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Usda Final Title Opinion Form : Draft, Finish and save

hello everyone is a Sean Stevens with.Metroplex mortgage services and welcome.to our online workshop regarding the.USDA guidelines which have modernized.and transform the program in a very.positive way so you may ask why is this.important to Realtors today's workshop.is not designed to teach you to be a.loan officer but instead provide.specifics regarding key updates that can.help more home buyers qualify and.increase your closings now just for.starters let me give you an example of.just how popular the USDA guarantee.program is in 2014 alone we received.over 50,000 USD a specific visitors.either requesting or researching.information about the program at our.USDA loan procom site yes 50,000 so can.you imagine it how many people are.actually interested in program but just.don't know where to start remember.consumers are driving the Train so it's.important to not get caught standing at.the station alone because they are.searching for both information on the.program and real estate professionals.who are comfortable working with usda.loans so without further delay let's get.started with the details for a quick.introduction here is a little background.about myself my mortgage experience.dated back to nineteen ninety eight.which I do realize is considered a stone.age but those years of experience have.been a tremendous asset when dealing.with complicated files then founded.metroplex mortgage services in 2001 we.are licensed in Florida Texas Tennessee.and Alabama with our corporate office in.tampa in a branch office in Dallas we.are known for our government loan.expertise along with being a USDA and VA.approved lender we also hold high.experience in both FHA and conventional.programs and most importantly I have a.sincere passion for what I do so let's.go ahead and get started with a little.bit of definition of what USDA is when.you hear the terms rural development or.USDA or maybe your loan officer might.have said rd those are all going to be.synonymous with what we're talking about.today prior to December first 2014 USDA.guidelines were based off a combination.of the night.in a DD and a series of administrative.notices this proved to be an outdated.method which left for much discretion.and interpretation when it came to both.underwriting guidelines and USDA field.office approvals so what changed in why.the new guidelines under the CFR 3555 is.a combination of both the old 1980 d and.the administrative notices this was done.so that the USDA loan program could be.updated reorganized and simplified now.let's go over key guideline changes that.are going to impact both your business.and the ability of your clients to.qualify for USDA Rural home loans first.off inground swimming pools for anyone.that may or may not have been familiar.with this prior to December first homes.that have inground swimming pools were.not considered in USDA's modest housing.definition now properties could still be.financed but no value was credited.towards the pool this policy created.confusion among appraisers Realtors and.homebuyers and which also led to.possible cash to close issues I even.heard lenders would tell their buyers.and Realtors at USDA would not allow.homes with inground pools now that was.false but there were financing.limitations because of the guidelines.now the new 3555 guidelines provide.clarity by simply staying the following.the agency may approve dwellings with.inground swimming pools these updated.guidelines have removed those prior.value restrictions so going forward this.is business as usual for eligible.properties with inground pools now.remember you still have to be in an.eligible area but there is no.restriction for homes with inground.pools they'll be treated just like an.FHA appraisal would be V a conventional.etc so this is a phenomenal improvement.which is going to open up a tremendous.amount of properties and more.eligibility for your clients to look for.in homes okay next up on the list.are changes to the flood zone policy now.this is impacting existing properties.primarily because now simply put flood.insurance is required through FEMA's.national flood insurance program there.is no longer the need for a flood.elevation certificate however if you are.dealing with the new construction.property they still require a flood.elevation certificate obviously if it's.in a flood zone now for anyone who has.had this situation come up before this.is a key change that will make it.significant impact when moving forward.on existing properties located in flood.zones now provide acceptable flood.insurance is available a wider variety.of properties will be accessible to our.customers okay so next up on the rundown.are the updates regarding private roads.first off when you have a private road.maintenance agreements are not required.however they will require either a.permanently recorded easement or be.owned and maintained by a homeowner's.association now if you are unsure about.the related easements for the property.simply call your title company or.attorney handling the closing and they.can help answer your questions also.remember that if an association is.responsible for the road maintenance it.must meet the criteria set forth by.either Fannie Mae Freddie Mac HUD or VA.streets and roads must be hard surfaced.or all-weather surfaced this is a key.component when dealing with a private.road but not to be confused with.publicly maintained roads as a key.guideline update 3555 state set it's.assumed that publicly maintained roads.will meet this requirement a great.resource if available is your local.County roads and bridges department.which can clarify when questions arise.regarding public or private streets so.next on the list we're going to cover is.it possible to finance repairs with the.USDA loan can this be done after closing.the answers are yes and yes the new.updated guidelines have expanded the.existing escrow repair option to allow.for both interior and exterior repairs.as you can imagine this has specific.eligibility and steps that are required.so let's go into further detail.go and take some time to really zero in.about how you can finance escrow repairs.okay so let's take this step by step on.how to finance repairs into a USDA loan.first off the appraised value must.support the increased loan amount needed.to cover the repairs so if there is not.sufficient value then we're not able to.proceed with financing in repairs next.the required repairs must be documented.by either an appraiser or the inspector.maximum repairs are either ten thousand.or ten percent of the loan amount.whichever is less a contractor's invoice.will be required fifty percent deposit.of the total repair is required at.closing this deposit can cover any.potential cost overruns it can be either.from the buyer or seller the fifty.percent deposit cannot be financed and.the deposit is refunded once repairs are.completed and approved okay so what.happens after closing the repair funds.are collected on the settlement.statement then the title company or.attorney handling the closing will hold.those repair funds in an escrow account.the contractor will begin to work once.your pairs have been completed a.certificate of completion is required by.the appraiser or inspector with the.following must state improvements were.complete in accordance with listed.conditions provide photos of the.completed improvements then the.underwriting approval is updated and the.funds are cleared for release so just to.be clear this is not a program such as a.203k but instead one design for specific.pinpoint repairs that do not affect.livability or safety which can be done.after closing this is a unique portion.of the program that is not going to be.for every property or buyer but a great.feature to have at your disposal which.could lead to saving a transaction.instead of turning it away and.importantly enough the money is set.aside at closing so you're not asking.the contractor to go out and complete.the work hoping that a closing is going.to occur the closing has already taken.place with the money set aside so the.contractor funds are already secured.pending successful completion.of the required repairs so as you can.see another positive overall improvement.that now we can use both exterior and.interior repairs with the escrow repair.portion of the program fantastic news.and if you're not already familiar with.this type of program this could be a.great time after the call we'll set up a.schedule where we can do a follow-up and.go over these steps and how it can.impact any of your local markets so what.about increased acreage and higher land.values do you remember the thirty.percent rule previously when the site.value exceeded thirty percent of the.total appraised value the following had.to be met the value of the site must.have been typical of the area and.document that the site could not be.subdivided into two or more parcels so.once again we see another clarification.into the following the site size must be.typical of the area this will provide.access to more properties with increased.acreage and land value without the.additional documentation previously.required once again more good news next.on the list are key credit policy.updates and we'll review their impact on.the qualifying process the new USDA.guidelines will require at least three.counts to have been reporting.historically for 12 months or utilize.alternative trade lines such as.verification or rent utilities insurance.etc the use of alternative credit will.require further review under manual.underwriting guidelines this has helped.to standardize the USDA underwriting.guidelines where before lenders would.take it upon themselves to require their.own minimum established credit criteria.now USDA guidelines are very specific.about what their minimum requirements.are for establishing a borrower's credit.reputation another key qualifying aspect.is for mortgages that have been included.in a chapter 7 bankruptcy when there is.a chapter 7 bankruptcy and a mortgages.included with it any future or pending.foreclosure activity is an action.against the property not the applicant.so for qualifying purposes they will not.penalize the borrower for any subsequent.foreclosure activity which occurs after.bankruptcy discharge in the case of an.FHA loan their foreclosure guideline.starts once the deed has actually been.transferred out of their name not by the.discharge date as is the case with USDA.VA and Fannie Mae guidelines now.remember when the deed is in their name.they are still technically homeowners so.be cautious about meeting adequate.housing guidelines for USDA qualifying.when they still hold title of the.property as you can imagine with.scenarios involving bankruptcies.additional review is always advised so.contact us for the specifics so we can.review for program eligibility ok so now.let's talk about how the collection.policy has been updated USDA guidelines.state that simply paying off a.collection account does not justify or.establish intent for good credit however.lenders must take the following a new.account when determining if a collection.account should be paid however lenders.must take the following into account.when determining if a collection account.should be paid the overall credit.profile the amount of financial reserves.available which refers to the remaining.available liquid assets after closing.the total unpaid balance of collections.do they pose a threat to the mortgage do.they affect the borrower's ability to.repay the mortgage what type of.collection accounts are they such as.medical and now USDA guidelines have.provide a formula to assist with the.analysis which will help simplify and.provide more clarity during the review.process for our customers in situations.with open collection accounts now.remember depending on which lender you.may be working with it is possible they.could have policies which go above and.beyond these guidelines so how do you.maximize these changes that we discussed.today let's first begin by discussing.what is the benefit of working with an.actual usda approved lender usda.approved lenders have demonstrated the.ability to participate in the single.family housing guaranteed loan program.we hold specific USDA expertise and.experience and within our company have.dedicated systems in place for usda.loans which allow us to streamline.processing and prioritize USDA unique.conditions for faster shipping to rural.development field offices in addition we.have access to the guaranteed.underwriting system also known as Gus.which is the automated underwriting.system for usda home loans i cannot.underscore the importance of the system.enough it is an excellent tool for.assisting with upfront pre.qualifications determining credit.eligibility for processing under either.automated or manual underwriting.guidelines qualifying debt ratios which.lead to the all-important sales price.range which buyers can shop for homes.with and here's a quick tip when you are.reviewing the next usda qualifying.letter that comes across your email be.sure to ask if the loan officer has.access to Gus and if this has been.processed while Gus is not a final.verdict or stamp of approval that can at.least provide a level of due diligence.and show that the lender is.knowledgeable regarding the steps needed.for a successful USDA initial review.it's also important to note USDA.approved lenders have the ability to.work with manual underwriting just as a.name states this will require a more.manual intensive review of the file this.can be an excellent way to get difficult.files processed that are still within.the guidelines but require more.documentation now remember not all.lenders offer manual underwriting do the.additional level of experience required.to process these type of files so how do.you market the program one great way is.to use informational blogs such as the.one we provide at USDA loan procomm we.post weekly tips regarding program.guidelines which allow both consumers.and Realtors to have a short tidbit of.information to help keep them in the.loop regarding the USDA program you have.my permission to forward and share these.video tips with your database to keep.them educated and coming back to you as.their local real estate expert we also.offer a USDA specific marketing packet.with open house fires postcards and.educational information regarding USDA.loans which can be used to support your.existing marketing efforts but I also.don't want you to forget about the.basics such as open house flyers USDA.keywords on any of your online listings.and also the ability to create USDA.specific content for your websites or.blogs please remember consumers are.seeking.out this program so if you need help.with any ideas please let us know so my.team can reach out to answer your.specific questions so how can our system.helped organize the qualifying process.and lead to more sales step 1 by.creating a successful referral.transition which can be done either.through having a customer call us.directly or have us call the customer.with their permission either way we have.always found that it works best to email.us so that we will be on the lookout for.the referral and then update you.accordingly step 2 we will take the.preliminary information needed from the.buyer step 3 credit is processed next.the necessary documents are requested.for further review as applicable with.each scenario after that the appointment.callback is scheduled with the customer.to discuss program options qualifying.ratios in overall eligibility assuming.all is in place the pre-qualification is.confirmed and you are updated with.status so we can stay on the same page.regarding price range any specific.requirements such as seller concessions.your closing day time frames etc how.long this takes can be solely up to the.buyer and how quickly respond to our.requests remember that during this time.you will be kept up to date on their.status and if we were waiting on any.specifics due to their schedule or.anything else that can affect their.qualifying if at any point you may be.able to help with ex buying these.conditions that is always appreciated.once the qualifying is complete and they.find a home sales contract is received.at that point then their loan.disclosures are generated upon receipt.of the loan is closure from the buyer.the appraisals ordered as soon as.possible after we receive the appraisal.back the loan approvals then updated and.provide everything is in good standing.the file is prepared for shipment to.usda once the usda commitment is.received and reviewed pending all is.clear the approval is updated in closing.documents ordered closing occurs loan.funds and everyone is happy be sure to.keep us in mind for next referral and.let us show you the metroplex difference.just call their email to discuss any.scenarios or questions new pre.qualifications or if you just like to.take advantage of our free second.opinion service which is great for those.existing transactions that need a second.look I want to thank everyone for.attending today's.usda online workshop for those who have.additional questions will be taking.those now but for anyone that needs to.leave we are here to help so let us know.when you need assistance with your next.USDA pre-qualification or scenario all.right now before we finish up when they.go ahead and tackle a few questions.first off do usda loans have maximum.loan amounts the answer is no usda loans.are based on the borrower's ability to.repay the loan there are no set maximum.loan amount such as FHA or conventional.loans also have so USGA loans are not.just for lower price properties this is.going to also open up a wider variety of.eligible property types because of not.having a maximum loan limit okay what's.next can you SGA loans include closing.costs into the lone one common common.misconception is that usda loans you can.just roll the closing costs into the.loan now it is true you can finance.closing costs into the loan but that's.all dependent on what the home appraised.is for for example let's say you have a.sales price for a hundred thousand and.the appraiser says the value is 105,000.you could increase your loan amount up.to 105,000 and finance in those.out-of-pocket closing costs so yes usda.loans allow you to financing closing.costs but it is dependent on the.appraised value now remember this is a.very very unique portion of the program.which can also help obviously reduce a.buyer's out-of-pocket expenses okay what.is a USDA policy on short sales alright.with the new guidelines that came out on.December first USDA has put specific.verbiage in there regarding short sales.there is going to be a three-year.minimum required unless exceptions could.be available if they had no late.payments going into the short sale and.everything was current at that time.which may or may not be realistic or.possible but it could happen and if that.situation was available then it could be.open for an exception now jumping over.to.closures and bankruptcies so there's.also a three-year waiting period on.foreclosures and bankruptcies however.depending on the circumstances.surrounding it there could be room for.exceptions less than those so there's a.little bit more flexibility on the.foreclosure and bankruptcy guidance.compared to the short sales okay so then.in regards to okay d transfers okay.question regarding deed transfers after.okay so let me kind of put this in a.context which can be understandable for.example let's say when there's a chapter.7 bankruptcy and there's a property.including the bankruptcy many.automatically assume that with the as.soon as the discharge happens then.there's nothing else needed for the.property however at that point the.property is still going through the.foreclosure process to get the person's.name officially off the title now with.FHA loans they have a specific.three-year waiting period after that d.gets transfer out of their name so the.bankruptcy would happen and then.depending on how long it takes the deed.to transfer then that's when that timing.starts usda loans have specified the new.guidelines they consider the foreclosure.activity not to be held against the.borrower but instead against the.property so they're going to treat their.timing from the bankruptcy discharge.date with regards to any potential.foreclosure proceedings now keep in mind.if they are still on record to the.property then they're still going to be.considered potentially adequate housing.in the in the area where they're living.at so for example they still own.property their name is still on the.title that could pose a USDA qualifying.dilemma so any more specific scenarios.or questions just let me know I know.everyone's time is extremely valuable.and once again I appreciate sincerely.taking the time to join today and.further educate yourself on the program.and increase your professionalism in.anyone's question I have not answered.I'll be following up directly to get.those questions.and provide details regarding any.answers needed have a great day thanks.for 10 the workshop and need help with.any pre qualifications second opinions.or just any general scenarios let us.know we're here to help have a great day.and we'll talk to you soon.

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