What is Business Acumen and How to Use It in Your Company?


Hi there. If you are a business management enthusiast, or you already have your business then read our article carefully, as we share tips and tricks to develop your business acumen skills as a leader.

After reading this article, you will have general recognition of big picture thinking and understand the importance of ethics on long-term business success, and appreciate how business etiquette affects your organizational success. And make your business plan for the upcoming months.

Basics of Business Acumen

Business Acumen is defined as the ability to assess an external market and make effective decisions. But not only the external market, but also focusing on internal pieces as well.

What does it require?

It requires the skills that you are quite professional now, finance, strategy, and decision making. Customer acquisition is again a key to having business acumen skills. But it is not only about understanding this stuff but also practicing it, so that’s why our training is beneficial for you. For all the information that you as a leader have access and use to make important decisions.

So, making decisions that affect the organization requires a broad understanding of all the parts of the business. Such as costs, profit margins, cash flow, market position and competition.

Business Interactions

For business acumen, there are integral parts called short-term interactions and long-term interactions. Now let’s dive deep into understanding both types of interactions and why they are essential for business acumen.

Short term interactions

These are the ones that we do day-to-day interactions with. Sales, project execution, project management, project operations, etc.

When you consider the big picture, you need to understand how short interactions impact the larger picture. It is essential to understand aggressive sales techniques, you can have sales today but decrease future sales.

Look at all of your short-term interactions. All of this has an impact on the success of the organization.

Long term interactions

Relationships that you are building both inside and outside of the organization. Building relationships, understanding the needs and how everything works together. Long-term relationships help to build the future of the business. Such as delivery of products to customers, which will help you to have more customers, who will trust you.

So the keyword here is respect, in order to build relationships, but if you do not cultivate good relationships then it could be a tragedy. Also carefully think about your time management of business acumen and we suggest you implement our suggested tips right after reading the article.

Long-term relationships will take you to the future.  And those are

  1. Business
  2. Market
  3. Future

Mindful Decision Making

We know that it might sound vogue, but you need to do mindful decision-making. We are suggesting tips and tricks, which are from professional and practical backgrounds.

In stressful situations, it is easy to make decisions based on emotions, though decisions should be made mindfully. For instance, you always need to care about PPC campaign management and do not risk them. If you lack information, always be ready to ask your team.

Gather the information and every detail, resource availability, market, then listen to your intuition what does your experience tell you with these facts. Then make your decisions, but also take time to rethink and confirm it one more time. Your steps should be as follows:

  • Market research
  • Listen
  • Take your time
  • Act

Importance of Culture and Relationships

We know that your organization has stated values and culture, which help to maintain good relationships within the company, as well as, outside of the company.

For you it is essential to remember that every part of the company is combined, customer services for instance are connected to sales. Every single person's role affects how the organization is viewed. So understanding this relationship is essential for you.

Be creative with your team and organize some evening activities for your workers. For instance, having office birthday ideas could be super interactive, funny and motivational for your workers. Rethink about your culture and implement some activities, which will boost the productivity of the team and overall company.

Culture and values guide the different aspects of the business and how they are reflected. For instance in Picsart right? Now if you rethink the statement you can see the full picture, how the culture of the business is reflected. Get your skill and always practice how you perceive the culture and values of your organization.

Balance Sheet for Organization

You need to have your organization’s balance sheet and always go back to it to make some edits or evaluate your pace. Create a project management software and become more productive in your job, never be afraid to try new innovative tools.

Daily Reminder for you as a leader: Companies need to grow because if the company does not grow, the competitors are. So you need to understand the sales results. So you are looking at the increase or decrease and to understand the situation.

All of this is holistic business acumen. Starting from email marketing to business strategy writing and the affiliate program.

Next as a leader, you need to understand what our profit margin is.

The profit margin presents how well the company is running. And a large and successful company has a 13 % net profit margin. So the higher the profit margin, the more effective the company runs.

Now let’s consider the organization’s balance sheet:

Here we provide you with certain aspects, which are essential to take a look at. If you have difficulties understanding or planning your organization’s balance sheet, then we suggest you find an online tutor for you. Business acumen is about practicing what you know and always seeking more information and knowledge.

Current assets: liquid assets, in other words, what can turn into cash

Total assets: includes long term assets, such as investments

Current liabilities: liabilities paid within a year

Total liabilities: includes liabilities to be paid over the last 12 months

Equity: The difference between total liabilities and assets

Final Thoughts

And finally, as a manager and as a leader you should remember that business acumen plays an important role in how you are perceived both inside and outside of the organization. Also how the organization is perceived.

So all of this is raped up to, the more of these skills and the tools that you use will raise the degree of business acumen that you have with your organization.

So with that, I would like to tell you, Thank you for reading our article.

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