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Tips: A Detailed Guidebook on Completing Oaks Initiative Notice And Disclosure Form City Of Santa Monica Online

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The Stepwise Tutorial to Oaks Initiative Notice And Disclosure Form City Of Santa Monica

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Discover How to Fill Out the Oaks Initiative Notice And Disclosure Form City Of Santa Monica

we're reconvening after closed session.the date of the oops the meeting of the.rent control board is hereby called back.to order after it's closed session.please join me in a salute to our flag.okay our next order of business yes good.evening board members and public the.board met in closed session at 633 this.evening the Board granted a.cost-of-living adjustment for agency.managers of 2.75% effective January 1st.this cola is equivalent to the.adjustment granted to other agency.employees the board also aligned.personal leave days for all management.staff by granting two additional.personal leave days for the general.counsel and the public and information.manager excuse me for a total of four.days the closed session adjourned at.6:55 imove to approve the minutes next.item on the agenda is item 7 public.comment and we have no special agenda.items sorry okay next item on the agenda.is item number seven public comment this.is an opportunity for members of the.public to speak to the board on any.matter of general interest to the.community within the board subject.matter jurisdiction as of this evening.we do not have any speakers for public.comments we will proceed to item 10.jurisdictional items.I don't remember 10 jurisdictional items.we have an owner occupancy exemption and.two new construction exemptions all of.the recommendations is to grant yeah I.was I was gonna move to grant all three.I read them they're straightforward to.forego staff report yeah I don't think.we need a staff report they're pretty.standard I would concur okay it's.crystal clear all three cases.motion of Commissioner ptosis is to.grant I know.ten AMD and item 10b one and ten b2 for.the reason the staff report.Commissioner drawn wait do we have a.second on that second yes Commissioner.ptosis yes Commissioner foster yes and.commissioner Phyllis yes motion carries.okay next item on so item 10c.is an appeal that's been continued to.March 12th so next meeting item 12 egg.which is establishment of a new position.administrative staff assistant yes it.was our longtime legal secretary Laura.filling space retired from her position.at the end of December and we gave some.thought to the replacement of uh right.there of the legal secretary position.but I determined that that's really not.appropriate because the work that a.legal secretary does is not really.something was relevant things in modern.in in modern law practice and what we.really need is a more high-level.administrative assistant and this.position is that the city generally as a.part of its civil service list of.employees already has a position called.an administrative staff assistant that.has exactly the kind of skills that we.need in this position and so we simply.borrowed from that along with its salary.schedule the salary schedule for this is.less than than it was for the legal.secretary too so there's some savings to.the board as the results of this I've.provided as a part of the packet the Job.Description.along with the salary schedule which.just for the benefit of public ranges.from.at step one a monthly salary of five.thousand $66 per month - it's that five.six thousand two hundred and fifty four.dollars per month and that's it thank.you very much you have to be improving.the position if if you choose to do so.okay just so and I'm totally going to.recognize all this because you want to.speak I just want to make sure that we.know what we're moving towards so we do.need a motion to approve the position.and to and to amend the budget to.account for the savings as a result of.the the new position and also to fund.that position so Thank You mr. Lewis for.bringing this to our attention obviously.we're all aware I always am cautious to.do anything where the position is lower.I think if anything you need like a more.analytical higher-level skill set so I'm.just curious what alternatives were.considered and then I have a few other.questions as well it is actually a high.level skill set position okay it's it's.just that the skills are not those of a.legal secretary says this person doesn't.you - yeah I want to take dictation yeah.and that sort of thing the in the days.when the legal secretaries existed more.as legal secretaries there was a fairly.high level of almost paralegal like.skill that they had and we certainly.don't need anybody to do any kind of.legal research that's all done by by the.lawyers but there is a lot of high level.administrative work that this person has.to do okay question why don't you need a.paralegal like person to help you guys.with legal research because we're we.have the bandwidth to do it ourselves.and you like doing it yourselves I feel.more comfortable knowing that it's.absolutely correct okay no no that's.that's fine like that's your stuff I.just know from.personal experience I'm quite surprised.that we would forego that that help and.I assume that you guys profound.discovery respond all of that yes okay.what is the city tourney have like in.with their deputy city attorneys I'm.just curious what kind of what kind of.style assistance do they have in what.level is that out and was that.considered here I I don't I don't really.know but we all but this position will.not only work in the legal department.they'll also work in the other.departments that the that the board has.they will serve for example as backup.for the board secretary if the board.secretary is absent and I'll also.provide help putting files together and.that sort of thing for the hearings.Department so it's not a specialized.legal position because this position.doesn't really all the work that would.be specialized as legal work is already.done by the boards lawyers we need.somebody who has a high level of.attention to detail and is able to work.without a lot of supervision but we.don't need somebody with specialized.legal skills are all of the attorneys in.agreement on this move okay I see a nod.we had its extensive internal.discussions about what the appropriate.position was for for a couple of months.okay actually for several months because.these discussions started several months.before the reach before the legal.secretary retired because we knew that.that was coming okay I I would have felt.more comfortable if I knew what the City.Attorney positions were but I guess.that's neither here nor there since you.guys are much leaner yeah I understand.that yeah so having read the staff.report and hearing general counsel.Louis's explanation and enjoying your.line of questioning now they were they.were great they're good questions but.I'm satisfied that it's a neutral or.even positive impact to our budget and.it's what staff once then and this staff.has never done anything other than act.in a responsible manner and if this is.what they say they need then I believe.them so I move to well I can make a.motion robber he can continue to discuss.before somebody seconds that are even.after all right so I move that the board.approved the attached classification.specification and salary Goulet grid for.administrative staff assistant rent.control and to update the fiscal year.nineteen ninety nineteen twenty twenty.budget by deleting one legal secretary.to position and adding one.administrative staff assistant rent.control position ok I'm 100% comfortable.with with second and it based on the.consideration that Council have.thoroughly reviewed what they need it.sounds like what they want to get as.somebody who's more attune or to the.need particular needs of the office now.and they're willing and able to do it at.a cheaper rate I have no reason not to.second dad and go based on what our.council's recommendations are so I.second the motion.Commissioner foster yes Commissioner.ptosis yes Commissioner durometer.yes Commissioner Phyllis well our next.item on the agenda is 12b which is an.update on the 2020 development and the.implementation we have a late.speaker who got lost on her way to.which I also did so particularly.empathetic tonight she's requested to.speak on item number which is public.comment is there is there is there a.consensus on the board to hear yes okay.miss Frazier it is okay and you have.three minutes.casting testing.good evening my name is Gina Frasier and.I've been living in Santa Monica for.probably close to 20 years in my.apartment right now I've been living.there for close to 14 years and close to.Thanksgiving Day I got a and I've lived.there under a Santa Monica voucher.because Thanksgiving I received and I.was served by an attorney that I had to.vacate the building within 90 days the.reason why is because I found out that.my unit is deep restricted and so the.owner can charge whatever he wants so I.was living there with my daughter but my.daughter had moved out probably close to.three years ago she moved out but she.never really left because my daughter.has seizures and so I've been her.caretaker because she cannot stay by.herself so I had asked the owners if.it's possible that I could you know move.her back in to help with you know maybe.we could stay a little longer or.something like that what it is is I'm a.one person living in a two-bedroom so I.wanted to know I don't know if you can.answer this or anything like that but I.wanted to know kind of I'm here to find.out what are my rights as far as leaving.the building I mean do they have an.obligation to kick me out after 14 years.in 90 days.do they have to provide any type of like.assistance with me finding another place.assistant with moving or anything so.that's basically what I'm here to find.out and I'm not the only one there.during it to the joini to like a couple.other people in the building and so all.of a sudden we're living there for 14.years and now a sudden I got to get out.in 90 days I don't think that's fair.and I'm 62 unbelievable but I was told.that I can apply for senior housing so.when I applied for senior housing I.found out that the waiting lists are.like three years long so I'm just here.to find out is there an obligation to.the owner of the building that wants me.out to help with maybe assisting me with.another place to live.or even with moving or whatever so.that's what I really was here to address.you guys tonight so thank you for your.public comment mr. Frazier oh I will.turn it over to our general counsel but.just briefly because this is public.comment I know you can't we're a little.bit restricted but fortunately our staff.is here I think Steven can speak briefly.now and hopefully you can connect with.him after the meeting or other staff.members as well yes I want to just say.that you you you may have those rights.that you that you asked about but I need.to know some facts in order to be able.to properly advise you where to go and.who to talk to and if you stay until.after the meeting I'd be happy to give.you my contact information and we can.Joe of us okay thank you thank you for.sharing this tonight because I think.even though it's not on the agenda.you certainly brought something to the.board's attention that we are very.concerned about okay I yeah I didn't.want to say it because we originally.came as TV clients I mean we came from.domestic violence so I put the zip code.down okay all right Thank You mr..preacher okay so next item on the agenda.is update on rent 2020 development.implementation that's our database as.opposed to COBOL okay all right so this.is just an information item this evening.it doesn't require the board to take any.action last meeting Commissioner ptosis.asked for an update and it's certainly a.timely thing to do we've been working.very hard on this project certainly for.the last year but in fact it's been many.years coming but before I get started I.just want to say while this is a.technology project it does not get done.without a huge amount of staff time.intelligence dedication and I've been.working with a fantastic project team.and I want to acknowledge each of them.y'all know Lima Noseworthy she knows.everything about the agency and that's a.really important piece of putting this.particular database together she's there.when I leave up the end of the day and.she's there when I arrive in the morning.I don't think she goes home I mean she.is really just putting so much time and.energy into this on top of her job Dan.Costello is also working very hard on.this project.he's been very well involved in the.business analysis portion of it always.with an eye to the best way we can.possibly serve the public.our technology people Hong Nguyen and.Jeanne Phillips are also very involved.they know about the current data and the.structure of the database they will be.they are very involved in the data.conversion piece of this but that's our.project team we've been working really.hard together and I want to acknowledge.all of them we also have some other.partners.all day from the city's Information.Systems department has been assigned to.work with us on this project.he's been providing real support in the.area of infrastructure the needs of our.consultants in terms of accessing the.city's systems and being able to provide.the system for us so al has helped us.out and then of course you know that in.December of 2018.you know was it January I think it was.maybe either December January December.2018 or January of 2019 you approved the.contract that we've entered into with.true point solutions to implement this.database and property and rent tracking.system so we have some great partners at.true point that we've worked very hard.with and then also we work our document.management system we have a company.called a Docs that has helped us with.our document management system for years.and that's a component of this as well.so I want to acknowledge the human.contributions which are so significant.to this project so as I said this.project has been many years in the.making it's been driven by a need to.replace our outdated system and to.incorporate enhance capabilities both.for our staff and for the public the.planning aspects and needs analysis.included looking at other rent control.jurisdictions what are they doing what's.working what's not in 2017 the board.established a technology subcommittee of.chairperson Phyllis and Commissioner.duros therosis.and they worked with us and we issued a.request for information in September of.2017.yeah September of 2017 we issued the RFI.and that was very helpful we got some.responses from that which helped us.further developed our request for.proposals which was issued in April of.2018 and then as I mentioned we approved.the project or the particular.implementers in December of 20.tene so as you see on the screen the.real goals of this project have been to.improve access and transparency to the.rent control information for the public.and for our staff give the staff the.ability to do more with the system.without depending upon the need for a.programmer and to implement workflow.processes and report generation that are.more at the control of the user directly.we're going to be providing online.access via free subscriptions to.property owners so that they would be.able online to update their property.information their mailing addresses.we've seen a high adoption of our online.filing of the tenancy registration forms.and so we're hoping that we will see a.similar high adoption of this online.public access tenants and landlords both.will be able to submit forms and.petitions online making it easier and.we're also very soon going to be.releasing public access to our rent.control property site related documents.there will be a web portal where people.will be able to search and I'll talk a.bit more about that as we go along we're.gonna so that's a significant change.right now people have to come to our.office to see any documents in our files.and they will be at their fingertips.from their devices so this this project.has several components we have of course.all of our current data which we've.maintained for 40 years as the law has.developed we have lots of information.about the ownership and property details.and unit information rent petitions unit.billing histories and we could have.simply converted that to a sequel.database and moved along but we wanted.to really make this system work for.everybody so we as I mentioned the.workflow and the online filing of.tenancy registration forms has really.proved successful for us in terms of.efficiencies getting the database.updated more quickly.this one workflow was developed for that.actually by our a Doc's partner.and it's been very helpful so this.system will involve workflows for most.of the processes within the agency we.also as I've mentioned will have.document access via the web to all of.our documents or more recent documents.the last 15 years and this will also.have a contact tracking portion which.we've never had but we will be able to.keep track of the contacts that we have.with people about properties or units.people will be able to look at that and.see what were the previous contact staff.members will be able to see that and.we're also making a real effort through.this system to gather email addresses.and be able to do additional.communications this can be an informal.conversation so if anybody yeah I have a.question is yeah so is the contact.tracking quote/unquote like a CRM like a.customer relationship management system.where you're putting in like all the.contact that you've had with that person.or is it just attached to unit we will.be able to put in all the contact they.don't call it a CRM they call it a.customer service management so sounds.spear samar it is very similar it's.something we've never had yeah this is a.nice component of this system so there.are many building blocks to get this.project to fruition.we started we're starting off or we've.been working very hard over the past.year on the business requirements piece.of it in for the software application.that we're installing in true point.system they have their methodology for.approaching this so we are working.through their methodologies so on the.screen here you can see the different in.components there's an intense analysis.of the business needs and processes.we've been working on that for the past.year there's a big part of the data.conversion which is once we've been.through the business analyses and we've.seen what information will be we be.collecting through those processes.whatever information that we already.have that isn't part of those processes.directly will be mapped into.different portions of the database so.that's the big data conversion piece I'm.going to talk a bit more about that.there's a big development of reports we.have a number of reports that we use on.a regular basis I'm going to talk a.little bit more about that but as I've.said this system is also going to allow.the users to do ad hoc reporting which.they are not able to do currently the.infor uses what they call a waterfall.approach to testing of the database and.development so as each application is.developed we are testing it we're.proving it as we go along so we don't.have the whole system put together but.we're testing various components and.eventually it will all go together but.this allows us to be testing throughout.the process and not just waiting to the.end training is going to be very very.important for this it's completely.different than what we do now we have a.very straightforward system this is.going to seem complex and I have to say.I've had some frustrations myself along.the way but I'm getting more familiar.with it and I you know it's going to do.a lot for us but training is going to be.key and our true point partners will be.on-site with us for a week while we're.doing training with the staff and.training super users and then they will.also be with us when we go live for at.least a week while we're using the.system in full I have another question.okay they're going to be like a.designated point of contact in the.agency that we'll be able to make like.small fixes to the system we're gonna.we're gonna have somebody who's going to.be on staff to maintain this just like.full-time yes without doing anything.else well they're going we have a person.now who is retiring we're gonna be.hiring somebody well as a technology.analyst but they will also be aligned.with the city's Information Systems.department and they would be equipped.with the skills so that you could have.that in-house you wouldn't have to like.pay for additional hours yeah that's our.that's our objective is to get somebody.like you're running off I guess they're.telling us to go home okay okay great.thanks okay so this slide.sort of summarizes all of the different.areas that we've been looking at the.business processes this has been as I.said a major portion of the course.system development we've reviewed all.agency forms and applications and.processes our partners from TPS came to.meet with us six different times over.the year for four days each visit to map.out these processes to talk about any.questions they had they've done thorough.analysis and documentation of each of.the steps in the process the data items.that we'll be capturing and the.automation opportunities so this is then.the primary focus over the past year.we're okay.knowing what a cumbersome and worthwhile.process this has been I know you said.earlier and and you've told me offline.that that you've had multiple.discussions with other cities all over.the place as to whether there was a.product we could get and there just.wasn't because we've spent so much time.and effort on this our other.municipality is going to be able to.benefit from anything we're doing you.know every agency or every municipality.has a little different need there's no.one-size-fits-all one of the proposers.for us is a company that sees this as a.real opportunity and certainly given the.changes in state law you know there.there are abundant opportunities we.looked at that particular company but.because we have 40 years of experience.we sort of have identified different.needs than new jurisdictions are.identifying they're just looking how do.we get the rents registered how do we.get the owner ownership registered.they're not thinking about the more.advanced pieces of this that we're.implementing certainly in the future I.think you know if people are interested.in this we may be able to share some of.our experience but although we've met.with all the jurisdictions together to.kind of talk about that idea could we.all pick something the needs are.different from jurisdiction to.jurisdiction but all right so here.talking about data.version this is a key piece of the.project of course and it's kind of a.building block approach as you can see.addresses are an unbelievably.complicated aspect of our database you.know there are many buildings that have.multiple addresses they're on a corner.so they have some units on tenth and.some on Wilshire or whatever and then.within that building they number them.all different ways and there are.courtyard buildings where every unit has.a different building number even though.they're all on the same parcel you know.this wouldn't seem so complex but it.given our database and the capabilities.of our database we've done a fantastic.job of managing these complicated.addresses but working with our partners.there this is something that you know is.a real challenge so that's the first.piece of it and then of course we.already have the ownership and property.information so that's building the data.conversion piece of it we have a lot of.rent and amenity information we have all.of our exemption removal and Ellice.activity we've got limited information.in the rent database about that but.we're going to be integrating some.things from other databases into the.central system with respect to.exemptions removals and ellas activity.and then of course we have our petition.and billing histories unit-by-unit and.for the properties so the data.conversion is a big part of it but the.addresses are kind of the major thing.that we're working on right now and the.other things will flow more smoothly.after that the lessee all right so.report creation I mentioned that right.now we are fairly limited in our reports.we depend upon a programmer to do all of.our complex reports like what we need to.pull for the annual report the analysis.that we do about the impact of market.rate increases requires our programmer.to do that that is a complex report.where we will have a sequel report.written by our consultants and in the.future we'll be able to do this type of.thing with the staff person that we will.have.but we need some things Mar reports are.periodic reports we send those out to.property owners every June and it tells.them what our records show that's kind.of a complex report - it doesn't look.complex to the owner but to get that.report produced is not a simple thing so.there are a number of reports that they.will be writing even including letters.communications decisions things that are.part of our workflow processes will now.be considered reports in this system so.we have to program all of those we have.to spec out all of those reports and at.the ad hoc reports I've already talked.about that will be the ability of staff.to identify what information they want.to pull from the database across many.fields move it into Excel and then be.able to do analysis through Excel or.something an application like that so.this person that you're hiring to do all.this are they going to be on board while.this is being rolled out to be able to.talk you know knowledge transfer all.this information or are we just playing.on like someone teaching this person.magically had to do it well we're going.to bring to you probably next meeting a.job specification like you've just.approved tonight for the staff assistant.our administrative staff assistant we'll.bring you a job spec and then we will be.recruiting we will be recruiting with.the city's Information Systems.department for this position ok that.makes me nervous how long's that going.to take it's going to take probably a.couple months at least.I feel like six months right hopefully.not is there any way to expedite that no.if you live before hopefully not and I.really want to have somebody on staff.and I have to say that HA our current.person has extended his retirement.several times because he wants to see.this through and I am so appreciative of.that but you're right we need to get.somebody on staff I mean we are feeling.that need as well and but we are in this.you know we are aligning ourselves more.directly with the city's Information.Systems department which is to our.benefit one of the reasons we pick the.infor system is the water department you.I am for system so there are people on.staff who have some familiarity with.this and the idea will be that we'll.have an additional person who will work.with us and be involved with the city.and there won't be one point of contact.and failure for it we'll have backup.through the city for this system which.we do not have now so okay so that's the.reports another big piece of this is.integrations I mentioned a few minutes.ago that we keep a lot of information.for our for example for exemption.monitoring in our eviction Mohnish.monitoring and the post Ellis use of.properties we keep all of that in other.databases whether it's Excel or access.or whatever we want that information to.be incorporated into this system for.reporting purposes and easy availability.to staff for the information so that.those databases will be integrated into.the system we're also working on an.integration with the tax assessor for.the calculation per property of the.surcharges not all the tax assessor data.that would be another integration but.we're focused solely on the information.we need to be able to have accurate.information about the surcharges that.are currently passed through to tenants.so there's a yeah yeah but just a piece.of it just the portion that allows us to.the surcharges we can expand upon that.but that was not within the scope of.work of this project we have payment.processors for our each check payments.and credit card payments sadly we have.not had very high adoption of EDA check.payments it's less than the price of a.stamp for an owner to pay their fees.maybes are experts with the landlord.community can help us work on that we.would really love to have more people.pay by a check but we're going to be.integrating those payment processes into.this with credit card they can pay by.any credit card of course they have to.pay a fee so I understand why people may.not want to pay by credit card but a.electronic fund transfer is 35 cents.less than the cost of a chip other.stands yeah I always use the.but I can't so are we doing like user.acceptance testing there will be first.specific communities because I find that.to be extremely important and I would.like to make sure that that's included.in the process there is certainly a user.acceptance testing portion for the.internal staff the external piece of it.I mean payment processing will be just.like it is now going to our website.clicking on a link to go to the payment.processing there's not much to that but.the rhythm part the subscription part.yes we will need to have involvement of.property owners to help us work with.that rhythm the public-facing portion.yeah I would like to suggest that we.invite yeah yeah we just group any.tenants that's not part of our plan to.focus groups tenants this is ahead and.start using it are there well tenants.will be able to file petition fair.enough ok look I'm just even the rent.database and things about there.that service will be available to.property owners because we will we will.connect property owners with their.properties so they will be able to make.changes and file things on their.properties of course it will go through.a workflow for approval before the.database has changed but tenants will.not have that same access but they will.have X I mean we're we've enhanced.already our look upper rent feature on.the website you see it now has number of.bedrooms the date of the most recent.tenancy a little more information we did.that because it's very easily accessed.it's one of the most frequently accessed.pages of our website so we want to.enhance that and keep that as simple as.possible so yes just so folks know I.know we also do have a speaker so I'm.almost know not something you wrap up.but if there's like discussion any items.after just want to be mindful that we do.have a speaker that was you know I'm not.trying to rush anyone okay my fellow.occasions all right.and so then I've already talked about.the document management system we're.going to have a public-facing portal for.that.but another feature of this will be all.of those things that result in changes.to the database the forums and things.will be a hyperlink so from the database.you'll be able to click on this.hyperlink and see the document or the.submittal that was the cause of the.change to the database.so we've have a very good document.management system but this really brings.the two together the database and the.document management system so as I.mentioned earlier we're very close to.launching the web portal for the online.of access to the site file documents the.documents that will be available when we.go live with this will be from 2005 to.the present so the last 15 years we may.in the future make older documents.available but these we've been indexing.more thoroughly.we've redacted them where necessary and.we don't want to release any documents.that have not been properly reviewed.before we do that so that's why we're.2005 which would you process Guaymas.over seeing that there will be others.involved in that well he's always.available yes and and and part of what.the administrative staff assistant that.we'll be hiring we'll be doing will also.be working on the records retention plan.and the records retention schedule and.this would be another thing with the.documents that that person may also.assist with documents will be available.by accessible by address or parcel.number they'll be indexed to provide.easier access to know what people are.looking for and as I mentioned in the.future we may provide access to older.documents one of the benefits of this is.people who ask us you know they need to.come to the counter to look at files or.to look at the documents we get Public.Records Act requests for all the.documents related to a property or.people will be able to self-serve.themselves.to get a lot of this these documents and.they'll also be available from their.various devices so it should be make it.much more friendly for people to access.another part of this something that I.know is very important to the board is.improving our outreach and.communications so we talked a little bit.about the customer service contacts.portion of this where we'll be able to.keep track of each communication that we.have as somebody what we did who we.refer them to whether you know it.resulted a petition being filed that.type of thing and as I said staff.members will be able to see prior.contacts with that person.we're also gathering tenant contact.information from the tenants themselves.we'll ask them to provide it so that.we'll be able to have more direct.communications a you know a broader.bigger email list to be able to reach.out to people when there's news to be.shared that we're not sending out in.printed format and then finally the.system support aspect of it as.Commissioner ptosis was asking we will.be hiring a business process technology.analyst to replace the position that we.currently have this person needs.different skills than our current.programmer has we will be working.closely with the city's information.services department so we will have the.support from them and depth with them in.terms of we can fund one person within.our department but they have a whole.department of people who will be.available to assist us and they have.been in the past but we're making a.closer alliance with them and then we.can contain continue to have support.from two point although their contract.is to complete this project and any.future development that we would want.them to do would be a separate contract.but our intention is to have somebody.that can do what you are saying.Commissioner ptosis be able to make.changes the law changes we need to.implement new things we need and we need.somebody to be able to help us do that.and that's our intention with the.business process technology analyst yeah.I just know.like employing similar type projects it.really is expensive I mean I'm assuming.that true point is available but for a.colic hourly cost if you need an.additional package like any cost to the.agency well it's it's a costly project.right now all that very were quite.additional like after the fact post.implementation like upgrade report like.support etc hours to the extent that we.can write well there are pieces that we.did not elect to implement in this first.phase if it's the first phase I mean you.know technology there's technology is.constantly changing and there may be.things that we want to do in the future.there's a whole analytics module that.could be very beneficial but we did not.contract that to start with that they.wanted to sell it to us I mean infor.really wanted us to buy that but we need.to get this in place and then maybe we.think about that in the future so so.that's what I wanted to share with you.tonight of where we are as I said the.document piece of it I hope will be out.by the end of the month or the beginning.of March the rest of it were moving.right ahead I'm not going to say a date.yet because we don't have a date certain.but but we're moving right ahead will.you remind us what effect this will all.have on our primary website is that.going to be being updated or brought.into the well this project attention.this project will not be changing our.website but the city is involved in a.very extensive revision to their website.mr. Castelo has been our person working.on that and working with the city we are.excuse me we are part of it and you know.their approach will be different there.the way they organize things will be.different although our website doesn't.look really you know it's not really.flashy it serves a good purpose I mean.people are able to find what they're.looking for and we don't want to lose.that so it's very important that.as the city moves on the website that we.don't lose the ability for people to.find what they're looking for with us.and it's kind of a tension but we're.working on it and maybe in the future.dan can give you a little bit of an.update on that as well great.ok so we have a speaker on our agenda.miss golden Keeler you've requested.three minutes time you.oh it might be that the things yeah yep.I think you gotta hold it like away from.the mic got it oh I want to make sure.that City TV is ready there was an echo.here can you hear the echo a little bit.so the new rent board website is called.rent 2020 I think it would be better if.we called it rent control 1984 when I.went on your website today I already.found a mistake and it made me wonder if.your website was developed by shadow the.same company that developed the app for.the Iowa caucuses look who it shows as.the newly elected rent board chairperson.hi Bernie.I knew it was a mistake though because.compared to you rent board members.Bernie is a conservative an alternative.theory is that your website was.developed by the same company that.created the Oh Banach Obama care website.if so can you confirm if you like your.landlord.you can keep your landlord thank you.okay I think that concludes all orders.of business is there a motion to adjourn.sorry I just wanted I wanted to state.this on well first of all thank you so.much for all of your hard work in.putting together there in 2020 I know we.still have a ways to go but I can only.imagine the painstaking process so.that's not lost on us and thank you it's.kind of like one of those keep the.lights on type things that's not you.know day to day we're seeing it here but.it's super super important so we're.excited about that I just wanted to.bring publicly you know for discussion.at a future meeting I hope it would be.the next meeting but I know that might.not be possible I have seen a.significant increase in tenants coming.and and questioning me about tenant.harrassment situations that are.happening in the community and.specifically with temporary relocation.for construction that's going on in in.their building and I still I understand.the jurisdictional issues but I have not.been satisfied and I know that we've.asked multiple times for updates on and.we've heard from the neighborhood.preservation coordinator and everything.seems great and there's a lot of lip.service but what's happening I'm now I'm.hearing that there's not a lot of.awareness of the means and methods.assessment you know you know with our.friends at building and safety and code.enforcement they're not it's not being.incorporated it's kind of like a swept.under the rug rug type of thing and like.how seriously is it being taken I don't.know so I specifically want data I would.invite our building inspector.code enforcement to come here and talk.to us and addresses publicly but if they.can't do that that I mean I had that.speech to have seriously they're taking.any of this in in the market but I would.like to know how many temporary.relocation like for example in the past.year or a year over here how many.temporary relocation permits have been.granted for what period of time.how many incorporate means and methods.plans versus how many don't and then how.many what type of permits are are the.buildings availing themselves out when.they fire for when they file for the.temporary relocation of the tenants and.and how long are this I think I already.said that how long are the tenants out.and then what happens to those tenants.do they ever move back in or not and so.I want some hard data publicly here.about what's going on in this city.specific so we can hone it on the.specific issue of tenor harassment and.what we're gonna do.thanks.thanks roses so now I will.entertain a motion to adjourn.in honor of executive director traci.Condon's 33rd year of service I will.second that motion.and we love you love ourselves and love.you for Valentine's Day Thank You Tracy.

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