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How to Sign PDF Online

1. Drag & Drop PDF File

Simply drag your PDF file and drop it onto the file upload box. To open the 'File Dialogue', you can also press the 'Upload' button and choose the file to upload.

2. Sign PDF File

It's time you open your PDF file to sign it! Create a unique eSign for yourself. Take a picture and upload your signature file, or tweak one from the collection of available eSigns.

3. Download File

To get your PDF file click on the 'Download' button. This is it! Your electronically signed PDF file is available to you and can be used in the corporate environment.

eSign PDF From Anywhere

eSign PDF at Anywhere & Anytime

eSigns give you the flexibility of expressing your legitimate consent on any PDF document on the go! You can add your eSign to the PDF anywhere and at any time using CocoSign.

High Level of Security

The security of your electronic signatures is essential in the digital world. The privacy of user data is paramount.CocoSign incorporates the latest encryption techniques to provide a high level of security to your documents and eSigns.

Legal And Confidential Signatures

The electronic signature is legitimate, trusted, and constitutional throughout the world's major regions. CocoSign guarantees that the e-sign specifications are fulfilled as per law and the information is kept confidential.

Easy Access

It is incredibly easy to access and insert your eSigns to a PDF. Simply log in to your account, upload the target document, and insert the electronic signature without any hassle.

Sign Other Files

PDFs are popular. Yet, the MS Office suite holds its place. In addition to PDF, CocoSign lets you sign files of other formats including MS Word files.

Improve Productivity And Efficiency

Your productivity significantly increases. Get rid of the printers, papers, and scanners. Sign on your documents anywhere as soon as you receive the file. There is no doubt that the method is becoming effective and standardized.

What Are the Advantages of Using eSign in a PDF?

In proceeding with matters involving legal consent to the documents, eSign does wonder. The numerous advantages of using eSign in a PDF include:

  • eSigns save you a lot of trouble and enable you to go paperless.
  • eSigns are legally recognized across the world.
  • You can quickly eSign a document from any part of the world.
  • You can receive a document, eSign it and send it back to the recipient within a few minutes.
  • It is completely safe and secure to insert eSigns in your PDF with CocoSign.

How to Insert a Signature in a PDF?

CocoSign has an easy to use and intuitive interface. Here’s how to insert a signature in a PDF document:

Step 1: Upload PDF

Upload your PDF to CocoSign.

  • Click on the ‘Upload’ button to open the ‘File Dialog’.
  • Choose the target PDF file.
  • Or drag-and-drop the file to the upload area.

Step 2: Create and Insert your Signature

Now is the time to create and insert your signature.

  • You can upload an image of your signature.
  • Or use a touchpad/mouse to draw the signature.
  • Edit the signature, if needed.
  • Enter your name and choose the style for your signature.
  • When finalized, insert the eSign into the PDF.

Step 3: Download your Document

After adding your signature, click ‘Download’ to get your digitally signed PDF file.

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