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it's really pretty remarkable when you.see all of the data the report shows.that as we announced our order and other.measures to combat the spread of kovat.19 the rate of infection fell I think.it's also important to note that orders.are important but it's what the people.do that makes a difference and the.people here in Michigan have taken this.seriously the data shows that before the.public health measures were in place the.average Michigander spread the virus to.three other people as measures were.implemented and adherence grew.Michigan's infection rate decreased to.2.5 people and then 1.25 people and then.0.8 throughout April a person with.Colvin 19 infected an average of less.than one person which allowed our curve.to fall and saved a lot of lives now.this graph shows that the daily new.cases at their peak would have been.about 2.7 times higher than what we.actually had here in Michigan without.intervention Michigan might have.experienced 28,000 more positive cases.before June 1st the stay home stays safe.order undeniably saved lives the data.shows that very few states dropped their.infection rate as low as Michigan and.this is just if you can go back one this.is just a comparison with our peer.states here in the Midwest in the next.slide you can see how Michigan stacks up.to other states that opened up quickly.and didn't take the aggressive actions.we took and this map shows that only.Michigan and New York.are currently on track to contain kovat.19 now this is good news but like you've.heard me say many times in the past and.you will hear me say it many times in.the future it is still important to note.that this is a novel virus and there is.no cure or vaccine for it yet.so we have to continue to stay vigilant.and we've got to be flexible in order to.lower the chance of a second wave and.mitigate.how serious that second wave is now we.have seen what's happened when people.don't take this seriously we see.exponential growth happening again we've.seen people come from out of state to.Michigan and bring hope at nineteen with.them we've had two situations where.people came from out of state one in the.Traverse City area over Memorial Day and.another in Midland after the the.flooding event we saw someone come in.from out of state to help and they.brought Kovac 19 with them so what we.want to avoid desperately is to Michigan.to emulate what is happening in other.states where people have dropped their.guard where people have reengaged in an.unsafe manner and where they see.positive cases ramping back up we are.seeing spikes across the country in.Texas and Arizona and more the Carolinas.but because the vast majority of.Michiganders are doing the right thing.by staying home and staying safe and.staying informed we're not yet seeing.another spike here and that is good for.everyone and for our economy we owe it.to the heroes on the frontlines to keep.doing our part and taking this seriously.masks should not be political they are.designed to save our lives please wear.your mask when you're in public and.continue to practice social distancing.wearing a mask dramatically lowers the.possibility of transmission this was.something that I think is helpful in.depicting.what it means to wear a mask when you.wear a mask you're protecting others and.you can see two people wearing a mask.cuts the possibility of transmission.21.5%.whereas one person who's carrying open.19 and there's asymptomatic has a 70%.chance of infecting someone else who is.even wearing a mask so mask wearing.can't be partisan it can't be political.it is a practical way to make sure that.we continue to lead this nation a new.study has shown that 80% of Americans if.80% of Americans wear masks Cobin 19.infections would plummet so let's stay.smart and stay vigilant and.in the lead here's an example of what.not to do don't go out and crammed into.a place of accommodation that was.previously closed and if you are going.out use the best practices to keep.yourself and others safe now I'll.continue to work with the Michigan.economic recovery council to make sure.that we stay disciplined and show the.world what Michigan is capable of one of.the number one questions that I have.gotten since we had to take our kids out.of school is whether or not they will.return to school this fall and I.completely understand as the mom of a.daughter who is supposed to be starting.her senior year or who will be starting.her senior year this ball and another.he'll be starting her freshman year at.the University of Michigan I know how.important it is for students and their.families and educators to make sure that.we get this right with the entire state.of Michigan in phase four of the my safe.start plan we are optimistic that.schools will be able to conduct.in-person instruction while also.complying with strict safety measures.I'm June 3rd I announced the.appointments to the return to learn.Advisory Council a group of 25 experts.that includes educators parents and.students this council which is chaired.by Tanya Allen was created to identify.the critical issues that must be.addressed to provide valuable input to.inform the process of returning to.school and to ensure a smooth and safe.transition back to school the group is.currently working on a return to school.plan that will closely aligned with the.my safe start plan as always public.health data will inform our decisions.about opening and closing school.buildings to students minimally will be.used in the eighth mIRC regions when.deciding which phase we are in however.we are working closely with local public.health officials and epidemiologists to.determine if the data will be reliable.enough to allow us to make a more.granular approach and.with schools and be able to make.determinations on the county level for.example there could be a situation in.region 8 if there's evidence of a spike.in cases or significant community spread.in Chippewa County.perhaps Schiphol county could shift down.and not the whole region and perhaps and.that way potin schools could continue we.will see but that is one example of how.this might work schools may be able to.resume face-to-face instruction in phase.four if they implement strict health and.safety protocols our hope is to release.an executive order and a robust document.that we're calling Michigan's return to.school roadmap on June 30th that will.provide details on what will be required.and what will be recommended for our.schools districts students staff and.families must be nimble and we've got to.be prepared to move backwards if there.is evidence of communities spread of the.virus well we hope soon to be in phase.five and stay there until post pandemic.we've got to be prepared for spikes that.might occur over the next school year.public health conditions change daily.and we're going to need to be prepared.to move quickly between scenarios so the.roadmap will set minimum health and.safety requirements although districts.may choose to enact more aggressive ones.in consultation with their local public.health officials these minimum.requirements will apply to all schools.traditional charter public private and.parochial we recognize that protocols.will cost money and that's why.preserving every dollar possible for.k-12 is my number one priority nothing's.more important than the safety of our.kids and school staff and we know that.nothing can replace the value of.face-to-face instruction while budget.decisions are evolving there's no doubt.that we will need more support and.flexibility from the federal government.this is a crisis unlike anything we've.ever seen in our lifetime and it has had.significant budget implications not just.for Michigan but for states all across.the country we need the federal.government to provide more funding for.states and.ability so we can continue to provide.crucial services and we need their help.to ensure resources for our kids.over the past week Michigan has emerged.in a national leader in kovat 19.mitigation thanks to the people who did.their part and especially the brave men.and women on the front lines and thanks.to our epidemiologists and experts in.public health but let's be clear this.crisis is not over Kolb in nineteen is.still very present in Michigan and if we.drop our guard we'll end up on the map.the way that those other states are so.we've got to stay disciplined let's.maintain this lead for the sake of our.health and for our economy as well we.must do our part by wearing masks and.practicing social distancing and I'm.hopeful that we'll be able to move the.state into Phase five of my safe start.plan before July 4th it's gonna take.everyone's continued efforts to get it.done though so I'm proud of the work.that we've done we've been able to do.this because of quick aggressive action.that we took the data shows our actions.working and yet we still see attempts to.take away my authority to take these.actions which made it all possible in.the first place I want to be very clear.any attempt to strip away the powers of.the governor during this crisis is.irresponsible dangerous and foolish.we're here today in phase four of the my.safe start plan heading towards phase.five and leading the country because of.the action we took millions of.Michiganders who've done their part as.well let's keep up the good work.let's stay safe let's be smart and.remember to wear your mask I want to end.by saying that this Friday is June 10th.on Wednesday I issued a proclamation.declaring June 19th as June tape.Juneteenth celebration day in Michigan.Juneteenth is a crucial day in our.nation's history to remember how far we.have come and to recognize how far we.still have to go during a time when.communities of color are.disproportionately impacted by coal good.19 and when the deaths of George Floyd.Brianna Taylor Maude Aubrey have shone a.light on the systemic racism black.Americans face every day we must work.together to build a more equitable and.just Michigan and a more equitable and.just United States we've made progress.since the start of this administration.on criminal justice reform and.addressing racial disparities in.education health care and more but there.is more work to do I promise to continue.working toward a more equitable Michigan.and I know leaders in this.administration across this.administration share that goal leaders.including dr. Jeanette Khaldoon who is.here today to share an update on coal.mid-nineteen thank you.Thank You governor.so as of yesterday Michigan has 60,000.189 confirmed cases of Kovach 19 and.5,000 790 deaths overall indicators for.the state are trending in the right.direction with much of the state.remaining in the medium or low risk.range every mirc region except for the.Kalamazoo region has under 20 new cases.per million residents per day the.Kalamazoo region is at about 22 cases.per million people per day and has seen.a recent increase in the past couple of.weeks but we know that the local health.department serving Branch County is.working very hard to expand testing and.contain an outbreak that's particularly.associated with a pepper farm.testing across the state has also held.steady at a little over 14,000 tests per.day and the percent of tests that are.positive continues to drop to drop.overall and is now at about 2.2 percent.that is about half of the rate of.positivity that it was last week which.is a good sign we also know that people.are continuing to recover from Colvin 19.as of last Friday 44,000 964 people were.alive 30 days after their diagnosis.which is also a good sign we continue to.emphasize that the best way we can know.where disease is in the state and to.stop the spread is to make sure that.anyone who needs a test can get one.we're working hard to expand testing.particularly as we re engaged more.sectors of the economy so if you feel.sick you should get tested if someone.close to you is sick or has symptoms you.should get tested and if you work.outside of the home you should.absolutely get tested there's dozens of.test sites across the state and they're.offering testing at no cost to the.patient including people without.symptoms so we're asking that employers.community groups and local leaders work.collaboratively with these sites to.maximize the use of testing capacity in.the states and remember that a doctor's.order is no longer needed to get a test.done so you can find a list of our.testing sites across the state at WWE.chigan gov.forward slash coronavirus tests you can.also call our Kovac 19 hotline at that.number is eight eight eight five three.five six one three six and they can help.you find a place to get a test we also.know that we have to do everything we.can to protect our most vulnerable and.particularly those living in nursing.facilities we've already set up regional.hubs so those are facilities that were.verified to have appropriate staff space.and PPE like masks and gowns to be able.to take care of nursing home residents.safely we've set up comprehensive.infection prevention resource and.assessment teams that have worked with.nearly 300 long-term care facilities to.make sure they are following best.practices when it comes to preventing.spread of kovat 19 in their facilities.and we've been working very closely with.the National Guard to make sure testing.kits are available to nursing homes.across the state but earlier this week.we took it even further the Michigan.Department of Health and Human Services.announced a new order on Monday.mandating that nursing facilities test.both their residents and their staff all.facilities now have to on an ongoing.basis test all residents when they are.being admitted to the facility and test.all staff or residents who have symptoms.or have been exposed to someone with.COBIT 19.and any facility in a region of the.state with a higher number of cases has.to test both residents and staff every.week until that facility has gone at.least two weeks without any new cases.this will make sure we are quickly.identifying anyone who could have kovat.19 and that we are preventing its spread.we also know that it's important that we.accurately report nursing-home case and.death data so over the past two weeks.we've had a team of dozens of people.with staff from the Michigan Department.of Health and Human Services and.Michigan State University and others who.have reached out to every nursing home.in the state to make sure the data that.they were sharing with us was accurate.we've now posted this validated data of.Kovach 19 cases deaths and by facility.on our website as of June 16th there.were seven thousand one hundred and.sixty three cases of Kovach 19 and 1947.deaths due to cold at 19 in nursing home.facilities across the state that is 12.percent of our state's cases and.approximately 34 percent of the state's.deaths this is not something that we.take lightly at all and I myself have.had a family member of who contracted.Coppa 19 in a nursing facility in.another state so it is incredibly.important to us that we continue to work.hard to protect people living in these.facilities.as the governor mentioned Michigan's.fight against Kovac 19 is nowhere near.over please do not think that just.because we're seeing a decline in cases.that the risk has gone away all it takes.is a couple of people with the disease.who can spread it to several others and.we will see another rise in cases we are.still seeing outbreaks in some places in.the state and we're still we know that.other states where people have let their.guard down as the governor mentioned.they are seeing spikes in cases everyone.has to keep being smart.where your mask when you're out in.public don't wear it down around your.neck don't wear it only over your mouth.but wear it properly over your mouth and.your nose weird every time you're going.to be in a public place or not able to.remain six feet apart from other people.wash your hands diligently with soap and.water often or use a hand sanitizer and.clean frequently touched surfaces like.doorknobs and computer keyboards or.light switches often and by all means.please stay home if you are not feeling.well and you are sick it's been a long.and hard past few months in here in.Michigan but please everyone remain.patient and vigilant as we continue to.fight Kovach 19 and now I'll pass it.over to Tanya Allen.Thank You governor Weber and dr..Khaldoon so good morning to everyone my.name is Tonya Allen and I stand before.you wearing multiple hats and so the.first is that I'm a mother of three.children of which one is a rising ninth.grader I'm also the president of the.Skillman foundation a Detroit based.philanthropy where we work to ensure.that all children in our city are able.to learn into lead and I also stand here.as the chair of the governor Whitmer's.return to school Advisory Council after.nearly 1800 submissions.25 talented and thoughtful citizens with.cross-sectoral representation in the.fields of Education public health.government and nonprofit we're selected.to serve our state on the return to.school council these advisors really.represent students parents teachers.administrators school board members.organized labor doctors public health.executives mental health professionals.and policy makers so we have a broad.spectrum of experiences and knowledge.that will benefit our state and the.recommend recommend a shion's that we.will present in the roadmap and our.membership is committed talented and.we're also extraordinarily anxious we.want to do right by our state we.understand the implications of returning.to school and that it will have an.outsized impact on our health as a state.our educational system as well as our.economy therefore we must be both.thoughtful and sensible so as the chair.and the representative of the whole I'm.very mindful that the decisions of this.body are it's privileged work and with.any great privilege there is great.responsibility like protecting our.children protecting our educators.listening to our parents bringing for.recommendations that are grounded in.science context as well as aspiration.ensuring that we preserve the.opportunity for all children in our.they to experience a high-quality.education experience during this.pandemic and that means that we have to.think about how all of our.recommendations affect different.geographies and different subpopulations.of children like children who live in.rural communities children who live in.cities children with special needs.children who are new to learning English.children whose parents may not be.equipped to teach them at home and.advocating for policies that protect our.education system both academically and.financially and pivots us forward versus.losing a decade of growth and investment.which we witnessed in our state after.the Great Recession the people across.the state have done their part to slow.the spread of the virus and the flatten.the curve as governor Whitman and dr..khaldoun have shared and the state is.moving forward with the governor's.michigan's safe Start plan so it's only.sensible that the return to school.council work be grounded and aligned.with the governor's plan and we must.remain diligent so that we prevent.another surge of Kovach cases so in.closing I want to share that if we stay.diligent this is what we can expect we.can expect that school will open in the.fall that there is going to be a group.representing the returnest school.council taking these issues seriously.just as seriously as you would at any.other parent would that there will be.guidelines in place that will give.schools the direction on how to ensure.the safety of their students and their.educators and that you will have should.have confidence in those guidelines and.that parents can be assured that your.children would be cared for physically.academically and mentally and that we.will all be navigating a new normal.together so we must be nimble and agile.because some things may need to change.especially as we're still amid the.corona virus pandemic.lastly and most importantly all of.Michigan can have a peace of mind that.our kids our children our future will be.safe and prepared to lead the state for.thank you sorry Kevin.Thank You chairwoman Allen and thank you.also to governor Whitmer for the.opportunity to serve our students.families and educators throughout the.state of Michigan as a member of the.return to school Advisory Council my.name is Kevin Poulsen superintendent of.God freely public schools our council.understands the significance of our work.and the high interest for a safe return.to school as a representative of.Michigan school leaders our primary.responsibility is the safety and.well-being of those we serve this.includes our students and staff as well.as our parents and community members.that support teaching and learning in.our schools our council is committed to.creating safe guidelines and.recommendations for return to school but.also sensible ones shifting in-person.instruction to stage 4 with strict.regulations is a common sense and best.practice approach to reopening schools.reopening schools is vital to fully.restoring the economy but it's.imperative to act in a manner that is.rooted in safety to avoid the.potentially devastating impact a false.start could have on both our education.and economic systems equity is a core.value of the Advisory Council.traditionally underserved populations of.students such as homeless special.education English learners students of.color and students in poverty have been.disproportionately impacted by the harms.associated with Cova 19 our council.recognizes that our students who need.the most resources to ensure an.excellent and equitable education have.been adversely impacted through Cova 19.in addition we know it will take.additional resources to safely reopen.schools a successful plan for return to.school requires financial stability of.our districts to serve each student.including our most vulnerable.populations I'm proud of our educators.for answering the call the spring to.drastically shift the way we provide.teaching and learning to ensure we meet.the needs of all learners through the.continuity of learning plans we know the.plans from this spring aren't.sustainable in the long term and the.uncertainty of what lies ahead has been.difficult for parents and the school.community we hope the information shared.today and the forthcoming road map will.provide parents in the school community.the reassurances and time in order to.plan for fall.a wide spectrum of stakeholders are.represented on the governor's Advisory.Council to ensure that each voice is.heard our kids future and the collective.future of our state is at stake and.together we must be ready to meet the.challenge that awaits thank you.good morning.my name is Greg Talbert and I'm a high.school teacher in how Public Schools.I'm honored and humbled to represent.educators on the return to learning.Advisory Council I'm grateful that the.governor intentionally includes the.voice of classroom teachers in her.decision-making as a parent I'm deeply.appreciative of the opportunities to.learn that school districts across.Michigan created for students during the.past three months as an educator I know.that we can and we must do better next.year without question the upcoming.school year will be challenging and we.must be prepared to adjust so kids can.experience the powerful learning.opportunities they're entitled to and we.can all stay safe and healthy and as the.council's charge the help governor.Whitmer develop a plan that will enable.students across Michigan to return to.in-person learning in order to make a.return to learning possible we'll need.to not only to adapt and plan but to.work together and untested in.unprecedented ways teachers and.administrators will have to work more.closely than ever before school.districts and the health care community.will be required to build meaningful and.powerful partnerships school communities.will have to work to support the.academic social emotional and health.needs of both our students and our.families as we all learn together how to.navigate this pandemic and finally the.effort to return to in-person learning.must begin now.and it must begin with all of us it's.important to be reminded that it is it.was common 19 that closed our schools.and schools around the globe it.continues to present risk in our.communities and spread to new places we.must make health and safety our top.priority in order to get back into our.buildings and into our classrooms we.must be vigilant.we must wash our hands we must wear face.coverings to promote the well-being of.our friends and our neighbors our.actions today will impact the quality of.the learning experience of over 1.5.million students in the fall thank you.great well thank you all for your work.on the the Commission and I think it's.incredibly important you're doing a.great job and you got a lot to do in a.short period of time but we're roughly.grateful so would I be happy to open it.up for some questions me or anyone who.spoke today resources schools supplies.needed nd the legislature appears poised.to finalize supplemental spending bill.that would spend a large chunk of the.remaining years yes so I'll answer your.questions and reverse order yes we have.had I think fruitful negotiations and I.do believe that that's reflective of.those negotiations with regard to the.bigger question of what is funding going.to look like you know I have had a.number of conversations with people at.the federal level who assured me that we.are going to get the flexibility and.we'll get some additional resources and.precisely what that looks like we won't.know until the US Senate takes action.and until the president signs it into.law I can tell you this I have had.conversations with my fellow governors.across the country in our NGA halls so.Republican and Democratic alike they.have had conversation on this issue with.the Midwest governors that I convened.specifically on our call last week was.governor DeWine of Ohio and cover.welcome of Indiana as well as by.governor's eavers of Minister Wisconsin.and Walz of Minnesota the other two.weren't able to join us but I can tell.you every single one of us as.confronting the same issues and we are.all hopeful and optimistic that we're.going to get the support we need from.the federal government it is very.difficult because we put tax collections.back to July 15th we had hoped to get.budgets done by July 1st we know that.that's not going to be the case.but we are going to continue forging.ahead on designing what it's our kids.are going to need as they return to.school we got to get this right and I.think one of the concerns that I have on.top of making sure that they've got the.wraparound support says as a mom as a.policy maker I know that learning loss.over the summer is real and it is more.dramatic for kids who are in high.poverty situations and so it's really.important that we look at this summer.not as just an extended summer break but.this is going to have serious needs of.our kids they're gonna have additional.needs for wraparound services and just.in order to meet the health guidelines.that we know are going to be necessary.bringing classes size down or creating.protocols open air as much as possible.of course that's Michigan will get cold.but there are lots of lots of pressure.points that we are trying to navigate.and funding is but one of many but I.remain hopeful and somewhat confident.that we're going to get support out of.the federal government because this is.not a situation unique to Michigan.governor I think the state of emergency.is set to expire Friday we extending not.anything will go through July well every.scene the nation has some form of seeded.emergency that is ongoing it's necessary.to continue to have the other emergent.the other executive orders that we've.had to execute to be you know valid and.so we will remain in some form of a.state of emergency it you know early on.I know people are completing state of.emergency with stay home stay safe.they're not the same thing but being in.this state is what gives us the ability.to continue to protect people and all 50.states are in some form or another of.state of emergency because of that.precise issue and we'll have to be as.well you talked a lot about avoiding a.second wave at which point do their.benchmark are you looking at where we.can say okay we've avoided a second way.dr. khaldoun to come to the microphone.I'll just say this we know that states.that have dropped their guard or going.through a wave some would say it's their.first wave because they didn't take it.some states didn't take it as seriously.as we did on the front end they didn't.have the kind of early issue with Coppa.19 that Michigan had in New York and New.Jersey and Connecticut but they're now.going through what is a crisis and.they've got hospitals that are full and.they're worried about PPE and all the.things that we were at about couple.months ago the likelihood of additional.spikes is high anyone who has studied.what happened with the 1918 flu pandemic.or what's happened in other nations.around the world knows that that's a.possible possibility and the more we.start to congregate indoors as the.temperature goes down in combination.with flu season we know that this is.something we've got to be very concerned.about but with that I'm gonna hand it.over to dr. Jane so she can tell you a.little bit more about what we'll be.watching in terms of numbers so that's a.great question so I can say that until.we have an effective antiviral or a.vaccine that not just is available but.that it's being but people are getting.the vaccine broadly we're gonna have to.live in kind of a different way across.the state so some of the metrics that.we'll be looking at are some of the.things that I talk about often so a.number of cases per region we'll be.looking at whether those cases are.associated with an outbreak or if it's.more broad community spread we'll be.looking at obviously our deaths but.understanding that deaths tend to lag.where the cases are so they tend to be a.little bit later of course we'll be.continuing to look at hospital capacity.we know that very early on.particularly in southeast a lot of our.hospitals were struggling with.maintaining staff and space to take care.of not just patients with Colvin 19 but.but patients who don't have coping 19 as.well so those are some of the things.that we'll be looking at there's not.going to be a special number that will.say we definitely will go move forward.or move backwards we'll look at at all.in.context and then be able to make the.right decision as far as how we might.continue to reopen the economy or.unfortunately and hopefully we don't.have to do this.roll it back a little bit governor the.unemployment insurance agency is still.having issues with people not getting.paid until there's some skin issues but.you know Michigan is one of the worst in.the United States so coming second only.to.so what more can be done at this point.well first I'll challenge the.characterization that were one of the.worst that's not accurate Michigan has.actually met the needs of more people.than just about any other state we have.a unique challenge here and that we've.got more people that are in need and.that means while we have been able to.help more people we still have more.people who haven't yet been met and.that's an issue and I'm not going to get.defensive about that that's a problem.that we are continuing to work on.I'll also acknowledge that we have there.are it's a criminal component to people.trying to defraud unemployment systems.across the country and we've started an.investigation on that front but because.our unemployment rate has been so high.because we've been hit so hard by kovin.19 that is you know a challenge that.makes it harder for us to get to the.last people now we have quintupled our.staff we have done an incredible amount.of work to meet people's needs we've.moved the billions of dollars to help.people.we have also are working with an.unemployment insurance fraud task force.that's being led up by the Attorney.General to get accountability and trying.to recover as much resources as we can.so I would say that we have work to do.there's no question and it's cold.comfort to people who are still.frustrated and getting through the.process that we've helped a record.number of people and we will continue.working until everyone who's eligible.gets the resources for which they are.eligible.governor given what you said about.attempts to take away your power are you.uh would you call publicly the.Republicans to the drafters suit against.you I think that in the midst of a.global pandemic it's really important.that we refrain from letting public.health become a political football it's.dangerous.lives are lost when that happens the.fact that even wearing a mask has become.a political statement is really.unfortunate and I'm hopeful that we can.show the world that that doesn't have to.be the case and we're asking that people.mask up for their own safety for the.safety of their family and for the.safety of their community with regard to.the politicization I think it's I think.it's dangerous and for a governor no.governor in the country likes using.these extraordinary powers inherent in.the executive office no governor in the.country wants to be navigating through a.global pandemic no governor in the.country relishes the actions that we've.had to take I've talked with a lot of my.colleagues and I know that to be true.and yet they're absolutely necessary.that we have these powers for situations.like this if we hadn't taken the actions.that we had thousands more would have.died in this state and so for people to.come in and to make it a political issue.is is is really foolish and dangerous I.think whether it is me in this position.or whomever succeeds me ultimately.regardless of what party they're in I.hope they have the tools to do what they.need to do to listen to the experts and.keep me and my family safe and that's.precisely what's driven every decision.that I've made as governor yes sir.it's an order as people are opening back.up there are people out and about fewer.people are wearing masks in certain.situations each other photo of a bar.that was not social distancing how much.enforcement is there can you point this.I mean so I think that the vast majority.of business owners are really want to.get this right they're worried too.they're worried for their employees.they're worried for their patrons I went.out and had a bite to eat in Detroit.last week with the mayor we both wore.masks I wanted to check in with my.council to make sure I did it precisely.right you wear your mask until you're.seated then you can take it off and.enjoy your moment put it back on the.waitstaff all had masks the owners they.had masks on everyone was masked up we.can resume some of these normal.functions in life if we're smart about.it now if we're not if businesses don't.enforce this their employees are going.to be scared to come to work their.patrons might get sick and might be.afraid to come in and you know patronize.their businesses and so it's on all of.us to get this right I think it's really.important that businesses are empowered.to set the example that everyone who has.a platform sets that example regardless.of whether it's at the local level the.state level or the federal level.regardless of what party.that people are recognize that this is.something that we do to protect.ourselves and our loved ones I have a.daughter who is asthmatic I know that if.I am asymptomatic and bring Cova 19 home.that she could be in you know serious.situation that's why I want to wear the.mask I wear the mask because of all the.people that I serve and represent I want.them to see me wearing it and I'm.hopeful that others will embrace that I.know that my Republican colleagues and.governors offices are by a large part.doing the same thing and I think it's.incumbent on all of us to that one.pictorial that we showed about what the.odds are of transmission if two people.are wearing a mask it goes down to 1.5.percent according to that data if one.person's wearing the mask but the other.one's the a symptomatic person that's.carrying Kovac.they have a 70% chance of getting Cova.19 even though they're wearing a mask.the the healthy person on the receiving.end that's why this makes a difference.so if everyone wears masks we can.continue to show the world Michigan can.get it right where discipline were smart.and we're gonna get back to business.here McKenzie.you see were data coming out.the information about other long-term.care.yeah I'm gonna hand that over to dr. J.so we are actively working on that again.we basically built an army of people to.call every nursing home individually to.get the data and to get it right and.there's still even a few that we didn't.get in contact with so our next phase.will be getting information about the.other long-term care facilities the.challenges some of those are not.actually regulated by us so it's more.difficult to get the information and to.get into those facilities but again.being robust and getting more accurate.data out is what we're going to continue.to work to do at this point.um again I'm not even sure how many they.are there are to be honest because we.don't regulate them but we will do.whatever we have to do if it's making.phone calls we'll make those phone calls.getting a foothold in nursing homes.I think a lot of the actions that we've.taken will improve our odds at keeping.people safe and congregate care.facilities with older residents we know.that they have a unique vulnerability to.covet 19 we've seen it play out across.the country sadly it's been the.experience and you know every state.that's had cope at 19 we're in a.stronger position because we've built up.PPE we've built up our testing capacity.we understand better the inherent risks.and so I do think that all of those.things will help inform decisions as we.move forward but even as of yesterday.we've refined and I think been able to.promulgate rules that will do improve.safety requirements for schools later on.this month but DUI for teachers and.students who are you know my parents who.are curious what would some of those.minimum requirements look.tanja you want to take this she's very.excited no huh well I think it's it's.hard to tell precisely what its gonna.look like they're doing an incredible.amount of work I mean we've got 25.people from across the state we had you.know over a thousand apply to be a part.of this I know people really care they.want to get it right and they're working.very closely with our public health.experts to do that what could it look.like I mean there are a lot of things we.could imagine but we also have to.remember we've got over 800 school.districts in the state of Michigan.each has unique challenges and each has.unique resources that you know whether.it's a what the building looks like and.so I think what what I can tell you is.that our intent is to resume in-person.instruction to do so in a way that is.safe but also to make sure that as we.get back to school as we've returned to.learn that we have very clear guidance.to what the minimum expectations are.some schools will be able to do things.even in even more aggressive way others.will need some help just to get to the.minimum expectations but bringing down.class size we know is a possibility I.think one of the statistics that I.shared with the national experts with.whom I was on the phone this weekend.she ja and Zeke Emanuel Scott Gottlieb.we are josh Sharfstein these are people.that you see on the news every night on.national news one of the things that is.very clear is that we have an older.population that is a little more.vulnerable in terms of our teaching you.know in the ranks of our teachers and so.this is an additional reason that it's.really important that we get it right.yeah all right thank you.

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