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The Information Guidance for Objection Huron County Probate And Juvenile Court

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Guide of Objection Huron County Probate And Juvenile Court

good morning again your honor mattress.appearing on behalf of the plaintiff.mother of Jesse Meyer and Kim Bergeron.behalf of father Shane Van Sickle Jesse.Meyer Shane Van Sickle I believe so mr..references - Your Honor I the only.comment I would make is that my client.remains at the domestic shelter Kathryn.cab shelter she was there I believe the.last time that we had this hearing she.doesn't have any immediate plans to.leave I understand that she has had.parenting at the time at the shelter.that has occurred without incident and.the children engaged very well with her.the she has had since we were last.before you judge we had a review on the.issue of child support at the front of.the court and we just very recently.received a recommendation that was.issued on that my client today would.only has a very modest request and that.would simply be to release the.supervised condition on her parenting.time it's it's been some time now I.don't think there have been any.incidents as far as I know with her.parenting time I'm not sure if there are.even any real concerns that they have.about her parenting their children a.little bit more of the concern has.than historically about her involvement.in the relationship with a father of her.other two children and obviously he's.not at the shelter and while they are.continuing to work on their relationship.which they have to they have two.children and they will have a.relationship for forever as parents and.we hope that that improves I think it's.reasonable to lift that restriction on.on supervision for her and those that.would I as I understand it of my client.that really is the only request that.she's making it this time I would love.her to have some additional expanded.time with with her children but it may.be a bit difficult considering her.present living circumstances yes your.honor there actually was one incident.during this time that came to my.knowledge and that is for my.understanding miss Maier had picked the.girls up and somebody was in the car.with her however that person we believe.is Johnny lad when Shane tried to figure.out who it was in contact to the shelter.and I may be off of X they don't have.the email with me they've indicated it.was not somebody from the shelter so it.was not an approved supervisor so we.don't really know the status of that.jessie hasn't been forthcoming with the.information about that I can ask my.client what he saw in relation to that.so that is our big concern is she didn't.really abide by what the order is now I.would also state that I know miss.Cleveland is on the phone and she is.Aubree's counselor and though the court.had asked that just these counselors be.in touch with the girls as counselors to.try to work something out that has.actually never happened so I'm not real.comfortable with proceeding with any.parenting time unless the counselors are.on board with that and especially since.Jessie's counselors.and the girls counselors have not.communicated so any assumptions made in.the past or strictly that or just.assumptions based on nothing all right.that was a great thank you I'll start.with jokes I know she's on here I'm not.for sure about Samantha Cory I'm not.right here okay I'm on my phone I have.problems with my internet at my office.so I'm on my cell phone so it's not the.same but I would just go ahead and start.with Jill then yes your honor.Joe okay Cleveland so where do you work.I have a private practice in no stop.oh I'm sorry go ahead call Jill.Cleveland counseling LLC and do you.specialize in any counseling or are you.just I would say general practice I'm.general practice although I have my.majority of my schooling has been in.family systems and also I do have my CA.ADC so that is one of my specialties.okay and what is that substance abuse.that's big okay and you work closely.with the probate and district courts.over here in Hillsborough County is that.correct yes and also a family treatment.court okay so do you counsel either.Aubry or NOLA I counsel Aubrey okay and.how long have you been doing that since.I think February okay.and how are those counseling sessions.going very well.Audrey is very verbal I started out with.her using you know crayons and stuff.like that on but she's very she's very.bright for a child her age and so just.talking is perfect for her okay and I I.know I've not asked you anything about.what's going on so I have no idea what.the question or what your answer would.be before today is have you talked about.the parenting time that's been happening.with mom with Aubree um first and.foremost I do want to say that when we.came back together after kovat and met.face to face Audrey was having.nightmares severe nightmares and they.are they were very concerning as they.involved mom and they involve Johnny and.johnny was very verbally abusive and.physically abusive and mom became very.physically abusive to the girls in both.girls in her nightmare and we talked.about it we processed it and on last.time but I saw her audrey has not had.any more nightmares what was the rest of.your question.that's why as far as the parenting time.goes with mom right now they're.supervising you understand that yes okay.is operate good with that has she said.she wants more time unsupervised or.anything of that nature with mom.actually Audrey doesn't want to see her.mom that was her statement and I sent.ever and she replied well not ever but.not right now okay so your concern are.these nightmares and the physical abuse.that in the nightmares correct okay as.Audrey ever identified that in person.like this has happened or is it strictly.this is just those coming.I don't know if I'm asking my question.right she's never indicated that mom has.been physically abusive to her but she's.witnessed a great many times abuse.between Johnny and mom and it just.manifested into her dreams and it seems.to be from my understanding that when.she has a phone conversation with mom.those dreams manifest at night the day.of the phone calls okay all right so in.your opinion is it safe to say that at.least minimum or should the supervisor.as far as Aubrey's I know that's what.you're talking about.should the supervised learning time.continue as supervised or what is your.opinion on that yes I think the.supervised should continue because.Audrey indicated that during one of the.visits they left and they went to.Johnny's house okay okay.is there anything that I haven't asked.that you think may be important no okay.then I don't have anything else for Miss.cleveland testimony i think you said.that the nightmares have not been.occurring lately is that correct correct.so the when when had Aubree last.expressed some nightmares you describe.them approximately ten days ago.and do you understand that Aubrey has.had time with with her mother since that.time as far as my knowledge is yes she.has so ah Brees had some actual time.spent I believe overnight success of.overnights with her mom didn't.experience any nightmares after that.that would be some progress with you.agree um yes it would be and you want to.ensure that audrey has a positive.relationship with her mother correct of.course and so your your you're trying to.do what you can to ensure that mom has a.healthy amounts of time with her.daughter and so that they can continue.to forge a good relationship is that a.fair statement yes and you would agree.that spending more time between mother.and daughter is is is part of improving.that relationship correct yes more.quality time not just time yes from what.you have expressed it sounds like.perhaps the presence of Johnny is.something that is of concern to Aubrey.is that a fair statement very much so.and if Johnny is not present at least at.this time during the parenting time then.you you your concerns are at least.minimized with respect to Aubree and her.mother is that is that correct.somewhat minimized yes well yet from.what I understand there has never been.any concern about mom being physically.abusive towards anybody in Aubree's view.is that correct as far as eyes my.knowledge yes mom it's not been.physically abusive to her no she hasn't.been physically abusive to Aubree.towards Audrey's sidling towards Johnny.towards anyone is that is that your.understanding I have no knowledge of.NOLA and the relationship that she has.with her mom I just know that audrey has.seen physical altercations between mom.and Johnny okay.is that the if that really is some.substance of your concern in that this.mother got a relationship is the.exposure of Aubry to a that conflict in.that relationship is that is that.accurate um I would say that that's.about 75% of it there is another concern.that I have that Audrey didn't share.with me just last week that when she.does go over to Katherine calm.haze outside that's pretty much all she.does she doesn't really spend a lot of.time with mom mom when she goes outside.with her just sits and watches Aubree.and doesn't really interact with her.okay.so you would you want Jesse to spend.more time with her daughter.more quality time okay.have you have you spoken with captain.Hancock of Parkside counseling no I have.not have you attempted to call her no I.have not have any reason to believe that.that jessie has not been compliant with.what has been requested of her of miss.by Miss Hancock I would have no.knowledge if she's been compliant with.her a therapist or not I would have no.knowledge of that.thank you okay so you said opera did.indicate that recently Jessie had left.and went to see Johnny with the girls.correct okay and does that give you.cause for concern yes it does okay and.Aubree has witnessed domestic violence.in the home going back and forth between.Jessie and Jonny yes she has that's how.she reported it okay and would it be.safe to say that what Aubree was.indicating to you was that jessie was.asked acting more like a babysitter than.a mom and I'm just asking based on your.opinion would you say Jessie.during those parenting times is acting.more like a babysitter than a mom or is.it just she's just not interacting just.doesn't have that one-on-one ability or.wasn't wasn't doing it I I don't know.that I would qualify it as babysitting.it's very hands-off parenting she.doesn't really see quality time with the.child Audrey did make a statement that.the only time that they really.communicate is when they all go to bed.at night okay okay I don't have anything.else miss Cleveland you have not.observed any.meantime between Jessie and her daughter.Aubree have you know I have not obvious.how old now.I'm not can't remember she seems so much.older than what she is because she's.very precocious and very bright I think.she's going into second grade so that.would put her around seven or eight so.you and you have not inquired of my.client have you to find out how.parenting time has been happening from.her perspective no I have not and a lot.of it has to do with kovat I know that.that's not an excuse but that's the.reason all right.you would you would agree that you're.not.you haven't been appointed by this court.to do any type of an evaluation.regarding issues of custody or parenting.time have you no I have not.your only counseling the one child.Audrey right correct.you can't offer an opinion as to what.would be in the best interests of the.child for parenting time purposes.because you haven't interviewed the.parents you haven't had any other.significant collateral contacts that.might be significant to to make that.determination is that a fair statement.partially I can offer my opinion on.Aubrey and that's the extent of it what.my firm my knowledge of what audrey has.told me I mean it was Audrey who is.living not only primarily but almost.exclusively with his father her father.as Audrey is to tell you that I'm not.even meeting with my mother and I didn't.even see my mother during parenting time.you're just gonna record that in your.nose as if that's that's what the child.said whether it's true or not right yes.as good as what the client tells us so.whether my client whether Jessie is.really meaningfully engaging with her.daughter or not during that period of.time you don't know that you just know.what the child has been telling you.following being with her father.and when she comes to a session with you.right correct.all right okay just one final as Jesse.reached out to you at all no okay I.don't have anything else nothing else I.don't have anything else no your honor.all right thank you for your testimony.mr. Cleveland you are welcome to.disconnect thank your honor.thank you I have reviewed the file and.my assistance was great I went upstairs.to double-check and it would look as.though we may not have had an order.submitted as a result of the last.hearing on so I just wanted to bring.that to the counselor's attention as far.as the court is concerned that would.have been our last order obviously.accepting the wrongful recommendation.okay and for the record your honor I.actually didn't get any as of right now.the recommendation from friend the court.as far as the hearing we just had so I.don't know if it's in the mail or not.but I believe mr. rein if I remember.right did do an order I just I may be.mistaken as tough time because I don't.believe I did one either for this last.year but I recall we had expanded just.order refers to as Mobley as the.supervisor and from what I recall we.expanded.permits Jesse Meyer to include those.weekends at the shelter as well as.expanded the supervisors available to.her for purposes of supervision.I wouldn't happen I think you're right.your honor and unfortunately my file.does not reflect that order either I.don't know miss Berger may be correct.that perhaps I prepared one and.submitted one to her but my file doesn't.show if my last order is to make for.2020 order although there is that.recommendation from the front of the.court that I believe my office may have.received on Friday I don't have that in.my file all right well we can still work.on what we're doing moving forward from.today that's miss Berger any additional.testimony um from Samantha quarry please.all right before you please raise your.radiant.yusmeiro frame yourself the truth the.whole truth and nothing but the truth so.help you God yes thank you mr. Nye.Samantha and where do you work I worked.on Corrine behavioral health in.Jonesville Michigan okay and what is.your position there a psychologist okay.and do you counsel NOLA Vince ago yes.and how long have you been doing that I.first saw her on February 25th of this.year okay and do you understand we're.here for a parenting time review about.what's going on with the kids and miss.Mayer yes okay so what are the concerns.that Nolan is you can tell me or if any.it has been with her mom and parenting.time with her mom yeah they're very.similar to her sisters she basically.doesn't want to see her mom she doesn't.want to talk to her.I guess just to get specific the last.time I saw her on the 17th she had said.that her mother didn't call at all that.whole week and she just felt relief.because she felt that when she was being.forced to talk with her mom.during those phone appointments that it.was just torture as she described it and.she didn't want to do it she felt like.she was being made to do it was her.concerns also over the domestic violence.like Aubree had indicated you know she.didn't say anything specific about that.okay her concerns about what okay so it.has no long identified any concerns and.specifically as it relates to her mom.saying you know I don't want to see her.was it because dad's pumping her full of.information or just something that's.going on her biggest complaint is that.her mom doesn't pay attention to her and.she doesn't trust her okay how about.safety issues she doesn't feel safe with.her at all especially since the incident.that was described to me on February 15.and what was that her mother cut her.with a knife okay and again as mr..raised it indicated to miss Cleveland.that's just information that Knoll is.giving you there's correct you've not.had any you haven't investigated that.you're just relying on what she's.telling you right okay and just dealing.with those feelings.is that correct yes.would it if you know give you cause for.concern if Jesse were to get.unsupervised parenting time with NOLA it.would again simply because I don't only.coming from you know the parents and the.child it does not appear that there has.been sufficient treatment nor sufficient.supervision NOLA says that there isn't.anyone supervising them and previously I.think it was a friend of the family or.something like that and so she says that.there really isn't anyone you know.watching them when she's with her mother.okay so did she really seeing Johnny at.any of the last paragraph the last two.times I believe it was the first time.that they were at the shelter she says.that they spent most of the day with him.they left and went with him and then the.last time they were with him again okay.has Jesse contacted you about NOLA you.tryna basement no have you reached out.to her.no okay has anyone for Jesse reached out.to you I believe it was this Hancock or.any other counseling service for Jesse.reached out to you know.it has NOLA stated any information as to.what's happening while they're with.their mom like Audrey had indicated mom.doesn't really pay attention just kind.of sits back as joe said like hands-off.yeah um I mean her words are that mom.doesn't really interact with me mom.ignores me she was saying that she.pretty much spent her time the last time.they were there that NOLA was.babysitting younger children at the.shelter while her mom would be in their.room or sitting outside or something.like Anna so they weren't even together.so I asked her you know specific kinds.of things well like what does your mom.say to you and stuff like that and she.says well nothing really she just tells.me you know if we're leaving or when.it's time for bed or things like that.she doesn't really ask me about anything.okay I don't have anything further.um miss Cory were you the president.during the testimony of the previous.counselor just now yes yes all right we.sometimes we we put into effect what's.called a witness seclusion ruling we.hadn't in this case and I didn't know.whether you were party to that and.listening to that testimony.I have some of the same type of.questions to you you you have not been.appointed to do any type of an.evaluation for parrying town or custody.purposes correct correct.you have only seen NOLA you haven't seen.NOLA with her mother.you haven't seen NOLA with her sister is.that correct correct.so you can only really what NOLA has.said to you you don't know whether.that's necessarily accurate or not.correct correct if my client were to.testify that she has been very engaged.with her.and they have had a very loving.relationship during the times that she's.been with the children I understand that.would conflates perhaps with what no uh.me instead oh but you don't have any.reason to think it's to believe it's not.true us don't know why I know that would.withhold that or lied to me.well I'm how long have you been.practicing now um how long have I had my.license.sure Oh about 18 years.so during those 18 years have you been.involved in council children who have.parents that are in conflict and there's.some animosity between those parents yes.and have you seen situations where one.parent may be saying some negative.things about the other parent that could.influence the child yes and in other.words a parent let's just say.hypothetically a father could say some.things that are very negative about the.about the the mother to that child then.my inhibit of the level of candor and.forthrightness of that child to their.therapist isn't that is that correct.it can't happen because it could be.viewed as an act frankly of some kind of.parental treason the child speaking.positively about the other parent and.sharing loving good memories that might.be seen as being something an act of.disloyalty to the parent who whom they.live so that could explain in other.words that could explain perhaps why.NOLA might not be as engaging with you.and might have a different view as to.the way Jesse would view things right.she's very engaging with me she's very.talkative but that might be the reason.that she has a different view of what.the experiences were with her mother.then what her mother might have about.what those same experiences were with.her daughter right perhaps.I'm a you haven't reached out to miss.Maier to my client have you no because.that's not your role to try to to try to.see what that relationship is really.like hands on have those people in your.clinic to to evaluate that you don't see.that as being your role correct not.currently well was it in the past or.something.no okay I have nothing further for you.thank you ma'am thank you no that's okay.right any reason we gave miss Cory to.remain with us no your honor thank you.for your testimony I don't have anything.else sir mysteries Your Honor I would I.would call my client.do you swear or affirm to tell the truth.the whole truth and nothing but the.truth so help you God I swear Thank You.mr. ranks Thank You Jessie would you.please state your full name for the.record my rule Jessie you have the two.children.Aubrey and Noll is that correct yes and.how old are each NOLA is 12 and obvious.seven all right we're here today for a.turning time review and so overall what.the court is is interested in trying to.learn as how a pairing time has has been.taking place how that's been for the.children and what we should do moving.forward so you have an exercising.parenting spat with both of the girls is.that correct yes and you are still a.resident at the catherine cutter cracked.yes how long have you been there now.since May 6 and how many weekends of.parenting time have you exercised with.the girls - those are on alternating.weekends is that right yes all right and.have you had the children during that.the entire period of time I believe.Friday to Sunday yes can you describe.how that parenting time has been with.with your girls awesome I've missed him.so bad um but the first weekend I was.unable to get somebody to ride with me.in the car so I texted mr. Van Sickle.and I said I do not have a supervisor to.ride with me to pick them up.would you still allow me to get them he.texted me back and said yes that was.fine so I picked them up and we had to.go to Dollar General because Noah had.received second-degree burns on her leg.which mr. Van Sickle did not tell me.about until a week after it happened.but I went to dr. neural got them there.her cleaning stuff and then we went back.to the shelter.I texted Shane and called him and the.girls spoke to him we stayed at the.shelter all weekend and had a normal.good weekend.Aubree had asked if she could stay an.extra night I texted her dad and he said.no that he would meet me you know when I.at the time the car I was gonna use.Jonny and was gonna drop his car off it.was it wouldn't start so Shane ended up.coming and picking them up from the.shelter I gave him $20 in gas because.they say I don't pay for nothing and.then they came back after the next.weekend they came back for their next.visit I had my friend Bree pick me and.my kids up take me to get Aubrey and.Nolan Hudson she brought us back to the.shelter we were here all weekend we.played yes we play outside yes I played.with them we had a normal weekend and.Bree came and picked us up on Sunday and.took me and the kids back to the Hudson.Police Department where I return them to.their dad and hona Aubrey had also asked.for more extra time the last weekend she.was here she wanted to thank an extra.hour and an extra night I texted an ass.and Shane told me no all right Bree.you've heard the testimony from the two.counselors for each of your girls.correct unfortunately yes have you.during the time that you've had with.your girls have you been engaged with.them and a meaningfully in a meaningful.manner always did do you inquire about.them what's happening with them oh wait.I always wanted I always want to know.what's going on I am sure the other.weekend we took pictures of us together.and we were.can you can you give the court a little.bit of color on that.can you explain what what you're.inquiring about and and how you're how.you're conversing and engaging with your.children during your time yes um well.when I speak to the girls on the phone.they're very robotic um when I speak to.them on the phone it's okay they will.not tell me they love me they will not.tell me they miss me when I say I love.you there they go quiet so I had a talk.with them about why what's wrong why.can't you tell mommy you love her on the.phone I talked to them about why I.wouldn't be calling because it's very.sad to hear them talk to me like that.when it's not like that when they're.here um I mean let's not forget I did.have them their whole life so I just.asked them like what's going on with.your schoolwork.uh you know just talk to them about you.know oh I don't know I just I just feel.like something weird is going on all.right have you reached out to either of.these counselors who testified today yes.and what what happened.I left voicemails and I never received a.call back so you're saying you did reach.out to Samantha Cory is that correct.I called Samantha Cory about five times.and I called Joe Cleveland's um twice.and neither has returned your message no.okay.the you you heard the the testimony that.[Music].to describe it.I think expresses some concerns based on.your history of relationship with Johnny.lad and the court may be very familiar.with this as I understand the court.conducted a trial and and I was not.representing it at that time but you.have been and you better relationship.with Johnny and have two children with.him correct yes how old are those two.children 1 and 3 do you want them to be.able to have a relationship with their.you know have sisters always you what's.the status of you working on that.relationship with Johnny um we're just.doing IHT counseling still he visits.with his children he keeps them.overnight just you know trying to figure.figure like that I guess those children.that you have with Johnny and they are.in your primary care is that correct yes.what what are your thoughts about the.level of Johnny's involvement with.Audrey and NOLA moving forward at this.time I guess they're probably really is.it any because I mean I'm not really.around him too much there isn't like no.I mean we can be around each other the.CPS hasn't said anything like nothing of.that sort but as of right now with.Aubrey and NOLA I just kind of have been.obviously spending my own time with them.so for the one of the things that I.thought I heard from one of the.counselors is that the the nightmares.have diminished.I believe with Audrey and you have your.release.I think with Johnny is more limited now.is that correct yes if the court were to.see the correlation and there would you.be would you be agreeable to not have in.your children around Johnny if they saw.a link between it um.can I say one thing about the nightmares.cuz me and Aubree did talk about that.when she was yes um so Aubrey and NOLA.had both told me that Aubree had been.crying at night which Audrey had.expressed to me that since she was taken.to her dad's and is living there she.cries every night because you misses me.she doesn't know what's going on with me.but we talked about this new nightmare.and Aubrey was saying that she was.concerned about me and Johnny fighting.so I just relieved her and told her that.you know we're not around each other.right now so there is no fighting and.that you know I mean she was just.telling me that she was more concerned.because she's been going so long without.seeing me that she's not really knowing.what's going on at home and when we.talked on the phone we can't really.discuss anything because they're robots.so we talked about her nightmares and.she slept fine she did not she does not.every weekend she's here with me there's.no crying there's no screaming waking up.she sleeps all night long.Jessie we don't have a lot of time left.what what are the requests that you make.over the court at this time regarding.doll at Aubree I would prefer to not.have to find supervisors you know it's.kind of hard when people have their.other lives because I mean I don't know.okay.can manipulate any situation and there's.a lot of that going on because they say.a lot of stuff about their dad to me and.I'm sure they'd do the same to their dad.I would just like to be able to have my.weekends go pick them up when I want.know when I can have my extra time and.not have to find a somebody babysit me.to watch me are you requesting anymore I.know you're not working at this time is.that correct no why are you requesting.anymore since you have time available.would there be more time that you would.like to have with your girls yes please.there's much as possible I already have.a nickel all right those are all the.questions that I have Thank You Jessie.sorry I don't myself okay.so you've never took off and from the.shelter and went with Johnny for the day.while the girls were worth you know okay.so the girls were both the girls were.lying about that yes we discussed lies.that they were telling also okay all.right so you were telling them that they.were lying no okay so then the.counselors both testified that you did.not contact them so you're saying you.did so the counselors are lying now yes.ma'am okay I have my thunder okay so.everybody's lying but you were correct.okay so then you'd said that you try to.call them and talk to them and they're.just robotic so you decided you weren't.gonna call them at all I discussed with.them why I wouldn't be calling as much.and that's appropriate instead of saying.hey I'm just gonna keep calling you I'll.say you love me you don't you know what.that's okay.instead you screw it all in yeah yeah.I didn't say stays for you I discussed.with them why I wasn't gonna call him.and Aubree said daddy doesn't want me.saying I miss you and daddy doesn't want.me telling you I love.because makes mad okay have you looked.for work yet yep okay and nobody's.hiring I guess not I've put in about.seven applications I'm just waiting for.a callback.okay until o is tomorrow so all right I.I don't have anything else I know what.else.any additional witness testimony.mysteries I know you're having any.contact with the IH not since our last.review that we had with you.I haven't only because miss Berger made.it sound like me and Catherine we're.doing something we weren't supposed to.be doing have you looked into signing.releases with IHT providers to allow.them to have contact with the counselors.for all your DARS.we signed those about seven weeks ago.okay yes ma'am.all right what are your what is your lot.where do you see yourself in 60 days in.60 days hopefully I'll have a full time.job I've been looking for apartments but.there's really no nothing available at.the moment I've put myself on a few.waiting lists but okay I have a.perspective living situation in another.trailer I am just hope waiting for CPS.to okay you know that because I have to.go through them before I can really make.any changes.considering I'm still working with Megan.McVeigh so right now I'm just trying to.find full-time employment so I can get a.place or allow Megan to let me move into.this new trailer that my old landlord.has available for me but yeah I'm just.trying to get a full-time job right now.and you know hopefully more stable like.I used to be and have more time with all.of my children together just briefly the.judge asked you about IHT and that's.right yes and that's with Catherine.Hancock correct yes so you continue to.be counseling with her is that right yes.with what frequency I'm sorry two times.a week and how long has that been.happening now um since Saint Patty's Day.and you you're scheduled to continue to.work with her two times a week.moving forward as well as that right.completely she's not going anywhere.all right nothing else thank you I don't.have anything else for her thank you for.your testimony miss Mayer thank you you.don't have any I do not your honor.none all right your honor.try to review the motion that was filed.originally in this case to suspend the.parenting time of my client and why I.don't have it before me.it's what what I'm reminded of from the.testimony today is that a lot of the.problems it seems like that my client.has been experienced they are.attributable to the relationship that.she's had with mr. Ladd and we have miss.Cleveland who's now testifying that.while there had been nightmares and we.don't really have any substantiation for.the for the etiology of those nightmares.for the basis of that we we have those.nightmares diminishing we have matters.seemingly improving then between the.maybe the at least the I think it's the.youngest child and her mother and why is.that probably because we've reinstated.the parenting time and we have.successive overnight parenting time.that's been occurring it's in a.structured stable environment of.Katherine cow I'm not trying to describe.that as an ideal environment in which to.exercise parent time but it is one of.some increased stability relative to.what I believe that my client had.previously with the father of her other.two children mr. Ladd so I think things.are improving I know it would be hard.it's it is atypical to say that someone.at the Katherine Cobb shelter is.improving their situation but your honor.has a memory of this case from trying.this case and there have been.allegations about mr. land previously in.the in the conflictual relationship that.these these two have had and what you've.heard from Miss Cleveland is there's.really never been any sort of abusive.treatment that.family members had by Miss Meyer so.there's no concerns with miss Meyer.there's a concern that seems to be.expressed that as I hear it mom's not.engaging with me enough I mean this is.what I'm hearing from both of the.counselors we want more time with our.mom I mean I understand that that's.that's my characterization of it but if.they're not engaging enough with her.they want more of her they want more of.my she her testimony she is engaging.with them and then for her I think to be.criticized because she is voluntarily.giving up telephone time that the.counselor says is difficult for the.child I think that that's rich I think.that is that is the real act of.selflessness by my client that she.realizes that her daughter is having.strained difficult telephone.conversation where it's difficult in the.environment with her father to say I.love you and I miss you.where is it's very unnatural that my.client you know she's emotional when she.presents she loves her kids.she's still voluntarily given up at that.time because she realizes the stress and.strain that it puts her children under.in those conversations so she wants more.time she'd like to have as much time as.possible and your honor is familiar with.72 2.27 a that says that it's the focus.of the court to fashion parenting time.and such frequency and duration as to.ensure that there is a natural good.healthy relationship between the parent.and the children I think we can do more.I think we can do more parenting time.than every other weekend I think we.should probably be able to at least have.one or maybe two midweek contacts that.they're unsupervised I you know you.could probably get a little bit of a.sense of my questioning but perhaps.judge you want to at this time limit the.children from being around mr. Ladd.during the parenting time and otherwise.make it unsupervised chill chill abide.by that order but I don't that would.only have it be temporary as she's.working on that relationship because she.does have her two other children with.mr. Ladd and I think there's a hope that.there'll be a more blending of this.release.should be more national for her to be.with those other family members so again.even though it's a little bit.unconventional what her living.arrangement is right now I think that.this is an applause this is a positive.she continues to participate in.counseling.I think it's credible she's reached out.to these professionals these.professionals have not contacted her.back I believe her I just think that.that does happen with some professionals.that they're not following back up so I.haven't heard anything that says that.there's anything negative happening in.the parenting time between mom and the.children just that I'm engaged enough.nothing is really going wrong whatsoever.to me we get rid of supervision I think.we expand a parent in that in some way.that we can I haven't heard anything.that would be inconsistent with.proceeding in such fashion your honor.thank well obviously I kind of disagree.because I was there during the trial I.there's a pattern here that's emerging.with Jessie it is it's everybody else's.fault I'm doing everything right it's.everybody else's the counselors applied.the children of life it's all Shane's.fault for whatever's going on she's not.taking any responsibility the kids both.said they left the shelter they went.with Johnny so nothing was supervised.which is against the court's order.Jessie didn't care so it's everybody.else's fault Jill said August had.nightmares about her mom in the domestic.violence that she's witnessed she said.it's waned off in the last ten days.however mom testified I stopped calling.they did they wouldn't tell me they.loved me so god forbid I'm not going to.call them so let them go it isn't she.was being selfless if she was being.selfish because she wasn't doing what.they wanted to her the children weren't.doing what she wanted them to do so.that's how it is talking to any child on.the telephone I can't even get my 19.year old to say more than okay whatever.it isn't that is kind of age-appropriate.that's nothing mom just step back said.you know like not myself that's your.fault dad is telling you to do stuff the.counselors both said kids are witnessing.or at least relaying and it is the kids.versions of what's going on so that's.what you have taken consideration and.whether that's how the kids are seeing.the situation with mom both kids said.you know what I don't want to see them.right now I don't really want to talk to.her is it forever.no but both kids are both saying that so.that to me gives me cause for concern.that that's being said again and I.understand that's the kids this view of.it but that's what we have to take into.consideration so the counselor said she.didn't Jesse didn't reach out to them.she says why did five times the Jesse's.counselors haven't reached out to the.girls as counselors like they said they.wanted to all the releases have been.fine for months but nobody's doing.anything and I get the coven's here.they're still telephone booths you can.pick up and call it by telephone and to.say that well it's typical for a.counselor not to get back with you but.two counselors I'm thinking that's a.little overboard again the girls had.said they don't want to go see mom that.these things are happening they don't.interact with me that was actually.testimony kind of throughout this entire.phase from the beginning.mom doesn't mom doesn't pay attention to.you Noah was very clear with the court.that mom doesn't pay attention to me she.picks on me I get in trouble this is.what's happening and Aubree even.documented that in our last hearings and.it has been a progress through this so.nothing's really changing my concern is.mom still doesn't abide by what the.court order was she did in fact take off.from the Psalter with Johnny she done to.understand that putting Johnny in that.mix is a bad idea.these aren't Johnny's kids she has four.kids with Johnny they all interact.together there's no reason for Johnny to.be in this mix with them and I would.actually ask the court enter a no.contact order with Johnny says he's in.the domestic violence shelter because of.Johnny and she keeps going back so I.hope and I said that she can get away.from that situation.obviously she's gonna be a parent with.them for the rest of her life but she's.in there for a reason and I hope that.she can get past that and get on to a.stable life the right now all the girls.are what's more important not what she.thinks is what those girls have to offer.and what they're saying and I think.going anything above the supervisor 19.time right now would be detrimental to.them thank you everyone for your.testimony and for your arguments I have.listened carefully and I note I think.the observations and I understand that.these witnesses were able to hear each.other's testimony but I do think that.the observations that are being repeated.to the counselors do reflect that these.girls feel very much in the middle of.both of these parents and there really.is is no reason for that both of you are.very concerned about your children and.are here because you're concerned about.your children and you want them to have.a safe environment to be in.I see Jessie that you're making progress.that you're sticking with ihd and that.you're looking at monitor cleaning my.concerns are that planning with Johnny.Ladd and I understand you have two.children with them and I can see how you.would have a good incentive to try to.play with him in order to try to.preserve your family but you have to.look at the big picture here you have to.say what's good for me and all my.children moving forward and right now.it's not good for your daughters to be.around Johnny that that is interfering I.think that was very clear throughout the.testimony that that is interfering with.your ability to have a relationship with.these two girls I'm not going to reduce.the parenting time I will say it will.stay in place my concern with lifting.the supervision is that we may.have contact with mr. lang between these.two girls miss Meyer if I issue an order.that says that he's not to have any.contact with these two girls during your.parenting time are you going to be able.to follow that order okay you are so.yeah okay do you understand where I'm.coming from on this thank you now as it.relates to mr. Rancic oh I can see how.there's a lot of pressure on you in this.circuit in the circumstances as well but.you have absolutely got to keep in mind.that this is a relationship that these.two girls need they need to explore it.he needs to become healthy so that they.can be healthy in the future as well I.need you to do everything you can do to.support them around us and that includes.not that includes maybe even when they.come to you with negativity about mine.just saying.you know what that's your mom yes your.honor.just be supportive to these two girls in.the future and that will help them.become more comfortable coming to both.of you and having a relationship do they.both need yes your honor thank you for.your guidance as well so here's what.we're gonna do moving forward here any.time is going to remain every other.weekend from Friday to Sunday and will.be unsupervised with a no contact.between Johnny bland and these two girls.so in other words he's not to be run.during your period of time I am also.going to add a Wednesday midweek pairing.time again without mr. Ladd being.present.mr. Van Sickle what is your schedule.during the week that we could maybe.crash something that would work around.your schedule typically they're in the.middle of the week I mean I work five.days a week at least.so the afternoons would be best like.seven to seven on a Wednesday is when I.work so I'm not sure how many hours of.parenting time on a Wednesday would be a.decent amount of time.do you working 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. is.that right typically on a Wednesday yes.all right miss Mayer are you able to.secure transportation for yes do you.have transportation right now no I will.very soon know so if we said that we.would ask you to pick up the girls from.their dads sometime on Wednesday during.the day and then we asked him to pick up.the girls in the evening would you be.able to find some transportation to.accommodate that yes okay mr. Vincey.would you be picking up the girls after.your shift that day or would you be.relying on someone else for that it.would most likely be me if not it would.be my wife amber the Court finds that.acceptable if Jessie comes picks them up.say 10:00 a.m. on Wednesdays and then.you go and pick them up at 7:00 p.m. or.your wife goes and picks him up at 7:00.p.m..well the only problem about being 10:00.a.m. would be that both me and my wife.would be at work that day and we.wouldn't have no way to transport them.to the Hudson Police Department.so it'd have to be like really early.like before our shift well frankly what.if we did like Tuesday night after you.get out of work until Wednesday night.when you get out again yeah that would.actually that would uh yeah be easier to.accommodate all right okay so let's do.that let's do 7 p.m. Tuesday night until.I mean 6 to like 6 p.m. Tuesday night to.like 6 p.m. Wednesday night would I mean.that would work okay so would that be.your wife doing.yes because she's typically home by 4:00.p.m. all right until you have changed.your circumstances any further miss.Mayer I'm not sure how much more we can.do on your parenting time so I'm not.inclined to set a review on this at this.time but I'm open to anyone's.considerations on that point mr. rates.Your Honor I I'm agreeable to that I.think if her residential situation.changes I think a petition would be.appropriate I would ask that the court.consider I don't know what her.employment situation is going to be I.would just ask that the court maybe.consider waiving her fees but you can.decide that based upon a and affidavit.that she would submit but I think with.those change of circumstances she could.come back before the court and ask that.the court review it again mr. I I would.agree all right very good.so miss Mayer if any when your.circumstances change you know where to.find me and you are obviously always.free to fill out a navigator requesting.the waiver of those fees associated with.any modification on hearing time to.Wednesday night 6 p.m. every other.weekend I do have a time frame sentiment.is it also 6 p.m. yes okay all right so.6 Fridays until Sunday at 6 mr. LAN is.not to be present during any time but we.will lift the supervision requirement.I trust you continuing to work with IHG.as well as he has.it was the oversight necessary to.enforce that and I also hope that you.will always look for what is beneficial.for your daughters as you move through.this process all right any volunteers.for drafting this order I can prepare it.your honor thank you mr. Raines thank.you everyone thank you that's all for.today thank you mr. Dave Matt could you.could you email me the recommendation.the kind of Court did.I'll get head over to you will do.perfect all right thank you.

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Objection Huron County Probate And Juvenile Court FAQs

Here are the answers to some common confusions regarding Objection Huron County Probate And Juvenile Court . Let us know if you have any other requests.

Need help? Contact support

How much does it cost to settle an estate?

Be nice to know the jurisdiction but typically if you have a legally valid last will (that is not contested) and have appointed an executor of estate (who is prepared to do this as a personal favor voluntarily) then it shouldn’t cost anything to settle the estate. Corrections invited.

How much does probate cost?

We recently obtained probate for my MIL’s will. As stated in another answer it cost £215. I prepared all of the schedules, identified all the assets and debts including three house valuations and obtained the necessary forms. At that point I went to the family solicitor who advised that whilst I was almost there it would be easier and less complicated with certain (perfectly legal) tweaks. I then allowed the solicitor to complete the forms for a very reasonable fee - worth it for my own peace of mind.

Why is Probate so expensive?

The healthcare in the US is not expensive because is a system designed for profit. If that were the case, hospitals would be following six-sigma quality guidelines and follow evidence based medicine. No. It is because it is a system where EVERYONE profits from waste. 1) The doctor profits when he orders unnecessary tests and procedures. BUT if he works for a system where the insurer and the hospital are the same entity (For example, Kaiser Permanente) he may be penalized/rewarded for ordering/denying tests, procedures and referrals even if they are medically necessary. The hospital profits when do Continue Reading

What kind of court is probate?

What kind of cases are heard in probate court? Matters pertaining to probate law are heard in probate court. Probate law encompasses a wide range of matters pertaining to people, including but not limited to decedents, people who lack legal capacity to make their own decisions which can include adults and minors, adoptions, mental health issues, probate of estates and issues concerning wills.

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