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Notes: A Stepwise Guidebook on Completing Peblo Estimated Disability Compensation Worksheet Lra Da Form 5892 Dec 2008 Armypubs Army Online

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The Definite Guide to Peblo Estimated Disability Compensation Worksheet Lra Da Form 5892 Dec 2008 Armypubs Army

youtube video

Instruction of Peblo Estimated Disability Compensation Worksheet Lra Da Form 5892 Dec 2008 Armypubs Army

[Music].hello everyone it's DJ here welcome to.another episode of the RC retirement.youtube channel or podcast if you're.listening to two million podcast ran.this week I'm going to poke fun at a.group that has become my favorite but.playful punching bag as of late while I.am going to ridicule this group I am NOT.trying to be vicious please let me say.that up front don't take anything I say.as being a pension intently pointing out.that from my perspective as a retirement.services officer I see these certain.things going on this explanation is.going to be a bit lengthy and there will.be a great many numbers involved so.please bear with me I'll make it as easy.as I can and of course I will try to put.numbers on the screen and provide.numbers of the article on this topic.we'll post on Friday so if you're.listening to this podcast land or just.once on the writing to show what I'm.describing there so this group of people.that I'm going to - a little bit it's.kind of harsh word that's how some.people might take different people are.the physical evaluation board liaison.officers or peddlers and just for.brevity I'm going to use the acronym.peplum throughout the rest of this.episode otherwise this could get quite.long will be anyway there will be that.much one so these people are the guides.the path minders for service members who.are going through the integrated.disability evaluation system this is for.all services peb loads are in all.services.and as service numbers go through this.maze they have their peplos to help them.sort things out for the most part peplos.are a great asset to the service member.but I see a little bit of misleading of.misinformation going on and that's.partly what I'm going to describe here.the downside that I talking about is the.information that they provide is not.always accurate when it pertains to.members of the Reserve Component I've.said in previous episodes many times.that I'm not insulting them but I've.also said that they tend to have an.active eccentric mindset so what they're.saying tends to be what applies to.active duty service member and not so.much from a reservists on it view now.some of this information some of this.miss information I have - that might be.on the part of the service member you.are getting a lot of information from.that in all at once so it's quite.possible that some facts slip out or.some facts are remembered slightly.differently than how they were actually.presented - I'll try to bash you the.service member either just try to look.at this from all sides so again this is.how I receive the information from.service members and the problem I see.with it so I'm going to try to get both.sides the benefit of the doubt that they.deserve but it is still left to people.like me and people like me are Essos out.there these retirement services officers.who have to clean up the mess so if we.know this sort of thing is happening we.can expect it and be prepared for that.eventuality so this week I'm going to.put the.specifically on the paint estimates that.service members receive and how those.tens of differ from what actually occurs.so in this instance I believe the.problem is one of training said that.forth I'm of the opinion good morning.morning danger Will Robinson volcanion.Here I am on the attending that tableau.is receiving training on how things work.again from an active duty side of things.things are a little different where we.reserved this in fact the term I like to.use from the lizard of Oz is we.reservists are a horse of a different.color.so let's look at it from that hand from.that standpoint anomaly as we go through.this so on its face slight difference in.a retired pay estimate or VA.compensation estimate might not seem.like it's too bad like it typically.seems should be an under estimate so.really a bad thing if you're expecting.one now it turns out to be higher.necessarily but the information you.receive influences the decisions you.make and that is really the major point.of this whole episode we've got to have.the right information in order to make.the right decisions so if we can at.least get the right information into the.service members head they can know.specifically let's do and you'll see my.point as we go through this this is.actually a rather involved topic at.least the case that I'm going to.describe it led to several improper.decisions on the part of the service.member and currently in the state.happened to help that member along and.getting them squared away and making all.the right decisions from now so.here this is a matter of training.typically and it can be resolved it's.just a problem Padma now when I do.calculations using military base pay I.am just going to use the current rate.home to try to go into high three.calculations and things like that if you.really want to know how the tired pay.works yet final pay or high three look.at my episode final pay versus high.three pay and excuse me also all of the.numbers I'm going to present here are.going to be in 2017 dollars all right.now I write an article for vest I'm.going to use it as a speaking point for.this particular episode so at least in.video land if you see me looking down.just referencing what I wrote trying to.make sure that I'm staying of them.incorrectly I want to mess up by.ad-libbing and saying wrong that so.please forgive me when I tend to glance.down at my monitor all right let's.proceed okay so when an army pedlow is.counseling a soldier about how much he.may receive in disability retirement the.calculations are documented or should be.documented on Department of the army.Form D a form five eight nine to title.of the form is pedlow estimated.disability compensation worksheet the.version of this form I'm going to show.you as an example is the December 2008.Edition I believe.peb lows are still using this version.rather than the newer one which came out.last year due to some design flaws in.that new version the January 2017.version was supposed to automate.many of those calculations but the.programming script of the background was.deficient and if you play around with it.it doesn't take long to see where some.of those errors are so even though the.2017 version was supposed to supplant.the 2008 Edition I think peb loads are.still using the older one in an attempt.to get a more accurate number for their.service members and kudos to them for.that so we still have a problem with the.numbers that have actually been used in.those calculations part of the form is.comparing the members pay or a length of.service retirement as they as if they.were already eligible for one and.comparing that to the disability.retirement amount I'll explain.so retired reserve retired pay is based.on the number of retirement points a.member has the tableau has to convert.those points into equivalent active duty.years for the purposes of this form to.do this.the peddlin divide the total retirement.points by 360 and I'll show you on the.screen below and again for those of you.in podcast land please look at the.article so you can see all the numbers.it's very difficult to to stay with.conversation in audio form we have a.bunch of numbers so let's assume that.the member has 2310 retirement once we.divide 2310 by 360 we get 6 I'm going to.go out 5 decimal places over hit me we.get 6 point 5 0 2 7 8 alright so now.we're going to subtract number of whole.years from 2310 and that leads us 150.points.remaining if we then divide 150 by 30 we.have the number of months of equivalent.attitude so we now have six years five.months of equivalent active-duty service.for this member the pedlow would then.take the six-year portion of that number.and multiply it by 2.5%.that's the current retirement formula or.pension formula for service members who.are not under the blended retirement.system which is pretty much everyone.right now so that gives them a.percentage of base pay for retirement.purposes.six times two point five percent equals.fifteen percent the peplum then divides.the five-month portion by 12 and.multiply that by 2.5%.so 5 divided by 12 which is just getting.a partial year 5 divided by 12 equals.point four one six six seven multiply.that by two and a half percent and you.get one point zero four one six seven I.know it's getting complicated already so.add those two numbers together 15% plus.the one percent with the decimal and we.now have 16 point zero four one six.seven percent that is the percentage of.the tired pay that the service member.would have as the tired pay if that.number could get a link of service.retirement right now all right so we.also know six and a half years the.pedlow also looks at the military pay.scale to get the amount of active duty.base pay and this is where we run into.our first calculating problem in this.case the.had 12 years of actual service but.tableau is calculating everything as if.it were six years of service you can see.the difference in or you can see what.kind of differences has when we look at.a military pay scale so let's look at.sergeant Willis who is an e5 and look at.the pay amounts for both the six year of.service Mart and the twelve year of.service model so six years of service.the base pay in 2017 was 2800 56.66 per.month and at the twelfth year of service.it is three thousand two hundred thirty.two dollars eighty cents per month so as.you can see there is a $376 27 per month.difference in the two rates of pay hello.is using the lesser amount of base pay.and I'm going to show an excerpt of the.DEA form 28 92 showing the utmost.calculations oh goody I get to record.this part again turns out that for some.reason the video for this section did.not save properly on the camera so it.was unavailable to edit and add to this.episode so yay I can do it again alright.so as I was saying we've got some.calculations for the Petworth group on.this section of the DEA 28 92 the pedlar.takes two thousand eight hundred fifty.six dollars and sixty cents and.multiplies that by sixteen point zero.four one six seven percent that works.out to four hundred fifty eight dollars.twenty four cents per month.now this 458 is the amount of reserved.retired pay if you calculated it based.on the six-year rate of pay for the e5.the pebble ocean actually have used the.twelve year of service rate of pay which.is three thousand two hundred thirty two.dollars eighty cents per so we multiply.that rate of pay by the percentage I.mentioned earlier we get five hundred.eighteen dollars fifty nine cents per.the difference between those two.calculations is sixty dollars thirty.five cents and I know what you're.thinking you're wondering if a sixty.dollar difference in retired pay is not.to even complain is that to really get.all taunton body well think of it this.way this is an e5 with a relatively low.amount of retirement points some are.higher so or lower but nowadays.2310 is relatively low for the.population that we typically see so.imagine how these numbers can change for.a higher pay grade or a higher.retirement point total so now let's look.at the disability rate of pay estimate.sergeant Willis is army disability rate.is 30%.so pablum takes what she took in this.case 2,800 $56.60 per month.as base pay and multiply that by 30%.chain it up with the tired pay estimate.disability retired paid estimate of.eight hundred fifty six dollars 98 cents.been one so yeah we have a pail bar.using the six year date of pay how would.it look if we use the correct.pehle so three thousand two hundred.thirty two dollars eighty cents times.thirty percent equals nine hundred sixty.nine dollars 84 cents the difference.between these two estimates is $112 86.cents per month.we see already that a 100 point.difference or $100 difference in the.amount of retired patent numbers are.growing already this is for a simple.case a low-ranking case so again imagine.if the point totals were higher or lower.higher paper the differences can.skyrocket at that point.but that's not the worst part.I'm getting to that so in the remarks.section of the DEA 2890 to the pedlow.shows the amount of VA compensation that.sergeant wolf is expected you to see.certainly what has a 40% be a rate that.works out to eight hundred thirty eight.dollars sixty four cents per month as I.said in the past VA compensation is not.taxable military retired pay is taxes so.the peplum often tells the service.member to waive these haircuts that way.one or the other type of pay the reason.the peddler does this is one.understanding of federal law which says.that you cannot receive two types of pay.for the same service however the way the.law actually reads and blade the.military pay centers actually implement.that law is quite different from what.the tumblers are saying military pay.centers like the defense Finance and.Accounting Service or DFS will offset.all of the dollar any military retired.pay the member receives for any amount.of VA compensation the member receives.so military pay is higher than the VA.compensation which in the case of.disability retirements is quite common.then the service member will receive.whatever amount of retired pay is left.after the offset here's an example let's.assume we've got a member who is.receiving twelve hundred dollars in.military at the time and one thousand.dollars in VA compensation the pay.Center will offset the military pay like.this twelve hundred.- $1000 that leads us with $200 in.military pay leftover the service member.will receive the remaining $200 and.before now our VA compensation tableaus.of telling members they can only have.one or the other life converted for.sergeant Lilith chose VA compensation in.lieu of military pay this is incorrect.and it causes another problem so those.of you in the retirement services.community can already guess where I'm.going with this if you take one type of.pay and not the other then you might be.disqualifying yourself from applying for.combat related special compensation.there CR SC and if you want more.information on CR SC then you can look.at my video combat related special.compensation is not the same as.concurrency get more information on it.there I'm not going to go into all the.specifics that I covered in that video.but I'll just give some the basics to.make this episode understandable so.already mentioned you have to have an.offset in military retirement you also.need to have a combat related disability.and a minimum 10% be Avery you have all.three of those you can apply for combat.related special compensation when.pendulums are telling.servicemembers that they can apply to.CRSP they are not mentioning the.requirement for an offset to military.retired pay they advise remember to take.one or the other this automatically.disqualifies the service member from CRF.see if remember makes an application to.this branch of service the CR SC and.does not have military.IPE being offset by VA compensation that.application will be rejected right away.this is because of a lack proper.counseling.as I said before so now we've got a.frustrated service member who was told.one thing you're eligible CR SC and now.has a different answer from the military.patient you're not eligible a member.either due to the lack of understanding.from that previous one proper counseling.or just frustration will often give up.and very likely they're going to go.around saying the military scrutiny.because they said one thing and then did.another I have seen that many times in.the last several years and every single.time that was because they're more still.one thing and they got a different.answer and it always went back to taking.one type of pay over another instead of.opting for both and accepting an offset.now again that was on trying to do the.wrong thing for service members they.think they're doing the right thing.in fact everything they're saying just.about everything they're saying would be.correct if we were talking to an active.duty servicemen no I said earlier.reservists are most of the color even.the best intentions of the pedlar if.they don't have proper training to add.to those intentions believe it will lead.a reservist astray.all right now I'm going to talk to you.service members out there.off your arse Oh.[Music].mostly not retired people but you people.who are currently going through medical.boards or have just recently gone.through thatif I see you I recommend you.take all of your information and.actually sit down with an entire web.services officer wanting specializes in.reserve notes and talk with them get.some information for them I'm not trying.to bash the act of any arsons or the.people who are on academia installations.they're great people many of them but.again they tend to be active duty.century in their training their.experience and their mindset so it's not.always the case that you get the right.information from the Lutheran standpoint.from these people you might but I think.it would be better if you were to find a.reserve artha and talk to that person.now it's hard sometimes to find a.reservists or reserve artha so I'm going.to put in the references section of this.episode contact information for Army.Reserve and Army National Guard are.those across the country.in the case of national guard I'm going.to include a link to a website which.will have states and firm numbers in the.case of on the reserve I will actually.post it in the reserve section there is.a link for the National Guard is.retirement services officers on the my.army benefits page but for some reason.that site has been down for the last.month or two so even though I will post.that link in the references section it's.a dead link at the moment that's why I'm.going to also direct you to my web page.for additional information wow that's a.heck of a lot of information for one.week and that was just scratching the.surface of this issue I'm sure you can.tell but I'm going to let me pronounced.is get a second opinion especially if.you had any numbers put front of you get.advice from more than one source all.right now we're talking to everybody.again if you know someone who's going.through medical boards or recently look.through them please share this.information with them share this episode.show them the article that posts on.Friday let them have all this.information and figure out if there's.something they need to do as I say so.many times you can't make the right.decision without the right knowledge so.let's put that knowledge in people's.head alright we're happier now if you.liked this episode please be sure to hit.the like button on youtube if you have.not subscribed then you can click the RC.retirement logo on the bottom left of.the screen and subscribe to this channel.if you are this thing in podcast one.place be sure to subscribe on that menu.you can find me on.iTunes and stitcher also if you're on.one of those platforms please try the.one or two-sentence review of the.podcast and let people know what you.think so.that's it for this week I appreciate you.being here thank you for being part of.this audience as always thank you for.your service have a wonderful day.if you liked what you heard on today's.episode then please go below and give it.a thumbs up and be sure to subscribe to.this channel also please let other.people know about this channel and the.information it can provide for them if.you have questions or comments then have.no qualms about posting them in the.comment section below.please remember the RC retirement.YouTube channel and the RC retirement.website are not recognized or endorsed.by the Department of Defense the.Department of Veterans Affairs or any.other government agency the information.presented in these resources are for.entertainment and informational purposes.only.also the content of either of these.resources should not be considered.financial or legal advice please consult.with your own legal counsel accountant.and financial planner before making any.decisions based on what you have learned.here as always thank you for watching.the RC retirement youtube channel.

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Peblo Estimated Disability Compensation Worksheet Lra Da Form 5892 Dec 2008 Armypubs Army FAQs

Read the below common doubts about Peblo Estimated Disability Compensation Worksheet Lra Da Form 5892 Dec 2008 Armypubs Army . Speak to directly if you still have other queries.

Need help? Contact support

How can you get your family doctor to fill out a disability form?

Of course you should ask to be referred to a psychologist! You said yourself that you have social anxiety disorder and depression and those are things that need to be resolved if you want a better life. Do your very best to make that disability assistance a temporary measure.

How do I tell my doctor to fill out my ADA mental disability documents for my job?

Schedule a consultation time with your doctor regarding the documents. Then ask if they will kindly fill them out. I hand carry any documents I need my doctor to complete with me to my appointment and they never have a problem completing them either at that time, if they are not too in-depth or will make them available for me to pick up in a day or two or mail them back to me if they require an amount of time beyond a normal appointment.

How do disability insurance companies find out if you are working part time to supplement your income when you are receiving some compensation from them? Do they have access to IRS records?

If you want to know how you can cheat the taxpayers by collecting disability insurance while you are working, you should ask that question in a place other than Quora.

How much will a doctor with a physical disability and annual net income of around Rs. 2.8 lakhs pay in income tax? Which ITR form is to be filled out?

For disability a deduction of ₹75,000/- is available u/s 80U. Rebate u/s87A For AY 17–18, rebate was ₹5,000/- or income tax which ever is lower for person with income less than ₹5,00,000/- For AY 18–19, rebate is ₹2,500/- or income tax whichever is lower for person with income less than 3,50,000/- So, for an income of 2.8 lakhs, taxable income after deduction u/s 80U will remain ₹2,05,000/- which is below the slab rate and hence will not be taxable for any of the above said AY. For ITR, If doctor is practicing himself i.e. He has a professional income than ITR 4 should be filed If doctor is getting a Continue Reading

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Facebook is the largest country in the world in terms of population, geographical distribution and racial diversity, with more than 2 billion “citizens”. Being the largest social network in the world, It's no surprise that Facebook is the source of numerous wonderful facts. The giant social network has been breaking the records since its conception. But it's more astonishing what you can see when you put these numbers side by side with numbers from the real world. Here's just a few of those: There are more people on Facebook than all the people in Europe, North America, South America, Australia Continue Reading

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“Deadliest” is inconsequential every art has deadly moves, Tai Chi Chuan means “Grand Ultimate Fist” as it has exploding heart techniques like “Hitting The Bull on the other side of the mountain” “heart rendering hammer” etc… Dim Mak and Tien Sui are the “death touch” or art of hitting the nerve points, Hsing-I uses explosive fajin force and when mastered was basically one punch one kill, We saw Tiger style literally rip out someone’s throat on the TV show “fight science” where they created a true to life fight mannequin that let the guy show what actually happens to a human being if you were Continue Reading

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