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Find out How to Write Down the Rv Inspection Form Rv Inspection Template

welcome back to you me in the RV I'm.Phil and I'm Stacy and today we have a.real treat for you we're gonna have a.special guest come in and do a little.talk it's gonna be a good talk too it's.something that a lot of people can you.find useful so if you're in the market.for a new RV and you're starting your.search this is a must-see for you so.stay tuned.[Music].I am super excited today we have our.first guest star this is Al Pearce and.he is the famous inspector who inspected.our RV before he purchased it and we are.so glad we got an inspection it really.eased our mind to know that we're.getting a good product so I thought you.guys would like to know what an RV.inspector is all about and what it's.like to get you know if somebody's.certified or not certified who to look.for so why don't we jump in and ask out.some questions and get his thoughts.since he's the professional here not me.for sure all right so first the company.that you're associated with well I'm a.national certified inspector well we own.our own business so we're independent.business folks but we follow the.guidelines the ethics we got our.training my certification we have to do.continuing ed certification every year.to maintain our membership so yes I'm a.trained certified national RV inspectors.Association.liber awesome and how long have you been.certified uh November two years ago so.not quite two years all right perfect so.there is a difference between just.calling somebody up in the phone book.and having someone who's certified you.know they've taken a test and you know.that somebody's monitoring to make sure.they know what they're doing they're not.just some you know Joe Blow set up shop.somewhere so yeah yeah there's there's a.lot of folks out there in any industry.like that where you know you don't know.that the credibility you should look for.testimonials we have them all of our.website.the fellow inspectors around the country.have got testimonials like yourselves.from customers that experienced had a.good experience that's important matter.if you're hiring a plumber or you're.harder than our be inspector and we had.a great experience that's why we're.today all right so tell us a little.about a bit about what you had to do to.get certified through well I took the.class not to be an inspector believe it.or not I took the class to learn how to.work on our own RV got tired of taking.it to the dealer and keeping it forever.and then about halfway through the class.they said if you want to travel you.don't need to but if you want to you're.able to and to do inspections of other.people's RVs and Laura and I looked at.each other and go let's do this so.within two months I took both.certification classes and we hit the.road in January of last year what 2017.as a level 2 inspector and in case you.didn't know he's referring to his other.half who also joins and here is the.inspection so they are team they work.together on this all right so next my.question for you is why should I have my.army inspected well you know it's.interesting you passed that Stacy.because I tell people there are some.basic things we find an issue with.almost every Harvey no matter if it's a.1977 model we've done over five or six.2018 models this year there are some.things that just always seem not to work.but it's usually the problem with buyers.and there's many newbies come in the.market is they just don't know what they.don't know right I mean they may be.never owned an RV before they don't even.know how to hook up the water hose so.they can get a drink of water so any I'm.encouraged experienced RV or sometimes.we as we get older we get comfortable.and we forget some of the things because.we're so used to our own RV we know.exactly where every button is you know.exactly how to do this and then we get.this newer to us or brand new RV and oh.my god they don't wear any things that.they don't know if it works or not but.they work so we're so confident in their.ability it's how we don't need an.inspection no you do because 2008 teens.are coming off the lot so fast.that we've had I said five or six we've.done this year and we found issues with.every one of them a couple of them.severe great so I know you're.independent contractors so prices of.across the board are going to be a.little different but what is your.average cost to get inspected it does.vary stacy by my type of RV if you could.imagine a class a diesel pusher it has.more components more systems to check.more things to check pennies in a 24.foot travel trailer or a pop up so yeah.the prices range anywhere from in the.200s up to a thousand just depends on.the RV and then of course we spend eight.to ten hours doing an inspection on RV.and if we spend another four to five.hours round-trip driving you almost have.to get a true so so we tried to be.flexible we try to be accommodating but.but yeah sometimes it deterrent for.travel too okay so you've talked about.how long it takes you just did that and.when they look at the inspection report.because in case you guys don't know.you're going to get pages and pages of a.report of course you can on having.systems you have in your RV so it's very.thorough so tell us a little bit about.what they can expect to see on the.report some of the things that you cover.during your inspection well we use a.third-party software and it was actually.developed by a home inspection company.and they made a RV component of that so.we go through we have to we have to.check every box we have to answer every.question so it's really kind of.difficult to miss something it all.depends - sometimes like you guys had.seen your motorhome before we inspected.it so it wasn't so important for us to.show you the colors of the sofa and the.colors of any blinds or anything you.already seen it but 80% of our customers.are out of state we've had four out of.the country in foreign countries hire us.to look to spec to an RV in America so.we do a little more picture taking on.those two they've never seen the RV.until they pick it up if the deal goes.through but either way we're gonna we're.going to reveal everything we see we're.going to take pictures what a draw.arrows make recommendations sometimes we.find things wrong that well it's really.not wrong but it's it's it's been used.and and maybe.you have to just keep an eye on that.right right yeah they also ask people to.when they hire us is this going to be a.full time living RV are you just going.to use it so it kind of gives us an idea.how to help them learn and how to use.that RV and then that will tell me as.well if they're using an RV full time.then maybe that component that's halfway.used is of course going to have a.shorter lifespan so we'll recommend hey.you should replace that maybe in a few.years possibly all right all right that.makes total sense so you kind of touched.on it a second ago about an estate.inspection so that just shows you don't.have to be present when they inspect.your RV we work present for our.inspection and I think it brings a lot.of peace of mind especially if you are.out of state so you can actually cut out.a step if you find one that you think.you want and you go have it inspected.you know that's gonna save the trip of.you actually going out there and check.it out yourself if you know it's.something that you don't want after all.Oh perfect example last summer we had.some folks hire us to inspect an RV.after talking with him first-time buyers.and lived in San Diego they flew halfway.across the country to Houston to look at.an RV they found online only to find out.the RV condition wasn't as good as the.picture showed of my life and when she.called me she said we both work I.pregnant I can't take off work and fly.around the country so they hired us to.be their eyes and ears and and they were.comfortable with that we inspected the.RV we gave them the report and they.purchased the report so now they only.had a ticket one way they bought the RV.and they were able to drive it back to.California and not have to take all the.expense and time off work to go look so.yeah I tell folks the same thing find.the model you like buy the brand you.like based on your research and yeah.don't limit your search to right down.the street sometimes a deal five states.away that saved you thousands of dollars.if it's the same model same make same.year same features same benefits you.could save thousands of dollars drive a.few states over to pick it up right and.when he comes to RV inspection some of.the things that are one that main things.I think about is I had an inspection.every time I bought a house so I'm.spending this huge amount of money for.something that was actually going to be.our house because we were full-time why.wouldn't I have it inspected especially.since you know.newbies and we had no idea what we were.doing so we obviously needed someone to.help us out so I definitely would not.want to make this investment without.inspections so hey a lot of folks they.buy an RV that was more expensive than.the home they lived in or maybe it was.apartment they lived in and now they're.gonna go on their own I have their own.home on wheels and they just are willing.to put down a hundred thousand dollars.on Harvey whether it's a Motorhome over.a fifth wheel and that's the most.biggest expenditure they've ever had in.their life it's pretty scary.it can't be all right so I'm gonna turn.this over to Phil now and he's going to.talk a little bit about our experience.when we had our inspection because we.really feel like this is beneficial for.anyone buying an RV no matter what your.price point may be so I'm gonna hand it.over to Phil when I was looking for an.inspector I went to the NRV ia website.and just kind of did a search for an.inspector and I was lucky enough to find.how I was in San Antonio.however Al's not from San Antonio so how.would one go about finding an inspector.to get their ardennes man.well you're right Phil we we were.actually living at Georgia at the time.and one advantage of being a NRV ia.certified inspector our association.allows us to have a locator button so.when the customer our buyer wants to.hire an inspector they put their their.city and state in there and they can do.a radius search I think that's how you.found me was because we were in the San.Antonio area though it's a hurricane.relief help from after Harvey hit and.and we popped up close by and I will say.there's there's inspectors all over the.country a lot of them are full-time.Barbier some live in the north an.eight-course no Burger the winter in the.south so just be I tell people just.because you didn't find them today when.you searched try again tomorrow for.example is we're on the road currently.on a 12-week trip and every couple days.I pushed my my locator location out.aways subrip someone was to search today.from Memphis Tennessee if I don't I.won't change it till tomorrow I wouldn't.show up today so don't give up if you.don't find somebody but there's gonna be.situations where sometimes there's just.nobody available great point.and when I was searching I didn't know.what to expect I called out on the phone.and we struck up it was a good report.and when you were finished with that.inspection now you sent us about a 20.page report and in that report there was.one thing that stood out that you.brought to the attention of the dealer.that we were going through and you.mentioned it to them no expectation of.them to fix it but based on what L told.them they went and fixed it before we.even came up there and mentioned it to.them oh great I didn't know that yes.we're required to by our training and.certification to do life safety items.fire extinguishers smoke detectors.carbon monoxide detectors so when I saw.that water draining from the back AC.unit on top of the exhaust pipe a bell.went off it said it started to rust.depending on how much you guys were.gonna use that RV eventually there's.going to be a hole in that exhaust pipe.so you pull into a rest area and pull.into maybe a restaurant you leave the RV.running because it's hot and instead of.the exhaust coming out the pipe what's.going inside your RV to mean that was a.life safety and I could not get off the.property without telling someone because.even if you and Stacey did not buy that.RV I didn't want someone else to have.that I'm glad they got efficient you.guys I would have looked at the same.thing and I would not have seen what you.saw I'm not a certified inspector so to.me I would have been that's rusted I.would I would have just chalked it up as.an aid to the vehicle or natural.condition so just another another safety.aspect to getting your RV inspected we.want to say thanks again to out for.joining us today.they stopped by on the way under journey.we so appreciated.we got lucky again that we were looking.at doing a piece on on having Harvey.inspected we reached out to Allan just.so happens again he was in our area.hahaha so he got lucky twice I think.later today I'll go buy a lotto ticket.ha I think I will reserve no thanks guys.I really appreciate it we're you know.our goal is our in our VI inspectors is.to get the word out where industry is.new it is 5th year it just there's a lot.of people just don't know we're out.there and anything I can do I know a lot.of fellow inspectors the same way we're.on social media whatever we can do to.help folks because we want to save one.our.period of time we want every RVer to.enjoy the lifestyle that you guys enjoy.that we enjoy and not to have all those.problems and does it mean something's.gonna happen sure it's an RV especially.something supposed to go wrong but we.wanted to get off to a great start we.want all the safety items to be repaired.or at least acknowledged so that there.isn't a chance of an injury or other.things so so yeah that's our goal one at.a time and we just were trying to spread.the word and station I can tell you.firsthand that was money well spent.yes totally worth it you know the goal.is not defined you know an RV that like.you said is never gonna have a problem.the goal is to know what you're getting.into when you purchase your exactly if.you're okay with fixing it yourself and.you and you know what to expect that is.great but that is the point of the.inspection oh yeah I tell folks all the.time I asked them what their pain level.is I said do you know which N and I.joked with AB you know which end of a.screwdriver to use they say well no I.really don't use I've never used a.screwdriver so okay then we have to.worry about the little things with this.folks and people because I've had a few.buyers ask me should I buy the RV and I.can't make that recommendation but I.want to know yeah their pain level and I.tell them don't let a broken handle on a.door or or something break the deal you.that's a simple fix but I don't want you.to do is take possession of an RV that's.got a propane leak possibly or has an.air-conditioner that's ready to go.because those are gonna cost you.thousands of dollars right there and.that's what we don't want to see happen.cuz it ruins the experience for new.folks they say they get into it and six.months later they're ready to sell.because they have so many issues so we.know we're doing a good job we like what.we do Laura and I as we get to travel.and meet new folks and we've to help.young families and had kids that were.going full time and we've inspected RVs.for seniors that they had to sell.because of health issues and everywhere.between like you guys alright thanks.again thank you for watching make sure.you hit that subscribe button give us a.thumbs up and let us know if you've had.your are be inspected what kind of.experiences you've had and by all means.share this with anyone you know who.might be in.to find RV so that way they know it's.out there not everybody even knows that.these inspectors are available to them.it is a great piece of mind going into.this purchase yes yes glad we could help.yes so again thanks for watching and.we'll see you on the road that's right.that's right I know I said I've got the.perfect voice for radio yeah right and.we'll see you in the next video dang it.got to do it again I have two pages I.keep speed do that again.dang it you take a picture to be stayed.in the picture all right we want it wait.wait for the truck to go by see we.should have the hand we could just pull.that right up on the bed yeah all right.so.oh I know but I was gonna ignore it it.was gonna go in all right smile at me.[Music].

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I am a working software professional in the Bay Area and looking to switch jobs. I can't openly write in my LinkedIn profile about the same. How do I approach recruiters/companies? Is there an easier way than filling out 4 - 5 page forms in the career website of the company?

Search for the word "Recruiter" or specifically "Tech Recruiter", invite all who come up. As they accept you (they will because recruiters need you) write them a little note with what you are looking for including a salary range and location. They will be glad you connected.

Is there a grace period for expired inspection in PA?

I have never consider driving with an expired registration and not risking trouble. If you are stopped you may be giving the police cause to search your or who knows what else. There are all kinds of temporary alternatives such as car rental even by the hour or taxis or getting a ride from a friend. Offer to pay for the gas. All cheaper than a moving violation ticket.

Do you have to get camper inspected in PA?

If you mean federal or state income taxes, then it depends on your income. If you Adjusted Gross Income exceeds your standard or itemized deduction plus and tax credits you are eligible for, then yes, you would be required to file and pay taces.

How much does an RV inspection cost?

What is the starting price for a good RV? The starting price of a good RV!?!?! What type? New or used? How many people? Without answers to these three important questions it could be anywhere from $2K for a minimally serviceable used pop-up camper trailer that just about any car can tow to maybe $5k to $10K for a recent vintage teardrop trailer or travel trailer , to an upper end of $550K+ for a new, big production motorhome built on a bus chassis. And if you want to talk custom, the real upper end of the market, they are usually built on the Prevost chassis, start at a couple of million and the Continue Reading

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