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How Do You Get Questionnaire Legalshield Form and Sign It Instantly?

welcome everyone my name is LynnSchuessler Williams I'm a speaker coachand author out of Louisville Kentucky itis my great pleasure to be your host forthe success partners InternationalWednesday training call and it's asnamed tonight we love these new meetingswe get so much out of the interactionand seeing each other and and seeing ourtrainers and seeing their materials andtonight I get to introduce and a leaderof success partners he's a millionaireclub member a couple times overhe's a mentor and friend to each andevery one of us mr. John Brennan thecall is yourswell thanks so much Lin John Brennanhere and you might notice white shirtDerby tie I was at a Louisville eventtonight and Kentucky Derby's coming upso I pull out the derby tie a few timesevery year about the season theexcitement in this city is building bigtime for the Kentucky Derby that runsthe very first Saturday of the month ofMay so with that welcome everyone andI'm honored to do part one of tonight'straining zoom and I commend you forbeing on you know success does beginwith showing up and you've done that andfor any of the brand new associates andfor the veterans who are on thistraining kudos on being aligned with thecompany that's got such a incrediblemission that's got so much opportunityand that has created generational wealthalready for families and we've just seenthe beginning so congratulations and forthe brand new people I want to do twothings I want to start with zeroing inon what to do to get your businessstarted and it really starts with beingclear on why you got started and youknow we could ask 10 people why'd youget started we'll get 10 differentanswers maybe a couple versions of thesame answer some people say I want to beable to leave myjob eventually or I want to make moremoney with my job or I've been such avictim of the legal system or identitytheft that I want to help peopleor I want to expand my contacts and myskills or all the above so why are youhere it's really important to understandthat because that will allow you tocarry on when it gets difficult and todo the things you need to do so let'sget into what do you need to do you knowwhen you get started there's a lot ofthings you could do just like when youbuy a new car there's a lot of thingsyou could do you could go online and seewhat everyone has to say about your newcar and what it's like to drive it youcould read the manual you could hang outat the dealer and ask questions or youcan get in the car and start driving andso that's what you want to do inLegalShield get in the car and startdriving now when you start driving thatnew vehicle and you you realize you'vegot a question or you need some coachingwhat do you do you google it you go backto the dealer you pull out the manualyou test things well it's the exact samething here so you want to start drivingthis car called legal field with theintention of doing what we call faststart qualify and so let me talk abouthow to faster qualify and then why youwant to do that and so how you fasterqualifies number one you call the lawfirm you use the service you become aproduct of this product I remember whenI got started this company in Illinoisowed me $200 and they were refusing topay it now I wasn't going to chase thatdown two states away from where I livedbut then I got legal field so myMichigan law firm led me to my Illinoislaw firm that read wrote a letter to thecompany and I got my money within a weeknow right then I had belief I had knowhow I had a story I had confidence andthat was a game changer I'm stilltelling that story twenty-one yearslater so you used to service secondlyyou make a list and by the way I've1created a video that's now on YouTube1it's gotten over 3,000 watches it's five1minutes on how to build a big list but1if you're brand new you need a list of1at least 30 names so you write a list1know who goes on that list well it could1be neighbors friends people from school1people from work customers family1members you know people you do business1with your dentist your banker all your1psychologists you know he just you put130 people on that list then what are you1going to do you're going to invite them1to look at or pay attention to1information now here's the beauty of1getting started you're not the one1giving the information you're not the1presenter you're the inviter1in church would say you're the Usher the1preachers going to preach but you're1gonna take the offering so you're the1inviter1so what do you invite to will you invite1people to take a look at a video from1prospect and you might not know what1prospect is yet your sponsor will help1you with that or you might invite to a1local presentation right in your1backyard market a a briefing a luncheon1some kind of event or you bring people1to your house and do a grand opening1which is what we recommend you1do that right away and get a handful of1people to your home to your living room1to your basement your backyard or to a1you know a meeting center office a1classroom where you can gather some1people let them see a presentation1presented either by the video or your1sponsor your support team or some really1skilled speaker in the marketplace and1then obviously you're going to follow up1with those people but what do you say to1invite and what do you say to follow-up1that's where your sponsor and your team1come in the invitation is going to be1very simple I found something valuable1I want you to see it the way I saw it to1see if you see the value I see can you1come to my house what are you doing1Tuesday night that you can't get out of1can I buy you lunch on Friday whatever1the options are again work with your1sponsor and support team okay so how1many do you want to invite 30 here's why1you invite 30 you're almost guaranteeing1that you're gonna fast start qualify so1I talked about why do you want a fast1start qualify here are the reasons1number one you're gonna get paid number1two you have a chance to get paid a lot1yeah there's bonuses right away of $2001so literally in two days you can make1$200 in bonuses beyond your commission1number three you're going to double what1your Commission's are going forward1number four you will have done the first1step into our bonus program and then1five you've got a story to carry with1you the rest of your career that you got1started you followed some coaching and1you went ahead and got got what we call1fast our qualified you got paid you got1a bonus you got momentum so how do you1do it use the service make a list invite1those people follow up and use your1support team and your coaches and your1mentors every step of the way1the sooner you do this and do that1faster qualification the better okay the1next thing you want to do is schedule1and go too fast start training now that1you've done step one and got1gotten promoted broke the ice you got an1idea what's going on schedule and go to1a fast start training that doubles your1bonuses and then start accessing more1into our websites and I'm going to see1if I can pull up a site here I might1need some help bear with me please1Lynne I don't know if you're able to1pull up begin the ascent dot-com or1Timur yes turn just second okay1I had it loaded but when I go to share I1don't see it so what she's pulling up is1a website called begin the ascent ASC1ent begin the ascent dot-com this1website's amazing it was put together by1one of our leaders who yelled here from1brief or shortly there it is2you can see it says team ascent and I2can figure out how I can see it now bear2with me so you don't need to be an2expert on using zoom to do this Lynne2any idea how I can see it and then one2still hear me yes we can hear you you2should be able to see it when I share my2screen it came up for a moment and2disappeared so bear with me folks well2it disappeared because I had to come2back to the zoom room okay let's try one2more time and there it is you should be2able to see it now I see now so begin2the ascent comm so if you and Lynn I'm2gonna let you maneuver this if you can2please so go ahead you see there in the2bottom center says success starts here2so go ahead and scroll down it says2congratulations so you got a couple2paragraphs there and then the associate2onboarding click below let's go ahead2and click on the associate onboarding2and that's going to open up a few things2I want you to pay attention to step 32and Lynn if you scroll that a little bit2there's a you can go ahead and click on2download the first steps2and when you do that it's going to open2up the first steps and much of what's on2here I just covered you can see make2your list invite etc so you want to go2through this as a support material to2what I just talked about so we can back2out of that that's two pages by the way2so go ahead and print that folks when2you get to that page and pull it up it2again through to page getting started2document and you can go ahead and all2right John I lost you there for a second2okay and so you can see Linda's had2clicked on download first steps under2step three2that's two pages we recognize it says2watch the video if you click on that it2opens up a video watch that video on2getting started so then you can go ahead2and scroll down some more and there's2the video by the way so you can click it2right there and then you see additional2resources and so these are going to come2into play later so this website is2loaded just like your car manual is2loaded full of pages full of chapters2full of tables you do not want to spend2a lot of time on that you want to drive2the car get in and drive it then you're2familiar enough to say okay I want to go2to the manual figure out some and become2more skilled here with my vehicle so in2wrapping this part up we want everybody2who joins our business to fast start get2paid get promoted use the membership get2some momentum get access to the doubled2the bonus money in the double bonuses by2attending the fast start training and2and then once you've done that you can2go to step two becoming a manager and2pick up another two hundred dollars in2bonus so with that thank you Lin for2your help and I want to go out to a2gentleman who I just admire he's doing2so many great things in this company I2had a chance to be with his father who2lives here in Louisville tonight we were2at a Derby event together and I got to2tell you timur i was bragging on you i2showed your dad pictures of you being on2stage in front of about 6,000 people in2dallas and he was then showing that off2to people and i told them you know2people i admire you all over this2company all over north america for what2you're doing so it's an honor for me to2hand this next part over you sir well2thank you so much mr. Drinan truly truly2appreciate you and what a a great first2start training that we just had a fast2start training you know I loved it you2know first of all I love the time mr.2Drennen absolutely got to have a great2tie at Derby time and have plenty of2those and I recommend for anybody who's2never been to Louisville2during these upcoming weeks heading2towards the Derby really it is a2tremendous tremendous experience2encourage everyone to try and get down2and I actually think that the time2leading up to the Derby is more fun than2the actual Derby and so I know you guys3had a good time tonight my dad called me3right afterwards and appreciate all that3you do for our team and Lynn thanks for3checking folks in and hey team timber3Halligan here in Chicago Illinois I'm3not down into the Derby City right now3but in Chicago in my office and excited3to do tonight's training mr. Drinan did3such a great job of getting us3introduced and he mentioned you know3prospect by LegalShield and I'm going to3talk tonight a little bit about the3power of prospect by LegalShield why it3is so important that you and your team3you know are consistently using prospect3by LegalShield3and really the the magnitude of where3your business can go by using this tool3so I wanna just go back and paint a3little bit of a picture of some folks3from a couple years ago when mid-ocean3Partners acquired LegalShield and that3was back in 2011 now I want people to to3know is that they did two years of due3diligence before they bought Legal3Shield they hired a company called3decision analysts to come in and do all3the research they3about to spend six hundred and seventy3five or six hundred and fifty-one3million dollars just to have the keys to3the car not even to do any overhaul just3the keys to the car six hundred and3seventy five million dollars so they3hired decision analysts who went in and3did their due diligence put together all3these statistics did focus groups I mean3you name it they did it I mean they are3one of the leading you know companies3that goes out there and gathers data3collects data analyzes data so the3companies like mid-ocean partners could3make big acquisitions like they did with3LegalShield and so they came up with a3few things you know number one is that3sixty percent of people would buy our3membership today I mean would buy our3membership sixty percent of people would3buy our membership of those sixty3percent about fifteen percent would buy3that membership the first time you3showed it to like me like fifteen3percent so if you talk to a hundred3fifteen would buy that membership right3then and there so you'd say something3like wow making having a will prepared3that would be awesome3oh well Sandia or hey you know what I3just I've gotten several speeding3tickets I don't that make sense to me3sign me up you know so so there's that3fifteen percent there and then you've3got yourself about another 25 or so3percent right about another 25 percent3of folks that you got to talk to them3once or twice they're there they realize3the value in it they see the value in it3you got to talk to a more then you got3yourself about another you know twenty3percent or so right so there you got3another twenty percent or so of folks3that would say hey listen give me a3little dungeon follow up with me stay in3touch with me and I'm gonna get this3service now at a certain point there's3about ten percent of people that it3didn't matter if they were in cuffs you3were handing them the phone and you gave3them the 24/7 access line they still say3hey I got this no worries I don't need3an attorney so there's those kinds of3people as well but sixty percent of3people would buy this membership if they3just knew it existed and you could stay3following up with them now this is3a part-time business but yet if you can3figure out how to have full-time3activity during a part having a3part-time business you've kind of found3that magic key to success because now3you are leveraging your time so here's3just some statistics on prospect by3LegalShield now I'm going to talk a3little bit about prospect by LegalShield3and then we're going to talk about the3power of what it does but these are the3numbers these are from the home office3and believe me they have access to3what's in prospect by LegalShield these3guys are doing all of the data analysis4for you for us based on the information4they have see this information right4here this information right here is4pulled right from associates prospect by4LegalShield they can see the numbers the4statistics and those that are using4prospect by legal should and LS engage4and I'll talk a little bit about LS4engage but that'll be for another4training but the majority of this4information is in regard to prospect by4LegalShield two hundred and seven times4more personal recruits that's not an4error two hundred and seven times more4personal recruits for those that are4regularly using prospect by LegalShield4you have 41 times more organizational4recruits when you use prospect by4LegalShield4and your team uses prospect by4LegalShield you've got thirty seven4times more personal sales when you use4prospect by LegalShield4and eighteen times 18 times more4organizational sales take your number4right now for what you have as an4organization4multiply that by 18 take take the number4of the organization that you have take a4look at the number of recruits multiply4that 41 tabs where it's currently a guy4so these are numbers that you want to4pay attention to because I hear a lot of4people say you know I don't use it that4much4I kind of use it and I sometimes use it4guys I'm one of those guys that says4that sometimes until I actually start to4talk about it and then I start to think4about it and I started to analyze it and4I say oh my gosh4why do you ever Tim or miss getting4information in there why don't you4always consistently remind people about4the power of prospect by LegalShield it4is part of our operations manual the4numbers don't lie so two hundred and4seven times more personal recruits how4many people have you recruited imagine4doing that two hundred and seven percent4better because you've got something to4track so what is prospect by LegalShield4because we've got some new associates4we've got some existing associates and4prospect by LegalShield is a CRM for4lack of a better term customer relations4management system it's an app that you4have on your phone and you download it4from your store whether it be Apple or4Google store and you download prospect4by LegalShield and it's going to give4you the ability to track all of the4folks that you've had an opportunity to4introduce to LegalShield4now I still use paper right my bags not4here but it's upstairs4it's got my notebook in it and in that's4got these wealth builder tracking forms4that I write on because I just feel more4productive when I write so if you say4that you're the writing type that's4absolutely amazing you still should use4prospect by LegalShield4if you say you know I'm the computer4person and I'm gonna go ahead and just4use the phone and do that sort of stuff4you should still have paper because both4are really critical in my opinion but4let's talk about prospect by LegalShield4it is filled so let's say that I were to4meet mr. John Brennan and we have a4brief conversation and I want to you4send him some information I just need4his name his email address his cell4phone number and you know I can start4sending him information now I can send4him a resource okay a resource is a4one-time thing that I can send him I may4send him a video I can send a PDF and I4can do that via email I can do that be a4text message I can do that via face4messenger you know I can do it via other4mediums right but but the idea is it4gives me the ability from there to send4somebody from information so a resource4once I get John hit maybe I just met him4and I said hey let me send you a quick4video about the services that we provide4I'm gonna put him in there right and4once you know I send him that video and5you know cuz I'm hoping he's one of5those 15% I'm hoping that when he5watches that video that he's gonna go5ahead and say this membership makes5sense so I send John Trent in the video5on a prospect my LegalShield now if I5send it to him from inside prospect my5LegalShield it's actually gonna track it5I got the ability to track what mr.5dreaded has looked at I get the ability5when he opens it up and when he opens up5that email I get an email and then guess5what I could send a message to him I can5call him up and are just you Metaxa go5hey you know about 15 20 minutes from5now hey about just checking in and5wonder if you had a chance to take a5look at that information that sent you5know I know darn well that he just5looked at it because it just showed up5on my prospect my LegalShield5that he looked at it and so I can Texans5like oh yeah it just happened to be5looking at he's probably Wow how do you5know I was looking at it and so then in5times funny I had an associate come on5board after you know she was a member5and she's like you can't you know as I'm5training her I'm saying this is what you5wonder she goes that's how you always5knew that I was watching those videos5yep that's how I always knew that you5were watching those videos and so now5I'm able to track it now let's say he5doesn't join when I send him that first5video I follow back up with them I get5somebody maybe to do a three-way call5you know for me personally what I'm5selling the membership I don't do the5calls there's some three-way calls I5mean I just sell the membership but some5folks that do help out and do three-way5calls especially if you're new and you5want to get introduced to it now if it's5a recruiting prospect I'm always going5to have an expert with me when I make5that phone call5always always always that's what I'm5gonna do so once he doesn't join writer5he's not ready yet then I'm gonna take5him and I'm gonna put him into a5campaign you can assign a campaign to5them and I always use the membership5guys I'm one that starts leads5the membership so I send a membership5video when we're not bring him on board5you know or I put him into prospect by5lingo show because they didn't get the5membership I'm going to put him in the5membership campaign so I wanted to see5the membership I want any potential5associate to see the value of the5membership first as soon as they go wow5this membership make sense I'm sitting5down with him I'm talking with them you5know I'm getting some referrals you know5I'm gonna tell them about the5opportunity and you know they don't help5me decide or help him decide you know5now he's got the membership and sees the5value to now want to become an associate5with us so I said in the membership5campaign doesn't mean a hundred percent5of the time there are people that come5across where we talked about the5opportunity and then when I do that I'm5going to do this I'm gonna send them the5membership video first no matter what5I'm always sending the membership video5first and then when they see the value5in that even if they're gonna work with5me or want to work with me I'm then5going to send them put them into the the5associate campaign write the recruiting5campaign it will then start to send them5emails now this is where the power now5some folks will go well I don't really5like the emails that they have written5well let me tell you they're gonna write5them and they're gonna be there and5they're gonna be more effective than we5are and I'm going to tell you why and5we'll show you how because that's the5tool of prospect so let's take a look5here let's talk about the two a day5phenomenon5okay the to a day phenomenon is if you5can go out there and have two brand new5contacts a day that go into prospect by5LegalShield now they have to you know6opt-in to prospect by LegalShield so6your goal is to get two people a day6every single day to opt-in to get6information from you now that6information right when you take a look6over here two contacts five days a week6that's ten a week get two days off right6I think you can still do two a day if6you wanted to6that's 520 prospects that you've met6during the year so it's 520 seems like a6lot until you're doing only two a day6now sixty percent of those people will6buy6his membership I'm not saying all 606you're gonna buy it you know right nor660% but I know they will6I know those numbers and I believe6they're low how do I know that cuz I've6written thousands of memberships and if6you pass prospect with people and I'm6not talking about groups I'm talk about6one-on-one individuals that I've met and6just had conversations with 60 percent I6think it's low but we'll take that6number and if I just said the average6membership was a hundred bucks that's6thirty one thousand two hundred dollars6worth of income and I know those numbers6to be true now take a look at down below6where it says 520 contacts right that's6how many contacts I had now prospect my6LegalShield and the membership campaign6is gonna send about 15 emails during6that first year about 15 and so that6means 70 800 emails are gonna be sent on6your behalf guys I send a lot of emails6I don't think I've spent sent 70 8006emails in the last 10 years right I6don't like writing emails I know they're6necessary but when you can have it6systemic like it is here 7800 now I6think that it takes about I'm giving me6the low end I copy and paste a lot of my6emails that I send myself I save them6once because I'm gonna send the same6stuff over and over to people but five6minutes per email that's 39,000 minutes639,000 minutes that is 650 hours of your6time by putting them in there two a day6five days a week67800 emails sent on your behalf and then6it's gonna show up when you go in to6prospect by LegalShield you don't track6things for you guys it's got some6amazing features I'm talking right now6just about this aspect so that's amazing6right you look at that you say 5006minutes pretty incredible it's pretty6incredible say something in the chat6because I think it is now but let's take6a look at this6what if you had just a team of four6people you and just three others right6just you and three others we know what6it could do for you personally in your6income thirty one thousand two hundred6dollars wherever it's spread right6however it's spread whenever it's spread6however it's spread but let's just look6at the the leverage here here's a think6about this guy's every single time that6you go to a place of business6it'll a best buy a Yankee Candle I use6this when they're always trying to6gather your information why so they can6catch you on the right day see Yankee6Candle I think they know that they can6catch me on a Sunday because they always6send coupons out or something that6appeals to me on a Sunday so it catches6me at the right moment and so I'll go to6buy some candles or order them online6right then and there because they had my6email address it's all about the size of6your database realize once somebody's in6prospect by LegalShield if they're in6there through you or somebody on your6team nobody else can get him in you know6true story6you know Colton havens you know had6somebody that was in somebody had put6him into prospect by legal show because6he'd actually bought the membership and6you know the but they never put him in a6campaign but they had him in prospect by6legal shows so I couldn't you know but I6met him on Facebook and then we started6talking and I was able to sign him up6and he said man if somebody would have7been but reaching out to me you know7Timur we may not be part of his team7together I'm glad that person didn't7follow up and didn't get him set up in a7campaign but that's why you want to get7those things set up and I want you to7look at the power of what this is right7here a small team of four individuals7you and three others you're looking at7two thousand and eighty contacts during7the year two thousand eighty and you're7looking at you know fifteen emails sent7that's thirty one thousand emails thirty7one thousand emails sent out on behalf7of your company because those three7individuals are7part of your team that's your best buy7that's your Yankee Candle that's your7whatever whatever your target you mean7you got the database it's in your system7then all of a sudden you say okay at7five minutes per email that's a hundred7and fifty six thousand minutes that is7twenty six hundred hours7think about this a 40-hour job and fifty7weeks a year is 2000 hours that's 407hours a week every single week okay for7about 6070 months or 60 70 weeks7straight I mean every single day you7don't have that time your team does not7have that time but then also guess what7you know in working and prospect by7LegalShield one of the things that you7want to do one of the features it has is7a training partner your team needs to be7in you know be the training partner of7somebody who's a leader in your7organization right some of you know you7know that that's going to be here7because guess what if they're a training7partner like mr. John Brennan you know7whenever he put he's got me as his7training partner whenever somebody opens7an email from mr. Brennan I also get an7email well that's just super smart7especially with your team because if7you're their training partner if that7person has to step away if that person7no longer is in the business guess what7you're still going to get notified when7those people get emails as the training7partner so if John were to quit you know7and he was on my team I could call him7up and go hey I'm just following up with7you I know that you were working with7you know my friend John Brennan you know7he's no longer with us or I may say7something now I have access to be able7to chat so it's it's brilliant because7it's the way companies are run so then7you take those numbers and you say 3127312 312 312 if everybody's doing that7you know you're looking at twelve7hundred and forty-eight sales that's a7pretty cool for your team a small team7of four individuals you know that are7working together and then you take a7look at7what if I had a team of ten just ten7whenever however just two a day everyday75200 contacts a year 15 emails sent on7your behalf778 thousand emails sent down on behalf7of you know Jane layman corporation7burns heel Axelson corporation Rhonda7brown corporation I'm just looking at7something Schuster Williams corporation7is your corporation sending out that7many emails right now is it if it is7more power to you but that's three7hundred ninety thousand minutes that's7six thousand five hundred hours worth of7time that you and I both know you and7all those people aren't going to spend7that time doing it because this is a7part time thing a part time thing that7allows you to build leverage that's73,120 sales that are done by a team of7ten being consistent now you got to7follow up right disclaimer you can't7just click the button but guess what7it's going to tell you the people that7are engaged it's going to tell you the7people that are looking at your7information it's going to increase your7market share because once they're in7your prospect by LegalShield7see I get people all the time to say7well you know I use my own personal CRM7that I bought from you know this company8those are all great but because you have8them in that CRM doesn't mean somebody8else cannot put them in prospect by8LegalShield so then when it comes down8to the consistency in doing it what8would you rather have your system or one8that you know is going to generate8emails get that information out and8everything else at least get them in8your prospect by legal should enough8where you're sending them resources8consistently from prospect by8LegalShield it's consistently getting8better at all of the things that we can8do and that's rest send all my stuff8from I mean I couldn't even imagine8trying to find videos somewhere else8it's when I send them a video for8prospect by LegalShield it's got my name8on it8it's got all my stuff on it yeah I'm not8gonna risk a bad link I'm not sending a8YouTube video I mean I'm sending him8something that looks driven from my8company with my information already on8it so guys that's what I wanted to share8tonight with everyone is talking about8the power of prospect by LegalShield now8we talked a little bit at the beginning8about LegalShield8LS engage LS engage is another app that8you should have downloaded it's your8back-office in the palm of your hand I8mean I can sort through reports I can8find things and listen I know some8people say well I don't know where8everything is yeah8I've been there too I don't know where8everything is but it's our company where8we've got to be going - it's so easy and8quick it's faster than getting on the8computer you still can go to LS engage8calm but go there if you don't have the8app downloaded LS engage go there it's8got a lot of valuable information you8know it really breaks down for example8you know if I were to open up LS engage8right now there's a second here and you8can find like I said if you go to begin8the ascent comic mister Drennan said8you'll see a link right there for LS8engage you just click right on it open8it up right from your desktop if you go8to it from your phone it just opens up8right up from your phone so you just go8over to our team website but you know8when you go over here you know it's just8got some incredible statistics you know8so for example they've got some new8things that are here and so it's got8your level advancement module they've8got something cool now it's called your8business health index it's a little8thing with that breaks it down you it8says you know I've got you know tells me8all the anon takers it tells you if you8had any reinstatement it tells you if8you had any complaints it tells you8where you've got any low retention rates8it tells you the percentage of people8that may be in pre canceled you know8then it goes through it shows you all8your performance club it shows my my mad8streak right here it says I've got 1698straight months for my team what it's8telling me is that says right now that8you know we got nine8ix no it's up to 101 people right now8that in the organization and have their8mad streak you know I can go back and8look at it from you know back in8December there was 58 people that had a8mad Street going on so that from a8business perspective if you've gone from858 people that had a streak going and8you're at a hundred and one that means8they're selling a membership every8single month you know that's what you8look for and growth that's a cool thing8to look at then you've got your8performance Club it tells me right here8that you know my personal persistency is8above eighty two percent so that means8I'm eligible for the five hundred dollar8bonus every single month so it tells me8that it's got a thing in here guys you8should look at it's called marketing8dollars right it's right there marketing8dollars are dollars that Legal Shield8gives you that you can use to order9things like some clothing and stuff like9that you know so see if you've got those9if you've got any marketing dollars you9know it stinks is up guys says marketing9dollars expired 16 you know so I didn't9use them but I also see where it says9I've redeemed over a hundred dollars9worth of my marketing dollars you know9then it breaks down all of this new9information right so it's telling me you9know for example you know it's telling9me that the organization has written9over five hundred and forty seven9thousand dollars worth of first month9premiums that's my organization was9interesting I talk to mr. Trent I think9it said like three million or something9wild like that you know that's the first9month premiums that our team has written9my team has written you know as you know9three half over a half a million doing9it tells you all the sales that you've9got going on it sells the number of9associates then it's got reports you can9actually go in here and send an email9and send messages to everybody on your9team right from the message center in LS9engage so it's a tool to communicate9with all the different folks you can9sort through your organization so I9encourage you guys take a look at it but9absolutely start to get your prospect by9LegalShield really fully functioning9when I mean fully function that means9preach it to your team guys teach it to9your team because the power of9duplication then you know always what9your prospects are seeing and you always9know what your team's prospects are9seeing and then it makes it so9easier to have conversations but the9numbers don't lie guys and I'm going to9quickly just go back as I end tonight's9conversation and based on what you've9seen which makes more sense a plan that9says 207 times more personal recruits 419times more organizational recruits 379times more personal sales 18 times more9organizational sales I may be pretty9smart in my own mind but let me tell you9those numbers tell me that I may not9always be doing the right thing and so9guys let's get back to the prospect9about Legal Shield you know let's get9everybody focusing on getting your9information in there and you know make9sure you lock out your competition at9the end of the day it's whoever's got9the best database and the best follow up9truly truly win so I appreciate you guys9joining us tonight Thank You Lynne9Shuster Williams for checking folks in9thank you mr. John Brennan for your9training that first part that we had9tonight and to ever have a fantastic9evening and bye bye for now

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Questionnaire Legalshield Form FAQs

Some of the confused FAQs related to the Questionnaire Legalshield Form are:

Need help? Contact support

How can I find NGOs employees to fill out my questionnaire?

You can get employees at shelters, places of worship, education centers, centers for non-discrimination, job banks,food banks, resource centers, legal aid offices, and many more. I don’t know where you live so I can’t be specific.

Do military members have to pay any fee for leave or fiancee forms?

First off there are no fees for leaves or requests for leave in any branch of the United States military. Second there is no such thing as a fiancée form in the U.S. military. There is however a form for applying for a fiancée visa (K-1 Visa)that is available from the Immigration and Customs Service (Fiancé(e) Visas ) which would be processed by the U.S. State Department at a U.S. Consulate or Embassy overseas. However these fiancée visas are for foreigners wishing to enter the United States for the purpose of marriage and are valid for 90 days. They have nothing to do with the military and are Continue Reading

Does LegalShield help with custody?

Legalshield similar in idea as insurance has helped those I am aware of when needed. Personally, my household has never had to appear in court for traffic tickets, frivolous or inaccurate charges on our credit report and so many letters a year written from attorneys when I need them to know I mean business. If you don't ever have any legal problems or interactions with police (live in a bubble) I guess a plan like that couldn't help someone. Hope this helps!

Do doctors actually read the forms that patients are required to fill out (medical history, known allergies, etc.)?

You mean READ, as in read all of it? Believe your own eyes, not what you are told. Let me tell you about the H&P (history and physical) I read one morning after night shift. It was dictated, and by one of my favorite doctors, too. The patient began as a Caucasian male and by the end of the H&P was an African-American female. Everyone gets tired. I read it through before I realized he had combined two patients who were admitted very close together. I just called him and told him he might want to take a look at the H&P and re-dictate it. No offense taken. He did. When someone is admitted t Continue Reading

How can I fill out Google's intern host matching form to optimize my chances of receiving a match?

I was selected for a summer internship 2016. I tried to be very open while filling the preference form: I choose many products as my favorite products and I said I'm open about the team I want to join. I even was very open in the location and start date to get host matching interviews (I negotiated the start date in the interview until both me and my host were happy.) You could ask your recruiter to review your form (there are very cool and could help you a lot since they have a bigger experience). Do a search on the potential team. Before the interviews, try to find smart question that you are Continue Reading

What does LegalShield help with?

Legalshield similar in idea as insurance has helped those I am aware of when needed. Personally, my household has never had to appear in court for traffic tickets, frivolous or inaccurate charges on our credit report and so many letters a year written from attorneys when I need them to know I mean business. If you don't ever have any legal problems or interactions with police (live in a bubble) I guess a plan like that couldn't help someone. Hope this helps!

Does LegalShield cover contested divorce?

There are two forms of divorce existing as per the Law. Mutual Consent Divorce and Contested Divorce. The times consumed for filing is not much in both the cases the filing takes a day or two to be done. It is process after filing filling which is important and material. In case of a Mutual Consent Divorce, the time consumed is 6–7 months roughly from the start of the process. In a Contested Divorce, the time taken to get a divorce decree from the court depends on the facts and the circumstances of the case. The court will examine the witnesses, scrutinise the documents, here both the husband an Continue Reading

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