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Hand-in-Hand Teaching Guide to fill in Tdlr Proof Of Submission Form Word Document 2009

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How Do You Get Tdlr Proof Of Submission Form Word Document 2009 and Sign It Online?

hello and welcome to the interactive.training session on the use of the Edith.mission gateway and the web client we.have updated the e submission gateway.XML deliver file creation user interface.not really click the new version has.been deployed in production on Friday.morning the 31st of March and this.training session is just to give you a.little bit information on how the user.interface has changed and we'll talk.about in general sending submissions by.the intermission gateway and I'll also.give you a live demonstration just to.make sure that everyone is able to use.the system if you have any questions.please write them on the question spot.or later on and we'll have a Q&A session.at the end so you can also ask your.question orally we will be recording.this session today and the recording and.the slides from this presentation will.be available on the information web.so just to give you a quick an outline.of today's session so we really mainly.concentrate on the section on how to.create a delivery file and we look at.the new fields that are now available.and also towards the end I would like to.highlight you known issues in the.current guerrilla there are some some.pending issues that will be fixed and.covered in future release.so I'm just to give you a reminder the.use of the XML delivery files is now.mandatory for all human and veterinary.submissions by the Eastern mission.gateway and the web client the only.exception is the initial Emily.applications for ancillary medicinal.substances in medical device so if you.have an initial maa for ancillary.product paste and that initial.submission using the file naming.convention and then all subsequent.sequences can be send using the XML.deliver a file and indeed should be sent.with indexing on.so the reason why we have created this.new version of the system is that we are.have introduced number of new fields.that in future will replace the use of.the formatted table template that is.currently provided as part of the.submission cover letter.however this current really doesn't.abolish or change the requirement to to.provide the format a table template as a.part of the cover letter this is just.the first step to words moving away from.the cover letter so we will in future.need to implement further fields into.the XML deliver file as well as continue.changing the existing business processes.which is of course the main part of this.they deform at the table template which.is part of the cover letter is used.widely across the network not only by.the EMA team but also by the Assessors.and reporters in the Member States so.it's extremely important that those.business processes are fully covered.before the template is replaced but this.is just we're introducing these these.new fields in the in the delivery file.just to start moving towards that.direction.and just to give you a quick note on the.scope of the system so there is really.no change since the the latest training.session so as of now the ancillary.medicinal products for initial maa is.still out of the scope however we are.hoping that in future release hopefully.during this summer we will be able to.add back as well into the list.and for veterinary submissions now all.submission types are included there in.the scope of the system and importantly.the mandatory use of XML delivery files.has started for veterinary submissions.from the 1st of April 2017 and just.didn't.so just to remind how to create a.delivery file sir.each submission requires its own.delivery file and submission by the.admission gateway and exactly as you did.previously using the file naming.convention there are some exceptions.however for the veterinary submissions.where you are able to grow the.submission that they should not be done.on the human side and there are really.no rules or no change and no changes to.the submission moves and again we are in.a way by linking together grouping work.sharing a referral submissions using the.IT W it over for all numbers.if we look at the the changes in the.delivery file screen you can see that.there's a new section for contact person.contact details this includes a name.phone number email address and the name.of the month and for and for certain.submission type we are also requiring.the customer number and the customer.reference.as previously you will select the rebel.relevant submission type from the list.and you will then select the respective.submission unit from.and one of the new fields that has been.introduced this time in a field called.submission description the submission.description will only be used in case of.responses and for all post authorisation.activities submission response responses.to RS I should be used and for initial.and for for MEA and extension responses.today 120 day 150 or day 180s should be.collected it should be noted that in the.future release this submission.description responses to RSI will either.be automatically filled or float in at.the back end and not visible in the user.interface of course it doesn't make.sense to ask you to provide this.information when when you're selecting.from a list of 1 attributes there so.there was some discussion about this.this functionality during the usual.again there are no changes to the the.use of the IG for work sharing.as previously you will select the.relevant product type Adam when is.relevant so for example for for.work-sharing variations you may be able.to select national or inverse the.similar cases when you select national.product for example for referrals you.may be able to select useful you should.always include the people.the product selection has not changed.however we have implemented a little bit.more information available in the.delivery file user interface so when you.select a century authorized product we.are now in addition show in addition to.showing the EMA product name and the.product number we are also now showing.the higher end and the agency code for.that product.and selecting a nationalized product has.not changed and actually we're not.showing the world then one of the major.changes in this particular release with.the addition of the procedure number so.when submissions hide for any post.authorization procedure for example.valuation is selected and the submission.Lily with response or in other of fear.Supplemental frequency you should now.always select the procedure number so.this procedure number is provided to you.when you submit for any post.authorization activity your initial.sequence and when we provide you the.validation letter or acknowledgement of.receipt we are we communicated with an.email procedure number you should then.select the procedure number from the.list and the procedure number is always.available of corresponds to the.submission type so when we look at the.live demonstration you will see that.depending on which submission type you.selected only those particular.procedures procedure numbers are.available for selection underneath.we have also included a functionality.which is automatically filled here in.the XML the new result so when you're.grouping when your variation procedure.with a grouping including more than one.scope the M the tip box is automatically.ticked in future releases you will of.course be able to indicate coping of.multiple scopes for initial variation.combination.there is no change to the use of the.work-sharing number or the ID number and.as I mentioned we have added this new.section with the air contact person.contact details and this is also similar.to what was implemented for referral.submissions in the previous relief in.pepper.and also the years then the customer.number which was also implemented in.different submissions has now also been.implemented on for many submissions and.type on beaten type to work sharing.variation the customer number is.automatically filled when centrally.authorized product is selected for.variation.and there are no changes to the.referrals as such however the one change.what we've made in this particular.release in March is to make the fuels.for lead product name and African name.optional women when nationally.authorized product has been selected.from article 57 but again we look at.that during their life and trade show.and again this contact details were.added already in the February range so.this is me similarly asked the customer.number so you should check the books to.indicate if the referral is fee related.and you can then enter via email if they.P customer number and if you have your.own customer reference you can enter.there are no changes to internet.submissions or PMF submissions of.pediatric submissions and again the.creation date cannot deliver file has.not changed I will now stop sharing this.presentation and I will share my screen.and show you a live demonstration of the.updated.so yeah insufficient gameplay as you.know delivery for user interface I hope.you can see that funny so if you look at.me as the newsreels that have been added.so if I for example select one of the.variation.and I select a submission unit with.sports you see this new field for.submission description becomes available.and here I need to post authorisation.activity I can only select responses to.Alex I naturally doesn't make much sense.to be selecting from a list of one.attribute system this functionality will.be modified in future however we do need.this attribute to automatically populate.this information in our review tool and.in the common repository hence why it.has been added here but from user point.of view you may be wondering why are we.making you to select a submission.description from the list of one.description and with the submission type.the marketing information application.and your submission didn't which.responses you should only select them.responses today 120 which is the list of.questions or list of outstanding issues.in case of accelerated review or in case.of normal and of procedure timeline at.the moment this election for our time is.unfortunately they're available but.please do not reduce that and the.determines for all the possible.translations.and when we talked about selecting or.the new functionality for indicating AC.related and activity so when you have.selected initial image and equals zero.when you come to select your product.from Italy you can see that the fields.for customer number and customer.reference are also no available.additionally to the contact personal.contact detail these contacts personal.contact details aren't unfortunately.filled in automatically in this relief.for initial and mini applications this.is something that will become available.in the future really currently when when.we are looking at post of the relation.[Music].to evaluation.the information is automatically built.from the ena product.when we look at the use of the procedure.number in selecting one of the.marination.and and again as as I mentioned earlier.the use of procedure number is only.available when subsequent sequences are.submitted so if you are selecting.initial you would not of course be aware.what the real name procedure number is.because this is allocated for all.procedures from the field of the initial.submission by the EMA so if you are.asked to submit validation response or.responses or any other sequences and.then you should be indicating that the.procedure number for initial it's never.sample if we have validation with.relations will include collects the.product the alternate that we here have.available a list of all relevant.procedure numbers for this particular.submission time as I mentioned earlier.if it is a token of need for scope it.indicated here in the procedure number.and this tick box could be more than one.of its automatic ticket in future this.box will need to be to an inclusive.initial submission of variations that.are hoping of more than one scope so.that is something that will be indicated.in future.and the electrical and the contact.person details are there today.so p.m. the availability of the.procedure number is always linked to the.technician unit.visca previously and depending on the.product.[Music].so for example for this particular.product and so renewal there is only one.procedure available this as we have not.yet limited the number based on the time.or if the procedure is closed so please.take very good care when selecting the.procedure number from the list that you.are selecting a correct procedure number.naturally what we are still using the.the formatted paper template it is only.additional information however we do use.this information to automatically.populated attributes in our review tool.so it is important that they are correct.just you note at the moment these fields.for calling that person and contact.details are a bit of however this.information should not be edited there.is a separate process for providing a.requesting a change of a contact.personal contact personal contact data.and that process should be followed in.future these fields will become non.editable the only case when you are.allowed to edit this is for referral.[Music].from where will we get the procedure on.yeah so and as I mentioned the procedure.number will be provided to you it will.be communicated to you by the EMA and so.when you when we receive your.application depending if that.application type has a formal validation.or if it has a acknowledgement of.receipt you will be aware of the.procedure number if you are not aware of.the procedure number please do contact.your procedure assistant or you can.alternatively contact and EMA where the.TA but you know but you should always be.you're normally always communicated what.this number.and of course it depends what procedure.did so for example pounds don't have a.procedure numbers attached to.when we come here you can see system.filled for procedure number is not there.because it is not relevant for this type.of course of life Asian activity however.if we look at something different.[Music].again for notification 61 3 2 not.available to get you would normally like.to be communicated in so it's moving and.actually become available when be at the.relevant solution unit has been.collected so there 461 3 it is available.but for available but again if it is.interactive so depending on the.selections that you use made earlier and.depending on the of the product that you.selected certain fields become available.or not.so those are the the main new.functionality.again we need to mandatory field and.information is missing we do recommend.that you use profiles back in those.cases as we will not be able to proceed.when the mandatory field.if we have the other question has.anything changed regarding the PhDs.exhibition no-repeat USA submissions.there are no changes as such the only.thing will be to be noted is that when.you are submitting TSU a four guess your.single assessment so the user interface.has remained exactly as it is before we.have really implemented a business rule.where initial PhDs a must be submitted.before responses can be submitted this.business rule was implemented in the.first initial implementation of the PST.repository.however we during the transitional.period after the mandatory use when when.maybe you hadn't submitted the initial.PS you are into the repository but after.the mandatory use you have to start.submitting the responses to the.repository we have to relax that.business rule now that business will.have been really implemented because.unfortunately it has been misused so.instead of requesting a late submission.ID unfortunately applicants who are.using responsive submission you need to.supplement initial PS your submissions.and this would of course be problematic.and it may lead to off those submissions.being excluded from the procedure.because we would not be aware that.initial phor has been submitted so so it.was quite a critical case of misuse and.quite a critically important business.rule that has been you know we.implemented but other changes and.well in filtering the appliances that.the companies can only access the.personal identical identifiable.information that is being shown for the.contact person me that's a very good.question this has already been.highlighted to me by some other industry.members and I have requested my.colleague who is responsible of.requesting the information on the XML.Delivery file to consult with our data.protection officers once she will return.from her lien after Easter so this is.something that we have noted to get at.the moment there is no filtering so in.principle you could go and rummage.around and look at anyone's contact.details if you if you were so inclined.so in principle if you go and select the.product from the list you can see that.but we wouldn't expect many users to.have the time and the inclination to do.such a thing but of course this is.something that should have been looked.at before implementation and I mentioned.I have highlighted this to the college.who who were responsible requesting this.information to be available so this will.be carefully looked at and obviously if.there are any issues regarding the.confidentiality of this data we may no.longer be able to displayed on the.screen even though we needed in the.notifications from the gateway so it may.be just there on the background but.perhaps that implementation had not been.considered well thank you for.highlighting.we have another question there in the.current checklist for the submission of.type 1 a.m. type from a product.information uh next week the NIH has to.confirm the meaning of the PDF EMA.combined page language code respectively.this is the XML deliver files replace.the use of the father in convention ah.this file naming convention that you are.referring to in the checklist is not.actually the file naming convention of.the submission package when we talk.about file naming conventions we refer.to the way how submissions were.submitted by the Gateway before we.implemented this XML delivery for the.XML deliver file replaces the fallen in.convention with which has the sender's.routing ID the EMA routing ID the.product number the product name and the.procedure type so that was completely.different file naming conventions so the.file naming convention that you are.referring to here is the name of the.actual document of the file we're.talking about when we talk about file.naming convention we're talking about.the name of the submission zip package.so the submission zip package no longer.needs to be named with specific details.with the routing IDs however other.chaney other requirements how documents.should be named within the submission.sequence has not changed so maybe just.to show you an example when we talk.about.evolution of the package when when you.would have the seed package where you.include the XML delivery file so reading.the part had fun many conventions that.were a little bit cumbersome that we.really required very much detail or.correct use of underscores correct use.of the routing ID so that was completely.different.are there any other.for common than anyone has recorded the.new allocation.having principal going through all the.all the different scenarios here as I.mentioned there are some aspects where.there is an incorrect implementation of.signatures for example for the first.authorization measures upon the only.submission unit that really should be.used for pom it mainly initial in very.exceptional to children the.circumstances you may be to provide some.additional information but normally this.would be provided in the form of a.little much in your palm number is 13.point zero so you would just submit it.as a 13.1 rather than using response and.so here for example the responses to RFI.has been implemented but there are is no.RSI as such for force or threat of force.authorization measures so these business.rules will be carefully reviewed and.amended in a future release so this new.implementation and integration of the.formatted paper template field into the.XML tallulah file has potentially not.been really fully thought through by.those clicks.implementing this process and we will be.looking into that additionally also.looking into displaying this contact.person information so if it's considered.inappropriate to show the contact person.details here especially because they are.alone editable in future we may hide.them in the background so that you can't.actually see them and the only.information there that would be.available with the marketing.authorization holders made which may not.be as sensitive as an impersonal school.another question and as recording the.PhDs a submission please be solar to.tell us if the customer account number.is monitored and how we'll get one thank.you very much.ah so for PhDs a submission you do not.need to provide a customer account.number so the customer account number of.fields are only mandatory at the moment.when you would select submission type.Mme.and for submission type type 1 or type 2.variation and when you select initial.and when you select work sherry and in.those cases customer number will be.requested again if it is and a post.authorization activity I need to type 2.or type on green variation the customer.number will be readily filled in here.for Emily.[Music].this field should be manually filled so.it is not provided by the system this.stage but in again in future this.information will be provided.automatically by the system but but.again talking about this data.confidential data and data protection it.is possible that those fields would.again be hidden and only available on.the background so this information would.not necessarily be available to be shown.to you here unless it's something that.that you may need to modify.but if we have selected our solution.positivity.and if there is no such fear.so here there are no changes you simply.just select your product and ugly as.previously and the only information that.you need to provide is that contact.person email from a sustainable template.is still required for PhDs a solution.yes that's correct format the table.template will still be required for all.types of submissions so this new.integration of these fields into the XML.delivers file is something it's.displaying the intention in future to.get rid of the formatted paper template.however at this stage it is not changing.the need for the formatted table.template so you will still need to.provide the form of the table template.as a part of the cover letter as you.have been doing in the past so this.implementation does not change at all.and there are no changes to the PSUs a.user interface at all.you.any other question.I would move back here to the submission.perforation is in place of it to have a.look at for example the changes in that.in the referral user interface that were.implemented in February so the main.changes here where the contact person.contact details were added and the.ability to indicate if the referral or.surgery fee related and you can then.enter your customer number on your.customer reference.additionally depending on the procedure.type if it is national and you select.the product here from the lid it's no.longer mandatory to provide the lead.product name and the applicant Li if you.have known author authorial products.included in the submission however if.you don't have any or the author not.included then these fields for the.product name and applicant name will be.mandatory and of course you don't need.to duplicate the information here in.it's free text field and in the product.in African team culture if you have.multiple products shipping including.multiple products here and here just.include the name of the lead.for most people template is mandatory.for national track for us so this it.depends on the procedure type if you.should be using the format the table.template please there's no change to any.guidance on the use of the form of the.table template I believe that some.member states are now requesting with.the use of the formative table template.for nationally authorized products.included in in the pH USA procedures or.those that are excluded from the pH USA.procedure but please follow the guidance.regarding the format the table template.the template is available on the EMA.website and it has extensive no section.where you can find all the relevant.information.to receive a recording of this webinar.absolutely we will be posting recording.somebody to have been our only in.submission website and this presentation.slides will also be available on the a.submission web site so the presentation.will be available there within the next.couple of days and the recording should.hopefully be there also very soon we.will be editing it as soon as possible.after this session today and it will.then be posted.the more question is coming from a room.were late for clinic type here.again and and we were talking about the.referrals and the use of the mandatory.requirement here has been modified but.that was the only change that was.incremented in that line for the reason.and naturally those submission types for.example the clinical data publication do.not have the requirement to provide our.responses and so forth so again in the.future.where there are cases and submission.types where it should not be possible to.to provide responses we will be.modifying and trying to improve the.business rules between the submission.type and the definition unit I noted.that as there was an error regarding the.reformatting and the baselining.submission unit that has been.implemented by accident in Italy so for.example if you select extension you.could select submission mimicry former.this should never be available for.anything in fact it should only ever be.used in conjunction of p.m. submission.type none and none is shown here as a.reformat and baseline this is an ECT the.specification rule and and it's.explained in the specification and in.the harmonized etcd technical guidance.so please do not use submission eunuch.reformat for anything else so those are.the the main main changes.to teach reiterate the requirement for.the formatted table format so please.check the notes section in the format.the table template it is not normally.required for nationally authorized.products however in the context of psu.RS some member states may require the.use of the fermented table template and.it has been modified to allow the use of.the format the table template for non PS.USA procedures so this review that.thirst guidance note in the template and.of course if your PSU is a procedure.contained nationally authorized product.that and you are submitting it to EMA.you should be using their format.suitable template as a part of the cover.letter but there is no change to the use.of performance at table template in only.whatsoever.unfortunately my colleague who who is.the the main contact person regarding.the format a table template and the use.of the formative table template is not.here today this is not my special area.I'm here for the the use of the XML to.liver as well so if you have any.specific question relating to the use of.formatted paper template that is not.answered in the guidance document of.that template please contact clear but.who is responsible for that we have.another question will there be updated.guidance in the name of the submission.folder with the extra information now in.the delivery file and the submission.folder the most think we made was that.the validation problems if the.submission folder name does not match.the details of the delivery system.that's a very good question and that's.actually something that we have.explained in the presentation going back.to to the presentation of the.demonstration however so we can talk.about the following so here so now that.the submission metadata is provided by.the external delivery for the package.you should just have a meaningful name.so instead of calling it submission or.submission package we still recommend.that you would give it a meaningful name.in case you need any technical support.but these farming's are not validated so.even if the file name said product X and.the delivery files that product Y we.will consider the information provided.on the XML delivery file I need the.product Y to be correct so we do not.check if they correspond we do not look.at the form and it's only there in case.of technical support or all kind.if needed here we were giving examples.in the past the filename used to contain.the the long EMA routing ID and the.sender's routing ID if then had a rule.how the underscores have to be used but.now for example you could just put the.product name or the product number these.are examples but it could be even much.simpler than this so as long as you know.what your package name is and if you.require technical support you can tell.us my package was called Mickey Mouse.now I can you provide me technical.support so it doesn't at all matter what.their what their package name was as.long as you're aware what the package.name was if you come to request.technical support we will the first.thing we'll ask you will be the package.name and if you have sent us five.packages and they all called submission.you may be a little bit more difficult.to identify which one of these five.packages called submission has the issue.so that is the reason why we still ask.you to keep it give the package a.meaningful name but that meaningful name.can be very variable.and when we talk about how to include.the deliver file in the submission so.it's important to make sure that the.deliver file is included in a correct.place in your submission folder so you.should always add it in top level so.together with the submission folder so.you sit those two together so you have.the submission zip folder and then you.have p.m. the delivery file you skip.those two together but do not put them.in an additional empty folder which will.create problem.and always before you start sending just.check that the city file only contains.the submission folder and of course if.you have work in documents they will be.on that same level and then the deal is.and you can rename that zip as we just.discussed to give it a simple meaningful.name but again you will not check that.for me.here's just couple examples how to.create it so here we have submission.folder and the delivery file again the.submission folder may have the name.could be as simple as the sequence.number but of course if you are sending.multiple submissions and they all have.the same sequence number then the.identification may be slightly difficult.in case of need for any technical.support so in those cases we would.recommend you to add something bit more.individual.and then very important when you are.submitting using the admission gateway.please always select the large outlet to.send document touching more than 10.megabytes even if the submission is very.small this is so that you can receive.the receipt and the acknowledgement for.the submission there has been some.updates of the some browsers that no.longer allow you to manually modify.these Java exceptions and in those cases.we may unfortunately may need to ask you.to down grow downgrade the browser to be.able to submit this is something that we.are looking at the relevant gateway.colleagues aren't looking as a matter of.urgency and if you do have any issues.with with this Java console or making.your submission please do contact ena.fire BIA EMA service portal so that.these can be highlighted to the relevant.code.just to avoid any problems always follow.the math the rules use the advanced mode.include only one package and deliver a.file inside the state and please note.that as a submission date weight does.not replace this so even for the PSU our.submissions you will you will just.submitted using the information.we are currently working on extension of.the community poetry which will in.future also include submission types.that are currently outside the community.procedure so in future you will no.longer need to submit a separate.submission of the referrals for example.or past 107 in signal protection who.work through our submissions to the.members base by yourself and also.veterinary submissions will be included.in a common repository in future but.there will be separate announcements.related.so just some things that are good to.know the full of measures are called.tongues and they should always be.submitted using the relevant submission.type Pam so please don't use file naming.conventions with their with the.following thing those will not be.accepted and of course just you know.that you can't generate the deliverables.as many times as you wish and you can.rehearse and play with the system we.hope it's still intuitive enough but of.course the updated user guide is.available on the intermission gateway.website and if you have any issues don't.hesitate to contact us by a de-icer.just to highlight some of those known.issues that I mentioned there earlier.during the demonstration at the moment.the ancillary medicinal product.submissions just the initial and many.application for 30 types of products is.not possible using the XML delivery so.you will still need to use the following.convention with the routing IDs as we.discussed earlier the submission you.need really format should only be.available with the submission type known.as which is currently shown as an.informant or baseline in the XML.delivery file user interface.please don't use reformat with any other.submission type definition description.responses to RS I should be.automatically selected in the background.so in future you will need to you will.not need to be manually selecting lat.and again if you to release this it will.be possible to indicate grouping of.multiple scopes also for initial.variation admission.and we're also looking to link the.before article and the before procedure.field so that you can only select refer.procedure that is linked to the.preferred type that you have selected.only this is just to build in a little.bit more business rules and business.logic and again pom should normally not.have response technicians and again the.submission description for comments will.be removed.and I mention the available submission.you need for each submission type will.be amended in future to only alive 11.collection but until then please pay.attention because these attributes will.be used to populate on review tool and.automatically then also populate the.columns.we have received a question why does it.say in the dossier of requirements for.referral payment and lots of missions.that not submitted in King Solomon are.not available via the common repository.because at the moment those submission.types indeed are not available at the.common repository so they must be.submitted additionally using the set or.cd/dvd as required by the relevant.member state we are currently working on.an extension of the colonial territory.it is not yet available but it will.become available later this year and.from from the date when it becomes.available and when we have modified the.business processes but today it still.URI.if there's some echo so please if you.are not using your microphone if you.could.in case case you missed that so a common.repository it still today only only.contains eg GD formants submissions and.no submission types that are listed in.Austria requirement for referral s and F.not and map submissions still must be.submitted after that submission.requirements document.so once the common repository it becomes.and available or starts to contain.referral submissions or veterinary.submissions as there will be a clear.communication and the submission.requirements document will be updated.but today it's not yet.so in the presentation you will also.have information underneath to the.Gateway website and there's a links to.the Gateway support for the EMA journey.so this presentation will be made.available on the intermission website as.soon as possible so you can you can.retrieve it from there and the recording.will be made available there.and you don't seem to have any more.questions today so thank you very much.for participating in this training.session today and if you have any.questions please don't hesitate to.contact us via the service portal.service photo addresses again there on.the slide.thank you very much bye-bye.

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