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Notes: A Stepwise Guidebook on Signing Cms 1500 Form Online

CocoSign provides wings to your business by simplifying document workflow and optimizing business processes. Want to know more about the Cms 1500 Form? Read on to find out how to sign and fill your form quickly and easly.

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The Definite Guide to Cms 1500 Form

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Check How to Enter the Cms 1500 Form

welcome to go beyond learning.experiences by code Metro our goal in.creating this series is to provide you.with tangible oftentimes little-known.tips that you can apply to both your.business and your career our topics will.vary as will our speakers and we welcome.you to visit our website to get the.latest edition of go beyond we.appreciate your feedback and invite you.to send us your thoughts and questions.as well as any suggestions you might.have for future topics our first edition.of go beyond focuses on tips for.completing the CMS 1500 form for faster.payment our presenter today is our own.chief operating officer dr. kim finger.kim has an extensive background in.autism having served as a direct service.provider in connecticut many years ago.after which she segwayed into the world.of executive coaching prior to joining.code Metro Kim was the chief operating.officer at autism spectrum therapies a.large california-based.autism services company Kim created the.insurance billing department at code.Metro and is here to share with you her.tips on completing the 1500 form.hello it's my pleasure to share with you.our tips on how to successfully complete.a CMS 1500 form a question were.frequently asked by our customers is.which fields on the 1500 form must be.completed for the CMS form to be.accepted and not rejected by the.insurance carrier so today we're going.to answer this question as well as.review which fields are optional to.complete and which can be left blank.we'll also be reviewing what information.is entered in each of the mandatory and.optional fields recognizing that the.language on the 1500 form is foreign to.most providers and a source of confusion.when preparing the form okay let's take.a look at the 1500 form there are 33.fields on the form of which two fields.can always be left blank without worry.and that's field 10d reserved for local.use and field 15 if patient has had same.or similar illness give first date now.that we have those out of the way let's.talk about the fields that must be.completed to submit a clean claim before.we go through the numbered fields let's.start with entering the name and address.of the insurance company in the top.right hand corner of the form although.you may be submitting the form.electronically the name and address of.the insurance carrier must be included.in this space on the form itself field.1a is a required field in this field you.will enter the patient's insurance.policy number as indicated on their.insurance card in some cases the card.will be in the parents name and their.policy number will be entered here the.ID number though will reflect not the.parent but the patient's insurance ID.number fields 2 & 5 capture patient name.and address and must be completed the.only optional field is telephone number.fields 4 & 7 will contain the same name.and address as fields 2 & 5 although the.name on the insurance card may be the.mother or father's name recent changes.dictate that the patient be the.policyholder so enter patient's name and.address here in field 3 enter the.patient's birthday and select the.appropriate box to indicate their sex.filled six is also a required entry and.given recent changes self will be the.box you will check as the patient is the.policyholder the claim represents the.patient's coverage not the guarantor or.parents information skipping to field.ten is patient condition related to.employment auto accident or other.accident this field must be completed.and in the ABA industry will almost.always be defaulted to no field eleven.only eleven D is a mandatory field that.must be completed it reads is there.another health benefit plan select yes.if the patient has a secondary insurance.policy and no if they only have one.insurance plan both fields twelve and.thirteen must be completed these fields.ask for the signature of the parent or.authorized person field twelve for the.purpose of releasing medical information.and field thirteen authorizing the.insurance company to pay the provider.for the services rendered in most cases.you will have the parent or another.responsible party sign an authorization.form that you provide them and retain in.the client file this then allows you to.simply enter signature on file in each.of these fields field 12 also requires a.date this date can be the date the.parent or authorized party sign the.authorization form please note though.that the date must be within one.calendar year of the dates of service.that you're billing for on this claim.form field twenty is the next field that.must be completed outside lab if your.claim includes charges for lab services.that took place outside of your clinic.select yes in most instances in the ABA.industry your default response will be.no field 21 field 21 is where you will.enter the patient's diagnostic codes and.there may be up to four entered should.the patient have multiple diagnoses the.first diagnosis entered in line one of.field twenty-one is the primary.diagnosis.the end time multiple diagnosis codes.will be listed on a claim for ABA is.when the services provided are related.to multiple diagnosis codes and the.rendering provider holds the credentials.to oversee all of the services listed on.the claim form in the case that the.services are unrelated to multiple.diagnosis codes you would enter only the.primary diagnosis on the claim form.field 24 contains six rows and eleven.columns of which all that three of the.combs must be completed for your claim.to be processed each row in field 24 is.a charge line let's start with 24 a.dates of service this is the date the.service was provided in most cases the.from and to dates will be the same as.the service appointment will have begun.and ended on the same day the only time.the dates will differ is if it's an.inpatient service such as a hospital.stay 24 be place of service this field.captures a numeric code that indicates.to the insurance company where the.services were provided the most commonly.used place of service codes in ABA are.twelve which means the services were.provided in the patient's home 11 which.stands for office meaning that the.services were provided in a clinic or.office setting and 0-3 which is school.24 D the first column in 24 D is where.you enter the cpt or hick pick code.which is a numeric or alphanumeric code.that tells the insurance company what.service you provided there's a lot of.confusion about CPT codes and hick pick.codes so this is a topic worth taking a.moment to talk about in the medical.world its standard practice that if you.go to a doctor for an EKG they're going.to bill your insurance company.and indicate a CPT code for EKG in field.24 D then if at some point later in time.you go to another doctor and have.another EKG done that doctor will also.build the insurance company and the code.they enter in 24 D will be the same code.as the code entered by your prior doctor.when you had your previous EKG done.the challenge in APA is that autism.services have only recently been covered.by private insurance and because ABA is.so new to the insurance world there are.not Universal codes being used across.all insurance carriers so for one.insurance company you may be instructed.to use one code for direct therapy and.for another company for the same service.you may be told to use an entirely.different code another source of.confusion is when an insurance company.tells you to use the same code for.different services that you provide for.example use code hwo 3-1 for supervision.and for assessment if you charge a.higher rate for assessments than you do.for supervision you'll need to be sure.to get different codes for each service.because there's no way on a CMS form to.indicate which service you provided and.otherwise you will be paid the same by.the insurance company for both services.related to codes or modifiers and these.are included in field 24 D as well.modifiers are optional and can signify.many different things but in ABA they.are typically used to indicate the.credentials of the person who actually.provided the service for example an h2o.modifier indicates to the insurance.company that the person who provided the.service has a master's degree this is.important as you may be able to.negotiate different reimbursement rates.for different modifiers when negotiating.your contract it's not uncommon for the.supervisor on the case to periodically.provide the direct services should the.therapist be out sick for example by.applying the h-o modifier to the code.for this date of service the insurance.company knows that the person who.actually provided the service was a.masters level person and they may in.fact pay you a higher reimbursement rate.depending upon the parameters defined in.your contract for more information on.modifiers you can visit our CMS 1500.form tip sheet on our website 24e.diagnosis pointer if a diagnostic code.is listed in field 21 then 24e simply.has a 1 in this field if though there.are multiple diagnostic codes listed in.field 21.the pointer would read 1 comma 2 for.example or in the case that there are 4.diagnostic codes listed it would read 1.comma 2 comma 3 comma 4 24 F charges.this is where you indicate the total.amount to be billed for this charge line.this will be calculated by multiplying.the fee you charge per unit times the.number of units of service you provided.so for example if your fee schedule.states you charge fifteen dollars per.unit and you provided two units of.service 30 dollars will be entered on.that charge line field 24 G is where you.indicate the number of units of service.you provided please note that different.codes have different minutes per unit.for example code 9 6 152 is a CPT code.that's broken down into 15-minute units.whereas 900 806 is a code that has.60-minute units therefore if you provide.one hour of service and bill it on the.CMS form as a 960 152 CPT code the.number of units indicated in 24 G would.be 4 if this same service though was.billed as 900 806 then the unit's would.be 1 as it is a 60-minute unit and you.provided 60 minutes of service the next.mandatory field is field 24j rendering.provider ID number the rendering.provider is the person who serves as the.ultimate responsible party for this.service provided to this client the.rendering provider must have the.required credentials to serve in this.capacity and must be credentialed with.the insurance company depending upon the.size of your agency and what services.you provide you may have one rendering.provider or you may have many for.example if you're a small organization.that only provides ABA services you may.have one person with a be CBA who's.credentialed with the insurance.companies and whose NPI number serves as.the rendering NPI for all the clients.who serve or you may provide ABA.and speech services.which case you may have one or more VC.bas credentialed who serve as rendering.providers for ABA services and one or.more SLPs who are credentialed with the.insurance companies and serve as the.rendering provider for your speech.services in any case there must be a.rendering provider number on each charge.line also note if there are different.rendering providers for the same child.that necessitates using separate 1500.forms as you'll see in field 31 there.can only be one person signature in.field 31 and this is where the rendering.provider signs so claim forms must be.separated in the case that the same.client has services with different.rendering providers moving along field.25 is where you're going to enter your.organization's tax ID number and check.the ein box for sole proprietors this.may be a social security number in which.case you will check the SSN box field 26.patient account number this is a series.of letters or numbers of your choosing.but data must be in this field for the.claim to be processed field 28 is the.total charge field and is the sum of the.charges entered on each of the charge.lines above for field 29 simply enter.zero field dirty.balance due because the amount paid is.zero the amount entered in field 30 and.the amount entered in field 28 total.charge will be the same amount field 31.is where you will enter the name of the.rendering provider with their degree.and/or credentials and the date you are.processing the claim this does not have.to be a wedding signature it's enough to.write their name or if you're using.software it will populate their name in.type the last of our mandatory fields is.field 33 billing provider info and phone.number this is where your organization's.name address and phone number are.populated this is where your explanation.of benefits otherwise known as your EOB.s and your checks will be sent.33a is where your organization's NPI.number is included.remember your organization has an NPI.number as do your providers and these.are different numbers for more.information on NPI numbers please visit.our CMS 1500 forum tip sheet on our.website this concludes our review of.each of the mandatory fields on the CMS.1500 forum we're now going to review the.optional fields and under what.circumstances you'll enter data into.those fields field 1 is the very first.field on the CMS 1500 form and it tells.the insurance carrier the category of.insurance that the policy falls into it.can be left blank but we recommend you.select the appropriate box in most cases.you'll select group health plan the next.optional field is field 8 patient status.for those providers whose clients are.children you can safely leave this field.blank field 9 is also an optional field.and will be completed only if the client.has secondary or tertiary insurance.field 11 is for indicating the insurance.policy group or fake a number some.policies have a group number and some do.not.if there is a group number indicated on.the insurance card enter it here if.there's no group number on the card you.can leave this field blank unless it's a.medicare policy in which case you must.enter none in this field otherwise the.claim will be rejected field 11 a.insurance date of birth and sex is the.same information as is populated in.field 3 and therefore can be left blank.here field 11 B asks for the employers.name or school name and also can be left.blank 11 C insurance plan name or.program name is optional and can be left.blank as well field 14 request date of.onset and foremost ABA providers this.field will be left blank as there is not.a date of injury illness or pregnancy.onset same per field 15 and field 16.field 17 request the name of the.referring provider in some cases you may.enter a pediatrician for example but.this.yield will be left blank in most cases.feel the 18 will only be completed if.the patient you are servicing is being.hospitalized so in most cases for most.ABA providers this field will also be.left blank field 19 is used when your.resubmitting a claim the space will be.used to notate the change or changes.you've made.for example corrected claim corrected.diagnosis or corrected units field 22.will be left blank as well unless you're.submitting to Medicaid in which case you.will enter the Medicaid resubmission.code and the original reference number.field 23 is an important field as it.must be completed if the carrier has.provided you an authorization number for.the services you're providing to the.client in our experience about 50% of.the time there's an authorization number.if you have one be sure to enter it here.24 see EMG this field is no longer in.effect.it was previously used for type of.service but is no longer in effect since.the implementation of MP is 24 D if.you're using codes that allow for.modifiers you would indicate here the.modifier if there is one for this charge.line for more information on modifiers.you can refer to our tip sheet on our.website 24 H this field is for healthy.families and government use and at this.time is not in use in the ABA field 24 I.this field is also also no longer in use.since the implementation of the NPI.field 32 service field location.information is the last field that we.have to cover most insurance companies.do not require this field be completed.but there are some that do for example.ValueOptions is one insurance company.that does require this field be.completed even if the information in the.field is a duplicate of what's entered.in field 33 it's very important that you.confirm with the insurance company that.the code you are using will be approved.for payment given the location where you.intend to provide the services for.example in some instances a co.it will not be paid if the service.location is home whereas it will be paid.if services are provided in the school.and vice versa.this is all very insurance company's.specific and important that you ask.questions when in discussion with your.insurance company we hope that you found.this webinar today informative we.welcome your questions we also want to.acknowledge that given how new ABA and.related services are to insurance.companies.things are ever-changing it's important.that you ask questions when contracting.with insurance companies to ensure that.you have any insurance company specific.information that may impact how you.complete the claim where you send the.claim and how you send the claim asking.questions up front will save you time.and money on the back end thanks for.watching go beyond learning experiences.by code Metro we hope you found this.video helpful as you strive for.efficiency and success visit our website.at.

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Cms 1500 Form FAQs

Check the below common queries about Cms 1500 Form. Communicate with directly if you still have other queries.

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What is the history of the CMS 1500 claim form?

The CMS 1500 claim form is for professional fees and includes such things as the CPT code and diagnosis codes associated with the CPT code along with the doctor’s NPI. This form focuses on the doctor’s expertise and the services they provide. The UB 04 claim form is for facility fees and will include the revenue codes along with the CPT codes. The diagnosis codes cannot be linked with a specific CPT code. This form focuses on the facility’s cost for the visit.

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