How Many Forms Are There in India?

India has dozens of forms for different legal matters. These forms cover business incorporation forms, employment forms, marriage and divorce forms, real estate forms, permit forms, and a host of other legal forms. Each of these form categories has its subcategories too.

For instance, there are seven different types of business incorporation forms. These include private limited company forms, public company forms, and sole proprietorship forms.

They also cover Partnership forms, One Person Company forms, and limited liability partnership.

Why Do You Need These Forms?

If you need to transact any legal business in India, you will need to create or fill out some forms. At some point in everyone’s residency in India, they will have to fill one form or the other. If you are getting married, you have to complete some forms.

If you are getting divorced, you also have to fill out some legal forms. Existing business owners have to regularly complete some forms on behalf of their businesses and employees.

In like manner, employees also have to complete employment forms and other tax forms in their region. If you want to incorporate a new business, there are also forms that you have to complete.

How to Fill Out a Form in India?

There are two ways of filling out forms in India. You can fill it out manually or electronically. For the manual completion, you have to download the forms, print them out, and carefully write out the required information with your hands.

To complete a form electronically, you have to locate the editable format of the form and fill it out online. At CocoSign, you can find any editable format of Indian forms. When you have found the form that you need, carefully fill them out on the site.

You can easily make corrections when you make a mistake. All you have to do is to delete and retype the information without any stress. When you have completed the form, use the e-sign tool on the site to append your signature.

You can then proceed to download the form and upload it to the appropriate website. You do not need to print any form from the start to finish.

Can I Modify the Forms when It Completed?

Yes, you can. If you have filled out the forms on CocoSign, you can simply reopen the form and modify the information. If you already submitted the forms, you may need to contact the appropriate person where you have submitted the form to request a modification.

In most cases, you would be able to retrieve the forms and refill them. However, if you are unable to retrieve the form because it has been processed already, you may be asked to fill out an amendment form or an affidavit to rectify whatever error you may have in the original form.

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