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hi everybody and welcome to today's.presentation the topic is finding.accomodation England and and the.presentation is brought to you by.LSH TMS student advice and counseling.service my name is Louisa and I'll be.doing the presentation today together.with my colleague Flo and so this is.what we will cover today.we'll talk about the many accommodation.options in London we'll talk about some.tips when searching for accommodation.we'll cover the costs typical costs for.accommodation in London we'll talk about.risks so what to be aware of and also.have a look at where elevation students.live and we'll look at some resources to.help you with your search when it comes.to thinking about your accommodation.options in London this fall into two.main categories the first one is student.halls of residence and the second.category is private accommodation so.when it comes to certain holes there are.basically two types and there are the.University of London halls also referred.to as intercollegiate halls and then you.have private halls of residence outside.of the university system and this range.from basic holes to more luxury more.like a hotel if you like when it comes.to private accommodation students.generally look into renting an.individual room in a shared house or.apartment or they may be looking with a.group of students for an entire house of.flat the University of London.intercollegiate halls the deadline to.apply for these is Friday the 19th of.July just before midnight 23:59 UK time.if you get an offer this is a good.option the halls are close by and.they're good value for money money.considering rental prices in London if.you don't get off at a place in July you.may receive an offer at a later date as.not all offers of rooms will be taken up.and we will stay in touch with you about.this process you can also apply for.spaces via the waiting list.in early September but this will be.directly through the University of.London who manage a lot of our housing.services in addition to this there are.private halls of residence these are.different to the intercollegiate halls.they are located all over London and not.just near 2ls htm'.the standard of accommodation ranges.from basic to luxury they are a.convenient option and you can arrange.them ahead of.and bills are usually included they come.with a ready-made student community.basic halls are more reasonably priced.but they are more no-frills from around.800 pounds per month the luxury halls.are very expensive if in central London.they're cheaper if you live further from.LS HTM here is an example of a standard.studio with scape which is a large.accommodation provider for university.halls all around London scape Bloomsbury.which is ten minutes walk from LS HTM.cost three hundred and eighty nine.pounds per week whereas Cape Mile End.which is a 35 minute travel from LSH TM.is 261 pounds per week but there would.be the additional cost of traveling to.and from LS HTM so here are some tips.when looking into halls check whether.the hall you're interested in allocates.a specific postgraduate area for.students do they have their own floor.you may not want to share with.undergraduates consider looking at halls.located further from LS HTM the London.Transport Network is very quick and.efficient halls can vary in price the.great deal so research your options.don't just go for the first one that you.find make sure you know the contract.length is it enough time and can you.leave early if you need to check the.payment plans you may have to pay for a.number of months upfront you can also.use the LS HTM website and the.University of London Housing Services.website for a list of halls.if the hall is full ask about the.weightiness and keep in regular contact.with the halls telephone is often the.best option for this within this private.accommodation this is the most popular.option for LS HTM students the prices.vary depending on the proximity to.central London the area you wish to live.the quality of the accommodation the.room size and the property size overall.it would most likely involve commuting.by public transport generally you will.need to be inland and define private.accommodation landlords will want you to.see the property first and you should.want to see it too we'll talk about.scams in a moment it can also take a.while arrive in good time before you.start to look for private accommodation.and booked short-term accommodate.for at least one to two weeks beforehand.so you have plenty of time to find.somewhere when it comes to looking for.private accommodation here are some.helpful resources for you to consider we.are joined up with university of london.housing services which we will refer to.as you LHS and they have lots of.different resources for students to use.including a housing database on their.website where by landlords advertise.either individual rooms or entire.properties they also managed what is.called LS HTM student homes and I'm.going to talk about that on the next.slide University of London manager some.properties which might be of interest.these like Lennon house handle mentions.and Galvez Street Clendon housing.particular is very popular with.postgraduate students it's very.reasonably priced you will find.information about these properties.together with the into college halls but.I have a different application procedure.you need to book a viewing directly with.you you are a HS property management.unit and the accommodation is offered on.a first-come first-served basis you can.find more information about that on the.individuals website University of London.housing services also list letting.agents on their website and these are.basically accommodation age and so have.signed up to a code of practice so they.can be trusted to give a good service.and finally university of london housing.services also hosts a flat sharing.message board where you can join up with.other students or find out about groups.of students who are looking for an extra.person to share a house with there are.other websites that you may be familiar.with such as a spare room move flat room.go but with this comes a warning that.you do need to be careful about paying.for a room that you haven't seen and in.fact we will definitely recommend that.you don't do that we'll be talking in.more detail about this very soon there.is also the LS h TMS applicant facebook.group which can be used as a place to.swap tips and possibly even meet up with.other students who are looking for.accommodation in london so here you can.see the webpage for LS HTM student homes.managed by the University of London's.Housing Services this is on the you.LJ's website so I'll just say a little.bit more about Salas HTM student homes.these are basically private properties.which generally have three or four.bedrooms called property and although we.do have a very nice property this year.that has seven bedrooms the idea is that.students sign up with individual.tendencies so you don't have to find a.group of all the students to move into.the house the properties are managed by.University of London Housing Services so.you don't have to deal directly with.landlords and one big benefit from the.student homes is that you don't need a.UK guarantor which is often a problem.for international students who may not.have a uk-based claim at all the other.benefit is that you can actually book.these properties from abroad so you.don't have to come to London first to.see them you would generally be sharing.with LSE same students this is nearly.always the case and one of us will have.view the property in advance so you can.have reassurance that we consider them.to be of a decent standard some of the.rooms have actually already been taken.but if you look at a website you see.they're still rooms available so it's.definitely not too late to sign up for a.student homes room so just so that you.know about some flatshare events they'll.be hosted by University of London.Housing Services they haven't sent out a.dates yet but we've been told that this.will be happening late August in mid.September and these are organised by the.University of London Housing Services.which are located just across the road.from Alice HTM and they provide an.opportunity to meet other students who.are in a similar situation who may be.looking for private accommodation and.when to join up with other students and.generally just to find out more about.how to go about house hunting in London.okay so a few words about practical.relation costs you should expect to pay.up to six or even eight weeks rent in.advance so that as a deposit as well as.the first month's rent so it's important.that you make sure that you have.available funds as it can take time to.open a UK bank account landlords and.letting agents must often ask for a UK.guarantor if you don't have a uk-based.guarantor and this is basically someone.who guarantees to pay your rent if you.can't pay for any reasons then landlords.and agents might sometimes accept a.larger range pain.upfront so for example they may be happy.for you to pay six months rent in.advance in lieu of having a UK guarantor.so that's just a useful thing for you to.know do check whether the bills are.included and if not then you should ask.what the bills usually cost to help you.budget so the kind of bills that you.need to be thinking about gas and.electricity water internet and landline.if there is one so this table shows.typical monthly rents around London as.you can see depending on which area you.are in and transport zone the cost of.living varies quite dramatically so at.the top we have Russell Square which is.a 10-minute walk from the school at the.most expensive as of 1100 pounds.approximately per month but then there.are no transport costs because you'd be.walking to school the further down you.go.is the further out of London where the.rent does drop a little but the.transport cost goes up so bear this in.mind when you're looking at your options.please also remember that there is.approximately 60 pounds per month to be.spent on bills which would be excluded.in the prices below and this doesn't.include your monthly phone bill.this map shows where our students live.currently this year as you can see there.all over London with most of them being.in central but they're dotted all over.some tips when looking into private.accommodation do not commit to a.property until you have seen it in.person photos can be very very different.to reality if you're asked to pay a.holding deposit then get proof of.receipt and agreement in writing which.sets out the relevant terms and.conditions don't pay your main deposit.before seeing the contract if you can't.get a UK guarantor see if a landlord.will accept a few months rent in advance.make an appointment with the University.of London housing services to get your.contract checked by trained housing.advisors they can also do this over the.phone or over email be aware when.searching for places online there are.scams out there if somewhere looks too.good to be true then it probably.yes okay so we mentioned scans so we're.just going to tell you a little bit more.about scams and how to avoid them.they are rare but they do happen and it.tends to happen online what happens is.fraudsters will advertise rooms asking.for payments up front and then the.advert turns out to be false and you.lose your money so there's quite a lot.of useful guidance out there we found a.couple of resources for you one is the.UK National Union of Students the link.is there just to summarize and I mean I.do recommend that you do reach the whole.thing but just to pick up the main.points they say you shouldn't pay.without seeing the property first.the only exception today as a student.homes where you can safely do that so.make sure the landlord and the property.are genuine check the contact details.are real and also if the deal looks too.good to be true then it probably is so.if you see an adverse for a penthouse.across the road from the school for 100.pounds a week then it would be highly.suspicious the London Metropolitan.Police have also created some very.useful guidance and we have provided a.link down the slide so I do recommend.that you read this so we come in to the.end of our presentation now but before.we finish I'm just going to give you a.few more resources to help you with your.search we mentioned our website a few.times we've put together a fair amount.of accommodation related advice and the.link is there for you to see we've also.spoken about the University of London.Housing Services and they also have a.lot of use of advice on their website.and they also produce a private housing.guide and that goes into a lot more.details about things like deposits.contracts etc so we do recommend that.you check it out if you're going to look.for private accommodation on a more.general note there are plenty of other.really helpful resources I'll just go.through these ones so there's the.Transport for London website with.everything you need to know about.getting around on public transport in.London there is city mapper you may be.familiar with that it's also helpful way.of planning journeys Google Street View.gives you an actual view of the streets.so if you want to check out where the.road looks like for real then have.look at that then just a couple of.places that provide advice winter.national students coming to live and.study in the UK there's the British.Council in new Kizer that's the UK.Council for international students.affair so have a look at those so that's.the end of the presentation we hope that.you found it useful and wish you lots of.luck with your search if you have any.questions do feel free to drop us a line.you can email us on student advice at.LSE HTM a C dot uk' and we will try to.get back to you within a couple of days.or you can email the University of.London Housing Services and they can be.reached on housing at London AC UK thank.you for listening.

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