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Notes: A Stepwise Guidebook on Completing Grassfield High School Form Online

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The Definite Guide to Grassfield High School Form

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Must-knows concerningGrassfield High School Form

well do you want to know all about the.grass field school district in.Chesapeake well today that's we're gonna.get into and it's going to be all.details and fun and we're starting right.now hey my name the same Saints alone.and I'm a real estate agent in Hampton.Roads Virginia and if it's your first.time.great hit the subscribe button on the.Bell notification then you'll get.notified every time I do a video and I.do them every Wednesday hint about.Hampton Roads about real estate real.estate in Hampton Roads today we're.talking about the grass field school.district it's a it's one of the more.in-demand school districts not just in.Chesapeake but in the entire Hampton.Roads area it's one of the higher ranked.school districts on some of these school.ranking websites so I want to get in the.deep tells us - what's here you know.what the history of grass field is.what's it like to to live around here.what's like what's shopping looking like.what's the real estate in neighborhoods.what kind of elementary schools and.middle schools are here and anymore.little tidbits of information even like.well where the heck is it in relation to.everything else I want to throw a couple.cons in there to the things that that.might not be optimal if you plan on.living in grass field so number one.where is it where's grass field well.I'll tell you it's in the South section.of Chesapeake kind of in the middle.because it drops all the way down to the.border of North Carolina and Virginia on.the east side there's a road called.Johnstown Road that is kind of almost.the pseudo boundary a little bit further.east of that and on the west side it's.just beyond the that road you see Route.17 which is George Washington Highway.this whole area is what you would.consider grass field and I get them.putting this the school boundary map.here on the screen where is it in.relation to everything else well if you.look in you're going to for instance the.Norfolk Navy base on the north side of.Norfolk it's gonna take you a solid 32.sometimes even 40 minutes or more.depending on traffic getting up to their.attic hanging out also on which.direction you go because on one side.there's a toll road there's a toll road.on the route 17 Dominion Boulevard area.venting out to the northern side of the.area but if you go into the on the east.side you bypass that toll and it might.take you a few minutes longer but it.would save you the best dollar and 16.cent a toll that would take one way.if you have a normal car now to downtown.Norfolk you've got the 464 interstate.that connects almost straight up from.this grass field area the top of it up.to downtown Norfolk so it could take you.as little as 12 ish minutes or as much.as 25 or so to get to downtown Norfolk.and oceania though it's it's a it's a.drive and you're gonna be takin a.thirtieth thirty five minute ride at.least because you're gonna be driving on.the side roads for the most part getting.there because you can go all the way.around the south side of Chesapeake and.Virginia Beach you wanna get to the.oceanfront you're a solid 40 to 45.minutes away to the oceanfront give or.take from traffic and to the town center.in kind of new downtown Virginia Beach.area is about a solid thirty or so.minutes one of the cons here to being in.grass field is that you're just kind of.farther away from lots of A to B besides.downtown Norfolk because that 464.interchange is pretty handy and can get.you up there pretty quickly now the.history behind grass field well there's.not a whole lot specifically since they.named this area grass field because it's.not really a general neighborhood it's a.school district area because the school.district was created with the overflow.of several others high schools Deep.Creek hickory and Great Bridge this was.formed this area was was developed and.the school was built in 2007 since then.it's become one of the most popular.school districts in the whole area.because this area was called grass field.I have a hunch that's because there are.lots of grassy fields in grass field.another fun thing about grass field if.you look just off of Belle's Mill Road.there is a see little street there you.see a little street it goes into nothing.it's march court fruit place well why is.that important well March core Prue was.a guy that fought in a lot of battles in.the Civil War time period 1860s mainly.and he lived in this area which was at.the time Norfolk County and he helped.develop the area of Belle's mill which.is where this road is and so he did a.lot for the community was a.philanthropist kind of known around the.area very very well and so because of.all the things he did for the area they.named a little street after him even.though this streets super tiny so what's.it like living in grass field well it's.a lot of country area you know so.Chesapeake in general start out more.country and as time went on in the 70s.80s and 90s and 2000's Warner.construction was built and so a lot of.the country land or.I see fields got to built up into more.neighborhoods and so you'll see a lot of.neighborhoods in the middle of a bunch.of areas that are just country and so it.feels like you're in suburbs but then.sometimes it feels like you're just in.the middle of nowhere and grass field.goes all the way down to the border of.North Carolina and Virginia so that.bottom half or you know two fifths of.that school district is lots of Plains.lots of some houses but a ton of land.lots of farmland and the rest of the.areas that were all the neighborhoods.are and we're all the shopping is is up.closer to the northern section of grass.field since there's been a lot more.development in this area you're see lots.of new construction still being built.and it's gonna keep happening because.there's so much opportunity to do that.here outside of strip malls and grocery.stores and you know lots of houses.there's not a whole lot inside of grass.field you're gonna have to go outside.several minutes especially north and.even even into Virginia Beach but there.are some parks nearby - so anything.outside nature like you're close to the.Great Dismal Swamp also which is right.near Route 17 on the west side of the.school district you see you have some.outdoor activities but other than that.you got to go outside of this area to.get like for instance to downtown.Norfolk any sort of high hustle and.bustle area you're not gonna find that.in this area now the neighborhood there.were houses built again 8090 years ago.and and longer a lot of these houses.were built starting in the 60s 70s and.80s and 90s but the big boom was really.in the 80s 90s and 2000's and to now I.mean places like Creek would Las Gaviota.Cedar Crossing cousin plantations.Sawyer's Mill like these are all in the.either the central or the the western.side of grassfield for the most part.Mariners point and there's one 55 and.over community in here that is one of.the few that's discussed on the entire.Hampton Roads area that's called Eagle.Point Club which if you do want the.Eagle Point you might not really care.that's in grass fields school district.it Park views another great new one.that's been developed in a pre-existing.neighborhood an older neighborhood but.lots of new houses have been built in.there which has just changed the whole.dynamic of the neighborhood Lock Haven.estates prabal Shores I mean these are.just several of the dozens of.neighborhoods in hee.whether it be older houses there are.also some houses in here in the grass.field that aren't even really considered.in neighborhoods they're just scattered.about because again this is a country.area it started out that way son built.mostly and even in the 90s and 2000's or.new construction or houses but in the.last five or ten years which is pretty.common also so you've got quite a few.different options with the newer houses.are the kind of the modern style more.open floor plans lots of windows um just.newer houses much different than the way.it used to be in the you know the even.the 80's 70's and 60s for lots of the.houses were more cut up the rooms were.cut up and didn't feel as open as it.does in the last 25 years or so so.you've got a mixture of both types of.houses and so depending on where you.want to be and what size houses you're.looking for it would factor into which.age house you might end up getting.because if you want a larger house some.of these newer construction houses.they're anywhere from like 2,000 3,000.square feet generally speaking but there.are also attached houses like so for.instance townhouses and condos they they.go up into the $200,000 range even up to.350 and 400,000 for some of the newer.townhouses but most of these houses are.anywhere from like a thousand square.feet to 1,500 square feet give or take.some of them are a little bit more than.that and like two or three bedrooms but.then when you get into the detached.houses most of these are starting I mean.they're you get to get some that are.less than 200 but starting in lower to.hundreds is where you kind of get your.entry level for grass field most of the.houses in this School District the meaty.section of price range is talking.between 300 350 up to 450 or so and you.can go up from there I mean there is.some houses there you know five hundred.six hundred seven hundred thousand.dollars it up to a million but this area.was and is developed at a time where.people love that kind of 25 to 3,000.square foot house four or five bedrooms.and there's plenty of land to do this.kind of house and just sell it for that.for 450 price range it's olele farms.it's getting closer to that central.south central area of grass field which.is really nice but kind of a further.Drive from the main part of town I will.say though that to get to Shelley Lee.farms the road to Shelley farms which is.shillelagh Road is a long and narrow.road.and is actually voted the most dangerous.road in the city.it's a two-lane road and you can go.pretty fast on it and there's ditches on.each side so people when it's in the.evening time and you think you're the.only person around or it's real quiet.people end up flying down this road or.not realizing how close they are to each.side and you take a turn on that road.and you might get an accident so this is.something to consider if you do want to.move down further into this area or.further down south beyond that I know if.you have a moderate to higher skill.budget and you want the school district.this might be a place for you but it.doesn't mean that you can't get a more.affordable house as well and be in this.school district you just have to be a.little bit more choosy and also maybe.concede some other things to make sure.you get the school district that you.want there's also some water over here.some creeks and some nice wellhow homes.on the water if you do want a house that.might need some work but you also want.something with some land on it and might.be okay with a septic tank and well if.you go further down south a lot of these.have that septic and wells situation if.you're okay with that you might be able.to find something in your price range or.something that you like because it's.worth you driving down further to get to.that house and well school districts.well again grass fields the high school.one of the highest ranked the schools in.not just the area but the state and its.home to Chesapeake stem program which I.can drop more information below in the.description about this now middle.schools there are a few Hugo Owens Great.Bridge and hickory and then elementary.schools are several there's a hickory.elementary deep Creek Elementary Deep.Creek Central Elementary grass field.elementary of course there's also Cedar.Road Elementary in southeastern so.there's several elementary school.districts I'll drop links to all these.for the nice calm school review links so.you can find more about those and their.ratings now shopping again not beyond.the strip malls and the grocery stores.this is not the place you want to go.like the malls aren't gonna be here it's.not a bunch of action happening here but.you can get your essentials there's a.neighborhood Wal Mart there's a Harris.Teeter closeby as well as a Kroger that.I know I'm a big fan of Kroger if you've.seen any of my videos there's a super.Walmart on the way to Shelley Lee that's.a that's near.the high school as well as at Food Lion.and then there's an Aldi that was just.built recently on Cedar Road so a lot of.this shopping is on Cedar Room like.that's the main room that I think if you.take that going from one side to the.other you'll find most of what you're.looking for as well as other like.businesses and some good restaurants and.my favorite restaurant that I've.mentioned in other videos is biryeo.Perdido wife a nice favorite burrito.place that's in the next to a gas.station on Cedar Road you wouldn't even.know it was there it's way worth it I.mean go in there they don't even use can.openers that's like they're they're.known things they don't have a can.opener because everything is fresh.that's on Cedar Road and some other good.restaurants there too and if you can't.find what you want in a grass field or.on Cedar in that area you can go further.east to get to Great Bridge which is you.see battlefield Boulevard that there's.plenty of things over there that.connects to the main Greenbrier of the.rest of the areas of Chesapeake and then.if you go on the west side there's a.church watching a highway which connects.towards Suffolk so if you have to go.that way you can do that too but if you.go an extra few minutes and take that.toll road if you want you can go quickly.up to near Greenbrier where there's a.mall and more of the big-box stores that.you might be accustomed to which leads.me to one of the cons I'll mention about.living in this area is one of the exits.going north to other parts of town has a.toll road it's just over a dollar per.way so if you have an EZ Pass and I did.a video about tolls and tunnels and then.in that I showed you how to get an EZ.Pass for this area and I'll put that.link up here but if you do want to like.avoid traffic for instance or if you.just have to go towards where the toll.is it is something in to factor in so if.you want to use it like two times a day.five days a week you might spend you.know maybe about 1215 dollars a week.so that's could get up to like fifty.sixty dollars a month if you end up you.know driving it regularly but there are.ways around it especially like towards.Great Bridge so you don't have to go.that way all the time but keep that in.mind because remember if you pay about.fifty or sixty dollars a month for.something that's the equivalent of about.ten thousand dollars of mortgage so like.for instance a 290 house with a toll is.like the equivalent of buying a $300,000.house without a toll so I'd say if.you're coming to grass field you kind of.have to pay a premium for the area for.the most part but there are places where.you can get some affordable property and.still be in the school district there's.a lot more opportunity for growth in.this.area as the the property keeps getting.built further and further south keep.that in mind too because if you're.staying here for you know a long time.you might see the fact that the country.area that you bought in originally might.change subtly as time goes on so that.could be a positive for you or a.negative depending on what you like.and I'll see you on the next video.

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