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it's been two decades since we and law.enforcement began to realize the.potential for information management.offered by computer technology this.potential presented us with new.opportunities and challenges over the.years demands on our agencies had grown.while resources had remained static or.even dwindled with computers we can.envision addressing the demands for.information while streamlining our.operations what we needed were computer.systems that electronically captured our.daily operational data and allowed us to.analyze it to assist officers there was.also a growing interest in analyzing.that data on a broader scale realizing.that the Uniform Crime reports a.fifty-year-old cornerstone of crime.records was not adequate for these.purposes the IACP and NSA worked with.the FBI to redesign the system crime.reporting was initially developed as a.manual system but the time had come to.update to take advantage of growing.computer capabilities we wanted uniform.national crime statistics without.labor-intensive monthly tabulations many.Police Department's had already.developed information systems that.recorded sufficient information on each.crime to allow them to analyze local.crime and draw conclusions that would.aid in addressing crime problems in this.changing environment the FBI developed.the National Incident based reporting.system or the new UCR the new system was.designed to capture data directly from.law enforcement records through.automated processes reporting agencies.would no longer have to complete monthly.UCR reports for those departments that.did not already have a basis for crime.analysis this automated system would.facilitate that in addition the new.system would allow analysis of crime on.regional state and national levels never.before possible as with implementing any.program of this magnitude this change.has not been without controversy.proponents of the new system argue that.implementation should occur as rapidly.as possible and just as adopted while.some police chiefs fear great expense in.creating an average compatible system.and collecting the required data.many of these Chiefs feel that their.automated systems while perhaps not.meeting neighbors standards.adequately address their departments.needs funding to change these systems as.well as that needed to automate.departments that have no automation at.all is not always readily available.competing priorities and needs are.present finally the value versus the.cost of having officers in the field.gather some data elements is questioned.agencies revisions of existing systems.to meet the minimum requirements of the.new UCR assure the availability of valid.uniform crime data and nationally to.make this a reasonable expectation there.must be a concerted effort to make.funding available to those agencies that.need it we must ensure that the.requirements of the system are.reasonable but that there is an openness.to change when appropriate moreover we.must fully understand and find creative.ways to address roadblocks to.implementation that police departments.and other users encounter efforts are.underway to accomplish all of these.goals the following video addresses.incident based record systems and.thereby product the new national UCR as.has always been the case with UCR the.new system should be voluntary in the.part of data providers this is a belief.steadfastly maintained by the FBI and.it's law enforcement advisory groups.that includes the cedrus advisory policy.board IACP NSA and major cities Chiefs.we also believe that computerised.incident based record systems and crime.reporting are the way of the future and.we're looking forward to the greater.understanding of crime problems that.will come with these new systems and the.new UCR another crime scene.investigation interviews are conducted.with witnesses evidence is secured at.the scene and the investigating officer.writes a report if enough information.and evidence are available the crime is.solved and the offender is arrested and.turned over to the court for prosecution.as far as law enforcement is concerned.the story usually ends there and the.officers report and notes go into a file.to be stored indefinitely this case like.others is now a statistic to be.incorporated into the department's.monthly and annual reports but that.ending to the story is changing because.of nieghbors.the National Incident based reporting.system.the history of neighbors and crime.reporting goes back over six decades.since the 1930s documentation of.national crime statistics has been an.important tool in our efforts to reduce.crime building on a plan developed by.the International Association of Chiefs.of Police the FBI administered those.documentation efforts with the Uniform.Crime reporting program or UCR support.for the UCR program continued to grow.with endorsement by the National.sheriffs Association as they established.a committee on Uniform Crime reporting.in the late 1970s law enforcement called.for a thorough review of UCR with the.intent of modernizing to meet their.needs into the next century beginning in.1982 a national study was conducted.through surveys and discussions with.almost 5,000 law enforcement executives.this study helped define the information.needs of the law enforcement community.after additional research a plan was.developed to meet these information.needs with the establishment of a.redesigned reporting system in 1985.recommendations for the redesign were.published in a report titled blueprint.for the future of the Uniform Crime.reporting program following these design.recommendations the guidelines and.design specifications were finalized for.an updated comprehensive crime tracking.and reporting system which would become.nieghbors this new system was presented.at the National UCR conference in Orange.Beach Alabama in 1988 with overwhelming.consensus the FBI was urged to pursue.national implementation of nieghbors as.outlined in the blueprint in 1995.implementation was reaffirmed by the.International Association of Chiefs of.Police major cities Chiefs the National.sheriffs Association and the Association.of State Uniform Crime reporting.programs the FBI fully supports an.average project and encourages.participation with hopes that like.traditional UCR neighbors will set a new.standard in crime data collection.neighbors and it's federal counterpart.fibers our city county state and federal.incident based reporting systems by.incident we mean a crime in all its.components are viewed to.as an incident under nieghbors an.incident is defined as one or more.offenses committed by the same offender.or a group of offenders acting in.concert at the same time in place under.the current summary reporting system.crimes are recorded according to a.hierarchy rule meaning in a single.incident with multiple offenses only the.highest offense on the hierarchy of.offenses is reported with nieghbors.there is no hierarchy rule for example.in a rape case also involving motor.vehicle theft and kidnapping all of the.offenses would be reported also.traditional UCR collects offense.information on only 8 offenses nieghbors.expands that to 46 separate offenses in.22 crime categories as with traditional.UCR these categories have standard.definitions so that even though some.offenses may have various names from.state to state they are reported to the.FBI under the same name for instance for.in theft petty larceny felony larceny.and misdemeanor larceny all fall under.the same definition as larceny theft.this keeps nieghbors uniform across the.country likewise nieghbors reports.standardized details such as age sex and.race of victims offenders and arrestees.also property loss and the involvement.of drugs or alcohol even the use of.computers will be recorded about each.offense again these details will be the.same across the country some offenses.required revised definitions to be.reportable under neighbors for example.in neither x' the definition of rape.allows for the reporting of rapes of.both males and females or of victims.incapable of getting consent under.summary the definition of rape was.restricted to only female victims the.nieghbors sex offense definitions.include a broad range of criminal.activity new definitions were devised.for some offenses including several.often related to sexual offences against.children my husband was waiting for me.in the parking lot I need know he was.there divers incident reporting gives.you a detailed analysis of who the.victims are who the offenders are and.even an insight into why the crimes were.committed.he just lost control of himself I guess.I don't know.in fact nieghbors has the ability of.furnishing information on nearly every.major criminal justice issue facing law.enforcement today terrorism white-collar.crime weapons offenses domestic violence.and gangs to name a few because of its.ability to produce such detailed.accurate and meaningful information.nieghbors arms law enforcement with a.tool for acquiring the resources it.needs to fight crime it also helps in.the efficient and effective use of those.resources some of the things that I've.heard from police departments that.submit neighbors in Connecticut is they.never have any reports turn back from.the local prosecutors anymore in.Connecticut you have to pretty much do.it right to get through the courts and.they have like a lot of case reports a.lot of arrest reports sent back to the.police department for correction those.police departments that are doing.nieghbors they have a very very very low.rate of return because the neighbors.edits that make it makes you do these.things correctly the first time so I see.a big benefit as far as you know an IRA.is just improving the data quality of.your overall record-keeping the concept.behind nieghbors is not new most of the.general concepts for collecting and.scoring and reporting you see our data.are retained it's a national application.of what is being done locally and is a.spinoff from already existing local.record systems the goal of nieghbors is.to harness the information already in.case files not to require more.information to be collected the.difference between summary and nieghbors.reporting is in the degree of details.and the fact that nieghbors marks the.transition to a modern automated system.a system capable of retrieving crime.data directly from law enforcement.records since these data are more.comprehensive most agencies will have.automated law enforcement records.systems which will include nieghbors for.local law enforcement agencies national.incident based reporting means being.able to compare their crime condition.with similar jurisdictions nieghbors is.designed to help law enforcement use.information collected by officers to.report or cast and aid in the prevention.of future criminal activity for example.nieghbors information can be analyzed to.determine what offenses are being.committed at specific hours and.locations this could lead to an early.detection of crime trends police.departments are not proactive you really.look at how we operate we operate when.somebody calls makes a 9-1-1 call those.kind of things we ought to be taking.information what this information.society of the 90s will provide us and.say hey let's use this information and.make it useful for the officer on the.street nieghbors data will also be.invaluable to the Attorney General.legislators and others for formulating.national strategy of crime reduction the.FBI's responsibility is to collect.summarize and analyze data acquired.through neighbors reports prepared by.the FBI will be distributed as they are.today while an expanded version of crime.in the United States will be the primary.publication additional special reports.and topical studies useful to law.enforcement will also be produced since.the beginning nieghbors has raised.concerns about increased workload.expense exposure to critical media.commentary and artificially inflated.crime levels law enforcement agencies.are already overwhelmed by.responsibilities which stress their.limited staffing and budgets the fear of.some administrators is that under.neighbors their officers are going to be.devoting more time at crime scenes.filling out volumes of paperwork and.subsequently spending less time solving.cases that's a reasonable concern shared.not only by executives but also by.officers in the field the fact is when.nieghbors was created this concern was.foremost in the minds of its designers.as a result the information requested.has generally gathered through.preliminary investigations by responding.officers so nieghbors merely captures.electronically more of the information.already reported in routine case files.information such as number of victims.and offenders use of weapons.location time and date some of our youth.at investigative officers do not.presently collect facts regarding the.relationship of victims to offenders one.of the points of information requested.under neighbors for violent crimes well.the officer may not be officially.reporting that relationship but you can.be sure that it's in its notes or at.least that he knows if they were related.acquaintances or strangers neighbors.just asked that all of this information.be recorded electronically and.automation should not involve more.paperwork an incident is entered on a.central computer system that meets the.agency's needs yet incorporates snipers.when more information in a case develops.like arrests lab data or recovery of.property it can be entered to update the.report on a monthly basis the nieghbors.information is downloaded and submitted.what we have is an automated dispatching.system and an automated report writing.system so that as soon as we get a call.a dispatcher enters into our system the.nature of this call and who called and.the specifics on that call and where.we're dispatching that officer to and.then when the officer gets on the scene.any information that he wants to add to.that record he can and then later on the.the officer comes back and completes the.report and they just sit at their little.terminals and they crank out this.information and they just go down the.computer screens and they fill all this.information out they have WordPerfect.spell check grammar check it's just.wonderful and they can write a full.report and then it's filed in the system.and then after the port is reaper's.approved etc and the sergeant's sign-off.on it etc then the nieghbors data.completely invisible to the officer is.stripped off whatever that officer put.into that report so we don't really.discuss nieghbors we don't discuss or.what we do call vipers the Vermont.incident based reporting system all.states have a little twist on it but we.don't talk about that.we just sent centrally say you fill out.the reports according to your screen and.then we'll take care of everything else.police officers there's a state law that.mandates you prepare a Family Violence.report separate piece of paper we have a.law that makes you fill out a.gang-related report separate piece of.paper and we have another law that makes.you fill out I hate bias crime report.separate piece of paper and then of.course you have to fill out your own.case report well we've modified.nieghbors just this much we've got like.a flag that says hey is this incident.family violence yo yes or no check is.this gang related yes or no check.and we've already modified it to include.the hate bias data element so we take.those other three pieces of paper and.throw them away now that says.implementing nieghbors in Connecticut we.can throw out three pieces of paper that.a police officers have to fill out so we.find that we're looking forward to not.having these redundant systems that we.have now and we're also the Chiefs of.Police are getting together and if.there's any other mandates that come out.by the legislature.we're not figuring on how to create.another piece of paper but we're trying.to figure out how we can how we can.perhaps maybe change a code or change a.data element that we can include a.nieghbors that can collect that.information that they want that you know.the legislature and the people in.Connecticut want because for the most.part all the information people ask for.it's like 90 percent old information and.you know 5% new so why fill out another.piece of paper when you can add perhaps.maybe one additional data element.another area of concern expressed by.agencies is increased expense due to the.cost of replacing computer systems since.the transition to nieghbors is going to.be gradual agencies are not being asked.to initiate immediate changes in order.to accommodate nieghbors no agency.should consider implementing nieghbors.for nieghbors sake rather as computer.systems are routinely renovated agencies.can take the opportunity to incorporate.nieghbors into their next upgrade.technology is moving along so rapidly.that it won't take long for neighbors.reporting programs to be worked in as a.part of an overall system improvement.since the transition from the old to the.new system will take considerable time.the FBI will continue to collect process.and publish traditional UCR data data in.the summary format will continue to be.collected from agencies not.participating in neighbors comparable.data will be extracted from the.submissions of neighbors agencies the.result will be a continuation of the.traditional statistical time series and.a gradual phasing of the newer forms of.statistics made possible by neighbors.this parallel operation of the old and.new system will continue until neither.ziz well-established exposure to.critical commentary by the media is a.long-term UCR concern as a public.service law enforcement is responsible.for a full accounting of the.administration of their agencies and the.status of Public Safety in their.jurisdictions nieghbors provides better.information enabling them to fulfill.that responsibility it heightens an.agency's ability to document and easily.retrieve information about crime known.to law enforcement leaving less room for.speculation nieghbors also assures.consistent reporting from one.jurisdiction to another this.availability of accurate detailed crime.data is a benefit to law enforcement.what we're able to provide the press is.much much more detailed information that.we ever-- than we ever could we're able.to provide them with real-time.information that is to say if something.happens today and they want to know.what's going on in 1996 when we use the.old UCR data it would be like well if.it's not Labor Day you'll have to wait.because it takes a year to process all.that information now because it's all.automated in addition to the fact.there's more that we can basically.provide that information immediately and.it'll be almost be up-to-date the theory.concerning inflated crime levels is that.since neither supports every individual.offense in a single incident it will.appear that there has been an increase.in criminal activity.while this is a legitimate concern it is.not evident in any operational niver.systems nor are such increases shown in.a recent study by the FBI and bjs.nieghbors reporting does not affect the.number of incidents it merely reports.the offenses included in a specific.incident or the purpose of crime trend.studies nieghbors is designed so.traditional UCR data can be extracted.for example forcible rape totals from.previous years are compared to current.forcible rape totals as opposed to all.the reported sex offenses collected by.nieghbors a good summary system should.translate into a good niver system one.of the concerns I heard when we looked.at it one of the kind of the retaliation.if there was one against nieghbors was.you better be careful because your crime.total was going to increase if you had.for example someone had been murdered.and that victim had been raped as well.you reported one crime the most serious.crime being being the homicide well your.crime level is going to go up and for.sheriffs for mayor's for council members.those kind of things that that may not.be information you want to get out you.know the reality is police departments.are reporting crime the way we always.have I think now you are going to have a.true depiction of what crime really is.what really is occurring and looking at.the aspect of Bad's particularly the.folks in Washington look where do we.Center money futuristically to deal with.problems with domestic violence more the.issues of handguns there will be a clear.ability to get into a database look at.it and make it useful everything new.requires some change and change is never.easy but the well-planned transition to.computerised incident based records with.nieghbors as a byproduct should be a.positive move towards making that most.of today's computer capabilities from.accident investigation to crime-scene.documentation it's inevitable that law.enforcement in the 21st century will.involve extensive use of computer.systems decisions made now are.determining whether or not the full.benefits of those computer systems will.be used by tomorrow's.Horseman administrator and the officers.on the street nieghbors is the future in.crime reporting and analysis one.responsibility of today's administrator.is to work decisively towards making.nieghbors part of their agency's future.the transition is taking place gradually.in order to accommodate those agencies.not currently ready for change but the.groundwork can be laid now to make that.change smooth and efficient the FBI is.committed to the success of nieghbors.through technical support data.collection and effective timely.reporting ultimately though the success.of nieghbors depends upon the vision and.action of today's law enforcement.executives we did a report the other day.about juvenile crime location plus time.of day and they found out a lot of doing.our crime was happening over the noon.hour and this made legislation change to.close campuses from a lot of the bigger.bites in schools so I guess we the best.thing is that we have so much more.confidence in our data I mean we thought.we were reporting accurately before and.now we are certainly people like to say.that there are two things that are.inevitable death and taxes but there are.two more that are just as certain the.first is that knowledge is power power.not just in the academic sense but in.the real world business sense.those that collect and analyze data can.interpret it and can use it for their.own operations they also can impact.policies and budget decisions that is.why a long time ago police executives.created their own national uniform crime.reporting system Congress supported them.and directed the FBI to assist them and.thus the UCR partnership was started the.second certainty is that the information.age and the use of computers is here and.it will expand.and this is why in the last several.years.police executives through their.organizations like the IACP the National.sheriffs Association the major City.Chiefs in their partnership with the FBI.promoted and supported the expansion of.UCR into an incident based system today.and for our future the effective use of.computers and automated information will.be an inevitable part of doing any.business effectively we must do this.ourselves but no one will be forced into.it the new UCR like the old remains a.voluntary system it will be phased in.working with local agencies and the.state associations of Uniform Crime.reporting programs phased in when new or.upgraded automation comes on board or.when needed resources are obtained.but there's another certainty only law.enforcement agencies can make this a.reality the UCR program and its upgrade.incident based reporting is our system.we created it and we are its prime users.armed with this information we the local.police agencies will have tactical and.operational uses for the data the.information that incident based UCR.provides will help us identify with.precision the when the where the how and.the who of crime in our area in our.region and our country and we the local.agencies who will be producing this.information will also have a powerful.voice to promote the most effective.local state and national strategies to.address our crime problems.you.

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