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The Information Guidance for Nsctng 001 Homeport Us Naval Sea Cadet Corps

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Guide of Nsctng 001 Homeport Us Naval Sea Cadet Corps

I've learned to push myself to limits I.didn't know I could reach it gets them.out gets them involved teaches them life.lessons and gives them tools that.they'll use throughout their adult lives.but they know they can do anything be.met with anything and pretty much do.anything they set out to accomplish it's.one of the best things you can do.it's like push gas but better come on.dude Boy Scouts come to this this is way.better than moist cats if you want.something good you really have to work.hard at it.the US Naval Sea Cadet Corps is a youth.development program sponsored by the.Navy League of the United States and the.US Navy and US Coast Guard started in.1962 it offers an opportunity for young.people to get an exposure to the.military through local units in.individuals hometowns and training.opportunities that take place aboard.military bases and non military bases I.learned about the sea cadets actually.through both of my older brothers from.the program and it looked like a very.good opportunity to learn a lot about.our Navy and the I guess opportunities.that are out there for us after high.school.well I've been to an airshow and a.gambler knew how to sail.learning how to do CPR learn fit.I joined Sea Cadets because I know it.would give me an opportunity to get a.start on what a career I would want to.take it also gives me a chance to see if.a lot which French I want to go into and.I joined this program so I can learn.about the Navy and maybe one day become.a part of Marine Corps.I joined seek units because I wanted to.know more about the military my options.within the military and I wanted to help.myself to grow strong for when I not.only if I want to go in the military but.for other jobs to be responsible.respectful and many other things and it.will help Excel your life if this.programs will help me live by teaching.me of integrity respect and.really helping me out.respecting and displace.made me prouder myself made myself a.leader and more courageous ever was I'm.going to go into the military I'm.planning in enlisting the Navy I want to.become a seal so I'm just doing these.trainings to get as much practice as I.can I went to basic navy boot camp like.every recruit will and then after that.you go to advanced trainings and you.learn a lot of stuff like I'm at land.navigation right now and I'm learning a.lot it will just help me for future.military career I chose to join the sea.cadet program because I want to look at.the different jobs in the military in.the Navy and Marine Corps and my friend.was doing it so I decided to join last.December and it's getting this program.is giving me a lot more discipline with.pretty much everything I do I am a lot.more organized because of this program.I mean that I can do everything military.does maybe not as good or not as.complete but it's still very good for.your age and everything even if you're.not interested in the military this will.definitely brings out your character it.brings out hard work and it definitely.the responsibility is one of the biggest.things that they teach here.it changed me mentally it gave me.completely new focuses on my.you'll learn responsibility along the.way you do but once they go through and.they're starting to care about it then.they start shaping up they start.learning responsibilities they stand out.when parents send their kids off I think.their expectations may be slightly.different from what their kids are.expecting so the kids want to come and.have a good time parents we believe want.them to simply get those exposures on.how to become responsible young people.learning the core values of Honor.courage and commitment integrity is a.big word that we teach nowadays on the.on the more festive side they hope their.kids will come home and know how to make.their bed pick up after themselves to.their laundry and say yes ma'am and yes.sir Sea Cadets gets the kids involved in.something a little more structured a.little won't disappoint then sitting.home watching video games of or watching.TV he started out wanting to be with his.friends and in a program that would give.them some time together and it became a.lot more than just social for him to.teach him responsibility discipline.self-worth and it also allow him to.where was an individual I'm pretty proud.of the kids they have accomplished a lot.they have had the opportunity to show.their skills prove themselves I have.seen greater inner strength I'm raising.Patriots.so far we've seen a lot of great.improvements from him and hope it keeps.going to this charisma to life.I think anybody can do this program they.just have to understand that there are.going to be heels and valleys that as in.life and it's going to be tough at times.but I believe any kid into this program.the doors open for all but at the same.time I think those that really take to.the program are looking for challenges.or ways that they can prove themselves.to themselves and actually follow a.progression of skills or development and.see results as an instructor I get the.joy of watching the children as they.have started to come into the program.and then they grow and develop and.become very strong and confident young.men and women the thing I love about the.program being a retired Marine is the.fact that with the Sea Cadet Corps.versus the young Marines the kids can.actually try different jobs they don't.have to go in the military but they can.try if they want to give me a medical.field a construction field they can try.all these different jobs throughout.their time with us they get so much.training they can actually pick a career.that they enjoy.and they have just a sample so when they.get out of high school hopefully we've.given enough direction even if it's not.the military that they know what they.want to do Sea Cadet program is not a.recruiting program for the military if a.young person decides that they want to.go into the military they'll have some.great exposure into what they're getting.into once you've done that basic.orientation course then you have the.opportunity to do some advanced training.opportunities which again will expose.them to different opportunities in the.Navy and the civilian world we'll be.working very heavily with the STEM.program and sea perch which is a program.put out through the Office of Naval.Research to expose science and.engineering to young people we thrive on.finding a way to help every cadet find.their niche and accomplish something you.can come in here there's absolutely no.obligation to join the service.whatsoever we were not a recruiting arm.we present benefits of both military and.non-military careers and if you like it.in the sea cadets if you want to join.the military great you're a known.quantity you probably have some.experience you've had some good times.but if it's not for you and you want to.go become a marine biologist and not.having to do the military when you know.that's just as much of a success.you.I don't have a military family but I.decided that I don't need other people.who set a path for me so I decided to.make my life what I wanted it to be and.that's one of the most important things.you can do in the 21st century you need.to be independent you need to decide.what you want to do early because.otherwise people are going to tell you.what to do and that doesn't mean you.confront Authority that just means you.need to sit home Pat and Sea Cadets is a.great way to do it because we're sea.cadets you find yourself you find.yourself confidence and you find what.you can do you test your limits here and.once you test your limits you realize.that there are no limits.you.

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Nsctng 001 Homeport Us Naval Sea Cadet Corps FAQs

Here are the answers to some common inquiries regarding Nsctng 001 Homeport Us Naval Sea Cadet Corps . Let us know if you have any other confusion.

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Do air cadets learn to fly?

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What do you do at army cadets?

No they don't shout your only kids there for fun, a challenge and learn a few bits and pieces. You will make some mates have a laugh i expect. I was never one but a few years ago i had to support something they were doing on my camp seemed like a decent way for kids to pass the time better than smoking weed on the park anyway.

What age do you have to be to join the cadets?

First and foremost, to serve my country. I feel the greatest way I can serve my country, is by enlisting or getting a commission. However, the only problem I face as of now (I'm currently a junior-about-to-be senior in high school) is deciding which branch to join. I've been researching countless fields in the military from all four branches, and there are just so many that appeal to me. My second reason, is the benefits, and experience points. Most people don't think about the benefits and opportunities you can get from joining the military. While active duty, you get full health care insuranc Continue Reading

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