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this is a car and this is a wet coast.custom car back what started out as a.one-man shop has grown into a worldwide.Empire no matter how big we get it.stills all about the car.[Music].we have the most skilled technicians and.creative ideas.[Music].nativism native the game our wesco.customs we built the car that people.only dream about.[Music].I'm right in freezing house and I'm.inviting you inside let's go stuff.[Music].[Music].so the last few years we've been doing a.lot of work with the military really a.lot with the Marine Corps and one of the.most recent opportunities comes in front.of us is they want us to open a mini.West Coast Customs store on Camp.Pendleton.which we went to Camp Pendleton a couple.times you know we've seen the beaches we.film down there with the MARSOC guys so.when they came to us with this idea of.the Marine Corps exchange is going to be.open it's a brand new thing they've.never done before which is going to be a.layout like a fake box or almost and.they want us to put our brand in there I.think it's gonna be really interesting.to see how that'll work out for us.[Music].I'm really excited to get a tour of the.Marine Corps exchange and see all the.product that's in here and obviously see.where West Coast custom is going to be.how's it going hello I'm see for a.thesis narrows Thank You me cases.massacres heartbreak all the let me meet.you on behalf of Marine Corps Base Camp.Pendleton and Marine Corps Community.Services I'd like to welcome you to the.largest Marine Corps exchange on the.west coast this has been a long time in.the making for us let's check it out.inside it so I think one of the biggest.challenges setting up the West Coast.um's on-base is the military is very.straight-laced they have a certain way.of doing things and of course West Coast.Customs as a brand we have a certain way.of doing things in it's a little bit.more off the beaten path it's a little.bit more crazy we have our own flavor to.it.so I think having a shop on the base.where these guys feel it's authentic.it's actually my guys know down there.working on their cars you know we're not.going to try to get into crazy build but.we're going to do the simple stuff like.these guys like as wheels and tires and.stereo systems a little bit of interior.I think it's going to help them a lot I.think it's going to be a good morale.booster also so what we really need is a.West Coast Customs fine right there yes.of course Marines every day was the same.uniform and then we all look the same.most of the time but a way to customize.your own vehicle you know that's that's.an identity piece for them so each of.them has their own vehicle their own.flair here it is Wow clean it's like the.Queen the shop I've ever gotten sees.alright that was the intent is whatever.your magic is places nine chosen myself.out here.perfect the floor even matches matches.my floor it's really all we really need.to do is grab some toolboxes a lift.entire machine then the guys down here.to paint it put drink it up on it I put.our stamp on I put a sign out here we.ready for business.the good news is the main part of the.build-out is all done so we've just.really got to come in and add the West.Coast Customs touches to it so what's.the catch well not only did you get.these keys we got a special mission for.you we need to build a Chevy pickup.truck for a service member to win during.our Grand Opening done I knew there was.a catch though I know is I think Ryan's.really excited he's going to come in at.his Flair at his vibe and then we do a.vehicle that we have for our Grand.Opening the lucky service member will.get so excited about that all right.let's go.so my works got out for me I got to get.back to the shops to download Jeff.design this truck sit down with Scott.and design the shop and really send the.crew out here and get going on it I.stopped back from Camp Pendleton had a.great meeting they want us to do a.miniature West Coast Customs on the base.but on top of that they want to give.away a truck for the grand opening so.what I'm thinking is we'll go back a.little bit to our roots you know kind of.where we started with the mini trucks.and the street truck Stiles vehicles and.do something more simple clean.when we first started in this business.but almost 20 years ago now we started.with doing mini trucks and the lowers.big full-size Chevy's and from wheels.and tires that world pans the grills you.know more the basic stuff will call up.our friends of GM see if they can give.us a Chevy 1500 extra cab maybe that we.can lower down put some wheels and tires.on it put a nice exhaust scroll pan on.it Mirza grill you know more the basic.stuff like we used to do back in the.days.and make this truck more part of the.history of weapon customs you know what.we used to do so now I got to get Jeff.doing a rendering and then once the.rendering done to get with Kenny and get.the guys working on this build so we got.some good news we got some bad the good.news is.[Music].so this builds one of those bills I mean.this is really taking me back in time I.mean when I started my business it was.about mini trucks and about lowering and.putting big speakers and doing what we.did back in the days so I want to take a.little bit of that and put it into this.truck we're going to give it like a.sport truck feel our friends at street.scene are going to give you everything.you need bumpers side skirts roll fans.the only problem is he doesn't have side.skirts for a four-door you're gonna have.to cut in links in them oh great so.riding through another big build on me.we're doing two camps all the trucks.kind of the old school way his way now.so our biggest thing is lowering the car.we've got a lot of work to do the.lowering we get suspension going on it.we have snug top going on top of this we.have Lennox's bedliner little whole.interior they use in a knock out for us.kind of give them that what's go steel.right on simple to put some guys on it.let's get it done.we only have five days against none.others can happen so please expect some.bad news I was like saving the bad news.will be happy but I got you a red truck.you don't have to go too crazy with it.we're going to make it simple but it's.still going to have our style to it and.hopefully when we give this thing away.it will blow away one lucky marine so.this build we're going to go old school.we're going to start with a 2012 Chevy.Silverado painted in victory red we'll.lower it down with four inch belt a coil.overs and helper bags for a smooth ride.while the Magnaflow dual exhaust system.will give it that boost of power then.we'll add the street scenes body kit.complete with a hood grill front and.rear bumpers and side skirts to really.give it that low profile look to finish.the exterior we'll paint the Chevy black.SS inspired graphic will lie next to bed.and then cover it with a stuffed.optronics truck all this will sit on a.set of 24-inch MHT wheels wraps and.General Tire interior to be clean and.simple.Road wire custom black leather seats.with the marine logo embroidered in it.and of course the pump and stereo with a.brand new pioneer head unit all powered.by diamond audio but enough talk it's.time to do our duty and get this build.on.[Music].semion ran one of the bills he showed me.the rendering we had out exactly quite a.bit of changes on vehicle and now it's.time to get the corn part get started.coming up on inside wet goat tongue we.got a truck that we needed and done real.quick now some of you delenn it this.kills out the bedouin under suspicion if.it's self protocol.[Music].the truck is here we don't have a whole.lot of time so I got to get with Kenny.and the guys get this truck broken down.and get this pillow.[Music].[Music].[Music].now that we have the truck fully broken.down we got to paint the roof blocks and.get the bed off the line.[Music].so I got really good really specifically.grossed MP that works online next.corporate we got a truck that we need to.done real quick kept you always make a.phone call we have to get the guys out.here that can come through on carpet so.stead of us sending it out the whole.entire truck in here now some needle in.it.well Kenny called us up after to come.out for this trust fund today we have a.product called - with the floral.component high-pressure polyuria it.comes out about 2,500 psi so when we.spread it on its stick when it sticks it.drives in about five to ten seconds it.is basically bag the whole truck stuff.it up through the clear coat to a.chemical wipe out to blow it off the.stars Frank.well this fills out the bed 100%.nothing's going to get underneath it no.corrosion the skid resistant so it.prevents motion nothing is going to.slide around the back vena there's a sub.products.which is going to get an aliphatic.plastic applied after so it would never.fade on the guy whoever lucky guy gets.this truck like brand new for life.where we're at right now is line x-games.they did the bed real quick for us they.always come and knock things out for us.the paint department already painted the.room so the next step is get the body.and the trucks married back together so.we can lay down the stripes on the side.and get the thing finished.[Music].so on the truck field we want to keep it.simple we want to make sure it's.represents West Coast Customs as a brand.but we want to include a lot of cool.stuff on it I mean this truck came.victory red which is actually a really.really good color to start with since.the Marine logo has already got that red.in it we're going to really make it a.red and black theme you know we don't.want to go too crazy we want something.that wins it to be able to use it every.day but actually have some of what we do.best.we got the suits off for the Silverado.so first things first we got to break.them down.[Music].basically we're going to put red.stitching going to be all black leather.red stitching we just got the locals in.the United States Marine Corps logos.they came out really nice these are.going to go one and each feet roughly.right around there and we're going to.have like I say the red double stitching.on it nothing too fancy but something.that looks clean it looks 40 to go with.the outside of the truck and I'll make.it look nice.[Music].I really like long he's got a lot of.people they really need that's a nice.truck but sherry heartbeat of America.[Music].so three teen really came through again.Brian called in the last minute hey we.need a bunch of art for the vehicle so.they came through and gets a bunch of.different it says he's was beautiful.that right wanted now some you have the.boxes we got.[Music].gimme around hey what happened.how you doing an angle came home yeah.rabies buddy yeah yeah I want to see the.Silverado that kid so that Street seems.a manufacturer of automotive accessories.all exterior styling products we.specialize in truck street scene builds.grills we build mirrors full body.styling components which specialize in.the Chevy Silverado.Ryan gave us the shout he calls me often.on some of these builds and we are.always excited to be part of the process.and we were able to supply a bumper.cover a hood side skirts rear roll pans.and grilled lots of different products.for this build we're really excited to.be part of the specific project.especially since it goes to the.servicemen oh it looks great I love the.black trim not tonypop this is the first.time we're going to use one of our new.street scene hoods Ryan got the very.first one we got off the production line.and so we're excited to do it along with.our body kit it shouldn't just look.incredible.Mike from Street team really came.through for us on this build.now all you got to do is prep it get it.in the booth spread.[Music].the trucks coming along great but the.next step is really put our heads around.this mini westfield stuff coming up on.inside west coast us we're about to open.this little mini shop on Camp Pendleton.we want to set it up so it feels like.our shop I get to go do my art in a.place that I never thought I was.[Music].just got back from camp Huddleston.checked out this spot they gave us it's.pretty cool it's a good size I'm going.to call Scott and Suchet up here so we.go over our plan we're about to open.this little mini shop on Camp Pendleton.but we want to set it up so it feels.like our shop the Marines when they come.in there I want them to feel like.they're here really excited about it.it's kind of community West Coast.Customs down and I've never painted a.military base before so that's kind of.trippy but they would even allow you.know spray paint in there I would think.that would be illegal I laid it all out.I'm thinking of giant American flag.going down one of the walls and I want.to replace the stars with our West Coast.crown they're double-dog of course which.is there like logo type thing I want to.give them that and then then when let.Dan do is magic on the Eagle yeah taking.a giant eagle on the corner overlooking.the flag with the sky I mean the whole.thing about this is to keep it authentic.to our shop Ryan always makes miracles.happen and again I get to go do my art.in a place that I never thought I was I.don't know if we want to keep this first.day to you know set up for displays and.stuff like that maybe bring a couple.cars from the shop so people can see.some of our work you know because those.guys are gonna love seeing some of stuff.we built and then we should set up lift.compressors toolboxes benches what I.have to do is for you and all the.equipment all the functional part of the.shop probably called then back probably.call you know all of our relationships.and see what you can get okay and then.from there let's put together a plan.we're not going to try to get in over.our head over there we're going to do.simple stuff wheels and tires and sauce.all right cool.I'll do it this is absolutely huge for.West Coast Customs to give something.back to the military to join forces with.them I mean Camp Pendleton is.world-renowned they put out great.Marines and they are a very class.organization I'm really excited about.going down there to represent West Coast.Customs as a crew and.I think they're going to enjoy and like.everything moves into the table down.there so we're going to just give it.that touch so when people walk in that.shop it's like walking in the shop here.and it's very authentic to our brand and.they're going to know it's the real deal.we're here at Camp Pendleton to put a.mural on the new West Coast custom shop.that we have on their base so on this.wall we decided to lay out a giant.American flag instead of the stars we.were going to use the West Coast custom.crown and then I'm going through it a.West Coast custom baseball logo one of.the biggest things with coucher and I is.I can give him the vision of what I.wanted to look like and he'll go down.there and just spray it on the wall.which is amazing so when people walk in.that shop it's like walking in the shop.here and it's very authentic to our.brand and they're going to know it's the.real deal.cool first I'm going to take the lift up.there and we're going to go ahead and.tape off the area where the American.flag will be as far as the another.stripe after I laid the base coat down.after we lay down on the background then.I'll come back with spray paint and.we're going to come lay out all the.technical arts.[Music].this is ions that we're going to lay.here is going to be clean simple but it.will still have our vibe here for sure.Scott's on his way up to Camp Pendleton.now to really lay out what's going to go.in there equipment-wise so we called up.our friends of in fact they're going to.send us down a lift.they're going to send us down Jack Jack.van really the essentials of what we.need for a basic shop that's going to be.doing basic work.[Music].so then pack arrived they've always.bring us great stuff they brought us a.bunch of tool boxes tool card a huge.compressor which is awesome.[Music].I'm Jeff cracker with Ben pack from the.senior VP of Sales what you set these.guys up here the camp pendleton is.Carles low-rise car lift and a full ride.scarlet for doing some of that detailing.work wheels and tires or maybe some road.effect we also complement it with a.bunch of Ranger shop equipment.[Music].we've been working together with Westco.cousin for a long time when we got the.call about this West Coast Customs.project here at Camp Pendleton we are.eager to be a part of Pentax way of.saying thanks to all the hard-working.men and women at Armed Forces I don't.know what they couldn't be able to do.here you know there's some big military.vehicles tanks and stuff they might not.be able to work on but pretty much of it.rolls they'll be able to work on it.Daniel's on his way with the big rig and.he's going to bring all the products the.wheels tires stereo equipment all the.fun stuff that we're going to be.offering to the Marines.[Music].I'm Dan cantana primarily an oil painter.and today we'll be painting a American.Bald Eagle it will kind of look over the.American flag we're going to definitely.get into more detail in here as far as.the pupil goes and such we've got a lot.of glare and stuff in there a lot of.detail we can get into so the final.products can come out as hyper real as.possible.[Music].we are paying with Montana paint it is a.spray can this will be done in aerosol.it's going to take me of possibly it's.already hours today.[Music].they were on our second day of painting.and laid out most of the flag.my boys almost pipe out there more than.halfway done with the Eagle we sketched.out our devil dog and now I'm about to.lay out the West Coast custom baseball.logo.I was picking out on certain things that.was you know the represent some rings.and pretty much what comes up every time.is the devil dog and with America is the.flag in the eagle.I like everything I'm thinking them in.another two days it when it's really.laid out then you can probably judge it.and one of the biggest things you know.having this shop on the base is two.things one is building the cars and.given the guys a place that they can.trust that they can go you know no.they're not going to get ripped off know.that they're going to get some good.quality stuff and also a destination.where they can bring their family by and.really key web so customs see some of.the artwork that's similar to the.artwork we have here and see the cool.cards that we have on display down there.and get a set of wheels and tires maybe.[Music].coming up on inside web go stuff.parallel code customs we love to get.back make-a-wish reached out to us they.said they have a few kids that would.love to come to the shop I think that.means a lot it's really unbelievable.contain can kill I thought up the w.[Music].right now we're in the final stages of.the final assembly of our shop here on.Camp Pendleton so the guys are working.really hard we got the graphics going up.in the lobby right now they're getting.ready to put the sign up getting ready.to put the rest of the stuff away and.hopefully be ready for business in about.a day oh whoa whoa you're making me.nervous up there.if you have a button to make the sign.bigger No.[Music].good job P so the signs up it looks.amazing.now the next step is get everything.cleaned up and ready for the grand.opening.here at West Coast Customs we love to.give back usually we'll build a vehicle.that we auction off and raise money for.a great cause and sometimes you know.something more special this time around.make-a-wish reached out to us they said.they have a few kids that would love to.come visit the shop and get a tour and.hang out with us for the day and I think.that means a lot.mega wage grants the wishes to children.with life-threatening medical conditions.between the ages of two and a half to.eighteen our mission is to enrich the.human experience with hope strength.enjoy that really makes us feel special.I mean they could have anything in the.world they chose to come here hey how's.everybody doing hi I'm gonna make sure.big gain and myself take care of these.kids you know give them something you.know a little special some big day.what's your name Emmanuel first kid.that's coming to visit us is Emmanuel.he's coming all the way from Holland and.I think that's great you know one he.gets to see California and he gets to.hang out at Westfield customs with us.for today this area here is we filmed a.majority of our production cars with 100.TV are awesome in this area every build.is pretty different on average on.average similar cars that we work on.with a four bill we think it takes us.about two and a half months it was.really cool to meet Emmanuel him going.through what he's going through and.going through make-a-wish foundation to.have an opportunity to come here and.walk through the shop and be with me and.Ryan for West Coast Customs that right.there show and prove to me that we're.making difference in somebody lives.across this world but is this is the.Emmanuel right here this intricacies.with make-a-wish Foundation and he had.an opportunity to it anything he wanted.to do in the world he chose to come to.West Coast Customs last year after I.hurt myself.no it definitely made me it definitely.makes us feel honored for us.to be chosen by somebody to make a wish.foundation that they want to come here.it was really cool to have a manual come.to the shop with his family today and.just really visit and see what goes on.here the big day and gave him a really.cool tour showed them everything kind of.took them through each job and just.really explained how different it is.then them seeing us on TV it's a big.difference.Chargers differently I could do a lot.going on we got a lot of stuff going on.I think it made his day and you know for.us ultimately it's one of those special.things that we're always thankful to do.because you know you never know what's.gonna happen with him what he's fighting.I think definitely a Manuel's wish.really came true and I'm you know happy.to be a part of that I'm glad you guys.came and you know maybe we'll call some.guys over we take some picture.[Music].really nice to be here and truly a.blissful yeah let's go.yesterday we had manual for make-a-wish.come by and hang out with us for the day.today we have Taylor and Ricky coming by.to also get a tour and hang out we.started busy with a five thousand dollar.loan and we've grown the business to.where it is today over the years we love.what we do so we keep on pushing to pick.that tightly you got how you looking.right these guys are working here a.really really skillful what they do in.their skill set that's for our metal.fabrication and they're going hey how.you doing buddy this was in a meeting.drink and chill it was fine hand and.why'd you make it.I liked seeing all the cars and their.artwork on the walls and all that what's.your favorite car come here.yeah oh my god I rock all right.I was the Camaro that you guys did first.corn the monster oh yeah that was nice.he drives to the crapper.we guess I'm an amazing shop all you.guys are great the work that you do what.effective family you are I could see why.it would relate to our family my big.happy band one team.I've gone up the W yeah coming up on.inside wepco stuff and I like this.trucks easy this one's going so smooth.just when we thought this build was.going good we hit another roadblock my.biggest thing was on the hood decide the.contrast was like immediate but you.don't think that's going to look weird.do.[Music].the guys have been working really really.hard on this truck I mean we've gotten a.long way is only a couple days so right.now we're in a good spot spell tech just.came through especially has arrived.yeah belt X one of the companies that.really started this whole lower truck.world I mean when I first started.lowering trucks when I started my.business I always do felt that you.should have full suspension shocks.everything you need we do like a5.services of the year with a 5 by 7 foot.that's what I figure because it's gonna.have 24s I told me I don't want to cut.anything so keep it clean they said to.have a perfect kit we're gonna find.stuff and build tractor up on this what.that is is we're doing 5 inches in the.front and 7 the rears to give it the.stance that we're looking for since we.are putting big wheels on it.we don't gotta lower it crazy and we.want it to be reliable where whoever.ends up when in this truck can get in it.and drive it every day as a daily driver.alright the biggest focus is suspension.so now time to get in here and get a.lowered.[Music].the guys are here from MHD they brought.the wheels for this truck built and one.of the biggest pieces of the puzzle is.put a nice set of wheels on the truck I.think it's going to give it that sport.truck feel that we're looking for.hopefully there's anyone happy Murray.sup guys how's it going good but he's.the bad boys he does that little good.hair.[Music].perfect.that's perfect because all we ought to.really do is just tape it off and spray.these red yeah they come off a numb.how these pop out yeah little Jerusem.this oh my god then you get back I could.put the cow that things that way they're.all the adders cuz usually we got to.take all that office takes hours and.hours on hours so that works Kenny we're.good please come out so remember of the.guys always are mad because they got a.safe those off so this will come out you.spray that red put them right back in.we're ready to go.and they got a little lip on them -.that's cool we're at a to the su-85.yeah definitely they run on the up step.okay perfect I like it struck easy see.this is this is a problem this one's.going so smooth that it easy to any.other plan we have a plan your proper.planning prevents piss-poor performance.yep but MV baby yeah thank you guys like.a visit.thanks a lot of which is mixing necro.[Music].member.the liner came and did their magic the.roof is painted next step is snub tops.on their way to bring us their new sub.top lid and the back end of this truck.will be done how's it going good.[Music].knocked-up is the fiberglass.manufacturer we do list tonneau covers.and camper shells for pickup truck we.will have our classic low-profile is all.painted in-house the OEM color code you.get the track color to us and we get you.the product with original it really.complements the track it looks original.it has a double lock security if you go.to the supermarket and you lock your.stuff in the back you can be sure it's.still there when you come back like that.the wrap on and Colossus kick off.definitely makes a big difference to.work so they really compliment the truck.we'll see you next time.all righty really at the end of the day.when we do these cars everything is all.about wheels and tires we don't build.one car in the shop when we don't do.wheels and tires so we called up our.friends over at Corgi they're bringing.us in the top top top-of-the-line.machines and I'm excited just to be a.part of it because to be able to partner.up with the best of the best to create.the best of the best.there's nothing better than that sup.guys hey Ryan.are you here this is love it Fergie not.many people knows about them in us yet.but has been around for 50 years because.was actually the inventor of the first.four implants I've changed in 1962 in.what you bringin me natural I'm excited.about yeah yeah we bring you the best I.know you work with some fancy wheels I.can see them here right some of those.because.ten grand for the saddle wheel so with.this machine which is completely.cashless you wanna mess up anywhere you.can toss anyway special about this.machine is completely touchless so once.we love the wheel on the turntable all.the rest is done without taxing the.wheel so not many competitor can say.that about their machine cause they.actually touch the rim and we don't want.to scratch some set of wheels that they.actually cost five to ten thousand.dollars so while being a wheel can I do.think this one goes up to 32 inches.upgradable to 36 so I think you're.pretty much gone that's good that's what.I wanted to hear just to make sure no.damaging rims you know do up to 32 we're.good to go.oh yeah okay so let me grab my guys and.have them help you get these machines in.here.[Music].this machine is the latest born in the.Corgi family so if they ultimate.possible a star changer this is what you.can find in the Ferrari factory.Lamborghini factory so they always.choose the best.[Music].Wow and these are the pieces of the rims.we will see how to use the cool thing as.they come out so at least really cool my.biggest thing was on the hood just when.we thought this build was going good we.hit another roadblock and obviously told.to skip the lines like this what color.is the girls are good so just like the.contrast is like immediate I guess maybe.I was thinking the girl is black there's.a little bit of an issue with the hood.with the way the paint lined up me and.kandi came up with a good idea so all we.need to do is reach a pit spray and get.it off to the final assembly can you.just turn it up the topicals then and we.can go like an inch over comfortable.quickest but you don't think that's.going to look weird too or do it up here.with the body with the character line is.come here the character London finishes.across yeah that works sorry okay that's.cool go time.[Music].so the trucks coming out really well.everything is coming together right now.they just finished taping off all the.graphics get the paint sprayed on it put.the wheels on it and ship it off the.Pendleton.[Music].ready for pain.[Music].so we're in the homestretch the trucks.almost done the Camp Pendleton shop.looks amazing and everything really came.together good I mean it really feels.like a real West Coast custom store the.only thing we're missing out is this.sign I mean you look at the sign on the.building and it's as small as my.business card so I'm going to call my.friend Jerry over Storyland he can make.us an extra large West Coast custom sign.to really give this building our stamp.of approval coming up on inside West.Coast cup officially the opening day of.West Coast Customs on Camp Pendleton you.definitely definitely delivered you over.delivered this is the moment that I'm.sure everybody's waiting for I'm so numb.I have never been numb from head to toe.[Music].so in the last few years we've been.doing a lot of work with the military.really a lot with the Marine Corps.one of the most recent opportunities.comes in front of us is they want us to.open a mini what to a custom store on.Camp Pendleton so what's the catch we.got a special mission for you and we.have to build a Chevy pickup truck for a.service member to win during our Grand.Opening done we're going to make it.simple but it's still going to have our.style to it and hopefully when we get.this thing away it will blow away one.lucky marine we have a product called -.well this feels out to bed 100%.it's a tough product Oliver I've never.painted a military base before so that's.kind of trippy I would think that would.be illegal the Marines when they come in.there I want them to feel like they're.here we're going to fly seven Bell Trek.drop on this what that is is we're doing.five inches in the front and seven in.the rear it really gives a singer even.looks I guess maybe I was thinking the.girls block there was a little bit of an.issue with the hood with the way the.paint lined up me and Kenny came up with.a good idea so all we need to do is.reach a pit spray and get it off to the.final step.right now they just finished taping off.all the graphics get the paint sprayed.on it put the wheels on it and ship it.off the fender.[Music].whose are done I'm gone car.[Music].[Music].so the big day is here the trucks are.down awesome.the shops are not amazing I'm going to.bring down some of our West Coast.Customs cars that really gave us got.outside a feel for this grand opening.I'm gonna hit the keys away so lucky.servicemember hopefully their big fan of.ours so they'll really enjoy this truck.[Music].[Music].so today's the day it's officially the.opening day of West Oakland one camp.Pendelton in the MC X Center we're.really excited the shop really came.together good so we're going to go watch.the ribbon-cutting ceremony and then.we'll be open for business thank you.very much for everyone being here and.I'd also like to recognize our honored.guests here today stood cast on grain.sailors and servicemembers who deployed.in defense of our country who have.fought for our freedoms to allow us to.do what we're doing today so let's give.a good round of applause.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].this opening day camp pendleton and.already learnings are coming in orders.are coming in they're already excited.should be great business for us it's.something new that we haven't done and.we're the kinds of rings are to be on.they all came together really well.yeah there's I think phenomena great.[Music].big change huh outstanding and the.Marines come in here I want them to feel.like you know this is authentic Wessel.custom but as soon as you walk in here.you feel it yeah you feel feel it with.it yeah that's my new logo we've been.working on that's off WCC barracks and.Pendleton.we knew that West Coast Customs will.bring their brand and their flair to.Camp bouncing and say over-delivered and.I think the Marines are really good.really enjoy the folks that are walking.in there they're happy smiling you know.having our display here this will show.you know a couple different videos and.our shows and we have an audio system.here I don't want to cram too much in.here where it was you know it wasn't.comfortable but I wanted to show enough.of our product and you know know this is.the real deal I think the Marines are.going to definitely appreciate that we.asked you to bring your brand to Camp.Pendleton you've knocked it out of the.park.we're excited I'm sure we're going to.see a lot of vehicles driving around.with West Coast Customs as soon as you.see if you're going to know that's the.West Coast custom such car so we're very.happy about it your race environment and.reasons are now you guys do the shop.though this is where the transformation.really have flight.unreal and this is all spraypaint heart.yeah well we gave you this teeth it was.just plain and just to see this is such.a big deer maze right I'm really really.happy I think all of our partners came.together you know helped us out in my.team and just it's authentic at the end.of the day you definitely definitely.delivered you over delivered so we try.to do beautiful the Marines are going to.eat it up really excited you know.telling you the Marines love customizing.their vehicles and now that they have.you they're going to do it the right way.so we're really proud of them good me.too.what the crew was able to do with this.building itself putting the detailed.into drawings it's just unbelievable.right you guys again thank you Holly you.know you guys are wearing stars.absolutely yeah I think I get a little.west of customs I'm gonna have to cut.down eat once a day and save my money to.bring it in here the thing is who's.going to be part who's going to be the.first service member the first.warfighter that gets our vehicle done so.you can show off their vehicles cruising.down Vandergriff here in Camp Pendleton.so I know I'll be on the lookout to see.some of them you guys are going to have.to take my car because already got some.stuff from them I want some more my car.is hopefully he'll be coming in here for.sure after seeing this Bentley I'm.definitely gonna pretty much Mazda rx-8.you see what they could do with it make.it look like something like this make it.look like a pretty priced part.the shop is open it's been a huge.success we're already taking orders I.got a lot of jobs lined up for next week.so next step is to go give away this.truck.it's a great day what exciting time West.Coast Customs really hit the ball out of.the park today by teaming up with MCC.yet it provides us outstanding trucks I.mean this is unbelievable and somebody's.going to be extremely happy Ryan I.really want to thank you I know you're a.fan of military you're here today.because that and I just want to give you.a personal point of mine it's to give to.somebody who's a friend of the Marine.Corps so thank you Thank You Deborah you.just unlock that box a lockbox.[Music].so this is the moment that I'm sure.everybody's waiting for sergeant Edward.Mollusca.[Applause].I feel like crying like a four-year-old.I'm so numb I have never been numb from.head to toe for this day and I came.thank West Coast Customs enough for even.giving this opportunity for somebody to.win it and give me me I'm just.overwhelmed with joy.layna throw anything back there it's.great that it's a sergeant or Marine.Corps so out to get anybody more.deserving than a sergeant I'm excited.about that.this truck is is awesome Marines like.trucks Marines like West Coast Customs.so I just think it's what a great day.for the Marine Corp and for the sergeant.check it out Oh fine.we did all black leather in it we.upgraded the stereo in it navigation.paint believes it okay.and I can't believe it is giving away a.truck like this it's a great feeling I.mean the Marines obviously do what what.they do to keep us safe so I can really.go and do the job that I do every day.and we got to thank them and I think.this is another piece of West Coast.custom saying thank you to our military.and come in it's a great day so now I'm.going to go take Edward for a real West.Coast Customs ride.who turned out good I just want to thank.Ryan and everybody that helps put this.shirt together everybody at West Coast.Customs thank you very much I can't.thank you enough.Chuck get off the branch thanking you.any mistakes to demolish 38 miles so.this has obviously been a lot of work I.mean setting up the shop figuring out.the personnel building a truck and then.finally given away it's a good.experience for me and it just shows more.and more people how much we are involved.with the military and how much we love.to give back and this it's at the end of.day it's a great feeling.much much better.do I get ya think it looks the way it.needed a look you know little business.card was a little small that's what I.call a West Coast cut to the sign.[Music].next time inside West Coast substance so.we just got a call for a new bill from a.company called trade groups which is.actually working with another company.called the red 5 studios hey runs a.whole troop grind and they're about to.release this new game that they're.coming out with called fireball.it's probably gonna have crazy graphics.an app you know vehicles from outer.space and they're going to want to.replicate one of those who says almost.wrong Wow.where are we working on this again hi.guys.[Music].

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