Using the Template Actions feature, you can carry out a set of predefined actions on a template already created. Simply go to your CocoSign dashboard and open the templates page on the left navigation panel of your screen. Choose your preferred template and click the More button to the far right of each row and choose what action to perform from the drop-down.

  • Edit the template
  • Create a Copy
  • Rename Template
  • Download
  • Sign in Person
  • Delete

Editing a Template

This feature makes it effortless to edit any of the templates already created in your CocoSign.

Click Edit, to begin the editing process. First, the Choose File page will appear on your screen and click Next to add placeholder recipients. Proceed to the Add Fields page and use the right sidebar to edit the signers or add fields to the document such as the signature, initials, text, date/time, email and attachments then hit Next to review and save the template.

Creating a Copy

Tap Create a Copy on the More drop-down menu to create a copy of the original template. Follow the steps which are similar to editing a template until you review and save it.

Renaming Template

Click Rename Template in the drop-down and a new window will pop up with a field to enter the new name you want for the specific template. Hit OK and the template will be renamed successfully.


    Click Download if you want to download the document to your local disk drives. It automatically downloads and saves to the downloads folder of your device.

    Signing in-person

    1. Hit Sign in Person on the drop-down for the Who will sign now? page to appear.
    2. Click the field to which the first signer belongs to open a new window named Enter Your Information to Complete This Document. The first signer needs to enter his/her name and email address in the pop-up. Hit Continue.
    3. Fill in the fillable fields and then hit the Continue to Next Signer tab to allow the second signer to enter information and signs.
    4. Once completed, the final signed PDF copy will be delivered to each signer’s email address.


    To delete a particular template, click Delete on the action menu, and a popup window will appear. Hit the Yes button to delete the selected template successfully.

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