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Must-do's in Signing the Confidential Application Form Redcar And Cleveland Borough Redcar Cleveland Gov on the Website

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Notes on filling the Confidential Application Form Redcar And Cleveland Borough Redcar Cleveland Gov

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Key Elements of Writing the Confidential Application Form Redcar And Cleveland Borough Redcar Cleveland Gov

[Music].good morning good morning good morning.uh.i hope this is coming out nice uh loud.and clear.um my name is darren winter and uh this.is the record clean business network.september and networking event we're.using.uh new technology today for the first.time and i have done some prep.but uh there's nothing like doing it for.the real thing.um so if you are watching and.uh you've got your keyboard in front of.you and please just leave me a couple of.little comments underneath that'll be.really really helpful.um and we can display them on the screen.as well.um so i hope you've got your coffee i.know it's a little bit early.um but uh i hopefully it's gonna be sort.of worth it.and for you today we want to try and get.back into.um our business of our regular business.network meetings.and it's a bit tricky to to to do it.like we used to do it because.obviously we used to have the room and.the revenues have all the tea and coffee.and everything like that.so we now can't quite do that 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partnership with uh.morning ainsley i know i think he's.watching on youtube this morning.so ainsley from the business growth team.um so i know that he has.got his coffee um so there so morning to.him.um big thanks also to our sponsor uh.beef financial who sponsored the website.recordclevelandbusinessnetwork.com.so morning katie and morning john.great so we've got our first comment.there so morning rachel from first light.trust.uh thanks very much indeed um.that's great so anybody else who wants.to uh.yeah that's great we've got some.comments now starting to come through.that's brilliant.um so we'll just leave those on the.screen.so as business as usual today's agenda.shortly we're going to invite each of.you to introduce yourself.uh usually we'd ask everyone to stand up.and give you.uh or give us an elevator pitch for 15.seconds which we know everybody loves to.do.but you'll be pleased to know in these.live sessions uh.you can still just introduce yourself.and your business just in the comments.and we'll read them out.so if you want to start doing that now.and that'll be fab.just to tell us who you are from what.business you're from and the messages.are appearing live on the screen.having messages on live on the screen.yes brilliant so.i don't do anything with those um so we.could say morning joe.joe from favor met joe last week at fsb.networking event in t side and rachel.was seen already do anybody else.watching just say who you are.and the business that you're from and.usually we would also give you a chance.to promote.your an event or like an announcement or.special offer.um so we'll still do that today and.we'll just do that towards the.end of the session and so if you've got.something you want to say just make sure.you've got it kind of ready typed up.and then copy and paste and put that in.the comments as well.um in the green room waiting this.morning.waiting very patiently and hovering his.coffee is uh howard little a membership.advisor for fsb.so if you don't know who the fsb is and.how they can help businesses and stick.around because you're.going to find out um if you're feeling.particularly mean this morning you can.also quiz how would ask them anything.you like as long as it's business.related.i'm not awake yet and he's just about.waking up as well.um so with this technology that we use.it allows us you can fight.different tests like we used to do um.which people can watch via most of the.popular channels without having to use.additional software.um at a regular time of 7 30. so we hope.to see many of the regular names coming.back in the chat over the coming months.um of course you can just rewatch this.anytime you like which is also.another great benefit but with this in.mind if you're interested in talking.or presenting at future events then.please get in touch with us.and so you can do this uh by emailing.red car cleveland business network.at gmail.com um i think you.i'm just gonna put like a little graphic.up here um.so this is our twitter address at biz.network rc.so if you're on twitter please kind of.uh follow us there because you'll find a.lot of different.uh messages announcements that we share.across every single day and across the.week.and also just for record cleveland.council business growth team i mentioned.them earlier on.that email address so if you'd like to.get in contact.with them uh about opportunities for.business um in record in cleveland.um if you're looking for advice about.grants and got some questions just tell.me about business.and and just email them um they're also.they also have a.twitter address which is business in rc.um so you can follow them on there and.like us they also share lots of really.really.great content um as well um.i think that's it then really um so.i know that we've got some having to go.backwards and forwards uh with uh some.of these screens here so just better.bear with us.um joey just put her details up there so.if you want to.she's going to give me explanation about.what platform does um.digital platform connect to university.students with one-off tasks.so uh you can email joe at favor.com or.you've got the website their address.as well morning richard for them for the.ambassadors morning.um so again um ambassadors if you don't.know.um anything about uh what record.cleveland ambassadors are.and then go to wrecker.recordcleveland.co.uk.um there's a fantastic website there um.you can also follow them on twitter us.at rc.ambassadors and it costs nothing to join.is.absolutely free all you need to do is.just share some good news.about becca in cleveland and in return.richard organizes a link back to your.website so that's a free link.it doesn't sound a lot but actually in.terms of visibility of your.website um on google it's a it's a.valuable link.um so just get in contact with richard.or if you want some more information.just drop it in the comments.and then we can see who's asking.questions so this is meant to be quite.an interactive session.as much as we can so if you just want to.keep asking questions.um to howard or to me or to any of the.team.business growth team to about the.ambassador scheme.just just ask them in the comments and.then hopefully one of us will.be able to pick it up and they can.either come back to you during this.session.um or just after the session itself.um that's fabulous um thanks very much.okay.so i'm just gonna wait for how to come.back to his seat.um he's gonna talk to us about the the.fsb.um to be honest the fsb having howard.him with the fsb he's been a little bit.overdue.because we've been members ourselves my.business obviously did go digital but.we've been members now first of all a.good nearly four or three years.um and we found some terrific benefits.and it was only really that.somebody from uh one of the one of.our members for the record cleveland.business network um.sent me a message about a couple of.months ago.and asked for some advice about uh.contracts for employees because i didn't.have the money.um or didn't know how to set up.contracts for employees and i said oh.you need to join um.fsb because once you join them they give.you all.they give you so all these kind of.access to these legal documents but.there's so many other things that they.do.as well um and i can sit here and talk.about it all day but the best.person um he's best kind of uh qualified.to do that.is our friend howard little morning.howard.good morning everyone i'm don.i know what how are you how are you.feeling this uh early uh early doors.howard i have no idea.i don't know how i feel.[Laughter].so i agreed to this stone and i thought.yeah this is great yeah we'll do that.magic yeah.okay and what time.a nice little kind of like caption there.we go so we know everybody knows like.who you are.um which is like an important.spotlight on yourself here oh gosh there.you go so he's like if we can see you.glorious now oh well this year i.normally have a lovely virtual.background behind me so that's why you.can only just leave a green screen today.so.yes if you normally if he was to catch.uh.howard on one of the zoom sessions we'll.talk about that in a little bit um.but he's got this amazing kind of green.glowing sort of background looks really.smart actually.unfortunately in this software that's.one of the limitations i can't do.backgrounds.per person and but we can do things like.share screens and.and such hell was going to i don't want.to spoil too much but i was going to be.doing a little bit like so we went.we won't have to look at that big.background uh for too long.um so how would what's the fsb then if.people never heard of the fsb.what is it um well the fsb is.with the biggest business support.organization in the uk.um we've been around since 1974.we're a non-profit organization and the.organization is run.by the members for the members so.for example our chairman who you may.well have seen on the news over the last.few months.um a guy called mike cherry he has his.own company.our policy director um martin mctake who.lives.in the northeast he's got his own.company so the whole idea is that.you know we are any member can be as big.a part.of the fsb as they want so you know you.can be.part about what we call our big voice.where we get yeah you get all the.the um the chance to talk to mps and and.lobby.and help them help the business the.organization lobby the government and.all that sort of thing which we're.quite good at and been doing quite a lot.of that recently um or.as a member you can have nothing to do.with it there's no commitment you know.you can just.use the benefits great.okay that's that's fantastic um.so how did the fsb help because you.talked about there that.you know you can just be an active.member um but you can just.enjoy the benefit so and you've done a.lot of all the effort we have done a lot.of campaigning.so one of the kind of kind of highlights.of like really how they can.help like businesses uh well.the membership the membership includes.i'll say what i'll do can i just nip.into this screen share.okay and we will i've got this.i'll go through it very quickly because.there is so much information.about the fsb if i just go blur.it's too much to take in okay yeah so.this is.i'm just going through this really.really quickly and it'll give you some.idea of what we do.um obviously just what i've just said.about one of the things i want to make.making um you know clear from the very.beginning.is your membership is personal so you.are the member.you name a business whichever business.you have but there are some personal.memberships.there's some personal benefits within it.but your membership covers.all of your businesses you don't need a.separate membership.for every business okay so if you have.five or six businesses.you only need one membership our.subscription levels.depend on how many staff you have in.your business employer it's not about.turnover anything else like that.so if you have zero stuff but you run.three or four different businesses.your subscription is 177 pounds for the.year.doesn't matter how many businesses you.have okay yes so.just to get make that care and i'll.point out some of the personal benefits.as we nip through this.um this is some of the things that we've.complained about we've helped with a.few duty frozen tackling late payments.putting the business rights.um overturned tax hikes so on so.forth you know lots of things going on.there all of the time.uh we've got offices in westminster and.cardiff and belfast and denver.um you know just so we're on the ball in.all the countries that we represent.um your membership accrued five.insurance policies okay now this one is.about.staff so if you've got stuff this is.something that you have.and this is an insurance policy against.an employment tribunal.um and as it says there any awards of.compensation agreed.or awarded if we lose a tribunal which.i've got to be honest we very rarely do.but that is covered by the insurance.okay so that pays that we.have embarrassed listeners everything's.included it's just part of your.membership.with that employment law by service and.it's really.is it's really interesting because it's.like a telephone helpline isn't it so.people.if you've got a question or you can.bring somebody up and.yeah like help i need some help and then.they'll ask you what the question is and.yeah on the bottom of every page there's.an oh wait a week number that's our.customer service team any member can.just ring that number and say.help how do i deal with it whether it's.tax legal employment health and safety.anything there's somebody on the end of.that club just to say hang on a second.let's see if we can get you the right.advice.i think that's amazing in itself isn't.it i mean i i've used it a couple of.times before and i thought i'd never.i'd never really i didn't know i was.going to use some of these things and.when you're going through business you i.you know you think.well it's going to be okay and if if i.need some help then i know someone's.around the corner or you just try to.cobble away and get a bit of.um free advice but um there's a couple.of times.like for myself where actually you you.need to get.a bit more accuracy in terms of the.advice and i have to say that's.been like invaluable i've used it a few.times yeah i mean.one of the problems that i have one and.i heard.fsb members don't know what they've got.the other joiner for one reason or.another for the documents or for.whatever but they don't always know.exactly what else they've got.you know and a couple of times i've.found members who have gone and bought.an insurance policy that they didn't.need.because they've already got it um.let's see this one legal protection.scheme this is where you've got 24 7.access to us.day or night about anything to do with.your business.um there's no limitation on this you can.spend.two hours a year or 40 hours a year.doesn't make any difference.there's no cost to this from this legal.advice.um it also includes a criminal.prosecution defense.insurance policy so if someone tries to.sue your business.our barristers and sisters will.represent you in court and defend you.okay just one interesting thing here if.you have got staff.um we do a jewish service payment.so if one of your staff members gets.called to jury service.we will pay you a hundred pounds a day.for the first ten days.in case you need to get an attempt or a.sub you know during that time.loads of information there um tax.investor.this is probably the most important.insurance policy you could ever have and.hopefully you never use it.if hmrc come knocking on your door and.you tell us.hmrc you've got no option they have to.deal with us.okay so we will talk to hmrc we will.talk to your accountants.we will pay your accountants for.anything that we would.require for that investigation if it.goes to court we cover the cost of.barristers.and the guys that do this for us are x.hmrc investigators.okay so and a personal benefit of this.insurance policy is that when hmrc are.finished with your business.they can do a cross-reference.investigation which means they will look.at other directors.and owners personally and privately if.you are a member.or an associate member then.that personal investigation is always.also covered.and again like it just one of the.policies on i know like for myself.um when you you know we kind of got.accounts in that there are other.insurance policies and that are out.there.um but know the cost is sometimes it is.if not the same if not even more than.what.i know this sounds like a bit of a.selling session but it really isn't.because.it's talking about all the different.things that you can that can kind of go.wrong in a business or that you have.like different issues whether it's legal.whether it's tax whether it's kind of.like finance.whether it's insurance they will have to.pay some sort of insurers.we're just trying to explain that this.this.this membership scheme here kind of.takes away all that hassle for one like.small fee.you know like 12 pounds a month or 15.pounds a month or something.it's not even that if you're yeah if.you're if you've got no stuff it's 177.pounds for year one.that includes the 30 pound registration.fee so year two is only 147 quid.if you've got one before stuff it's 229.pounds.you know it's about 50 60 cents a day or.something and stuff like that yeah.right um next insurance policy cyber.security insurance.so if you have a database of with.personal data on it.and that database is breached and abused.everybody on the database can sue your.company.so this gives you unlimited cover for an.unlimited.it gives you cover for an unlimited name.number of claims against you.for up to ten thousand pounds per.individual claim.there's also a first party claim for.your vision for five thousand pounds.which covers your own financial losses.during a slight attack or debut.okay yeah and again there are these.insurance policies and the next one.which is the tr pricing fund.this those five insurance policies i.compare those policies to house content.insurance.these are not legal requirements all.right.this is the thing that you need to have.to to improve.the business but we've all got house.contents insurance.just in case and that's what these are.yeah i hope no one none of my members.ever have to use them.but unfortunately sometimes they do and.they have confused them.and it's just nice to have them there um.so that's the sort of the bones of the.mention that's the five insurance.policies that you get for your.whatever your subscription is um on the.other hand we've got the legal book.hundreds and hundreds of legal documents.all your employment contracts all your.gdpr.things all your data um data recovery.data protection.um debt recovery services on there.just everything on there and it's all.free.you just click it and it downloads okay.yeah it's an amazing um hub their.information and that on there on your.legal hub it's things like.um for your website you could have a.privacy policy in terms of conditions.yeah policy i think it was just said.that cookie policy.all these different types of policies.you've run an e-commerce business for.the first time.you might need um some of the documents.this i mean.there are really literally like how i.said there are absolutely hundreds and.hundreds of documents.i paid a thousand pounds um.for a setup of um personalized.terms and conditions and for for our.business but i could have just got.probably something if not just as good.really.from from this it's all written isn't it.by.um it's all written by we have a.question a few.uh legal curves that do all this for us.um i found.weird i found them there the other day.just by chance if.if anybody's a hairdresser and you rent.out a chair there is a legal document.for that.contract and it's on our website it's.amazing what i find sometimes on there.but not that i need much more anybody.where can't it kind of cut in my hair.anyway well.i don't know um but also there's a.there's a do-it-yourself stuff handbook.publish yourself stuff handbook so you.basically you.you will find your your generic trade.um and then you can add all different.types of all different.sorts of um policies into this you can.have.more about foreign policy holiday policy.all sorts of things and you build your.own.stuff handbook and then you can just.still print it out on word or whatever.however you want to have it printed.and again it's all you know just part of.your membership so i didn't even know.that myself.oh it's me so yeah that's really helpful.to know that.yeah it's brilliant it's absolutely.amazing um.so let's have a look next health and.safety advice.online we have a number of um health and.safety training videos that you can see.yourself or your stuff in front of.things like you know manual handling and.uh.first aid at work vehicle handling all.sorts of things on their loan working.which is quite.you know after at the moment again.anybody can log into that.and you know any member can log into.that and sit and watch the videos and.put their stuff in front of them that.sort of thing.um fsb care now this is a very personal.benefit.so if a member's poorly like it says.there but.where should happen come on well with a.serious or physical mental health.condition.you contact us and we allocate you a.personal nurse advisor.either a registered nurse or a general.nur a mental nurse or a.generalness we also have access to a.whole range of.counseling therapy so we can get you.brief counseling physiotherapy.you know hands-on therapies uh and.that's all part of your membership.okay again i bet you didn't know that.we've got one question here.and i know everybody can introduce.themselves don't worry we definitely.come back so please.keep on giving us your messages but if.you've got any questions for.um howard about fsb please just keep.drop them in the um.in the comments and i'll start picking.these up we've got one question here um.do you get offers on professional.indemnity and public liability insurance.yes i'm getting to that i'm happy okay.we're gonna come with that one thank you.so stay tuned for that one yeah stay.tuned here we go.next page there you go so we have we run.an insurance service so.you can talk to these guys just in.general about.insurance and get any advice yeah do i.need this do i need that.am i paying too much for this or or.whatever so you can just get.general insurance advice about anything.however we also own our own brokerage.so we can quote you on.any insurance policies that have come up.for renewal or if you haven't got them.and you need them we can do that.but also because your memberships.personal.we'll also look at your house contents.insurance your partner's car insurance.the whole idea of the fsb as far as i'm.concerned that.if it costs you whether it costs you 177.pounds a year.or it costs you 300 pound a year because.you've got a number of staff.if you use the services if you spend two.or three hours a year on the four-door.solicitor.if we get you a really good insurance.policy.oh you know worst case scenario if you.have.an employment tribunal that we win.that will save you your membership costs.over the 12 months.and that means it's free yeah but you've.got to use it.yeah on every slide here it says in the.top left hand corner.remember you remember not a womble.you remember okay so yeah insurance.yes talk to us about it we can yeah.if the thing is the guys are really good.they're really honest if.you've got a cracking insurance deal and.we can't.touch it they will say look that's a.brilliant deal don't lose it.keep hold of it we can't touch that they.will not try and sell you something you.do not need.because that's not the way we work yeah.okey doke quickly free business banking.special.account with the co-op branch um through.the effort with the fsb.no everyday banking charges for as long.as you're a member of the fsb.okay it's quick we have a contract with.world pay.if you have a world pay card payment.machine and you're not in the fsb.you need to be in the fsb because the.rates through us are a lot cheaper than.through world pay.and that alone will save you your.membership fee.and i definitely know that there are.people in the group that are using world.pay.um so okay yeah this whole presentation.is going to go out um on our next.newsletters that will be over there and.we'll do like a summary of the different.things but i just think a lot of people.read i i.watched this video because there are.it's this this.uh slide if anybody wants a powerpoint.please.get in touch directly with me and i can.send it across to you.um right okay very critical i know about.the time um.we'll pay also give an option to our.members about a cash advance where you.can borrow money through world paying.you paid back.through your card machine and it's like.it says there's no.aps just one price and you pay if you.have a really good month you pay a.little bit more.to an agreed maximum if you have a.really bad month.they don't take as much okay so it.changes with your with your cash flow.um workplace pensions will do all your.auto enrollment and management we'll.also do your pay snips.issue your payroll and it's five pound.per pay slip.and that includes all of your workplace.pension management as well.um debt recovery yeah.we do that we've good and give you um.legal templates to send or.our the the company that do this for us.could be called markle law.they will actually contact your the.people that owe you money.um and on your behalf again it's a it's.a.really good service and if you from the.day you.join the fsb you can go back two years.to chase death that are already in place.okay uh very quickly massive funding.platform if you're looking to borrow.money.um no limits lower all the limits.again one application form goes to about.130 odd different types of.uk based business lenders and it's.anonymous so they can't contact you they.have to contact it.through the fsb so it protects you from.all the.other stuff that might come your way.um obviously networks and events.first voice in the magazine everybody.gets a report air business magazine.proper paper one which is quite.interesting.um big voice which i mentioned earlier.if you want to be a big.part of the fsb um policy community.um and lots of campaigning that we.mentioned as well i think that's about.it.business awards every year cool.sorry it just blows your mind okay um.but it it's true you know it's very.difficult to.to spend half an hour with somebody give.them all that information because i can.see them just glaze over and think wow.can't cope with this you know there is a.huge amount of information there.so you run your own free fsb virtual.networking event every tuesday.and uh we've heard it's really.successful so what type of people are in.the group.well thing is with the fsb that there is.no limitations.of what type of businesses that we there.can be a member.um the only limitation is you have to.have less than 249 stuff.that's it um but so we get all sorts of.people you know.we have people like you sometimes you.know yeah um and.you know we get plumbers.caregivers you know uh physiotherapy.anybody who's a member accountant.solicitors uh i'm not because we we have.a huge.number of you know legal um help.uh of possibilities there we still.get a lot of solicitors and accountants.who join because so i.used to be well i'm a forensic expert.witness for core i deal with solicitors.or have dealt with solicitors and.pastors in the past.they are like surgeons people think that.they still look at this list and they.know.everything they don't you know if you're.conveying some sort of state you don't.know anybody.criminal stuff like that and it's like.this virginia you wouldn't want.a back surgeon you know.working in your brain they're they're.specialists and they don't know.everything where somebody thinks.it's a list as a solicitor and just talk.to us listen they'll know but they won't.if it's not their subject.so we get solicitors who are members of.the fsb.because they can bounce their ideas off.of illegal people and it doesn't cost.them anything.yeah so yeah we get all sorts of people.on our network.groups and and i mean like your area.kind of.covers a lot broader um part of these.the north east really kind of.goes all the way up a little bit further.maybe is that about right.my personal patch is from south shields.to barnard castle to darlington.including washington.i'm temporarily covering ts because we.don't actually have a membership advisor.in the ts postcode at the moment if.anybody's looking for a job give me a..um okay there is a vacancy there um but.yeah i'm doing it temporarily and i have.done actually for about.two and a half years that's that's great.and then there is the.just um aside um howard's group there is.also um fsb teas valley which is one by.michael michael james isn't it so and i.go to that networking group most when uh.most wednesdays we use for tonight yeah.yeah.next week yeah it is next week so there.are just to.let everybody know that the other.benefit like.apart from what howard said is that.you've got um other kind of networking.groups and events and i know everybody.might feel a bit kind of tired of.networking and stuff but.is networking done a bit differently i.mean yours is very.your group from what i just said i need.you to come on one of your groups.because i've heard.they're getting quite late injury but um.it's kind of very light light-hearted.like this kind of very very chatty.just feels like a zoom zoom group and.some of the other ones are perhaps.um a bit more set around um certain.agendas but still very very.relaxing you can come and go as you.please but you just never know who.you're going to meet.um since i've i.i've done 22 weeks now with networking.group at.11 o'clock on a tuesday morning and it's.not restricted to going i mean we get.people from all over the.world we found that we're getting some.efforts being members who are.our network surfing so we yesterday we.had a guy from dundee we had a guy from.bognor regis.you know and and yeah you can come to.anybody you don't have to be a member.to come to the fsb networking group um.but you know i do presentations so i get.some of my.members to do a presentation yesterday.we had joe elliott from favor and.liam did a brilliant presentation about.their new app.um which you need to look into contact.jail about that.um but you know i get if you're an fsb.member and you've got something to say.and you've got something to offer then.yeah come onto my network review and.we'll find a date for you and you can.and you can do a bit of presentation.but we've also had um the local five.brigade on about.safety and security we've had guys doing.things about pr innate.sorry hr and in the next couple weeks.we've got.um a lady from the police uh county dome.please do anything about.um fishing and all that sort of stuff.you know cyber security thing.so we do try and get as many people in.as possible but over the 22 weeks.we've had over 250 different.attendees fortunately they don't all.come on the same week.but we're getting about 25 to 30.every single week you know and i thought.it would have died down a bit by now but.it's not.it's uh it's still ongoing and getting.better.and yeah we have a lot it's it's it's.it's not a comedy show but.it might as well be but yeah we do the.serious stuff as well.you know we have a bit of a laugh we do.the serious stuff as well and then.everybody can have a chat in the.breakout rooms.so what do you think are the top three.key aspects of running a successful.business.right you you're.never alone right.whether you whether you're a soul trader.or you've got 50 60 staff.don't ever think that you have to do it.by yourself ask.okay but not necessarily fsb but just.ask don't ever try and do it alone you.can't.okay and i know everybody says it but.have a goal.if you don't heading for something if.you're not aiming for something.even if it's an escape plan to get out.and sell the business and retire.have a goal okay that's the major thing.but also have.a go for today and a goal for tomorrow.and a goal for the next day.because if you like it although it's a.long-term plan and obviously whatever.your long-term plan is.is probably retirement in peace and.financial harmony.to get there you have to have.over the next day and day after the day.after would have that big.thing that big goal that you're aiming.for and remember you can't do it by.yourself.you need help so ask.okay um and then i've got another.question for you kind of here like ready.so just to keep your case this morning.do you think of some of the areas that.small businesses need to be thinking.about next year.right this is something that i've spoken.to a number of people about.and i'm not trying to scare monger.people here okay but this is really.serious.every single self-employed person on.small business.has been looked at by hmrc over the last.few months.i'm sure and this is my personal opinion.i'm sure.that they have a list of people that.they're going to come back to.at some point over the next couple years.because at the end of the day.they want their money back okay.make sure you're protected make sure.you've got all your ducks in a row.and just in case join the fsb.and have our html stay protection.because that just might be the.key that you know holds you together.that's great um thanks very much um.if you've got any questions about how i.would have got a couple more here but if.you've got any other questions for how.that you'd like to ask direct then.please just ask them um in the in the.comments and then.we will get around um to answering them.um.here's a question i've got two to ask.you so you always ask people what they.did on their 21st birthday so what did.you do.on my 21st birthday um.i was in denmark okay i was in the royal.air force the photographer in the royal.air force.i was on my not my first my second.detachment to denmark and we went to a.place called carop.uh which is right in the middle of.juvlan which is the mainland park.of denmark and i'm not saying anything.else.it's a national security issue.we'll leave it to the imagination and.that's absolutely fine okay then so.thank you so much for everything there.today because there's so much like you.said to go through and.we'll get the slides off here and we're.going to put them out on our next.newsletter.and i know somebody's given the details.already so we'll make sure everybody.wants them individually and we'll get.them sent out.and how much again is it to join and.where can people get in touch with you.if you've got any more questions.right um i'm on linkedin so you can find.me on linkedin that's.probably the easiest way um my email.address is very simple it's just.howard.little.at fsb.org dot uk.um if i say linkedin probably the best.way you got my contact info you've got.my.mobile number my email address and.everything there so please just contact.me.can i ask you all one thing i am also.self-employed.right and i work for the fsb's.commission only if you go onto our.website ifsp website which is.amazing and i've got an amazing amount.of information on that even.as a for a non-member if you join online.through the website i don't get paid.contact me please do it to me okay.that's all i ask.um and also i can answer all your.questions and i'll become your friend.you're gonna get what that's happening i.would know so much.so if you see that if you are not.thinking of signing up or if you've got.any questions then.ask him because he'll be able to help.you and find out but also he's about.introducing people to.other people in the network to help out.because that's that is one of the.benefits it's.it's about helping out you know people.got popular queries.there's no favors you know if there's.two or three people doing it.then i know like you know they'll turn.and say we could go to this person this.person or that person.or just come along to the networking.groups you'll see who's active.um and then you can start asking around.and other people will be able to give.you lots of advice as well.we're not saying and with the with the.red card cleveland business network we.have got no plans to turn it into a.membership scheme or.an and uh or kind of a.a monthly sort of um kind of a monthly.fee we're not going to do that.what we're saying here is that the fsb.already doing this but they're doing it.so much better because you get all these.like fantastic benefits something we.could never do.so we're always going to be free and but.what you're getting here what.you know is all this kind of legal.support all the support with.hmrc inspectors if you've got questions.about any aspects of business or trying.to.do business building or you're starting.a business from scratch you've got all.those documents there as well.and and lots more besides in terms of.insurance and the world pay.benefits and stuff so if you only use i.only use a couple of these things.myself um but some of them don't apply.to me or just.sometimes i just forget about them but i.but the fee that i have used i really do.get like lots of benefits so.the we don't normally do i don't think.it's really been hopefully too much of a.pitching session today.it's you've got to talk through kind of.the benefits and.hopefully try to give you some scenarios.where it's going to be really really.helpful for everybody so if you're not.watching now you're watching this later.um then do come back to howards um and.i'm not.asking you questions and stuff um let's.just go through we promised everybody to.do a shout out firm.for for their businesses and so we've.got lots of comments here.um so we're literally going to start.from the top there so.we had joe from favor so morning um.morning joe.um and favor is p-h-a-v-o-u-r.um so definitely check them out that.happens really it's really great i was.hearing about that the other day as i.think university students with one-off.tasks.so if that's you that's your business.might be able to benefit by linking with.joe.um let's have a look so we've got andy.help their harvey electrical services.and i know there's another couple of.comments to come from um andy shortly so.he s.so i'm gonna get to them i'm gonna read.those out um cheryl.i'm glad you've enjoyed the um i'm glad.you enjoyed the presentation.and obviously how's giving you um his.contact details as well so i'll get them.again off him.in a second so do do go and speak to.howard.um so uh andy and the electoral services.uh he's launching b3 by 2023.about carbon emissions um so he's given.his telephone number there on the screen.i won't read it out but it's there.and so you can put the free consultant.scene saving your business.um charm production morning there how.you doing i hope you're right and.they're already in the fsb.they've been really super helpful that.that's really great.um and great to see you active uh.across all you all your photography.there looks.looks amazing um recently so uh let me.see more of that.um karen morning um for since his.well-being center.opening skeleton this love to host year.networking event in the future.yeah so that that might be a good thing.to do karen once we're back to.help with social distancing that we can.look at different venues around the.borough.there's something we did have in mind.that we're going to be doing this year.but unfortunately now that's been.scuppered.but like next year yeah let's have it.let's have a chat about that.um tracy reeve um owning a zero waste.shop.and eco hub cic in salt burn um.that sounds brilliant and let us know.more about that tracy um that sounds.really different um.through um cheryl.polter property services limited to.provide services to landlords and.tenants the red car area.the guaranteed rent to landlords we.manage everything.so no tenants to deal with and regular.rental income even if your property is.vacant.so check out halter property services on.the facebook page.um yep rachel no problem we'll um we'll.at first light trust will get you the.copy of the prayer and the powerpoint.today.um that's fab um that's.fine let's keep on going down.so um the ats are members of fsb that's.fab.um that's lovely it's a bit more about.first light trust so we've got a few.lots of comments here which is really.great.um so first like trusted charity based.in red car working with veterans and.emergency services and their families.and recently closed the hubble west.terrace um that was pre-covered.they're now working from an outreach.model and delivering help to support.on the phone email zoom or distance one.to one's way possible.so currently running a lot of virtual.activities including a monthly quiz and.a weekly cooking group.so all the information can be found on.their facebook page at first slice.first like to trust the veterans red car.so if you know of any veterans who need.some support from welfare calls housing.that's advised just give them a call.or contact them but i won't read out.your number i know you put it out there.but an email address is red car at.dot firstlighttrust.com dot uk um so.hopefully it helps rachel keep in touch.with us.tag us in there's one thing do tag tag.us in your post on social media.we are trying to reach out and find.people's great news and share it but.if you can just tag us in if you're on.twitter on on facebook.just use the at symbol and start typing.in red car and cleveland business.network.is a mouthful i think we're going to.look to shorten it but if you're on.twitter it's at.biznetworkrc um tag us in the same with.the ambassadors if you tag in.at rc ambassadors on twitter.they'll pick it up they'll share it.that's free cost you nothing but you get.the exposure.you know i think you get lots of.hundreds of people reading your news.um so tracy back again uh she said she's.from the cutback sultan's.first zero way shot and eco hub cic.so tracy definitely take us in your.posts as well um daisy mays morning.helen.um congratulations on your five years as.well um so that's.really bad news that we've seen um.so yeah days are made of making.christmas cakes in the tea room.see the facebook pages so uh i think.it's about third year running i know.they were full.last year um we've got mark martin from.martin wilson properties.on youtube some reason we're not picking.up youtube comments um but.morning martin um so if you're on um.martin if you wanted to tell us a little.bit more about what you're doing and we.can finally.quickly mention that before we finish um.tracy no problem with me it has been a.good event and uh.i'm a little bit rusty using this today.um but uh.he's gonna get better there's lots of.new things we've got planned we can do.videos.we've did how we've done some.presentations sharing slides in that.today which is we've been fab.um and our plan is that we'd like to get.more people.local people talking about their.businesses again over the next few.months and certainly into next year.um so if you are interested um then.please.do get in contact with us and the email.address.it's record.clevelandbusinessnetwork.gmail.com or.just send us some.a message on facebook if you're.interested just message us there.um if you're not signed up to the.newsletter you want to sign up for.newsletter again just message us and.make sure you get added to the.newsletter.we only send out one a month so you're.not going to get bombarded we don't do.tons of ads.it's just keeping in the loop with.what's happening so all the things we're.talking about today.and you'll just get in one kind of small.digestible format you'll also find out.about all the next events um as well as.well.and coming up martin wilson properties.they provide quality residential.property and red car.and great returns for investors well do.you know what i definitely have bad.timing for.an online networking event we said.roughly about half a state.and up to 20 past day and i know that.most of you.are kind of preparing to get back out to.work for this morning.um that's fine yeah i've got that one so.matches give me some.ones there to be deaths different.comments of that so we've got screens.all over the place.and thank you again so much to howard.thank you for getting up early and being.with us this morning which one brings.darren.i just noticed there's a couple of um.cics and charities mentioned there.you can be members of the fsb as well as.a cic or a charity.okay so you can get all that support.that a normal business would get.that's yeah that's really important.because there's lots of different things.that come up.about cics and they don't think it.applies to them so that's really handy.to know thank you for that.that's really great and yeah have a.great day too helen.she's just going to go shopping and uh.yeah if you want to get you.if you want to start making a christmas.cake you have to go to um.helen's uh cooking workshops they do get.full.um they've been full for the last couple.of years so if you didn't get chance to.do it last year definitely.get in this year okay i think that's.everything.um from us this month um stay tuned.for october's um event it probably will.be mid month.um in october um and then again the same.for november and then we'll start going.back to the first wednesday of every.month from january 2021 it seems.really scary to talk about that but.that's what's going to happen um but.do keep in touch and if you need to.speak to howard from fsb what's your.email address again howard just one more.time.howard.little at fsb.org.uk.really i think we've got about 20 people.today on the stream so i'm really.pleased with that because we normally.could get 40 50 and i know.you know we're trying to get back up.there slowly so hopefully we can build.up the numbers again um but thank you.very much everybody.and uh have a great day and how would i.catch it hang on coward i'll catch you.just after we finish.okay all right see you later everybody.thanks.

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