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all right everybody I hope everybody's.doing well this is a little bit out of.my jurisdiction and out of my standard.skill set but I just want to make a.quick video trying to kind of help.people through some of their problems.with the unemployment agency in Michigan.this is specific to Michigan I don't.know how any other states on employment.offices work or other on lines or.anything so if you have a question from.out of state I can't help you I have no.idea but I just want to make a quick.video because I think that I had.probably one of the hardest and most.annoying experiences out of everybody I.know I know everybody's had a really.annoying experience but I felt that mine.was a little exponential I ended up.applying actually ahead of everybody in.terms of like that curve and their new.system now I applied March 15th 2020.I applied right after I got laid off.from my job and it got approved almost.immediately which I was like okay this.is great.I got approve and I didn't see any money.I didn't see any money and so I looked.at my account I hadn't received any any.information from them I looked at my.account I end up actually having some.other issues and other forms I need to.fill out that they never told me about.so in order to get all of this stuff.resolved I ended up calling the.unemployment office over 500 times I.spoke with two different lawyers about.what's happening on my account I wrote.an email and called the governor's.office and spent a lot of my time trying.to figure this out so I just quickly.wanted to make a video showcasing how I.dealt with a lot of the issues on my.account because I can I can tell from.Facebook and some of the other things.I'm seeing based on Michigan article is.that a lot of people are having the same.problems so I just want to go over how.maybe you can resolve these problems a.little bit quicker and a little bit.smoother.before we jump right in I do however.want to just reiterate the fact that I.am NOT a professional I am NOT a.unemployment employer lawyer I am NOT.somebody that works for the government.I'm not somebody who's ever worked for.unemployment this is a perspective from.a regular person applying for.unemployment and how I fix my problems.so if you have any very specific.questions or if you have a specific.question about your account you can feel.free to ask me I'll do I'll see if.there's anything I can do or figure out.for you but I cannot guarantee that I.will be able to answer everybody's.questions or anybody's questions so.let's jump.okay so in order to apply for.unemployment in Michigan you have to.have a miwam account so you can just go.to the miwam website up here I can link.that below for everybody and you're.gonna create an account so unfortunately.I already have an account so I can't.really walk you through the steps of.creating one but I can show you guys.some of the forms that you are gonna end.up filling out and how to hopefully not.have the same problems I did so I'm.gonna go ahead and login you're gonna.wait a second you're gonna wait a minute.so that way you can read that what they.have to say they do have it broken up in.my last name what days that you should.be filing I do suggest following that I.know everybody wants to kind of get in.as soon as possible but the server does.crash when it gets overwhelmed so file.on your day great so if you don't have.an account you're gonna go ahead and say.sign up I do have an account I actually.was trying to go through and create a.new fake account but they caught on and.so I couldn't make a new one from.scratch so I'm just gonna log in with my.username and password and it's gonna.take you to your miwam basically your.dashboard the homepage of your my WAM.account does look like this so at the.top you're gonna have your notice of the.federal pandemic unemployment.compensation over here under your.account information all of this stuff is.going to be kind of important in case.you run into issues like I did so it.says your name here I'll have your.Social Security the last four of your.social here your claim number is going.to be really important like I said if.you ever need to talk to anybody about.your account a lot of people have had an.easy time applying I did not so I needed.that number quite often so let's go down.here so we're gonna go through the.little blue menu at the bottom just so.you guys have a little bit better.understanding of how all of this works.so under my account it kind of has most.of the same information that is going to.be above and if the information that.you're going to get in your.determination letter I guess this isn't.as much of how to apply for unemployment.as to how to navigate the unemployment.website so under my account you have.your social you have the dates that you.begin your benefits and the date that it.ends your weekly benefit amount.technically I was working part-time.beforehand so my weekly benefit amount.is pretty low aside from the.but people for people that work.full-time years will probably be more.than that 200 I will be completely.transparent what I'm making just because.I don't really care what you guys know.seeing in the tab the next tab is gonna.be your certification to receive.unemployment benefits you have to.certify every two weeks basically saying.I do not have a new job I did not get.fired from a new job I do not I am.looking for a new job of course right.now things are a little bit weird but.whatever so down here it's gonna it's.gonna be your certification you want to.make sure that you're doing this every.two weeks it's very very important or.else you will not receive your benefits.so I have certified for March 1 hey it's.for you know April 4th 11th and 18th.this just went through and just worked.for me as of yesterday so this is all.this is all new before I got all my.problems fixed all of these weeks.besides the 200 week all three of these.said that I was ineligible so moving on.so next you're gonna go to your.submissions and this place this tab.specifically is very important but they.don't tell you to check it very often.this is where you will find anything.that you submit to the unemployment.office and see which step it is in so.you have your draft submission so things.that maybe you started but haven't.finished you have your submitted items.so this is things that you finish but.they haven't looked at yet and then you.have your processed as you can see I.have a lot of things under my process.because a lot of my stuff got kind of.messed up so let's go ahead and just go.through some of the stuff that got.messed up for me and how to hopefully.not make the same mistake because I have.so many things that I ended up having to.submit in order to just fix the issues.on my account I'm gonna go to view all.process and I'm actually gonna go to.this fact-finding questionnaire these.two these first two certifications are.just the certification you're gonna do.to say oh I am still eligible to receive.benefits the fact-finding questionnaire.is the first problem that happened at my.account so I'm gonna go ahead and show.you guys that really quick here is it's.saying that I completed it I want to.view my submission okay so they.unemployment sent me for some reason.inability form and what this form is is.basically them asking your ability to.work and you have to look at this from a.medical.standpoint only this is the mistake I.made and you can see it on here still I.couldn't change it the first question is.were you unable to work due to illness.injury or work restrictions I answered.this question yes I actually ended up.applying for unemployment way before.most people did because I got laid off.pretty early the answer to this question.is no unless you actually are suffering.from illness or injury do you not really.there's no point in really even.acknowledging the work restrictions part.because it just doesn't make any sense.it's bit basically I checked this box.yes because I considered the Cova 19.pandemic a work restriction and then I.had to basically backtrack for a month.in order to fix that so answer that.question no unless you are injured or.have an illness enter the date of your.injury or when your illness began and.when your work restrictions began I put.this date in I put March 18 2020 because.I got laid off that day if you are not.ill or not injured just don't even fill.that out once you answer no I don't even.think that you can fill it out during.your illness injury or work restriction.where you're able to perform any.full-time work no I put no because I.couldn't go to work the answer to this.question the correct answer to this.question if you are an able-bodied.person to work is yes do you not put now.the answer this question is yes.do not put now I messed up this form.this is my fault of course it's my own.fault that I messed it up but I don't.want you guys to make the same mistakes.so that we hopefully can get your money.way faster than item and then are you.still unable to work so basically I.filled this thing out completely.backwards.basically I filled this out completely.backwards because I didn't really.understand that it needed to be looked.at from a medical standpoint only so if.if you physically are not unable to work.you want to put know for this question.so this form specifically totally messed.up my entire account so I just wanted.you guys to be able to see it's that way.you knew what to do and the right way to.do it so also in my submissions I would.just want to show you guys my appeal.form which I also get partially wrong.but basically what you can do is if you.make a mistake you can protest or appeal.it so I end up protesting my appeal or I.ended up protesting my determination of.my ability because I had made a mistake.and I actually just wrote in there like.oh I was actually I was just confused.about what this meant thank you so much.for in advance for helping me work.through it of course they're super busy.I got no correspondence back and this is.where the next problem happened so I'm.gonna go back to my base my basically my.home screen so we're gonna do is go back.to our home page of our account and.we're gonna go back down to this home.screen here and we're going to go into.correspondence this for me never worked.I never received an email whenever I got.correspondence on there and I actually.never got anything saying that I had.unread letters until right now so I'm.going to look at it and we're gonna look.at it together ah and this is exactly.the problem every time you click on.something you get booted out of this.program so I understand that this is.super frustrating it's not convenient.for anyone unfortunately you do have to.just kind of stick with it I found that.early on because I applied so early when.it was crashing that if I went into.incognito mode on Google Chrome that it.did end up working the all the way.through when I applied I can't guarantee.that'll work but it can it can be.helpful so it's definitely worth a try.if you keep getting booted pretty.regularly so I actually just switched to.incognito mode because I got booted.twice so we're gonna go into unread.letters here and you're gonna go into.view letters I never got an actual.notification that I had a new letter or.anything so I found this on accident so.when I got that ability for.protested it I never got anything saying.I needed to fill out two forms so going.to go into your letters and I can see I.can see these forms here I couldn't find.them anywhere else and nobody ever told.me that I needed to get these filled out.so as soon as you get an ability an.ability form and if they deem you.ineligible you will get these two.letters in your inbox in the miwam.account so once you go into your letters.and if you are deemed ineligible based.on ability you're gonna receive two.forms from the uia and they're based on.my experience they're not gonna send you.notification and they're not gonna tell.you exactly how to find them or how to.fill them out so go into your letters I.have a little bit more than we need to.look at right now because I had so many.errors on my account but they're gonna.send you two things they're gonna send.you a UI a four form 1742 which is a.medical statement and the UI a 17-13.which is a fact-finding statement which.is basically the same ability form they.sent you but you're gonna have to fill.it out on paper so we're actually just.gonna look at the medical statement.first this to me was something that I.had not seen and I actually didn't see.until after the due date so you have to.take this to a doctor and have them sign.saying that you are able to work as soon.as I found this I found this on April.23rd I got into an urgent care got them.to sign my paper and got it right.emailed and faxed over to the uia office.immediately that day so it's just a one.sheet paper I actually ended up calling.an urgent care I don't want to call out.which Urgent Care it is because I don't.want them to get bombarded and call.ahead first to make sure that the doctor.there is able to fill this out and.basically they're just gonna give you a.quick physical and make sure that you're.able to work so get this printed make.sure to look for this form if you can't.find it there is a forms sheet on the UI.a original website just look for the.form number and the effect finding sheet.will just pull up again really quick.basically here it's saying a request for.eligibility when I protest that they're.saying oh okay so you requested you.requested a form stating that you don't.believe that our determination was.correct so all around here it's gonna.say okay these are these are due by.April 20th if you don't respond then.we're just.ineligible and of course that's what.happened to me because I was never.alerted that I had these forms in my.account so how to respond it's saying.that you can you can send any more.income sheets tax sheets anything there.none of that I I didn't need any of that.I had already uploaded all of it so.what's important is actually the second.page what you have to do is fill out.this second page on paper scan it and.send it to them you can upload it to.your account or you can fax it to them.which all the fax numbers are always on.all of the all of the forms so in order.to upload it we have to go back here go.back to your your claim your home screen.for your account and go to determination.status so until now because everything.has been fixed right here said that add.documents for protest question mark.that's where you would add that medical.form and that's where you would add that.that basically the ability form again.you want to add it in there you want to.add it specifically to what you're.protesting you don't want to just kind.of try to upload it to anything because.they're so bombarded that just uploading.more is probably not gonna help so that.was my biggest mistake with the.unemployment office I would recommend.calling as much as you can I know that.it is really frustrating and it's very.very very hard to get in on a phone call.the only day that I got in on a phone.call I had called them over 500 times.and got through one time I sat on hold.for four and a half hours I called.immediately at 7 a.m. on a Saturday.morning and I had to call 42 times just.to get the one phone call to stick so I.know it's super frustrating and I know.it's really annoying but they are doing.the best they can they're getting 100 to.200 phone calls a minute secondly if you.are having an ability issue like I am.which I know I've heard a lot of people.having this problem as well if your.issue is the ability form and in the.status of your protest of that don't.bother calling the unemployment office I.waited and hold like I said for four and.a half hours to get on the phone with.somebody for her to say there's nothing.I can do for.you because I'm not the person that.makes the determination so if you're.waiting on a response to a protest on.your ability form do not waste your time.calling the uia it's not gonna help I.will say that I did end up actually.calling and emailing the governor's.office and they did email me back with a.number that I could call instead I'm not.gonna post that number it's totally up.to your jurisdiction if you want to go.that route two reasons I'm not gonna.post that number one I don't think it's.my place to do so and two I actually.never got a call back from them I left a.message and they never responded so I.don't know if it was helpful I don't.know if they just kind of expedited my.process I can't say but I'm not sure.okay so there's only a couple small.things left to go over in terms of.navigating the site one thing you can do.to try to reach somebody at the.unemployment office.is to send unemployment a message again.I cannot guarantee that that helped me.at all I had sent messages every day.with of course no replies to those to.those direct messages themselves but.that is an option I also suggest that if.you feel that they're not addressing.your paperwork or anything faster to fax.it to them I originally uploaded all my.documents online and it didn't really.seem like they was getting much.attention and I ended up faxing my forms.over really really late at night so my.goal was hoping that if I sent something.really really late at night my paper.would be at the top of the pile on the.printer the next day and I did notice.that it seemed like after I had fax.things started kind of picking up in.terms of my communication with the.unemployment office so if you have.access to fax machine or if you have a.smartphone there are faxing apps that.you can get fax it over to them that.might help expedite the process a little.bit the last thing to go over is how to.get your money a lot of people are.getting accepted to unemployment now.which is awesome are being deemed.eligible but then they're not receiving.their money and the reason is is because.you're not setting up a way for them to.pay you in theory would be nice if they.just you know picked one for you or said.hey don't forget to set up the payment.thing but I think this is a good way.kind of to make sure that people aren't.getting all the money right at once.because people aren't realizing to.this so make sure to do this set up your.payment method alright now that we're.back into our account we're gonna go to.claimant services and you're in a.modified benefit payment method if you.haven't set up a payment method it's a.it's totally fine if you're still gonna.hit modify payment method and then mine.is done so it's you're not gonna see it.the same but you can choose to either.set up direct deposit to your bank.account or set up getting a debit card.from the state I set up direct deposit I.set up direct deposit because that's.gonna be the easiest and fastest way to.get my money into my account so making.sure make sure that even after you apply.set up a payment method so that way once.you get approved you don't have to wait.you don't have to wait or go back in to.set it up those are all the things that.I have that kind of I ran into is issues.that I hope that it's helpful for you.guys I will say that I did speak with.two lawyers as well based on my.accountant they had a really hard time.understanding the issues so I hope that.this is helpful I hope that everybody.else that is struggling with this type.of problem I know is I know it sucks.literally asked my mom I call her like.every morning having a mental breakdown.because of this stuff be patient be.patient not only with yourself be.patient with the people that you do end.up communicating with if you do it is.probably not their fault in this case.this was actually my fault.so understanding the forms is gonna be.really important and if you don't know.if you think maybe you don't know and.answer to a question on any of the forms.just google it I ended up googling a lot.of my questions after I had messed.things up another quick tip on the.ability form because I ended up calling.a lawyer asking about it and she didn't.know the answer but now I have an answer.because things have worked out if you.file in a protest for the ability and in.the action it says not adversely.affected what that means is basically.it's saying the determination for this.is not adversely affecting your ability.to receive benefits.so basically mine what it's saying is.okay so you're actually not going to be.affected and you're not going to be.ineligible to receive your benefits.because you're not being affected so if.it says that that's actually a good.thing just be patient wait if you.more days and you should be able to see.your money as long as you have a payment.method set up.

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