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York Region Vulnerable Sector Police Check Form Claim Tips

[Applause][Applause]hello everyone I'm Don Pratt host ofpolice in York Region joining us todayis we're gonna chat with the seniorsafety team of York Regional Police andwe're going to chat a little bit aboutvulnerable persons so we've gotconstable bussy wood and social workershantel Bennett thanks so much for beingon the show thanks for having meLeslie you've been here before thanksfor coming back no problem thanks forhaving well obviously it wasn't toopainful it was it was it was all good inChantelle thank you so much for forbeing here in just a little bit of ahistory we had Sean Telo to one of ourevents appear in Georgina firstresponders day and we got chatting aboutproject lifesaver and the theconversation just kind of kept on goingand of course that inspired the idea forlet's do that on policing your creatureso I guess yours like many units of theNew York Regional Police is ismultifaceted it's not you know when wesay senior safety that covers a largeumbrella listen you want to speak to alittle bit about what that umbrella issure well for us as I mean then we'veadded two senior safety officers now soinstead of one where it was just back inthe daynow there's two so York Regional Policeis recognized we have an agingpopulation a growing demographic and abig area to cover and we do a lot so wenow have two full-time senior safetyofficers which is fantastic and thenjust within all two years ago they addedtwo lovely the social worker part likeyou're actually part of York RegionalPolice it's not a note service ah yes sowe are internal to York Regional Policeand there's two of usmyself and my colleague Sarah Eamonn andthe way that we've divided our role isthat Sarah is responsible for the mentalhealth side so children's and adultsokay and I work closely with the seniorsafety officers with vulnerableindividuals and for our senior friendsoh wow that's a great partnerships it'san amazing partnership and it helps uswhen we're doing our job because we do alot of home visits as well amongst likewith our presentations and the eventsthat we do we're doing a lot more homevisits where we're going to check on ourvulnerable or older friends and that sowhen we go into these homes now we cango in with our eyes as you know anycriminality and then also the socialpiece with Chantal and it's just a nicebalance it's a nice a nice workingarrangement that we have and I think ourolder friends when we go help them Ithink they appreciate that you know Idid actually it doesn't make sense Imean you're obviously you have extensivetraining as a police officer perhaps onthe social worker side so much moreknowledge that yeah it's great to havethat I know that we were speaking longbefore this and before social workerbecame part of York Regional Police thatthat was a wished for and wantedelements so it's great to hear that it'swell we're here and how long is thatpartnership been so two years from lastJune well that's fantastic it was likeyesterday with a great you said gettinginto homes so when we whenever there's acall where police are involved then theofficers will do a report and when it'san older adult it comes to what we calla workflow so then we go through ourworkflow and it could be just a call tothe people to the older people you knoware you okay Jeff any resources if we'rehaving difficulty getting in touch withthem if there's a language barrier youknow there's some more concerns that arethat are stated in the report then we1will go and we'll do a home visit so1we'll go to their house and say hi this1is who we are we're here to check on you1make sure everything's okay and see if1there's you know again the criminal or1social elements that we're looking for1and in all these cases you know they are1they eating properly they check seeing1the doctor and this is just done through1just general conversation with these1people our goal is not remove people1from their homes absolutely in fact it's1the opposite we want them well we want1them to be happy healthy living as long1as they can wherever they want to be so1if it's in their home then well you know1if they are because there are calls to1the police well why are we calling the1police and so and it's not that we don't1want to help them but what can we do to1help facilitate1you know you being safer in your home so1that you don't have to make those calls1so if there's Falls right and we're1going paramedics are going fire might be1going what can we do what services can1we get coming into your home now so that1they can you know help prevent that from1happening or make it make it less right1and with the resources with Chantal and1I and then are all of our community1partners that we deal with within the1community we have a great working1relationship with all of them and1amongst all that collaboration we hope1to serve our people that much better1yeah and obviously it does right and1Chantal that was that's where I was kind1of kind of lead to you some of those1partnerships1I mean tying you first of all directly1to its York Regional Police is a social1work piece obviously you you bring a lot1of connections as well right so you have1you have other partnerships yeah1one of our great partners is with is1with Alzheimer Society yes and yeah1especially with our older adults we're1finding that we're seeing more and more1individuals that have a displayed more1cognitive impairments so being able to1make those recommendations and1suggestions to Alzheimer Society comes1in it's it's invaluable yeah absolutely1yeah they're in and through the show1we'll have we'll have some contact1information flip up on the screen for1both the Alzheimer Society and autism1I believe it's Autism Speaks because1either in valuable sites mm-hmm right1and it's it's it's incredible to learn1and I've only been learning myself and1in recent times how much Alzheimer's1autism plays a role in our in our1families and it's one of those things1that they're there and they have all1that all these resources but until you1actually need to use them you're not1aware of it right unless you're in the1field working and helping people you1know until it happens to you as your1your family then why would I know1anything if I don't have anyone with1autism in my family why would I know1anything about it1unless I'm in the schools or it's my1profession that's what we find when1we're helping people it's like they1don't realize all the resources that are1out there and1our free summer subsidized and it's1almost like you can just see the weight1coming off their shoulders realizing oh1there is there is hope there's there's a1different way of doing business there's1a different thing that can help family1and it's it's just amazing to see really1ya know and that's that's part of the1purpose additional right we get we get1the opportunity of taking some of this1information and planting it into1people's living rooms because yeah we1find that in a lot of different areas I1I tend to lean more towards the senior1piece because in my own life that's1that's a big part like we have aging1parents but knowing that they're the1resources are out there yeah like you1said you might be aware of it you might1have you might've been watching TV and2glanced a commercial went past but2obviously you didn't make any notes cuz2you weren't and you weren't the one in2need right the day that your needs it's2like you know it's a blank stare yeah2where do I go mm-hm2right and in fact I suppose should tell2from any of these sites like from autism2or from from Alzheimer's and I'm sure2they have their places they direct you2as well absolutely and like you were2made mention of a lot of this2information can be very overwhelming and2part of our goal is to help to explain2this in very plain simple language and2help through service navigation so2sometimes we have the opportunity of2being the first ones to have made2contact with these individuals and in2doing so we can take that time and2explain this is where you can go to for2X Y & Z right so yeah the people can2actually have that one-on-one absolutely2walking them through the process and if2they're ready to you know as far as2doing a referral for Central and for2example Chantal has the paperwork and2she's able to help fill out that2paperwork right then and there and then2be able to send that referral on to2Central and on behalf of this relief and2so that's some home and community care2they're formerly known as CCAC oh right2yeah yeah I didn't know the big change2they recently changed their names okay2yeah some of the family members that we2all go in home visits for they don't2have computer access or there may be a2language barrier so2having that opportunity to take that2time since we're already there to2complete the paperwork saves time it's2efficient and it provides peace of mind2for them well I can actually speak to so2there was CCAC when we were dealing2phenomenal yes yeah we we had a wealth2of support for more information than2anything you know it was was fantastic2for us anytime we were unsure it seemed2like it was a phone call away it was2very reassuring it's great to hear that2you had that partnership2yeah I just wasn't aware of the matrix2yeah now when we talk about a senior2safety vulnerable persons there's2there's other avenues for it and one2that I in our volunteer team the the2great ability to or not the ability the2great affordability that we we were2involved with project lifesaver right2some time ago2fantastic program we're not sure who2wants to take that so project lifesaver2has been within New York Region since I2would say 2005 and yeah it has been2quite a while but the way that it would2work is that the participant would wear2bracelets for this it's very similar to2having a watch I learned to watch on2your wrist and each bracelet has a2unique frequency in it yeah so when the2participant goes missing their caregiver2or their loved one whomever the case may2be the contacts yrp and our2search-and-rescue team would come to the2last place that that person was seen2that could be a park a restaurant2wherever the case may be they set up2their equipment are not able to locate2them based on the unique frequency in2that bracelet so each participant has2their own unique frequency where and2where our search and rescue team is able2to pick up and find them it's proven to2be very very effective yeah and it has2some great success stories I know that2not in recent times but I know not so2long ago2there was there was a case in Vaughn2where they had you know somebody had2walked away from their home nobody was2able to find them and that project2lifesaver devices here zoomed in on them2within like 25 feet it was and you know2what otherwise could have ended in you2know catastrophic look exactly when we2see that right especially you know in2the really warm months but also in the2winter months right because people will2wander and they will go out and they3won't be dressed appropriately like3they're going to water they're not3putting on their winter boots and their3hat emits and then going for a walk3they're going up in their pajamas in the3middle of the night right and so they're3out in the worst elements possible no no3we're gonna come right back to that3force we're just gonna head into break3we'll be right back33[Applause]33[Applause]3[Applause]33you probably know someone with autism3but you might not know that half of3children with autism wander away from3safe places including homes or schools3in your neighborhood many has straight3to water or in to traffic with fatal3consequences33if this were your child would you want3someone to get involved in help parents3of children with autism do if you ever3see a child walking alone3remember the 3 s's stop to help3seek assistance from police stay until3they arrive get involved and help bring3a child with autism home safely to learn3more visit missing kids calm / aware3welcome back everyone with great public3service announcement clip there I mean3that that kind of puts it in a nutshell3it brings to the table one in 683children so you know all the better that3we have these kind of units and3individuals to reach out to I just want3to recap a little bit on before we went3into break we were talking about the3project lifesaver piece and some of how3it works3reminding the folks at home that project3lifesaver at yrp I why our PTA goes off3is if they want more information if they3want to sign up I understand there is a3fee but it's a very nominal it's a very3small fee and I can tell you that it up3bein in the Jourdain area I won't speak3to the rest of the region but I know in3the Georgene area we had connected with3service clubs that we're helping to help3them to cover some of those some of3those costs and and they're really3willing to do so they're helping3vulnerable people in their own community3absolutely right so but that that video3clip that we just seen you know it was3kind of teaching us that that autism3sometimes they don't always know where3they are don't know where they're gonna3be so what are we looking for well with3autism and our older adults - like3you're looking for you know maybe that3confusion right and and something that3just doesn't seem right or something3that's maybe they don't fit in where3they are right where they you know3whether it's a child that walks into a3bar or where there's around a lot of3older people or elderly people I'm not3dressed properly - right and I3no that's that's true like I know I know3last week we put two different reports3where where I was vulnerable persons who3had walked out into you know the dead of3winter and yeah whatever had happened3cognitively yep I know in the one case3the gentleman he was actually removing3articles of clothing and we were talking3about was -28 it you see sometimes like3we as people we don't necessarily3understand that the mine has its own3path sometimes and some sometimes3individuals that have autism or3Alzheimer's they don't exhibit3traditional lost person characteristics3so they're going to places where someone3who might be missing might not tend to3go to so they make a wonder ground they3might go to bodies of water and they3might not always respond to their name3being called oh wow yeah makes it a3little more difficult it does because3they don't identify themselves as being3lost okay yeah okay yeah you kind of3just put that together they don't know3they're know and I think that the last4part of that clip where they said you4know stop seek help from police and stay4is so important and it I think it just4comes back to the whole idea of like4bystanders you know you see things4happening should I get involved I don't4want to get involved but when you get4that funny feeling in your belly and4that something isn't right4they couldn't have said it better you4know if that was your kid yeah and they4look like they were confused would you4want someone to help and of course you4would yeah so do something is what our4message is you're not gonna be able to4solve that children that child's4problems but at least get let us help4our job is to come and help that4absolutely bring it to our attention you4know I'm not the author of it but you4know anyone that says that if something4doesn't look right chances are it4doesn't know that or it's not rather or4it couldn't be more true right right and4I know just leading it from that into4our vulnerable person registers Chantal4can speak a little bit to that but just4as far as that registry having the4information which Chantal will talk4about is it just helps us as police do4our job that much more efficiently and4effectively because if we get a call for4someone the more information we can have4them both them started starting with a4pitcher so actually4pitch our more recent picture of them so4then we can recognize them you know4whether they are verbal or nonverbal we4start giving commands4maybe they they're hearing there's an4issue and they're not listening and4we're thinking why are you not listening4well there's more to it and it makes4sense that you know come the day that4you need to have police intervention4you're not starting at Ground Zero4you're not starting with zero4information so this vulnerable persons4registries that were going so this is a4separate entity as well it is so it's4our online registry where individuals4can go online and it's specifically for4individuals who have a tendency to more4more health risks so individuals are4more at risk for misadventure because of4a health condition medical condition4something it provides individuals an4opportunity to share with officers and4helpful information so is their loved4one verbal nonverbal is there a4difficult difficulty to communicate all4of this information can be very helpful4for officers to know and it's their4opportunity to share information that4officers might not already have well4just it's something as simple as what4you alluded to before I'm if if there's4a hearing impairment you're not aware of4it you can be within the wherever you4are yeah yelling as low as yeah it's not4so effective so is it fair to say then4the folks that are on this vulnerable4persons registry would a lot of those4then be part of the project lifesaver4sign up as well some not always so4project lifesavers more for individuals4who have a tendency to wander right4where this humble person's registry is a4little bit more broad scope it could be4someone that is displaying a responsive4behavior like aggression sexualized4behavior or and it it's not limited to4age so it could be more someone that4might be is upwards to eighty someone as4young as five oh well yeah also skirts4are pretty broad but it is it is and4again it's for that one there's no4charge for to be added to the volatile4person registry it's just you know more4added information for us to be able to4do our job effectively well they'd say4all of all of these are the others4talk on many other choses it's all those4relationships and partnerships that to4come together and make it all work right4and I'm sure you work with your creation4in the Ministry of Health as well I mean4some facets with particularly with a4social working yes so we usually receive4our referrals from Alzheimer's or caries5in place right also community living is5a great partner oh right well yeah yeah5so when as far as back to the project5lifesaver piece5somebody's ever fitted with a with a5bracelet and that it's it's not a5constant monitoring it's it's only5monitoring when there's a need to find5that person correct5my understanding is each each of the5districts have that availability is that5how that works its yeah in the whole5region okay man okay so there is it so5there's there's officers that are5specially trained in in the yeah right5it's essentially if someone is project5life serve our participant then they're5wearing their by slit all times and then5when the loved one notices that they're5if they're gone5they contact us immediately and then5that's when our whole system of5searching and rescuing and finding them5that is basically implemented and you5can continue with it also I wanted to5add that the bracelet is waterproof yes5so the individual can wear it all the5time 24 hours they conveyed with a Bosch5with it whatever the case may be which5is very helpful ideally we want them to5keep that bracelet on at all times5yes yeah it doesn't do much good about5sitting on the nightstand precisely5precisely and that's a problem one of5the ongoing issues with project5lifesaver is if people are you know5uncomfortable with watches or they don't5wear a large or just things touching5their skin there isn't really many other5options of where to put it yeah so that5becomes a bit of an issue and if they5start cutting it off or taking it off I5don't know5another option to wearing around their5wrist would be an ankle for individual5yeah that did that5yeah we did we had a couple I guess it5was just it was something was unfamiliar5with them so there was a comfort level5but you know the one thing with it at5least with the families that we dealt5with this the families were very5yeah and and they would you know they5would try different things and I can't5say that we ever had any that didn't5work I mean something we had to work a5little bit other right you know and5we're just a phone call away if family5members having any trouble or difficulty5in with the equipment they can able to5give us a call and project lifesaver is5not just New York Region know well I5didn't I wasn't aware of that until our5involvement I kind of thought that it5was you know just a little package yeah5but it's not by any stretch many5different regions are coming up on sub5Lee ferry has appeal has Durham has at5this point in time yeah and it's all5it's all they're all using the same5technology correct its radiofrequency5yeah and and not not to be confused as5and this is a little bit that I learned5about it was not to be confused with GPS5technology and how it was explained to5me made total sense when you're driving5downtown Toronto you have all these5skyscrapers around here the GPS signals5get interrupted mm-hm5where is the radio frequency it's and5and and one of the in one of the cases5it was an underground parking garage5that an individual sound yeah and so5obviously it's a it's a great technology5it's very reliable yeah right right so5what are their avenues can we talk about5with senior safety you were talking5about presentations in that mm-hmm so5you'll actually go out and do5presentations so we do presentations all5the time wherever people want to hear me5talk and yes I'm pretty good at that I5was actually just up at Holland lending5for the first time so there's something5important like the region is so big I5think I've gotten to everybody but then5I'll send a card with somebody or you5know it was through a chats organization5or Day program and I have over probably510 different names and connections that6with chats that I go into presentations6for their day programs typically we're6talking about our you know keeping our6seniors safe so the common scams and6frauds and the calls that people will be6getting people knocking on their doors6just the things to remember right like6this and it's and simple but it's it's6just the reminders of you know if6something doesn't feel right you get6that funny feeling in your belly listen6to the funny feeling yeah you know when6we were taught as kids don't give out6personal information don't go with6strangers right6not much is different really no it's not6and it's not and it gets it's like I say6it's always good information for6everyone no matter what age it's just a6matter of remembering because a lot of6times and I'm one of the ladies gave an6example she said I let two men in my6house and it was like they kind of snuck6up6oh not they stock up on me but they were6came out of nowhere and then oh yeah we6were gonna here to check your water6heater and before I knew it they were in6my house and then I was thinking how am6I gonna get them out of my house and she6said I'm never gonna do that again and6that's what we learned like and I like6when people share the presentations6because yes we learned from one other6person my age and so don't be6embarrassed and and never say never the6day you say I'm never gonna be fooled by6that is the day someone's in your home6or you're giving out personal6information over the phone6you're confirming your credit card and6giving that information and it's just oh6well we want to meet you know it's6definitely not and we've had the6opportunity to speak with some of your6colleagues dealing with frauds and6senior frauds is a real big one6and the first thing that any officer6that I've encountered on that side of6the fence always says do not be6embarrassed to report I get it I get why6you feel nervous but it's so important6that you do report it absent of all you6guys need to know that it's going work6right because it's so important I can6tell you the rule and I've preached this6on this show every time we get the6opportunity in our own house my wife's6rule we don't know you're coming we're6not entering the door right your period6yeah absolutely it's because we've had6the same thing I mean the water-heater6scam it's not so big as I use my6understanding isn't it it's not as6prevalent as it once was but there's6still others so and that's just it right6if though you don't know the number on6the phone yeah6don't answer it if you don't you're not6expecting anybody don't answer the door6there's no emergency in any scam as well6someone starts asking for information go6get money don't do it no absolutely and6and of course these guys you know we're6reminded that these these folks that are6that are doing these scams they're6proficient is their job oh absolutely6they know what they're doing that's why6they're there that's why they're good so6the you got duped just means that you6know it's just a feather in his cap you6didn't6job right yeah it's it's a shame but hey6we were here to give that message right6that's right ladies thank you so much6for being part of the show thank you6folks that wraps up this episode of6police in York Region for more6information on the show Rogers tv.com6for more information on New York6Regional Police6yrp dot see a been great having look6forward to seeing you again66[Applause]66[Applause]66[Applause]6

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York Region Vulnerable Sector Police Check Form FAQs

Some of the confused FAQs related to the York Region Vulnerable Sector Police Check Form are:

Need help? Contact support

What forms do I need to fill out to sue a police officer for civil rights violations? Where do I collect these forms, which court do I submit them to, and how do I actually submit those forms? If relevant, the state is Virginia.

What is relevant, is that you need a lawyer to do this successfully. Civil rights is an area of law that for practical purposes cannot be understood without training. The police officer will have several experts defending if you sue. Unless you have a lawyer you will be out of luck. If you post details on line, the LEO's lawyers will be able to use this for their purpose. You need a lawyer who knows civil rights in your jurisdiction. Don't try this by yourself. Get a lawyer. Most of the time initial consultations are free.

How could I be able to view a copy of my USPS change of address form? It’s been months since I filled it out, and I forgot whether I checked the box on the form as a “temporary” or “permanent” move. Silly question, but I honestly forgot.

Sign in using Informed Delivery on USPS.Com. Then look for the change of address form that you filled out. Also when you originally filled it out they should have sent you a confirmation email, pull that up and you should be able to see what you did.

If you were president, which promises would you make?

If I ran for president, what promises would I make during the campaign? Well, I would promise that within the first 24 hours of my presidency, i would issue an executive order rescinding every executive order ever issued by Don the Con. I figure that would be a good place to start.

What is on a police check?

Hey like others said the process is classified so no one is allowed to publish exact procedures online. Also, there is no need to go through all those by yourself. Depends on the country you are at and roles you applying, simply shoot the background check or police check providers a message and they will serve you well.

What is checked in a national police check?

You can pick up a form at your local post office or visit National Police Checks The cost is $42 and they check your criminal history and provide a report. You need this for many employers, Immigration purposes, some visas and a myriad of other reasons.

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