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The Information Guidance for OMB No 0938 0931 NATIONAL PROVIDER IDENTIFIER NPI

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Discover How to Fill Out the OMB No 0938 0931 NATIONAL PROVIDER IDENTIFIER NPI

I'm the healthcare strategy officer a.10-way you attack and you know we're a.couple of minutes after two o'clock.I still see folks signing on so I think.we'll give a couple more minutes before.we jump in just to get folks extra time.and we'll start to consider three.minutes.you.and now thank you for joining today's.session again my name is Boris ville.Goran I'm the health care strategy.officer at William attack and today's.sessions we'll be focusing on the NPI.the national provider identifier before.we jump in just a couple of basic.logistics we'll be taking questions at.the end of the presentation we'll going.to ask you to type those questions on.the chat box should be on your right.corner and I know we're scheduled for an.hour I think we'll try to get this done.shorter than an hour today so let's just.dive right into it and go through the.presentation and Indiana crisis.so why NPI the NPI as I mentioned as a.national provider identifier it is a.standards that was developed for HIPAA.purposes and it is required for all.healthcare providers especially as it's.in financial transactions billing and a.lot of other information exchanges and.anytime any healthcare provider those.services or their services exchanges.information NPI is is an identifier.during those sessions jump to fast.okay so NPI or overview excuse me the.healthcare organization individual.providers are required to have an NPI as.I mentioned it is submitted on claims.its Medicaid Medicare and definitely.managed care organization and based on.the rules of a particular service you.might need to submit both an.organizational NPI number and the.individual NPI and today's session will.go through both of those and in regards.to the individuals the individual being.a social worker or rehab technician or.anybody who's provide.to services who needs an NPI can only.have one NPI number and the purpose of.that is that to make sure that that.individual is identified no matter which.entity they're billing to with one.number it's almost as if this is their.professional social security number on.the other hand the health care.organizations may choose to have more.than one NPI there is no particular.standard or rule is based on the health.care organization to decide that they.want to have one or more than one NPI.number however if the organization does.decide to have more than one NPI number.they will have to create separate.username and passwords which will also.go through index rights so what.information is required when you're.obtaining an organization level NPI of.course the name the identification.number of the organization you can need.the name of the water rights users and.also the contact individual the phone.number some basic information of course.mailing address practice location there.is something that's required that the.economy will go through Latos of what's.expanding me is and how do you obtain a.taxonomy code and of course as I.mentioned the contact person's name.phone number and email which is could be.but doesn't have to be different than.the authorized officials for the.organization on the individual level.it's the similar information except the.social security number is required if if.one has there is a way there's another.number if somebody's not eligible for.Social Security to put in but for most.of times it's the social security number.- date of birth the country of birth and.so forth the information is on this.slide we're also going to be just I.forgot to mention we'll be posting these.slides and presentations for your.reference and similar for his.organization of course the practice.location.um and an taxonomy cope with certain.licensing so you the individual will.need to put their license number and of.course to state their license there but.it's not required for everybody.only certain individuals so key.information um for everybody to have the.NCI website you can always just google.NPI and it will bring you to that.website when it comes down to individual.providers it's very important that the.individual goes on completes the.application and obtains their own NPI.and that the organization um doesn't do.it on their behalf.as I've mentioned the individuals NPI is.their own and will be used if they move.from one job to another if they already.employed but multiple agencies of all of.those agencies so their password down.login it is their MPI number but needs.to happen is after the individual.obtains the NPI number they need to.share that with an organization for.billing purposes um there is a field or.other identification number when we go.through the application and we'll jump.to that shortly.it is uh not required field but if the.organization does have a Medicaid.Medicare or managed care provider.specific numbers in the application.there is an area to fill that out but it.is not a required so if your.organization does not have any of these.that is fine you can still complete the.payment GI and the location that NPI.requires is really the primary location.so if your organization have multiple.locations you would need to choose one.of those locations to register and.obtain NPI it is recommended and.suggested that for individuals they do.not furnish their residential address.unless of course it happens to be there.also a business practice location so.let's jump in so I think you know for.most of the information that's required.is very basic and straightforward the.one that gets sometimes the individuals.and providers that will confuse there's.something called taxonomy so the economy.is is a standard codes that the.basically lets the government and the.billing entity understand what services.are what category either the.organization and or the individual falls.into and and it is a the code set again.that was developed for HIPAA purposes.and and and is used across the countries.the same code set at this time and it is.a required of coaches to be selected of.for you to obtain their view so the.texana me and the list of taxonomy codes.could be obtained at the website.presented here and for it's broken down.into two sections that the economy code.is broken down into the organizational.level and individual provider level so.whenever selecting a code said it's.important to fall into the right.category depending on which one you're.selecting and then of course choose the.code that's more appropriate for for.either your organization or individual.so for example if the individual is a.psychologist there's an economy code for.psychology social worker social worker.and so forth so one of the codes that.might be and probably commonly used by.community behavioral health.organizations is the 2 5 1 s 0 0 0 0 0 X.code and so I just presented one of the.it's a extensive list that you might.consider to use as you go through the.code sets and in the definition of this.particular code when you get into the.website and you look for the code sets.all of them to come with these.definitions so I strongly recommend.before selecting it making sure that.it's appropriate for your organization.and again that it's if it's an.individual level that it's appropriate.for the individual transitioner as I.mentioned before for the individual.practitioners for certain individual.practitioners that are listed below here.that is registered nurse chiropractor.clinical nurse specialist and so forth.one additional information is required.and that would be the license number and.the state who the individual is licensed.and outside of this list the license.number and/or the state is not a.required field to obtain an NPI number.so with that if this gives a brief.overview of what is required for NPI and.where to obtain what I'm going to now.show you is though there's a paper form.or PDF form of the application however.what I would strongly recommend that.when you apply for an NPI that you.actually do this online and complete.this information online usually and for.most part you know the NPI sometimes.could be you know obtained within 24 to.48 hours after the online information is.obtained so of course if if you choose.to complete it on paper CMS does give.you this option you would have to print.it and sign it but the paper form and.the electronic version is almost.identical it's also good to sometimes.use the paper form as a kind of a test.run to compile all the information.make sure everything is completed if you.need to share it internally to make sure.everybody's on board with this it's.another way of doing it and then when.you have all the information using it as.a guide to complete the online version.of it.this application will take you through.really you know both individual and both.organization level it will give you all.the information we really talked about.the mailing address the business address.and the application itself also when you.get online there's a lot of you know.helpful hints in description ago step by.step in regards to what needs to be.filled out or what information in.particular is being asked for and you.know and of course just like a lot of.other government documents there's a lot.of legalese about where it came from and.the purpose and as I mentioned before at.the end of it there's instructions that.take you step by step in case you need.additional information on what happens.so with that quick and a basic overview.for most part just to mention it takes.probably after you have all the.information which is not really a lot is.maybe 10 to 20 minutes to complete the.application online and as I said before.in a lot of instances within 24 to 48.hours to obtain that so with that being.said I will stop now and you know ask if.there's any questions again I think the.questions if you have any please write.them down in the chat area and send them.to the host in or the presenter and I'll.be more than happy to answer them.there is one question that I have the.slides will be available and both on the.miktex.you'll be available in amiksak website.the applet.I have another question here that says.how many pages is the application the.application allows a belief it's three.to four pages but again in depending if.you filling out for individual and/or.organization some things are not.applicable for example what we have on.the screen if you look down under entity.type it specifically says for the.individual with sections to fill out in.for organizations which sections to fill.out.okay so there's another question we have.an NPI for frostburg oh do we need a.discrete number for HCBS services at.this time it really is about.organization some do choose to create an.NPI number for service type or program.types so for example some organizations.might create an NPI for their clinics.and then an NPI for their pros and NCI.for their HCBS services it's really a.preference more on them the provider and.sometimes if they if there are a legacy.Medicaid and/or managed care provider.they might want to link that to those.services ok let's move on to the next.question here.if again a question that there's a.radium NPI number there usually do not.need to create a new NPI number trying.to follow through how often do you.recommend we update our NPI information.for most part unless the main location.is closed and you need to change your.primary location clearly if you need to.change the contact authorized individual.but otherwise NPI if it's if there's no.changes in the primary location contact.the individual and so forth does not.need to be updated.sure capturing all the questions here we.have a pro team employee do they have to.come under the organization so again it.really will depend on the services and.the requirement of the billing if if the.billing or particular service requires.an individual's NPI it's blind to how.the individual is reimbursed internally.by the engine see their per diem fee for.service salaried and so forth it's more.about the individual and it is that.information required so if it is.required for billing purposes than yes.of the individuals NPI we need to be.included.is there a advantage to discrete program.NPI number you know for some folks and.some finance departments sometimes like.to have a discreet NPI number and they.internally use it as a way to track.revenues and expenses to match their.financial codes.and depending on how the financial codes.are set up they sometimes might match it.with MPI however there's a danger where.if you have too many financial codes you.might have a tremendous amount of MPI.numbers but again it's more for the.individual organizations to make a.decision okay all right so being asked.to put the presentation up so the.website could be see and I'm going to do.that right now.so this is the NCI website.so there's a question from the MLAs or.basically the Medicaid system is an NPI.required to apply for MOA s I am not.familiar too much with the requirement.on an MMA aside and what is required or.not I do know for any billing purposes.irrelevant of the Medicaid ID number or.not an NPI is required.right so just just a mention and the.plug there's a training there's a pre.training getting webinar being done on.Friday May 1st and May 11th that will.give a broader overview not just of.course about MPI but infrastructure and.the whole scope of kind of becoming a.Medicaid provider and moving into the.managed care environment so I just want.to make sure that folks are aware of it.and have had the opportunity to register.okay let's see if I miss anything.so does this apply for partial and.chemical dependency again this would.apply for any program and/or service.that the individual organization would.need to build either Medicaid Medicare.and managed care company so as things.move into the Harpe environment and.services become carved in NPI is a.required number for billing purposes.how can you register for me first.training I believe it should be on a big.tech website.the rules about what agency employed.individuals must have a number as.opposed to just using organization.number or outline and NCI website know.the rules if I understand the question.correctly the rules of individual versus.organization is really driven by a.particular service and billing codes and.requirements the NPI website really just.isn't as a way to obtain the NPI number.for individual and organization it will.not provide information on if one is.needed by particularly individual level.again there's more questions about the.training it should be on a maquette and.exact website.okay just going through some of the.question okay and if you don't see of.the information for the upcoming.training please email to mixtec MC TAC.info and NYU dot edu and you'll be able.to obtain that information again that's.Mick back dot info at NYU that edu.alright I think that covers the.questions out of that give it another.minute go quickly to make sure that I.didn't miss any.it offers it.is an NPI required for an existing IRA.again NPI is required for any.organization program and services that.you would be doing billing for to.Medicaid Medicare and/or managed care.all right so with that it doesn't look.like there's any more questions at this.time but if you do have any questions.you can always forward them to Mick back.about info and nyu that edu um it will.be more than happy to answer this so.thank you for your time hopefully this.was helpful and if you have further.questions please send us an email at the.website mention thank you.

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Here are the answers to some common confusions regarding OMB No 0938 0931 NATIONAL PROVIDER IDENTIFIER NPI. Let us know if you have any other requests.

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Payment for surrender of your shares and possibly the cost of your "off the books" benefits is probably going to show up on a 1099. If you were an employee, this should actually be included on your W2 for the year in which they are paid. If you were not an employee, but an independent contractor, then you'll owe both the employer and employee's share of social security tax, medicare and income taxes.

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