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How To Fill The Complete Airman File Form: Draft, Finish and save

what's going on everyone captain horn.here welcome back to another microsoft.flight simulator 2020 video.i hope you enjoy watching and maybe even.learn a thing or two from this video.before we begin if you would like to see.more microsoft flight simulator content.please consider subscribing to my.channel.it takes less than five seconds and it.would greatly help my channel out.if you are interested in supporting.myself and my channel be sure to check.out the different tiers in my patreon.for different rewards.if you are interested in becoming an.active member in my community or would.like to find others to fly within.microsoft flight simulator.feel free to join my discord the link to.both my patreon and discord are in the.description.let's get right into this video before.you watch this video.please look at my getting started in.that sim video on my channel.there you can learn about connecting to.the vat sim servers and other important.information about vat sim.after you watch that 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a lot.but it really is not i promise let's.break down this clearance.we have a wonderful acronym known as.craft the acronym stands for.c for clearance limit r for route.a for altitude f for departure frequency.and t for transponder also known as your.squawk.first we get cleared to the ifr to the.atlanta airport via the bob z4 departure.tinsley transition then as filed this is.simply the clearance limit that i.received.we are going to the atlanta airport.which i was cleared to.then via the bobzi 4 departure is simply.the sid.that we will follow and the tinsley.transition is our transition.as filed in our route the then as filed.par.is stating the rest of our plan without.having to read it all out.in the next part the clearance delivery.says on departure.maintain 5000 feet this is stating our.departure altitude and is what we should.hold at right after takeoff.until cleared to a higher altitude this.altitude depends on the airport.but will be around 5000 to 8000 feet the.majority of the time.the expect flight level three two zero.one zero minutes after departure.is stating that after 10 minutes we.should start ascending to our cruise.altitude.which in this case is flight level 320.or thirty two thousand feet ninety nine.percent of the time.the departure controller will clear you.the next part is our departure frequency.if one is online this is notifying us.ahead of time.of what frequency we will be talking to.after departure.if departure is offline the clearance.delivery will say.departure offline the last part is our.squawk code.this is the transponder code you will.need to put in.this is so the tower has radar contact.on your aircraft.after we listen to our clearance we need.to read it back.so simply read back the clearance which.would sound something like this.my call sign is cleared to the atlanta.airport via the bob z4 departure.tinsley transition then as filed on.departure we will maintain.5000 feet and expect flight level 32010.minutes after departure.departure frequency 120.5 squawk.8734 now if you do not feel like reading.all that.back you can just reback the squat code.that's it.you are not required to read back.anything else other than the squawk code.i'm not saying to do this all the time.because the tower will really appreciate.it if you do re-back the entire.clearance.reading back the entire clearance also.increases the realism of the entire.experience.after you read back your clearance the.clearance delivery may say something.along the lines of.my call sign read back correct push and.start at your own discretion.contact ground on 121.9 when ready for.taxi.this is the clearance delivery telling.you that your read back was correct.if it was incorrect they would let you.know what was wrong and you would read.back that part only push and start at.your own discretion just means that you.can push back and start your engines.whenever you would like.and whenever you are ready for taxi to.contact ground on one two one point.niner.in the next video i will be going over.taxiing.now for some tips tip number one.do not be scared these controllers will.understand if you have trouble and will.help you out.everyone is scared when talking to the.towers practice.will get rid of the anxiety tip number.two.have a pen and paper ready unless you.have an identic memory.i don't know how you will remember the.entire clearance only write down the.important stuff.you should already know your route write.down the departure altitude departure.frequency.and squat code if you forgot to write it.down and don't know what to say.you can always only just read back the.squat coupe.tip number three hop on the frequency.and listen to others receiving clearance.to embed in your head what a full.clearance sounds like.tip number four that sim works in a.top-down fashion.this means if ground is on but clearance.delivery is not.then you would contact ground for the.clearance if the center controller is on.but no one else is on you would contact.the center for clearance.always contact the lowest level that is.on at the time.and tip number five my final tip is that.if you would like to practice.join my discord and i will be happy to.help you out.and let you practice with me being the.clearance delivery.the link to my discord is in the.description.now let's head into the game and use the.same route from the example and receive.a clearance.okay guys we're now in the simulator and.i am actually not going to use that.route.that i did using the example but it's.not going to change much at all it's.going to change is the.departure airport and the sid that i.will be using so we're sitting here at.cleveland and this is.the only airport in the united states.when i'm filming this that has a.delivery on right now.and they're sitting right up here not.really i it's just fun to think that.anyway what we need to do is get power.to the aircraft just like that.and we need to actually look at some v.pilot stuff and after we connect then we.are in here and we now see.we have clearance delivery down here and.the atis.now first i have actually wrote down a.bunch of things i don't know how well.you can read that but they say i have.adis and then the two little dots you.know to write.and then call sign which i've written.down because obviously i know my own.call sign is going to be delta 623.and i put via and that's going to be my.sid which today is going to be the cavs.4 departure.the transition is going to be ape and i.wrote down maintain.because the tower is going to give me a.maintain and then frequency.is going to be the departure frequency.that i will write down.and i can go ahead and tell you there is.departure is going to be offline because.we don't see one right here in approach.departure.and then i have squawk which i'm also.going to write down.all right and i just pulled my.my route from sim brief and this is our.rail right here so here's the canvas for.and another tip is generally your.transition is always going to be.the very next waypoint so the 8th.transition and then like the andre 1.into atlanta with the harley transition.like that.but anyway what we want to do first is.actually listen to.the atis system so i'm going to tune.127.85 in.my radio down here so we want 127.85 and.there we go and let's.listen to it.zero three zero eight one seven.visibility one zero.two clouds met four thousand five.hundred.15 2.4.altimeter 3025 i'll f6 left approach and.use rmp approach available on request.limiting runway 6 left department runway.fix left.closed runway one zero two eight closed.northeast to airmen operate transponder.in altitude reporting mode on the.taxiways and runways.caution burn activity within the airport.read michael runway hold short.instructions.advice on initial contact you have.information call.so there we heard at the end right there.you have information golf again which is.what i wrote down we have information.golf and we also heard in there the.winds the temperature.the current conditions bird activity in.the area.and the current active runway is six.left so those are all.very important to listen to and we can.expect to depart out of runway.six left okay guys.now that we got the atis information.what we need to do is fill in our flight.plan.via v-pilot and in order to do this all.we have to do is come up here to v.pilot go up to flight plan and we're.going to fill in some stuff here and i.recommend using sim brief.as this will make it a lot easier and.just have it pulled up just like this.all right starting from the top flight.type we want ifr.um you can do vfr if you want and but.this video is going to be ifr and i'm.going to get an ifr clearance departure.airport's pretty obvious you type in the.icao code for your departure.and destination airport for me it's.going to be atlanta georgia.alternate don't worry about filling in.you can if you want same way with.departure time.you can fill that in if you want but.it's they're really not going to get.onto you for it.time in route is shown right here in sim.brief so two hours exactly.feel available it's another one you.don't really have to fill in at cruise.speed you.also really don't have to fill in at all.cruising altitude.is going to be um 36 000.feet um sim brief will show you your.cruising altitude if you hit this.uh let me select the airframe and then.hit the generate ofp.we can go ahead and do that and but i'm.pretty certain it's going to give me 36.000 feet.just like that and okay i was wrong.flight level three four zero.so that's what i'm going to type in 34.000.not fl 340 just type in the full number.uh cruise speed again you really don't.have to worry about i mean if you're in.an airbus you can put like.450 knots true airspeed.and that's generally what we cruise at.all right route is really easy all you.have to do.is copy all this right here and paste it.into your route and i like to sometimes.just put my destination at the end.and my departure at the beginning.just like that remarks you don't have to.worry about these are just.things that the air traffic controllers.are going to see whenever they are.viewing your.flight plan and if you're new and.nervous or something you can put in the.remarks like i'm new.don't go hard on me or something like.that but i'm not going to put anything.in it.and then finally we have voice we can.send and receive receive only or text.only.now obviously i will be sending and.receiving but.if you don't have a mic and you can.check receive only and then you'll have.to type.in the uh the actual chat box or you can.do text only.which the tower is going to text you and.you're going to text them.so i'm going to hit send and receive and.one other important thing is this.equipment suffix up here.now all commercial airliners are l lima.and equipment suffixes are another video.but if you're in an airbus.or 747 or 787 it's going to be l.heavy aircraft we don't want to check.this if you're in an airbus but you do.want to check it if you're in a 747.or a 787 so after we've got all this.filled out just like this.we can go ahead and hit this file flight.plan just like that.and it'll say flight plan file just like.that.all right next what we want to do is.actually receive the clearance.so i know for a fact that i'm going to.be going.up to 34 000 feet so i can expect him to.say.something like delta 623 cleared ifr to.the atlanta airport via the.cabs for departure ape transition then.is filed on departure maintained.maybe five thousand feet expect flight.level three four zero one zero minutes.after departure.departure offline and squat four numbers.the squat code is always four numbers.all right so let's go ahead and get that.clearance all i'm going to say is delta.6 623.requesting ifr clearance to atlanta and.we're going to listen to him and i'm.going to write down what i hear.delta 623 requesting ifr clearance to.atlanta airport.6.3 cleveland delivery clearance request.standby number one please.copy delta623 all right so he just said.to.by and that i am number one so i guess.he's having issues because there's.literally nobody else.on the network right now so sometimes.you just gotta wait.for them to give your clearance two.hours later.623 you got your clearance advisory copy.ready to copy delta 623.623 cleared to atlanta international.airport via the cav.for departure appleton transition then.as filed.cleveland fit expects available three.five zero one zero minutes after.departure.to perfect you can see 134.99.squawk seven four five five.all right delta 623 is cleared to the.atlanta airport via the caps for.departure ape transition then as filed.we will climb via sid.and expect flight level three five zero.one zero minutes after departure.departure is on one three four point.niner and we will squawk seven four five.five 623.right back correct.[Applause].call cleveland ground one two one point.seven when ready for push and start one.two one point seven we're ready for push.and start l623 okay so.everybody as you saw that did it took.him a while.to get on frequency i was i've been.sitting for about five minutes but we.can expect that sometimes.now there was something different in.there 99 of the time they're gonna tell.you.to maintain 5000 feet expect flight.level 350 100 minutes after departure.um but this time he said climb via sid.which means i will climb via the sid.chart and um.it's pretty simple you just you got to.look at the.departure chart for this cavs for sid.and it'll give you certain altitude.restrictions to be at.but um also he gave me flight level 350.which is um is correct he corrected me.there i made a mistake.and we should not be flying at 34 000.feet because we are going to be heading.kind of.east and anytime you fly east you do.want an.odd number so he was correct and giving.me three five zero.and then i wrote down squawk seven four.five five and our frequency.he gave us was three point four decimal.niner which i.okay he just gave me the um the center.controller frequency for departure.okay and that's the top down that's a.good example of the top down procedures.so at this point i would contact ground.on 121.7.and get a taxi but that is for another.video so this is going to do it for this.first video on vat sim clearances.and there's going to be is the next.video is going to be taxiing.and then eventually departing and in.route and then approach and landing.so be on the lookout for those if you're.new to the channel please do like.and subscribe don't forget i do have my.patreon and discord.links are in the description i hope you.guys have a wonderful rest of your day.and i will see you on the next video.[Music].[Applause].you.

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