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How to eSign Document Online

1. Drag & Drop Document File

Select the file you would like to sign online. Now click, drag, and drop the file onto the CocoSign working pane to start your work!

2. Sign Document

Create a new sign or select from a variety of available templates. Tweak a bit to match your preferences and insert it into the document.

3. Download File

After the signature(s) have been successfully added to your document, click the download button and get your file. Use the document, and go ahead!

eSign Documents from Anywhere

Sign And Fill Documents Online

Adding a digital signature to your PDF documents is now incredibly convenient. To sign your documents online in a hassle-free manner, use CocoSign!

Safe Online Signing

eSign promises a safe online signing experience. Our encryption mechanism prevents any third party from accessing your documents for malicious purposes. Your documents are completely safe and secure with CocoSign.

Legally binding eSignatures

The eSignatures annexed to your document are legally recognized. The individual from any part of the world is legally bound by the electronic signatures.

Choose Your Own Signing Style

This is an awesome feature that will definitely get your attention. You can select from the broad range of signature templates, or you can create one according to your preferences. With CocoSign, it's much easier to build your custom signatures!

Flexible Access

No matter where you are in the world, CocoSign is readily accessible. CocoSign is always accessible and super handy for legal documentation in the offices.

Fast and Simple

It has never been easier to put an electronic signature on your documents! Forget about the annoyance of signing a document manually and then scanning it. CocoSign enables you to quickly insert legally binding signatures.

Why Should Your Business Use eSign in Document?

The PDFs have already overtaken the corporate offices' day-to-day workings. Therefore, adding digital signatures to the documents would prevent the hassle of printing and scanning the documents. The following are why your business should use eSign in the documents:

How to insert a Signature in a Document?

Here’s how to insert an electronic signature in your document:

Step 1: Upload Document

Upload your document to the CocoSign by drag-and-drop feature or manually upload it.

Step 2: Create and Insert your Signature

A work area carrying all the possible tools for your signature needs will appear. The easy-to-use, user-friendly interface allows you to create and customize the signatures.

  • Use your touchpad or mouse to draw a signature.
  • Edit your digital signature if needed.
  • Type in your name and choose the signature style
  • Moreover, you can use a webcam to take a picture of your real-time signature and upload it.
  • Now, insert your signature in the document.

Step 3: Download your Document

Download your document and use it as you like!

eSign Documents FAQ

What are digital signatures and eSigns?

The digital signatures and eSigns are legally binding signatures, incorporated to the PDFs and other documents to validate the document's legal status.

Do eSigns hold and legal value whatsoever?

Yes, the eSigns are legally recognized. Moreover, eSigns can be used in exclusive contracts and agreements.

Are eSigns safe to use?

Yes. Your digital signatures are secured by standard encryption methods on CocoSign. Your legal work remains safe and secure while you add e-signatures.

What is the difference between digital signatures and eSigns?

The digital signature is a wider category that incorporates many different types of signatures with a single and specific method of verification. On the other hand, electronic signatures have more than one method to verify the user.

Where can you get the best service regarding eSigns and digital signatures?

CocoSign offers the best service if you want to insert an eSign or a digital signature to your documents. The friendly user interface, customizable signatures, confidentiality, and tutorials make CocoSign a favorite.

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