When you send a document to your recipients for signature collection, to ensure the confidentiality and security of the document, you often need to enable the verification feature before sending it out. CocoSign will then send an authentication code to all your signers for them to input before being able to open the document for further actions.

authentical code

However, the document will be automatically locked if they enter the wrong code three times in a row. This is where you need to utilize CocoSign’s Unblock feature, restoring their access to the document manually.


Here’s What You Need to Do to Unblock Your Signers:

Step 1: In the CocoSign dashboard, click the Document section. You will see a red alert in the document list, indicating that some signers of this document have been denied access to the document.


Step 2: Click Unblock. And CocoSign will resend an authentication code to your signers’ emails so they can re-access the document.

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