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How to use The Cms 1763?

Oh what's going on guys it's Matt from.RC overload welcome back um so it's been.an interesting winter security for build.is a kit itself is built um but we still.need to put the electronics in it we.still need to paint up the body and I.got some scale accessories and detailed.stuff that we're going to put on it as.well that's coming up here in the next.month or two.ah still working on everything plus I.got a ton of other builds going on as.you guys know uh the pro two builds.coming up shortly probably by the end of.this week hopefully got uh got some more.work done to that um and then in the.meantime we're still working on the Baja.build which guys that is taking a turn.for the worst.actually right now um we've run into.quite a few complications which I will.explain a little more when I come up to.that video I'm just waiting for some.more confirmation emails and figure out.some other stuff that's going on with it.time is not on our side right now so try.and do the best I can on the Baja build.we've run into problems but like I said.I'll get to that shortly.uh and for all of you guys that have.been asking over and over and over again.about the ECX torment build series I am.getting to that I promise uh looking at.February is when I will start that build.series up again got some ideas for it.I'm working on getting the parts for it.right now.so I'm aiming for February to get that.thing started for you guys because I.know a lot of you guys are asking for.what are the best upgrades what are some.cool things to do to it and so forth and.I promise you we will get there but in.the meantime I got a few other videos.that I got to get out before we get into.the pro two and the Baja in the ECX.torment one of those videos is what I'm.covering today as you guys know I have.my scx10 here that I've been working on.for.almost a year now actually um last year.in March was the last time this thing.was out running and honestly I miss it.trying to do the best I can again and.out except I want it done my way.I want to use all the parts that I want.so if I have to wait to get a certain.part then I will wait and that's pretty.much what's been happening that and it's.been kind of pushed off into the.backburner a little bit but every so.often like today we get a new upgrade in.or a new part in and I want to make a.video for you guys so what is today's.video well it's nothing special because.the truck still looks the same or the.Jeep but I've installed a panhard bar.kit and this is actually a new one that.just came out it's made by St RC racing.um it's actually a different design than.most manufacturers of me so I wanted to.talk about it a little bit and I wanted.to show you guys how I have it set up in.my Jeep the only problem is my Jeep is.not a factory setup I have a hundred.millimeter shocks in there the king.shocks in there and I have the SSD.racing axles in this so the setup is not.quite the same as what SCRC setup is.however I'm going to try to do my very.best at explaining everything and how to.install it and how to set it up for both.the stock and if you have a setup.similar to this okay so what I'm going.to do is actually bring the camera in.closer give you guys more of a front.look here and show you everything as.best as I can so let's do it.okay guys so now that I'm zoomed in a.little bit hopefully we can give you a.better perspective of this setup here so.let's talk about what Str see actually.provides in the kit here even though.mine's all completely set up I had to do.some several test runs here because.again my setup is different than the.stock setup so the kit when you order.the panhard bar kit from SCRC what you.will receive is actually this bar that.come out.both the front knuckles okay the the.linkage that goes from your steering.servo down to the knuckle as well you'll.also receive a another one of these.links that actually goes to the back the.control arms back here which I'll.explain that in a minute and then you'll.actually receive the panhard bar itself.and then all the necessary hardware the.only things that don't come with the kit.is the actual rod ends you will need to.actually pick those up from axial unless.you want to use your old ones that are.in there but I do recommend that if.you're taking it all apart might not be.a bad idea to go ahead and replace the.rod ends anyways.most likely worn out so let's talk about.the actual setup the process of it and.then I'll explain in detail my setup and.what the differences are in between the.stock setup versus my setup right so the.stock setup basically has you do.basically what you're seeing right here.the panhard bar goes from this bracket.right there's a little bracket in the.corner the panhard bar goes from there.all the way down to the upper knuckle.which hopefully you guys can see that.back in there so they try to make the.rod length almost as long as the actual.steering length of the vehicle because.what that does is actually helps prevent.bump steer right when you're lifting it.up and it pushes the servo kinda sison.some other panhard bar kits and so forth.however on this setup even with my.changes.I don't experience that at all now I'll.know better once I take it out but see.they give you that bracket up there.alright they also provide you with these.two brackets here to mount your steering.servo to the frame because that's what.you're doing right you're installing the.panhard bar kit so you can install the.servo on the frame instead of having it.on your axle so they give you the two.brackets you mount your servo up to the.brackets that are attached to the frame.run your linkage on the backside of your.servo horn right okay but the other.thing that you guys will notice that I.don't have installed on mine is the.linkage for the root for the upper.control arms whoop my bad as you will.notice I still have a four link control.arm set up in my scx10.now as CRC recommends that you actually.use the three link set up on your stock.axle system that actually takes one of.the rod links that he gives you and.attaches it to the frame so you're only.using three links and this will allow.for a better articulation and all that.other good stuff that comes with it um.however my setup I could not do that why.is that.well the SD RC axles are different than.the stock axle housings I think I have.stock one right over here this is the.stock axle housing okay it is different.now the housing that has the three link.setup which I don't have anymore that is.long gone um would actually have the.connection right in the middle so it.would split out into a Y setup right.this most you guys are familiar with.that's the setup that you would use mine.however the measurements are off because.of the way and maybe I can do this you.guys look right down in there right.where those rod ends connect on the STS.SD axle housings it actually pushes the.rod lengths in just a hair so the rod.that comes with it is not the correct.length it will cause binding in this you.won't even get it connected to the frame.so if you are running SSD our SSD axles.you will need to still continue using.the four link setup okay if you're.running the stock axles run that single.rod off the three links set up and.attach it to your frame now I'll try to.post some pictures here from SS ST RC.racing.and post them up in the video here for.you so you kind of get an idea as far as.what I'm talking about but that is.probably the biggest difference is mine.has the four length setup which does not.seem to affect this whatsoever um but.again if you were running 90 millimeter.shocks and the stock axle housings from.axial then you will want to run that.three links set up hopefully I'm clear.enough on that you guys I know.unfortunately I couldn't show it on this.because my setup is totally different.than the stock setup on a normal scx10.plus I'm running 100 millimeter shocks.right gives me that extra height so.moving on to now another change that I.had to make on my setup otherwise pretty.much everything is going to look exactly.the same.you're just your right height it's going.to be down a little bit more and you.might end up getting a little more flex.out of this.than with mine but one thing I had to do.to prevent some bumps steer out of this.because of my ride height I actually.needed to take my servo and mount it.down lower than what it's recommended by.STR C STR C actually recommends that on.these bottom mounts on the servo is.actually where you attach it to their.mounts right so instead of using these.top ones you would use the bottom two.however I did that and I notice that.when I did go to flex like so my servo.did move like that right so I decided to.try just moving my servo down mounting.it up like so and as you guys can see.and I'll try to do this without moving.the servo there is no movement out of.that servo horn right nothing there I'll.even push down it's a perfect setup so.that is the only two differences between.my setup versus a stock setup.I did have to lower my servo down a.little bit and I'm still using a.four-link setup instead of the three.links set up that st RC racing.recommends that you do now if you have.110 or 120 millimeter shock height this.probably will not work for you as it is.I already had to Lou you know what's the.correct way of saying this the rod ends.I had to make them a little bit longer.than the recommended length because.again my height is different from this.point to this point versus a stock.height which would actually sit a little.bit something more like that you know.it'd be down a lot more but again I'm.running 100 millimeter shocks and I'm.pretty much maxed out so now the.question is does this limit my.suspension with my setup it probably it.limits it by only a couple of.centimeters in all honesty in the back.when I go to do my articulation with the.tires and I take measurements from the.bottom point of the tire right.I get about four point three inches of.flex out of the back right before the.front tire starts coming up off the.ground and that goes for both sides for.point three in the back I get exactly.four inches on both left and right side.in the front so I'm only off by 0.3.inches which is only a couple of.centimeters really so the Flex really.isn't that bad and that's that's about.max and actually my shock is actually.what's causing the stopping really now.if I really wanted to get this thing to.flex by pushing on everything I do get a.little bit of binding okay and again.that is because of this setup right here.again if I was running the stock setup I.wouldn't actually have any binding.whatsoever out of it using the panhard.bar kit there wouldn't be any hitting of.the axle housing there wouldn't be any.hidden of the servo but unfortunately at.the.very last spot of my flex it does touch.right so on I flex the passenger side.the panhard bar actually at full height.does just start to touch the bottom of.the servo and again that's because I had.to lower my servo down if I flex it on.the driver's side it actually stops you.know at the full flex mark it actually.stops right on the 4 link truss right.here.I believe that's what that's called the.trust of the the axle where the upper.links go right about where my fingers.touching is where the bar is actually.touching now I could probably grind that.down a little bit but I don't want to do.that right now I still have some good.flex out of this truck and I am not.worried about it so flex it out so yeah.I do have some some stopping issues but.again that is because of my setup if I.had the servo mounted higher and it was.down at the stock height I would.probably get actually probably pretty.close to the same flex points that I.have now with the stock set up not 100%.sure on that it's been so long since.I've had a stock set up on here um but.that's it so hopefully that covers it I.don't think that there was anything else.I need to explain to you guys other than.just that control arm links set up in.the back again you're running the SD SSD.axles you won't be able to use that.extra rod that st RC does provide again.the length is just too long on it and it.won't reach where it mounts up on the.frame I suppose you could probably drill.another hole but again it as far as to.me it didn't really work out that well.so the axle was actually twisted a.little bit it wasn't straight so if.you're running Stockhausen use the three.three links set up on the axle and.you'll have one bar that comes right out.and.so forth again I'll try to post pictures.in the video hopefully that'll explain.everything a little bit more in depth if.you guys have any questions about this.setup please let me know as far as I can.tell this is going to be a great setup.keeps my servo up on the frame looks a.little more scale to me and still works.very well I'm actually very excited.about it so another step forward on the.scx10 uh there is still more to go I.think next is actually going to be the.electronics the motor this the ESC we've.already gotten a receiver and we got the.servo mounted back up we got to hook the.winch up get the front bumper re.powder-coated here again you know it's.got some scratches on it so I want to.make it look nice so we're going to do.that and then it'll be on to the scale.accessories hmm so that's it for the.suspension upgrades uh pretty much.everything else is stock actually.there's nothing stock about this truck.other than the frame and yeah so looks.pretty cool into a nice close-up view.here one one last time just so you all.can see it and to give you guys a.close-up view of where it's hitting.right there.it's not bad I'm quite impressed with it.I don't mind losing a little bit out of.my suspension angle when it's already.pretty decent enough so thanks for.watching guys and I'll see you guys next.time on the next RC overload.

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Here you can get responses to the most FAQs about Cms 1763. If you have specific worries, select 'Contact Us' at the top of the page.

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