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good morning ladies and gentlemen and.I'd like to welcome you to smoke bound.London today.my name is Keith - I'm a quality.Assessor at the MHRA in the UK I'm also.the quality working party delegate for.the UK and chair of the EU process.analytical Technology Group.I've pleasure in welcoming you to the.EMA for this workshop entitled focus on.quality for medicines containing.chemical entities the first TM a.workshop on SME office was took place in.2008 and we provided an overview of data.requirements for authorizations of new.chemical entities and biologicals at the.time highlighting key success factors.and practical advice from an EU.Assessors perspective since then there.are obviously been a lot of developments.in the quality area also the number of.SME companies have increased.significantly and now there are over.1,000 with sort of registered with a.majority of them developing marketing.chemical entities.it's very therefore very timely to.revisit the topic on quality but today's.focus is only going to be on quality and.chemical entities so we're not going to.be covering the biological aspects of of.marketing authorization the email self.is as you're aware committed to offering.regulatory support to SME companies.through its dedicated team within the.SME office the ultimate aim is to.promote innovation and the development.of new medicines to complement what you.hear today the AMA provides quarterly.news bulletins to raise SME awareness of.new policies guidance and events today.we have 114 SME representatives or.stakeholder organizations linked to SME.companies attending in persons and also.the meeting is being broadcast via.webcast and there.as we know 86 SME representatives also.joining via virtually via the webcast.those joining by the webcast can only.listen and watch the but they will not.be able to sort of ask questions so they.any questions will be limited to the to.the audience here today the content of.the workshop itself is going to be.presented by quality working party.members and Emes staff involved directly.in quality working party activities in.addition some of the sessions will be.moderated by representatives from SME.companies themselves we also welcome a.representative from the European.Directorate for quality of Medicine zgq.M who will update you on he D crime.activities in terms of the pharmacopoeia.and also this certification process so.that's the sort of the introduction if I.can have the first set of slides please.just to put the meeting into context.really the experience with enemies in.the chemical entities field is now sort.of growing this is a situation as of.March this year there are over eleven.hundred companies assigned SME status.currently 50% of active SMEs are.developing marketing medicines.containing chemical entities so the fact.that they are marketing does indicate.that there has been success in this in.this area the products concerned cover.both human used the majority for human.use but also veterinary use as well and.one of the presentations today will.actually focus in on on the veterinary.aspects the six percent to human and vet.and two percent involved service.providers distributors as well from.across the EU 20 percent to UK where.these companies are based is 20 percent.of based in the UK 10 percent in Germany.9% in in France in terms of the.breakdown of the SME companies 43%.classified as micro 38% is small and 19%.as medium so in terms of the where.companies are the the pie chart on the.on the right of the slide illustrates.where companies are in terms of their.progress with development of both.product so that I think just sets the.scene for for s DME companies it's.obviously a an active area and hopefully.during the presentations today we'll be.able to cover a lot of the aspects that.you are interested in and I would.encourage you to be interactive and ask.questions in terms of the presentations.the sessions themselves we've actually.split the presentations and I'll come on.to that moment into in terms of the.forgot this like in in terms of the.marketing authorization applications.which we have seen the majority have.actually involved biological entities.quarter involved chemical entities I'm.the split of the sort of the decisions.related to these applications for the.biologic is the ten four positive six.negative and on the chemical side we.received twenty nine applications twenty.were positive and night nine were.negative and we're going to the sort of.detail of the objections of the reasons.behind some of those rejections.throughout the presentation so I move.now on to the actual first session and.the first session is split into three.sections I'll be giving a presentation.on the overview of applications toner I.got a cast roster will be giving a.presentation on investigation medicinal.product developments and Patrick.Costello will give a presentation some.cheap GMP issues for startups then we.have three other sessions after that.throughout the day and we'll we'll sort.of introduce those as as we move along.so if I can have my presentation please.okay the my presentation is going to be.an overview of applications for.marketing authorizations and recent.experience the outline of my.presentation I'm being focusing.obviously on the quality the structure.of the quality information the content.in terms of the common technical.document is CTD I will highlight sort of.key requirements you need to be aware of.and also direct you to available.guidance in you need to be sort of aware.of and obviously take into consideration.when presenting or preparing a marketing.authorization application.I think BAE you probably will be most.interested in will be recent experience.with with Hema submissions from SME.companies and particularly in the.quality of what sort of objections were.raised in the assessment process itself.so in terms of quality the content of a.marketing authorization dossier this is.sort of dictated sort of a different.hierarchy really you have the basic.legislation in Europe the directives and.the regulations the European Commission.has gotten on notice to applicants.volume 2 B which concerns the.presentation and content of the dossier.we have the European pharmacopoeia in.place and as I said early you will hear.more about the sort of the content of.pharmacopoeias as part of another.presentation there are various.guidelines available sort of things we.have been developed on a global basis.the ICS Gaiden and in addition to.supplement these there are also some.regional specific guidance available and.as far as Europe is concerned we do.publish question and answers or other.formats of advices regarding submissions.so just to remind you in terms of the.structure of the dossier and.particularly the quality area you've got.this sort of the common CTD triangle.obviously the quality area the key.elements here are the quality overall.summary and the module 3 part of the of.the dossier but we mustn't forget that.the quality consideration does also.impact the regional information in terms.of the product information so there is a.direct link from the quality to the.product information so the regional.information as well in terms of the.breakdown of the quality part of the.dossier well we have IC H M for q1 this.is a obviously nice eh document and it's.standardized format for presenting.marketing authorization module one is.product information I've highlighted.here quality overall summary because.this is a key very important document in.terms of marketing authorization.submissions it obviously is the.company's review of the package of.overall package of information module 3.information and it's important that that.is sort of presented in a in a in a good.and sort of critical way really in terms.of how you actually approach the.development of the product the under.this was a key thing to point note there.as well is that the content of the.quality overall so we can only be drawn.from the content of module 3 so you.shouldn't put anything in the quality.overall summary that isn't in in module.3 itself so that's that's important to.note in terms of the other structures I.won't go into those are just so as I go.through the I just highlight some.important aspects so in terms of the.manufacture of the product obviously the.description of the manufacturing process.the controls of materials and controls.of critical steps and intermediates is a.very important aspect to ensure.consistency of manufacture manufacturing.process development is it's also very.important part of the dossier where you.obviously detail how you've approached.the development of the manufacturing.process of the product and how how.you've actually sort of developed it.from initial sort of stage of the.development process so that's a very.important part of the of the after of.the process as well in terms of the.control of the active substance the drug.substance obviously the specification.and justification for this specification.at key key elements here and there are.clear sort of guidelines in terms of.what and how that should be defined I'd.just like to highlight the post approval.stability protocol and stability.commitment it's um we have seen a trend.a recent trend where companies present.their specification obviously there is a.release and shelf-life specification.element to to specifications however a.number of companies have actually been.including the sort of post approval.stability protocol specification in the.main specification and we acknowledge.that the stability specifically or the.specifications as he was doing stability.testing should really only focus on.those elements which are stability.indicating but it should just encourage.you not to confuse it with the sort of.specification of the active substance.itself and we have the same sort of.situation for the finished product.specification as well.in in terms of the drug product the.pharmaceutical development is is very.important where you again sort of.detailed you know the choice of the.formulation the composition of the of.the product and then the manufacturing.process so this is again a very.important part of the marketing.authorization dossier and having.well-presented pharmaceutical.development is certainly makes life.easier for for assesses the manufacture.of the finished product again the.description of the manufacturing process.and controls are sort of clearly very.closely linked and the control of the.finished product specification and as.I've already mentioned about the try and.avoid the confusion between sort of.shelf-life specification and the.specification that's applied during post.approval stability protocols and that.shouldn't be shouldn't be confused hmm.in terms of the dossier as well there.are appended fantasies to the CTD.aspects which are regional sort of.specific we have a product validation.scheme for products which sort of.committed to doing validation post.authorisation we have medical devices.information presented and a regional.information and also information on.certificates of suitability as well.would fit into the regional information.and the presentation from the diagram.will cover the certificates of.suitability aspects of this in terms of.relevant guidance you need to be aware.of the i-th m4q and we also have the.notice to applicants you should bear in.mind that these are sort of the text.under these in these documents.we intended to be explanatory an.illustrative only with where relevant.reference to either I see huge.guidelines or EU guidelines so hmm.in terms of what goes into these.sections these said high-level.information you need to sort of bear in.mind as well that neither the type or.the extent of supporting data address.will be actually indicated in these.documents these will depend on or they.may depend on regional additional.regional guidance and to supplement the.Ice Age document the i-th working group.I've published some clarification.question and answers as well so as far.as the EU notice to applicants and.guidance is concerned annex to module 3.there is a list of references to.relevant quality guidelines.so this directs you to sort of the way.where you need to look really if you.have got something you need to check on.but nothing the important message here.it it does remain the applicants.responsibility to make sure that they.address the relevant requirements in in.preparation of of that data so here this.obviously applies not just to the.quality part but to all other parts of.the of the dossier so that's that's.important and obviously if something is.missing then it will be picked up as as.as a deficiency in terms of the I CH.guidelines well these have been adopted.into sort of European guidance and on.the Mme website you can find these and I.CH quality so the various subject areas.all.referenced and informational of.information is included there the in.addition to that there are some specific.quality guidelines which are also in.there these are sort of regional.specific on top of the of the age I CH.guidelines and just to highlight some.recent developments so some new updates.to some sort of key guidelines in terms.of the process validation guideline an.updated version of that guideline was.published during February 2014 the.effective date is actually August 2014.when I prepared this slide this was the.information that was on the EMA website.however for you for your reference.guidelines become effective six months.after publication so the actually.effective date is his August 2014 and.this has now been corrected on the on.the EMA website the other thing to.highlight is that there's an ongoing.activity on the manufacturer of the.Finnish dosage form this was consulted.on up to the end of 2013 and the work on.this is ongoing and the need to revisit.that the that guideline was quite an old.guideline and obviously has been a lot.of development since then in terms of.the actual CTD structure and also.developments in terms of pharmaceutical.development at at icy age levels so we.need to reflect those aspects in the.guideline and also now we we have a sort.of a more complex global chain of.manufacture and that also needs to be.reflected in the guideline so what's.it's based on in terms of that the other.sort of a couple of things I need to.highlight is in terms of real-time.release testing in terms of IC h.developments in terms of IC h q8 q 9 q.10.eleven we have got a real time release.testing guideline which replaced the.previous guideline and this became.effective in October 2012 the other.guideline I'd like to highlight is one.concerning the use of near-infrared.spectroscopy this is a very common.technique which is used in in terms of.process monitoring and the the guideline.my updated guideline was actually.consulted on and usually a couple of.times but it is a very complex area the.final guideline has now been adopted and.will be will be published shortly just.like to also highlight some question and.answers which are available on the.website these cover sort of different.different topics areas there's a part.one part two and just would encourage.you to keep you know check though is.just to see what possibly newly appears.as question announces in terms of the IC.h and the pharmaceutical development.there's been a lot of activity you're.probably familiar with the term quality.by design there's been a lot of activity.over the last sort of five six years in.this area and this is concerns the for.IC h documents QA q 9q 10 q 11 there's.extensive guidance on on the website.concerning this i've mentioned that i'm.the chair of the p80 team and we sort of.meet with with companies regarding their.sort of proposals for QbD submissions I.just also like to highlight that there.is a parallel assessment with the United.States ongoing with regards to quality.by design submissions don't have time to.sort of go into this in in any detail.but just for you awareness we do have a.liaison with the FDA.with in this in this particularly area.just to summarize the that's was a key.document is IC HQ weight and terms of.approaches to pharmaceutical development.there's a minimal traditional approach.which is a sort of summarized here and.to spend time on this but there is an.option for an enhanced approach where.most studies are done to understand the.manufacturing process there were.multivariate experiments carried out and.a manufacturing process could be.presented with a design space where you.have sort of ranges of operating.conditions where you can use obviously.supported by by the information use of.p80 tools like near-infrared it's quite.common in this area and in terms of the.overall control strategy there's a.potential for the use of real-time.release testing and the the sort of the.overall benefit of the enhanced approach.is is obviously a better understanding.of the product sort of less less less.failure the the guidance has been.published in relation to this the an.implementation working group on Kuwait.q9q ten was set up in November 2007 q11.wasn't in place at that time there was a.training which there were three training.sessions arranged by the IC h in in.europe in the US and Japan the the whole.thing is supported by question and.answers on the various topics and also.there are points to considers consider.have also been published so if you're.interested in this area these are very.useful sort of sources of information.for you.I say HQ 11 Q 8 is focused on the.finished product q 11 missus approaches.to pharmaceutical benefit rogue.substances so the same elements are.actually covered here as in key wait for.the.the finished product as I've included.those there was sort of references of.what is included in Isaac HQ 11 on the.back of sort of experience in the area.of qualified design the Emir.sort of worked very closely with with.industry and the workshop was took place.at the end of January this year it was.based on five real cases sorry six six.real cases five chemical one biological.essentially was a civic survey of what.had been achieved so far you know.reflect on experience both on the.industry side and the regulatory side to.try and promote a common understanding.in the area and to identify bottlenecks.obstacles to qbd and to identify next.steps sort of moving forward.there was a global representation here.where people regulators from the US and.also Japan were were present as well so.there there was the global element to.this as well for your interest the.outcome the documents and this was also.webcast at the time so if you interested.the copy of the presentations and the.actual videos of the presentations can.also be now be accessed from the from.the EMA website okay moving on to the.recent experience in relating to SME.submissions obviously you're aware that.the classifications of point raised.classified either as major where there.is a potential serious risk to public.health or points for clarification the.level and number of points generally.reflect the overall quality of the.submission and how points actually.addressed may be just simple commending.updating something or there may be a.need for some additional supportive.information and justification to be to.be provided so there may be somebody.work that's required I've made reference.at the beginning to the sort of the.experience that it with with the SME.submissions and just to sort of.illustrate the breakdown of the major.objections that have been raised you.know these are this you know potential.serious risk points that need to be.addressed.so 43% of the major objections were in.the in the quality area when you combine.the biological and the chemical and if.you just purely look on the on the.chemical entity side forty percent of.the objections were on the quality side.I've already sort of indicated these.positive negative in an earlier slide in.terms of the outcomes but the average.number of major objections for positive.mas with seven thirteen for negative.withdrawn amazed obviously the positive.ended up in the issuing of a marketing.authorization so the seven major.objections were satisfactorily resolved.prior to authorization and similarly for.the chemical entities only the it was.six and 18 for the negative decisions so.in terms of the breakdown of the.chemicals you have twenty positive an on.average five were five were actually.included five major objections so when.you take into account so to average.breakdown of quality related major.objections this would have been to and.for these the pin four just to give you.a sort of a flavor of the number of.major objections in the quality area.which were raised in these in these.procedures the breakdown of the major.objections these are ordered in terms of.frequency manufacturing process.validation incomplete.stability of compatibility data lacking.shelf-life information issues on.pharmaceutical development setting.specifications I won't dwell too much on.these but these are actually based on.real experience with the procedures and.the deficiencies have been grouped here.and I appreciate that this is a busy.slide but this sort of gives you a.breakdown of other other elements as.well which were not covered in in the.previous slide in terms of points of.clarification just to highlight a couple.of areas which you need to be aware of.in terms of qualified person.declarations and I'm sure this will be.picked up as part of the QP role which.will be covered in sort of a later.presentation there needs to be a.confirmation the drug substance anything.from the designating starting material.onwards manufactured in compliance with.the detailed guidelines and GMP for.starting materials you need to include.the basis for the declarations the audit.that's the audience sort of physical.audit of the site the date of the audit.and the professional capacity of the of.the audit audit is there is a a new.template for qualified person.declarations which has been finalized.and will again be published shortly on.the EMEA website and that should.hopefully make it easier to standardize.in terms of the content of qualified.person declarations at the beginning I.did highlight the relationship between.quality and the regional information and.product information and in terms of the.SNP c-sections 6.34 steroid products for.human use after first opening are.following dilution there's been.considerable focus on the wording of the.text that goes into that section so I.just highlight this to you because.it's important that that text is correct.and really the area where there is sort.of some confusion in terms of.presentation is is a new shelf life and.how that is actually presented and also.in terms of potential microbial risk of.contamination during any reconstitution.dilution part of the preparation so I.just highlight those is some recent.experience as well so I'd like to thank.you for attention that's the end of my.presentation.

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