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okay.[Music].there's two main issues one was a.professional issue and that is whether.the contract terminated by its own terms.on either are very close to a will set.and that issue is if it did the next.session next issue comes when the court.is correct ability as a matter of law.based upon its own minds fact that.reasonable diligent efforts were not.undertaken to pure title between.contract and the date it was over a rug.to the court that you can't reach that.issue all ages go forward you face a lot.of Court's own findings effect on the.other hand if the or will slope even.deeper usually the absolute the record.is I think that the course mind was that.could in fact be disturbed but I don't.think meet together say that again so.for me I'm sorry but yeah I think that.we can look to novo and make findings.back based on the record.of application let me restate that.that's of course so the issue of whether.reasonable diligent efforts were.undertaken the case law says quote that.it's nearly always in this question of.law marked and I'm arguing to the court.that based upon of course own findings.as a matter of law that the trial would.miss apply the standard set forth by.this accurate court in the event that.the court wants to go into the actual.factual record I would argue that.there's an even greater basis frankly to.disturb the correspondence as it was no.confidence substantial evidence upon.which the court relied if in fact this.court reached the conclusion which i.think is the right conclusion that at.some point my clients obligations.terminated I don't think he needed to.get there well and the threshold.question is whether or not this inspired.by myself which is a question implies.contractual interpretation so on that.threshold issue one real couple points.this particular contract which is the.same contract that this court looked at.ideas that said that you know this is.the Florida Bar contract it's a wealth.of years and years and years of the.agent trying to avoid this stuff there's.some very important contractual clauses.in this contract that should control.that I think the trial court overlooked.number one there is a set April closing.number to time is of the essence on that.issue on closing number two the waiver.of anything else doesn't waive another.provision of the contract so for example.the court found that my client waived.the right to complain about timely lack.kindly financing and I'm going to this.court that that doesn't mean that in.between the times of the essence clause.which has to do with closes and that's.plain unambiguous contractual language.there is also a very important I think.that this contract cannot be modified.unless it's in write any sign of book.parts and let's talk.cassette tape closing the set date for.the closing to close within 60 days.would have been March 31 the 31st March.6 which is before the closing date the.deadline for the closing date you have.any attorney mr. McGarry contract.contact mr. Lippman mr. Vito's turning.to notifying him of his title defect at.that point obviously we're not going to.go forward with a closing once the.seller is saying hey listen we can't.close because bankruptcy and we can't do.anything okay and I think this court.said if you look at a strict beginning.that it didn't turn it and I'm saying if.you really want the discrete reading.that the appellees never triggered that.3,200 hello.the appellee didn't because at this.point the seller has essentially and we.have the defect we can't go forward.we're trying to resolve this defect so.nobody if you were look at anybody.triggering the Cure period it would have.been the seller I believe the trial.court gave me this work and reason I'm.reading is because I said okay I'm.looking at this of the trial court is it.what's the purpose of this contract is.to transfer peace the problem and to.stand on ceremony on March 6 when.everybody had knowledge of this defect.that's not standing on ceremony.you have the seller still want to.allegedly sell.properties say listen we have a problem.we're gonna try resolving so now you.have the buyer who's still interested in.buying the property it's depending on.the sellers horizon result the defect.which is why I believe that the proper.and proceeding for girls of Appeal I.think that it is proper not to disturb.the courts finding that on March 6 this.pure period is 30 days your period with.a trigger which is why it's important to.know how that trick got triggered by.this tell me why and here's one of the.records again I'm happy with look the.record testimony from so is counsel.which testify said I happened to seal.this from the other side I an absolute.duty right so what happens at that point.in time and I can see if anything right.and I am you seeing that at that point.in time this 30-day pure period was.triggered because that's the only time.it could have been triggered and if you.look at the contractual scheme will set.and in other words know the court found.that will not see you've served it is.that on march days because they had.knowledge the court routine to the pure.pure to the game on that day and that's.what pushed the outside closing date for.March 31st to equal 7 now on April 7th.in the event that title is not.marketable by that time the buyer.appellee here at some options one of.those are me the option of aloneness.walk array option number two is closing.the title defect option number three an.absolute right within five days of April.7th to demand that closing in be.standing for up to 120 days or at which.point my clients all issues would have.continued wait not the emails in the.record like appendix 98.where they're back before should we.extend the closing or do you want to see.David this is prime minister veneering.David in regards to 2016 1 in 2603 we.want to extend the closing date or you.want to see a fireable walk away and.then the next email response after that.same day I think we should extend so.here here's and I know why the court in.court at Matalan thought there was there.was further testimony that that was.internal discussion that they ultimately.opted not to do that whether the court.trusted that or not as being true is not.an issue before this Court.why there is ZERO testimony by any party.to talk about that the father knew that.that was something that these sellers.had considered so the question because.but what operation of law is can by.contractors no evidence to support any.travel extension beyond their asset but.what operation of law can defy her rely.on to say well it was extended further.the court fell apart ease and considered.that mr. Littman also contacted mr..pedido was the bankruptcy attorney for.Cooper and Ramos and is asking about.what's happening with the bankruptcy.case and pinkie toe is is responding.although looks kind of improperly.because it's a representing period that.Imperial.let's say that herbicide they're in.communication and he's telling the buyer.yes there's no going for fitness if you.send us the contract you know we need.the contract extends in the contract.doesn't this at least lull the buyer.into believing that the seller is still.trying to cheer the heat back and close.on this beat the answer to the to the.quarterbacks question is yes but it.doesn't matter why in critical point in.time is he able to set what did my.clients do to lull the Bible into not.extending the contract on April 7th they.had every opportunity to abide by the.contract and he did not there was.nothing you know nothing in the record.that would support in accordance with.the law I saw that on or before April.7th my clients if anything at all to one.application of estoppel to prevent my.clients from planning of the contract.had terminated on April 1st there was an.email sent by buyers counselors not.demanding as was his right to who's.staying for her plaintiffs simply.inquiring hey do you guys understand the.contract and I understand why he did.that because it's in fact you want to.get a deal done you say hey listen.listen to a bit of modification as.required by the contract and he'll push.it off until sometime he didn't do that.actually April 1st April 7 the body or.appellee here received Europe.communications back in the slots of a.degree so what should the body effect on.the partnership exercises an alien or.the contractors and for other twenties.and he did so on April 7 not consist.posit return but asking that the.contract be canceled it is operating.under the supposition that this contract.is still in force and the buyer is.attempting to cure the defect so isn't.this provision you're relying on it was.the case law say that the provision of.relying on its provisions that were to.protect the one at one provision was to.protect the buyer one provisions protect.the seller it's usually the reverse it's.usually the buyer who discovers the.defect and it's the putting the Celeron.noticed your this defect or walking away.in a more positive this is the flip we.have the seller group is now telling.buyer about the defect and therefore.doesn't case law firm on purpose that.and cases that discuss those provisions.specifically say that you know it can't.be the seller has a defect or the trial.court finds deeming a diligent effort to.cure they can't then stand up and say.you can't sue Minter specifically the.answer's no and there's two reasons why.the answer's no the first fusion is.clearly contracted he played lanes of.this contract which by the way did you.go back on the DEA's holding this is.confident this provision of not to the.top court clearly came out of Buscemi's.no doubt about the contract flat out.sighs on Hindi through his language that.after the 30-day period I'm talking.October 7 if if ebuy if the seller is.unable to produce marketable title.through reasonable diligence then then.the buyer is deemed to accept title as a.traveler theorem that the seller did not.exercise.relatives in trying to clear that's.right the topic or did anything but how.if he gets that point if you look at the.findings of fact upon which support made.that legal conclusion there are only.three things that occurred before a.table set in his finding paragraphs I'm.sorry.no I guess if I think I believe this on.page and I'm sorry but the court look at.the totality of the circumstances and I.will concede the court that after April.seventh that there's a lot of facts that.the court that this Court would not.disturb however prior to able set prior.to the expiration of this contract and.the expiration of my clients obligations.because because the buyer did not.exercise its right to extend and is.deemed under the contract of a true.Shepard's wait a second was deemed under.the contract to take title as is the.only things upon which the court could.every lie to make a finding within that.time period to that there was no.reasonable diligent effort is that the.Court did not I'm sorry that my clients.did not seek declaratory judgment on.behalf of the absolute liar to the in.filed a motion to dismiss on an.expedited basis and that the hearings.were continued it was times the problem.would that even though the courts in.embassy actually they could carve out.except there was no that cleared the.title of this property and they couldn't.close here's the problem here's what I.think the court was wrong in it.this court in 1983 in Blackmon versus.Hill say that if you are trying to prove.that reasonable toshi efforts will not.undertaking because there are other.alternatives and those alternatives.usual and certain well I think reason.would certainly at the millers judge.says if you submit this to me i'ma.granted when the judge says that two and.a half months after the contract expire.it is a stretch to know number one we.could judge a drink granted that at that.time because it didn't matter.he was here's why he does it then my.clients have their own inherent life.through this property as the east except.that we entered into this contract.during the term of that contract they.have obligations they have obligation to.supersede doing what they want to do the.problem is that unequal Senate because.the appellee did not exercise his rights.to extend my clients can alienate their.property however they see fit and that's.the problem they work there's zero.evidence before the trial about oh that.these alternative means no even.attempted to do and there's the record.seems to suggest those reasons for that.no there's reason after the fact that's.another problem the problem this entire.fight isn't that this property was.foreclosed they were trying to raise.money in order to protect against the.foreclosure foreclosure sale gets.rescheduled because now the deposit of.one hundred and seventy thousand dollars.now would satisfy what the bank was.looking for national service facility so.that gets kicked down the road because.of the deposit on these two units then.you know it goes to the bankruptcy under.very suspicious terms because the entity.that is file the bankruptcy proceeding.is not the entity that has an interest.in this property anymore so the sort of.founder report found a suspect also so.you have all that going on and so the.court is looking at you know what was.the real purpose what's really going on.here are they using the money of this.deposit in order to stall this down so.that they then can wait until this.property appreciate it sell it to.somebody for a much higher number while.keeping you know mr. Vito for dr. video.dangling you know thinking that he's.going to close on these properties and.then we're gonna sell it to somebody.else well okay to say no claim there.wasn't a for product support ever never.entered a judgment for fraud and I don't.know why I didn't do that I can only.presume because makes a fine II made.diligent efforts that doesn't some of.that go into that consideration it.doesn't it doesn't under blackness and.yet what under of all of you it doesn't.the fact of the matter is that the judge.because the judge.overlooked these deplane contractual.language and it terminates at its own.terms when the judge was determining in.toto conduct to determine whether there.were reasons of ever survived the mnsure.the overwhelming majority of the acts.are taking our after my client student.between the.so it's all my fly under the Testament I.recall correctly the testimony from.counsel was actually point to upon our.appendix beginning at the beach it's on.the picnics apple appellant appendix at.8:09 which were the couple they came on.a line of questioning the sellers.counsel when asked well why didn't you.respond his response was I do not have.to quote I did not have to take the.obligation for him to communicate what.you should know herself in slice if.there's a period of time those are the.essence of this contract and the.expiration of that time that game is.over I don't have to call a tow people.over at the fourth quarter.did you know seconds left on the clock.by the way the game's over because.that's what the document says and that.also moves to whether or not the court.is correct as a matter of law in.applying the Samba the long on estoppel.is if you're going to see to stop by.silence which is what happened here.there has to be some unequal position of.the parties what what was what's the.only thing that they can art the only.thing that they can argue as to why the.appellee do not exercise his rights to.extend this contract for one between.days is that the silence of the.appellant transactional attorney in the.face of an inquiry asking whether they.want to extend the whether the sellers.will extend the contract.load them into not exercising their.rights the problem is and both by our.son represented by counsel.well buyer seller had the same contract.and put buyer seller absolutely knew.what the rights and obligations of both.parties were and simple fact is.unrefuted.that buyer did not exercise his rights.period so under a metal wall you can.never return on Gucci purses like.the morning your honors and may it.please the court.I'm David day and I represent dr..clothing you know who is the appellee.and the judgement holder and annoying.trial litigation respectfully this Court.should affirm the trial court because.the trial court's findings that the any.failed huge reasonable diligent efforts.in good faith whether that was during.the time that they admit they were.required to use those good faith.reasonable diligent efforts or after.that with the trial court having found.that their argument with respect to the.termination of the contract was was.faulty is based on 12 pages of findings.of fact in the judgment and not in.gauges of analysis of those additional.facts those factual findings indicate.there are a number of reasons the trial.court found the DNA didn't use.reasonable diligent efforts in good.faith the clear title any one of those.reasons all of which independently.support the trial court's findings this.addition to uphold the judgment now as.an initial matter counsel this morning.has said that the finding for the fact.that you'd served by this Court.then he if I heard correctly later said.that court need not certain findings of.the trial court regardless there's no.ability respectfully for the court to.serve trial court's findings one because.the findings backed into because the.opponent clearly states in their initial.brief in at least two places that they.expressly are not challenging a single.factual finding by the trial court they.expressly stated on page 13 appellant.here seeks only review of the trial of.course legal conclusions based on his.finding effect must must either extend.period if a seller from the beginning.hasn't used militant efforts to cure you.no your honor because the expiration the.buyer does not have to do anything the.buyer can just super specific wants.correct your honor and that's because.their contractual language the specific.language of the contract on which they.knew we want to apply strict reading.with respect to certain parts of it but.not all of it the language of the.contract paragraph 18 says it's upon the.expiration of those reasonable diligence.efforts undertaken in good faith then.the contract can then terminate which.also has the decision precedent being.that the money is returned from escrow.to the buyer and therefore the parties.would be relieved further on that.there's one breach at once there's a.breach prior to the termination date.then all bets are off that specific.performance of available courage are and.their argument literally taken to it.then makes no sense what they would seek.to have this court believe is that if a.party as a seller is not using.reasonable village efforts and either.that comes to the knowledge or belief of.the buyer at any point during the Cure.period however it's opposed and there's.no question here that there was a cure.they admit they admit that they told my.client through his attorney hey there's.this issue we're not sure about what it.actually means what we're working on.we're going to get a result that story.never changed the first time that story.changed is when I on the half of the.doctor veto sent a demand and here later.for them to close under the contract.you know the struggle offer to preserve.a claim the specific performance do you.have to give earlier notice there was a.failure to ill recently cured your honor.I don't believe you do because the flora.rules over shooter specifically provide.that sexual addition for commencing at a.specific performance complains a year it.doesn't have a carve-out or a caveat it.has to do what if trying to enforce real.estate outside mean that would be laches.or failure be latches are some some.argument that was not cut away radius.library that's at any point so what they.want to have you believe is that once.they fail to use reasonable diligent.efforts and trough more clearly found.that they did at that point doctor video.was actually stripped of his writing to.see to specifically perform under the.contract that some of the contract.provides to contract provides a very.limited carve out which sets it as the.seller you're notified by buyer of a.defect the buyer has the ability to tell.you you've got to go fix it you have a.period of time in which to do it.and if you fail if you fail despite the.use of reasonable diligent efforts.efforts plural at that point then the.buyer has a certain number of rights he.can either extend the contract further.to give you more time if you say hey.give me more time I'm working with.so-and-so through the mortgage I just.need another week fine but if at any.point if at any point the buyer says I.don't think selling your music using.reasonable diligent efforts they're not.required to suit that day or the.following day or before any period in.the contract in the year of those that.you wish to see specifically perform of.the contract and actually they sent a.notice in June so it's here they.recently that was metal urgently trying.to English that this is a great honor.and I didn't want to clarify one thing.for the record the council has said on.behalf of.that there were no a Steven between when.they claimed this is I think an.important point they claimed a trial by.the way to the contract somebody now.actually first their argument for that.was well because that's CPAs for closing.from one of the contract is signed with.March 31st they taking various positions.throughout this litigation various.positions as the one the contracts were.made in fact the parties at deposition.and this is part of the record record of.judgment could not identify the year.level of a month in which they alleged.the contract so they know that is on we.know at least by able the first it.hadn't terminated because they have.responded internally but not your client.that they think they should extend and.so they're operating under the.supposition of the contract still in the.floor enforce but I would agree with the.appellant that after that period of time.there's no real evidence that they.believe this contract is still ongoing.because they are refusing to respond to.any of your enquiries about what's going.on here is not just to refuse will.respond.they claim that silence can black.we.assets on the part of Tsavo.but it's not just science the the.defendants here dna'd appellant was.represented not only by mr. jyarei but.also by mr. Pandya that you referred to.earlier shank or say he was representing.Imperial and they'll confirm different.if they got you snow he was he was mr..bindiya was hired by the principles of.DNA not impure things to the principles.DNA are also principles of interior but.they would Cooper and Eric ramos along.with ended Cooper's wife character.Berkshire makerspaces Mel Cooper there.was two bankruptcy cases yeah you're.right.question two my understanding that the.hero was hired and was representing.Imperial and Melchor that's not right no.so what happened is Imperial filed for.bankruptcy by metal Cooper who's the.suit me David Cooper's father and the.other member of that entity along with a.file you can't put a smear on bankruptcy.and there was some argument about that.at the same time no Cooper personally.filed for bankruptcy.so before by the way didi notified my.client through counsel by the defect.they filed a motion to dismiss in the.bankruptcy case that case that motion.dismiss that's where mr. vendido comes.in he was their bankruptcy lawyer he was.not hired by the enemy but the.principles would be to seek to dismiss.the bankruptcy case not on behalf of.Imperial typically you would have them.hire a lawyer on behalf of Imperial they.were if they were claiming as they did.the motion to dismiss hey you remember.of the ending you didn't have the.authority to put us in bankruptcy that's.not what they did.the motion dismiss clearly states it's.been filed on behalf of the individual.defendants the beginning David Cooper.and Ramos life were the principles of E.as opposed to Mel Cooper airframe us and.they could be principles of Imperial and.I see them is just.these are what Imperial is finally for.this bankruptcy spider you know I may.have them now Cooper not gonna have a TV.that's great.so what happened is all of these are so.common units in town they basically.metal Cooper a David Cooper and some.other business associates bought open.pre destruction so this is going back in.15 years within a couple years one of.the business members would also have any.plugins and at eight minutes and then.eventually David Cooper and his father.Mel Cooper get into a fight and so they.split up they eat units they were.holding the DNA took for now Cooper then.claimed in 2011 by the way you couldn't.take those units from the period less a.fraudulent transfer and he violation in.miami-dade Circuit Court a claim that.was approached during the bankruptcy.Imperial amel Gruber have no interest in.those two minutes.well he claims that he does and that's.the entire thing that creates entitled.the effect in this case in life as why.we're here is because when he filed the.Imperial case one of the things he said.the schedule's that they own his real.property were these two units so that's.what created the penalty affect this he.said not the same the fact by the way.the he oughta have been material it soon.D any and mr. Cooper and mr. Ramos David.Cooper hair promos in my in a circuit.court exerting the exact same claims.that the universe were fraudulently.transferred from an imperial to Tianjin.else whether that was the case was.dismissed with prejudice.with prejudice then when the units that.were still subject to a pending.foreclosure sale will be set the.foreclosure.inexplicably Imperial filed the exact.same cause of action with a different.attorneys from claim was almost.identical and the defendants deity and.mr. Cooper mr. almost didn't run.accordance equipment this same complete.the sing-off caused by darkness mr..president she came to me again and more.notably they didn't present that.document to mr. vendido their bankruptcy.lawyer nor to the bankruptcy court to.say we got a silver bullet he can't now.clean.nursey that they have interest in these.units because this is already been.adjudicated this is race to develop they.never raised that argument so clearly.going back to where us sort of started a.few minutes ago to say it wasn't just.silence from which of stavros here.it was affirmative acts that were taken.by deities lawyers first and this is in.the record from trial mr. Littman when.asked about that April 1st email that he.sent you want us in the closing when.asked because there was no record that.mr. T here I actually responded to the.email or right did he ever get back to.you did he ever indicate to you that the.sellers want to extend he said yes ok.that's it fellas appendix page 203 and.mr. jr. a testified and this is an.appellant appendix 1202 to 1203 he said.I suggested this is him talking mr. bjur.about talking to mr. Lippman I suggest.didn't end that they could close.whatever time they want obviously that's.not true they submitted that that was a.case but he goes on to say my.understanding was that there was an.issue raised in the title by the title.company with respect to a cloud on title.so I told him we were communicating with.the trustee is Zeid if we could get the.trustee delayed or release any claim.against the property which would allow.him to close so you have Viennese lawyer.telling dr. Vito's lawyer we're going to.work on it we're going to work on that.story never changed so regardless of.whether or not you want to apply the the.law and the facts and the result being.that they'll all dr. gido.into simply not formally by some.deadline that they can even still to.this day is that was one that was before.I think represented that they're working.on it in this regard that's when the.lawyer mr. Lee.and calls the bankruptcy lawyer to find.out that's it what's happening here mr..Lippman who's been doing this for 35.years yes the notion this is his.testimony that something's not right.here mr. bjur he's not responding to him.he's I had the attraction this hearing.by the way that we've heard about that.but the representation is hang by the.way this bankruptcy thing came up we're.going to take care of it it's set for.hearing on March 28 okay lunch is.happening on it because the judges.already said tell me what property you.want to take out of this and I'll do a.stay order on that property so that's.that's happening he then calls and you.know find out what's going on and do.suspended contract so yes absolutely and.the new doesn't just say nothing in.response to what's going on he actually.furtively in those emails tells both dr..Vito's lawyer and the lawyer for another.and he was trying to buy another unit.found blue Ford am important no he.eventually questions internally whether.or not contracts local forceful but in.June he says her July blue this he says.to mr. Lippman I've spoken to the.trustee and they're definitely willing.to consider the sales property to go.forward.that's not silence that's affirmative.acts and our new room universe.affirmative acts that were taken on.behalf of being to tell doctor because.counsel didn't represent me he.absolutely did their position your.honors I'm sorry to eject them but they.absolutely made the argument all.throughout this trial the rector's.replete with allegations from them that.mr. Mejia was there water the et's.lawyer they said that the reason why the.retention didn't showed me because we.made an issue of that we say well if you.look at the bankruptcy docket there's no.single filing in the case would be any.why didn't he do anything and they said.well they did do something.the any filed a motion to dismiss.no no it didn't to his principles filed.a motion to dismiss maybe they were.acting on behalf of their interest.material maybe they were acting on.behalf of all their business interests.that they have but they surely didn't.anywhere in that motion say anything.about two units Fountainbleu or trying.to get the release of the bankruptcy.they didn't say anything about the fact.that they'd already got the adjudication.of the merits of the fraudulent transfer.action tried previously in the 2012.dismissal with prejudice miami-dade.state court they certainly didn't say oh.by the way these cases are pending.foreclosure and Miami and they didn't.say by the way we're putting against.this notion the reason they got tied up.in the back adjacent begin with is the.allegation on behalf of Mel Cooper.wearing his Imperial had that those four.years who put into Shakira were.fraudulent transfer from Imperial to DNA.in order to breakup between David his.father subsequent to that.kérékou / who was the managing member of.Imperial got together with David Cooper.and Erik Ramos in 2013 and ratified the.prior on behalf of Imperial lab this is.an action exhibit well but they ratified.the transfer and the reason why has.materials there's another piece of paper.that Danny could have taken it to the.bankruptcy court presented to its.bankruptcy lawyer and said here's proof.that Imperial doesn't have interest in.these units that's all they would have.had to have done in the Bankruptcy Court.you know you have to assume what the.Bankruptcy Court would or wouldn't them.because there's a trial court found the.best indication of what the trial.proceeding the vacancy court would have.done is what judge says should we do and.that's what I'm having the benefit of.any of the documents them talking about.without the benefit of.any of that factual background she said.you filed a really pushy and I quote I.will bring that's exactly what the title.company said was required here to allow.704 and mr. Littman sends that a.document the title report the second.thought for since the first time by the.way the title action comes up he says I.just finished that one he sends it.to lemon and he not only sends it to him.but he actually cousin patient says here.article title requires one of the sale.early that was two weeks after mr..Medina what the court have heard.bankruptcy just say or you say early he.says nothing he says not any thank you.put it in your honor because the trial.court's extensive findings back muscles.are supportive of ugly had not been.questioned here and cannot be called.into doubt are based on substantial.ebbets and evening there's no more.offensive the contrary this body should.give health in their entirety because.the travelers conclusions of law are.consistent with applicable law and.support the result of shock or reach.this course.Oh get off me you've forgotten the very.basic personal I think that talk or.provide a very basic personal specific.component simply meant and under three.versus three which is a two thousand six.fifty see a case obsessive Cooper CCAP.three versus four excited in the I.believe reply brief where the court is.there believe we want to believe relief.requested in a super specific.performance may be granted it is first.established that the contract is valid.and enforceable and I think the.developer forgot that I'm asking that.this court to hold that because you.can't get the equitable relief unless.you prove a breach as a matter of law.and I do not think that they did that.here is why if you listen to opposing.counsels argument when in response to.believe you've not read your question.which was well I'm sorry it's their.fault and if they kind of today on that.and the question was well if they're.never exhibiting good faith or.reasonable diligence and it what happens.in and it to follow the appellants logic.the answer to that question really is.well the contract goes on in perpetuity.until they get it right that's how the.contract says and your honor Salter.brought that point up if there's a.breach is breach and what the trial.court found because the trial court.overlooked the fact is a server.performance is simply many if you look.at holistically over everything and I'm.saying under the law pure contract law.you cannot do that you cannot do that.because these two parties and remove a.contract that says with a very specific.scheme as to what happens in the event.that at a certain point in time via.March 31st or April 7th that music will.us are that clean title can be provided.either the extent 428 you take it as is.as the plaintiff the kucik case did or.you walk lane and we're money back by.our hair didn't do anything so he only.way that they could actually prevail is.if he was going to take title as is when.she testified without it has got an.issue here or my clients breach while.the contract was enforced while the.contract was enforced based upon the.trial course by he's affected and I.understand that the trial court may have.hints from himself because he looked at.it as being a contract essentially in.perpetuity but if you look at what could.have been done this is where the Gulf.you case comes into play mister mister.Jason court all they could have done was.present his paper the court well there's.a lot of evidence to show that not only.would that have been sufficient more.importantly well then again sufficient.to resolve the title issues prior to the.date of this part this is a comforter.term advisedly terms golf you which can.have this workplace the important rule.as it did before TCA cases the court DCP.said it simple act of seeking an appeal.there was a close call that was.sufficient with everything that he.afterwards brought us backward into the.world was this reasonable big.distinction in golf I've seen that's the.point and and what the 40ca out there.it's important to know that golf game.there's no time of the essence clauses.no deadline notices has to be done but.but before TCA is preventive with wasn't.the council saying well this won't work.they had actual evidence that the buyer.got three different options that could.have timely resolved the issue that the.seller just refused to do it was no.similar evidence before the court here.and the evidence upon which the trial.court found a lack of reasonable.diligence prior to a see some time off.and it can't be 2:30 it cannot be.silenced really is between April 1st and.April 7 your honor asked Robert us.missing.we yes what was it that would have woven.into not exaggeration as far as the.destiny of your honor is coming for and.every single every single answer that.goes in Council Jay Z saying that there.were further that's they either all.occurred after 807 or with what we're.working on it there's no indication at.all the record of when that was and.surely between April 6th and but we're.supposed to be do converse create their.creative communications that most.important work but and our position is.we were working on so I thought that's.what once we first go to jet.

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