11 Expert Authors Share Their Marketing Tips


Ever wonder how busy authors stay productive all the time? In this post, 11 authors share tips on how to be productive while managing marketing activities. Read on for great advice on the matter full of wisdom from experienced authors and marketers.

1. Lilach Bullock - Social Media Specialist, Speaker, Lead Conversion Expert

When it comes to tasks and time, be as organized as possible. Usually, I like to review my tasks list each day and then I choose the tasks that I loath to start with. This way, once I am through with them, I feel ready to take over and achieve all my daily tasks.

Despite my daily tasks, I always set aside some time to read the current news and development in marketing. I rely on tools such as Pocket to save articles then go through them when I have the time.

2. Michael Kummer - A father, Healthy living advocate, Technology executive, Amateur photographer, Frequent flyer

To keep up with developments in marketing practices, I attend conferences, follow industry leaders, and try to find what applies to my business. I also try to figure out how to make the marketing practices work for me.

In terms of productivity, I rely on technology to help me pay attention and focus on automating repetitive tasks. In addition, I am a strong believer in waking up early and utilizing morning hours to accomplish things that I would otherwise not have to do after having breakfast.

3. Jessie Kwak - Creative writer, Freelance writer

Previously, my willpower failed to protect me from going down the social media rabbit hole. Nowadays, I rely on Freedom to block social media platforms.

Also, I use StayFocused to limit the time I spend on my device during the day. This way, I save my willpower for other important things.

4. Annie Mueller - Freelance Author, Writer, Reader, Learner, and Editor.

To ensure I use the best marketing practices, I have a small selection of the best marketing blogs, websites, and experts. Thanks to the RSS reader, I take 15 to 30 minutes to scan my selection each day.

Quality over quantity. You do not need 50 marketing blogs, 5 to 10 best marketing insights will suffice. To be productive all the time, do not try to be productive all the time. Take time to rest.

Know how to separate what is essential from what is fighting for your attention. It is impossible to be productive every time. In all honesty, you do not have to.

Sort out your priorities and learn to separate work that matters from busy work that wastes your time. Then spend your productive, high-energy blocks of time on truly important work.

Let the busy work wait. If you let it wait 75% of it will disappear before you pay attention to it. The remaining 25% will be waiting for you. You can work on it during your in-between time.

5. Ryan Biddulph - World traveler, Blogger, and Author

To ensure I am up-to-date with the latest marketing practices, I keep up with awesome marketing blogs such as Neil Patel. I always remember why I am creating or producing to remain productive.

The freedom, fun, and the desire to share experiences with my readers when traveling across the world make me want to keep on producing and creating.

6. Vicky Law - Content marketer, Social media junkie, and Freelance writer

Usually, I get a lot of work at unexpected times. However, what keeps me going and meeting all the deadlines is the commitment I make to those I am accountable to.

An accountability partner or somebody who asks about progress helps me to be more productive. Also, having role models who I emulate has worked for me. Usually, I imagine myself in their shoes with the same enthusiasm and energy.

This always works for me. It helps me face my tasks with more attention and strength. So far, It has been amazing.

7. Nicole Fallon - The Managing Editor at Business News Daily

To be productive, ensure you get and remain organized. Start with a clean, streamlined workspace. It will help you prioritize the most important tasks. Take time to toss out papers, files (digital or physical), and knick-knacks that you no longer need.

If you feel you cannot delete something, you can move it to an archive folder in the cloud. This way, you can access it. However, ensure it does not mix with regular day-to-day files. Put in place an organization system that suits you and stick to it.

8. Ari Banayan - Author

The factors that consistently determine your productivity are the way you feel mentally, emotionally, and physically. Others include the satisfaction you get from your work, how you manage your time, and if you have realized procrastination has no benefits.

Optimizing your energy level is another factor. Although it may sound obvious, most people have no idea how the failure to optimize their energy levels affects their productivity. Optimizing our energy labels entails caring for ourselves and emotionally, physically, and mentally.

Everything you do in life needs energy. Every emotional outburst, every movement, and every thought. Often, we do not consider negative thoughts, emotional outbursts, and mindless daydreaming as a waste of energy.

Find habits that help you maintain a feeling of overall welfare to help you retain energy and to use it productively.

9. John Webster, Owner, MumeeMagic

Being productive for most people attracts the thought of trying to accomplish more work. Also, establishing when to stop is important. Being productive is not about finishing more tasks.

It is about spending time doing valuable things. The best way is to take more time doing valuable things and avoid those that aren’t.

10. Mikey Ahdoot - Co-Founder Habit Nest

For a lazy man, keeping up with the best marketing approaches and remaining productive involves building a network. The network includes employees whose lives revolve around digital marketing.

Then the lazy man holds a monthly meeting with them to evaluate the number one strategy. Thus, you get to put in little effort while getting maximum results as you help the employees.

11. Natasha Sahjwani - Brightpod Digital Marketer

As a digital marketer, you are in a game of juggling client demands while trying to keep up with the latest practices in the field. Since my job demands that I spend a lot of time on social media, I end up getting up-to-date with the relevant developments in marketing.

Most of it I read on the go, between break time and meetings. When I feel the need to improve my knowledge on the subject, I tend to use Coursera or Udemy. I spend a few hours each week studying.

To keep things together, I have a journal where I make physical notes that I look back into when the day ends. For tasks that I do not have time to deal with or require more time, I move them to the next day.

During my spare time especially during snack or lunch breaks, I try to do all my follow-ups. I use priority to track my task list and work throughout the day.

David Stanhope believes that these tips will motivate you to improve your productivity. With these tips, you can also improve your time management skills.