Why Are Washington DC Tax Forms Necessary?

Washington DC tax forms are of the essence because they are a proof of your taxable income. Every worker in the District of Columbia (DC) is expected to remit taxes on their income gradually and throughout the year. Not filling out this form correctly may result in an individual owing large amounts in taxes than they should ordinarily owe. False representation or falsification of income figures may also suggest that one is trying to underpay or evade taxes.

Evading or underpaying taxes are punishable offences by law. In DC, a worker may be required to pay an additional tax return of 5% each month after the due date up till 25% (late filing of taxes).

One is required to pick up a new tax form (W-4) when they are starting a new job. Other scenarios that warrant filling a new tax form are having a child or picking up a second job.

What Should Be Included in Washington DC Tax Forms?

There are different types of tax forms available. The most common are Form 1040, Form W-2, Form W-4, Form 1098, Form 1099, Schedule A, Schedule B, Schedule C and Schedule D. These forms are filled for different purposes and used in different situations. In general, a Washington DC tax form should contain the following information:

  • Full name of taxpayer
  • For joint return, it should also contain the spouse’s full name
  • Individual’s social security number
  • Filing status which may be single, married filing singly, married filing jointly, qualifying widow or qualifying widower etc
  • Dependents the individual is claiming
  • Healthcare coverage
  • Apt information on income obtained from all sources
  • Taxes already paid
  • Whether the individual chooses to go by itemizing o standard deduction
  • Tax child tax credit

How to Fill a Washington DC Tax Form Online?

You can download a Washington DC tax form online and fill. These forms are usually free on most websites. For best results, download from reputable websites like CocoSign. The tax forms here are well detailed and designed to contain all the information you need for proper tax filing. Here’s how to fill a tax Washington DC tax form online:

  • Visit the free tax form online website
  • Start the process
  • Create an account, agree to the site’s “Terms of service” and continue
  • Select the required form from the list of forms
  • Fill all the details. This includes income information, federal withholding, personal information and signing of the form, among other things.
  • Download the document and attach other required forms
  • Then, submit the downloaded form in person. This may include some postage fees.
  • You may also choose to efile it. This is a more convenient option.

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