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Motion Continuance Clermont County Court Of Common Pleas Domesticcourt Appeal Advice

I heard that I can do several view from.my work in the Common Pleas Court or the.civil war committee that we can i'm here.to chat about the Common Pleas Court in.general division in a while you learn.that words have meaning and words have.to be used with specificity so let's.talk a little bit about the court what.is it and what does it do we tend to.think of a court as a building I'm going.to court you say that like I'm going to.the theater I'm going to the hospital.but if Court is really an institution.it's a civic entity that performs a.specific civic function so we're going.into some more detail about that but at.least you know that the court is located.in this handsome building that you.hopefully all seen on its mainstream the.technical name for the Common Pleas.Court is the general division we heard a.little bit about that and some of the.introductions that some people's work.here today is specific to the general.division what does general mean when.you're talking about the jurisdiction of.the court sometimes words are best used.through process of elimination where you.kind of carve out what things are you.could say the duck is a bird doesn't.pong doesn't who it's a duck well it.does the doctor well quite so by knowing.what something doesn't do you learn more.about what it does does the Common Pleas.Court chairman division handle divorces.dissolutions child support issues no.that's our neighbors across the street.in the Domestic Relations Division.cements is called the domestic court do.we handle probate matters that's the.building on the other side of the wall.are the unit of the building on the.other side of the wall certainly very.important with the state's guardianship.swills trust no we don't handle that.that's a specialized area handled by.probate court just the way orthopedist.in a hospital might hand in specialized.cases probate court handles.alized cases do we handle abuse neglect.and dependency got that building right.across the street no that's not the role.that's not the obligation of the general.division and we don't handle ome up very.certainly important area getting drunk.drivers off the street and with certain.criminal cases misdemeanors make sure.that smaller cases get justice just the.same as the big cases that falls within.the jurisdiction of the Municipal Court.so we've covered a lot of areas where.the Common Pleas Court general division.does not do anything is there anything.left over absolutely we cover everything.else anything that does not fall within.the jurisdiction of a specialized court.goes to the general division of the.court was it positive on the criminal.side that's the bigger case that the.felony cases all the way from capital.murder down to the lowest f5 each one of.these categories we could cover more and.more than the list quite a quite a bit.bigger than the size of the screen as to.all the potential criminal cases that.could fall within the jurisdiction of.the Common Pleas Court and you've.probably prosecuted many them on civil.side we can do lots of things we are the.general sense of jack of all trades.court will sensibly handle injury cases.contract cases when we have the.foreclosure crisis we were handling.thousands of foreclosure cases if you're.ever injured at work or a family member.Agincourt you like you might have a.worker's comp case on the statements.here you might have a worker's comp case.and by law if the your workers comp.doesn't do what everyone wants them to.do there's possibility for an appeal it.goes.residents of the injured worker major.business cases we've got some high-tech.industries in clermont county trade.secrets employees with a non-compete.jumping to another corporation there's.all kinds of business cases that wind up.in our court malpractice we tend to.think of that as doctors leaving a.scalpel in a patient malpractice applies.to any professional you can have our.katek chiral malpractice you can have a.counting malpractice you can even have.attorney malpractice so any professional.that you suck it's likely that their.case is going to come to the Common.Pleas Court in general division and we.have to handle civil protection orders.we do hundreds of those each year I like.to think of that as preventive law we.try to keep situations from escalating.to the point where they become crimes we.become more serious matters try to keep.the peace by making sure the people.behave themselves in certain fashion so.everything else civil and criminal falls.within the jurisdiction of our core.where the Swiss Army knife of courts and.sensibly handle so many different things.the I tell my friends accounting is.owning that falls within our court.literally anything legal that's not.somewhere else goes to us to be a zoning.feel it could be partners getting a.business accounting to break up the.business the other bottom of the court.is to issue certainly grits and a print.is just a fancy word for order but two.of the big ones mentioned there are.habeas corpus latin translation we must.add the body and men Damon's use the.same route as mandate or mandatory let's.talk about those for a second or two.let's say hypothetically that someone.was arrested.in Clermont County and they were.arrested just because of their religious.beliefs and not committed any crime and.are not charged with anything they were.arrested just because of their religious.Wiz habeas corpus would be the action in.someone would file in the Common Pleas.Court general division or potentially in.the federal court downtown saying this.is illegal this detention is legally.improper release the person any judge.rather than someone in the law.enforcement community would make a.decision as to whether or not that.detention that arrest was legally.property is one of the fundamental.freedoms we enjoy as Americans habeas.corpus is actually mentioned in the US.Constitution you know what time it's.supposed to be suspended is during the.time of war or insurrection we can talk.about what President Lincoln did during.the Civil War but that's a history.lecture for another day this utter read.over here at man Davis basically as a.quarter are telling someone to do.something one of your agencies might be.doing something that's legally improper.say the recorders office isn't filing a.certain type of deep and party that's.agrees its property owner says winner.reporter isn't doing what they're.supposed to do I've got a legal remedy.health report recorder to follow the law.so someone will file for writ of.mandamus the judge would make a.determination what's legally proper here.what should be done does they require.have an obligation to do this particular.legal test so this is part of our legal.system or the independent judiciary.makes decisions about whether or not.somebody can be held against their will.whether or not government agencies have.to do certain things there so it's a law.for some to the Constitution these are.the types of things that go to the.Common Pleas Court and gives us a very.significant role in making sure that.everyone's freedom is protected let's.dive into history a little bit.if we have one flaw as Americans we tend.to think in the moment or think that all.history started in 1776 or during the.Civil War or whatever the Common Pleas.Court goes all the way back or 800 years.to a court was created by King Henry the.second in England see the day their 1178.long long time ago the reason the court.was created was there were royal courts.for disputes between the nobility you.know Duke and another Duke at an.argument over property where the king.and a Duke and oral had some sort of.dispute that would be decided in a royal.court because it involves a certain.class of people Church cases went to.ecclesiastic that is what was left over.you know somebody steal somebody else's.cab okay they need it to be a court for.the common folks the Harding English.yeoman you can think of the Common Pleas.Court has medieval England subversion of.the People's Court it was a court for.non-royal non-church dispute what was.property livestock or fencing or.inheritance wherever it might be court.was created way back when to handle.those kinds of cases I'll take a look at.these two days in the Magna Carta 1215.in less than 50 years the Common Pleas.Court became so popular so important and.so much part of the justice system in.England that the Barons forced King John.to include a reference to the Common.Pleas Court of the Magna Carta this.fundamental charter of the rights of.Englishmen references the Common Pleas.Court belief trade you that particular.section common pleas court shall not.follow our court that's the royal we.cannot follow the king but shall be held.in some fixed place yes there is a local.court it's a court for the people those.already.from the Magna Carta will 801 years ago.that's how important to English law the.Common Pleas Court is are going to put.another day in here I put in 1776.anybody remember what happens in the.Declaration of Independence after those.opening paragraph where Jefferson so L.eloquently talks about life liberty the.pursuit of happiness the rest of the.document is basically an indictment of.King George the third has to the rights.that he was taking away from the.colonists and the rights that the king.was taken away with the rights as.Englishmen comically sport is not.mentioned in the Declaration.independence but many of the procedural.safeguards many of the Justice.safeguards that were recognized as.Englishman's heritage the colonists felt.that they were being deprived of those.rights by the king and that was.sufficient grounds along with some other.things to justify breaking away from.England so the Common Pleas Court and.the rights that are created there.retrying to the Magna Carta and those.rights became in effect the basis for.the Declaration of Independence lead to.our country today big gap here between.12-15 1776 then 1802 the very first.constitution the state of Ohio had.references the Common Pleas Court and.the next revision the Constitution just.before the Civil War also references the.Common Pleas Court our Court is.hardwired into our Constitution has.Ohioans it can't be taken away or.modified without a constitutional.amendment it is that important that.justice be provided in all 88 counties.that the draft is the Constitution.thought it important enough to provide.those.that language for each bah can finally.start about one other thing what.happened say between 12-15 in 1776 the.common law courts including the Common.Pleas Court in England created the law.robbery contract and torts how many.cases how many documents do you have.filed in your office that involve deeds.mortgages leases easement thousands.English common law has developed by the.common pleas court as to property is.still being used in our recorders office.today how many of you ever signed a.contract to buy a car by refrigerator.and head everybody's probably signed.contracts as adults law of contract is.English common law created over the.centuries in England through actions and.decisions in the consequence court if.you go to jungle gyms or meijer Walmart.and you slip and fall on ice in the.produce section what's our law clause.law of negligence towards exactly.towards a lot about in England it was.part the common law that has been.inherited in our country and carries.over into Ohio there's been a lot of.statute a lot of case law interpreting.it certainly have the American.Constitution but the bedrock is Magna.Carta and these common law principles.about property torts and contracts that.underline our legal system carry over.today so we are the living embodiment of.principles of freedom that were created.or 800 years ago and put into place in.the commonplace court one provision of.the Magna Carta I think is worth.cro-magnon will be read it to this is.the famous what's called Clause 39 no.free man shall be seized or in prison or.stripped of his rights or possession.possessions or outlawed or exiled or.deprived of his standing anyway nor will.we proceed with force against him or.send others to do so except by the.lawful judgment of his equal of his.equals or by the law of the land that's.a predecessor of our due process clause.of the Ohio Constitution in the United.States Constitution half due process.language so local courts administering.justice in a locality for 800 years have.upheld these principles including due.process of law contract tort property.and everything else so we are the.ongoing mechanism that makes sure.they're one's rights as citizens are.upheld in our society now we know a.little bit about the history let's start.about the building history this is a.tavern more importantly than a tamarind.it was the first courthouse in clermont.county in rented space in the staggering.Williamsburg set up court they're.judgment said turns to make arguments.admitted the bar mean significant Accord.not discern a digital battalion but the.idea that there needed to be a fixed.place because original Clermont County.included Brian Cabot was much bigger.than it was the county seat was.williamsburg that that's the first.courthouse obviously there were all the.things going on you could probably get a.meal there but justice was going on as.an ongoing civic service before oh hi.was a state and that's the place.where it started eventually they moved.into a building custom who was.specifically built as poor as we don't.have a picture of that but in 1827 this.building was built in the present.location of the courthouse maybe Spain.street market and this building served.the county for 110 years eventually it.just got too old progress firetrap it.was wood and had to be torn down in 1935.did you see this building back here so.my courtroom ism that's the building.where for age requirement the.magistrate's office are been renovated.to obviously get continuity we keep the.same space courses met in that place.since 1827 there's a famous bell that.was in the tower and it was kind of the.ESPN facebook CNN of its day they would.bring it for major announcements like to.start the Civil War major victory the.Civil War things like that and also.bring it to let attorneys know they.should come back from the Taverner come.back from their law office because a.verdict was in so that Bell was the sort.of the town crier when the building was.taken down the Bell was preserved but we.don't know where it is right now it may.be with the Historical Society if.somebody knows let's try to preserve.that because it's piece of of Clermont.County history so this building outlived.its usefulness and replaced with this.building and noticed the cars this is.the late 30s the building opened.1936 as WPA project Public Works.infrastructure for people who are during.the Great Depression that building is.this building you've all seen this in.walking down Main Street the original.door that you see right there has been.replaced with the ceremony or window and.that's the one of the commemorates and.stained glass all the townships in.Clermont County ladies you know where.your offices are all right ahead that's.now the clerk's office in the first.floor and this serves the courthouse for.many many years eventually with.population growth the county and the.court system i drew this particular.building there were some additions but.this building became part of this.complex with the creation of the what's.called the new courthouse in 1998 Chief.Justice wire came down for the.dedication to the Chief Justice at the.time in nineteen thirty stench came at.the dedication of that building which is.considered state-of-the-art time we've.got quotes from the Clermont County Sun.as to the dedication ceremonies for both.buildings but at the time of this.dedication the Sun made a great.announcement that musical entertainment.was provided by the Union Gas and.Electric Company band apparently.corporations for employee morale.recreation had musical groups they had a.bang out of the band played and that.building was was dedicated but you can.get all these kind of details and we.have is on our website that the building.exists building continues to serve.justice the building continues to be a.symbol of justice in our community what.goes on inside well for judges presiding.and if you know many of these judges.many.quite well left to right that's Church.parents Johanna Judge MacBride judge.Herman determines retiring in about six.weeks Brock will be joining us these.judges do the day in and day out working.for let's talk about that a little bit I.just probably just turn this over to.Barbra Ellis and Gavin them chat when in.cases file is started our clerks office.payment of a filing fee final legal.documents clerk's office is responsible.for all the paperwork and boys there a.ton of it each case is assigned to one.of our judges in Ohio Nesbitt's called a.single sign-on system or one judge hands.the case all the way through so there's.continuity uniformity judge doesn't have.to take time to get up to speed on the.case these unfamiliar with judge.handsome from start to finish unless for.chance has to disqualify himself because.he you know as probably laws a part of.the case standing on cat that creates an.ethical problem basically the judges.work on one case criminal or civil all.the way through what does that system.look like on the civil side it's.basically an application of the I.revised code by outkast all the Supreme.Court hands down a ruling saying this is.how a certain criminal sentences are to.be done this is how insurance contracts.are to be interpreted those kind of.decisions become the law of the state.and we follow those the proceedings are.all covered by the rules of evidence.what's here say what submissive what's.not what evidence can be reliable what.can we trust if a case doesn't need go.to a during civil case it's a jury of.eight that's a difference from the the.criminal system this is what it looks.like and at the risk of vast.oversimplification let me pass these.around some of you.leftovers from the the first review in.this app to everybody my effort to.condemn those are the sly doesn't come.through on screen with quite the.detailed it doesn't prove it but this is.a shorthand synopsis of the pathways.that might exist as to a civil case in.our court cases files encounter in the.clerk's office clerks office sends I've.noticed everyone for my son's so that.people know they can soon so it fails to.respond the case is like forfeit in.sports the team that doesn't show up.losses so if you ever get sued make sure.you respond to that summons take that.complain that summons to your attorney.and get started you're suing your.official capacity it would be the.prosecutor's office that would handle.that on your behalf the party can move.to dismiss you think that the claim does.not have a legal basis it's not really.proper theory or you can move to dismiss.more often than not departing a.defendant files an answer they say wait.I don't know anything or no I'm not.responsible for this no I don't have to.do that by filing that answered they're.setting up their viewpoint on the case.putting everyone on notice hey these are.going to be my defenses these points on.the factual side that I agree on these.little points but I disagree on they're.going to be discovery anybody ever here.have been subject to a deposition never.been to pose I'm going to ask you.questions outside of court yet happens.with some frequency and I've been there.on both sides of it stable lots of.different information can be gathered.and try to avoid those Perry Mason.moments were there big surprise somebody.stands on the back of quorum yes I did.it no that's TV drama that does.happen because in fairness everybody.gets a chance to gather the information.so they understand both sides of the.case and they recommend their.presentation if after gathering some.facts so many things wait a minute this.case is clear-cut this is a slam dumb.laws clear facts are clear I should win.that's called summary judgment judge.decides that summary judgment is.appropriate case can be resolved short.of trot case would be dismissed or our.case would be dismissed eventually after.discovery at the motion to practice case.can go a try several different forms of.property can be a trial to a judge.without a jury with judge makes the.factual decisions in the legal decisions.can be a trial to a judge with a jury.jury makes the factual decisions and the.judge provides instructions in the law.you can try to a magistrate we have a.provision in Ohio law or a magistrate's.that's my cell can hear a case to make a.decision but it's not final decision.subject to review by the Court but the.same rules of balance with cloths and.procedure or plot after a trial there.would be a decision the decision by a.judge or a verdict if no one appeals.that's it it's funny we've got 30 days.to do that timer on this case is over.it's fun you solo disagrees taking five.post-trial motions to file an appeal and.it goes in for the pins the unsung hero.here is the clerk's office every one of.these steps involves paperwork functions.notices some of the subpoenas every form.of document goes to the clerk.it will be a separate presentation that.you'll do i I don't know when but you'll.do it I'm not going to try to step on.your toes but the clerk's office is in.charge of all the track and tracing.storing archiving reporting some massive.job and they do it absolutely.brilliantly we'll leave it for another.day as to how they do it I'm making sure.that I know how they do it they just do.it very well so that's how it looks on.the civil side let's talk about criminal.cases from the cases start with an.indictment grand jury acts as a filter.try to make sure that only parties that.have a have probable cause of committing.a crime or actually charged the innocent.are protected that's why pre-injury.proceedings are secret as a grand jury.can listen to kevins decide no no crime.here that person is not involved and the.case would not go forward because the.grand jury would have screamed that out.that in this person would be protected.once a case starts there's an indictment.or is a rain which is an initial.appearance where they make sure that the.defendant has counseled bail was set.they know the charges against them there.normal there are emotions that can be.filed different motions to suppress try.to protect the validity of the system by.making sure that improper illegal.unconstitutional evidence does not come.in and take the process all right.complaint guilty or are making your.trial the jury 12-12 in a criminal case.rather than eight and civil the.different set of procedural rules rules.of Criminal Procedure those are the ones.the plot was this look like we'll have a.different flow chart and try to.emphasize indictments are the way the.most case to start even though there can.be a bind over from.municipal court arraignment is that.first appearance that guests then.started there can be emotions practice.it can be exclusion of evidence that can.be charges that are dismissed if you're.not making proper a lot of cases go to.guilty plea not saying that that's wrong.I'm saying that that's fact a lot of.people once they're properly counseled.by a defense attorney the Evanses all.looked at thing else that they've done.something wrong if there's a chance that.they want to go try they can go in for.edge or 12 hostile verdicts guilty or.not guilty you notice there's no arrow.here there's no appeal from a not guilty.verdict it would be double jeopardy to.charge something to try someone again.for the same charges unsung hero in this.particular scenario probation department.they're going to give a separate.presentation at this stage after guilty.plea they would do what's called a.pre-sentence investigation where they.would look into the character background.history of an individual and make.recommendations to the judge as to.whether or not he or she would be a fit.subject for probation drug treatment.different kinds of approaches other than.just locking them up the things there.could be a pre-sentence investigation.after a guilty verdict and anytime.there's a sentence if there is probation.probation department would monitor that.individual would be check-ins there.could be drug screens they might have to.keep a job things like that I will not.intrude on their territory but yet this.in the process big involvement of.probation department they also do bond.investigations we'll leave that for.another day this is a very detailed.process if I were drawing the graph.we're drawing a chart just to indicate.all the whites that are involved the box.here for trial would be bigger than the.screen getting back to the Magna Carta.getting back to.our Constitution there are many many.constitutional rights that are very.strictly enforced right to a fair and.impartial jury right to effective.assistance of counsel right to confront.witnesses right to remain silent not.have to testify against yourself treat.them to be not subject to cruel and.unusual punishment right to speedy trial.all those things we could spend a whole.seminar all the rights that are.protected here if you think that we are.perhaps as a society too cautious about.people's rights remember that not guilty.innocent people can be caught up in this.criminal proceeding let me say two words.that will persuade you that mistakes do.happen Duke Lacrosse and people do jump.to conclusions as to guilt or innocence.there can be wide publicity people can.get all convinced that something bad.happened and eventually somebody is.totally exonerated mistakes happen and.there are safeguards in the proceeding.to make sure those mistakes are caught.and corrected think Duke Lacrosse again.clerk's office and it's all available.everything is file from the indictment.down the work and the notice appeal all.goes through the clerk zones where does.the county's Court sits in the grand.scheme of things this pyramid shape just.a system that we've got in a decision.from our court Common Pleas Court.Chairman vision or for that matter in an.other part of the Common Pleas Court can.you feel the 12 district judge ring.London his compatriots would hear the.case municipal court cases can also.appeal to the 12th district someone is.unsatisfied there then you know the Ohio.Supreme Court potentially they can go di.o to the United States Supreme Court.from the glass.court I don't know any Clermont County.case that did that perhaps some other of.you that know local history better than.I would know whether any court cases.long as a path on a federal shot in.federal court this is the trial court.they would be able to sixth certain also.based instance manic and then it could.go to the United States Supreme Court.one of the marriage equality cases did.start in Cincinnati obergefell case made.its way up through this chain and led to.the decision a couple years ago so it's.possible for local matters units in our.court to eventually become the law of.the land it's part of a very detailed.system that protects the rights of men.many people these are rough.approximations we took some numbers in.the middle of the year just doubled them.these numbers may have changed.significantly but you can see we stood.large number foreclosure cases even.though that's about half of what it was.during the foreclosure crisis you think.that personal injury cases are important.we actually have more what's call.contract cases then we have injury cases.sue protection orders lots of those.there are people that are doing things.to their neighbors to their friends to.their family ex-boyfriend ex girlfriend.whatever it might be they really.shouldn't be doing I like to make it.simple protection orders as preventive.law we try to do some things that make.sure that circumstances don't get out of.hand that people are not harmed or.injured.and we're going with the peace we have a.lot of civil protection orders colonel.dockets about this size there's the.total divided amongst our four judges so.we've got a lot of cases wide range of.both criminal civil matters all handled.in the general division reporting jury.duty who's been summoned for jury duty.you never seen some hands two of your.time so you have to read your paper more.carefully there's the grand jury which.is that screen that the filter that.makes sure that only supposedly guilty.probable cause based guilty parties.people that there's some very strong.suspicion they committed a crime very.dated and started to the criminal system.Pettinger it can be a criminal or civil.those are the ones that make the.decision guilty not guilty defendant.also million dollars whatever those.decisions might be whether it's a.contract case or an arson case where it.could be those are the ones that are a.little more a lot more prevalent because.the grand jury is so small only one of.your injury since in any one particular.time we have reports Tuesday and.Thursday we could hear if they have four.courtrooms with criminal in civil cases.going during in one particular week so.again going back to the Magna Carta.trial by jury of your peers.constitutional right and it's important.in both criminal and civil arena judging.magistrate heard me use the terms they.are not interchangeable judge has the.full authority of the court judge can.send somebody into death row can impose.a hundred dollar fine can decide that.somebody owns a thousand dollars on a.contract full authority of the court can.sign final orders inside or stick.Court of Appeals has a magistrate I'm an.attorney but I don't have the full.authority of a judge I can hear certain.cases I can make orders and civil.protection order cases I can do some.programming work on emotional practice.or discovery you have two parties agreed.in case can go to me for trial but my.decision is not fine the judge would.have a chance to review so we work in 10.that will work as a part of a team.judges both on the magistrates to move.the cases through on the civil side of.the dog civil protection order comes in.two flavors there's the quick and.mediate let's get something in place.right away because there's an immediate.threat those are heard within 24 hours.of five quarts office process them very.quickly come up the magistrates office.they're signed match straits here them.one of the judges here's his own get.those to make sure that there is.something in place right away the real.guts on our no contact stay away usually.five hundred feet sometimes different.can't stay away order one time family.members they all wanted to go see the.kids play pee-wee football but they.hassle with each other and cause public.scenes you want to take a wild guess why.we set a hundred and sixty foot stay.away order hundred sixty feet is being.with a football field I basically put my.opposite sidelines so they got no watch.the kids play they couldn't interact.with each other you got to be a sports.another to know it's a hundred sixty.feet everyone knows 300 300 feet hundred.yards you got to be a sports nut to know.is 160 feet we've tried a custom tailor.these orders to make sure.that prevention is the order of the day.the people are not being hassled they're.not being bothered on a full hearing.michuzi first within two weeks of the.filing it can lead to lower this up to.five years in the same sort of stay away.same sort of no contact provisions and.make a joke that any former enemy of.civil protection or case we ought to.name facebook is a co-respondent a lot.of people get into just colossal hassles.on facebook and we just see Blanco don't.every contest stop using facebook.because people will start to bother her.ass each other and they use electronic.media to do it it becomes a problem so.this is a recent development within say.the last 20 years we tried very hard to.use it wisely to make sure that there's.peace in clermont the community.probation we've already touched on that.it's called community control the idea.of being is that it's just causing.somebody can sell letting them come out.of three or five or eight years later.they're basically the same person get.into a drug treatment program get them.into an alcohol treatment program give.me some new job skills anger management.make sure that there may be living with.a different set of people different.circle friends try to straighten out.their lives so probation tries very.specifically to rehabilitate and change.people's behavior and plays a major role.in how we handle our feral dog I'll.leave the experts to make that.presentation at a later date this is a.real hot button issue everybody seems to.think oh god no cases take too long take.a look the flowcharts have passed out.these aren't decisions these aren't.processes that can be run in a day or a.week or even a month to be fair to.everyone the process you're on the.ground side or so.side has to take its tongue justice.cannot be rushed a hasty decision can be.just as much an injustice as a domain.decision so we tried our possible to.make sure the injured parties in.personal injury cases you had multiple.surgeries done their physical therapy.make sure that they're completely healed.sometimes there has to be discovered.what the experts say the experts figure.out why something happened you can an.expert project how much income someone's.going to lose you say they're an amputee.and they can't go back to their old job.a lot of detail work a lot of important.work that goes on behind the scenes that.may necessitate is a given period of.time between the filing of a case and.the conclusion of a case due process.can't be rushed in fact those basic.principles that everyone is treated.fairly justice is a local matter that we.try to make sure the court system works.as well as it can you don't rush the.process you do it try to get it right.try to get it right the first time two.judges make law sometimes you get those.sound bites thank Heaven the political.ads are over for another couple years do.judges make law well let's talk about.that it's not simply answered can't be.compressed into a political slogan as.judges and magistrates we followed along.is set out in an ohio revised code and.in the case law that's been handed down.by the Ohio Supreme Court and sometimes.we look at federal all especially for.constitutional rights or federal.statutes like anti-discrimination laws.cast a application so we try we're.impossible to follow the rules that are.either made by the general assembly for.made by a higher court but what happens.get new facts new circumstances drones.drones have come up in the last five or.six years can you trespass if I fly my.drone or your property no common law.court England ever considered that but.court and Ohio may have to address that.point because technology has changed and.we need a modification of certain rules.to make sure that we're keeping up with.the times you have privacy rights you.have property rights above the land that.you own I may not be able to intrude on.that but it's basic principles old.principles being applied to new.circumstances Twitter turers what five.or six years old if I say bad things.about you as a public official on.Twitter course not not that I ready to.fan you would be on Facebook which is.where I where I couldn't ignore Mike.getting touches like high school friends.at college friends and family if i were.to defame you on facebook we would be.applying principles for the quill pen.era someone's reputation is important.someone's reputation should not be.damaged with false accusations and.someone would have a right to recover if.their reputation were damaged that all.was established in the quill pen here.your old praying press that you did with.a hand crank now somebody sits at a.keyboard hian damage somebody else's.reputation so our judges have to adapt.order legal principles to new.circumstances.situations the law evolves the law.changes with time as society changes in.technology chances has expectations.change as good as the common law of.England was as to property contracts and.torts it's pretty lousy as two women.women were property women couldn't own.property women couldn't inherit all.kinds of really onerous things applied.to women centuries ago but we have.evolved as a society and now we've got.equality maybe not perfect equality but.the court system continues to work on.these issues and get to the point where.things are as good as they can get then.I do technology or a new circumstance.will come up the courts will continue to.apply those principles and try to move.things forward any cooling the court.makes say one of our judges says yes.there can be a trespass of a drone flies.over someone's property a court in.another County Ohio follows that maybe.gets the is Supreme Court hi Supreme.Court's is yeah its violation it's a.trespassing drone flies over that could.become the law of state did we make law.it's a new application of an old.principle but the judges through this.process the interviews making the.arguments for and against have created a.principle that's updated if you will.you're trying to tell me something.aren't you have no government.I can take it here but let's run through.here a little bit mediation is an.alternative to going to trot we sit down.in a discussion process I'm the mediator.for the Common Pleas Court gentle.division we try to settle things to.rational discussion it's free service.the court provides very effective and.certainly may work in circumstances that.affect government agencies we had a.while tax foreclosure mediation and we.can switch things around a little bit.the mediation can be a very powerful way.to make sure that both sides rights are.protected then both sides come out of.winter through minimizing risk and like.that again that's our building it's.public to have an African free come on.down and watch a truck come see what.goes on in front of the judge most of.our dockets are set at eight thirty nine.o'clock mid-morning sometimes come see.what goes on oh hi Oh has public for.groups you can come in as a real civics.lesson if you get a jury summons don't.evader come be part of process come be a.citizen input into the machinery of.justice can't see the red there we do.have a website it's in the process of.being updated time on comic please calm.and certainly the Ohio Supreme Court has.a very detail in a very good website how.that sets out the law sets out the legal.system and many legal principles in Ohio.don't go to court based anything I've.said today it is it's too simplistic and.your rights are too important to be.trusted just to know 45 minutes.seminar with me get the advice of.counsel should you need this is what.it's going to look like is their own.website community this year agencies may.have had websites like that that's the.standard template we're now moving to.this to help within a couple weeks to.have a good roll out of this news item.to PA and help much more user-friendly.much more helpful to variable questions.certainly is what about mediation you.may not very different than arbitration.very much so arbitration is closer to.what judges do a neutral makes a.decision this side wins this side loses.maybe you've got a construction case and.there's some dispute about how the.building was built you can get an.engineer to be an arbitrator if you get.an architect me our trip you can get the.general contract would be an arm trip.done and be a lawyer but they were here.from both sides and say okay it's the.structural steel installer that's at.fault somebody makes a decision.sometimes to panel three three.arbitrators and they make a decision.mediation is diplomacy the neutral.doesn't make a decision would you be.willing to accept 20,000 to get your.case settle with the insurance company.be willing to pay 20,000 to get the case.settle it's up to the parties to make.the decision the mediator just helps.guide them through the process instead.of talking about football or the.playoffs or something like that let's.focus on the case now what were those.injuries again how long was the injured.party in the hospital things like that.the mediator is a discussion leader a.catalyst to go between or sometimes.shuttle diplomacy I think I could sell.the other side on giving you a half an.acre of the disputed land and.pay 20,000 tortured legal fees would.that be something to be okay I think.they'd be willing to transfer some land.you think that a half an acre might.satisfy your debt with FB okay listen at.the attachment wanted to they'll be.dismissal with prejudice aerial file.jeans with the reporters office to make.sure so that this land of you doesn't.pop up again would that be okay with you.see they've agreed now we're going to.grab some documents but you'll be okay.with the land transfer as well as funny.and then file documents with reporters.office this mediation come back and.forth back and forth between the parties.sometimes you doing with everybody in.the same room sometimes you split them.up I had one yesterday that was kind of.a long triangle I can let the parties.the same room how all that one law.library with counsel one of my.conference room with counsel I kept my.comfortable shoes on with back and forth.and back and forth and back 40 but to do.that because that's what I mediator does.a peacemaker and arbitrators a decision.other questions good question the.General Assembly sets the number of.judges it changes population changes.sometimes they can kind of hot potatoes.well you know we'll give you a judge in.erie county if you let's have a new.judge in seneca county things like that.every once awhile and certainly Ohio's.had declining population the number of.judges will decrease they will eliminate.a judge or in some of the suburbs they.will consolidate small municipal courts.into one bigger municipal court would.cover for our jurisdiction it's all set.by the General Assembly Supreme Court.has input based on caseload demographics.population shifts things like that I.actually live in delaware county and the.judges there did double duty as both.counties general and domestic and.eventually because the population is.booming in delaware.they created a new domestic relations.court judgeship and that judge will get.all invested cases and then the two.sitting general division judges will be.just general division cases criminal.civil only so sometimes in issues of.creating judgeships they will create.separate divisions within a particular.County okay other questions sure he is.showing that pictures of the old.courthouse in the new courthouse on the.old courthouse where the doors were in.where that windows is now that's our bus.in 10 ER 100 200th anniversary of the.county it was about seven us of us.through the commission of Business.Bureau Connie myself that design that.basically and for that well there I can.reasonably say that because if I'm.outside for some reason people are.reading on the sides there they asked me.how does happen yeah yeah get this.absolutely lovely I've taken pictures of.it it's a nice shot if you can get get.close each of the twelve townships 12 or.13 whatever it is has a 13 yo a covered.bridge prologue is in there you know.courthouses in there from batavia it's.well worth looking at it is a beautiful.stained glass representation of the.history of our community other questions.thank you very much appreciate your.attention.[Applause].

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