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good morning ladies and gentlemen and.welcome to the change of command.ceremony for the United States Naval War.College where Rear Admiral P Gardner how.the third will be relieved as the.president of the Naval War College by.Rear Admiral Jeff Jeffrey a Harley our.guest speaker today is the Chief of.Naval Operations Admiral John Richardson.the official party will arrive in just a.few moments at this time I would ask.that everyone turn off or silence your.cellphone's or communication devices for.those here who might be unfamiliar with.the traditional change of command.ceremony I'd like to explain some of the.background for today's event fundamental.guidance for the change of command aside.from the long-established customs and.traditions resides in u.s. Navy.regulations the 1865 edition of.regulations for the government of the.United States Navy article 3 section 1.number 72 states when an officer is.appointed to the command of a single.vessel he will make in company with the.commanding officer a thorough personal.examination of her and inform himself as.to all her arrangements and preparations.of equipment after which the transfer is.to be formally made in the presence of.as many of her officers and crew as can.be assembled before whom his appointment.is to be read today's event will follow.the accepted traditions and customs of a.Navy change of command ceremony.specifically at the appointed hour the.outgoing Naval War College President.Rear Admiral Howe and his relief Rear.Admiral Harley along with our guest.speaker the Chief of Naval Operations.Admiral John Richardson will proceed to.the stage together the ceremony routine.will include traditional side boy honors.color guard the singing of the national.anthem and an invocation and benediction.after a few brief remarks the outgoing.Officer Rear Admiral Howe will read his.orders of detachment he will then turn.to his relief and report I am ready to.be relieved the relieving officer of.Rear Admiral Harley will step forward.and read his orders to command after.which he will salute Rear Admiral Howe.and report I relieve you sir they will.both then report their relief to the.Chief of Naval Operations the new Naval.War College President Rear Admiral.Harley will then give his remarks I will.then ask everyone to stand for the.benediction and the departure of the.official party which will conclude the.ceremony today's ceremony will be.uncovered for everyone in military.uniform except those in the official.party.ladies and gentlemen please rise for the.arrival of the official party the.parading of the colors the singing of.our national anthem and the invocation.staff a ten-foot bosun post the side.boys you're a troll United States Navy.arriving.Naval War College arriving Naval.Operations arriving.retire the side boys.color guard pervade the colors.ladies and gentlemen petty officer Smith.Navy Band northeast will now sing our.National Anthem oh say can you see by.the dawn's early light what so proudly.we hailed at the twilight's last.gleaming whose broad stripes and bright.stars through the perilous fight o'er.the ramparts we watched were so.gallantly streaming and the Rockets red.glare the bombs bursting in air gave.proof through song.night that our flag was still there oh.say does that star-spangled banner yacht.where.or the Longhorn Abajo.retire the colors.Chaplin Todd Chaplin for United States.Navy will now offer the invocation let.us pray.Almighty God by whom leaders reign and.rulers decree justice who rules and all.the kingdoms of men and gives them to.whomsoever you will we pause as we begin.this ceremony to acknowledge your role.in our history in our lives and in all.our undertakings in each generation you.have blessed America with selfless.leaders who have defended our great.nation from every threat that has risen.against her today we thank you for the.faithful leadership Rear Admiral Gardner.how the third is provided as fifty-fifth.president United States Naval War.College.these past two years of challenge and.change through his vision guidance and.personal dedication to duty you have.challenged each of us to rise to the.call of self sacrificial leadership with.honor courage and commitment we are.grateful for the service he and his wife.Erin have rendered to our country and.for their special place in our War.College family we ask that your blessing.would go with them now as they leave us.for new opportunities responsibilities.and leadership and service to our great.country and the Navy as Rear Admiral.Jeff Harley assumes command we thank you.for the experience leadership and.character he brings to the office of.President the War College we asked for.him your guidance wisdom and help as he.guides us through the challenges ahead.for those of us who follow his.leadership enable us to give him our.full loyalty and support bless his.family wife Cindy Grantham your presence.peace and strength in the days to come.bless these proceedings we play pray.with your presence that we may be.strengthened and equipped ready and.willing to act according to every good.purpose man.please be seated ladies and gentlemen.the 55th President of the United States.Naval War College Rear Admiral P Gardner.how the third well good morning everyone.I know I speak for Jeff when I say that.he and I are both very very pleased that.you were all able to join us family and.the Naval War College team for the our.change of command ceremony today here in.Spruance auditorium chaps thanks for the.very thoughtful invocation and how about.Navy Band northeast and that heartfelt.rendition of the national anthem by.Petty Officer.so as I take a look across the RSVPs and.those that have gathered here today I am.very very impressed with the.distinguished guests that have spent.time with us decided to spend time with.us this morning Jeff and I both intend.to talk about family and friends that.have gathered here in a few minutes but.I thought it would be worthwhile to just.acknowledge some of the the key leaders.that have come today so you know a more.formal introduction in a few minutes but.thanks for presiding over today's.ceremony.I know Admiral Burke and I think fleet.beldo are here today thanks for showing.up Admiral Verma and his wife might do.if you haven't met them yet please do.later at the reception Admiral Verma was.a former CNO of the Indian Navy former.Indian ambassador to Canada and is now.an international fellow on the faculty.here at the college mr. Tyrone Smith is.representing senator Whitehouse from the.US Senate art Florida biga dear general.of the Rhode Island National Guard.representing our Guard friends here in.the state captain Dennis boy and his.wife Carrie are here the Naval Station.CEO Kevin Doug noble their new relative.very new one week in the job of the CEO.of the Supply Corps school no Mike.Dougherty and his wife Beth are here is.the CEO of the Naval Academy prep school.Mike savage oh the CEO of the Officer.Training Command commander Dustin smiley.the CEO of the operational support.center here in Newport doctors Kathryn.McGrady and Eric Thompson are here from.the Center for naval analysis mr. head.lazatti is here representing president.Summerson from the Rhode Island School.of Design and I'm sorry that that is.here the vet alena is here from Rhode.Island School of Design and mr. lazatti.here representing Johnson & Wales and.president Rooney and then many members.from the Naval War College Foundation.leaders and trustees know Admiral Hogg.is here ambassador McLennan Steve cider.Admiral Whistler Pappy Van Buren Mr.Bowen mr. Petersen and John Oh.thank you all for being here if I fail.to mention anyone that should have been.mentioned in that list my apologies.please accept those apologies and just.know that we are very very grateful for.your presence today I think it's fair to.say that one of the most significant.lessons that the Naval Special Warfare.community Soph community the Navy has.learned over the last 10 15 years of.conflict is that organizations and.operations they are most effective when.they are fully integrated into a network.a network of support or two to use the.phrase that was coined by general.McChrystal when organizations and.operations are part of a team of teams.and when I think back of the experiences.that I've had here over the last two.years of the Naval War College that's.what it's felt like that we are a part.of a team fully integrated into the.local area the region and into the Navy.and I would offer that the leaders that.have shown up today dedicated their time.is representative of the strength of.those relationships and Jeff I think it.bodes well for the future too so I move.on to my main task right now and that's.to introduce our guest speaker the 31st.Chief of Naval Operations Admiral John.Richardson so the CNO was a 1982.graduate from the u.s. Naval Academy at.a distinguished submarine officer he was.the recipient of the Vice Admiral.Stockdale award the most distinguished.leadership award that we have in the.Navy and he got that for his time in.command of the USS Honolulu and after.Honolulu he continued to serve with.distinction in leadership positions.Commodore of submarine development.squadron 12 commander submarine group 8.commander submarine allied forces south.deputy commander of u.s. 6th fleet chief.of staff of both naval forces Europe and.naval forces Africa commander Naval.Submarine forces and most recently.continued Admiral Leggett Admiral.rickover legacy as director of naval.actors and then in between all of that.and some additional staff times he was.selected and served as the naval aide to.the president got a master's degree in.electrical engineering from this little.university up north called MIT and they.got a master's in national security from.a lesser-known PME institution down.south called the National War College.he's been serving as the 31st CNO since.September of last year and since then he.has been leading our Navy's effort to.confront the challenges that we face.from rising and resurgent state actors.at the same time we're confronting an.increasingly complex and challenging.world and he's doing that with an.absolute focus on warfighting readiness.and our primary responsibility.maintaining maritime superiority so R.honor to have you preside over the.ceremony today ladies and gentlemen the.31st Chief of Naval Operations Admiral.Richardson.Thank You animal how that was a far too.generous introduction but you did read.it exactly as I wrote it so appreciate.that well good morning to everybody what.a wonderful place to be here this.morning thank you all very much for.joining and just to help us celebrate.this absolutely terrific occasion and to.celebrate an outstanding naval officer I.just add my welcome to Admiral house for.all our distinguished guests here today.particularly to our international.partners for being here and as well to.the families of both Admiral Howe and.Hamill Harley you know there's been a.lot of talk in the news lately about you.know presidential succession and finally.here this morning at the Naval War.College we get to understand what all.that talk is about and you know actually.there's only two presidents in the Navy.there's the president here at the Naval.War College and there's the president of.the board of inspection and survey and.so in the spirit of presidential.transition I think we can say a couple.things one we're here to witness what I.hope has been and will continue to be a.peaceful transition of power.and I think we can also be very very.grateful that there was no campaign.period at all and and that the.transition period we call it turnover.was short about two weeks week or so so.so we can all be very grateful for that.but you know even as regret we express.our gratitude that this is much more.straightforward than the other.presidential transition we also know.that there is so much more to this day.that we need to be aware of and if you.think about the significance of the.ceremony today you know what this means.the official part you know which was.outlined for you before the arrival of.the official party that part could be.done in many many ways right I mean.literally we could get animal howl and.Almo Harley together in an office and.they could read their orders say the.words that you'll hear later on today.exchange a salute and it would all be.done and it would be completely official.and it would be legitimate in every way.but that's not what we're doing here.today instead of that we are choosing to.come together in our dress uniforms and.I think that we do this for very good.reasons I'd like to talk about three.solid reasons that we do this in a.public ceremony vice in private first I.would say that we are here to honor the.import and the meaning of the ceremony.itself and in a time where we read so.much about people fleeing accountability.we come together here to witness a.salute and in the exchange of that.salute and a few words so we'll transfer.completely the authority the.accountability and the responsibility of.being the president of the Naval War.College and running this flag stone.institution.one person to another and so we gather.here to witness that transfer secondly.it allows us all to be present here and.to be a witness of this formal passage.of authority and so with that with our.witness in public there can be no doubt.or ambiguity we are here and this.happens in front of our eyes and so just.as Authority and accountability and.responsibility transfer will transfer.soon from a BA how to errol harley so.does our allegiance and our loyalty to.the new boss we will follow him now and.that's the way we do business that's how.our system works and of course the third.reason just as important we're here.today is to celebrate Animal House.absolutely terrific performance as the.president of the Naval War College you.know when we take command in our.business we take full ownership of that.job and we act the best commanders act.to the absolute limits of their.authorities and we welcome scrutiny.we welcome accountability and these have.been features of Admiral house tenure.here as the president of the Naval War.College and these features rank among.the most important attributes of our.Navy team you know it's not lost on me.that we are also here in Newport at the.Naval War College what a distinguished.institution a national treasure and I've.got to say that I am all in addition to.those three very important reasons I am.here just to help celebrate and.recognize the importance of this.institution now the college's principal.job is to educate tomorrow's Navy.leaders and it has never done so better.than it is doing today under the.leadership of Admiral how the students.here build strategic relationships under.the careful guidance and mentor.of the faculty they build those.relationships with people across the.Navy they built those relationships with.leaders across the nation and indeed.across the globe these relationships.these strategic relationships.reverberate across our fleet they make.us a stronger Navy team both today and.into the future.and it's also no coincidence that from.our international community more than.one-third of those officers will make.flag rank in their navies they are here.because they have tremendous talent.tremendous potential and they are.integral to the Naval War College and to.our US Navy's future they help us come.together to bridge across nations and.cultures to build those strong bonds of.trust and confidence that will serve us.in conflict and they provide essential.diversity to our thinking you know the.War College has a rich tradition.tradition of adapting to the demands of.the security environment and it has.never been more dynamic than it is today.and this the ability of the college to.follow along that dynamism has never.been more important and I've spoken here.before and in that in those other talks.I've looked back on the history of the.World College and described it in terms.of three distinct periods each one of.which where the War College was on the.leading edge of Navy reform first there.was its founding period in the 1884 the.second period might be thought of as the.interwar period which was so fundamental.to the development of the war plans that.allowed us to fight and win in world war.ii particularly in the pacific and then.the third phase i would say is the the.period since Admiral Turner Admiral.Stansfield Turner got here and and.reformed the curriculum and as I've said.today I get the serious sense that we.are at the dawn of a.fourth period in the war colleges.history to which the Navy will be.challenged to fight not only powerful.nation states but also terrorists and.transnational forces of violence and not.only in sort of classic conflict but in.many other forms of competition.some of which are violent but are just.below the threshold of we might want to.call classic conflict now for more than.130 years the Naval War College has been.the birthplace the cradle and the home.of naval strategy and it's clear that.that role has been enhanced in the last.two years under Admiral house leadership.and as we head back towards an era of.great power competition the Navy Navy's.maritime strategy will lead the.direction of national strategy and.become even more relevant than it is.today if you can even conceive of that.it seems that none of history's.challenges go away they just simply add.on they layer on complexity and they.layer on demands for our Navy today we.can see this even more clearly no crisis.anymore is a regional conflict.everything is at least trans-regional if.not global similarly there is no such.thing as simply surface warfare or.undersea warfare all of our fights are.multi-dimensional including space and.cyber which are two brand-new dimensions.that the previous generations of War.College teachers and graduates do not.have to wrestle with and I would say.that more than anyone else Admiral Howe.understood and grasped this complexity.he seized it by the horns and has taken.the initiative to lead this great.institution into our future and so that.third reason the reason we're here to.celebrate the command of the absolutely.terrific person a commander a leader and.a vision visionary.and I would say that you know this.challenge would have spooked most people.they would just say hey forget about.this is too complicated I've got to.leave the field and this to someone more.capable Admiral Howe as instead exerted.that calm cool approach that has.characterized his service over the.decades Gardner you face the challenges.of our time the fast balls that that our.world is pitching to you and you led.your team into the breech of course you.kept the institution fair in the channel.on its core missions providing joint.military education master's degrees to.the best officers from across our.military similarly your work making.wargaming more responsive to fleet needs.and accelerating our learning cycle from.game to game was also absolutely crucial.from the expansion of the global war.game series to the permanent.establishment of wargames.conducted at the highest classification.levels to the new virtual community of.practice Gardner you've built the.framework by which we have developed new.operational conflicts to manage this.operational complexity it's now a.absolutely fertile environment for new.ideas but I've got to say that despite.keeping the engines running and that.joint professional military education.solidly on track despite the advances in.wargaming and making them more.responsive and more relevant the thing I.have to confess I am most impressed with.is the work by Gardner and the team to.advance the concepts of leader.development Admiral Howe defined and.instilled in all of us the idea that our.Navy is at the same time both a.profession and an organization and as a.profession we are defined by our values.honor courage and commitment.I've got to confess to you that in an.era of intense competition for people.and for talent we cannot offer in the.Navy.the huge salaries that the private.sector can offer furthermore beyond you.know not being able to meet the salaries.we also ask tremendous sacrifices of.both our sailors and our civilians we.demand a very high level of dedication.and despite these implications pay and.schedule we fill our ranks we meet our.recruiting goals and we meet our.retention goals I've brought the chief.of naval personnel here personally just.to check me on this.am i right Bob all right and so I.believe more than anything else our.success in keeping our ranks manned is.directly related to the value.proposition that we make that we offer.our people the chance to be part of.something bigger than themselves and so.that is why I have nothing but the.highest respect for those who even in.the midst of 10 to 15 years of.continuous conflict even as our people.could make any choice they wanted to in.terms of pursuing a career they choose.to raise their right hand make an oath.to support and defend the Constitution.of the United States at tremendous.personal sacrifice that's because of the.values we share as a profession as an.organization we are defined by our.behaviors how we act each day day in and.day out how we treat one another in a.company and how we make decisions when.nobody is looking and a navy that has.integrity behaves in a manner that is.consistent with their values and this.has been gardeners key message to us he.was his person his in.Louis and his personal inspiration that.were that resulted in the inclusion of.the core attributes of integrity.accountability initiative and toughness.in the design for maintaining maritime.superiority those attributes Gardner.reminded us as we were putting the.document together serve as a litmus test.for our behaviors if we act consistently.with those core attributes we stand a.much better chance of ensuring that our.behavior is consistent with our values.and that is a navy of integrity and.people with talent who are attracted by.our value set they are also smart enough.to detect a say/do mismatch in an.instant and as the best of them will.leave but garner has reminded us how to.keep our behaviors in line to be a navy.of integrity and to retain those special.people this is especially true and I.think most effective in the context of.fleet centered leadership development.the idea of leaders engaging and.building leaders in Ward rooms Chiefs.quarters and ready rooms developing the.next generation of our leaders by.working closely over their shoulder on.the deckplates.across the fleet a persistent focus on.developing both competence and character.a force with clear-eyed stewardship of.the profession of arms all of this.demonstrates that animal Howe has had.his eye exactly on the right ball and.has led his team bringing our Navy's.leaders forward to meet this century's.coming challenges Gardner I could not be.more happy that you were on the job for.the last two years and I know that the.War College is going to miss your energy.but I will tell you it was clear to me.you left it all on the field you.sprinted to the tape and you were.crossing that finish line.with absolutely nothing in reserve you.gave it all here and you didn't do it.alone.you know they say Aaron that behind.every successful naval officer there is.a surprise Fauss you have been the rock.the one who has kept the family ship on.course on speed on track your full.hearted commitment here to the Navy to.our Navy families to the War College.families has shown and everything that.you've done here and I want to thank you.for your dedication and your commitment.to both the War College and to Gardner.it is just as Gardner said we are a team.of teams and we could not do it without.our family team so I think we should all.give Aaron a he drowned.so gardener we're so grateful for your.leadership you and Aaron.but I'd also know you are turning over.the reins to the best possible.replacement in the United States Navy.now Harley comes with tremendous amount.of experience a gigantic intellect and.untapped energy Jeff welcome.congratulations to you and Cindy too.just a super exciting job a job that is.absolutely vital and I know you both.will be terrific so welcome aboard in.conclusion I just want to wish Gardner.you and Aaron the very best I hope that.you get some time this summer to relax a.little bit come off the governor a.little bit play outside with Kela and.Cato.or maybe peel them off the vice.president or his detail who knows what's.gonna happen there on the observatory.I'm told that those dogs also need to.burn off some energy and you've become.quite the amateur racer on one of the.sailboats down at the marina that.reputation is spreading throughout the.Navy like wildfire I hope you'll have.time to practice taking commands instead.of giving them one last time before you.depart I know that you'll be absolutely.terrific at your next position one that.I am really looking forward to tracking.you in and I thank you both for your.dedication here at the Naval War College.in closing I just have one favor to ask.everybody here you know we're going to.of course celebrate this day it's worthy.in every respect of celebration we're.going to go to a reception and we're.going to execute the rest of our day and.and it's gonna come to an end and we're.gonna gonna go to bed and I ask you all.that as you put your heads down tonight.before you go to sleep take a moment to.say a quick prayer for guard.Aaron for Jeff and Cindy that they can.continue on with peace and success that.has brought them to this point and also.keep in mind in your prayers our Navy.our sailors and all our servicemen.deployed at sea around the world thank.you all very much for your time and for.attendance today.god bless the Naval War College our Navy.and our nation thank you.ladies and gentlemen once again the.President of the United States Naval War.College Rear Admiral P Gardner how the.third well good morning again everyone.Admiral Richardson distinguished guests.family friends staff faculty thanks.again for joining us here today.almost all changes of commands I think.have a certain element of bitter.sweetness to them but for Aaron and I.today there's a lot of bitter sweetness.in this ceremony and that's mainly.because of the way that this community.has literally stolen our hearts Newport.in the Naval War College have connected.with us in ways that that were totally.unexpected we right now we do have a.sense of excitement for what might lie.ahead for us.but it's mixed in with a much much.stronger sense of sadness as we get.ready to leave this institution and this.area this is a superb command and I'm.very very proud to be a member.proud aware of the college's legacy.proud of where the college is today and.proud of where the college is going the.importance of education.formal education level education in the.profession of arms the importance is.more clear to me than ever before in my.career.we will not train our way to success in.today's environment nor will we train.our way to be able to meet all of.tomorrow's challenges training is and it.will remain a critical component of.developing leaders and it is absolutely.essential to developing tactical.competencies but training is not enough.we have got to understand how to apply.those competencies within the context of.the.dynamic complex and challenging world.and that requires education only through.focused education are we going to be.able to inculcate the character and the.critical thinking skills that are.necessary to develop those leaders that.are ready to thrive not survive thrive.in chaos and complexity and so to the.Naval War College team to the incredibly.talented faculty and the incredibly.supportive and capable staff thanks for.all of your efforts day in day out to.develop just such leaders leaders that.are strategically minded leaders with.absolute critical thinking skills.leaders that are able to operate.effectively in this increasingly.dangerous world today and are ready for.those challenges tomorrow from.facilities to the deans and everyone in.between your professionalism and your.dedication it has been inspiring and it.has resulted in a real impact on our.Navy it's been an honor to serve with.you that's the president I've enjoyed.every minute of being on this team so as.a CNO said I can think of no other.officer in the United States Navy that.is more excited or more well prepared to.take over the reigns here at the college.than Rear Admiral jeff harley jeff has.had a diverse operational and.intellectual background and experiences.absolutely perfect for guiding an.education institution focused on a.complex world we've been joking around a.little bit recently stating that if it.was up to Jeff and Cindy I think Erin.and I would had to have been out of here.about four or five months ago he is.chomping at the bits to take the reins.here and I know that he's absolutely.ready to go Jeff I wish you and Cindy.the very very best of luck here and I.hope that you guys enjoy this time here.as much as we did before reading the.orders I'd like to express some.appreciation to some of the key folks.that are he.folks that have had an impact on the.college or on my personal and.professional life so you know first I'd.like to thank you and your predecessor.see no greener for extending the trust.and confidence that you did bring a seal.to the Naval War College and gave me the.opportunity to serve as the president of.this institution you're a role model for.me sir you've shown the entire Navy what.right looks like I'll do my best to.continue to live up to that to the.leaders of state regional local.communities and academic institutions.that are here the stellar reputation of.this College across DoD in the joint.force it is doing no small measure to.the incredible Hospital hospitality and.the support of the local constituencies.here thanks for your outreach in support.of the college and our students we are a.team of teams and it makes rhode island.stronger to the Naval War College.foundation thank you for all you do to.support both the legacy and the future.of this institution all year across all.aspects of the campus you provide this.College what we like to refer to as that.margin of excellence we would not be as.successful as we are today if it wasn't.if we didn't have that professional.relationship we do with the foundation.so please pass my thanks to all the.members that aren't here today a quick.shift of some to some families and.friends that are here too my sister Anna.she is a recently retired member of the.senior intelligence service completing a.distinguished career at the CIA so she's.my younger sister but I've spent the.best part of my life trying to to catch.up with her so now that she's retired.but I might have an opportunity to.continue serving I might be able to do.that but since thanks for being here for.your love and support throughout the.years I know that Anna would not have.achieved what she did and nor would I.have achieved what I have been able to.do without the support and upbringing.that I got.my parents for my very very earliest.memories they taught me and my little.brother Warren they taught us to value.honesty and hard work and the importance.of service and they couldn't be with us.here today but I know that they're here.in spirit as they have been absolutely.throughout my life and for that I will.be ever thankful demand uncle Carter and.Margaret were able to drive up from.Florida and more recently from.Connecticut and to the cousin Hoffman's.thank you all for being here today and.Sharon and the sharing in it with a with.Aaron and I commander James Marvin and.his wife Joanna it's great to have that.the unit three team together again.however briefly James I've said it.before but you you you you have shaped.my thinking and my leadership approach.in ways that you don't know I'll forever.be grateful for that and they look once.thank you too for your continued service.to the nation and all that you do in.private sector now and we'll be friends.forever.so about yeah just about 36 years ago in.the summer of 1980 about a thousand.maybe a little bit more than a thousand.young adults reported to Annapolis.Maryland and the and the Naval Academy.and started plebe summer and I spent.that summer in the next four years with.the members of 35th company at the.United States Naval Academy and very.surprisingly but awesome for me for.members of the class of 35 class of 84.35th company ended up being here today.to share today with us so JJ Jordan my.roommate from from that very very first.day in the Navy very first day in the.Navy his wife Jeanette Wade and Townley.are here Chris and his fiance Denise and.bombs bombs of my last roommate my kind.of rugby my rugby brother and probably.one of the more negative impacts on my.life over the course over the course of.but we have served what we survived.great memory and great great great.memories I'm humbled that y'all were all.here and I would just ask everyone.especially the CNO in the reception if.there's any stories coming take them all.with a huge grain of thought from grain.of salt from this group to the to the.local sailing community coastal harbor.Navy Yacht Club Ventus allure a frost.biters and Halsey hair soft.thank you all for for making sailing.such an enjoyable part of Aran and my.experience here in Newport.thank you guys have had a significant.impact on our lives there's been a.little bit of a saline gene that's lying.dormant for so many years but we got.back to the near against it spilt some.Narragansett water on it and it came.alive we look forward to getting back to.these waters someday flying kites maybe.having a cocktail point and hi winning.races with all of you thanks for being.here today and then finally just a.thanks to my best friend and to my soul.mate he so throughout the career and.other jobs before lots of good times.some tough times too but she has been a.steady steady element of support.throughout all of those times and I've.said it before II I'm a better person.and a better officer because of you in.my life thanks for the difficult times.I'm looking forward to that whatever the.future is going to hold for for us and.as a very small token of my appreciation.let me present you with just these.flowers thank you.so chairman Dempsey the former yeah.general Dempsey former chairman of the.Joint Chiefs of Staff so he once.identified leadership the leadership of.the United States military as our.nation's incalculable asymmetric and.competitive advantage over our.adversaries it's a powerful statement.but I think it underscores the absolute.importance of what this institution does.and what it has continued to do over the.course of its 132 year history and great.tradition of educating and developing.that very leadership let me close once.more by just stating how honored and.humbled I am to have been part of that.tradition thank you all again may God.bless you they could not Naval War.College United States Navy and the.United States of America so I will now.read my orders ladies and gentlemen.please rise military guests attention to.orders.CNO order 139 6 when directed by.reporting senior detached in August 2016.from duty as president of the Naval War.College report not later than September.2016 for duty at the Chief of Naval.Operations staff chief of staff hold on.my flag Master Chief.hauled down Rear Admiral house flag.very well a burly flag has been hold.down very well wherever Holly I'm ready.to be relieved.I will now read my orders from the Chief.of Naval Operations to Rear Admiral.Jeffrey a Harley subject CNO order 1 336.when directed detaches the assistant.deputy chief of naval operations for.operations plans and strategy and report.to President of the United States Naval.War College as his relief.chief-of-staff break my flag Master.Chief great career a bro Hartley's flag.very well.Admiral your flag has been broken very.well.ladies and gentlemen please be seated.it is my pleasure to introduce the 56th.President of the United States Naval War.College Rear Admiral Jeffrey a Harley so.you know distinguished guests friends.and family I am thankful for everyone's.presence today at this time-honored.tradition I am grateful to so many I.stand on the shoulders of many of you.here in this audience but I'm especially.grateful to Gardner how for his tireless.leadership and extraordinary.accomplishments during his tenure as the.president of the War College I should of.course mention the extraordinary.contributions of the Naval War College.Foundation to the great success of this.College I'm also very blessed to have my.family here my wife and life navigator.Cindy I love you my daughter who is here.in spirit so she has her dream job and.is designing theme parks at Universal.creative in Florida my Aunt Becky is.here from Georgia with her grandson.midshipman alex parker the future of our.great Navy my brother Charles and Mary.Thomas are here from Georgia.my mom and sister my dad are no longer.here but no doubt watching from the.golden fields of heaven I'm also blessed.by so many friends who are like family.to me.my childhood friend Mike Edwards is here.from Michigan shipmates Bob Vince from.my first.Samuel Eliot Morrison Leo greasily from.USS David R ray.Mary Lou Taylor a friend in her own.right but representing her husband.captain Rob Taylor from USS Cowpens and.USS Samuel Eliot Morrison Kris Munroe is.here from Maine he was on my first.command at USS Milius Admiral Mike man.from deep blue dr. Eric Thompson from.the center for naval analyses joined.here as well by the president of the.Center for naval analysis dr. Kathryn.McGrady bless you for your incredible.contributions to our naval service Teddy.Henderson who is one of the greatest.minds of our time this year worked with.her in US Central Command truly.extraordinary my Mandarin tutor my Lucia.Amy who did her best to teach an old dog.man during this last year-and-a-half.me how Amy how's your boos yet and.depending on the totals I either said.long time no see or the iguanas in my.car I am sadly sure there are other.friends I failed to mention and I ask.your forgiveness as my old I simply fail.me again we're honored by everyone's.presence and any success I have shared.is truly yours bless you all for your.service and sacrifice I am truly humbled.to become the 56th President of the.United States Naval War College and I am.honored to join a great team in this.critical mission to the War College team.I'm delighted to be in the arena with.you to carry on the extraordinary work.and contributions of this unmatched.institution as the CNO said ours is a.complex and dangerous time but as.President Teddy Roosevelt said it is not.the critic who counts not the man who.points out how the strong man stumbles.or where the doer of Deeds could have.done them better the credit belongs to.the man who's actually in the arena.whose face is marred by dust and sweat.and blood who strives valiantly who airs.who comes short again and again because.there is no effort without error and.shortcoming but who does.actually strive to do the deeds who.knows great enthusiasms the great.devotions who spends himself in a worthy.cause Who at the best knows in the end.the triumph of his achievement and who.at the worst if he fails at least fails.while daring greatly so that his place.shall never be with those cold and timid.souls who neither know victory nor.defeat.and so being thankful grateful honored.humbled delight blessed let us dare.greatly together God Bless America and.God bless us everyone.ladies and gentlemen please rise for the.benediction let us pray.Almighty God as we begin this new era of.leadership we ask for your benediction.to rest upon us for continued success in.our mission and safety and all our.operations if you as you have graciously.preserved our nation through the years.and have led us in wondrous ways grant.that we may be worthy of our high.calling make us reverent in the use of.freedom just in the exercise of power.and generous in the protection of those.less fortunate inspire the men and women.who direct our Navy so that they may.guide it wisely and well especially do.we pray for our former commanding.officer as he moves to new.responsibilities and for our new.commanding officer grant them and all.your their duties your help in all their.perplexities your counsel in all danger.your protection in all sorrow your peace.challenge each of us to recommit.ourselves to the high principles of.Honor courage and commitment for whether.it is ours to lead or to follow to end.or to begin we know that you are there.besides us O God and for your faint.faithfulness we give you thanks amen.please remain standing for the departure.of the official party bosun post aside.boys.Naval Operations departing Rear Admiral.United States Navy departing.Naval War College departing.this concludes today's ceremony guests.are cordially invited to attend a.reception in Spruance lobby and Kolbert.plaza thank you.

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Some of the confused FAQs related to the Navpers 1300 25 Form are:

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