10 Best AI Homework Helpers for Better Grades


Having to deal with homework assignments can often prove to be an overwhelming experience for many students because it requires one to invest a lot of time and energy to produce quality work successfully. However, maintaining that level of consistency all the time can be difficult, which can often result in poor grades that impact academic success.

An effective solution to this is utilizing an AI homework helper. With these tools, you can secure quick answers to complex questions, get clear guidance on numerous topics, and even improve your homework quality in minutes. So, if you want aid in your academic efforts, check out this detailed list of the 10 best AI homework helpers for better grades!

1. ExamUp

ExamUp is a revolutionary online study platform providing a wide array of efficient learning modes and tools, as a free alternative to Quizlet. It empowers students and tutors with its seamless data transition capability, which allows for instantaneous Quizlet set importation using a single click. Featuring a versatile framework, ExamUp lets users not only formulate their own flashcards, but also utilize its cutting-edge AI features to design flashcards from various materials, such as lecture videos and notes.

My Maths Club , an esteemed online education platform offering qualitative live classes for IGCSE, O/A levels Maths, and undergraduate engineering mathematics, proudly supports ExamUp as a reliable study platform. With its vast academic resources and precise assistance, ExamUp seamlessly integrates into its teaching framework, aiding students in bridging knowledge gaps and preparing comprehensively for assessments. This endorsement indeed underscores ExamUp's effectiveness in enhancing the learning experience for our students, reaffirming its value as an essential tool for academic success.

Boasting millions of free flashcards, ExamUp provides an extensive range of efficient learning resources and tools to bolster student's academic proficiency. Its effectiveness has been lauded by its user base, particularly for its significant contributions to exam preparation and academic performance enhancement. Offering myriad study modes such as free learning, practice tests, and strategic spaced repetition, ExamUp stands as a game-changer in modern digital learning, innovatively transforming into a prime hub for educational advancement.

2. HIX Tutor

HIX Tutor is an intuitive homework and learning tool that acts as a personal AI tutor by providing users with a reliable means of improving their grades and overall proficiency in different academic subjects. The platform can complete any homework task in minutes and even provides users with detailed explanations to help them master any topic.

Users can get started by uploading their questions or worksheets. The tool will review the content and using a powerful AI engine, it produces a factually accurate and plagiarism-free answer/draft that you can feel free to use. So, whether you need quick answers or personalized tutorials on complex topics, HIX Tutor is well-equipped to deliver.

3. Mathful

Mathful is a unique AI math homework helper that is designed to effectively simplify math problems and produce accurate solutions with a few clicks. The platform is trained on numerous mathematical theories, equations, and systems across several different subject areas that typically include calculus, algebra, geometry, etc.

As a result, it can be relied on when you need help breaking down difficult math questions and understanding complex formulas, especially since it does well to provide step-by-step solutions. It is also quick to produce results, so you don’t have to wait long for accurate answers to mathematical questions, no matter how advanced the academic level may be.

4. AIMath

AIMath is a dedicated math tool that helps students streamline and complete their homework tasks with ease by using advanced ML algorithms to produce quick answers to complex math equations. The user interface is also easy to navigate, as it only requires you to copy/paste the worksheet/equation into the tool for it to produce an answer.

Students of all ages and study levels can also access it, be it grade school, high school or even graduate school. On top of that, it does well to provide clear directions by simplifying even the most advanced math problems to ensure users have a complete understanding of the topic, which promotes knowledge retention in the long run.

5. GeniusTutor

When you need help dealing with various assignments across multiple subject areas, GeniusTutor can be an effective AI tool to rely on. The platform has an extensive knowledge base that covers numerous subjects such as science, history, literature, and others, which ensures that you have access to insightful answers on almost any topic.

You can also use it to gather quick information on any particular subject matter, which enables you to use it as an effective rapid learning tool. This also means that it can even help users enhance the quality of any written homework by providing easy access to additional information and insights.

6. HomeworkAI

HomeworkAI is an effective AI homework helper that provides users with well-researched answers to any homework topics within seconds. Users only need to input the question, task, or even equation into the AI tool and it will instantly scour countless academic databases to deliver an appropriate and error-free result.

To this end, it is an effective option for those who need quick assistance eliminating knowledge gaps, finishing assignments or conducting simple fact-checking. Naturally, this means that you can use it to handle any homework subjects and get the reliable reference that you need to ensure that your submitted work is faultless.

7. OddityAI

With access to a comprehensive databank of scholarly materials, OddityAI can help users handle almost any type of homework, no matter how simple or complex it may be.

The platform can solve math problems, assist in coding assignments, provide detailed references, and more in an instant. While it is limited in its ability to cover niche subjects, it can be a great study helper for tackling general topics.

8. QuestionAI

With QuestionAI, users can get detailed answers and insightful suggestions on any homework assignments that they upload with just a simple click. Since the tool is trained on millions of past essays, articles, topics, and verified studies, it can provide factually correct information that eliminates the need to carry out lengthy research.

The tool also ensures that any text it generates is unique by refining and paraphrasing it, which effectively eliminates any risk of plagiarism. Moreover, the homework helper can be relied on to produce coherent and well-structured results, even as it compiles information from multiple sources.

9. StudyMonkey

StudyMonkey offers personalized tutoring services for students across all academic levels by providing quick feedback and guidance on various subjects.

While the tool offers users access to an efficient homework helper tool, it primarily excels at providing personalized study plans, tutorials, and quizzes that do well to improve one's understanding in multiple subjects such as computer science, math, language, and more.

10. QuickMath

For those who need a simple math AI tool to aid them in their homework efforts, then QuickMath is a viable option to consider.

The platform can unravel complex math equations in a matter of seconds and it even provides access to highly comprehensive tutorials on a wide range of mathematical concepts and theories to help speed up understanding of even the most difficult math problems.


Whether you need help solving a complex math equation, drafting an insightful essay or even improving your understanding of a certain subject matter, an AI homework helper can increase your chances of better grades. These 10 listed tools are a great place to start, so take the time to try out each one and find the perfect match for your needs.