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Key Elements of Writing the Grant Application Our Military Kids Wisconsinmilitary

I am J Margo I'm a former army brat and.a current military spouse and today I.wanted to share my pros and cons list of.growing up in a military family I was.inspired to share because my friends are.now having what seems like a million.babies and navigating this new world and.in my experience and in the experience.of my brother and many friends that I.grew up with our lifestyle our.upbringing really had so many more pros.to offer us than cons so let's start off.with the pros and there are no.particular order but the first one that.I thought of was as you grow up you're.not afraid of the world so what I mean.by that is traveling new people new.experiences moving to another state for.a different job those things aren't.something that invoke fear in a lot of.military children because they've.experienced numerous cultures numerous.staged different places to live and we.realize that it is a lot scarier of an.idea than typically what happens notice.now living in one particular state for.quite a while there are a lot of friends.and just people I know that are very.afraid of the world even leaving the.state and having a vacation elsewhere it.seems like going to a city like Denver.is just a scary thought and I've noticed.that a lot of adults now that have been.in the military children our current.military children are really just a less.afraid of the world and traveling and.meeting new people and new cultures the.second one that I have and I think is.very very helpful to me is my.comfortableness with change change does.not affect me as much as it does other.people I've seen many people not just a.small handful where change can put them.in an instant state of anxiety maybe.having panic attacks not being able to.cope with those changes but as someone.who was used to change and and saw that.you know change isn't always bad and you.can be.fruitful within change that it's not.something that gives me anxiety a lot of.times I'm excited for a new adventure.and I think that my comfortableness with.change has made me very successful even.in my career field I am in a position.where a lot of my peers are 10 to 15.years older than me and I think that.this attribute is something that really.helps me sorry I had to do a change of.location the Sun was chasing me a little.bit so moving on to my third.pro-military children generally grow up.in a financially stable household for.the most part during the recession and.different recessions that happen in our.country and for most families.they're usually financially stable and.that is definitely a major Pro and can.affect a lot of things in your life.fourth thing is going to DoD schools so.DoD is Department of Defense schools so.most of the time military children will.be able to attend a DoD school on an.installation or a DoD approved school if.they're living abroad and they don't.have a military school there for example.in high school I went to I graduated.high school in Spain and it was in a.it's called a remote location but it was.in a large city of Valencia so I wasn't.really remote but the the nearest base I.think was like 4 to 6 hours away and it.was a Navy base so it wasn't an army.base we couldn't get a lot of our like.typical services done there but anyway I.digress so I was able to go to a private.international school with students who.made a lot more money than my family.I'll just say that they were rich from.generation to generation a lot of them.had royal titles and it was definitely a.good experience for me and it taught me.a lot about the world but just with DoD.schools I have always had a positive.experience in a DoD school I have gone.to other.schools that weren't DoD if I have kids.and I have the choice between a DoD.school and you know just a typical.public school I will more than likely.find a way to put them in those DoD.schools then the fifth one is awesome.and unique memories I have so many cool.memories growing up in a military.lifestyle that my family would have only.had by growing up that way and they are.very unique to the civilian world when I.talk to my cousins or my peers or even.co-workers or when we do like tell me.three interesting facts about yourself I.always have cool things a lot of it can.do was travel my family was able to go.throughout to Europe to various.countries so we didn't have like doodles.and evils of money to just like go.frolicking through Europe that would.have probably never happened unless we.were in that lifestyle so I was able to.go to Ireland for st. Patrick's Day I.was able to stay in an Italian military.hotel that was like decorated almost.like McDonald's it was red and yellow.that was their color scheme and it.looked so terrible so the next Pro for.military kids is there are so many.activities and experiences and things.that you can do on base which is kind of.nice for parents too because they know.that their kids are on base they can't.just like go off somewhere so there are.concerts there are a lot of free things.a lot of memories that I have with my.brother when we were younger is going to.the little fairs that we had on base and.they would do oh my gosh what is it.called I didn't grow up in the Air Force.so I don't really know much about it.when they put a harness on and you just.kind of zipline zipline down we used to.do those all the time and those were.completely free and so just a lot of fun.things that your kids will have the.advantage of being able to go to and.experience the other pro is a probe for.the family as.whole but especially for military.children is essentially free health care.I never had to worry about not being.able to go to the doctor because we.didn't have the money or we couldn't pay.the bills or extending the time between.getting sick and going to the doctor.because we're trying to away those.hospital bills which are totally.justified now I lived in the civilian.world for a while until I was married.and health care really smacked me in the.face I can go like on and on and on.about health care in this country but.that was really a shock to my system and.very much opened my eyes to the state of.the health care system another Pro is.safety on base so as a kid I was.definitely able to run through the.neighborhood not worry about really.anything I'm sure my parents had peace.of mind fortunately you know when I have.children it will be nice to be able to.still be comfortable with my kids.playing in the neighborhood without me.necessarily watching their every move.which I don't know if I would be that.comfortable in neighborhoods that I've.lived in before that so that is a little.bit of peace of mind not that nothing.bad can happen or there aren't and bad.people where people who do bad things.that are in you know military families.but I definitely feel like you are.generally safer on base as a child and.have a little bit more freedom but there.is a con to living on base to as a child.as well okay I got rid of my gum so.hopefully that wasn't annoying you and I.didn't look like I was a cow chewing but.my next Pro is that you truly get to.visit and immerse yourself in different.states or different cultures you're not.just having a tourist experience where.you see you know the Eiffel Tower.and you know have a CREP and you know a.croissant and say you know I've been to.France like you really do get to.experience different states and our.beautiful nation and potentially abroad.as well more than just a tourist.so my next problem is really the.closeness of your family although there.are people who might say the military.might have broke their family apart in.our experience and the experience of a.lot of my friends.I've asked particularly about this pro.on my list and my sibling is they.believe that this lifestyle really made.their family so much closer as a family.and really appreciated each other.because there were times of separation.so my next one is developing an outgoing.and confident personality so for me I.definitely feel that a lot of military.kids will have that outgoing social.personality where they can talk to.anyone and develop friends quickly and.that comes from changing schools moving.to new duty stations my next pro is.something that I've been thinking about.a lot now that we're in the holiday.season is that you really learn to value.the true meaning of the holiday and not.just the date so it's just a fact of.life if your child is gonna be growing.up in the military lifestyle that your.husband is going to potentially miss our.birthday miss Christmas miss Easter 4th.of July like Groundhog Day I mean.whatever life they're gonna probably.miss those holidays I'm including your.birthday or anniversary and things like.that and I honestly can sit here and.tell you I don't remember which birthday.as my dad was here for and what he.wasn't here for but what but what I do.remember is my dad was here for me as I.hold really start to understand the.importance of that holiday what does it.matter if you celebrate Christmas on.December 25th or when they return from.deployment on January 23rd I have.noticed during the holiday seasons with.different families you know it's like oh.well you're spending the 25th with.Grandma and you're doing the 24th with.me but I want the twin.fifth not the point and it's it doesn't.matter like it doesn't matter and that's.something that's kind of a pet peeve of.mine is this obsession over the date.instead of the actual idea of that.holiday my next Pro is special treatment.off-base so a lot of times there are.good deals that you can get or people.shaking your hand or maybe going to a.baseball game and they have Military.Appreciation Night and you get free.hotdogs and you have all the families.stand and they clap for you things like.that or with your military ID card you.can get military discounts to places.even store okay so this is a big one the.GI Bill so a lot of military children.have been able to use such a guy bill to.help pay for school or pay for school.completely it is not only covering.tuition it can cover your books your.living expenses and a lot more last is.you are not alone so this is not a.unique experience to the point where you.are the only one who knows how you feel.and the struggles that you go through.there is a community around you of other.military kids that know exactly what it.is like for you now moving on to.everybody's favorite part and probably.what you are thinking about if you look.up this video is the cons of growing up.as a military child and these are the.ones that I could think of I'm sure.there are more I also grew up in the.army so there might be different things.for a Navy kids Air Force kids Marines.Coast Guard's that I probably don't know.anything about so one con is by you.getting in trouble you can actually get.your parent in trouble and that usually.gets you double in trouble with your.parents because they are not very happy.that they got extra night duty because.you weren't wearing your bicycle helmet.as you're riding your bicycle on base.and that might have happened to me and I.was probably not my only screw-up.another con is deployment I think that's.pretty self-explanatory fun could be.positive could be a negative but you.move mmm at least for us is typically.every three years so you have to make.new friends have a new.tene leave your friends things like that.and so that can definitely be a.conference but I will say that there.have been friends where you know we were.good friends in kindergarten first grade.and then we were separated as him in.like fifth or sixth grade we happen to.move to the same base again and we just.kind of picked up our friendship from.there it was pretty serious and.something that has been in the news I.think a lot more in the past few years.but you know PTSD and mental illness in.the military as a military child your.parent might experience you know PTSD.symptoms or have PTSD and that's.something that you have to see your.parent go through and can really affect.you also there is always the possibility.that you could lose your parent if they.are in potentially an active war zone.even in training more often than not.they will make it back to you another.con is potentially not being as close to.your extended family as you would want.to this is something I've experienced.it's kind of a bummer but it really.doesn't change my life in a drastic way.but I'm definitely not as close to you.know my grandmother and some of my.cousins and my grandparents you know.things like that I just didn't have the.20-some odd years to develop that.relationship like they had with each.other another con for military kids that.can definitely be a obstacle is there.might not be a lot of support and.services for children with mental mental.or physical or you know learning.disabilities there are ways to navigate.around that and I'm not super familiar.with it but I did know one student who.had a learning disability and the place.that we were living they did not have.the services for her so the family was.able to move again to another location.where they did provide those services.know too much about that but I'm sure.that that is something of concern if you.have a child maybe on the autism.spectrum or with you know learning.disabilities such as dyslexia where they.might need a little extra.support so that definitely might be a.con another con is you are being watched.okay so as a military child you are.being watched by other people as well so.if you are doing things that you're not.supposed to be doing your parents could.easily find out about it the example.that I had about not wearing my bicycle.helmet which I didn't actually know was.a rule so it wasn't like I was purposely.breaking that but it was actually I.guess like an MP was driving by and he.had recognized me and knew who my dad.was and so before I even got home my dad.knew that what I was doing so there are.people watching you and you can't get.away with a whole lot typically another.con is you are somewhat limited in.personalizing your own room or your own.house you're not gonna be able to do.that polka dot themed room that you want.to have because you probably are gonna.move so it's not worth it a lot of times.you have to ask even permission and have.it approved before you can make any.alterations to your living space and the.last con that I have for you is a.question where are you from I hear that.that's kind of a major con and can you.know annoying people or you bring up.certain feelings and military children.but I guess I never really had that.problem per se because I would just.always say you know I grew up in a.military family and they understand you.know what that means and that I probably.won't have a hometown which right now I.have lived in the place I'm living in.probably the longest I've ever lived.anywhere growing up so I would consider.the state kind of my home state as well.as my husband is from here and my dad is.originally from this state as well if.you could like if you liked the video or.dislike if you did not like the video it.just really supports my channel and I.will be posting more military family.content in the near future I upload a.video every week so make sure to click.subscribe so you don't miss anything.

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