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there I'm I'm unmuted hi everybody hello.hello welcome welcome to the women's.professional billiard association 2018.Grand Slam event previously known as the.WPA masters we are coming at you live.from the Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort.here in beautiful scenic tourist hotspot.Mount Pleasant Michigan we have the hot.seat match for you we have you know.yours Vic versus guy young Kim I am.being joined by Eleanor Colorado how you.doing now I'm good you prefer Elle or.Eleanor ELLs less formal I feel like I'm.being scolded if and called Eleanor so.all right so when you say something dumb.I'll call you Eleanor otherwise I'll.just call you el okay that's fine yeah I.think that's the first time I've joined.you in the commentary booth thanks for.some of our even spoken to you in the.booth or outside of the booth longer.that besides hello mm-hmm right oh and.I'm Kevin Ross by the way rel Bert's.productions putting on this live stream.for the W PBA hopefully we're going out.to all of our destinations Facebook and.YouTube this time like to give a.shout-out to our promotional sponsor the.American pool Players Association the.world's largest pool league from our.information go to pool players calm so.Chi Yong won the leg there right yep.that was guy young at the table sorry.I'm still getting used to this split.screen yeah looking at it'll take a.little getting used to.alright so she's made to ball one ball.or two balls two balls on the break she.has a shot on the one but getting back.for the three.yeah if it passes in that top left.corner if she if it's not too flat of an.angle she may just drop back and punch.it back to Rails to get to get it into.that top left corner looks like she's.gonna play safe behind the four oh.that's a nice shot.oh yeah cuz that scratch plate big.they're really well executed she seems.really comfortable guy young.I was watching her last night the cloth.was brand new.on Wednesday I wasn't sure if it was.like brand-new cloth are just not that.much used because it looked like it was.pretty new yeah so well supposedly it.was brand new so um with all the play.come Sunday and pretty quickly it feels.really good now yeah I played last night.song oh nice hit and she's gonna leave.that tough has not left anything easy.about as good as he can but as good as.you could hope for and with what she had.short of somehow making the 9 on it.maybe not as good as you could hope for.all right so hopefully we are coming.through loud and clear for everyone.everyone can receive us we should be.gone out to the wp ba and APA face book.life pages and YouTube channels so we're.broadcasting to the world.so yeah Lina at the table long tough cut.on this one oh nice shot where's this.ball gonna end up for the three is it.can I keep going for a nice shot on the.three well it's a shot I wouldn't call.it a nice shot this is it's potable it's.a tote it's yeah it's it it's yeah I.know it's I was just talking to Kea said.burry mm-hmm.about how the toughest games are always.the first and the last games and yeah.you know making this out would be a.great start.it'd feel really good to start the match.with but it's a touchy Shaun oh that was.good try yeah unfortunately that's gonna.leave this pretty nice for a guy young I.imagine her having a really nice long.draw for that for on the side unless she.she's such a strong pocketer that she.just plays it easy and takes the corner.she'd be fine too you know yeah yeah.she's over old her position a little.she's have to go up and down table come.back for the six yeah she's got a high.ball here so she's going go to rails.yeah keep going keep going don't slow.down now she's alright she's she can she.does that really nice low drag no.it's always interesting for me because.we all play shape differently yeah so do.you try to avoid hitting the 7 or do you.think she's gonna brush off the summer.even just run into it try to avoid it ok.she she chose to just try to brush off.of it and this turned out ok this isn't.too bad.looks like yeah that 8 does pass the 9.quite clearly although from here where.she is she might even in the playing.short sight on the 8 unless she wants to.come back and forth with a cue ball that.cites her to toe he's exacting it that.way yeah it's hard to tell the exact.angle she has now she's just going for.short side slow down cue ball.so what do we do here yeah I think this.shop.she lost the shot there it looks really.close to even go around the table to.pocket it you're just gonna try to get.this you fall behind.mm-hmm that's what it looks like we'll.see there goes nice touch.she's a run-out player though yeah it's.like every time she has to play safe a.kitten died somewhere least that's how.she feels probably well it's like it's.like if she was sprinting and be like.someone throwing a cone and all right.bring something to the table with this.kick shot she would love to just kick.this in the side and have to keep all.stay there for the night in the corner.right but she'll hit it with the speed.so that the tape I'll hopefully end up.on the end rail oh it's exactly back in.the horse to the end rail not a bad.leave that's nice she's left her checked.up over the nine that's right that's.without a decent look at them.no no offensive I mean there is but it's.not really good probability they're.right that was a excellent kick short of.actually making that eight in the side.that's about as best as you could hope.for.well I just hope to hit so really well.she didn't really good there.yeah having a spin it like that is looks.like she's good yeah look like she's.putting left spin on this just nice.little simple little safety now myself.I'm going for this Bank I'm not trying.to find any safety here yeah it's pretty.good and it looks pretty natural you.know even if she ends up center table.for the night it's pretty decent.considering where she's handsome and.Lima is so still when she shoots she is.she's all right all right.Lina first game when nothing erased the.nine we are playing WP ba rules nine.ball alternate break rack your own.because we're doing rack your own.there's a couple modifications to the.rules one is the nine on the break does.not count in the bottom two pockets does.count as a win in the other four pockets.and the two ball must be racked at the.back of the rack and as always three.foul rule is in effect.I'm Kevin Ross railroads productions.putting on this live stream for you guys.for the WPA.being joined by pro player eleanor kado.something like that some days it feels.like it's yeah just happy to be here it.was really a treat to go to the players.meeting and see you know all these pros.that I grew up admiring and you know now.I'm sitting among them it's it's still.um.it still feels great to be around that.the legacy you know history and we're.seeing a lot of classic battles this.week too.care I mean I think Jim and Karen.there's just it's just great so did we.have the classic lineup of the classic.matchup of Karen car versus Alison.Fisher did we have that one I don't.think we did we didn't I don't think we.did.they've only played each other like.every tournament right.I think I'm sorry I think was Vivian and.Jeanette who played earlier and you know.that's another classic mm-hmm.and then even seeing the new and the and.I guess the vets you could call them the.vets so the young guns the up-and-coming.'s versus the versus the veterans yes.they've been having a hard time cracking.the balls on this table all week yeah I.mean anything that's why even with those.gaps behind the nine ball that's why.they had to I'm sorry if you said it.already but that's why they need enforce.that that spot up if the nitrite is.pocketed the bottom corners right those.if those back balls aren't frozen to the.nine that and I can go shooting right.into one of those two corners yeah and.if those memory marks are really deep.you're trying to get that frozen rack.and you're not gonna get it so yeah I've.heard I learned something new today I've.heard if you take a hair dryer over the.rack area it'll help flatten it back out.so then to the balls rack better cool I.will put my hair dryer in my back pocket.I put it in your backpack when you go to.the pool hall next time just keep on.with you better bring an extension cord.to 20 foot good might have to unplug the.light over the table to plug in your.hair dryer yeah and I don't think it's I.don't think it's the fault of the of the.plastic rack I think it's the the bed of.the table or the the cloth that it's.causing the issues not even hopefully.the sleep isn't I mean I'm on a table.yeah yeah me neither.I just play on one I don't build the.things.I'll know when to complain.Oh Natalie cheveux says measure monami.Natalie I miss you I'll go to Canada and.see you.alright Lena with the break oh and we.are doing race tan I'm in all of these.matches with the exception of the finals.the finals will be a single race to 11.so modified double elimination format.it'd be curious for some feedback from.the fans if they prefer a true double or.a longer race like that for years we had.been doing true double mm-hmm.I know for a little bit we were doing.kind of those sudden-death kind of the.quicker reasons like to erase the cars.and erase the four and then one game.which is that's so weird.I guess I'm pulling the group out there.I'd love your feedback on what formats.you prefer it was actually something.about the challenge of Champions that.confuse the heck out of me in the.challenge of Champions they make it so.you have to call the nine because.they're trying to eliminate luck I guess.but they also but they do it in a format.that promotes luck.you know I raced a for race to four and.then a one game sudden-death that like.now like totally promotes luck but you.have to call a nine to try to get rid of.luck that confuses the heck out of me no.you know I mean it's your perspective is.really interesting because for me I'm in.a match he's you and race to nine races.seven a shorter race for me is like.who's gonna get the momentum who's gonna.get the brakes first you know because in.general I feel like matches unless both.are playing perfect it tends to favor a.player you know who's gonna get the good.rolls who's gonna you know get that.earlier the the shorter games things.like that so I mean at least of four.it's almost like who's gonna get that.first game and the first game usually.sets the tone for you know a good chunk.of the match so what these clusters are.on the table would you take a swing at.this nine I think I might meet you there.yeah and draw the cue ball back.like behind the five six yeah cuz it's a.lot of work right so it's it's a kind of.choosing your witchcraft you want to be.don't know too bad yeah I think I would.be I think I'd be very strongly tempted.to take a swing at this nine here yeah.looks pretty good ready with ball on.hand yeah not trying to probably try to.draw the cue ball back trying to into.the rail into behind that five six just.as a backup she might not be waiting she.may not even be think about ask me just.be thinking just 9 ball 9 ball 9 ball 9.ball yeah cuz it's more than likely.she's got a good shot of it right so.she's a pretty good shot maker I'm sure.she sees that 2e though of course she.just got a stop shot she didn't go for.any type of two-way Elena's got a.similar shot on the one that she did.with the three that we had that first.she almost cut in this one this one.looks slightly easier than they last the.net three ball notice touchy is that one.but even if you make this one it's not a.lot of reward right I don't think.there's a pocket for that too right in.the bottom right corner.yeah the two the two does not go by the.seven and I don't think it goes up table.either by the three yeah she it's safe.behind this ball nope it's gonna come.out yeah cuz even if gayoung pockets.this on the side I'm not sure does she.have the angle on this - I need to.refresh this real quick when I was about.to say is she have the angle to come two.rails back like under here for the two.ball that way and that that's exactly.what she was trying I think not too bad.from where she was now I'm not sure what.now maybe.like maybe Bank the two out of there try.to drag this cue ball back in here.somewhere if it's too close I don't know.if the nines of option but she's cutting.something that too doesn't go in the.corner doesn't she may be playing it on.the short rail and then putting the cue.ball.I can cue ball like up behind that 3/8.Tigers she's gonna bump the eighth.even though she bumped the aten didn't.get behind them she still has not left.hasn't really left much not Allina can.do is just come off the side of the tube.try to play some type of safety banking.the two up near that nine ball.yeah especially if she can't see the.left side of the tool descended on the.other side of the table she might be.playing three behind a 308 also she's.trying to get up there and I think she.hit it too full yeah she just caught the.two just uh just a little too full and.this leaves a nice shot for a guy young.to get started with I just um the only.funny shot I see is just making sure.there's enough room for that for it I.could be cutting in the corner yeah the.three to the set the four of the five I.think that's the five over by the six.like I don't know she might even try to.come two rails behind the five for the.five other side mhm.hit it out or something either hit it or.just lay out leap play right in though.between the first and second diamond.sometime.that's exactly what she was doing that.looks like it's just about perfect yeah.I was curious to see if she'd nudged.that sixer try to avoid it.so she's checking up to try - nicely.done.that's a pretty shot it was those are.fun execute - feels good one knows when.it comes out and back to the railing.back out like that yeah cuz cuz the.thing is like newer players when I talk.to new or Claire's they don't really.realize that obviously when you jack up.your cue you lose more accuracy right.because it's so she's she has to stay.perfectly still to make sure that the.draw takes effect on this really.skittish new cloth while obviously.pocketing the ball so really well.executed I mean while just to report.back Kelly Fisher's taking the lead here.with Lacey chin she's now up for one now.she's off to the races over there mm-hmm.yeah I was just making a comment to.Kevin about how dramatically different.their styles are so if you're want you.know I know I realize you're probably.all watching both matches going in.between them but um you know Kelly.Fischer's racing she's so quick to.execute and he's more of that deliberate.kind of tactful methodical type player.oh yeah there's definitely definitely a.contrast in styles for sure it's like.Kelly Fischer can run a rack and the.time it takes.weh-weh to size up one one shot that's.the beauty of the sport throw you know.everyone when one is not necessarily.wrong.we find the way same finish line but.when our own our own way to it.no.good break and she's got that nudge.there the cue ball but it actually.helped to her benefit.she got a decent shot on those two yeah.I would call this a decent shot on the.two looks like she's probably straighten.probably have to draw to the rail and.back out to the center of the table.three to the four that could be a little.tricky well now she's gonna have to.swing it before rails to get to them.yeah foul around three four rails get.back above the six.I was just gonna make a comment about.how tricky that shot is yeah with the.inside English to flex the cue ball it's.so easy to miss that just like she did I.haven't hit it that hard to make sure it.gets all the way down.yeah the harder you hit it the more it.deflects the cue ball the more you have.to judge and you know compensate for.that it's tricky shot mm-hmm combo here.yep nice shot controlled both the three.in the cue ball quite nicely to end up.with a shot well done.yeah she's sitting good now now that all.the problems are taken care of now it's.just don't get don't don't do something.silly.yeah like get straight in because I was.just thinking she could be get behind it.mmm and draw it back to the center or.she could you know go hit the rail and.also get back to the center so that's.kind of flat but she should be all right.I was just when you're feeling jittery.everything is funny right yeah angles.funny I mean I'm not saying she's.jittery ain't no I know how I feel what.are you right yeah we're sorry yeah.worst case scenario I ended up straight.she could you know take the thinner cut.on the eighth if she had to she shot.that she thought that was a champ ton of.confidence champ that she is yeah she.she didn't baby that one she shot that.with lots of confidence.some players might like to shoot this.with bottom right come around too real.it's not like they're just the center.follow one real straight up yes simple I.was um I tend to kind of a fan of.spinning everything I haven't I have.noticed that about your game I mean I've.commentated your matches for the NAEP.teeth I've but you know I'm actually.appreciative whenever I playing a new.cloth or kind of new cloth because it.makes me simplifying mm-hmm.so things like going one rail where I'd.want to stroke it if I didn't need the.bridge and go you know stress a little.low and swing it two rails mm-hmm simple.is fine too you know and not overdo it.I have a tendency to kind of overdo it.sometimes so so I really um had great.success playing one rail instead of two.or three and not doing too much so I.hear your sister plays pretty good pool.I've never actually seen her play well.she's gonna play in the na PT I think.they're having in their regional tour.championships a couple weeks.I'm it'll be in Sacramento hard times.again yeah she took a break for a year.to kind of see where pool was for her.you know I don't know if we're actually.supposed to be talking about that tour.here at the W PBA sorry I'm saying I.don't know actually so maybe we should.well she's she's sorry okay no more.other organizations.I love the W PBA so it's not nothing.like you think so but she's she's.competing again this year um she took a.one-year hey this I guess just is kind.of see how war pool was in her life you.know I think everyone can understand.that.mm-hm pool is it's it's one of those.games that you know a lot of it is.individual you know there are team.events and stuff but most of it is.so yeah we're pool isn't here so here.she has the option to push out do you.kick do you try to kick safe the to ball.or you just call push out and shoot into.nine well I don't know if she can get.far enough behind it to kick it the way.she'd want to looks like she's queuing.for that she was gonna trying to kick.safe hope to leave a two name for.herself yeah see I was worried that it.was she couldn't catch it full enough.behind it now that nine balls looking.pretty juicy in the corner there same.ride me right nobody in any case my.twins coming back and she she has she's.hungry now right she missed the game.enough to know she's putting a lot of.hard work into it so she's more.competitive than me.she'll probably kill me if she ever.heard me say that but she really is and.she's more than you you know I'm kind of.I don't know how to explain it.I'll be disappointed for five minutes.and then I'll be like who's joining me.for a whiskey at the bar now I can have.a drink cuz I've been you know I try not.to drink one clean I'll join you hey go.laughter and cheers very well - she both.join awesome sorry she going for this.name she going for the two in the corner.it looks like she's going for the name.almost half - yeah kind of mandatory.yeah all right I'm surprised at that.alright good take out yeah really good.roll nine balls I'm house out of there.so now we can just concentrate on.running the balls down no more getting.she's happy here whatever you want to.call it the pressures off mm-hmm but I.mean this is so this is a decent kick if.you were to kick at a shock she if she.slow rules that she'll have a okay shot.at the three right after so yeah so yeah.if she makes the - yeah she should come.up with a shot on the three that's.exactly what she's doing it she's made.it that's a nice shot I was about as.perfect as you could execute that kick.so now it's a decision right do I draw.back follow forward I almost choose the.forward you know sinking surreal so it.back for the finds is if you draw back.unless you draw back all the way to like.where the seven is you still gotta like.follow three rails around and that.following three girls around gets kind.of like to the wrong side of the five or.the eight plays big if you you may get.stuck so but going forward you know you.take the chance to keep on and up on the.rail so it was just it's ugly the way.yeah she's gonna make sure she clears.that six ball she's swinging it to the.other side of the table it looks pretty.good I mean she's frozen to the rail.this is tough touchy and that's even if.she gets far enough towards the side.pocket yeah she's just Roloson come.across table take the longer shot on the.five oh no right that's gonna bring guy.young to the table with a nice shot of.Miss four to get started with perfect.angle to come up for the five just.quickly taking a quick double check make.sure everything is where she thinks it.is.everything's pretty yeah this looks.pretty good.I'd like to bring a Cuba to about the.middle of the table for the six ball.that we can come from the six to the.seven you can come around to Rails yeah.just like that that's perfect.go right spin come around around two.three rails.that's a nice of you don't get too far.out it's got plenty of angle well seeing.that so used to cue ball keep you know.kept going now it's worn in so nicely.o'clock cloth starting to break in a.little not be so slippery fast you know.let your stroke out a little bit I.thought would it work without worrying.that it's gonna roll too far.alright guy Yong Kim ties it up to a.piece.meanwhile on our bonus coverage table.Kelly Fisher leads way way five to one.Kelly Fisher with the break.yeah Kelly's uh she's an unstoppable.force once she gets going.alright guys let the break nice solid.break she make anything nope it looks.like that one ball just kind of just.rolled in behind that eight just enough.where she can't make it.yes it's one of those kind of basic.short rail safeties bring that just.create some distance between the the cue.and the one but they're talented enough.to probably pull the ball at the cue.ball behind a ball to to block it should.be able to pull it behind the five or.something.creating even more more of congestion.down here always fun hmm.we've mean the first few wrecks have.been kind of like this little clusters.at all right.I mean chicken I mean she can bank the.one past the nine you know the nine.makes it a big pocket but then what do.you do with this - ball mm-hmm even.looking at if she wants to go offensive.that Karimun to the six possibly but.then what's where's the one going or.what's after that mm-hmm she made back.cut the 1/2 block to use the eight as a.blocker I'm eight and four and and so we.got around but I don't let's see what.she does here she's just for the cue.ball let's think about nice cue ball I.think she's got her hard to tell and if.that one would not have caught the point.on the side pocket she'd definitely be.in trouble here she might be able to see.the one or at least they have a pretty.easy kick of the side yeah if not the.one real than the to room seven towards.the six mm-hmm yeah um does she ever.jump Q out there jumping your hand it is.Wow.it might be a half ball so she has a.little bit more room too.there it goes nice Oh Ward what a great.jump though that distance yeah she I.guess she just had to clear just the.edge of the eighth she wants been just.barely hooked behind it.yeah the chap there's a little bit of.conversation about just how how hard.this format was it really is hard when.you're.playing back-to-back and you know you're.battling two and then you you really do.just have minutes before you have to.recompose yourself I know yesterday I.played a three-hour match with way and.then after ten minutes or so I played on.another two and a half hour I think a.two hour two and a half hour match with.Jennifer Barretta and it really is it.really is challenging Sherry's almost.back from break yeah if you guys miss.sherry just tell me I'll get off this.thing no no no I was thinking about.stepping on that that you and.sherry talk no you're not paroled yet.well I wouldn't even call Wayne amateur.brandy it should I think it's just the.it's just the though the process that it.takes to get into the the organization.or become a member because she's a she's.a phenomenal player I was really glad.that I got a chance to to play her.myself you know I look for this stuff oh.nice nine ball there by young two nine.carom that I missed yep she made the two.nine carom there's this whole week's.been these back these games going back.and forth yeah I've been a lot of back.and forth seen a lot of back and forth.on the livestream yes.yeah.I hear she's she's won some big.tournaments in Asia way has Brandi um.and she's now making her way in to the.US so a lot of really strong player I.was just making a comment this week.about how much talent there is out there.and we we brag about having the best 64.in the world but I'm.I'm almost certain that there are a lot.more women that we just don't know about.because they're seeing in their home.countries er yeah especially China yeah.and Hong Kong and Taiwan and surrounding.area surrounding countries mm-hmm and.something a lead like five one or five.two is still nothing that Kelly Fisher.is gonna be comfortable with she's.waiting she's gonna get comfortable when.she hits to nine you know it's exactly.okay all right drive another dry break.nice wide open spread nice yeah nice.shot on this one to get started with.it's the first cluster free yeah we've.seen right yeah I know and this sign.dispatch I think so plus you're free and.a shot on the one to start with heaven.very nice honest to see they'll be.forced to just draw just draw straight.back which there's a lot of players not.their favorite shot they like using the.rails and to control speed not just just.a straight up draw shot it's harder to.control the speed but at least the ball.is closer to the object ball um because.it you know even though the pot the.balls are in the pocket it's usually.harder to control it coming out of it.unless you're closer to it.I think she's flat enough to just stop.it orally stumped it and just it'll.stick for like two inches it looks fun.enough and see my eyes looks like she.might have a little bit too much angle.for that like she's looking to go into.the unreal and back or just playing it.to the have the five in the side but.she's got a low ball in it so well she.tried to bump it bump it harder than.that you could tell she was a little.uncomfortable with how she struck that.yeah.by the six bring the cue ball as far as.away from it she kept me I was I was.thinking going the other way like this.way with the cue ball and five ball over.here but she's going like my ball that.way in cue ball that way yeah not bad.but it leaves Elina that she's gonna.keep that cluster together just cut the.private just five into the six let the.cue ball come back down this way yet.maybe hooker behind the seven just watch.out for this corner pocket down here and.yeah right behind the seven you called.it.that's nice shot and the eight blockers.beautiful shot and the crowd goes mild.she should be should be clapping for.that the speed was excellent on that.shot well you know guy young kicks.pretty well and if she gets rewarded for.hitting this I'm you know on the left.side pocketing it the six is laying.decent where she may get rewarded with.position on top of making the bomb so.see how it goes yeah that was a that was.a nice shot good speed good control.hmm so I am Kevin Ross with railroads.productions bring you this live stream.live stream for the WP ba being joined.by pro player eleanor Collado i again.that is unfortunate it is nice happy.made a nice hit even got lucky and made.two five but unlucky and also made the.white one that was unlucky now does that.the first was that the first scratch for.the match for the match I don't know I.don't I don't think so I'm gonna look to.see does this seven go by the nine.that's a very tight squeeze.yeah I can't I can't say she she'd be.playing for that pocket it's too tight.there so with ball in hand she should be.able to play position for the the bottom.left corner.she should yeah she should be able to.follow the cue ball this way you know.she's playing that well she may be.swinging it to rails instead of the.follow shot well it's a Silla follow.sharpen it she may be trying to come.down here below the seven shoots seven.backup table also their goods or to the.side she's gonna end up for the side.that's almost kind of she got in the.middle 49 yard line yes still favor the.corner versus the side but me - I think.she not like she's gonna miss she's an.excellent shot but should she miss oh.you're trying to jinx her aren't you.higher probability never know alright.yeah it's always my fault.it's Eleanor's fault she's not though no.of course not that's Eleanor's fault.Eleanor.how dare you jinx her LMR I mean that's.why I'm in the commentator box right on.the table.so thanks myself we're gonna be yeah.ways making a comeback here it's she's.catching up.it's now five three five three all right.it's not necessary to hit the Update.button just the plus is all it's.necessary.right we got a tie game again a race -.uh all right race to six now three three.all knotted up and Lena's gonna take a.break.well guy young shoot some balls in yeah.we can try to sort of see that other.table for us if you want a better view.of that other table go to our bonus.Channel coverage you can find that on.the WPB a youtube channel.so what's next for you you just gotta.next another trip coming up uh we're.gonna be heading down the Derby City in.a couple weeks the whole 12 days or.whatever it is just one pocket and nine.ball not thanks till seven or something.yeah just just a week I've never been to.that event so I mean either have to go.should be fine I hear it's a lot of fun.yeah my sister is going and with my dad.and then I'm sure many Harold oh how.awesome it was so probably try to go.next year don't work so so you living in.California every year.San Francisco yep your sister lived.there too mm-hmm yep I started I went.back to school this year so the whole.work life wolf it is it's what you.studying in school I'm trying to get my.Masters in Business Administration.something pulls on the back burner a.little bit yeah how much I love it too.much this event that kind of confirm.that so just you know you gotta meet.time for everything if it matters to you.right well you can once you earn that.MBA you can use that to have so that.pool can start making money again.so there's thank you can get some more.money into pool yep somehow utilize my.new skills.[Applause].all right Kelly Fischer wins that game.six to three thank you Brandi it's very.sweet of you I uh you know it's it.I was trying really trying to meditate.and reflect on what I could have done.differently but it's it's really just a.tightening up that's what's separating.me from you know you can't make any.mistakes of the farther along you get.into the bracket so they will definitely.haunt me for a couple days but in a good.way mm-hmm I always say I'll have.homework to bring back so no but I.appreciate that thank you thank you for.that all right so Kelly got another.notch on her belt six three yeah players.are still on break over here on our.feature table so I'm assuming you play.as well you play at home me yeah yeah.every once in a while yeah I play sherry.plays.you.sherry plays in our regional tour that.we have out there and and we also.usually livestream those cool I see.young returning as Lina back yet I don't.see her and why is there only one one.doorway to the to the pit here that's.why I'm just thinking but you know what.though this is the first time they've.set up the tables as a pair right.usually the final day they'll just have.one but they you know with the new.format I think the timing and everything.they are forced to have to do - so um.you know maybe they just kind of brain.farted and thought forgot to do a second.second second airlock second accessport.alright so they're back from their break.here um.Diane's break I try to pay attention to.what their body's doing and where the.hesitation is and speed and whatnot so.sorry we have we're having a couple.standby we're having a couple technical.difficulties here.you.all right so let's see the feedback.about the format.sorry about that but we were able to get.that camera back on so alright I'm back.we're back we're back from break we have.Diane with the break speaking of breaks.all right.oh wow she's made like half the balls.except one of them is gonna spot.straight up.sorry just cracking jokes here um you.like to crack wise I see it I think yeah.I was gonna say too real follow yeah I'm.not sure if she's trying to play it for.the bottom left there and I just slid a.little look like the cue ball slid.because of the English yeah I thought I.thought she was trying to play for the.side but plan Plan B yeah I don't see.this uh I don't see her going for this.just cuz uh.Mohsen kind of risky pit it's kind of.risky but it has kind of the built-in.safety where the the cue ball can come.up this way behind those balls and the.two balls could pop gonna be hanging out.out here somewhere if she wanted to go.for it but she might just might just.roll the two ball past the nine for a.safety and that's what she's doing she's.not doing anything crazy nice shot yeah.I didn't think.she was actually gonna go for the nine.I'm true nice hit Oh Callie oops I wanna.yeah we're only playing cue ball fouls.on this tournament.yeah we're not ESPN and I don't think.we're doing a shot clock today either it.may just be that if we get down to a.final table so probably starting the.next really I don't know if they're.gonna be doing automatic shot clock for.the finals or only if it starts running.slow I'm not sure about that part me.neither.it's pretty good leave there by Caillou.but Lena's got that back cut cluster.safety again the 9 ball may be in her.favor if she gets it far enough right.she can swing it far enough.she's made to seven all right now what.can she do the two ball straight up the.table where the two ball goes straight.up cue ball comes this way yeah I was.thinking that it just it would be.perfect because the six unmade could.actually be really helpful there but I.just be worried about hitting that nine.ball.you know that would be disastrous eight.and I don't know if she can hit the full.two but she may be able to just hit it.pretty full have it go to rails and then.send it on the other side of the other.short rail there just create some.distance but she's got a center low Q so.I'd like it.yeah I'm not real sure what to do here.and neither she did that look she's.going for it she's gonna get safe gonna.get lucky she is.she was playing safe the whole time.that's the hard way but see it's it's so.interesting to see what they see right I.mean we're guessing up here right they.actually end up surprising it's really.good leave there yeah she was like screw.it I don't see I don't see any easy.safeties I'm just gonna go for it maybe.I'll get lucky something that'll happen.yeah we're all lucky here.nice hit and she has left this just.about dead straight so there's no way to.get back for the five probably just draw.back a few inches think if she's gonna.go offensive even though it's kind of.flat she has a stroke to do it if she.plays the right side of the pocket mm-hm.it's almost almost like hitting the rail.first just swing it with top right she.will bring it back up for the five in.the lower left corner but again I just.maybe I wouldn't be surprised if she.maybe if I was like three feet closer to.the ball my trial you know no I thought.Diane was walking up see I was looking.at my phone it's oh never mind.i rescind that guesstimate yeah I didn't.like it oh that's she's not gonna like.this either.can she get drawing this can she get.under there was some bottom left to try.to spin around I think she can but uh so.she's got half a ball now looks like.she's going to follow she's gonna try to.follow around the table for rails three.rails around the table that's a nice.shot don't get on the rail okay well.it's not on the rail look do I have the.I had the wrong score that I give that I.accidentally give the a point to the.wrong player.we're gonna double-check that score mmm.I may have the wrong scribe may have.excellent given the point to the wrong.player and that is the case I.accidentally gave the point to the wrong.player last game for two not three three.sorry about that so thanks for setting.me straight thanks for having my back.anonymous message sender thanks Jeanne.if you hear us there's probably like 30.or 40 people in the chat room probably.saying yo dude you have to score wrong.no we're just I just don't have to cheer.him up in front of me.crackin too many jokes it's my fault.again you guys so Elinor's faltered.strike them out of here so I better be.good.no you're not getting out here that.easily it's gonna take more than pens.joke-telling to get out of here.yeah I was gonna say do you see her.laying up or well she went right around.dude good shot nice shot.yeah she's in great position here she's.just trying to decide you know where do.you want to play the age he has you know.every pocket to choose from just trying.to decide which one does she want to.shoot of that she chose nice and easy.put the eight in the opposite side.nine ball will probably also go in the.same pocket if I had to guess all right.guy young extends her lead 5 to 2 over.Lima yours Vic and an other match.Kelly Fisher 8 to 3 over Lee su Chen.so thank you guys for tuning in today be.sure to share that link with everyone.let them know where to find us.let them know we're online you know I.was happy to see the rail birds here.this week we were happy that we're happy.about that too it's nice to have a.little bit more web presence so if you.guys are enjoying the live stream that.we're bringing to you go ahead and tell.the WP ba and serene eagle let them know.that you appreciate the work we did for.him that way maybe we can come back.again next time let me know you're happy.with us if you if you think we're doing.a terrible job well just keep your mouth.shut.I'm kidding we we welcome all feedback.as long as it's done in a respectful way.sorry ladies around here it was 'we had.a uncharacteristic miss here in the last.three balls of there our last four.rather oh no left there pretty nice for.Kelly to run these last four for the.match she hasn't done it yet but they're.sitting pretty good for well it could be.a little tricky if she gets good I need.it's over oh don't get behind the 9 and.don't scratch behind the 9 and don't.scratch mmm Oh side Pro side yikes.yes can she see it or she's going real.first.and she's not gonna make her shoot it.Kelly.Fischer defeats we Xue Chen that dozen.lemon eight way way from the tournament.they need her in fifth place I believe.its fourth these last four that might be.right yes that's fourth place because.this is this is hotseat match over here.so yes that limits are in fourth place.yes that is correct and on our feature.table.the referee is gonna step in and do the.racking from here it looks like since.having such problems with it.and I think that was the last match.that's gonna be played on that table I.think the rest we're gonna be played on.this table exclusively now I think.you're right.as I think that's what we're down to now.we're down to just three players so if.that's the case like probably shut off.that livestream good cuz I can't man I.can't do multitasking so yeah you got me.putting up the wrong score and.everything you got me all messed up no.you get six drinks okay you know see you.referee it's not so easy okay I don't.want to do it cuz like here let me step.in here let me show you how this is done.ten minutes later see that was easy.yeah.there was a book or a video about like.all the gaps and all the things with.Iraq like understanding the rack and.Stephanie Joe Tucker racking see.cracking secrets DVDs yes should really.yeah that's some good info yeah if.you're serious about pool which I.suspect you are you should you should.you should check out those DVDs you have.some pretty good info now it was pretty.nice break three balls on the break but.that almost always happens doesn't it.you make three or four balls and then.you get nothing.mm-hmm or maybe a one night bang safety.on the one or one nine Bank what are we.doing here you know if she can get him a.friend behind the for if she's.comfortable with that and like a little.top laughter just left to just throw the.one a little bit and then maybe put the.cue behind the floor if she's not brave.enough to go for it would be definitely.an aggressive shot here with being down.to five C she decides I get the feeling.she's going for this one nine yeah just.how she's Kuna right cue ball cue ball.oh wow I have a feeling we're gonna be.seeing a jump shot.we better I'm gonna go out on a limb and.make a prediction that she's gonna go.get hurt um q.h hope she can she has.room to cue it properly.looks like she's right on that.background but it's guy young so she'll.make something happen.all right we bet a dollar so here's your.dollar you win junkies out you thought.you thought she was gonna try to like.shoot into the shoot into the points.Edna cue ball up into here had the.coupon math say once it lands into it Oh.see there that was a good hit.yeah nice shot great shot great shot guy.Yong Kim 62 over really unfortunate role.vote for Lena that was really wrong good.speed you know she played the good say.she plays bass she played them she.played the backup safety head she hit.the cue ball nicely just guy young made.a nice shot to get out of it.[Applause].of all the referee deals with the rack.I'm going to tell you about the APA if.you're looking to get involved in the.sport and ap League is a grand place to.start.grant not great-grand from competing.locally to their World Championship in.Las Vegas there's something for every.level of the amateur player visible.players that commonly get started they.have a spring session league starting.now throughout the US Canada and Japan.APA is our commotions 'el sponsor.they're letting us live stream on their.page and their facebook life and their.YouTube channel.you.yeah Kelly's a monster too.country is Lena from what flag is that.under glove is it Sweden Norway Norway.Norway now looks like Apple watch I'd.get too distracted if my water was going.on I had to take my regular watch off.yesterday cuz I was just um it was uh I.just I brought the wrong one I was just.feeling funky so alright how many play.how many people does it take to wreck.director Baz we got three people out.Tara who else can we get over there.why don't know if they've wiped him down.already but I was add to wipe down the.Harris hairdryer on the hairdryer on the.cloth looks dry and then to just take a.damp towel and wipe all the balls down.you know it kind of yucky in the bunker.heads together right bunk.Rebecca that it'll be a race to a single.race to 11 for the finals not a true.double but that was that was an hour ago.we're behind we're behind the piano I.wanted to see the feedback on the format.so.alright dry break again I blame the.referee for that dry break he clearly.didn't track him long so obviously.that's cuz he rushed it all that.pressure if you would have taken his.time he probably could have got a good.rack ten more minutes she going for this.one ball that could it looks like it has.a tough shot always have to hold the cue.ball there too she's not gonna leave.much it is pretty natural though for a.hook.she's gonna have a safety to come back.to she gets back to the table I think.just then off I just signed a kilo just.straight down the table.[Music].I know she wants to swing it but that's.six bone we played kind of big and then.she'll leave it trying to block her.behind that behind the two or the nine.ball.yep behind the man you called it oh and.that four ball also came back out it off.the railing back out in front of the one.a little bit about this game you've seen.a plate on people once it's it's you you.learned everything you know from.watching our commentary right yeah oh.nice hit and stick can't you see the two.she she yeah just got it yeah yeah she.can just see the two so the two-way shot.she makes the one she's got a shot on.the two if he doesn't make the one she's.looking good he says so at least that's.how it worked out well beam beam down.coming down like two six is this the.testee sharp but I see her out once she.pockets us - I see it's playing pretty.good for her to do that so get her back.in line that was tough shot she's gonna.rail gonna get safe no.like she's pretty straight in on this.too Lina's gotta be frustrated just try.them together.so anything draw this all the way back.for the side nice long draw well she.pulled up on that a little yeah just so.long all right so I'm gonna bring Lina.back sable with a nice shot on this - to.get started with she needs this these.balls are all sitting pretty nice.she needs to close up that gap a little.in the score.you see her going around or just.justified I was trying to decide you.know some it's inside or come on three.miles a night actually I kind of like.the three rails on this one yeah but she.had that good either way is good you.know the three rails probably got a.little bit closer to that right side.rail for a little less angle on the four.but in this yeah so this one could.either be a low two rail swing but this.so the speed you don't want to get too.close to that long rail rain topped it.back yeah I like the inside English.because that keeps you in on a better.angle on the five you know coming bottom.right come around two rails you can.overshoot your position and or you can.get to six or the nine or you can just.overshoot your position on the five and.end up with a weird mm-hmm so the inside.English keeps key on though keeps the.right side it's what I was worried about.see how it keeps rolling Yeah right.she should be okay oh yeah she can she.come to Wales around the six or even by.the Ranger odd I guess if she wanted to.but she can follow this to Wales around.oh no no she's she's just waiting the.string rack you know get that to get the.ball rolling she's oh she's still.uncomfortable.that's nice speed anywhere but straight.on she okay yeah Leamas been shooting so.good yeah she's gotta be feeling.frustrated that she can't put you know.camp but Iraq together to put up a good.fight against guy young yeah I'm sure.she sees the finish line you know like.them put some spin on that ball.alright guy young inches a little bit.closer to the finish line seven the to.base tonight.I'm Kevin Ross being joined by Eleanor.Cod oh yeah these races to nine that's.you know even though gyung's got a.pretty substantial lead these momentum.shifts we've seen them you know Alina is.not out of this we want a good battle.here right yeah we want to see her come.back we like Hill Hill matches oh yeah.comes up plenty of that all week there's.been a lot of that yeah tournament.directors hate that they want every.master 9-0 with a lot of early nine.balls let's get this whole tournament.done in one day.you know these racks are um you're new.right there from diamond-- they are out.of plastic molded plastic but yeah I.have to say you know I know they're not.as sturdy as like the deltas or the.mm-hmm racks but the noise the cut down.of the noise has been obtained that.clinky clinky that is the thing about.like especially the delta 13 racks man.they're so loud they are they're.ridiculously loud yeah they're nice.racks you know they're beautiful to look.at and they they don't warp you know.they're precision machined you know.they're beautiful Rex but man they're.loud.yeah I mean it's cool for like the final.day if the tournament directors doing it.and but if you're playing next to it and.you're really yeah you gotta just easily.distracted they had a whole team panel.all tournament folder full of delta 13.racks it's it's loud but I love those.you know when they're doing the the.breast cancer awareness mm-hmm that that.pink color they'd was awesome yeah great.yeah those are beautiful.all right she's made a ball on the break.but that does not have an easy shot on.this one to start with it looks like.she's going for it she's gonna try to.draw it back maybe for the top low left.bottom left corner.stop right in front of the side pocket.yep.I know I feel like if it you know it's.one of those when it rains it pours.yep should I find a groove and then she.leaves guy young things like this didn't.on this too is not gonna be easy.it's almost like oh I mean she's trying.to just draw it straight to that point.what she's looking at her I see like a.half a tip punched draw maybe hitting.that short rail and then pulling it back.to where she right where the cue ball is.yeah but she's going high you know high.right come around oh I left role here.she got away with that I think well just.see being able to see her I guess if.that night she didn't nudge that night.she could have been hooked there that.worked out pretty nice now she'll just.go one rail to the fore nice shot is.gonna be feeling defenseless like she's.just here we get to the point where you.start rooting for your opponent I'm not.saying Lina is but sometimes you know.well you know I think at this level.though we just.I love being challenged and pushed and.when you play world champs like this you.just want the best on both sides I think.you know it's not to say that no one.wants to lose but at least knowing that.you won playing your best game and they.had their best game and then you know.you get those really epic battles with.one another we're all traveling from.everywhere every part of the world like.we live for that you know no one wants.to lay it down and just give it away.so she's that pretty straight I don't.know if I don't know if she's dead.straighter she has just had nothing up.to follow two rails out of there she.tried to it's too flat but this looks I.mean if she's gonna go for it this looks.like a decent combo yeah it's it's not.almost in line mm-hmm and it's laying.pretty well where she she's gonna have a.decent shot on the seven afterwards.you.you.all right Leamas got a chance nice shot.Big Bounce Big Bounce it's kind of a big.kind of a Big Bounce just want you know.get the games going start feeling a.little bit looser and let her stroke out.a little there you go good all right.making me nervous making me nervous kid.all right we say stop the bleeding yeah.crowds appreciative showing their.support yeah you can do it.so be sure to go to the WP ba Facebook.and YouTube channels be sure to LIKE.follow subscribe and do the same for the.APA Facebook and YouTube channels and.then do the same for the rail birds.YouTube and Facebook channels that's.your homework every one of you that's.what you have to do that's what you have.to do in exchange for watching free pool.seems like a pretty good deal.all right she's broken him nice made of.all but unfortunately did not have a.shot on the one there's no real easy.place to push out to really Jimmy call.push out and shoot the five one.combination leaving her you know a long.shot on the two next and I think that's.what she's gonna do oh she's gonna kick.at the one try to kick it safe no that.was a nice shot.very nice.it's gonna jump you out Oh.leave that nice for guy young.nice shyness one to start with come out.for the - yeah these are sitting pretty.nice I just wanted to check her angle.where she wants to be on the four and.the three to get to the four that's.really gonna be the key shot here and.now looks perfect she probably wanted a.little bit more angle I think she can.come just one rail straight on the table.guess maybe she had to spin a little bit.more than she wanted to maybe she was a.little bit too straight trying to create.a little more angle and was there but.she's you know just it good hasn't.really left anything so where do you.play safe you're just trying to just.bank two threes on the center of the.table she may just be trying to lay it.up the fret behind the five there but.really touchy shot that's she's not.gonna be happy with that she hasn't even.she hasn't been able to really you know.warm up her stroke oh she's left it.straight and if she's left it straight.and it's gonna be kind of hard for her.to get to the floor she can't put any.draw on this she might be able to.elevate it enough where she can kind of.punch it over a little yep oh that's.about all she can do makes this shot at.least five times more difficult.that's all nice shot so good she hit.that snow nice to see what's next for.and in a five up table she's gonna set.her table she could draw two reels I.kind of like just going straight up one.real straight up yeah she's doing but.nothing like drawing this not only.drawing this two rails either the one.rail straight up could potentially you.know the six ball Mike anyway she's.going up to the right side of the six.hit that nice center table what sick.looks like she has just enough angle we.get back to the middle of the table so.who did you play who did you play in.this tournament I don't think we talked.about that I so my first match was with.see here it's now your Testament memory.mm-hm I'm gonna see if you pass the test.I believe I played eugenia first her she.she think her last names I want to say.it's a Greek so I can't get it yeah yeah.I know who you're talking about I don't.know how to pronounce her last name.either and then I played I played June.Meyers but who was it before that.so one two and stage two mm-hmm it was.teruko le so I played Eugenia teruko.kulookakoo Lily.it took me out of stage two brought me.into stage three where I drew Jin Myers.who was seated 16 in the event I went.against her and then I played away.I had my chances and lost 97 to her and.then played Jennifer Barretta after that.I lost Keith Keene though right there.but both losses I if I just go home and.tighten up a little their mistakes there.they were simple you know it always says.it's like I gave it away it was just.kind of like why I did give it away he.came back I didn't give it away because.I thought it's great though I loved it I.was.let's pushed and challenged and I.haven't been that challenged you know in.a while so it was really nice to you.know think about things a little bit.harder than it was good it's always good.to see these ladies here alright so has.made a ball and a break she does have a.cut shot on this one to the corner I see.her going for it she's at seven ball me.seven ball might help hurt or hurt.it could it's a blessing and a curse.oh she's missed it I'm frustrated for.her for her yeah we we feel your pain.level.we've all been there nothing can go.right it's yeah this is probably the.only touchy shot um guy young can get.back in line here with from this two.ball looks to me if she can just roll.just roll it in she'll have a position.for the three to that upper left corner.yeah either that one or the top right.depending on how steep that is but I.think it's it's um she can hit the ball.enough to yep that's the better shot of.it to know I don't know if she got on.the wrong she looks like she's on the.wrong side got three green yeah a little.bit on the wrong side I don't know that.she wants to play the 4/9 combination.maybe she can draw down for the four in.the right side pocket one real looks.like she's gonna go one rail across nice.stroke a little too much too much of a.nice stroke she can get behind at six oh.she might be I think she might be behind.the six I think so wow I didn't even see.that as a possibility it's like weird at.six come from she forced it so much that.uh it must have been flat where she had.to pop it she did it too good yes got a.hold of that one.the way she's cute it looks like she may.want to she's trying to just cluster it.or sneak it between the 7 and the 8 so.to make it to the short rail what part.of the four she's gonna connect with.nice hit all right good chance really me.here to get another game capitalized get.another game on the board.if she can win this game and then get.the next one that might start to put a.little bit of pressure on your opponent.yep might slow him down a little well.Diane was actually shooting a little bit.slower than I'm used to seeing her shoot.right more methodical but I also haven't.watched her for quite some time now I.know that not quite as fast as Kelly but.when she's in her groove I could you.know she usually gets in a good pace and.but she's really been more methodical.that I that I'm used to seeing her this.match writer you're making us nervous no.I like the nice thing that was if you.just focuses on pocketing this she's.enough to put any anything funny on the.cue ball straight up and down.yeah lot of newer players don't really.know how crucial that that getting up.and resetting really is so nice really.it's good she really wanted to hit that.and sort of you know you know yeah use.the secondary mm-hmm let the stroke out.a little don't try to slow roll it right.nice out Lina closing the gap.eight to four.race tonight if she can win another game.or two so we'll start putting some.opponents some pressure on your opponent.that's and you start getting your own.momentum going start building up this so.start building back up your own.confidence therefore those last few.games it kind of kind of takes its toll.on your confidence oh yeah I mean it's.especially if you have the rack won and.ran out in your in your mind oh yeah.and then of obviously the executing they.go hand in hand.yeah you heard you know you're already.looking ahead to where do I want to be.on the nine and all the single done oh I.I rattled the five horsemen you know the.ball roll is too far like we've seen and.your whole map is gone so it's like my.like GPS just just shorted out or we're.all we're all champs in our heads right.yeah yeah we can run any wreck any time.all right.another dry break that was a number one.comment made about this practice table.in particular the breaks were um.probably because Ram was such a hard.time racking or just pace you know the.new cloth could be you're seeing we're.not seeing a lot really powerful breaks.this week.so she's gone GA she didn't want to mess.with that is that the five ball with the.eight ball there yeah so she's drawing I.just don't know if there's a pocket at.the bottom right corner I don't know she.may have be playing this 2/6 combination.if she's gonna go for aggressive shot.but with being on the hill I'm not sure.if she's gonna go for that well she may.feel like she has to force that has to.make something happen.no I think she's looking at if she cuts.it in the side where the cue ball is.gonna want to go wow that's a really.thin cut yeah but no it's not alright.suppose she stopped in there to let the.two ball moving maybe she's playing.she played your shot got a good leave.there can she Bank the two out of there.and leave the cue ball behind the six.looks like it unless she's going for.though yep the two real put a little.spin though yeah two rails right into.the back of the six yeah like that it's.real one out no shoots out of how think.she's got it.I mean I think she's got her hooked I.mean mm-hmm she got her jump cue out.nope regular cue so she see I guess she.can't see it I thought she got her.hooked so she'd probably see enough to.make it in the side yeah.just merge the three oh she's just over.cut it no no she was playing safe too.tewi you thought she was cutting the two.and the side she was playing safe no way.again why I'm in the box.I don't see that stuff.how do you like this booth they built.for us I know I saw your dislike here.it's like a house yeah they built this.house that's I mean this is what you.needed though this is what you mean it's.it's bigger than a studio apartment in.New York well I know I was probably a.lot less expensive too but um and you.got you know floor-to-ceiling windows we.do which New York wouldn't have you know.they just have like a little 2 foot by.one foot window your prison with bars.not um.was I saying oh yeah so if Guyana kicks.us as awesomely as cheese we've seen her.do she could get shape thanks you.probably make the nine as I say if she.kicks us awesome she has much to.probably make the nine that she turn.near did oh yeah I was only looking at.the to the corner with with shape for.the three on the side but yeah.she's got a nice shot to the side roll.forward for the three Americans nice.shot.you know I think the the main issue here.is the for the 4 to the 5 or maybe even.from the well at least right now the CA.media concern is how to get on the floor.to get back for the 5 yeah oh please she.can just have a natural angle in the.five just bring it straight up so she'll.have to see a nice little angle she drop.back well I think she can I think she.can cut it in the side and close that.and reeling back up okay or she might.even choose to I mean she was a shoot.before in the corner that's how she's.feeling right I don't believe she just.gets that a decent angle in the fire.he's going she's gonna go the court.yeah cuz then she can really shoot it -.nice shot none of that okay.she's got angle and actually going this.way going forward really make sure she.has a better shot at missing this at the.seven ball yeah she helps her maintain.angle on the six and stays completely.away from the seven.now it's perfect just one rail straight.across yeah making sure she's on the.late side of the seven yep she's lining.up in the rail what angle do I want on.the seven and you should actually do.that you should actually walk over to.the rail and see where do you want to be.don't just assume you know where you.want to be when you're exaggerating the.six don't have a walk around and.actually have a look like like Lena's.doing yeah it's really um it's really.powerful you know - you're mentally.connecting but not only pocketing the.ball but actually really strongly.visualizing it some angle.okay she's got angle yep.should give her a little bit you know.some confidence and if she wins this.game she will have the break next he's.good at my stroke yes very nice out.assuming she makes this name I am gonna.assume you're gonna go out on a limb.make that prediction all right all right.here comes Lima making her comeback how.about a 9 on the break now and one of.the other four corners right yeah bottom.all right Lima with the break.you.course no decent shot of course not.so she's thinking she can applaud her.jump cue and go all offensive here yes.she is she's got her jump cue in hand.that's her best shot you got a do or die.guns blazing.absolutely come out come out firing all.right yeah she hits this on the right.side that too could swing Oh.get out of there cue ball get out of.there cue ball does she mean to seven so.she would've got the state the table at.least well the twos Lange funny I know.it is balling him to in the three balls.right there she's doing a corner roll.forward yeah I think I'm assuming the.four passes to you looks like it does it.looks like the four goes.she didn't even look at it so I'm.assuming she saw earlier and just.already knows that it's not a problem.looks like it goes plenty of room.yeah thanks camerawork there.two rail swing operate dunloe about.little bottom left all preference.for.when Diane Kim this was a site match.this was the hot seat so you know your. still in the tournament will be.playing the Wii playing Kelly Fisher.next I'm not sure how much of a break.they're gonna be taking but stay tuned.we'll have that matchup soon this has.been e Albert's production for the W PBA.I think Ellen I wanted to say something.real quick yeah well thanks for having.me.it was a pleasure well thanks for.joining us we love to haven't you yeah.if you'll have me back I would love to.be part of that again and any future.commentating and you're always welcoming.thank you it was a I just wanted to say.thanks everyone for I guess putting up.with me either I sector she sucked but I.mean so um yeah she's but she's still in.it um she's she's gonna go you know.regroup and come back but thanks again.for having me um it's been a pleasure I.just wanted to let everyone know you.know I am an aspiring pro we all start.from somewhere so if here if you've.liked what you've heard if you want to.follow me.find me on Instagram or Facebook I do.have a fan page on Facebook and my.handle on Instagram it's just my full.name Eleanor Calado and again thanks for.being here.thanks for supporting the WP ba the rail.birds and you know really caring about.women's professional pool so thanks for.having me the rest of the stream thanks.for joining us all right and we will be.back with the mat next match soon so be.back soon.

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