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thank you for tuning in and welcome back.to homeownership advice in today's.episode you learned 10 ways to deal with.your aged way my name is Andrew Feeney.please consider me your real estate geek.my contact information is in the show or.description below if you wanted to just.send me a message and say hi or if you.need help finding a great agent where.you live please let me know I'm here to.help if you haven't already done so.please go ahead and subscribe to this.channel now and like this video thank.you so much so let's go ahead and leave.in with 10 ways to deal with your age.way with tip number one the first way to.deal with them is actually knowing your.rules and your bylaws so you know those.little CCR's that you got whenever you.purchase your home yet five days right a.recision to review them agree with them.and move on with the purchase of the.home that you know then the place that.you now call home.so actually knowing your rules and your.bylaws and how how your H wave operates.and what governs are H Way is the first.step whenever you know that then you're.gonna know why what shade of color you.can paint your house what kind of.building materials you can use what kind.of how many rooms you can have in your.house if you can do an add-on or not or.if there's any covenants that regulate.fences so there's those kind of.informations that you need to find out.in your CC and R's and be aware of so.the second thing to dealing with your.HOA is expecting the best from them I.mean HOAs are there to help you in a lot.of cases and that's the whole reason for.it an HOA a homeowner's association is.there to help preserve your property.value by enforcing different kind of.rules and regulations that you agree to.when you purchase your home and those.rules and bylaws and those CCR's that.you got to ensure that there's.continuity in your neighborhood that.somebody doesn't go out there and paint.their house paint or paint their house.purple or pink that paint their house.some ridiculous color that is not.congruent with the rest of the.neighborhood and that they can't just.put up some kind of middle statue in.their front yard all those kind of.things actually start distracting from.the appeal of a community and if it.attracts from the if it detracts from.the appeal of a community then that.hurts your property value whereas most.people would like to move in and know.what they're getting in themselves into.what the rules are expected of them and.being able to move on expect the best.from your each way they're gonna do.their best to help out in the cases that.sometimes you hear of these stories.where HOAs are getting a little bit.frisky they're getting out of line and.then you also do you got to keep out for.those as well at the same time most H.ways are just there the.to do the best that they can to help.preserve your property value and keep.everybody compliant with the rules that.they agreed to before they purchase so.tip number three is actually.communicating with the other members of.your community the other essentially the.constituents of the HOA your fellow.neighbor by doing that you're gonna find.out a lot more information about what is.acceptable what is an acceptable you're.gonna learn some things about the bylaws.the CC and arts that you probably didn't.know or different interpretations that.the board may be taking of those CC NRS.and know your neighbors can be very very.helpful let's say that you committed it.in a fraction that would normally get.fined by the H way and a lot of times.what happens is you know the we have.Rovers that drive around the HOA.complexes depending on what kind of a CH.way you live in you may or may not have.the people that drive the community and.take a look at everything and YH ways.they do and but most of the time what'll.happen is your neighbor might actually.call it in and say hey the house on one.two three Main Street has a commercial.vehicle parked on the street and maybe.there's no commercial vehicles allowed.to park on the street maybe there's no.commercial vehicles allowed even in the.driveway or on the property well that.would be a problem but if you talk to.your neighbors and you get to know them.they may approach you off to the side.and before they contact the H way and.you get a fine they may just say hey you.know what's going on there Andrew I.noticed a commercial vehicle and you.could say hey it was just a workman.there and they were in there for the day.it wasn't like they were gonna be there.forever or you might say hey my friend.owned a food truck or something in the.Hat needed a place to put it for a night.I let them put it out there for the.night or whatever the case may be and.that way you can avoid the fines by just.being neighborly with each other and it.also gives you another friend in your.community which is always cool to have.so the next thing that we're looking at.is getting involved in staying involved.with your H ways so how do you do that.every month or every quarter it's gonna.be every HOA is a little bit different.but they're gonna let you know when.they're holding community meetings.attend the community meetings that.you're able to attend get to know the.players that are on the director get to.know the players in the community that.are always there and get to know what's.really going on with your community but.they're looking at why they're looking.at it and ask them questions so that you.can be more knowledgeable about your.homeowners association and know how best.to deal with them and.so be looking around for different.people that you might want to vote into.the board if you yourself don't run for.the board so the next point is getting a.get approval before you make a change to.your property now that's a big one as.homeowners you know what this is our.kingdom you know we always look at our.homes that's our kingdom.it's our domain we do whatever the heck.we want we pay the mortgage we pay the.bills well in an H way there are things.that need to be approved if you do want.to add additional fences or you do want.to add an addition to your property.there's gonna be things that need to.happen and more than likely in addition.to the HOA approval you're probably.gonna need permits for both the.construction of fences or definitely -.an addition of a property you're gonna.need permits anyways so get everything.approved make sure that it's in.congruence with your HOA make sure it's.congruent with the laws of your city and.county and make sure that you're all all.on board with doing the right thing that.way you don't get hurt and that way that.the HOA is to come back and say well you.didn't get approval for paying your.house that color so we're gonna actually.find you for it every single day until.you paint it to a color that's compliant.with the HOA getting approval up front.it might be sound a little bit tedious.but it's gonna save you a lot of time.and trouble down the road.so the next step that you can do is.actually getting involved with your HOA.by running for the board if you're not.happy with it or maybe you want to be.part of how the rules and regulations.work and you want to be part of the.compliance run for a position on the.board every homeowner that belongs to an.HOA has that right by virtue of being a.homeowner in that community to run for.the board if you want to take a stronger.interest in your community and the.governance of your homeowners.association consider running for the.board they're going to be holding these.board and Board of Directors meetings.and annual elections it depends on the.terms that are prescribed in your CCR's.and bylaws but you could have people.that are getting voted in and out all.the time every year or maybe it's a.two-year position three-year position.whatever the case may be now it is.important to note that in many many many.many cases just because you're on the.board doesn't mean that you're getting.paid so don't look at it as an.opportunity to earn money because you're.not in many many many cases you will not.be getting paid to run for the board or.be on the board it's just simply.something that you're doing to take in.extra interest into community and know.how best to help out and listen to your.neighbors and what's most important to.you what's most important to your.community whether you guys want to.install different features in your.community if things need to be.overhauled like maybe a park that you.guys have any community needs to be you.guys want to make a renovation to it.maybe you guys have a clubhouse maybe.you guys have community benefits like a.gym or something like that and maybe it.needs to be improved or new equipment.purchased and you can have a say in that.and see what's going on the next thing.that you want to do is always to pay.your dues on time if you always pay your.dues on time you'll never have any.issues with the HOA coming after and.trying to find you additional money on.top of your dues because you didn't pay.them and here's where HOAs can be a.little bit scary HOAs can be a little.bit scary because if you don't pay those.dues for a long enough period they.actually have a right to foreclose on.your property and you know as much as I.love homeowners associations it's a.professional real estate agent and as a.homeowner helping to preserve my own.property value as a homeowner and the.continuity the neighborhood and actually.having rules I think are actually a.really wonderful thing I think this part.sucks but if you're not paying your HOA.dues you need to go and approach the.board and explain why you're not paying.your dues explain why and it can't be.something like hey I just don't feel.like doing it but if there's an actual.financial hardship there's an issue with.paying the dues then work with them to.get a variance and take you can get.caught back up on it so they don't.foreclose on your property because there.have been cases and those are those.cases that you hear in the media where.somebody had maybe a home that was three.hundred thousand dollars and it was free.and clear meaning that no money was owed.on it and it got foreclosed on and.auctioned off for thirty five hundred.dollars.I mean that really stinks there's no way.that should ever be allowed to happen in.my opinion and my professional opinion I.just should not be allowed to take.someone's home away from them for thirty.five hundred dollars when the home is.three hundred thousand dollars that's.not cool at the same time a great way.the boy that is simply paying your dues.then you can address the issues that you.have with the board or issues that you.have with your HOA and if it's one of.those situations where it just is too.crazy think it with your other neighbors.and see if they feel like things are.getting a little bit too crazy as well.and you can always sue the aged way.if you need to and we'll get to will.talk about that more here in a couple of.points so the next thing that you want.to do is if your find pay it and accept.it because there's essentially three.things that you can do if you are fine.number one the quickest and easy was one.is simply to pay it and move on and not.do it again the second option is to.request a variance if it was something.that you think should have been allowed.or you were and didn't have a complete.understanding of exactly how they were.enforcing certain CCR's or bylaws and.you just didn't know because your.interpretation was different than their.interpretation which goes back to the.point of getting approval for things and.then go ahead and approach them and ask.them for a variance on that if.expecially if it's like your first.infraction or something and then just.make sure that any questions that you.have when in doubt just simply call the.HOA and ask them the question and that.way you can stay in compliance the third.thing is is if it does get really out of.whack and there is no justification for.what's going on with the fines or.they're getting to be a little bit crazy.with the fines then you might want to.definitely get with your other neighbors.and as a last resort sue them.and see if you went but here's the thing.if you sue the HOA and you lose you.might be actually paying their attorney.fees and the fines plus interest on top.of that and that that wouldn't be cool.either so want to make sure that you're.doing the right thing that you're.following the rules and it shouldn't be.an issue so that brings us up into point.number nine which is actually going into.an abuse of HOA or an unresponsive board.now if that's the case then continue the.paint all your dues on time so that.you're not part of the problem they.don't have anything to come back on you.your defensive position is then.extremely strong in your negotiation.power will be greatly enhanced so if you.have an issue with an abusive or.unresponsive board then you want to put.it in writing you want to document every.time that you call you want to document.and get tracked down all the phone.numbers to the directors of the board.and call them and document and keep a.log of the time such a call which we're.calling about and how long it took them.to respond if they responded at all and.if there's still an issue get with your.neighbors see if they're having the same.kind of issues and actually. and that might be another case.where it might need arbitration or them.to be sued and voted off of the board.keep that in mind that's the quickest.way they make it board change is voting.them out and voting somebody else and.which goes into you maybe you are that.candidate in your homeowners association.that should be on the board or you know.somebody in your community that would be.a great person for your board elect them.get it right and do it together this is.not a monarchy it is actually a.democracy so work together on this the.last point is actually the increasing.rates from time to time HOH will.increase their rates now if you see a.shut-in and the sudden and sharp.increase in the rates of what they're.trying to say hey these are our new age.ways let's say there were 170 dollars a.month and then they jump to like $250 a.month that's a pretty steep job and.that's not normal so you want to know.what happened did they miss manage the.reserves did the current board.mismanagement reserves or are there some.larger maintenance items that weren't.brought up before that are now trying to.be addressed because when a board starts.burning a little on reserves there's.gonna be two things that happen number.one they're gonna be looking to increase.the rate and never achieve they're.probably increase the amount of fines.going on in your community both of those.are pretty lousy excuses for.mismanagement which go back into getting.involved staying involved and becoming.part of the solution not part of the.problem so pay attention to that now if.you have any questions about this video.or you have some tips about how you deal.with each ways put them in the comment.section below.with your tips of what your opinions of.each ways or anything that you've come.across and some of your best practices.for working with the homeowners.association that you reside in now if.you have any questions for me then I'm.gonna go ahead and put my contact.information up if you need to help find.a great real estate agent where you live.or you simply want to say hi drop me a.line I'm always happy to hear from you.if you haven't already done so I'm going.to ask you to three things number one.please subscribe to this channel number.two please like this video and number.three please share this video around.with somebody you know it's gonna be.able to help thank you for being here.today in between now and next time I.wish.you and yours a lifetime full of love.well abundance and happiness thank you.for watching.[Music].[Music].[Applause].

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