if you're.watching this you will either the the.petitioner or the applicant so and then.you enter it and then you enter the you.know security carton and you press.continue as you can see on this case the.application little choice of agent his.choice of agent DDS 261 complete with.the data and then this is the affidavit.of support fee paid that's already paid.and then this is they call it you know.like for free this is the the the.immigrant fee is paid to feed they've.been paid and then the last step we're.gonna start the applications okay this.is this is this step you know after so.there are two type of fee they told you.here to type of field.the affidavit affidavit of support fee.and the immigrant visa application C.okay not application fee must be paid by.each person who is immigrating and.cannot be and cannot be paid until after.and we see his review the form the D s.261 so which mean definitely you know.the online choice of agent it's really.important so you need to submit that if.you don't submit it you're not going to.be able to to pay the visa that's really.important okay so no no stop so if they.say after you pay the immigrant fee.you're gonna let one week on one or two.weeks okay.that's what I did and then step eight.and now I'm gonna start starting off for.the immigrant visa application that's.what we're gonna do okay so that the.first page when you when you study.online visa.alien registration applications okay so.that the first page on my visa alien.registration so what you're gonna do so.basically these first piece and you just.need to check this that you certify that.you have read understand all these.informations okay that basically is easy.and then you're gonna click on continue.so ants you set.for you agree so what you got this is.information about the applicant okay so.basically sample information you know.first and last name first name so.generally this is doesn't apply unless.you're from China stuff like that we.don't have what we call the then if you.have auto generates no food if you have.it's it's it's your name its order then.Latin and you're from China Greek you.can put something but otherwise you.doesn't apply have you ever used the.name so if you ever use the name in the.past you click yes what they are talking.about the applicant okay and here this.is no so you click on certify you click.on continue they start like as you can.see that that's show your progressions.so that's personal informations that's.for the last name first name.basically they asks you not see valpha.bed this is basically for people from.China Greece you know but most of people.they're gonna check no doesn't apply.have you ever user the name.if yes you cannot click yes if no click.no most people going to click no and.then there's this is a woman because.those are really simple information is.this bit remember this is about the.applicant not about the petition that's.mean most of the time this is about you.know the one that is over see another.country the applicant program you're not.talking about the US citizen or the.permanent resident they're talking about.the applicant okay so select them if.it's angle Mary just click here to.select so we are the bottom of the first.page still information about the.applicant date of birth city of birth.you know country of birth I'll you can.see this this person is from Haiti so.this is about the applicant and this is.really easy you know to do so what we're.gonna do we're gonna click Next or.personal to that was personal one the.next gonna be personal to let's click on.personal to so this is personal to this.is country of origin so document tab we.can passport some people have other.travel document with multi most people.have a passport so I'm gonna put the.passport number here.the country that issued a passport in.this case does not a big deal you can.another country it's easy Haiti and then.the insurance did okay the insurance did.and the expression it of it of the.passport so they acts do you have whole.or have held any nationality so in this.case you just gonna put something here.if it's the case most of people are.gonna click no okay so let's do this so.that the information for personal.information to personnel to now we're.gonna go to the address ok let's go to.the address and phone number click on.this so this is about address and phone.numbers so you start with the prison.address you put it here and then they.want to know since when you start living.here okay so do still this is.information please it's about the.applicant ok I mean these questions.basically what it is they want to know.the address since the applicant turn 16.okay so let's see if you have been in.this same address since you since your.birth they you just can't let this one.so which means if you have been in these.address you know you know at fifteen.fourteen you can just because you have.you live anywhere other than these.address since you turned 16 let's say.you get 16 and then you keep changing.address you need to report them but.since you turn 16 you've been in these.address only just let it the way it is.you understand just let it the way it is.if you never change address since you.turn 16 just let it the way it is.okay just let it the way it is if you.never change address see since u-turns.just let one sideways so that's why I.click no okay no let's go at the bottom.here we're gonna put the phone number.and then after that you click continue.okay put the phone number at the bottom.we went up click continue so like we.said we put the phone number the email.address.you click on the next step gonna be.mailing permanent okay we're gonna click.here okay mailing permanent mailing and.permanent address information so.basically they want the information.where your will active will live in USA.most of the time is gonna be the address.of the petitioner I'm talking about the.US citizen or the permanent resident is.gonna be your address in you I say.because they named remember this is.really important because this address.this is the one they're gonna mail the.permanent resident card the green card.so that's gonna most of the time that's.gonna be your address but please.sometimes you change address you know.that might be a problem because they're.gonna mail the green card on these.address on once the person getting USA.does that's why I need these need to be.accurate the actually is your mailing.address the same as your home address.most of the day is gonna be yes okay.some people have different mailing.address if it's the case you're gonna.put no so you can uh put a different.address so is this address where you.want your permanent residents to be mail.so basically some time you may up living.in a temporary address you know you.think you might move you can mail your.address to someone that I have a.mortgage you know someone that is living.in a permanent address.you can't pick no and add it okay if you.want to so the next step is gonna be.about the family information okay just.so we're gonna click on next step for.family information from anyway.information simple they want information.about the father of the applicant you.know last name first name you know.birthday sometime in some case we don't.even remember the birthday of the father.of the applicant it depend of which.person let's say a person of fifty years.old you know for the usual maybe the.parent every deed I you can click my.door no no you they give you these.options so this is about for mother this.is for father they want place of birth.as you can see they give you the choice.to put.that they don't know if you don't know.okay but night saying if it's a kid you.know.you know I 16 14 years old you should.know you know so so we're just gonna.fill out information about the father.and then about the mordor and then we're.gonna click hip-hop with your spouse if.it's the case okay if it's the case.basically this is about preview do you.have any previous spouse yes and no this.is sample questions so we say no and.then it's gonna be about children if.this person have a children in this case.this is the child you can have a.children's it's gonna be no okay.straightforward question did you have a.children yes and no it's no this.question is about if you review US.travel so basically they want to know if.you have been in USA but please don't.try to lie you know because they're.gonna catch you they got your.fingerprint stuff like that you better.tell you chew if you've been in USA if.you've been with use you know admission.so don't try to lie cuz anyway even.though everything good through and then.you go to the interview answer they're.gonna process your visa idea will catch.you okay so tell the two if you bid it's.yes or no I look you will choose II so.again remember these about the the.applicant okay still when they are.talking about previous address is still.about the applicant okay the main person.here it's the applicant primary.occupation and this case she's a student.so let me see something like student.yeah I just you stood it and then I'm.here I'm just gonna put the name of the.school address stuff like that so we.still in work on education they want to.know after what you were doing right now.they want to know they are talking place.the about the principal immigrant in.this case she's a student but you will.chose and then they want to know also.once you come in you I say what you're.gonna do is she's still gonna be a.student so let me choose.okay just choose what you're gonna do.want to get in USA the next step is.about work on education okay additional.it's about work and education additional.information so are you served in the.military yes or no okay clicking no if.yes you put yes so the next questions.the nuts the next section it's going to.be about the petitioner they're gonna.need information about the u.s. citizen.or the permanent resident that's not.that's it's not about the applicant okay.here you're gonna select how are you.related to the petitioner is it further.motor you know stuff like that.so in law okay so that that's what.you're gonna do spouse shoes the one.that apply through your okay it's okay.so once you are done with this the.petitioner you know in the case this is.her father that the address then next is.gonna be security background questions.basically those are questions security.questions most of the time they're gonna.be new if there is one that is yes you.better tell it cuz they just want to.know you know if you are not actuated.their country so better don't try to lie.again tell the true okay they will find.out so that's the way to go so basically.it's gonna be yes/no question yes and no.question that's what you're gonna do.that's what it's gonna be okay let's do.them as you can see he we got a bunch of.yes or no questions these medical.questions is gonna be criminal security.one security to immigration law review.violations.miss Lina so like I show you a monster.amps are gonna be no but if there is one.that is yes tell the truth because if.they find out you cannot be insurable so.as you can see the federal you have a.communique communicable disease.okay public have significant such as.tuberculosis talk like that.yes or no most of the time is gonna be.no in a case it's okay it's gonna be no.do we do okay that you've ever seen.right no excuse me this should be yes.okay so these should be yes.because they want to be sure they want.to be sure that you are protected from.disease okay do you have a month a.physical disorder that pose threat.that's you know do you ever been drug.abuse it's no okay so remember this one.do you have documentation to establish.that you have received vaccinations so.normally that should be that should be.yes if no you better try to get it.because anyway they will send you a.document to get vaccination again so.that's really important too to getting.us a vaccination so the next step is.going to be criminal information okay as.you can see it's criminal information so.it's not impossible but if you have.quick criminal record it gonna be hard.or her but again don't try to lie so.have you ever been arrested I know some.people have been arrested and sometimes.they get in court you know they you know.they they they are free submit any.documentation if you've been arrested.and they George you know grant you.relief stuff like that you can bring.them you still can get in your essay.okay that's know in our case no so this.is criminal information so as you can.see most of them all know if it's yes.you better tell the truth.you see security question so the last.question for the background alright it's.about social security say again this is.about the applicant okay security.information over the applicant have you.ever applied for social security number.yes and no so if it's yes most of the.times go let me know because this person.I have never been in USA but if you've.been in USA for some reason and you are.black for Social Security you can put.you can put yes okay it's no now do you.want the social security number issues.definitely that's gonna be yes don't put.no here because if you put no which mean.when you get in you I say you're not.gonna get any social security number and.you know social security number is.really important for you to to work okay.so that's really important which mean if.you will answer yes do you may be able.to.you know your whole social security.number again no they say again do you.ought to write disclosure of information.from this form to the Department of.Homeland Security the Social Security.Administration and such it should be yes.so this is receipt yes yes okay most of.them are not but those need to be yes.okay so and then the next step is gonna.be the with you okay we are done it's.gonna be only there with you.so in this step you just review the.information that you are with the input.just make sure they are correct you.click Next in with you are the.information to make sure that they are.accurate okay so as you can see I'm just.with you in the end formation already.input if there's a mistake I can click.on ad to make the corrections next gonna.be a family you're just gonna click on X.if there is any mistake you can click.here to make corrections okay so after.reviewing that the last step they call.it the assign certifications did anyone.ask you if you're watching this view try.to do it by yourself is gonna be no ok.and now you're gonna put the case number.your the passport number.there are talking please about the.applicant and then you enter this code.you enter sign submit and the next for.confirmation that simple okay as you can.see they say you successfully sign it.and submit and the next page is gonna be.the confirmation page okay so they.basically told me your meet the.immigration visa and alienation in.applications was sent to the National.Visa Center for with you however you and.we see will not with you the vs to 60.until they have we see the required.financial and civil document so which.means you send this after that you need.to send the the the financial like they.are talking about affidavit of support.this is a form the i-864 you need to.enter you need to send it with your 1040.tax return as well a w-2 if you don't.have 1040 and over you - why you gonna.do just go to.any IRS office that is next to you.they're gonna give you a transcript okay.they're gonna give you a transcript a.transcript is enough because the.transcript got information for the 1040.your tax return as well as a w-2 and.then you will send that with the form.i-864 affidavit of support.remember the effort of the support is.about they just want to see if you have.enough resource financial resource to.sponsor relatives sometimes people don't.have enough money so you don't got.enough money so what you do you what you.did you can find a friend that can file.an additional itv4 for you I got video.about her to file the affidavit support.you can check them out okay so that's.the way basically on stay with you.everything they will send you a notice.telling you that the interview has been.scaled has been scheduled scheduled.detail and music and not scheduled a.visa interview until your suberin.document is complete so at the step the.last step is to file any civil document.copy of passport first of all one thing.important please please the cover sheet.remember to send the cover sheet because.the cover should have them track you.know the case okay the cover sheet.that's why it's really critical to what.they call the online agent you know.there is a cover sheet on stay open your.envelope the first thing they did this.scan the cover sheet in order to track.the case okay so basically you find we.don't so please subscribe to my channel.and then you can look for you know just.tap on the search to get as many as you.know helpful tutorial that help you in.immigration form and take care and see.you one at a time.

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Form Visa Instructions FAQs

Some of the confused FAQs related to the Form Visa Instructions are:

Need help? Contact support

How can I get a Vietnamese visa on arrival?

For the people who are planning to get Vietnam Visa on arrival, you need to know that Vietnam visa is separated into different types. Based on the entry purposes, there are tourist visa, business visa or student visa... Morever, based on the length of stay in Vietnam, the different type of Visa will charge different service fee. For example, single entry 1 month Visa take about $12, multiple entry 1 month Visa take about $20. See more at: http://www.bestpricevn.com/vietnam-visa/visa-fees.html

Do Tamilians experience difficulty in other parts of the world since the majority of them do not have surnames?

Not a big deal but I am often asked my surname outside Tamil Nadu. Me and my sisters came across this issue in our school life (North India) where regularly teachers as well as fellow students ask us about our surname. So we end up using our father's name as our second name/surname. “Gopal” becomes “Gopal R”. Some parents of our friends also ask our surname and we understood that they were indirectly trying to know our “caste”. Some scenarios which still continues, At reception counter(outside TN) Lady: Sir, your name please?? Me:Gopal. Lady: Gopal…what?? Me: Gopal Lady: No, sir I mean your surname?? Me: Continue Reading

Has anybody travelled to India with their new e-visa scheme? How was your experience of getting the e-visa?

The new e-Visa scheme has made it easier to apply and visit India. The process is straightforward and less time-consuming. You just need to fill the required information such as personal details in the online form and make the payment. If the application gets approved, you will get the e-Visa in your email

How does one get into North Korea legally?

Sign up for a government-sanctioned tour. The easiest way, though not the cheapest: http://www.koryogroup.com/ I did it by contacting a Chinese tour company operating out of Dandong (the Chinese city on the NK border). Looks like they have a web site now: http://www.tmbrooklyn.com.cn/ As for what exactly the process was: I was in Dalian, China for school at the time and took the train up to Shenyang (the provincial capital) to meet a rep from the company and go to the NK consulate to get my visa. I don't know exactly what paperwork he had to fill out on my behalf, but from my point of view, I just filled out a form with typical visa-ish information (name, contact info, reason for visiting, previous visits, communicable diseases, etc.) and he handed it along with my passport to someone from the consulate. Then we went and bought my plane ticket from the Air Koryo office in the lobby of a nearby hotel. They did take longer on me than the rest of the group: after a few hours someone from the consulate came out with all the passports for the other members of the group, but not mine. I had to go back on my own the next morning to pick it up, but I arrived at the scheduled time and a pair of consular officials came out and gave it to me, along with a flimsy paper visa (no passport stamp, drat!) and instructions about who to look for when I landed. Then I took a taxi to the airport and got on the plane to Pyongyang -- a completely normal exit procedure except that I had overstayed my Chinese visa by a day and had to pay a fine, but that's not NK's fault.

Can I obtain an E2 visa without an immigration lawyer, given that I meet all the criteria for it? What are the risks?

I ended up getting my e2 visa without a lawyer. You have to get follow the list of E2 requirements that you should obtain from your embassy’s website and have a well written cover letter. Have someone review it for you. I had someone go over my application with me a few times. A lot of people think that following another application will work, but it doesn't because every business has to have a solid & consistent case with a convincing road map. Disclaimer: not all consulates have the same E2 approval rates. If your country’s consulate visa approval rate is low, you might want to work with an e Continue Reading

U.S. Congress: Have you ever contacted your congressman for assistance?

Be polite. Make a good contact and keep in touch with them. Make sense, i.e. don't wander all over the place explaining your problem or situation. If you have more than one issue, deal with one at a time. Be reasonable, and as mentioned above, limit requests to the Member's office for constituent services to "federal issues," ie not state or local government issues. And again, be polite. If you make a friend of the constituent case worker, they will really go to bat for you. It is not important to speak directly with the Member, or a high-level person in the office; the constituent case work Continue Reading

How do I fill out the New Zealand visa form?

Hi, Towards the front of your Immigration Form there is a check list. This check list explains the documents you will need to include with your form (i.e. passport documents, proof of funds, medical information etc). With any visa application it’s important to ensure that you attach all the required information or your application may be returned to you. The forms themselves will guide you through the process, but you must ensure you have the correct form for the visa you want to apply for. Given that some visa applications can carry hefty fees it may also be wise to check with an Immigration Adviser or Lawyer as to whether you qualify for that particular visa. The form itself will explain which parts you need to fill out and which parts you don’t. If you don’t understand the form you may wish to get a friend or a family member to explain it to you. There is a part at the back of the form for them to complete saying that they have assisted you in the completion of it. If all else fails you may need to seek advice from a Immigration Adviser or Lawyer. However, I always suggest calling around so you can ensure you get the best deal.

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