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The Implementation Guide for Agency Administrator Director Of Environmental Health Envhmgmt Calaverasgov

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Guidelines with regard toAgency Administrator Director Of Environmental Health Envhmgmt Calaverasgov

[Music].the Environmental Management Agency is.kind of the umbrella agency that has.five different departments in it it's.got Environmental Health on-site air.pollution the AG Commission's office and.Animal Services so as soon as I'm done I.got to run off to an animal services.meeting in Sacramento but I want to.cover the requirements for environment.health on-site department and the air.pollution control district and tried to.make that as easy as possible like.creating frequently asked questions and.so and these are on the website so.recover the areas of solid waste and.hazardous waste and hazardous materials.cannabis organic waste water advocacy.on-site wastewater and air pollution so.again there's a set of frequently asked.questions for both of those some of them.we've had to continue to work on to make.them try to make it as straightforward.and understandable as possible the.backside of these frequently asked.questions there's a checklist of things.that we'll need in order to verify.compliance with the requirements so.those are all listed there.in addition starting with solid waste.basically the garbage and rubbish needs.to be kept in a watertight container.with tight-fitting lid you just don't.want to have flies and rodents and stuff.getting in to the garbage and you don't.want to have piles outside and stuff.like that so you have to have good.containers and they need to be hauled to.of a disposal facility at least every.seven days or more often as needed you.can self haul or you can use cow waste.if the cow waste has accessed your site.so.[Applause].okay I wanted to touch base about.pesticide waste and other hazardous.waste and the key thing to note that I'm.talking about here is waste okay these.aren't the materials that use on these.are materials that you ready to throw.away that have no further function and.hazardous wastes are regulated by.environmental health we're called the.Koopa a certified unified program agency.I won't even go into that but there was.a state law back in the end of the 1990s.that consolidated a lot of departmental.inspectors into one unified program.agency so we're delegated this by the.state and we get audited every three.years it's too pretty brutal but so we.have to do exactly what they say but we.the Koopa then handles any hazardous.waste and then there's hazardous.materials and hazard materials or stuff.you're using so a lot of the pesticides.you know not so much the organic ones.but a lot of pesticide chemical.pesticides you know our hazardous.materials and you know gasoline diesel.and stuff like that.and so the Cooper regulates those now.the AG Commission as you know on.hazardous material of the pesticides.they have regulated the pesticide use.and so Kathryn Talbott is here and is.going to be able to answer any questions.about that and I know if you've worked.with Ag commissioned officer great bunch.of people and they're kind of fun to.work with and they they're very user.friendly so and then the environmental.health activist Koopa regulates houses.materials from businesses that are over.these threshold amounts and the.threshold amounts are 500 pounds of.solid material 55 or more gallons of.liquid waste in two hundred cubic feet.of gas so that's what we regulate and.basically you really don't want to be.regulated by us so you want to try to.keep those quantities below that and.we're not treating.cultivators any different anybody when.we go into businesses we do the same.thing we go actually and all the.counties do this all the Koopas who work.with the businesses get those amounts.down below those threshold amounts and.they don't have to be regulated cuz it's.a big it's a lot of house will be.regulated you have to turn in reports.every year get on a state computer.system etc so it's best to avoid that if.you can but we're there that the staff.is we've got some really good staff and.they'll work with you if that's you fall.into that category.okay the organic wastes there's three.state agencies that that regulate the.organic waste they're listed here.the Bureau of cannabis control that Cal.cannabis and the manufacturer cannabis.safety branch what I did is I went to.their website and pulled off information.that they have on their website and put.it on a sheet and put our logo in it so.there's a disclaimer on our organic.waste sheet that says here's the website.you can get the most current information.on and but as of December they the.frequently asked questions we have is.the information from them and then.there's the pesky issue of water.advocacy how many people are gonna be.using wells I could ask all right so.that's that's why so how do you have a.well that meets the requirements okay.there's three things okay one is the.well if it was put in after October 1998.it should be a permitted on file for it.so we need to have that permit the.things should have been final by.environmental health and then the water.capacity needs to be checked and so to.find them the final of well.yep and and you can come in our office.and we've got the the permits there.there's they have these uh water well.reports that are filed with the.Department of Water Resources and.they've got a website to get those but.basically we're looking for our permit.and that final and they've give finally.the thing has to be done and inspected.no bacteria in it no coliform bacteria.and nitrates less than ten parts per.million and I don't know that we have.any nitrate problem at all in this.county so that's not a real big thing.we've got a list of labs that can be.used right there our lab definitely and.it doesn't cost a whole lot okay so now.we're going to go into the wells.capacity testing and first thing to do.is hire a qualified professional so you.don't have your buddy doing this you.have to hire a qualified professional.there's two categories of these.qualified professionals the first one is.these hydrologist and engineering.geologists and they they're like the.elite in the field and they can come up.with their own testing requirements and.their own reporting and they'll report.and say the water's fine okay.or you can use the second group as.pretty much everybody else and that's.like the well drillers and most people I.think have been using so far on that and.so they have to use kind of our test.method that you've developed that's in.the ordinance and report on our.reporting paperwork.so I just wanted to go over real quickly.what that process is it's actually not.as bad as it sounds.first the first thing you have to do the.welder you have to work with the well.driller or the pump first but every.worker would they come up with what you.think is gonna be the average water use.during the months of July through.September so you come up with that.amount invite just as a reference the.literature indicates kind of a range.here that I've shown here but I don't.think people are gonna be.second-guessing you that's up to you and.the well driller to figure out how much.water you're gonna be using and then.what you do is you you leave the well.for 8 hours without using it and that.establishes the static water level.there's three water level tests the.first one is at the highest level.basically of the water level would be in.the will so that you do that you do the.static water test then you pump it and.you pump that well and you can pump that.one base to pasty and that in two hours.but it's got to be 24 hours or less so.the pump people because when you.throttle down the pump it's kind of hard.on the pump they like the pump rapidly.so theoretically you could have them.with its automatic shutoff again a lord.rate you guys could go on how are the.comfort doesn't it doesn't matter that's.up to 24 hours of water use and then you.check it again that's the lower level.and then 24 hours later you check it the.third time and see where it's recovered.to and that's really all there is to it.so just to kind of demonstrate here's.the static level you don't have to eight.hours or non-use here's after you've.done your your one days of pumping and.one day's water is pumping and then this.is where the recovery is after 24 hours.so far what we have seen is that levels.come up to the original static waters.there hasn't been a difference but it is.less it's got to be down no more than 10.percent so you have to have this 97 90.percent recovery back up to that static.level from the maximum drawdown level so.there's really a simple formula that you.can use just using those those three.readings to use that formula and I'll.give you the percent of loss and it.should be less than 10 percent and I've.talked to the willow drillers and they.said that they think that most of the.new wells were past this and some of the.older wells that might have some.problems might have deepened or.something like that so that's that's.what I get from the well drillers that.have done this and then we have our own.handy-dandy form here to fill it out all.those numbers match so what numbers that.are in the frequently asked questions.match what I just showed you and match.what's in the form there to just make it.as simple as possible so on-site.wastewater when do you need a septic.system website basically you need if you.have a structure there this got funny.shower ways running down the ground or.beamers channeled into a pit if you're.going to have this green water basically.yes so that's the thing now the question.is the question is if it hasn't what's.going to be required okay again we look.for the permanency it's final and you.get this arm sight wastewater treatment.system inspector that would evaluate.some these are the same guys that check.out the system and they pump the tank.and they put some water through it and.and sign it off that's that's the people.that would do that and then this.important thing is that you've got a.residents there and you're living in the.residence you're you're good to go if.you've got workers they're not part of.that they need to have a portable toilet.and the ratio is one for 20 so between 1.and 20 people you'd have to have at.least one portable toilet hand washing.and then it would go at that rate and.that's the same rate that we get from.the cowshed when you know you drive.along the road and you see these.orchards and.oh I'm sorry that's that's my fault.okay so that's yeah see okay there's.that definition for a nots inspector and.I've actually included the PowerPoint.that's a list of our current ODS.inspectors so if you pick up a copy of.the presentation here I made a billion.of them it's listed on that now.what if you need a new septic system new.septic system it's starting over the.application you come into my house.office has for the on-site department is.first thing it happens is a soil profile.because the soil tells you what kind of.system you need the worst of soil the.more you need fancy so you start out.with your soil profile sorry and then.okay if the soil is real good and now as.you go up to the foothills the soil gets.better and better as a rule so you.we've got standard gravity systems then.you just need to get a contractor.wouldn't have to do this line is that.contractors.entrench expect that and they need a.final inspection that everything is.covered and simple as that if you've got.poor soil conditions that need be.compensated by something up treatment of.pressure distribution then that's really.qualified professional to design I.really screwed up on this Emily okay.spec sure think that's all's gonna say.there oh yeah.again terminology it's in here this is.whooaa a a qualified professional as.engineered system is basically it's a.something i'm treatment system that.treats the sewage a little bit before.it's discharged and this often.discharged with pressure distribution.and again here's a list of local.qualified professionals so these are the.ones in our area that do this then we.get to air and i don't know about you.but i didn't understand much about.anything when we started this process.about these carbon offsets of you guys.kind of got some information on that.is there any basically what happens is.here's some if you're gonna have.something if you're gonna have some big.project let's say in a big building or.something and you cut down on and you.put him your solar and you do these.different things and you cut down on.your carbon footprint then what you can.do is to document that and then you go.to a state-certified verifier who.verifies that and then you can sell.those and you can either sell them.directly to people or you can sell them.indirectly through a broker like a.realtor and you know how a realtor that.handles other people's property that's.that's what these brokers do and that's.probably the easiest way to do that that.we found and the state has a system it's.it's pretty complicated us insane like.it's designed for.cultivation but nonetheless that's.what's in the ordinance so to determine.how much of carbon offsets you need it's.pretty simple what you take that if it's.an outdoor or mixed light grow you just.take the square feet of the canopy times.seventeen point two divided by twenty.two thousand and if it's an indoor grow.you take this square feet of the canopy.times eleven point three divided by.twenty two thousand and you get well uh.metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent.offsets that must be purchased.that's the fancy terminology for it so I.included that here because if you deal.with this might be helpful to know.exactly what you're asking for now.there's different ways to pay for to pay.for these and make this transaction.happen and so I've got some.illustrations here's three different.ones that I know would deal with.cultivators they each do it in a.slightly different way they one of the.easiest ways is that.[Applause].that terrapass that terrapass is pretty.cool you get on their website you scroll.down to purchase offsets you put in your.name stuff you give your charge card.number or whatever and you can print.your own certificate I mean it's pretty.straightforward on that one.the other the second one there you have.to call them and the third one you do an.online thing and they give you a bid.look and if you want to find out more.more of these there's some web links at.the bottom there that will have listing.of there's brokers but I found there's.no one website that has all the brokers.it's very kind of a disorganized sort of.system from what I can tell but anyway.that's the easiest way to do it then.there's an issue of well okay can I put.in solar you know solar pump for my well.and stuff and reduce the number of yes.ma'am oh and move the number of reduce.the number of offsets you can the.organist allows it from what we can tell.it's probably prohibitively expensive.and complicated to do that but you're.welcome to try you'd have to use one of.these verifiers.probably find the fire fire and have.them do the report we haven't done that.it will be a learning experience for.everybody if you want to do that our.initial indication that it's quite a bit.of a hassle on cost but if you were.interested into that come in the office.it's the same office air pollutions and.we've got this brilliant guy Doug Carson.that works with us said he would very.good to work with and he would sit down.and go over that with you and then.emergency generators were about done.here emergency generators oops okay you.you need you fall under the air.district's regulation if you have a.diesel generator that is greater than 50.breaking horsepower then you need to get.authority to construct and permit to.operate if it's propane you don't.gasoline you don't if it's diesel you do.that's.was stretchered so we have one other.tool and that's this one here this our.checklist this checklist it's four pages.and it should be everything we believe.at this point and errors could be make.we believe this is everything that we.need in the Environmental Management.Agency for those three departments.environment help on-site and air that we.need to sign off on that permit and I.just wanted to show you a couple of.features of this there's a the blue.headings here or the different areas of.concern we have I put in these pink.boxes that specific documentation means.that we need to look at to verify.compliance and then there's a signature.and so hopefully this is going to make.it easy for people to kind of navigate.through these requirements and finally.we want to have all this on the web and.frequently asked questions are on the.web well how do you find him on the web.right so I've got a simple way to do.this here this is this is the canvas.website right and at the top there's a.little drop down menu called ordinances.and if you click on that you've got this.regulatory ordinances and regular.compliance click on regulatory.compliance and it opens up a page you.scroll down to the bottom of the page.and we'll I they are and that's where.we'll put the PowerPoint presentation.there too so all that will be there.we've got hard copies here and that's.about it.any questions.okay now this is interesting that on the.carbon thing that I think the initial.one is for the construction the gradient.or whatever they said this this.consultant works for County it did all.this stuff I mean they it's got pages.and page Kim.i I can't explain it but I can tell you.there's initial one and then there's.this ongoing one this one that has to be.done every year and the rationale for.that is kind of eludes me a little bit.too [ __ ] i I thought the same thing I.mean they should be absorbing I'm with.you on that but I never.yeah Brad would you repeat the question.so that it's okay the question was can.we list the ways a carbon can be reduced.besides solar for the Wells and stuff.and I've seen some other listing I don't.recall any master list I could if you.would I have seen some other things and.they don't comes up my head but I can.get back with you on that if I get.contact information and that question.you give that to VIN or something then.and I'll follow up on that and I can do.a little more research and talk to some.state people on that no no no if the.water board it's not really their focus.I guess that's a pretty darn good idea.if you had that good question.she's gonna write the question well I.had that I don't look into that too I.mean that sure makes sense to me ma'am.yeah there could be the yeah they're.gonna be inspected like just if you buy.a piece of property you know you buy a.house and they you hire nuts and the.realtor usually arranged as we get the.aughts inspector and they do this.inspection just make sure it's.functioning right well because we want a.functioning septic system there well if.you talk to these inspectors they can.just give you a list of stuff that roots.that have grown well that's a good.question yeah why would you have to get.it done now if you're in it so if it's a.residence you already own and they've.been living in would you would you write.that down and we'll look at that.question that's really a good question.send it in or Ethan they'll get it to me.and I will I promise to follow up on.that specifically with you and if we.need to change any policies like that we.will okay because we want it what we.really want to do is be as fair as.possible with everybody.yeah that's that's it.no no it's usually yeah there's a I've.got the list there that two biggest one.is sweet pea and yeah and there it's you.know it's a good thing to do it's a good.thing to have it checked out pure ugh.anyway but I'll follow up on it yeah let.me check out there anything else all.right.if you have any follow-up questions.later they will get them to me okay so.and I will follow up all right thank you.[Applause].yeah thanks Brad.[Music].you.[Music].

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