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black background behind me i put up.the black.background it looked really good to me.and a whole bunch of people complained.all over the comments that it was dated.and it looked like.a 90s night club which kind of explains.why it looked good to me.um you see i'm old so i dated myself.without background but.now i have this hip new white background.um change the tablecloth color so that.you can actually see the table and it.doesn't disappear.into the background i hope you like it.if you don't let me know i'm sure you.will.all right um should we go to the first.question.i think it's time let's see.who is getting us the first question.andreas asks wait that's me.all right i'm cheating let me tell you.what's happening here.i think before we go into this topic we.really need to.answer a fundamental question.um about terminology this is a complex.subject and we really need to know what.we're talking about so.this isn't really a question actually.what it is.is down the rabbit hole.and down the rabbit hole is where i ask.myself a question.and then pretend that somebody else.asked it um so andreas asks.what do the terms identity identifier.attestation.and role mean in the context of.decentralized identity.a lot of people get confused with these.terms so you know what maybe we'll use a.visual aid.let's see if we can get this visual aid.going here all right here comes the.visual aid.here comes the visual aid.all right fantastic fantastic.central placement of the visual aid.are you feeling aided okay so.identity identifier.attestation role what do these things.mean.here's the thing these terms are.often used interchangeably people say.identity when what they mean is.identifier.or attestation or role so for example.identity is the i in.i think therefore i am that's my.identity but.andreas m antonopoulos is not my.identity.andreas montenopoulos is an identifier a.antonop.is an identifier my email address and.website identifiers my social security.number.an identifier these are pointers and.they point.to the i in identity.now another common confusion is when.people confuse attestation.identifier and identity what's an.attestation.an attestation is a statement made by.some authority that says that.an identifier has certain.rights or has certain licenses.or some kind of attribute for example.my driver's license my driver's license.is not an identity.my driver's license has identifiers on.it.like a driver's license number but it is.not in itself an identifier.it is an attestation primarily what is.it a test.it attests that i have the competency.and have passed the regulatory scrutiny.to.operate a road vehicle by myself.so i am a licensed operator of that.vehicle at least in a specific context.or jurisdiction so that's an attestation.and that's an attestation made by.the government or in the u.s the state.driver licensing authority which is.often called the dmv.the department of motor vehicles so.that's an attestation.and the answer station also implies a.role.when i'm using that attestation i'm.acting in the role of driver.i can have multiple roles i can be a.teacher a student.a parent i can be a driver i can be a.pilot.i can have all of these roles and these.roles are.some expression of my.identity all right that was super.helpful wasn't it.i'm really glad we're using this.excellent.new technology because it's really.important that when i'm explaining.these terms i do it in a visually.appealing way.and what better way to make this entire.thing.visually appealing than to hide this.part of my.face so here we go let's see um.i hope you i hope you got some useful.information there.because i think a lot of times.people confuse these things and some of.that confusion.is deliberate we've been taught that the.only way you can make an.attestation on an identifier is by.linking it to an identity that's not.true.you can make blind or anonymous.attestations that attest that anyone who.has.the ability to prove their ownership of.an identity has.a claim to that attestation we'll talk.about that in a second because i think.it's a really.important concept let's see what other.questions we have here.on the slido.all right our friend niraj hi niraj.thank you for asking so many.great questions often on our q a.naraj padaya asks hi andreas in your.opinion.what should be an ideal design of a.decentralized identity system what are.the major.challenges in execution of such a system.now you may also be thinking why am i.talking about decentralized identity how.is this related.to my usual topic which is bitcoin.open blockchains cryptocurrencies.there's a very good reason why i'm.talking about this because many of the.principles.of a decentralized identity system are.the same principles.in a decentralized money system in a.decentralized governance system in a.decentralized smart.contract system and.a lot of these principles have to do.with self-custody.and sovereignty let's use a mug.to demonstrate that concept now you've.probably seen this mug before.not your keys not your coins not your.keys not your coins.not your identity the fundamental.principle we use.in cryptocurrencies to describe control.over funds as residing in the individual.at that concept of self-custody from.which comes.sovereignty control over finances.is the same and decentralized identity.systems so.who has control of your identity well.your identity isn't really the issue the.real issue is who has control over your.identifiers.your identity is you um or the identity.of an.entity like an organization but the.identifier.is something that is often not.controlled by you.so for example if you have a google.account with an identifier that is an.email address that is not.owned by you it's owned by a custodian.in this case google similar to your.facebook id or your twitter id or any of.these other.identifiers not identities and these.identifiers are.issued held and controlled.by third parties and this is the.fundamental problem.with identity as is the same fundamental.problem.in financial services so what is the.ideal design of a decentralized identity.system.first and foremost control.over the generation and issuance.and the use of identifiers.and that has a lot of implications you.should be able to issue.the identifiers you should be able to.control where.they're used you should be able to.control who sees them.you should be able to revoke them.and that control fundamentally comes.down.to keys not your keys.not your identity a lot of the.decentralized identity systems we talk.about.pretty much all really are based on.public key cryptography which means that.we have the exact same.fundamental structure bitcoin and other.cryptocurrencies.are decentralized identity systems there.we have.identifiers bitcoin addresses that are.controlled and.issued by you through your control.over them with keys and you can make.certain.attestations against those identifiers.claims if you like which you can sign.with a digital signature so a.transaction in bitcoin or another.cryptocurrency.is an attestation of ownership of funds.that is.applied against a public identifier in.this case a bitcoin address now that.may be related to you in some way it may.be connected to your identity in a.public way.for example a vanity address that.everybody knows belongs to you.or it may be pseudonymous ephemeral.or even completely anonymous depending.on the circumstances.still you're making an attestation so.control over keys.is the most important thing and that.brings with it a whole bunch of.responsibilities.responsibilities for backup.responsibilities.for secure issuance and the ability to.attach.attributes and attestations to these.identifiers.attributes like a name a date of birth.a social security number and other.identifiers that relate to them.as well as of course attestations like.i can drive a vehicle i have a higher.education degree.i can fly a plane and these attestations.come from third parties today.decentralized identity systems really.don't have the ability to attach.attestations and if they do attach.attestations they attach those to.public identifiers more on that later.so the ideal design of a decentralized.identity system is one where.control is decentralized where.registration is decentralized where.issuance is decentralized.and where you have as much as possible.sovereignty over.your identifiers control over.your identifiers that's the ideal design.all right let's take a quick break i'll.jump in the chat and see how things are.going.is everyone thoroughly confused by all.of these.probably let's see what's happening in.the chat.it's happening in the chat as the font.is so small i can't see anything.bloop bloop very good.whoo very good people are having fun in.the chat and once i made.the font big enough i prefer 72 point.fonts.i can actually read it without my.glasses all right.let's see if we have another good.question from the slido.does decentralized identity or any mass.adopted.public key infrastructure pki.automatically give us.end-to-end encrypted communications do.governments and social media networks.actively resist that um.well yes and no i mean you can do.end-to-end encrypted communications.without decentralized identity.um and without pki uh in many cases.those are two completely separate issues.um you do um in many cases.encrypted communications rely on.ephemeral keys which are negotiated at.the time of the connection and only.used for a very short period of time and.thanks to a fantastic invention in the.1970s called the diffie-hellman key.exchange.read about that it's actually really.really interesting dhke.the divi helmet key exchange allows two.parties who have never met and don't.trust each other.to create a shared key um that.they can use for communications with.anybody else eavesdropping on that.connection throughout.unable to get that shared key brilliant.math.it's a fascinating system there's a.really nice youtube video that explains.it.using colors and mixing of colors very.useful if you want to see that kind of.thing.so encrypted communication does not.require decentralized identity.does not even require public key.infrastructure you don't need to have.registered public keys that relates.to some identifier you can just generate.session keys.just for that encrypted communication so.that's not the reason governments are.resisting this.in my opinion the reason governments for.the most part resist decentralized.identity is the same reason that.governments resist decentralized money.and that is that centralization of these.things.gives them power immense power the.ability to say that someone who doesn't.have the necessary identity documents.and therefore is not subject to the.gatekeeping and surveillance.of central governments is not just.undocumented but.an illegal person um and and this is a.common refrain you see.in authoritarian governments right the.lack of.an officially issued identity document.that.tracks you and relates to several of.your attributes.is in many ways seen as an illicit.activity.there are some societies in which there.are no national identities.and those societies are few and far.between.and they're very very hard to resist.they find it very hard to resist the.temptation of.national centralized controlled.identities.um and that's because uh there's a.constant refrain.of fear-mongering so it's not encrypted.communications that is stopping.governments.it's the same issue as decentralized.cryptocurrencies this is about power and.control.and so of course decentralized identity.systems remove.a sovereign power from a state and put.it in the hands of individuals.empowering individuals and now.theoretically.states that believe in the freedom of.their citizens.and the people who reside there should.really.like this idea of empowering individuals.when you see such a state let me know.i'd like to move there.hmm.all right let's go to our next question.one second let me switch to my question.tab.it really is very difficult for me to.read it with the tiny tiny letters.here.maybe if i had like a big big screen.tv and i could put it like three or four.meters.away from me over there with gigantic.letters then i could just.pretend i'm looking at the camera and.read the question right next to it.that would be nice all right mark asks.microsoft is supporting an open source.identity.project please provide information on.this project what do you think of it.are there other similar projects.yes there are other similar projects.i'll start with that.but i think what microsoft is doing is.unique in many ways.um and in fact very.very well thought out engineered um.and principled which is really kind of.surprising.um you know i grew up in the 80s and 90s.where microsoft was the big evil company.that used its monopoly to bully.everybody else including.tiny little irrelevant companies like.apple oh.how the turns they table um and.you know now microsoft is the defender.of open source.uh the supporter of open systems like.linux what and apparently decentralized.identity who knew who.expected them to become kind of the good.guys.i don't really know all right so.microsoft's identity project.is both a series of white papers a.foundation.as well as a testbed system so.there's a foundation called the digital.identity foundation or dif.which proposes a set of standards that.microsoft is trying to promote.and adopt for decentralized identity or.did which are then implemented in.a running testbed network called.ion the identity open network.the principles of ion of dif.and did by microsoft are.surprisingly enough self-sovereign.identifiers.identities controlled by individuals.stored on.personal storage systems.where the individual can generate these.identifiers.um issue them control them revoke them.as well as um seek attestations from.various registries and other parties and.then present.parts of those identities or identifiers.to other parties so you can issue an.identifier which may be a public.identity something that someone can.easily see is related to you a antonop.for example is my.public identifier that people can see as.related to me.and you can also issue paired identities.i think they call them.which are ephemeral identities that.don't link.directly to you so that could be.a pseudonym for example or an.alphanumeric id.or something like that and then you can.also issue attestations against those.so you know i i could issue a pseudonym.like satoshi nakamoto and associate that.with.some claim about that um.so it's a really interesting system.because it actually has.very strong principles for control and.sovereignty of the identity information.by individuals.and it's a framework that includes other.things.registries where you can uh record.identities and relate them to each other.resolvers that convert one type of.identifier to another.dns for example you type in antonop.com.a human readable domain name system.identifier.and dns will resolve that into an ip.address.which is a machine readable and more.importantly routable.identifier of a particular network.endpoint where.the antonup.com service is served.through.http so that's a resolver and you can.think of many different types of.resolvers that connect.different types of identifiers together.so that you can.make certain claims about the.relationships between identifiers.um now one of the most fascinating.things about the microsoft project.is that identifiers and attestations are.recorded.on the bitcoin blockchain which is a.very surprising.outcome now they're not recorded.directly on the bitcoin blockchain.they're basically checkpointed on the.bitcoin blockchain through a.sidechain type of technology and this.sidechain technology records.identifiers and then checkpoints them.for validity.uh in the bitcoin blockchain at regular.times kind of like.the thing you see with open timestamps.and other technologies like that.so it's very interesting if you're.interested in reading more.uh probably the one of the architects of.the system um.and a big strong proponent is someone.who's been.on um uh the podcast um.that i've been hosting since 2013 with.uh adam b levine stephanie murphy and.jonathan mohan.the let's talk bitcoin show as you've.known it and.uh we've had daniel buckner um who's.uh uh principal at microsoft who um.one of the architects of ion and one of.the people who pushed strongly to make.this.um checkpoint onto the bitcoin.blockchain.in order to provide the immutable.records required.to be able to verify these attestations.and identifiers are very.interesting individual um strong.proponents.of decentralized systems.and you can find them on twitter and.learn more about this.okay that's enough i've got to say about.microsoft.but seriously like if you asked me um 15.years ago.if i would be praising microsoft for.supporting open systems i would laugh i.would laugh at that idea it makes.no bloody sense.all right i just realized i forgot to.start recording this live stream on my.local system so let me get a.thumbs up from the camera operator to.ensure yes we are recording on the.camera.redundant systems so now we have two.recordings instead of three.let's hope that works.let me clear up some of my questions.questions.come on it's a bit slow today.emil asks have you read the paper who.watches.the watchmen by divya siddharth at all.any opinions on idena and other projects.mentioned in the paper.this was a highly rated question so i'm.going to answer it unfortunately i.didn't see this before we started.and i haven't read this paper and i.don't know much.about idena sometimes i can't really.respond in real time to your questions.because i haven't done any homework for.this one.um i'm really sorry emil good question.though i am going to look into it.and learn more after this live stream.maybe next time.i'll have a better idea about this.all right what are the current use cases.of decentralized identity and how do.such systems avoid.civil attack this is a really.interesting question.um what are the current uses of.decentralized identity well.um cryptocurrency is a use of.decentralized identity.it allows us to make attestations about.funds with decentralized identifiers.called public keys or bitcoin addresses.depending on what you're looking at.so that's one there there's many other.systems one of the.platforms where you see a lot of.development around decentralized.identity is ethereum.so um on the ethereum platform there are.quite.a few um smart contracts that implement.a variety of decentralized identity.systems.that are used for authentication um.that are used for login if you like.credentials to various um defy.apps and other things so that each.project doesn't have to re-implement.basic authentication and validation.systems.now these are still nascent they're.still pretty new and.and who knows how well they're going to.develop but.they they do exist and they're they're.rather interesting.uh probably the best known among them is.a system called uport.but there are others that rely on.decentralized identity.recently we were talking to.one of the co-founders of git coin where.you have grants that are given to.developers and.basically with these grants you can vote.for specific projects.and they use a quadratic voting function.in order to.allocate the grants and the question of.civil attacks came up.so civil attacks are basically the idea.of sock puppets where.if there's nothing stopping you from.creating 10 000 accounts a second.then you can pretend to be an army of.people when.in fact you are one people um and if.uh what you're counting in the system is.how many identifiers someone.um how many identifiers for example.support a proposal.then um you can easily be fooled by.someone who can create.an unlimited number of identifiers and.this is a fundamental challenge for.decentralized systems how do you stop.people from issuing identifiers.at will um and then using those to full.systems.into believing there is broad support.for something.or to be able to pretend to be multiple.people or to be able to pretend to be.different people for example in a.conversation on a forum.where you know andrea's one identifier.goes.i think bitcoin is the best.cryptocurrency.and andreas 2 identifier goes you're.right.that's a fantastic idea and andreas 3.identifier goes and i really like your.hair today what did you do to it.it looks fantastic and all of those.identifiers are basically me stroking my.ego in public.that happens a lot people use sock.puppets all the time but you can think.of scenarios like voting.and other things where civil attacks.become a fundamental flaw in the system.bitcoin itself is a civil resistance.system because.it enables the one cpu-1 vote mechanism.through the application of proof of work.proof of work prevents people from.creating just a whole bunch of fake.systems in order to appear to be many.now that works for mining doesn't work.for.nodes it's a classic problem you see in.bitcoin when people say well.let's count how many nodes are in.support of this proposal.and someone goes and launches 10 000.nodes on amazon in order to sway the.vote.um that's not a sybil resistant metric.nodes but mining hashrate is a sybil.resistant metric because it requires.the application of some kind of resource.proof of stake systems can also be used.in a similar way.so if you want to um have a vote where.it's infeasible for people to sybil.attack the system.you ask them to stake some funds behind.that vote.now this leads to another problem.which is the ability to sway a vote.simply through the use of capital so.in that case it's not one person one.vote it's one dollar one vote and people.with more dollars.or ether or whatever units of account.you want to use.get more votes kind of like how american.democracy works.i'm laughing because it's not funny at.all all right.so um how do systems like this avoid.civil attacks they use many of the.techniques we see in cryptocurrency so.we're going to see things like.proof-of-work and proof-of-stake.and um trying to tie them to immutable.attributes of individuals.another one is using a web of trust.where.people make attestations about these.identifiers like i've actually met this.person.and they are real um but of course these.attestations don't always solve the.fundamental.sybil resistance problem because if you.can create pseudonymous identifiers the.fact that one of them belongs to.a person doesn't mean they don't have.others that you don't know about.and these are some of the problems we.see in decentralized identity systems.of course the easy solution is the easy.solution which is you just centralize.the issuance of.identifiers under a single benevolent.authority that absolutely will not use.this to institute authoritarian control.over your life.don't worry it's for your own safety.also known as.adhar the centralized identity system.that was deployed.um against i should say against was.deployed against more than a billion.people in india it was.optional at first and it became.mandatory then it became absolutely.mandatory.and um now it's criminal not to have one.funny how that happens um so in that.case.you've solved the civil attack problem.what you haven't solved is the fascist.attack problem.all right 330 people on now we're 30.minutes in.i hope you're having fun it's amazing.how in addition to making money.political.i turned around and made identity.political and now you're thinking.andreas.why do you keep making these things.political surely identity isn't.political.oh you poor naive child of course it's.political one of the most political.things.ever and here we are again discussing.the.impact of control and power.over these things because who's got the.keys.has the power when it comes to identity.we decentralized identity for exactly.the same reason that we decentralize.money.because centralized identity is.dangerous it's authoritarian.it's oppressive it surveils and.ultimately it can control your life.and for exactly the same reasons we need.to decentralize.lucia asks how would you explain.decentralized identity to a newbie to.the space.uh that's going to be hard again because.a lot of people confuse identifiers.attestations.and identity a driver's license is not.an identity it is an attestation of.licensing to drive.tied to some public identifiers like.your name.some immutable attributes like your.date of birth um and things like that.and some very mutable attributes that.you can't really control.um you know hair color for example.um sex if you think about it that way.and of course.address and some reason.uh when you get stopped by a cop.you need to tell them who you are and.where you live so they can verify you.are authorized to drive a vehicle.why because that creates a power dynamic.theoretically at least there's no reason.to do that i could present a card.that says 3f2yab2.is authorized to operate to license a.motor vehicle in the united states.and it has a photo of my face and i go.look.photo of my face face i am authorized to.drive a vehicle.what's your name none of your.business sir.uh what's your address what difference.does it make but of course.that wouldn't allow um for the type of.control.profiling etc that happens in a.non-consensual traffic stop so again.it's an issue of power so how do i.explain decentralized identity to a.newbie.in this space imagine if your driver's.license could be issued by you.on the internet it doesn't really work.because.now we've confused the attestation you.are licensed to operate a motor vehicle.with the identifier and the attributes.that are connected to that.identifier the thing is i am me.whether someone else attests to that or.not so why can't i issue my own.identifiers why do i have to.get official approval from a third party.that i exist and this is the fundamental.issue which is that one i exist.regardless of whether someone has.attested.to it um and two i don't need.to reveal everything attached to.my identity my roles my other.attestations.my mutable and immutable attributes.just to fulfill a claim that i make.about an attestation like i can drive a.motor vehicle.i have completed a secondary education.i am authorized to enter this building.none of that.has anything to do with the fact that my.name.is muhammad or actually it's andreas but.again you see the problem there so.decentralized identity is about.changing the power dynamic of who.controls the i.and i think therefore i am and its.various manifestations.in both the physical and the digital.realm.and it is important to take back that.power and control.because i own the eye.let's go through some more questions.here.this is a good one let's talk about the.how.all right tomer asks again thank you for.the great questions tomer you've asked.many.over the past several weeks and they.always get lots and lots of votes.do you see users use current ways to.store their ids.keys for example custodial hot wallets.for low value ids hardware wallets etc.how would users.manage id recovery.tomorrow you've really touched on the.underlying issue which.is that ultimately decentralized.identity systems are all about key.management exactly like cryptocurrencies.are all about key management.and you have the same challenges how do.you back up how do you.uh control how do you maintain security.over key material.how do you ensure that your key material.isn't compromised or revealed.um how do you ensure that somebody else.doesn't get the ability to.issue identifiers pretending to be you.um and all of those questions are.answered in pretty much exactly the same.way as.um when we're talking about.cryptocurrency so.yes you've touched on the fact that.many people currently have custodial.identity systems.that others manage google facebook apple.ids.email addresses driver's licenses etc.etc and these not only reveal more.information than you want.they're also linked together in ways.that you don't want which allows for you.to be surveilled.you could have a hot wallet for low.value ephemeral.ids and your smartphone would probably.be the best platform.for that um and you could have.a cold wallet for.the important keys.that you use to sign.identifiers at lower tiers for example.you could have some keys.that allow you to issue new identifiers.but once those identifiers are issued.you keep those keys.in cold storage um and how do users.manage id recovery well i can imagine a.world.and this is very easy to imagine where.your identity.is simply a branch on your hierarchical.deterministic wallet that is derived.from.a bip-39 mnemonic phrase meaning that.you store 24 english words and those.control not only your money.but on one of the branches or perhaps.several branches for several different.competing decentralized identity systems.you have the keys to identities you back.them up the same way you back up your.mnemonic phrase for money.because it's the same mnemonic phrase.you could have multi-sig capabilities.you could have sharded.capabilities for backing up you could.use social backup mechanisms where.three of your friends hold shards that.can be used to reconstruct.um your keys and so.the problems we have with key management.are very very similar.in fact and here's the important thing.bitcoin and related cryptocurrencies are.now.the largest global deployed.civilian pki infrastructure until.recently um of course the the largest.deployed pki infrastructure in the world.is probably the u.s military's id system.which is a system of smart cards.which use public key cryptography to do.identity.uh authorization access management etc.etc.but in the civilian world in terms of.people holding keys.until the adoption of cryptocurrencies.the systems were tiny.pgp might have been one of the biggest.systems deployed.really not that big.and now we have this system and it's.massive and it's done something very.interesting.people are not willing to protect the.keys that.that manage their identity because.identity is a nebulous and abstract.thing and the loss of an identifier.has nebulous and abstract consequences.however the loss of your money from your.wallet has very tangible.uh consequences that you can well.intangible because it's digital money.but very um strongly felt consequences.that you can immediately.visualize and cry into your t because.you lost your keys so one of the.interesting things that's happened with.cryptocurrency is.we now have a reason that is easy to.communicate to.everyone for why you have to protect.these keys.money and once you now have the.incentive system to protect these keys.now we can use these keys for things.that you.didn't protect so well identity so.the nice thing here is and and the.really important understanding here is.that once you have.keys that you need to protect in order.to protect your money we can piggyback.on the back of this on the coattails of.this identity.um because you're already taking care of.your keys.why would you buy a hundred and fifty.dollar.hardware wallet just to protect your.identity.nobody's gonna do that but will you do.that to protect.ten thousand dollars worth of.cryptocurrency sure you will.and on the back of that we now have a.really nice.um easy to use mechanism for storing.the key material for identity.all right quick break from me i'm going.to put up some of the moderation.no actually no i'm going to put up the.patreon.thank you i'm going to thank all of the.people who support my work.while i take a brief moment to.drink some coffee and look in the chat.foreign.all right and we're back we've got.another 15 minutes to go approximately.um and thank you all for joining this.saturday live stream let's go to the.next question.robin k asks why has pgp and gpg.never caught on never got pgp to really.work and i never met anyone in the real.world to exchange.keys with you know.that's a question i've been asking.myself since 1995..um and in 1995 i went to a key signing.party.um with philip zimmerman the inventor.of pgp and even under those.circumstances.i have not yet been able to practically.use pgp sure i have a pgb.key i maintain it people know what it is.it's published i can use it to sign.messages.every now and then but it's not.really a significant part of my.communication infrastructure or my.identity infrastructure and the bottom.line is.that it hasn't caught on for two reasons.one reason is the thing i talked about.before which is people do not protect.key material when it's not attached to.monetary value.and so it's very easy for people to.neglect to do the necessary key.management for.their pgp keys the second reason.is that the mechanisms for.verification and attestation the web of.trust.um doesn't scale and because it doesn't.scale.because it's difficult to use because.it's difficult to hold the keys.and manage them correctly because the.user interface.honestly just sucks top to bottom.very few people actually use this are.motivated to use it.and use it for not very important.reasons um so.for all of these reasons um.pgp has never caught on.got a follow-up question here eduardo.asks can i.create a pgp key from a mnemonic.phrase.yes kind of.maybe um yes you can.in that there are some standards for.creating.entropy from mnemonic phrases that you.can use for a variety of reasons.i don't remember the bip number for this.it's a recent proposal about a year old.which is entropy from bip 39 um.theoretically you could i have never.seen an implementation so far that.constructs a pgp.key and one of the challenges would be.the key length mnemonic phrases.generate 256-bit keys.pgp keys because they use for the most.part.the common keys used rsa keys are much.bigger now theoretically you could use.some kind of elliptic curve.in pgp and use the smaller key size of.that.and maybe put together a couple of.different keys.i don't know you can certainly create.the entropy.but doing that in a repeatable way.that's a bigger problem.pathfinder asks and and i have to wonder.if this is my dear friend lester long.if it is hello pathfinder asks what's.the point of decentralized identity.if everyone's data is still being stored.centrally on corporate cloud servers how.do we break free from the cloud.um that's a great question pathfinder.and it relates how.identity key material storage and data.storage.that is related to your identifiers and.this kind of.mess of surveillance that arises.from the centralized storage of these.things.the answer to this again like the answer.to many other things is to decentralize.data storage by using personal clouds.personal servers personal data stores.that are encrypted.that can reveal or release information.in a way that's controlled by you.and tied to identities.in fact there's another question about.this that i'm going to pop up in just a.second as a follow-up.which speaks to this concept but.if we look for example at um microsoft's.ion.project it involves also.the storage of data and.personal clouds and encrypting that data.with.the infrastructure you use for your.identifiers.so again these are very very closely.related.data sovereignty identity sovereignty.monetary sovereignty.are all uh related concepts that.at the at the end of the day really come.down to control over keys.and the ability to manage what you.reveal or release to.other people let me find the.follow-up to that.where is it.there's a lot of questions oh here we go.oh it's also from pathfinder you knew.you were gonna ask this question okay.fine so let's answer.it a different way what do you think of.a project like orbit.combining decentralized identity orbit.id with a peer-to-peer network of.personally owned computation.orbit os yeah i mean that's basically.the answer.or one answer and that's what orbit is.trying to do is trying to connect the.decentralized identity to the.decentralized or personal cloud.where you have your own personal data.store.so two different ways to answer the same.question this is just one of the.projects that is trying to implement.this.i haven't personally used orbit.but i have met some of the people who.work on this project.anonymous asks how can you prevent.having duplicate and multiple digital.identities.um you can't in fact you don't want to.uh you want to have an environment in.which individuals can.basically publish multiple identifiers.that can essentially fragment their.identity.and express different roles or different.attestations you don't need to know.everything about me to know that i have.um the right to enter this building.who am i where do i live what is my.religion what does my face look like.none of that matters as long as you can.clearly.attach the attestation that i'm allowed.to enter this building.with me the person who is standing in.front of you somehow.biometric or something else for example.then um the rest of the information is.irrelevant to you so.in fact having multiple digital.identities being able to have a fractal.id.uh one that can take the attributes of.our identity and fragment them into tiny.tiny pieces of information that we.control.um that is one of the goals of.decentralized.identity it's not something we're trying.to prevent i think what you're speaking.to is what we call the sybil attack.where you try to produce.multiple identities pretending they are.different people.rather than uh different.aspects of one person uh and that's a.that's a different problem um and you.can solve that.uh with uh the mechanisms that we use to.preventable attacks.on digital currencies so proof of work.or proof of stake.if i have to invest money behind one of.my identifiers.in order for that identifier to have.value or i have to invest reputation.and build reputation karma on reddit.followers on twitter um a credit score.in a credit agency.then that identifier is difficult to.sybil.because i would have to rebuild that.resource that stake that i've put behind.it.um so ultimately all of our identifiers.have stake behind them.that stake can be a history it can be a.score it can be something others attest.to.and connect connecting attestations to.that identifier.you don't want to limit the ability to.create multiple ones.olaf asks will decentralized identity.help small vendors compete with.companies such as amazon by removing the.need for a separate account per website.what might that experience look like.so in order to answer that i need to.clarify.three distinct aspects of identity or.three distinct categories of identity.systems.and those are centralized identity.federated identity.and decentralized identity and often.these three.are confused it's easy to differentiate.between centralized identity and.decentralized identity.but where does federated identity belong.so what is federated identity federated.identity.is when i can use an identifier from a.third party.to access a service by another party so.when you go to my website and you say.sign in with google.what i'm doing is i'm using a federated.identity system.that involves a federated attestation.that google will make that you are in.fact in control of that credential.usually attaching it to an email address.perhaps other attributes that are passed.back to me.that allow me to not have to keep a.registry of identifiers.of my own my own username account.password etc for my own website.and we have a lot of federated identity.systems and good standards for federated.identity systems today.the most important standard is a.standard called o.off o a u t oauth2 specifically.which is a protocol for the hey.go over to google log in there and then.google sends me back.a token that tells me that you have.successfully logged in.that i can then verify that it's.connected.to your email address or some other.profile information.and i can log you in so that they can.deal with the security.issuance management of that id and.i don't have to.you can do the same with decentralized.identity systems because decentralized.identity systems do not remove.the possibility of using third-party.more centralized or federated registries.for specific identifiers.the the issue here is that you don't get.the full power of decentralized identity.if you're not issuing the identifiers.and you can't.control access to those identifiers.federated identity is like a half.measure in between centralized and.decentralized.identity and a lot of people confuse.these spaces.federated identity is often also called.identity and access management iam.which is kind of the enterprise version.of identity.it's how you ensure that your microsoft.domain that logs you in on one website.can also be used to log you in to other.things other.resources your company may use so that.you have some kind of.homogeneous identity and sometimes.that's federated in such a way that you.control the identifiers or your company.controls um the identifiers but this.isn't decentralized identity.this isn't individuals controlling their.own identity.this is slightly less centralized third.parties controlling the identity and.it's important to understand the.difference.all right how long do we have um.three minutes so we're down to our last.question and i'm going to pick.the absolute best most fantastical.question.to answer right after this break i.am now going to tell you all about why i.can do.neutral point of view ad-free public.free content um on the basis.of generous donations contributions.subscriptions.from people who want to build community.my community builders.on patreon on youtube and on other.platforms who make it possible not just.for me but.my entire team to bring you high quality.neutral educational content.with a neutral point of view without.sponsors without endorsements without.chilling.if you appreciate that you're going to.watch this video it's not very long.just a couple minutes and i promise you.when i come back.you will be blown away by the quality of.the question i'm going to answer.i hope i have to find a good one.let's do this i am a patron of andreas.because.i came across his videos online and.that's how i learned about bitcoin so.that's how i got introduced.to bitcoin i'm out tonight i'm at a.social event organized by andreas as.part of this uh.patreon support where he just had a few.drinks in a pub.which is a punch tavern downtown london.so.it's been a really funny thing to meet a.lot of like-minded people.we should support the work andreas is.doing he's doing so much.in getting new people into bitcoin and.into bitcoin education.he's a great teacher he can explain very.complex.topics in an easy to understand way he's.very.honest very precise technically prepared.and.intellectually honest i think is his.best characteristic.bringing such clarity to a really.complex subject.which is bitcoin and the industry around.it.has been a very very good inspiration.for me and every.bitcoin i'm giving to him it will be.very well used in.helping other understand bitcoin and i.think it will improve the world at some.point.being a patron i get to meet andreas and.that's why i love being a patron and i'm.going to continue being a patron.i think it's just a good thing if you're.interested in learning new things.and also want to support the the bitcoin.community.then you got to be a patron being a.patreon makes you feel special.you can attend to his live q a.sessions you can meet him at happy hours.it's really great.totally worth it i'm very very.enthusiastic of being.a patreon i'd like him to be able to.produce his.great and valuable content in the future.free.from advertising and just with the help.of his patreons and that's why i'm.supporting him.on patreon all right.and we're back thank you to all of those.who make it possible for me to do.my work if you want to learn more.you can go to my patreon page.patreon.com.antonop and find out more there's a lot.of.nice things you get from that.including some behind the scenes views.some early access and most importantly.my exploitation of your attention as a.focus group to help me.make important decisions like white.background.or black background and do i look green.in this video yes i did look green in.one of the videos.and other such earth-shattering.questions.which i always put to my community.builders.first so if you want to learn more about.that you can check it out in the.meantime.let's go to the most important question.no pressure.lucas i.i like to answer this one because i.think it's an important thing to.understand and it has to do with.adoption and bootstrapping there were.three or four questions.along the same lines so i'm going to use.this one to.talk a bit more broadly about this.problem lucas asks.are there any digital ids for stateless.people it seems all the blockchain ids.require political affiliation for full.market participation.this goes back to a fundamental.misconception about the nature of.identity identity is not something.that is given to you by the state.identity exists in a timeless.and sovereign manner for every person.identity is personhood at the end of the.day.and am i have to do with associations.and other entities yes i understand that.but.fundamentally what we're talking about.here is identity of people.and the identity um exists whether or.not.a state has approved of it now.when talking about cryptocurrency uh.when trying to introduce bitcoin.to people i often get a question how can.bitcoin have value if no government has.given it value what is it backed by.that's a common question because many.people find it inconceivable.that a currency can exist can have value.can have function.if it hasn't been blessed by the.authority of a government.they think of money as something that is.created technocratically.by fiat by government order.and without that government authority.money can't exist in fact it's exactly.the opposite.it's money that gives sovereignty to.governments not governments that give.power to money and money exists.outside of government has always existed.outside of government's money.is a social artifact.identity certainly exists outside of.government so lucas's question on a.practical level of course.is great but if nobody recognizes it is.it really identity.which goes back to the exact same.question about bitcoin.if nobody recognizes it does it have any.value.no it doesn't but its value.can emerge through use.and so we are seeing a number of.scenarios where.you can have a digital identity.that is gradually separate um.from states and of course that usually.emerges.in places where um the state has failed.just like the most vibrant examples.of stateless money emerge in places.where the state has failed or where.state money.fails to serve certain needs.so stateless people it's a bit like the.question of how do you bank the unbanked.it's actually fairly difficult to do and.you will actually see.non-state id emerge in different.environments.and once again you have a triple axis of.power here.you have money of the people.cryptocurrency.money of the government fiat and now.emerging.money of the corporations facebook libra.well.that triangle of power also exists in.identity.um only in this case identity of the.state.has existed for hundreds thousands of.years.uh arguably um identity of the.corporations.has now existed for 25 years or more.and identity of the people.has never really grown or.picked up adoption in a way that matters.yet.so in the case of identity we're.actually lagging behind.than the use case of money and i think.that goes back to the fundamental.question i answered before which is.um why would people care to secure.identity.credentials and the keys behind them and.the answer is because there's also money.on those same keys.so it is my strong belief.that cryptocurrency is the.spear the tip of the spear that drives.interest in key management and.provides the incentive for the security.for key management.on top of which we can build a.foundation for identity.that is separate from state entities who.will recognize that will the state.recognize it.maybe eventually who cares is the bottom.line.answer the question is how many.of your other fellow humans will.recognize that.identity and if your other fellow humans.recognize that.identity that identifier.then it doesn't matter if governments do.and that's the power of decentralized.systems so i think we've got some very.similar dynamics.playing in the area of identity with the.area of.decentralized money and that's why i.decided to do this live stream today.there are at least half a dozen more.questions i would love to answer.and i probably did dilly dally on silly.things.throughout this but i don't want to.overload you with information we do need.to take little breaks we do need to keep.it lighthearted.and we do need to give time for some of.this information.to percolate in your mind so you can.make the connections.which means i'm gonna have to do another.one of these.bonus livestream decentralized identity.two.and an updid too.next week we have the bonus live stream.on ethereum.2.0 the scaling solution.the proof-of-stake solution the sharding.solution.that has been deployed as the phase zero.testnet.and has a specific roadmap for.deployment we can talk about all of the.different concepts there.i'm looking forward to this one i think.it's a very interesting topic.it's a technically complex topic there.aren't that many good.explanations and i'm looking forward to.your questions.um so that's next week is 2.0 subscribe.um let me know if you like the new white.background so that would be very useful.we're going to go forward with the white.background um.listen it took a lot of clamps to make.sure.that there are no wrinkles in the.background that cast shadows.it takes a lot of more um sophisticated.and carefully applied lighting to make.sure.and it does look a bit blank it's kind.of.a mixed bag in my opinion but.let's see all right later today.you can watch my chat with lamar wilson.um at the virtual black blockchain.summit 2020 this is a fireside.chat interview with.lamar wilson who i've known since 2014.about a lot of interesting topics i hope.you enjoy.watching that black blockchain summit.2020.and that's all i had for you today um.this glorious wonderful saturday i hope.you're all doing well i hope you're.enjoying these live streams.and i hope to see you soon next week in.fact for.ethereum 2.0 thank you so much for.joining me.um thanks for all your good wishes and.excellent questions.and see you next week.you.

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