9 Digital Marketing Tips & Tricks to Reach a Modern Student


Since 2020, the share of online commerce has grown by about 60% due to lockdown and self-isolation. To save time, lots of students prefer to buy things from home, be it food, clothes, or sports equipment. Therefore, there is high competition in the e-commerce market, and digital marketing tricks become the best tools in the fight for consumers’ attention.

It seems that these days we are so used to various types of content that surprising us becomes a challenge. However, it is still possible, as some marketing tricks are gaining popularity. In this article, we have collected tips to help you promote your business online and make students actually see you. So, without further ado, let's get started!

Video Content Is King

The video format gives companies a place to realize their creative ideas. Your videos can be informative, commercial or promotional - it all depends on the business concept. Interestingly, in 2021, more than 78% of users preferred watching a video to reading a text. Moreover, the information we receive watching videos stays in mind for longer. For example, an average user can remember up to 10% of the text they read three days ago and 65% of the video they watched.

Of course, the most popular video marketing platforms are YouTube to MP3, TikTok (most users are below 20 to 25 years old) and Instagram (most users are women). In fact, many student entrepreneurs promote their products or services on TikTok to the said students.

Some believe that filming videos is not difficult, but they are mistaken. All stages of working on a video, from writing a script to final processing, take a lot of time and effort. As a result, outsourcing becomes the best way for students to manage it all.

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Use Contextual Advertising

Ads at the top, side, or bottom of Google search results are one of the most effective ways to promote your business, no matter what your niche is. Contextual advertising deals with using relevant keywords, targeting and other tools that allow you to tailor the campaign to a specific audience. It has plenty of advantages:

  • Great traffic;
  • Attracting clients who are already interested in a commercial offer and are looking for a company on the Internet;
  • The ads are turned on immediately after the campaign is launched;
  • You don’t need a huge budget for this.

Another important plus is that contextual advertising offers you detailed reporting. Payment can be charged per click or per 1000 showings (the first option is more popular).

——Thanks to Sunil Bhuyan from the lost gamer

Try Affiliate Advertising

Facebook is the largest initiator of affiliate advertising. It offers retailers and brands to establish cooperation and here is how the system works:

  • Brands launch ads on Facebook by engaging retailers;
  • When users see ads and click on them, they go to retailers’ apps or websites. There, they get acquainted with the brand's products and place orders.

Perhaps the best advantage of affiliate advertising is that it helps to establish interaction with the target audience and show ads to users who are interested in the offer. In addition, the payment for affiliate advertising is charged for the final result.

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Turn to Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel marketing is replacing the outdated multichannel one.

Multichannel marketing involves interaction with the client through channels that are not interconnected: each of them has its own strategy and features. However, this approach is obsolete.

The point of omnichannel marketing is to recognize the client on different channels and work with them in the same way everywhere. Let’s say the clients went through some specific products on the company’s Facebook profile. Then, they should receive a newsletter (if they are subscribed to it, of course) with recommendations based on what they saw on Facebook. This can be some discounts or special offers.

Don’t Forget About Voice Assistants

When voice assistants first appeared, they were used mainly to control the basic functions of gadgets. Today, they are used for everything, making purchases included. Surely, the most popular voice assistants are Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa. According to Google statistics, 52% of smart speaker users turn to them to receive commercial information. So aren’t they an amazing way to reach the client?

In 2022, targeting is expected to improve with smart devices that hear and see the user 24 hours a day.

Cooperate With Non-Profit Organizations

Let's be honest: a business that benefits society becomes popular. According to Ernst and Young statistics, up to 70% of customers say this is the responsibility of brands. Modern students are characterized by a value-oriented choice and prefer companies whose values match their own.

Cooperation with NGOs is one of the most relevant ways to attract a new audience in 2022. During the past years, the young generation has shown concern and called on influential leaders to become more responsible.

Thus, many big brands make monthly or annual donations in the form of a percentage of profits, reduce the amount of plastic and harmful emissions into the atmosphere, etc. So why not use them as an example?

Offer Convenient Payment Methods

When it comes to payment methods, the more you offer, the better. Here’s how we make them these days:

  • On social media. By not going to the company’s website, we save a lot of time;
  • Through chatbots that also accept payments;
  • Using voice purchases. They have already been mentioned above;
  • Without data entry. Services like Apple, Google and Samsung offer their users an alternative way to pay online.

Another thing worth striving for is reducing clicks when paying. After all, if clients need to press lots of buttons, it’s likely that they will:

  • Get distracted and forget about the purchase at all;
  • Postpone the purchase for a better time;
  • Decide that it is better to buy goods offline.

At the same time, ensuring payment security should remain a priority. Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay are leaders in this area.

Chatbots Are The Future

Predictive chatbots are autoresponders and guides that accompany the client or serve them when contacting the support service. Ideally, the buyer should be able to get answers to any questions regarding the product or service thanks to chatbots.

Another key function is to make sure the website’s visitors become customers. When a visitor goes to your site, the bot immediately attracts their attention, provides information and offers help. Thus, a client is pleased, and you increase sales.

To Wrap It Up

Modern tools allow you to treat young customers in a new, more individual way. Whether you use voice technology or send personalized messages, you can reach a wider audience and increase sales.

As specialists say, today businesses must focus on the omnichannel approach to improve the quality of communication and service. At the same time, you shouldn’t give up contextual, targeted and other types of paid advertising that bring customers to the site immediately after launch.

Video content, podcasts and virtual reality are rapidly gaining popularity too. So try to use digital tools in an integrated way in order to achieve high reach and keep up with the times.