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How to Finish the Ohio Board Of Building Standards Yearly Operational Report Form in 9 Steps on the Internet?

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Instruction of Finishing the Ohio Board Of Building Standards Yearly Operational Report Form

okay a good after good afternoon.hold on a second a minute now okay good.afternoon we're going to call the first.case on our docket this afternoon and I.want to put some things on the record.we're going to do it a little.differently because we're doing it.virtually and because this is going to.still be reported by Sam who's our court.stenographer we're going to have some.ground rules that we're going to try to.work through if we can but first of all.let me just call the case so that we.have that I understand we have mr..Thompson on the phone mr. all the MS.teams that we also have mr. Eaton is.that correct yes sir.okay mr. Thompson yeah I'm here okay.great okay so let me let me let me be.officially called this case this is case.number 2008 - zero zero three zero this.deals with the dark view special.amusement building located in Toronto.Ohio and mr. Thompson is the appellant.and the state's adjudication order.number is noted on the docket there's a.couple ground rules that we're going to.try to establish here today first of all.for for mr. Eaton and mr. Thompson I'm.going to ask that you be sworn in.individually if you would and so let's.start with mr. Thompson would you stand.if you can and raise your right hand.Sam are you on yes I am okay you can.administer the oath Sam mr. Thompson do.you swear or affirm to tell the truth.the whole truth and nothing but the.truth I do okay can you do the same for.mr. e just reading can you start Don you.are I see okay mr. Eaton do you swear or.affirm to tell the truth the whole truth.and nothing but the truth I do okay I.want to make sure that we that we have.all the board members chip you're on and.Brad you're on because I see you.Paul's on I I see myself but I neo are.you on and you're patched in via phone.is that correct yeah I'm I'm by phone.but I can see you okay.all right to the extent that we don't.that we have mr. Goering one of our.members via phone is that going to be a.problem mr. Thompson mr. Beaton I have.no problem with that okay all right so.we have all the board members present.what's going forward here what I'd ask.is that we if you're not speaking.although we don't have any background.noise right now so we're probably okay.unless you've been muting and unmuting.but we're gonna try to have one person.talk at a time and we'll try to the best.we can when you're speaking mr. Thompson.and you mr. Eaton identify yourself is.because our Sam our court stenographer.are you able to see mr. Eaton on your.screen I am NOT I am only able to see.what's in the public view okay so there.we go so what I will do what I will do.Carl this is Paul beigan I will I will.switch them up to the the live screen.when they want to speak that'd be.perfect if we could do that okay.well then then what I'd ask is that you.mute when you're not speaking we'll try.this where mr. big and we'll put you on.the screen so that our court.stenographer knows who's speaking and we.can dispense with identifying yourself.if that becomes a glitch we'll have to.identify yourself before you speak so.that's captured on the stenographic.record that we have to report for this.proceeding.another variance and we can get to it.later but I think we're going to do a.roll vote we don't normally do that we.usually do a voice vote and Susan if you.would when we get to the point of.deliberation and we've reached a.determination at least in our own minds.I'd ask that you call the roll is that.okay.yes I will okay all right well with that.being said with division cases we're.usually provided and we are in this case.as well with a memo from the division of.industrial compliance prepared by mr..Eaton and my understanding gentlemen is.that item 1 is the only item that's in.play today in terms of the appeals that.true mr. Thompson is reading this is.Jeff Veen s correct ok all right.mr. Thompson do you have the floor as.the appellate not very good thank you.again this is Mike Thompson what the.issue that we're trying to get resolved.is this is a haunted amusement that is.been in existence for several years and.they have been using a pencil tent.structure for many of the years for the.main attraction and have been meeting.the code requirements every year with a.special application for using portable.toilets as well as having the Toronto.Fire Department on hand to meet all the.rest of that code requirements so what.we're looking at is they want to move.from using a tent structure they need to.assemble disassemble they would like to.actually have a building that's enclosed.under the code as a special amusement.code is saying that I need to have.permanent plumbing facilities within.that building which is infeasible for.them to meet that plumbing load with the.the septic system that currently is.built for this facility.there is toilets that are available for.the employees when they're using this.building 11 months out of the year as a.storage building they've got the some.plumbing facilities in a nearby heated.garage that that will meet those.requirements but what they're looking to.do is they want they want to have an.exception to this code rule that would.allow them to only during times of.special events be allowed to use the.portable plumbing facilities during the.haunted events and that not be required.to have plumbing built within this.building.a Paul did you put the did you put the.the drawing up site yes so sheriff put.the drawing up I cannot send live a.person that's phoned in I can only send.live the video so I put up the the.drawing as for him to take a look at we.in our packet are there questions of mr..Thompson at this point in time before we.hear from mr. Eaton yes mr. chair this.is chip I have one question mr. Thompson.day roughly what's your attendance on.any given night or I guess maybe on a.weekend night what's how many people do.you have coming through the haunted.structure that's a good question as the.architect that I'm not sure because we.didn't feel like I said it's an entire.outdoor haunted structure I don't know.what the occupancy for the entire site.is the occupancy would be limited for.the building itself based on code.provisions which actually I don't have.that in front of me but it says based on.when you look at the plumbing fixtures.under the section of code I would I.would only need I would only be required.One fixture per gender women are set at.65 on that so I'm certainly talking less.than 100 and I would think realistically.within this building itself you're.probably only talking 20 to 30 people.going through this as it's a you know.it's a it's a concealed maze situation.so they're going to limit the occupancy.of people that are going through just to.control it you don't have the code.provisions in front of you mr. mr. Eaton.do you have any can you partially.member thought this question sure under.the how we're gonna handle the special.amusement will be under a time limited.occupancy as that occupancy commenting.goes for that month and under the time.limited occupancy there will be.limitations on the occupy load I think.there are provisions any capisi of fifty.or less hold so that will be critical.it's time the apply time from their busy.so we're comfortable with the separate.accessible portable facilities for each.sex when that time limit oxy was in play.any other members have questions I guess.analysis yes mr. chair this is Paul.began' I want to know I know it's gonna.be used storage for the remaining months.of the year what type of things are.gonna be stored in there and how is that.building going to be used this is Mike.Thompson again we the storage of the.events the outdoor event pieces will be.coming in so that they're kept on the.roof these are all not non hazardous.statues go school decorations.essentially what we're talking about.okay thank you Fred Neil do you have any.questions of either mr. Thompson or.mystery yeah this is Brad hey I have a.question yeah I mean I actually on your.drawing you show you calculated I kept.it super minute 112 and I guess that's.for the building but that's not the.temporary use and.I just wondered is that is that for the.temporary use as well this is this is -.mr. Thompson yes this is mr. Thompson um.yeah the the occupancy calculation I.have is strictly based off a square foot.this poor footage as assembly which is.which is not obviously as I'm saying.that that would be not would be would.not be what they're they're using or.allowing within the building it's that's.based off of square footage from code.okay because if you use that you'd have.to for women I just and you mentioned.that there's a staff is there a staff.involved they have well I can say they.have seasonal staff that they bring in.for the haunted events act as the.costumed characters but that they're.talking one or two employees that would.be there to help kind of setup and ng.work on the property throughout the year.just a house in the choose once a year.Halloween that's pretty much all we're.talking about yes any other questions.Neil I just want to make sure they're.gonna have portable facilities provided.during the event that's still that.maintained correct absolutely that's.what they've been doing but they've had.you know every year they have to do a.special application for it which is.trying to bypass that by saying this is.this is spelled out in the drawings and.these are very clear requirements and.the owner is going to agree to these and.anything that would come up in new code.he would stay compliant with.that's all I have mr. chair okay.gentlemen thoughts comments settlements.at this point in time Paul you wanna.start yes mr. chair I think I would be.supportive of the variance considering.that the building official is supportive.as well to propose condition for this.variance would be variances conditioned.upon portable accessible restroom.facilities including hand-washing.stations shall be provided to the.satisfaction of the building official.gentlemen starting mr. Thompson with.that condition if imposed be acceptable.to you.no absolutely that's that's what they've.been maintaining all this time so.absolutely mr. Eaton yes sir we're.comfortable with those conditions any.objections or comments based on that.proposed condition by any other board.members I know but I mean based on a.temporary use of the building at you.know I would support a you know I would.support this ship you know you as well.Neil.are you ready to vote yes go ahead if.you would Susan would you uh let me.actual motion together then mr. chair.we're Board of Appeals case number two.0-0 0 3 0 the appellant is Buster Bowman.for the premises dark view special.amusement building at two two five seven.County Road 68 in Steubenville Ohio four.three nine six for the Appel II is.Jeffrey Eaton building official Bureau.building code compliance for the state.of Ohio and adjudication order number.two zero two zero zero six zero zero one.six I move that the variance be granted.subject to the one condition that we.previously had noted in the record okay.before I accept a second I indicated.just based on our docket that the.premises was located in Toronto.I know it's Jefferson County and in the.motion that Paul has proposed the.indicated Steubenville mr. Thompson do.you know where the property is located.yeah it is an it is in Toronto.unincorporated Toronto that's fine.I'll entertain a second to paul's motion.jacket Neal second from deal okay.Oh Susan you can take the roll please.okay Heil Goering I tip Welch.Chipwich he's muted.yes Brad Smith yes.Paul bacon yes and Karl Schneider.yes okay mr. Thompson and mr. Eaton the.variance passes unanimously on the.condition that was read into the record.and appended to the motion is there.anything further mr. Thompson or mr. eat.just one Chris thank you very much I.appreciate it the no sir thank you okay.before everybody leaves just so I don't.knock us out of this system as a.technological neophyte do the board.members and the IT support Susan want to.stress we're gonna stay on a live.session but so I'm not going to click.all moments that's correct okay and then.how do we dismiss I know mr. Eaton has.the next case how do we dismiss mr..Thompson will that be done by Susan or.Paul or will that be done by mr..Thompson on his own.mr. Thompson can do it or Susan can.remove the the participant from the chat.or the phone numbers provided to me I.can do it.but doesn't really doesn't matter to me.I just thought I'll be happy to initiate.it again thank you very much and I'll.hang up thank you they might be able to.get in we get off so maybe we should.should we knock him out or should we.give them the option going forward I if.I can speak I think they can leave at.any time.correct me if I'm wrong Michael they can.leave at any time.so if they want us if they want to.listen and you they may if they want to.leave after their case is heard they can.I dunno just well I have I'm speaking.that the next case David Shaw is.president so if they wanted to start.early they can I was going to suggest.that but but just to follow up on what.we just were discussing does that mean.that if we knocked him out they would.not enjoy the opportunity to sit in a a.subsequent hearing that is correct.you removed gas so it is a public.meeting so we got to be careful about.that.and I think it would be difficult for me.to keep track of everybody's phone.number yeah and who they are I don't.want to disconnect someone accidentally.so I think we should leave it up to them.to leave that that's my thoughts that.would also be my advice okay well then.you want to see if can you in could mr..Shaw in the meeting at least ask him.whether he wants to proceed a few.minutes early sure David Shaw yes your.president is Kevin's favor Fabri fabric.I'm sock he he was going to be.connecting via phone okay if he can hear.me and gee I'm sorry did you know his.phone number.would he be 3 1 7 4 3 2 3 9 0 8.that sounds right it's a monopolist yeah.that would be Indianapolis call that's.an evening at Indy area code okay.Suzanne this is Kevin Sabri I'm I'm on.oh great okay and Karl both the parties.are here would be 7/8 Alberti and mr..Shah.it's 1254 we have you set for one.o'clock but will there be anybody else.accompanying you that we need to wait on.or do you want to proceed now we can.proceed and that is then proceed yeah.okay very good both both parties have.indicated they'll go ahead and proceed.so let me call the case and then I'll go.through a couple ground rules that are.sort of a variance no pun intended to.the procedures we usually handle live.because we're learning our way through.this system as well this is case number.20 - zero zero two seven and this deals.with the Cooper pavilion pavilion.located in Lexington Ohio this is a.division of industrial compliance case.and the divisions of Jude occation on.the docket let's begin if we could.mister I didn't ask mr. Eaton but I.assume you're okay proceeding yes sir.okay let's have an introduction of the.party beginning with balance state your.full name if you would spell your last.name so we get that on the record and.then state the capacity by which you're.here in a representative way whether.that's architect project manager owner.etc we'll do the same thing with mr..Eaton and then what we'll do is we'll.have each of you separately sworn in so.we have that document and on the record.that's the department we usually your.people in on a group basis that.individually at least for now and then.I'll go over a couple other rules but go.ahead state your full name spell your.last name to capacity about which you're.here.we'll start with the apalis.this is David f xual SCH wal L I'm the.operations manager at Green Fairy.mid-ohio.LLC commonly referred to as mid-ohio.thank you and my name is David Kevin.babari Fabri is Susan Smith a V o r e e.and I'm a co-owner of Mid Ohio sport car.course and by title and president and.chief operating officer of Green Fabri.mid-ohio.LLC more commonly known as Mid Ohio.sports car course I just want to give.everyone a little bit of a background on.on what mr. Sammon we're gonna wait till.we only get mr. Eaton's introduction on.when have you sworn in so anything you.say can be taken no no problem.mr. Eaton Jeff Eaton Aton superintendent.of the division industrial compliance ok.let's start with mr. small if you just.stand raise your right hand our or.stenographer Singham is going to swear.you in.mr. swallow futile or affirm until the.truth the whole truth and nothing but.the truth I do mr. savory same please.just agree do you swear or affirm to.tell the truth the whole truth and.nothing but the truth yes a mystery.mr. Eaton do you swear or affirm to tell.the truth the whole truth and nothing.but the truth.I do okay and mr. saber I'll let you.speak in just one second but we're.usually provided and we are in this case.as well.with a memo from the division it's a.little cheat sheet for our purposes to.be honest with you it looks like only.item one is teed up for the appeal today.is that mr. savory and mr. Schwab has.that sound right.yeah if item one is related to the.portable restroom facilities it is thank.you all right what I'm going to do is.I'm going to ask you we're going to.think I think we'll be able when you.speak which again is a departure because.usually we're in a room and we've.already introduced yourself or the court.stenographer is looking at you he.doesn't really have that ability unless.you put up on the screen so I'm going to.ask if it's mr. saverese speaking or mr..Eaton or mr. straw to identify yourself.for purposes of the record so that we.get that down but go ahead mr. savory if.you wanted to begin a few minutes ago.you have a floor thank you.and again on behalf of Green Sabri I.want to thank everyone for the.opportunity to meet here today under.under these circumstances but because.I'm technically challenged I'm calling.in from my mobile phone at home properly.sheltered in place and they've sent.documents on Friday of what I think all.of you are probably able to see and then.my son on his computer has been able to.anonymously sign into the video chat so.on one screen I can see what what what.you're looking at on another screen I.can see documents that Dave's wall.submitted and obviously on my mobile.phone so if there's a delay in a.response from Kevin Sabri just please.please respect that.I'm an older guy that's obviously not.not very technically sufficient and and.hopefully we can get through this.obviously Dave Dave's walls much younger.and much much more able to technically.adapt so we had that same mr. Sabri we.we've been trying to practice over the.last 10 days or two weeks and I.commented the board of building appeals.would have been far better and more.prudent if the statute governor to.appoint Millennials because okay and.we've had some challenges as well now so.you you're you're partially looking in.the screen on your son's device he logs.in is that correct yeah I can see on the.screen right now the layout it turn one.pit out and then the area where where.we're positioned the Cooper Tire.pavilion but your son's not going to be.a participant or a party in this.proceeding he had he's not even I'm gone.okay very good.okay mr. schwa mr. saber you have the.you have the floor okay so our reasoning.behind the appeal is quite basic.actually first and foremost we would.like to offset the expense of building.tents for our hospitality patrons that.historically has been the mode of.containing a special group for.hospitality at one of our race events so.in order to alleviate the expense of the.continual tent building and unbuilding.and the mess that goes along with it how.we would like to build a second large.pavilion the first one went through the.same appeals process it was a 40 by 300.on the map you're looking at the red.square would be a 40 by 120 pavilion.open-air concrete floor we utilize the.services of outside contractors for the.purpose of our portable restroom.facilities in the packet that I hope.you are received we are currently using.reliable on-site services a division of.United Rentals they have a wide range of.trailers individual porta-potties if you.will with all the antique apt.accessibility zazz we need it very.typically we work in conjunction with.the Hospitality Group as to what they.would like we go over their numbers and.accommodate their needs in that respect.we focus mostly on the three major.events that we have our Xfinity race.which is NASCAR or Indy car event and.our EMSA race which unfortunately was.just cancelled because of all of the.goings ons with the Kovac and emic so.those are our main three events that we.focus for hospitality events we may have.between 100 and 150 patrons plus or.minus depending on the group so they.will assemble we cater to them as they.deem necessary so it may be a full.sit-down lunch it may be a grab-and-go.bag or just snacks in between seasonally.we're talking about a time range that is.May through August our season actually.starts April 1st 1st through the end of.October is typically the end of our.season however the the main three events.are the ones that we're talking about.this being in use thank you.Westen's of these either mr. squall or.Justice Avery at this point time by.members of the board now I have a.question so this pavilion will only be.used about three times a year is that it.yes this is big straw speaking um it.will get used it's not closed off.the other time so if someone wanted to.sit and enjoy some shade or sit.underneath it in an unofficial capacity.it's not completely closed off but.typically it is only used for those big.three events that was admitted Sam were.you able to note that that question came.from mr. Smith yes okay thank you.I'm sorry this is this is Kevin Sabri.and and I want to address the question.more financially is we we would we would.typically build a tent structure those.those few times a year and so this is a.more permanent solution to that and the.cost of building the tent and putting.flooring in and so on which obviously.comes with kind of a lesser customer.satisfaction we we've decided to go this.route with with Cooper Tires so.essentially we would have built a cent a.few times a year the cost of that over.essentially a two year payback this is.this is that replacement so effectively.we had a tent with flooring that would.have had porta-johns beside it now we'll.have this more permanent solution with a.concrete floor with with porta-johns.around it those few times a year so it's.in a way it's it's just a more permanent.solution versus using instant fabric if.you will thank you any other questions.of yet balance at this point in time by.any member of the board okay let's hear.from you mystery.thank you this is Jeff Eden we're.comfortable of grain the variance really.the figure of people that are already.going to use this new building have.already to be inside the fence so really.there's no increase in occupant load in.the facilities by adding this lecture so.it's it's really a non-issue so if they.provide portable facilities that's fine.if not the existing facilities will.suffice that's all thank you thank you.okay gentlemen comments from any of the.members of the board or further.questions of either the parties at this.point in time yes mr. chair this is Paul.vegan I do have a question about the.number of people there they're typically.I know it's probably a difficult thing.to do because when it's a super sunny.day and really hot there's probably more.people that want to hang out underneath.there but when you guys put up the tents.with what kind of normal occupancy on.underneath the tents do you have it is.it just people or there are other things.that happen on underneath there.actual we put up the tent specifically.for an event so in in previous years as.we prepare for let's say Indy car we.would build hospitality tents they would.be up through that event and then the.following week they would come back down.so during the event it largely depends.on the group that has utilized those.services or that hospitality location or.that hospitality service typically it.ranges between 50 to 350.of course we build a tent to accommodate.the size of people as needed.pause that answer your question yes mr..chair this is greater I have another.question.you must have restaurant facilities on.the site somewhere your letter about the.financial hardships is constructing an.800-foot sewer line and well do you have.other restrooms on the site this is dick.xual again yes we certainly do there are.restrooms permanent restrooms located in.our infield portion of the racetrack.there are permanent restrooms located in.a shower facility that's not in the.infield but certainly accessible by the.spectators and then there are permanent.restrooms located in the paddock garage.area we supplement all of that of course.with portable units the 800 foot sewer.line would be the straight line distance.between the proposed facility and the.closest point of connections to our.permanent paddock restrooms that's mr..slaw correct yes Thank You Brad answer.your question yeah that's all for me.okay chip and or nail any questions.either of the parties I'm Neil I'm fine.with it.I'm sure the conditions going to.stipulate the amount of temporary.facilities will be determined by the.building official I'm of the same.opinion mr. chair okay this points on.him as well yeah Paul.yes mr. chair I would propose the.following as a condition for variance.this variance is conditioned upon.portable accessible restroom facilities.including hand-washing stations shall be.provided to the satisfaction of the.building official restrooms shall be.required during normal seasonal use of.the facility only ok gentlemen.starting with mr. schwa mr. Sabri with.those proposed conditions be.satisfactory they will okay.mr. Eaton yes sir thank you we have a.motion.oh no Gary hold on a second.Susan yes mr. chair for board of billing.Appeals case number 2 0 - 0 0 - 7 the.appellant is Kevin savory for the.premises Cooper pavilion at 7-7 - one.Lexington Stream corners Road Lexington.Ohio 4 4 9 0 for the appellant is.Jeffrey Eaton building official bureau.building code compliance for the state.of Ohio and adjudication order number 2.0 2 0 0 2 0 1 6 8 I move that the.variance be granted subject to the.condition previously read into the.record that motions been totally made we.have a second so I guess I'm hearing.hearing okay.second by Neil we I think we can do a.voice vote and then if there is a either.an abstention or no vote they can.identify themselves all those in favor.say aye aye all those not in favor say.nay.variance is granted on those conditions.and it was granted unanimously is there.anything else to come in front of the.board with respect to this case okay we.will conclude the hearing gentlemen it's.a public meeting so if you wanted to.stay around you can participate the next.hearing but it's probably hearing if.you're that board in these times you're.welcome to stay on otherwise you can you.can drop off a call on board secretary.Susan steer we'll get the paperwork out.as soon as you can establishes that the.various.thank you thank you thank you so much.okay.they help everyone thank you you as well.much lighter Kent viewer is president.and he will be the appellant for the.next two cases 23 and 28.I could take two seconds two quarters.under the restroom we do that okay just.leave the live event we'll just stay on.live and you can go ahead and patch it.at me I'll be around I'll be right back.you.you.Paul.yes Susan thank you I tried to mute.everyone because I thought in the live.event it would say that we'd be back.momentarily at least that's what it if.he takes us or not mute but if he takes.his camera and turns it off that they'll.be in the live event it will show that I.apologize not not mute but camera so.next time he needs to leave if he just.takes his camera and turns it off then.it has stayed up in the live event that.we've left for a moment just.okay okay maybe we can put together a.sign to to to do that as well I have one.I just I shared this morning that if you.just turn your camera off whoever's in.the live event if you turn your camera.off there as an actual verbage that.comes up oh great who muted me someone.needed me or I did Thanks okay no that's.fine I was I just I looked out I saw it.muted hey Sam.give him a second Sam Sam Sam Sam on you.he shows muted I don't they just I.say it should here you see they say they.see yeah.so real quickly before we call.officially a third case you you you.doing okay on this yeah this was working.okay all right your channel to identify.the parties yeah as long as they spell.their names and everyone speaks once at.once at a time and identifies themselves.when they start it's pretty clear okay.and what are you looking at you're.looking at the same thing we are with.the gallery no I just have what's being.in the public.whoever selecting the camera that's what.I'm seeing.so the only live experience that I get.is through the phone okay board members.have any comments on that I think we're.good we need down mute Neel unmute Kent.viewer.Jeff please.Neal needs to unmute and okay thank.everybody's back I accept Neil but.that's I think that's fine but I just.want to make sure we were okay after two.hearings before T well under the third.hearing with our court reporter it.sounds like we are unless any of the.board members are troubled with the.explanation that he gave to my question.okay all right.Susan do we have the parties for the.third case we do okay good afternoon.it is 119 and we're actually going to.call a case that was set for 1:30 our.docket it deals with the Ohio Department.of Transportation this is case number 2.0 I'm sorry yeah 2 0 - 0 0 2 to 3 and it.because it's a no dot facility it's the.industrial compliance has jurisdiction.first of all who the representative for.the appellant for the this is Kent beer.architect an engineer representing oh.that ok company new on this hearing I.forwarded the invite but they were.concerned that there's some I think.language and the invite that would.suggest they might if they joined it.might knock me out okay here's my.question and this is also for mr. Eden.who's representing the division in this.matter you're not set for till 1:30 it's.now 120 any objection to advancing the.case to now no sir thank you no no.objected okay all right case has been.called mr. Bueller I'd ask that you.stand raise your right hand I'm going to.have the oath administered by our court.reporter actually I think we can do that.too I think mr. Eaton you could stand as.well.and mr. Bueller and Sam you can go ahead.and just a minute.the other as you do I'll get I'll get.the confirmation on the record all right.I keep there or affirm to tell the truth.the whole truth and nothing but the.truth.I do I do okay mr. Eaton and mr. Bueller.you've accepted the oh thank you it.looks like with respect to this case.item one on the adjudication order is.what is an issue here for today's.appeals at true mr. veal or mr. Eaton's.yes sir yes.okay mr. Bueller you have the floor okay.our firm Bureau Group architecture and.engineering incorporated was retained by.the Ohio Department transportation to.design an unheated storage building in.Troy Ohio at the Miami County.ODOT facility full service maintenance.facility and basically they have a.number of vehicles and equipment setting.outside and they'd like to put that into.an enclosed space and they've adopted a.pal a process a style building a tension.fabric structure to put things like that.inside and so we've designed a 10,000.square foot building they have obtained.a local zoning permit and this is a.rendering of what that building would.look like and we're requesting that lieu.of a fire suppression system for this.unheated storage structure that we could.put in a heat detectors and pull.stations in audible visual signals and.it tied it into the simplex fire alarm.that monitors the main building.approximately 200 feet away all right.we're looking at that did you put that.on the screen mr. bule or mr. bean put.down screen I didn't think you thank you.we're learning our way as we go here I.think that's helpful any questions of.mr. Bueller by any member of the board.mr. beer this is chip watch what's the.dimensions of the building the.dimensions of the building are 80 feet.by 125 feet okay.thank you any other questions.yes mr. Jenson all vegan I did see the.list of the equipment but would you mind.for the record kind of going over what.is stored in this building.they have swap loaders and stored.there's two trailers semi trailers once.a brine trailer when they store the.brine fluid the other one is a trailer I.believe we're hauling vehicles around.and that's what the two side bay doors.are narrow smaller ones are four and.there'll be digital signs and some sub.pants mowing lawn mowers so that's kinda.and it wouldn't necessarily have all.this stuff in a backhoe in the building.necessary at the same time but we want.to show them it can all fit if they.needed to put it all in at the same time.okay any other questions mr. bjur okay.mr. Eaton yeah we've had a couple of.these in the past and we're comfortable.with our standard condition of the heat.detection system throughout.any questions in the street okay yeah I.do have one point during the review of.the the drawings I did notice we just.have two doors in into this building we.have some overhead doors obviously but.there's just two man doors I did not see.any requests for variance for windowless.store provisions for this particular.structure so I am personally I think I'm.okay with the sprinkler system having a.fire alarm system in there we've done.this for other ODOT facilities but I.think Fire Department access then.becomes that much more important to this.so I would probably want to require as a.condition that the building needs to.meet the requirements of OBC 9:03.point-to-point 11.1 regarding story is.without openings right here from any of.our colleagues mr. brewer any comments.respect of what mr. vegan proposed we.did receive a letter from the Tory fire.department non objection letter to this.appeal request and I did forward they.have to susan sears and mr. chair we do.have that as part of our back pocket.letter from Gary's family 2020 letter.which he does not object to the variance.with the detection system and pull.stations thank you that's so that's in.our record previously and gentlemen any.any well I'm here for mr. Eaton any.mystery any further comments.particularly in light of what mr. vegan.has indicated no sir I would agree with.that as well.thank you.board members comments sentiments I'm a.question what is the maximum allowable.egress distance on a building like this.that's uh that's mr. Smith you know yes.mr. Smith I think that's directed to you.mr. viewer yes well we're showing the.maximum distance of this travel of.around 125 feet in this current layout.hey do you know what the allowable is.I'd had to get the code out I'm sorry I.don't have that memorized John you know.250 200 feet yeah without sprinkler.maximum travel so technically you could.be in the middle of building and go 200.feet each direction to a door okay thank.you.sorry that was Jeff.okay mr. brewer anything further at this.point time.no I 200-foot was what I was thinking it.when I was that glad that Jeff is able.to confirm that okay mr. Eaton anything.further.no sir took a while I had to get the.dust off my cookbook well the Internet.by running slow up there okay gentlemen.comments thoughts sentiments this is.chip I support the variance with the.conditions that Mister vegans about to.propose okay Thank You Brad.yes we've supported these variances in.the past for these types of buildings.and I would support it with the.conditions okay.Neil's muted Neil.Susan can you tell from behind the wall.they have we lost Neil I'm looking he's.it just shows his muted.should be able to hear you though oh he.but he can't make a record fall how do.you put here sentiments on this I mean.you already you proposed the conditions.but yeah I will put together some good.missions maybe we could read through.those while near Neil's working through.figuring out how to unmute himself and.in the event and the event Neil has a.glitch I think I'll probably do a voice.then I'll see whether or not the parties.are in agreement with proceeding in.front of a board of four rather than a.board of five but I don't think we're.there yet so go ahead okay.yes mr. chair proposed the following.conditions number one and alternate and.I've posted those up on the screen so.everybody in attendance can read along.as well to number one in alternate fire.alarm system shall be installed and.maintained comprising of a remote.annunciator Perrin located at the.satisfaction of the building and fire.officials and Perrin system smoke.detectors was integral heat detectors.throughout the entire structure audible./ visual devices throughout the entire.structure in pool stations that all.identified means of egress number two.the alternate fire alarm system shall be.required to be off premise monitored in.a manner approved pursuant to OBC nine.zero one point six number three the.alternate fire alarm system and.off-premise monitoring shall be.considered required systems and listed.as such on a certificate of occupancy by.the building officials number four the.alternate fire alarm system and.off-premise monitoring shall be.maintained as required systems utilizing.the Ohio Fire Code and adopted and FPA.standards.number five new maintenance repairs or.storage of combustible or flammable.materials shall be permitted within the.structure at any time number six.the building shall meet requirements of.OBC 9:03 point-to-point 11.1 Peron.stories without openings and Peron.revised drawings shall be submitted for.review by the building official to.confirm that additional openings are.provided number seven this variance is.granted based on the use construction.occupant load square footage and level.of activity identified on the approved.construction documents including the.maintenance of all building systems and.any conditions are required here in and.number eight the chief building official.shall Ford a copy of any certificate of.occupancy to the fire department having.either emergency emergency response or.fire prevention responsibility.okay mr. Brewer those eight conditions.are sober reading into the record as.proposed conditions at this point do you.have any comments or any questions.regarding those and if not what's your.comfort level with those well I just.want to look over the 903 point-to-point.11.1 now this projects out for bids and.the bids are due on Thursday and in and.I'm just an architect and not the design.architect mr. ever but I would think.that you are probably going to be adding.three doors on this particular project.to on the plan north side and one on the.plan west side to one that door or yeah.we haven't had this is a new request for.these and that we haven't seen this on.these appeal hearings before so I'm.trying to digest the ramifications the.back side of this building borders up to.a wetland or I mean a floodplain not a.wetland a floodplain that's why there's.no openings on that it's also towards.the property line well yeah they're not.meant to serve as means of egress.they're meant to serve for the fire.department to have access in the bill.they could be windows as well they don't.necessarily have to be doors but when a.building is greater than 75 feet deep.but you do have to provide openings on.both sides and basically every 50 feet.so.okay well I guess is what it is and.again with you know normally we have.done variances for that particular item.before but considering that this.variance is to not provide a required.fire suppression system I think it is.the best interest for the safety not.only the personnel on site but also of.the fire department that would be.responding to any emergency in this.location to be able to have the required.access it is true the other buildings.we've been getting variances on have.been less than 75 feet deep.yeah and the next one you'll see is less.than 75 feet deep so that one I think I.only had one opening but we'll get to.that one soon all right.hey Paul this is Neil Pina I'm back I.got muted you still show us muted but.I'm glad you're there well I had a call.back in I don't know somehow I got muted.I'm not muted on my phone but the IP.told me it star six to unmute okay good.well vote on the last Cape because they.did hear the whole case we're still in.that we all those red proposed.conditions all right.okay well we're all I just want make.sure we're clear here we're on case.we're on the third case yet zero zero.two three okay in the perfect comfort.level but you don't interpose any.objection to the proposed conditions.now mr. Eaton's condition as well okay.any other comments or remarks by any of.the member of the board if not do we.have a motion.hi yes mr. chair for Florida Building.Appeals case number 2 0 - 0 0 - 3 the.appellant is Ohio Department of.Transportation for the premises Miami.County full-service maintenance facility.at - 4 - 3 West State Route 55 in Troy.Ohio for 5 3 7 3 the Apella is Jeffrey.Eaton building official Bureau building.code compliance for the state of Ohio.and adjudication the order number 2 0 2.0 0 2 0 2 7 8.I move that the variance for granted.subject to conditions previously read.into the record and I believe noting the.note is no objection child the building.and fire officials thank you that.motions been made do we have a second.mr. chair thank you motions been made.mr. Welch has seconded it do we go ahead.now we have neat Neal you're still on.the phone correct I'm here can you hear.me still so we'll do a both a voice vote.all those in favor say aye I'm all those.opposed say nay mr. Brewer the variance.is granted on the conditions that read.into the record and it was granted on a.unanimous basis thank you anything.further no we have the next case is.there any need for any recess or mr..bjur I assume you don't want to weigh.around to the appointed time won't.proceed correct no I I'm ready to go.okay I don't believe anyone from ODOT.was gonna join me in this all right I'll.call the case mr. chair if we could hold.on just a three seconds while I prep up.the documents for the next one.absolutely thank you.records am the types of costly one chip.mom do break you heard it.mr. viewer decide is this your first.virtual hearing yes it is it's only her.third go as well.okay mr. chair I do have things ready.Sam back on the record please the time.is approximately 141 p-mint p.m. and.we're back on the record all right well.we're back alright so you're ready.correct all for the next hearing yes.okay reviewer the street are you ready.for the next year yes sir.yes let's call case number 20 - 0 0 - 8.this also was an industrial division of.a division of industrial compliance case.and this also deals with another Ohio.Department Rance / tation facility.located in Liberty Township and the.divisions adjudication number is noted.docket we went off the record these are.successive cases but I think since they.stand alone I'll have mr. brewer enter.his appearance I'll have mr. Eaton enter.his appearance again and I'll have Sam.do a collective of mr. Berger could you.mean rear parents please yeah well you.got state your name just state your name.again and I passed you by which you're.there I'll be at ok I'm Kent viewer.serving as architect and engineer for.the new full-service maintenance.facility in Liberty Township Belmont.Avenue at the corner of a little leg.road thank you mr. Eden Jeff eto and.she's billing official for the division.of industrial compliance if you stay in.sort of look into your camera Sam would.you administer an oath raise your right.hand please.do you swear or affirm to tell the whole.truth and nothing but the truth I do.okay let the record indicate that both.mr. bjur mr. Eaton have assented to the.oath and looks like we have item one is.the only item on the adjudication order.that is in play again for this.particular hearing is that right mr..pure correct mr. Eaton yes sir.okay go ahead mr. beer the Ohio.Department Transportation has retained.their firm design they do full service.maintenance facility for Trumbull County.and as part of that facility there's.unheated storage building of 12,000.square foot size for storing seasonal.equipment like digital signs lawn mowers.there's no maintenance being done in.this building the the main building on.the campus has the maintenance shop and.so forth there's no hazardous materials.being stored at this facility either and.there's no storage rack storage or.anything that would be higher than if.there's any be higher than 10 feet okay.questions.okay now I assume this is the same use.and as far as what equipments being.stored in is the previous case mr..Bureau correct so they might yet they.they could have a trailer in there for.hauling equipment along and but it's.mostly lawnmowers one-ton pickup trucks.and digital science and equipment like.that that question was asked by mr..vegan as it was on the previous here.saying okay let's hear from mr. Eaton.we're comfortable with the variance with.the condition of the automatic heat.detection provided throughout the.building questions of either mr. bjur or.mr. Eaton at this point in time by any.member of the board no I'm good I'm fine.with it okay let's give it a shot all.the conditions yeah hold on a moment.here while I pull that up and I did.obtain a letter from Captain Oconee from.the Liberty Township Fire Department not.having an objection thank you.that was mr. beer scene.all right mr. chair for this case I.propose the following conditions number.one in alternate fire alarm system shall.be installed and maintained comprising.of a remote annunciator at at a location.to the satisfaction of the building.official system smoke detectors and/or.heat detectors to the satisfactions of.building official throughout the entire.structure audible / visual devices.throughout the entire structure and pull.stations that all identify means of.egress number two the alternate fire.alarm system shall be required to be off.premise monitored in a manner approved.pursuant to OBC nine zero one point six.number three the ultimate fire alarm.system and off-premise monitoring shall.be considered required systems and.listed as such on the certificate of.occupancy by the building official.number four the alternate fire alarm.system and off-premise monitoring shall.be maintained as required systems.utilizing the Ohio Fire Code and adopted.NFPA standards number five no vehicle.repair or maintenance activities are.permitted within the structure at any.time number six the building shall meet.the requirements of OBC 9:03.point-to-point 11.1 Perrin stories of.that openings and perón revised drawings.shall be submitted for review by the.building officials to confirm that.additional openings are provided and.number seven this variance is granted.based on the use construction occupant.load square footage and level of.activity identified on the approved.construction documents including the.maintenance of all building systems and.any conditions required herein and this.would be noting the no objection of the.building and fire officials ok comments.I'm assuming that us since their depth.is less than 75 feet our current design.meets the requirements of the window.story requirement then that is incorrect.there you will have to opening some one.side not on both sides of the structure.there are openings and required to be.able to 50 linear feet along the facade.okay yeah this is something you haven't.been requiring on previous appeals it's.it's it's not a requirement that we're.requiring I just noted that it was not.picked up by the building official okay.in the sense it is a requirement of the.Ohio Building Code it's something that.you're required to do anyways it's not.really a requirement of this particular.board I'm just noting that since we're.taking out the the sprinkler system.which is a required system I wanted to.make sure that the fire department has.adequate access in case there was a.reason for them to get into the building.okay well your don't discard its I don't.just count this not part of the billet.code it's good point it out okay.just reading any comments on on that.dialog.no sir appreciate the the input and I'll.make sure the examiners are aware for.future projects mr. bjur you can you can.live with those conditions as written I.can't.hopefully Odette will be like dust to.him to the street I we're comfortable.with the conditions proposed as proposed.okay thank you gentlemen.any comments or questions at this point.in time no sir if not I'll entertain a.motion.yes mr. chair for board of billing.Appeals case number 2 0 - 2 0 - 0 - 8.the appellant is Ohio Department of.Transportation the premises is for ODOT.cold storage building at five one four.zero Belmont Avenue Liberty Township.Ohio four four five zero five the Apella.is Jeffrey Eaton building official.Bureau building code compliance for the.state of Ohio and adjudication or number.two zero two zero zero two zero four six.three I move that the brands be granted.subject to the conditions that we.previously read into the record and.noting the no objection of the building.and fire officials okay before I.entertain a second.I think Neil's on because I see the two.one six number his other moniker is.still muted Neil you on I am and the.reason that stays mute is because they.have no mic on my computer to date but.you were you were everything I sure did.okay motions been made we have a second.second and we have a second that was.that chip yes sir.okay second by Porter Wells all those in.favor say aye.all those opposed say nay mr. Brewer mr..Eaton the variance is granted all those.conditions and granted unanimously.that's a lot thank you congratulations.everybody if you want their public.meetings but otherwise you could.disconnect yourself okay well I'll.certainly turn my camera mic off mr..Eaton as well thank you Hey okay we've.got eight minutes to the next hearing be.at 2:00 or is that too.first I believe the appellant is here.the building official has not arrived.yet okay Sam we'll go off the record for.just a second.in Carly Susan said you can turn off.your camera and it that will kind of.serve as the notice that were unemployed.for a minute but just don't stop.obviously go get the end button when we.went on a break the last time did you.how did I give you - did you mute oh I.think you were muted but you're coming.under wrong Doppler now that's where.you're not you did well I understand but.how did I get muted on the phone the.last time I think we hit mute oh so when.you hit mute I have to unmute and the.only way you can do that on a phone I.believe is the star six that's what the.IT guy on the right baby yeah I have a.mute button on my phone and I'm like I.didn't hit it what we're gonna have this.is gonna happen this is how we do it.I'll be right back.okay soon as I believe it's pound six.I'm you oh is it pound or star okay the.Chapman jeff says pound six I think I.put pound six questioning and then yeah.I didn't have my notes regarding that.could remember exactly knew it was.something six pounder star.Callie can you hear me you can unmute.I see your phone number five six seven.six four four four six seven two it's.you hit star six on your phone you.should be able to unmute.hey can you hear me I can now.okay right we are still waiting for the.board to come back and then we are still.waiting on mr. England okay so he tested.last week and was able to access through.the test so I assume he'll be here.hopefully in the next five minutes and.we can get started okay if you want if.you commute until the chair says done.you that would be great got it though.star six to do both.oh that I don't know hang on a second.let me see if I can't I T can't tell you.how high.I can you you did that.okay I'll mute you Kelly and then when.they they're ready to start all you have.to do is hit star six like you did.before.all right did you meet mute me I didn't.touch no I did not do anything to you.okay good so how do I get back into this.live event now there you are okay so we.have we have all the parties I stepped.away good glass of water no we only have.the appellant we're waiting on the.building official so Erin just called me.Erin Johnson but I tried to pick it up.on my Apple watch and he wasn't there.yeah yeah I would.yeah well maybe right afterwards we can.go into another meeting.oh yeah I think I think the question was.I think Jeff was concerned that we Neal.had fallen off yeah that there might be.an issue with that is that why Aaron.would be calling me no no I believe what.happened from what I can tell I there's.a link to all our invites that I copy.and I send to I don't know if that's on.she could chime in.somehow the link for today when you.click on it it is not anybody that wants.to be attendee cannot access it the link.for tomorrow they tested and it's good.but the link for some rates than today.is not working I send it to to legal.while we were active and they they were.able to attend so the link that's on the.website for today is not working so I.don't know if that's going to be an.issue.that is correct Susan.okay well but we've asked the parties if.they have anybody accompanying them yeah.I think it's the ability for anybody.outside to sit and watch or listen this.could be the problem for today because.the link that's on the website is.strictly for those that just want it and.and while I do not participate but watch.the so I don't know if it we can discuss.it afterwards I know we have one more.case to get through but well I think the.way that we get to that Susan and we had.talked about this when we were first.started putting this together is we.can't always post a recording of our.session a link to that so that that the.public can access it and see it and we.did that but for some reason the link.that I copied from the invite and.provided to the to ITT to get on the.website for today's meeting only is not.working what I'm saying is after that.you could post the recording of this.hearing because we'll have a recorded.version of that the post I don't know if.it's an issue though that they couldn't.attend while it's live versus after the.fact right so we can discuss it later.but I do know Callie who is the.appellant is here I still do not see.Robert Englund so let's I know what we.sent out gives them at least ten minutes.after the hearing their start time to.join so let me try to reach out to.Robert Englund and see if he's having.any problems connecting okay this moment.you.you.so Susan are you there.she went I think Neal I think she's.trying to call the building official.okay because the link I I'm gonna need a.good link for tomorrow too because mine.did not work today originally.you.you.you.you.you.you.you.you.you.you.you.you.you.hello oh yeah hey I I just hung up he is.their server is very slow Robert Englund.stated he is still trying if he gets in.in the next few minutes fine but he is.also going to send me an email he.believes it's and I shared with him it's.completely up to the board but he has no.issues with the board based on hit the.letter he submitted as well as with fire.official you should have it in hand if.you want to proceed without him but I.told him it was completely up to the.board.so he'll continue to try to access.connection he just said his server is.really slow on his end.okay let's just we're in a holding.pattern hey Susan this is Neil could you.send me a link an updated link for.tomorrow's meeting sure okay.just so I have the right one tomorrow.so my inclination would be to call the.case when we give some word as to.whether or not Miami County will get on.if he's unable to and is willing to rest.on his communication when is written.communication I'll call the case and.then I think we'll have to discuss that.among ourselves is that okay I wouldn't.I wouldn't want to discuss that before.we call the case and get the appearance.of the appellant etc what an impossible.for him to use a cellphone to call in.that's trying to use teams to connect.now you should be able to do that Susan.I'm sorry.hang on the second place yeah you can.use that number I call in on is hang on.the second place.you.you.you.okay.you.you.you.okay I have I'm sorry I didn't mute.myself I've contacted him by email and.we'll see if he can connect by phone.okay and then I also have an email from.him stating I I think he he communicated.it continuing but I I'm getting I'm.sorry I'll just read it into the record.that might be easier let's just wait.till we call that let's real quick.though you're on still correct and I am.that in Carroll okay we have other.business on our agenda do we have a.motion from any of the board members to.approve the minutes of our last meeting.which was March 3rd 2020 so move mr..chair okay so that's chip do we have a.second second mr. carrots Neil and Neil.all those in favor say aye.aye those opposed say nay minutes from.our meeting on March 3rd 2020 have been.approved suppose we can wait on.establishing June July and August.hearing dates unless you want to start.that process now but let's I suppose.here for the building official and let.me ask you what we're on that I mean are.we anticipating that we're going to be.doing this with travel and live or do we.know.you may be right I believe June will.still be remote from what I understand.well maybe I have my camera by that what.what is it that the pipefitters did to.make amazon mad I don't know other.things we're not gonna get up to.Thursday and there's none in our area.cuz I looked at a couple of stars crazy.Chairman Schneider yes.okay the email I have from Rob England.states Susan I apologize but my County.Server is very slow at this time I am.trying to connect but it isn't looking.good I have no objections to the board.continuing the appeal today as they have.both my information as well as the local.fire departments information I think.what he meant was continuing on with the.appeal today but I've responded for.something in writing stating that and I.have not heard back okay however we.wanted to should the appellant on.standby ready to go I think we probably.should call the case and deal with it in.due course any objections of that by my.fellow board members mr. chair it might.be worthwhile I know Susan sent him an.email that he could access by phone and.might be worth taking a moment to let.Mystere actually try to contact him by.phone to let him know that okay what's.up speak with them well I spoke with him.originally and he was trying to access.and he sent it to me in email form as.well he said he had no objection with.the board moving forward but I told him.that that was completely up to the board.if they wanted to go based on the.letters he had submitted on on his.position as well as the fire officials.and then I emailed him and asked him.also to try the phone number at the.bottom of his invite and the ID to try.to connect by phone and I I still see no.connection and he did not let me see if.he's responded to that.yes I have another email I am attempting.Susan rebooting laptop to reconnect to.server very slow today and that was at.212 so that was a minute ago if you want.to give them a couple more minutes.they probably should okay but again I.think he's probably trying to still.connect through the teams he can easily.connect via phone and and that's what.maybe he doesn't quite understand that.right yeah you might want to get okay.all right wall for second.I'm gonna hit the restroom real quick.you.you.you.you.okay I'm back I just hung up with mr..England and he is now going to try to.connect by phone he's tried his laptop.Einstein was unable some I think he's.here.hang on he was there would go mr..England mr. England the other party the.appellant is number seven six four four.four six seven - sorry that's me okay.I'll stop that okay all right so we'll.go to see you have mr. Engler long yes.sir okay great okay let's and then.remind me who the who's on on behalf of.the appellant systems Callie but she.needs to unmute her phone last name.please.Lange okay got it thank you.okay let's go on the record is 217 we're.going to call a case that was set for.two o'clock on our docket we we think we.have resolved some of the technical.challenges with respect to this case.this is a miami county.jurisdictional matter in the case number.is 20 - 0 0 3 1 by the way bear make.sure Sam you on.yes I am okay very good that's our court.stenographer on to make sure he was on.and Neal you're still on correct it damn.great thank you.so it's case number twenty - zero zero.three one and it deals with the Dayton.Football Academy located in tip city.which is within the Miami County.jurisdiction and the adjudication of.order number is noted on our docket I'll.go over some ground rules since we're.doing this virtually that are in some.ways departures from past practices when.we do live hearings but let's begin with.an introduction of the parties beginning.first with Miss Lang then mr. England.state your full name spell your last.name so we get that down on the record.and make sure you tell us in what.representative capacity you're here and.we will have an oath administered by our.horse stenographer.I'll have each of you stand and raise.your right hand at the appropriate time.and then we'll proceed this line.this is Callie Laney architect old boy.Bible design studio Laney is LAN GE but.it's limey yes thank you.mr. Engler yeah this is Rob England Eng.LAN D and I'm the building official for.Miami County Ohio okay and you're.appearing by phone correct.as a resident okay each of you would.stand raise your right hand.I suppose you face your video camera but.you won't be able to see the court.stenographer who's administering your.oath but just stand raise your right.hand do you swear or affirm to tell the.truth nothing but the truth.I do thank you okay both parties lying.you have a Senate to the oath what we're.going to try to do is if you're not.speaking to the extent without knocking.yourself out you can mute that'd be.great.we're trying to keep the background.noise to a minimum and then when you.speak we've we wanted to hold to try to.identify yourself just so we have that.record but if not I'll make sure that I.put that on the record who I believe is.speaking and if I need confirmation to.that effect I will do so and beyond that.I think we're ready to go I don't think.there's any other protocols that we need.to review at this point in time I will.tell you that one of our board members.mr. Goering our pipefitter member is.appearing also by telephone and the rest.of us are on our through our computers.does anybody object to proceeding with.our one of our members being via.telephone no sir I do not know okay miss.lang you have the floor please.what we are looking at here is a.proposed so Dean addition to an existing.5g structure for the Dayton Football.Academy in rural.Troi tip city area the issuer.we're running into correction letter.number three is in regards to allowable.building area with the furniture.increase allowance we should be maxing.out at ten thousand five hundred square.feet we are proposing with this new.addition a total fire area of eleven.thousand nine hundred and seventy four.square feet and as a compromise in lieu.of a sprinkler system we are proposing.two new egress doors as well as a full.fire alarm system with some additional.heat and smoke detectors as well as some.AV devices on the exterior of the.building that are tied into the new fire.alarm systems.any questions of miss Lang at this point.in time by any of the members of the.board.yes mr. chair this is Paul Paul vegan.and I wanted to ask the building does.not seem like was originally intended.for this use how long has the facility.been operating as a Sakura Sakura field.great question I was not the architect.of record on that previous submission.but I do have that set of drawings.let me look at the date on that.so the original changes used and the.building was completed in looks like.2017 thank you.the other questions of hisilani by.members of the board.hearing none let's hear for mr. Anglin.hi this is Rob.so I recently spoke to the fire chief.tip city and he says he has no.objections as long as a full operational.fire alarm with extra heat and smoke.detectors are installed as well as some.extra egress doors and as well as an.audio-visual device on the outside with.the building and a letter that's going.to be drafted by the fire department.that would have to be agreed to by the.the owner of the building stating that.they understand the risk of the possible.damage to the absence of a you know fire.suppression system of the building in.regards to the lack of a sprinkler.I have no objections either as long as.those items are met questions my.colleagues mr. chair this is do I do.have a question for mrs. lang G miss.Lang G what exactly is the reason for.not coming compliant with the.suppression system what is it what is.your hardship here.you.you guys hear that we heard it did we.lose her she's she's back in yes she has.disconnected somehow so miss lang.yeah did you hear the question at what.point time is you get booted right after.Rob explained the requirements from the.fire department.let's let let's backtrack mr. Anglin can.you can you reiterate what you told us.so that she heard largely yeah correct.so Kelly I explained the requirements at.the local fire department had required.and they had no objections as long as.those were met and I have the same I.have no objections as long as those.requirements are met in this situation.mr. charity want me to ask my question.now I don't think she heard it.so yes miss miss lanky what is X what.actually is the reason for.non-compliance.what is your hardship I see in the fire.officials letter e those states as a.lack of water supply is that the reason.is it financial what exactly is the.hardship for not suppressing the.building correct so location there's.very little availability for water so if.we were to fully suppressed we're.looking at a large pond or a cistern.with a fire pump to the tune of hundreds.of thousands of dollars so in order to.make this project feasible we would have.to do a fire alarm system and not.suppress what is the total cost of the.addition.I believe they have $100,000 and they.did look at suppression systems you have.an estimate on that or I don't I don't.have any hard quotes from any fire.suppression contractor I'm just speaking.from experience on previous projects.based on core footage and the hard core.requirement it would it would be my.estimate three to four hundred thousand.dollars potentially.miss Liang you received did you receive.the weak word possession of an email.dated May 1st from Dave stock ler to you.I assume you received that correct yes.okay thank you.you know I cut you off any other.questions no any other question.gentlemen of Miss Lang or mr. Engler for.that matter no no I have no questions.any board member questions of mr. Lang.and like mrs. lang miss Lang E or of.this dream Hey yes mr. chair I have one.question this is Chuck Welch mr. Englund.is there any municipal water out in this.area or is it all well and septic it is.all well and septic and there pretty.deep wells do they have this area out.here is all limestone it's on a.limestone bed I'm pretty familiar with.the area and the reason I don't have any.objections is the the remote site of.this there's a there's really nothing.close to it I'm more worried about the.safety of the occupants obviously the.the building it would be a loss I'm.almost guaranteeing it by the time the.fire department got there.so I was kind of worried about the the.occupants that was my main concern.thank you okay mr. chair if I may.comment this is Paul vegan I had thought.about the same thing mr. Englund and I.have some conditions written to talk.about a couple items as far some.existing egress doors in the building.that I think need to have switched or.some additional exit signage added to.ensure that people can can egress safely.well when I get to maybe some conditions.for a potential variance for this I will.read through those in a little bit more.detail okay Brad any questions.yeah I actually do Oh what is the what.the barriers along the law for.this is the to the Maggie are you.looking plans ow.yeah and the plan yes so those are half.walls that the team sit behind so the.the guys on the bench or the gals on the.bench behind those barriers it's just to.keep balls intact in there on that on.the court on the field I should say so.there are benches in there not be.permanent but yet yes they bring benches.out for games and practices behind that.half wall yes.anything further it's really okay there.are questions of other parties or.representatives at this point time.discussion among ourselves mr. chair.this is chip well I think I'd be in.support of the the variance based on I.think some conditions that mr. vegan is.good going to introduce and the.conditions outlined by the fire.department Thank You Neil yeah I would.like to review or listen to the.conditions first but I'm probably going.to be in favor and Brad yes.I mean due to the location of the.building and its use in a lack of public.water I would be in favor of it assuming.we have some good conditions okay Paul I.think that tease you up for some.proposed conditions to that yeah let me.throw them up on the screen here and.then hopefully people can see in or at.least here along well miss Lyman can you.can you see I have video pulled up on my.computer.yes I can see okay good.Greg okay yes this variance is.conditioned on the following number one.an alternate fire alarm system shall be.installed and maintained comprising of a.remote anunciador at the front entrance.system smoke detectors with integral.heat detectors throughout the entire.structure.audible slash visual devices throughout.the entire structure and pool stations.at all identified means of egress.additional audible / visual devices.shall be installed on the exterior of.the structure and located to the.satisfaction of the fire official number.two the alternate flare alarm system.shall be required to be off-premise.monitored in a manner approved pursuant.to OBC nine zero one point six number.three the alternate fire alarm system in.off-premise monitoring shall be.considered required systems and listed.as such on the certificate of occupancy.by the building official number four the.alternate fire alarm system and.off-premise monitoring shall be.maintained as required systems utilizing.the Ohio Fire Code and adopted NFPA.standards number five additional doors.where does the egress lighting and exit.sign shall be installed to the.satisfaction of the building official an.additional emergency egress door to the.exterior shall be installed in viewing.area 103 including panic Hardware an.exit sign and a frost level the existing.door between viewing area 1:03 and.viewing area 1:02 shall have panic.hardware and be marked with an exit sign.the existing door to the exterior at.viewing area 1:02 panic hardware an exit.sign and a frost lab the existing Ivar.store noted on the plans as existing 36.inch steel shell panic hardware and exit.sign and a frost lab panic hardware and.an exit sign shall be installed at the.new door 1:01 a condition number six.this variance is granted based on the.use construction occupant load square.footage and level of activity identified.on the approved construction documents.including the maintenance of all.building systems and any conditions.required here in number seven an.acknowledgment letter regarding fire.damage risk shall be submitted by the.building owner to the building and fire.officials and number eight the chief.building official shall forward a copy.of any certificate of occupancy to the.fire department having either emergency.response or further prevention.responsibility okay that was you know a.long set of conditions and obviously mr..Englund had to follow along but cluster.with miss lang are those where any.questions with respect to those proposed.conditions any comments what's your.level of acceptance of those.everything sounds reasonable and doable.the 1:1 addition that I'm seen is it.looks like you want an additional door.and viewing area.1:03 is that correct that is correct and.the following mr. England's suggestion.that we're more concerned about egress.of the occupants considering that and I.have 14 years of soccer going experience.club soccer year-round with two of my.children so I've been to many and many.many of these the I assumed parents are.probably going to be mostly up on the.mezzanine level for the most part so the.egress path for those people up on the.mezzanine level is going to be down the.stairs you know through a door into an.adjacent space and then out a door I.think it would make most sense that if.for some reason either of those two.additional doors are blocked for any.number of reasons that there be an.egress door so that when you come off of.the mezzanine level they can go directly.to the outside reasonable I got one of.those yeah I can see we're viewing area.you could be full of bags and blankets.and pillows from the team so okay sounds.like the two architects or sympatico at.this point like every architect can ask.they have kids in club sports that's all.that really mr. England are you able to.follow along absolutely okay are any any.objections to those conditions as stated.not at all I think it's fair yes okay.comments gentlemen any comments I have a.question should the exit door and 102 go.be reversed.oh it swings.yeah I mean I think that is is probably.a good idea what I did with that that.long condition number five is did leave.that up to the discretion of the.building officials so I think once plans.are resubmitted if mr. Englund feels.that even beyond the conditions that.we've had he wants an additional exit.light or exit sign or panic hardware or.even an other doors beyond what we've.outlined in that condition including.changing orientations or swings of doors.he is allowed to do that the front door.to the facility that was a correction.letter I am to install a new door with.that without swinging okay good.comfortable bread yeah I'm comfortable.okay hearing no other comments or.discussion do we have a motion.yes mr. chair Board of billing Appeals.case number two 0-0 0 3 1 the appellant.is Chris stout for our LD 3 LLC and for.the premises Dayton Football Academy and.at 3 4 4 3 State Route five seven one.that's in tip City Ohio 4 5 3 7 1 the.appellate is Robert Englund building.official for the Miami County billing.department and adjudication order number.2 0 2 0 0 8 5 2 I move to grant the.variance subject to the conditions that.were previously read into the record and.noting the no objection of the building.and fire officials okay before I accept.a second we'll make sure Neal's on I am.on carol okay and Sam you follow the.this up to now get the help.okay very good motions been duly made do.I have a second second.hearing okay motions been made it's been.seconded all those in favor say aye.all those opposed say nay any abstain.okay the motion carries variances.granted miss line II mr. Englund on the.terms and conditions that have been read.into the record best of lankan mr..Englund thank you for calling in so that.we could move forward with this hearing.with your input anything else mr..England and or miss Lang he at this.point in time.No thank you I apologize for the.technical difficulties we've all been.challenged with this it's been an effort.for a couple weeks for the board to try.to get to this point we'll get there.we'll get there one these days the new.normal so all right that concludes our.case agenda.today I'm going to your you guys are.welcome to stay on it's public meeting.but you probably don't want to I'm going.to read a couple case numbers that were.cases that have been continued and we're.going to consider some new business by.the board but as far as our active.docket that concludes it at this point.in time thank you very much thank you.okay thank you okay we're on the record.case number 20 - zero zero zero three.Mill Run Apartments promises known as.Mill Run Apartments at Forest Park Ohio.has been continued until sometime in.June of this year we had a division of.industrial compliance case which was.nineteen zero one five one dealing with.the premise dislocated two twelve twelve.West Mulberry Street in West Union Ohio.which has been also continued to.sometime in June and we had a.Westchester Fire Department case which.is case number 1901 37th dealing with.the wind Brook Trail fire lane located.in Westchester which has also been.continued we have noted it to be.continued to May 28th which is a few.weeks from now still later this month so.that concludes our active docket for.today we've approved minutes for March.3rd as far as new business is concerned.susan has put a bug in our ear to talk.about June July and August all long.defer to what my colleagues want to do.in that regard today.we can look at June I don't care okay.let's do that and we're gonna well I.assume that things could change but.we'll pick will still pick him for.Reynoldsburg an excellent change right.I'm sure so I I'm gonna throw out there.that I have not changed my plans yet not.saying that they will not be changed but.I haven't had a vacation in quite some.time so right now my family is planning.on the last week of June and through the.4th of July.so that's the last week of June of first.week of July that I would not be.available mr. chair I'm out the week of.June 8th under the same premise maybe.that's what we should you could doesn't.you don't have to do it by Geographic.reason no that's true if we said we were.going to do it this way but I don't know.you know what the Commerce Department or.the governor's mandates going to be on.virtual hearings cover Jews say no or.wait Susan what what do you want what.would you suggest I would suggest at.least consider the first part of June to.be remote only I don't believe any even.the state employees will be going back.into their offices and their to be faced.at that until the 1st of June so with.that in mind I really would believe that.an in-person hearing may not even may or.may not even be available even towards.the antigen but maybe it more like in.July I don't know we have currently 20.five cases to schedule that are pending.be scheduled still on the 28th would.that have been our Ashland I mean is.that just the just we we had in the past.we had May 28th and 29th scheduled for.Reynoldsburg and that was it that's all.we have currently scheduled is May 28th.29th those would have to be but if we.went to the first week before the 8th.what chips out of pocket would we be.able to fill a docket oh absolutely.I like I stated I have at least 25 cases.that need to be scheduled still okay and.I do believe there are a number of those.that won't be like today they could in.one case would take a couple hours and.it depends yeah we have a number of.field order sitters that have to go.before the board and I don't I just.really don't know I think there's a few.of them that will where the parties will.not be in agreement and those would take.some time and the possibility of a.record being built for the to be.appealed to the courts there's always.that chance so we had already May 28th.and 29th you know child you have not put.any cases on those dates yet I I.continued a few that I knew we couldn't.hear today or tomorrow but outside of.that I'd probably have about 12 it's.been we've received quite a few requests.lately so I probably I'm guessing at at.least 20 other cases that these I have a.few scheduled already for may 28th or.29th and then I have a number of them.that we continued into until June and.we're waiting on established dates for.that.so probably and then we have your I'd.have to look through I have an elevator.case I have some more most of them are.plan review cases but we do have a few.that I believe are going to take quite.some time to be heard whether they have.to wait till we can do it in person or.not that could be a possibility as well.okay so I unless everybody has any.objections that I mean I think we try to.keep the 28th and 29th to start clearing.through our backlog on there and then I.mean normally we would be you know.scheduling in Ashland at the beginning.of the month and a Reynoldsburg at the.at the at the end I mean if we wanted to.schedule one the first week of June that.would be our Ashland even though we may.not be having it there and then the only.other week you know is the week of the.15th if we wanted to schedule renner.Reynoldsburg dates can't can I suggest.something yes do you think after today.that you need a half hour per case and.some maybe even longer versus how we do.it in person I'm wondering if we can't.schedule a few additional days in June I.mean there's no travel so possibly you.know like two days in June or a morning.and an afternoon session I don't know if.you want to do it diff we did one the.first week of June right that would be.our Ashland one and then we tried to do.two days of warning in an afternoon the.week of the 15th that would be our.normal Reynoldsburg date that would give.you three dates in June.I am back yeah I'm back in by the 15th.Monday the 15th I should be an up and.running.and I mean worst case scenario I mean.the week of June 8 I'm not I'm just.supposed to go to North Carolina so I.can call in if all else fails well I.mean if nobody has any objections to the.week of the 15th I mean I think we do.those twos dates there and then again.the week of the June 1st if we do one.date that's our normal normal Ashland.date so that way we give see Susan three.dates in June I think that would be good.so I mean I would throw out the 15th and.16th if you're okay chip with that and.then in the first week of June I don't.know maybe the the fourth.so wait wait st. though real quick so.did you say 15th and 16th or 16th and 17.15th and 16th like I can I can't do.those days yeah that works so so let's.15th and 16th works for myself I worry.for me if you get a lot lighter because.a lot of my all my travels been canceled.yeah it's gonna be the 15th and the 16th.I have like a half hour hearing that I.may have to jump off to do real quick.but such is life.fun I mean we've will the start times be.the same as an in person doesn't have to.be what time do you think you have it.you might have a hearing which date is.that 15th or 16th the 15th I have a 3:00.p.m. hearing and then the 16th I have a.10:00 a.m. hearing okay so do you want.to switch our normal we'll do morning on.the 15th and afternoon on the 16th then.step work for me okay morning of the.15th afternoon of the 16th.and then that just means that if the.governor says okay we can get together.in person then I'm gonna need an extra.hotel night on Sunday yeah I think could.I throw something out there I mean I.really can't let it I like the way we're.doing it now I can have on my desktop at.the same time the drawings and all the.information while I'm talking to you.guys over here it's a lot easier to have.that information available and your.father and your father than six feet.college yeah you know hey I think this.is a great system.how do you how do you get it on your how.do you get the drawings on your desktop.why go through the Dropbox oh you went.through Tom away yeah yeah I pulled all.that up I can't just like calls pulling.it up I can go through all the.information look closely at it and I.think it's more convenient myself well I.don't know I don't you know what the.policy will be on open meetings and.having boards and commissions go.full-time virtual once this subsides and.we're passed but if that's what you're.suggesting is if there's a pathway to.that you'd be in favor of it well I.thought weird some of the building.officials at one time we were looking at.doing things remotely so they wouldn't.have to travel it would blow up but the.issue was we weren't we would be.assembled together that was they yeah I.think Brad just needs to get himself a.new laptop that's all I've got I've got.a laptop with you and then my desktop.right here but I did I think businesses.are finding out a lot of things during.this I know I think I think.the virtual hearings was to continue.state business under an interim.executive order and then there was some.legislation passed wasn't there I know.Attorney General's opinion that is sort.of on an emergency basis we could.conduct ourselves this way I'm just not.sure we're allowed to do that without.some legislation or some other.administrative rules or however that.would be enforced going forward that's.all yeah yeah I'm personally I like the.in-person setup I think you get a better.read on the participants you can.expedite the hearing if you need to I.mean we screwed around for 20 minutes.it's trying to have a building official.get in today on a.nothing Kate can I try Menon sure I.believe the hope is right now all we can.do is remotely and it's until that's all.left it or changed and but I do believe.it's the hope of that in the future we.will allow them to select either in.person or remote we will do both.just say you're aware right but again.just so we know I mean that would be.promised at least presently on the on.the notion that at some point in time.the board would have to be situated in.the hearing room correct I guess I don't.have a I'm with needle I still favor the.in person but I mean like today all of.these for the most part these hearings.today we're pretty benign I mean we're.talking about restrooms and nothing.controversial or really in-depth but you.get some of these other cases where I.mean the parties are in opposition and I.don't think it's something that we could.do by video and there's gonna be some.cases where polls going to be.objectionable you're not going to be.able to carve out conditions ahead of.time I mean you're right there could be.challenges.we didn't have any we had testimony but.we didn't have any QA from a lawyer.right all those things are good could.weigh on the process yeah and frankly if.we were to do this into the future.I'd much rather use zoom than teams so.much more user-friendly are you gonna do.we you know we do have Amish cases yeah.really.that's a good point.I mean that's not you know Susan you.might check with Council on that I'll.cut hair anyways because Erin called me.I don't know they left me a voice.message I should say so why did you.assume that Paul is going to be.objectionable.okay well let's get our due date set so.that susan has something to to start.scheduling too and again I would throw.out there 15th and 16th 15th will do.afternoon or 15th will do in the morning.16th will do afternoon and then again I.would throw out first week of June maybe.on the 4th do a morning session I'm good.with the 4th in the morning I'm not.going anywhere so I'm good for it all.yeah works and in and then we would have.to ask Susan if do we need to get July.date scheduled now or you know can we.wait till the end of the month to get.those wicked we can wait and see what.happens what direction we get.okay so morning of the fourth morning of.the 15th afternoon of the 16th well I.got Susan on here and I guess Neil was.back the longest right but how did we.end up starting hearings at 12:30 is.that just there's something historical I.think because you do two days it allows.travel time for any of the board members.say up in Cleveland to drive to Columbus.I'm starting hearings at 12:30 people.that are lawyers are not wait you don't.start court till like 1:00 1:30 that's.you know I just took note that was just.something that was you know or you know.yes it's always been like that we could.change what we used to do 8 o'clock in.our house burg and we did we move that.up I think that was because of security.and and alarms on the doors if I recall.that we moved at day 30 okay well you'll.send us calendar invites.oh well 16 okay Sam you have any.follow-up I asked you after the second.or third hearing did any any suggestions.for us we'd gone through off the record.people off the record for that generally.I do have a preference towards zoom to.be able to see a gallery view or if.there is a gallery view if I could get.joined the team for this but other than.that everything seemed to be anchoring.smoothly the only problem is the.recording made from the live feed a.little bit tedious but everything yeah I.have to learn to wait when I say to.anybody have any questions because a.couple of times I sort of moved on and.then then Paul flight yeah Paul a.question.example so I got a I got all play on.that little water okay that's good to.know I mean I think everybody I know.that this I know on high that the.Supreme Court scrap go to and what to.zoom and they liked it but I don't I.think this is a Commerce Department.edict and I don't know that we have any.say in that right I'm the side the we do.live hearing people play students on the.table everyone starts talking at the.same time and that is greatly reduced.during this so that's a big improvement.okay good okay well if there's nothing.further to consider today our next.meeting will be will convene tomorrow at.8:30 do we want to try to patch in at.8:15 8:20 again yeah okay.and then Neal needs a better link as I.understand it she sent it okay that's.good okay if that's the case our next.meeting is tomorrow Tuesday May 5th at.8:30 we've approved minutes we'll deal.with compensation for preparation and.the hearing tomorrow if there's nothing.further due I'd entertain a motion to.adjourn so moved.okay that was chip moved to adjourn Sam.and do I have a second sink a good deal.I think Brad I think Brad beat you to.the punch oh no that's the computer.versus the phone maybe okay we have a.motion in a second to adjourn all those.in favor say aye I'm all those opposed.say nay okay gentlemen 8:15 tomorrow.morning thank you a lot.Thanks see you guys.

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Ohio Board Of Building Standards Yearly Operational Report Form FAQs

Here are some questions along with their answers to clear up the doubts that you might have.

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