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Notes: A Stepwise Guidebook on Signing Sba Personal Financial Statement 2014 2018 Form Online

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The Definite Guide to Sba Personal Financial Statement 2014 2018 Form

youtube video

Check How to Enter the Sba Personal Financial Statement 2014 2018 Form

mmm hi this is Shawn Webb go SVA the.goal of this video is to give you an.explanation and understanding of how to.fill out the personal financial.statement the statement is also called.the PFS and it's also called the sba.form for 1/3 this is a document that.needs to be filled out every time you're.applying for an SBA loan or if you're.applying potentially for SBA in a.certification a little bit about you.know go SBA loans we're a marketplace.that makes it very simple and easy to.get SBA funding both SBA 7a and 504.loans.we obviously automate this entire.process but for clients and for you know.people visiting a page who wanted to do.this application without us I think it's.you know this video is gonna be helpful.and kind of going through each section.of the PFS so you can complete it.adequately so the first thing that gotta.notice is the expiration date right here.this is the date that the PFS you're.working on is valid so make sure when.you're filling out a PFS this expiration.date is current for this one we're.currently on 131 2018 and so this this.PFS is valid the next thing that you'll.notice is as off date you typically want.to put a date you know today's date and.a PFS is valid for 90 days from this.date okay the other thing worth.mentioning is that the PFS is designed.you know for all the assets and all the.liabilities have to be a total of the.liabilities and assets of a married.couple so if you're married you have to.kind of total all the assets of asses.are you and your wife or you and your.husband owned together so first thing.his name which loves you put your full.name here your business phone your home.address your home phone the city state.zip code for the home and the business.name of the applicant from there you'll.see the cash on hand in banks this is.essentially you know the all the money.that you have in your personal checking.account or individual checking account.or joint checking accounts and you want.to kind of add that all up to kind of.enter it here the second thing would be.the saving account which is obviously.all the money that you have in saving.accounts money market funds my CDs etc.okay the third description here is you.know the IRA or any retirement account.that you have this includes 401k.accounts any kind of restrictive.retirement accounts you want to put in.here another thing worth mentioning is.it's important to admit the cents so you.know just kind of you know just gonna.round it up to the nearest dollar the.next thing that needs to be filled out.is the accounts and notes receivable.this is essentially you know any.personal loan that you've made out to.people made up to kind of family members.that was not your spouse right or you've.lent money to a business would be here I.think for most people this would.definitely be zero.the next one that has to be filled out.is life insurance and the cash surrender.value this only applies to kind of.insurance policy that actually have a.cash payout well if the policy is.canceled so if you typically have you.know a term life insurance policy you.will not input it here okay the next.section or the next thing that needs to.be filled out as the stocks and bonds.these are all the stocks and bonds that.you own an unrestricted you know stock.or bond accounts these are stocks and.bonds you can sell without any tax.penalties and it's important to put that.number here and the total of that number.for the real estate you know item you.want to kind of put in.the value of all the residents is the.commercial property that you own or your.spouse owns or your own jointly together.you want to provide a full description.of these properties in section 4 but.this should just be the total now the.next section of the automobiles which is.the present value of these cars right on.board so recreational vehicles so if for.example you bought the car for 25k and.currently can only self a 10k you'll.only put 10k in here okay.the next is the other personal property.this is you know an estimate of you know.jewelry artwork electronic antiques.you know miscellaneous personal.possession I decline we're a 50k wine.collection and they would kind of put.that you know personal that would be.part of personal property the next tab.is the other assets this is an important.one because this is probably one of the.most common mistakes we see when clients.apply for SBA loans is not including you.know any other assets in addition to the.personal property in most cases this is.the value of your business this is the.value of your ownership all your.spouse's ownership in the business or.any other business and typically what.you want to do is you want to basically.let us say you own 25% of the business.and the market value of the business is.you know 1.5 million right you want to.only put in 25 percent of that 1.5.million not the entire 1.5 million right.so that's important here there are.multiple ways that you could kind of.value a business typically you want to.just you know value it based on maybe.four to five times in net income and.this would be a good kind of place to.put that that value now that that all of.the assets are completed you know you.want to total up all the assets to get.your total personal assets here.obviously if you apply to go as B.Alone's we do all this packaging for you.and do all the calculations for you as.well as well as gonna introduce you to.almost 30 lenders right that can give.you the best rate in term but for this.statement you could actually obviously.manually add these numbers up as well.okay the next thing that we want to talk.about is this the liability section.right here and the first thing that we.want to talk about is the account.payables which is really you know all of.the you know products and services you.pushes and credit this does not include.credit cards or other personal lines of.credit but it's not a commonly used you.know item you know most people will have.this as zero the next one is note.payables to banks or others this section.in the total balance on your credit.cards personal loans person line of.credits it should also include any kind.of student that you have should go here.this is the next one the installment.account for order as the name implies.this is basically the debt that you own.o on your cars boats you know.recreational vehicles etc please include.both the outstanding balance right and.the monthly payment here okay so the.outstanding balance should be right here.and the monthly payment should be right.here.the next is the installment account.other these are all of the installment.loans you know such as student loans or.the personal loans and I kind of.misspoke where I want asked you to add.the student loans here the student loan.should actually be in the install I'm.going to come out there by the total.amount that you over here and the.monthly payment here the next thing is.the loan on life insurance this most.people don't really have this liability.but if you've taken a loan against your.life insurance policy you want to add it.here the next one is the mortgage when.your real estate this is the total debt.that you own or all on your own.this includes your personal mortgage.it's not the original mortgage amount it.is the current outstanding debt the next.section is the unpaid taxes which is any.kind of taxes you owe to the IRS and.then the other liabilities which is a.catch-all for all the liabilities that.you might have that have not been added.in here typically most people will have.this is zero okay.total liabilities the sum of all of.these liabilities and then the net worth.is the you know the difference between.your assets and total liabilities so.this item right here and this item to.get the net worked and the total is.adding up the assets the liabilities and.the net work together so that's kind of.done the assets and liabilities side the.next section that's important is a.source of income this is this the first.one is the salary item which is.obviously the salary of you and your.spouse include that amount you report on.your w-2 and 1099 and you know the.distribution that you take should not be.included here okay from your business.net investment income is income from.dividends interest earned in stocks and.bonds real estate income is any type of.kind of a more rent that you receive.from your real estate and other income.is basically you know Child Support.pension as well as distributions so you.get from your business on the liability.side we want to kind of talk about the.total list of you know as when we when.we talk about this item most people.don't have this this is you know the.total list of you know liabilities or.loans that you've sought you know you've.cosign form we are you know maybe for.your kid or for a relative legal claims.and judgments are any debts associated.with legal and judgment and claims.against you.provision for federal.any money you're setting aside to pay.expected federal income taxes typically.when your financial situation changes.and this is a catch all the other.special that is a catch-all for all your.debt.yeah so on description are the income in.section one you will kind of add this as.w-2 and you just say its distributions.or it's a bonus income or whatever have.you and you want to put that in here.okay so let us say you're filling this.application out and you and employee and.you don't take any distribution you will.put your bonus income right here but if.your owner of the business if you're.taking a distribution from the business.you probably want to put in the other.income right here okay the next thing in.the section the section two right here.the note payables to banks and others.you want to put the name and address of.the note holder the original balance the.current balance the payment amount the.monthly kind of frequency and what type.of loan this is right and if you look.here on this section to this is right.here you know what you filled out and.this is primarily for all of the credit.card debt that you have the personal.loans that you have the student loans.that you have please don't add your.mortgage debt in here there's a separate.section for that it's from their section.3 you'll want to list out all the stocks.that you own the total number of shares.of number of shares the name of the.security like Apple the man you spend to.buy that stock the current value of that.stock the date that you got the value of.the stock of the quotation and the total.value its current value of the stock if.you have more than you know for stocks.that a lot of people do have it's really.important to you know add additional.document that lists that out.and and put that on a separate page in.an appendix section 4 is really.important.a lot of our lenders really love it if.you own a primary home or you own other.investment homes and you want to enter.the input all that in here so first you.want to kind of talk about the type of.real estate whether its primary.residence or the residents a rental.property etc the address of the of the.property the date of purchase which is.should match the data the mortgage bill.of sale the original cost of what you.bought the property for the present.market value you can use something like.a red fin Zillow to get the present.value of the home or you can get an.estimate based on what you think is what.if you've got an appraiser refinance.from there you want to kind of add the.name of the name and address of the.mortgage holder this is the bank you owe.money to if you have multiple mortgages.from the same bank for the last four.digits of the account number as well so.for example if you have a first and a.second mortgage.maybe you got a HELOC you want to end.put both those names here so you know.you want to put two of the banks here.and you want to put two of the mortgage.account numbers here as well the next is.the mortgage balance which is the amount.you you owe the amount of payment that.you do for a month I would ignore the.year and I would just put the amount of.your mortgage per month and I would just.put the status of your mortgages current.foreclosure paid in full etc and.similarly if you have a property B and a.property C which are additional.properties from your primary home you.want to put these in here as well okay.section five is really related to you.know personal property of significant.value such as jewelry electronics wire.wine collections you know of cars that.are recreational kind of a goals you.want to kind of put in the value of here.and you want to describe you know what.if you have the liens on those those.assets yeah.section 6 if you all tax to the federal.government then it's you cannot get a.proof furnace beyond until that debt is.resolved or payment plan is created and.you just want to kind of put together.you know what type of unpaid taxes that.you have if you have any tax lien you.can you want to kind of detail those and.then if you have a payment plan you want.to you know detail that as well here.section seven is just are the.liabilities you know this could be you.know debts from two foreign governments.outstanding lawsuits debts that come.from private agreements if you have a.hard money loan you typically want to.put it right here and a personal hard.money loan and that's important as well.okay and you can put that in the section.seven in Section eight this is the life.insurance held you have to give the face.amount of the cash value of these.policies the name of the insurance.company the beneficiaries and as soon as.you're done with this section you finish.the four one three the next section here.is signing the PFS sign french date and.social security number for both yourself.and if you have a spouse your spouse.will have to sign as well and with this.personal financial statement you now.have enough you've completed one of the.various kind of documents required to.successfully apply for a loan and in the.next video we're gonna tackle the SBA.1919 but based on you know how long.something like this takes and how much.potential paperwork and the same.information has should be repeated again.and again with each bank having their.own you know application process their.own application paperwork it really made.a lot of sense to walk with the platform.like go SBA loans because what we can do.is you fill out one application and we.really package it exactly how each.lender needs to see that the the loan.application so it's certainly something.that we would HIGHLY I would highly.recommend how you use but if you know.you want to do it you know more of the.more of a manual way of applying for a.loan this is the first kind of you know.application or first type of people look.I'll start with in the next video I'll.talk about the SBA in 1919 and stay.tuned thanks.

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Sba Personal Financial Statement 2014 2018 Form FAQs

Check the below common queries about Sba Personal Financial Statement 2014 2018 Form . Communicate with directly if you still have other queries.

Need help? Contact support

When is it mandatory to fill out a personal financial statement for one's bank? The form states no deadline about when it must be returned.

The only time I know that financial statements are asked for is when one applies for a business or personal loan, or applying for a mortgage. Each bank or credit union can have their own document requirements, however for each transaction. It really is at their discretion.

How should I fill out the preference form for the IBPS PO 2018 to get a posting in an urban city?

There is no way you can guarantee your posting in urban/semi-urban/metro. Posting locations are spread out all over India. The bank you get selected for will post you as per business requirements.

How many application forms does a person need to fill out in his/her lifetime?

What kind of application forms ? If i assume job application the if you get the right one then as low as 1. Else there are people filling job application forms every quarter also.

Do I need to fill out a financial statement form if I get a full tuition waiver and RA/TA?

If that is necessary, the university or the faculty will inform you of that. These things can vary from university to university. Your best option would be to check your university website, financial services office or the Bursar office in your university.

What are the main purposes of personal financial statements?

Purpose of Personal financial statement: Personal financial statements provide information about your current financial position and present a summary of your income and spending. (4) To provide data that you can use when preparing tax forms or applying for credit.

Which of the following are considered personal financial statements?

There are times when you will need quick cash. The reasons may vary from paying off debts to refurnishing your home, at these times, a personal loan is what helps the best. When you approach a bank for one, these are the things you will definitely need. Ø High Credit Score It is a score bank will check to evaluate your creditworthiness. If you have a high score, consider your application approved. If not, you can expect an approval but with a high-interest rate or in the worst case, your loan application is rejected. Defaults on bills and too many inquiries for loans and credit cards pull your sc Continue Reading

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