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How to Sign Document Online with An Online Document Signer?

1. Upload Document

To get started, upload the online document you want to sign on by dragging and dropping. The document can take any format including PDF, Word etc.

2. Sign Document

Select ‘My Signature” and choose an option for generating a signature. It might be uploading a signature, typing or drawing. You can draw with a mouse, or stylus pen.

3. Send Document

On completing the signature, click ‘Done’ to save the changes. Then, download the document via a secure SSL connection to keep it confidential and private as it should be.

With CocoSign’s Free Online Document Signer, You Can:

Get Your Document Signed Faster

From seconds to a few minutes, you can have your pdf, online forms and all other online documents signed by multiple recipients. On receiving the document, all the recipient needs to do is draw their signature or upload one.

Work With Your Favorite Applications

The platform has a good integration with everyday applications like Microsoft Office. It can also be used in conjunction with Google, Salesforce and cloud storage services like DropBox.

Sign On-The-Go

Since it is cloud-based, it can be accessed at any time and through any device with a web browser and a stable internet connection. There is no prejudice for any particular device or operating system.

Co-Sign With Multiple Users

Customers may need hundreds to thousands of users sign their individual vendor agreements and waivers at the same time. This process of covering a large number of people simultaneously is well covered by CocoSign’s bulk online document signer.

Prepare Reusable Templates

This is the best fit for users who repeatedly need to have a standard set of documents signed by different recipients. Using the platform, they can prepare document templates they can use time and time again.

Track Progress

CocoSign online document signer does not stop at providing a window for you to sign or download the signed document. The signer sends you a notification when the document is received as well as when it is viewed.

How to Use An Online Signer?

If you’ve ever had to sign a PDF document, contract or online application form through the crude method of printing the form, filling, signing and scanning it or mailing the hardcopy, you can attest to the fact that it is a painstaking process. With an online document signer like CocoSign, you can append your signature to an online document in a few simple steps.

There are several reasons why signing PDF with electronic signatures appeals to numerous individuals and corporations.

  • Begin with opening the online signer. Then, upload the pdf document or online form you want to sign to your account
  • Open this file in the editor and click the sign button in the toolbar. This action will take you the signature wizard within which you can type your signature, draw, upload or capture your signature with a webcam. You can even sign the document from the comfort of your mobile device.
  • Click on the ‘fillable fields’ to insert a field for signature. You can insert as many signature fields as you need.
  • You can add a date to the document by clicking the ‘date’ button located in the ‘edit’ tab
  • Having signed the document, click the ‘done’ button and email it to the other party. You can also choose to print or save the document on the cloud.

Who May Need An Online Signer?

As the world develops more and more into a global village, many organizations and brands are adopting technologies, models and methods that can help them better optimize their workflow processes, reduce waste and save costs. Using online signers is one of the grandest ways of achieving all of these.

Let us take a look at industries that might find electronic signature helpful in optimizing their work processes.

Construction industry

Construction projects are usually run on a strict time framework and any slight delay might incur more costs. Coordinating a team of intellectuals and human labor and having to sign contracts of 200 pages or more can be a tough ask for anyone, not mentioning time-consuming. Online signers can help one compress the time needed to complete such transactions. As a plus, it is easier to determine who or who hasn’t signed the contract.

Marketing industry

Whether you are organizing small trade shows, managing vendor agreements or organizing larger shows, electronic signatures are the key to signing all your paperwork in time and storing them in cloud spaces that are readily accessible and easy to retrieve at a moments’ notice.

Insurance industry

The high instance of paperwork makes electronic signatures necessary.

Online Document Signer FAQs

How can I sign a document online for free?

You can sign a document online easy-peasy. All you need do is click the CocoSign in your email. Verify your identity to gain access. Drag your already scanned signature or initials and drop in the tags or forms you need to sign. Once your signature is uploaded, save and send your document.

How do I create an online signature?

You can draw the signature using a stylus pen or your finger. Should you have access to a touchscreen device, you can draw your signature in a snap, and within the document using your fingers. You can also write or draw the signature using your keyboard or mouse. Alternatively, upload a scanned image of your signature.

How can I sign a PDF online?

Select the document you want to append an electronic signature on and set signer details. These details include the signer’s name and email address. Afterward, click send. The signer then receives an email prompting them to register their signature. They can then sign and download the document.

How do I validate my signature online PDF?

Open the PDF using a PDF reader. Left-click on the digital signature field to see more options to pick from. Then click ‘verify signature’ or go to properties and click ‘verify identity’ there.

How do I send a digital signature to a document?

Open the pdf file or document you would like to send to a signatory to collect a digital signature. Also, open CocoSign digital signature creator tool, add the recipient’s email address, confirm the form fields and click on send.

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